Alice, Through the Floret's Glass

Chapter 6 - hey remember last chapter? yeah well looks like i'm the fool once more

by ForsakenDreams

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This is the end of the initial upload to RoM! I've. got more stuff planned! Sorta! I mean-- I'm honestly making this up as go along, essentially. 

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Close enough,

“...Mmmhm. That’s very much you, Alice.” The Affini hummed with a gentle smile. Only glancing at Vega who was silently losing her shit. “It’s okay, dear. I’ll be taking care of you from now on, alright?”

a a a a aaaaaaaaa?????”

Alice felt some tendrils wrapping around her carefully.. Not like before-- This was… Much more fluffy--Felt like being caressed by the softest of leaves and moss and other planty stuff. She couldn’t help but shiver a bit, as she slowly lowered her haaaaNNNDDSOHGOODNESS THIS AFFINI’S CUTE????? AND FLUFFY?????

“Ceshyr Gaer, Third Boom. I’ll be your new owner, if all goes swimmingly… Exciting, isn’t it?” She rustled, lifting Alice by the arms, turning her around to make her stare into her glowing eyes…

“I can tell you’re positively excited…”
“(...Are you okay?)”

Alice nodded, her face growing warmer by the second. Why is she so helpless--THIS PLANT IS SO… SO… MGMHMGFHFJGHFGHFGHFGHGF

You know the feeling.

“Right! Let’s get you to your hab unit, shall we?”


With such an eloquent confirmation as that, The bushy tendrils shifted so that Alice was being held like a hamburger--Gently, of course. Ceshyr turned around, making her way out of the room, only to be stopped momentarily. Someone was tugging on her.

“‘Ey, Ms. Gaer!” Vega barked. “..Take good care of dolly, will ya? And make sure she adds me!”

Ceshyr looked down at Vega, slowly patting her head with another Fluffy Tendril Vine Thingy. “..Don’t worry, I will. Thank you for keeping her busy, little Terran…”

“No prob! Have fun, Alice!”

Alice stammered out some more sounds, incomprehensible sounds, even. Kind of sounded like.. Flustered blubbering? Let’s go with that, yes. She tried her best to wave Vega goodbye as she was carried out of the Floret Waiting Room… Being carried out the halls… Carried out of the facility.. 

All the while, still held gently. Like a hamburger. This was her life now. In all honesty, it was kind of a comfy life. Just being held by this.. She wanted to rub her cheeks against this plant. Bury her face in the leaves… Just cuddle up to this plant all day long…

...What if she could cuddle with her AND her plushies? Oh god, that’d be the life… Would… Would they allow it? Alice glanced up at Ceshyr, who was just.. Humming to herself.. Another tendril slowly stroking Alice’s head, causing her to shiver… And shiver, shiver… Headpats.. Feel so good.

Headpats good.

good. pethads. ...peheatdh….Headpats…

“....Is this your Hab Unit, Little Alice?” Ceshyr asked, stroking Alice’s back with another tendril. She couldn’t help but let out a squeak and stammer out a “Y-Y-Y-Yyyes..!!”

“Hmhmhm..~ Good Girl..!”

Alice buried her face into her hands, letting out more flustered… Squeaking sounds. As they went inside, she could feel herself almost being dropped, before the tendrils wrapping around her tightened a bit.

“...(So this is what they meant by… Oh stars..)”
“...You.. Live like this????” The Affini asked, sounding… Concerned? Confused…? One could mistake the tone for being disappointed, but… In that sort of.. Worried way? Alice felt her face grow red, staring down at the floor.

Is.. This it? Is she too much for this Affini? Is she going to be taken back? Is she going to be left..? What… WHat’s going to happen to her? What’s going to happen? What’s.. Going to..

“...It’s alright, Little Alice. We can clean this up, can’t we?”

She felt her hair being ruffled, as she was put down on her feet… Ah. right. Now she can walk around… With a heavy sigh, she’d reach down to pick up an empty can of soda that was on the floor… 

And then, she felt those ‘Fluffy’ vines wrap around her wrists.

“There, there… Little Alice.. Let me help you with this… It’s the least I can do, as your new owner…”

        The vines weren’t rough, they weren’t forcing her to move her hands… It was more like.. Gently guiding her. She found herself grabbing a garbage bag, picking up cans, bottles, wrappers and empty bags… 

“Just like that… Good girl!”

Folding clothes, putting them in a basket… Preparing the Washing Machine…

“You’re doing so well, Alice..! Oh.. I’m positively proud of you, dear..!”

Wh… What is this method? What is this FEELING in her chest? A sort of lump.. But--A Good lump! Like her heart was pounding in the… Good way??? Her head was swimming with many thoughts.. Too many thoughts. She couldn’t help but feel dizzy…

The good kind of dizzy, of course. Ceshyr’s guidance made this task--What was seemingly impossible… Surprisingly doable. In a way, she was being forced to clean her home… But.. She.. Didn’t feel horrible about it. Being praised like this… (“Good girl..!”)

..Being guided gently… This was.. Nice..??? Like.. Really, really nice????? LIKE THE KIND OF NICE THAT SHE WOULDN’T MIND THIS HAPPENING TO HER MORE????? does. does she want this? she wants this. oh god she wants this so badly.

“You’re doing such a good job… Good girl, good girl… Look at that! We’ve already filled two bags..! How about we try and fill up a third one, Little Floret…”

fl.            floret?

floret floret floret floret floret floret floret floreT SHE’S FLORET??????????

          “*squeak*” Alice squeaked… Eliciting a soft, warm chuckle from Ceshyr, ruffling and rustling ever so slightly… A tendril grazed across her cheek, stroking it gently…

“..Seems someone likes that title, hmhmhm…~”

“Here, let’s continue…”

“...Such a good Floret you are..!”

“Gently, carefully… You’re doing so good, you know that?”

It felt like a blur. Picking up garbage, putting them in bags.. Tying them carefully. The process was repeated on and on… She was able to glance around, seeing her home be so.. Clean.. It was.. Surreal. She could lay on that floor. The air smelled fresher than before.

It was easier to breathe. It was easier to relax. Alice blinked, and found herself sitting on the couch with Ceshyr, snuggled up to her… Feeling her back being stroked gently… Sending shivers down her spine…

“ you..” Alice mumbled… “’re.. you’re… goodplant…”

“Oh.. Am I? Huhuhu..~ Thank you. Little Alice.. I couldn’t have done this without your help, you know..”

“..You.. Couldn’t..???”

“Oh, yes..! Without such a cute Terran to guide along… How could this room possibly be cleaned..? My, Alice.. You were crucial to this..!”


“...Tuckered out, are you? That’s perfectly fine, little Alice…”

Another tendril stroked Alice’s back, a few mossy vines pulling her closer to the Affini. She couldn’t help but hug her like one of her many plushies… Huh, hugging… She’s.. Hugging something that.. Isn’t her plushies… Not even Ren-ren, and she LOVED hugging Ren-ren (Good Fox. Best Plush)...

But.. Hugging a plant alien was also nice. She let out a yawn… Her eyes could barely keep open. Her mind was.. Numb.. Sort of.. Swimming around.. Spinning slightly.. Just.. Letting thoughts drain out.

plants good. ceshyr good. alice.. good?

good… good girl..

...Good Night.

. . . .

Ah, who was she kidding--She can’t fall asleep that quickly. Not now-- Have you ever tried falling asleep when you’ve got such a cute plant lady entering your life like that??? She adjusted herself, sitting up, wobbling a bit.. She’d tug on one of Ceshyr’s vines, causing her to rumble..

“..Alice?” ..The tone in her voice was.. Softer than usual, it seems she was getting comfy as well.

Alice rubbed her eyes… “..S..Sorry--It’s just…”

“..I dunno if I can fall asleep right now--I’m..I’m too excited, I guess! E..Excited..” She began to explain, waving her arms up and down. “I--I feel like I need to like, run around or scream into a plush or something..! It’s just..”

“..N..Never thought--This.. Would happen so.. Well? Haha.. Hahahaha.. Hhh--”

She shivered as a fluffy vine stroked her hair lovingly--The girl watched as the Affini slowly sat(??) up, lifting her up slightly.. Smiling.. No.. Grinning..

“Aww.. Look at you..! Ah, if you can’t get yourself to rest, then I may have just the thing you need…” Ceshyr rumbled and made.. Some sort of sound akin to purring, booping Alice on the nose (“a.”)

            Another tendril slid into her view, one of the.. Syringe flower ones. She thought back to her first dose of Xenodrugs.. How.. How messed up she felt (in that good way!) She raised a finger, staring at the syringe…

“..C..Class.. A’s?” She questioned, only to get a sly chuckle in response..

“Oh, no.. Silly Alice.. I’ve prepared some Class Z Xenodrugs for you..! If you’re feeling restless.. I could perhaps.. Give you a dosage of these, and you’ll be out like a light.. Huhuhu…~”

“..Sleepy bitch juice?”

“...Yes, Alice. ‘..Sleepy bitch juice’, as you so eloquently put it…”

Alice felt her hair being ruffled once more, as a tendril rolled up one of her sleeves, the syringe hovering just above it…

Ceshyr rustled some more.. Visibly.. Excited over this.. Her eyes widened slightly, looking between her arm and Alice..

“...Do you want to receive an injection? I promise it won’t hurt you… And-- As you may know.. It’ll be my first injection. My first injection for you.

Alice swallowed, blinking at the Affini.. Pointing at herself.

“..For me?”

“Yes! For you!”

“..F..For real?”

“..For real… Do you want some Class Z’s?”

She nodded, closing her eyes.. In a few seconds, she felt a small.. Prick into her arm, a pinch.. She felt herself go cold for a moment as something was injj...jeected….dd… ohhhhhi ts… its wokrrring fast.

infact. alice. is… very sleepy. yes. super sleepy super cuddly thats her! her head was spinning and floaty and she just wanted to bury her face into the plant fluffff

yeeeee plant. fluff. good.

“Huhuhu…~ Good night, dear Alice…”


Just like that.. Alice was out like a light.


...And if I somehow awoken something inside of you, then I'm so sorry.

(I mean, I'm not but still.)

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