Shiki the Shikigami and the Tower of Depravity


by Griz

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Top floor of the Sorceress's Tower

The princess Sylina was confined to her room within the tower. Despite being barren by her royal standards, the luxury of its four-poster bed, soft rugs over the hard stone floor, the large wardrobe and vanity with its shiny silver mirror still far exceeded what most commoners could aspire to.

But for the princess, it was all just so terribly boring. With nothing to do each day but read the boring books left for her, she welcomed any break from the tedium she could find: today that happened to be flumping on the bed and counting the cracks on the ceiling.

When the door opened, she didn't even sit up to see who it was. It wasn't as if there were a great diversity in the people who would visit her each day, "You know, I appreciate that you're not, like, torturing me or anything, but this is the worst. I'm going to die in here."

As expected, the same familiar throaty voice of the Sorceress answered, "When you are ready to submit to my will, I'll gladly return you back to your castle. But so long as you resist me, don't expect your situation to do anything but get worse."

The princess rolled over onto her stomach so she could turn her head to look at her captor. She didn't think she was lying when she said that the Sorceress was the most beautiful person she'd ever seen. She oozed charisma and elegance with her tall, slender frame, her high cheekbones, her full lips, her piercing red eyes. On anyone else, her outfit would have looked garish and obscene, a short robe that was left completely open and didn't go past her hips, her breasts almost completely exposed, nipples peeking out with the slightest movement of her arms or a light gust of wind. A single chain around her waist with a narrow strip of cloth between her legs completed what little there was of the outfit. It should have been ridiculous looking, but the way her body curved against the material was entrancing.

"Ugh...I told you, it's not my fault. I'd submit or whatever if I could." In spite of her royal blood, the princess was a brat. She had inherited all of her mother's good looks--her petite frame, her shining golden hair, her flawless face that stayed unblemished even after almost a week of captivity, and perky breasts that didn't seem to be quite finished growing if her mother was any indication. But she'd also inherited a lazy, unprincipled, selfish attitude from her father. A plot to kill her father and install herself as the puppet ruler of the kingdom? That idea sounded just fine to her, if it meant she could have all the wealth and indulgence without having to do any of the actual work of being an absolute monarch.

"It's your fault for being bad at your job." Sylina finished. She liked the idea of being a puppet ruler, but she wasn't exactly thrilled with having her mind bent and twisted to serve the Sorceress, no matter how hot she was. She could put up with it though, if it meant a way out of the confined room. It wasn't her that was in the way though, it was her Blessing.

At her birth she had been blessed by an Archangel, a holy symbol painted on her back in the form of an angel wing inside a golden halo. The Blessing kept her safe from harm. Swords would shatter on her skin, tumbles off a horse didn't even get her dress dirty...and the most powerful spells at the Sorceress's disposal had so far been unable to dominate her mind or dispel the Blessing.

Not completely, at least.

"Dominate Person." The Sorceress spoke the words with the power of magic imbued within them, and the princess's eyes started glowing as she sat up from the mattress immediately before getting off the bed and standing at attention, her face emotionless.
"Strip." Silently, the princess obeyed, pulling off the silken nightie first to let it flutter to the floor in front of her, then leaning down as she slid her puffy bloomers down her legs, revealing her royal body for inspection. No matter how often the Sorceress saw it, she never really got tired of it. Each curve was just so enticing, every inch of her spoke of her virgin purity and freshness. That she was a tool for controlling the kingdom was becoming secondary to her as her desire to simply claim the princess grew each day.

"Apologize for your willfulness."

"I apologize." Sylina’s reply was a flat, lifeless monotone.

The Sorceress sighed. Her domination spell was powerful, but all that arcane energy assaulting a mind didn't leave much room for a personality. Even so, it'd have to do, "Crawl over here. I want you to bury your tongue inside of me."

Sylina's body stiffly moved forward on her hands and knees, she kneeled before the Sorceress as the spellcaster pulled aside the narrow curtain between her legs, opened her mouth, ready to mechanically pleasure her with the single-minded devotion that only came from mind control magic...


The sound like a church bell rang out through the room, the Sorceress staggered backward, and the spell was broken. The princess looked down at herself, blushed, then calmly made her way back to the bed, pulling up a sheet to cover herself, "Really? Is that why you kidnapped me? You're a girl too!"

The Sorceress rubbed her head as she recovered from the magical backlash, "Don't worry. Once you're mine, you'll be more than happy to serve me however I please."

" long as I get a hot guy as my boyfriend husband king, whatever." The princess said as she turned her back. The Sorceress appreciated the view, enjoying the way her ass pushed out, but even more importantly, the view of the Blessing on her back. Another feather on the design was gone. At the start, there had been seven. Now, there were only three left. The magic protecting the princess was powerful, but even an archangel's magic could be worn down and broken.
"It won't be long now." The Sorceress said, more to herself than the princess as she left the room. She could only cast that spell once without needing to rest, and all her other magic had simply bounced off with no effect. She'd try again tomorrow. In the meantime, she headed from the luxurious prisoner's room towards her scrying pool, to check in with her second-in-command.

The scrying room was dark, the only illumination coming from the raised pool of water at the center of the room. Gazing into those magical waters, she could see any point within her territory, even further if she had the right magical components. In theory, it made it impossible for any would-be heroes to get the drop on her.
In theory. But when she entered the room, she saw the large, plump ass of her second-in-command pushed out and up, the succubus fingering herself and moaning like a slut, "Oh gods, yes. Fuck her, use her, just like that. Harder, harder...fuck...look at that cock..."

"Lilith?" The Sorceress's voice was ice.

The second-in-command jumped, and unbalanced as she was, she ended up tumbling into the magical scrying pool, disrupting the spell. The Sorceress frowned. Having a succubus as her familiar had many advantages. Not just in the bedroom--though with her alluring purple skin, absolutely sinful body, and inhumanly long tongue, Lilith was fantastic there--but as a stealthy spy that could subvert mortals with her charms and a powerful magical caster in her own right. She was useful...but even for a succubus, Lilith was a bit overly obsessed with sex.

The naked, dripping wet demon climbed out of the scrying pool, padded over towards the Sorceress, standing up straight with her hands at the small of her back, ignoring all the water she was letting drip onto the floor, "How may I serve you, Mistress?"

She decided that for now, she'd just ignore what had just happened, "Have any more adventuring groups entered into my territory since yesterday?"
"Yes, Mistress. Only one, a party made camp at the edge of the swamp in the evening, but they've already been taken care of by the owlbears." Lilith said, puffing out her chest as if she'd personally handled the matter.

"Eaten by owlbears? Of course. That king really is a cheapskate, offering such a small bounty for his daughter. It's no wonder only novice adventurers have accepted his Quest. Not that I should be complaining." The Sorceress let out a sigh. After years of planning and preparation, most of which went into making her tower as secure and impenetrable as possible, seeing that it was all redundant was a little bittersweet. She had sorely overestimated the competence of the monarch; once she was in charge, no doubt it would be a relief to the people suffering under his foolish reign.

"No matter. What was it you were scrying as I came in?"

It was one of the few times she'd seen the sex demon blush, "Oh, that. That was...uh...My mother and sister! Yes, they were...well, having a bit of fun back home with a balor and..."

"I see." The Sorceress cut her off, not wanting to hear any further details, "Well just don’t neglect your duty. If anyone makes it through the swamp and to the tower unseen, I'll hold you responsible and you will be punished."

Lilith saluted, "Yes, ma'am! I mean...Mistress."

The Sorceress resisted the urge to roll her eyes, then left the room to attend to other matters.


Lilith let out a sigh of relief when the door closed, leaving her alone again. That had been entirely too close! If her Mistress had seen what she'd been scrying, even a complete softie like the Sorceress might well banish her back to hell. But no. She was soft, entirely too soft. Giving autonomy to all of her minions, keeping the captive princess in nice quarters, providing her with storybooks from her own library to keep her occupied. Even just now, after catching her slacking off and abusing the scrying pool, a good Mistress would have strung her up by her heels and whipped her until the cat of nine tails broke.

That sort of weakness was exactly why Lilith was going to betray her. Well, that and the cock of the wizard coming ever closer to the tower was just really, really big and juicy looking.

Speaking of his cock...the damp demoness leaned over the pool, swirled the water around with her fingertips, and brought back the scene she'd been watching from earlier.

With a loud sigh, she realized she'd missed the best part. Oh well. No matter. As long as she kept her eye on him, she was sure she'd get to see plenty more depravity.

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