Shiki the Shikigami and the Tower of Depravity

From Hell to Googirls to Brainwashed

by Griz

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #D/s #demon #fantasy #furry #futanari #golem #googirl #growth #harem #humiliation #monster_fucking #monstergirl #monsters #multiple_partners #pov:top #shortstack #stomach_deformation #transformation

Shiki found herself back in her childhood home, sitting on the bed. Her body was unharmed, the forced dismissal from the mortal plane restoring her back to full health during the trip.

“Lousy Master. Imperilling me without a second thought. Let’s see just how well he does without me!” She said to no one but herself as she crossed her arms beneath her mammoth chest.

Well, she had a bit of free time before he’d be able to summon her back, and time between the two planes was always in flux. She could be here a few minutes or a few days while an hour passed back on the mortal world.

Now that she had her first bit of privacy in a long while, she did what she loved doing more than anything: shoved her fingers into her pussy and started to masturbate. Self-pleasure was forbidden by her Master, and as good as his cock felt, he only rarely gave her permission to come.

If she was alone though, he’d never have to know!

Fifteen minutes later, her hand felt like it was going to cramp and she was a sweaty, dripping mess, but she hadn’t orgasmed once. It was no good; her dainty fingers were only enough to get her frustrated now that she’d experienced the wonders of big cock.

Dejected, she headed towards the living room.

"Hello, Shiki. I see you're looking as pint-sized as ever."

Oh great. Her sister was here. She found her younger sister Tiki on the couch, relaxing, while three busty imps--slightly taller and less busty than herself, she noticed with some humiliation--were worshipping her cock. Even if Tiki was the younger sister, with the Mistress that had summoned her, she'd quickly grown in power, becoming tall and sexy, with strong muscles on her finely toned body and a cock so big and hard-looking it even made Shiki's mouth water a little.

"Hey, Tiki..." She remembered bullying her sister long ago when the two were younger. When she'd met her on the mortal plane traveling with her own Mistress, she couldn't believe how much of a gap had grown between them even though she'd been traveling with Kyras for more than a year longer.

Shikigami Oni like themselves formed a symbiotic relationship with their summoners, growing in power as their summoners did. Kyras had grown considerably more powerful ever since she'd been summoned by him, but even though her magic had become considerably stronger, her body was just as small as it had been the day she'd been summoned, only growing more voluptuous as time went on. It wasn't fair!

"Why don't you have a seat?" Tiki asked, "I've been watching the bloodsports in the Screaming Caverns. Just about to get to the good part."

"Sure, sis." Trying not to look at that cock or the imps slobbering all over it, she sat at the very edge of the couch, leaning away from her sister.

"Nah. Not there. Over here." Tiki patted the bulbous head of her cock.

Gods and the Devil...that thing is bigger than my thigh...!

"Umm...maybe later, sis. I just wanted to relax a bit. I had a rough day in the mortal world and..."

"Have a seat on my cock."

She felt her willpower turn to jelly; obeying superior beings was built into oni DNA, and she couldn't resist it. She crawled over the couch, pushed the imps aside, and stood on the cushions, putting her almost at eye-level with Tiki; she could feel the wet cock wedged against her buttcheeks, "I'm sorry. You don't have to do this. Please, you don't need to..."

"Oh, I think I do. Shaving my head, tangling up my tail, getting your incubus boyfriend to humiliate me in front of everyone...I've been waiting a long time for this, sis." Tiki grabbed Shiki's hips and squeezed, pulled her up higher, so that the head of the cock was at her tiny slit, "I'm gonna break you so hard your mind is gonna shatter, I'm gonna make you my drooling slut cow, I'm gonna-"

Shiki fell back on the stone floor with a thud. Her cheeks were flushed bright red and her pussy was soaked, "Yesss yes please just do it, want that juicy cock in my..."

She looked around, saw that they were at the three-way intersection at the end of the hallway. Kyras grinned at her, "I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?"
Her nostrils flared as she sucked in a deep, calming breath and stood up. Of course he'd summon her back to the mortal plane just as things were getting good,  "No, Master. Nothing at all."

She looked past the hallway, "How did you make it past all the traps?"

"A bit of divination, a bit of teleportation." He admitted.

"...if you could have done that, why did you make me go in front of you then?!"

"For my amusement." He truly was insufferable, "Now let's go. I'll let you pick the path, and lead the way, same as before."

"Yes, Master." She replied automatically, then headed down the hallway. Her sister had gotten her all worked up and now there wasn't any relief in sight. Especially not when she was forbidden from masturbating without his permission while she was on the mortal plane. She could feel her juices running down her thighs as she tried to calm herself down with deep breaths. a good job here, and maybe he'll reward you for it later, she told herself. And right now, that meant not landing on a trap.

Except...come to think of it, if she did trigger another trap, wouldn't she be sent back to the infernal plane? Then Tiki could finish what she'd started. She absolutely hated the idea of getting fucked by her sister's cock...but at the same time, her empty womb was begging for it. And besides, a little trip, a little relief, it would help her focus on the task at hand. It was really best for everyone involved. All she needed to do was find another...aha!

"I dunno, I think that maybe it was just that first hallway that was trapped. It makes sense when you think about lock the gate, not the foyer, right?" She said calmly as she walked closer and closer to the ever-so-slightly raised floor panel.

"Better safe than sorry. We're not dealing with amateurs here, and I'm not going to let down my guard. Which means neither should you." Kyras replied with a bit of seriousness she was unused to hearing from him.

"Yes, Mas-"


She stepped on the panel, heard it trigger, interrupted herself and braced for the spikes to come down or the walls to crash in or arrows to pierce her body. She wasn't quite prepared though when the entire floor swung open and she started falling into the darkness, "AAAAAAaaahhh...hhh...!" Her fall was longer than her scream.


The landing wasn't comfortable, but it was broken by something wet and soft. She blinked her eyes as she got used to the lack of light--like all demons, she could see naturally in complete darkness as well as bright daylight--and felt around. She'd landed in a shallow pool, it seemed. Her body was sinking in slowly, but her feet could touch the floor when it was only at her waist--a little past the knee if it'd been Kyras who'd fallen. The liquid was viscous like syrup and soothingly warm, but even though it had a slight stickiness when she pulled her hand out of it, it snapped back into the pool, as if it preferred staying in one lump.

"Alright down there?" Kyras called down, sounding as if he were right there in the goop with her thanks to a minor Messaging cantrip.

She hollered back, "I'm fine!"

Unfortunately. So much for her plan to get another quick break. Looking up she could just see the trap door's hole she'd fallen down from, a tiny spot of light, "I landed in some goo or something!"

"Sounds gross! Well, have a look around. I'll know if you get poofed again, and I can summon you back to my side after that. So for now investigate, and if you can't make it back to me within, oh, say three hours, you have my permission to dismiss yourself. In the meantime, I'll have a look on my own."

"Fine..." She said with a surly lip. A few more blinks and her eyes were almost adjusted to the darkness. The first thing she noticed was that the goo wasn't just one color as she'd expected, but a collection. Green, purple, red, yellow, and blue, all mixed in together into big blobs. Just what was this stuff? The room she was in was small, and looking closely, she saw that the floor had a concave shape like a bowl, lower in the middle than it was at the edges. More importantly, there was an open door at the edge.

She waded through the gooey liquid, making slow progress. It wouldn't be so slow if that stupid summoner had given me a proper body! She fumed silently as she finally made it to the edge, grabbing the dry floor with her clawed fingers, pulling herself up to rest her heavy breasts on the floor, then wiggling out of the goo's grip inch by inch.

Just as she was about to break free though, she felt something squeeze her ankle. Looking down, she couldn't see what it was--curse these stupid tits!--but it felt like a hand. Was there someone else that had been hiding in the strange pool?!

"Let go!" She kicked out, trying to dislodge the grip, but that just made it easier to get pulled back into the pool. She felt more hands then, grabbing her other ankle, her waist, her thighs. Even an especially intrusive one that was pulsing against her cunt, "Let go!" She said in a considerably more breathless tone.

"It's fine..." The voice was sleepy and wet, whispering right into her ear. Twisting her head, she found herself looking at a blue face made out of the goo, translucent enough she could see the wall through her, along with an apple-sized red core behind her eye, floating suspended in the living liquid, "We just wanna have a little fun before we take you in."

Slimes! Monsters with a liquid body, masters of stealth, content with eating weapons and adventurers both. They used their alluring forms to get adventurers to relax and tire themselves out so that they would then be too weak to resist being digested. She should have known! Thinking about it...she really should have been able to figure it out from the very moment she fell into the pool. Oh great...I bet that damned wizard has been messing with not just my body, but my mind as well no doubt.

"If you think you can make a meal out of a shikigami, then you've another thing coming to you!" She replied fiercely as she gathered up her magical power. If there was one thing the wizard was good for, it was that her magical reserves had grown exponentially since she'd become his familiar, letting her cast bigger, more powerful spells than ever before. And this one was one of her favorites, "Fireball!"

The walnut-sized ball of flame lobbed through the air to the other end of the pool, then bloomed up big enough to fill the room with an explosion that sent goop splattering along the walls. Or at should have. Instead, once the tiny ball of flame went under the surface of the slimes, it then blew up like a great big soap bubble five feet high...then deflated with a fwisssss, a gust of hot wind blowing her hair back.

"Aren't...aren't slimes weak to fire magic?" She asked.

"Nope. You're thinking of jellies." The blue slime answered her.

"What's the difference?!" She shrieked, renewing her struggle to try and climb out of the pool.

There was a fit of giggling all throughout the room as she was pulled back towards the center of the pool, "Jellies aren't nearly as sexy. And they don't know how to do this."

"Do whagfhh, nngffffhhh!" She was cut off with a kiss, but instead of just tongue, she could feel more of the slime being poured inside her mouth. She tried to bite down but it was like chewing on rubber, and it only got worse when she felt the slime press against her nose, forcing it up through her nasal passage, "Nnnngiiikkk!!!"

Two more slimes flanked her, gave her warm licks on the cheek, then pressed their lips to her ears and poured their own slime inside, a three-pronged attack of the foreign substance worming all the way into her brain. She could feel them licking her brain, tasting it, and every touch sent raw, pure pleasure coursing through her body, her eyes rolling back up into her head.

Dimly, she could feel slime being poured down her cunt and asshole, but those feelings were muted compared to the feeling of having her brain directly stimulated, even if when she looked down she could see her belly had swollen even past her stupidly large boobs. She started to orgasm, and before it could finish the next one began, each one rolling into the next like a snowball growing in size as it rolled down the mountain, frying her brain with the pleasure.

It was impossible to hear anything but the sound of blood rushing through her ears with them clogged up with slime as they were, but after a few minutes of the treatment, she could just barely make out more drippy whispers.



" our slut..."

" our toy..."

" our slave..."

" want this..."

" need this..."


She tried her best to resist, clung to her pride as a powerful shikigami, but her resolve was snuffed out like a candle plunged into the ocean. Helpless and restrained, she gave in completely.


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