Alice, Through the Floret's Glass

Chapter 5 - Finally…………. the plant and human meet up………………… its happening………………….. oh yea

by ForsakenDreams

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #obligatory_wonderland_references #pov:bottom #hypnosis_I_Guess??? #occasional_haha_funny_moments #petplay #scifi #sub:female #systemic_D/s

So from what Alice can gather, she isn’t going home just yet.  Infact, she’s kind of being cradled by that kind affini that’s been guiding her along this whole process, being cooed and shushed whenever she makes a sound that isn’t “a.”-- But like, the lovingly kind of shush, if that makes sense?

Honestly, it’s not THAT bad but like… Why treat her like this? Does she really scream out “please for the love of god hold me gentle like swan” ??? How would you hold a swan, anyways? Do you just kinda scoop them up??? How would a swan react to being held? 

Is.. There an affini with a Swan for a pet???? There probably is! Probably has like, a house full of swans! ...Man, imagine if she could just sit in a room full of birds. Like, all of the birds. Yeah, that’d be neat. A bird room. Every affini should have a bird room--


OH SHIT--”..whuh?” Alice blinked a bit, shielding her eyes from the ceiling lights… Only for a few seconds until she’s adjusted so that she wasn’t staring at the dreadful lights.

“You were spacing out… In a rather adorable way, might I add.. Is there something that’s bothering you little terran, You seemed to be using your brain quite a bit back there…” The Affini giggled, stroking Alice’s hair with a vine.


..She’d be given all sorts of weird looks if she just said what she was thinking about. These plant aliens are going to judge the HELL out of her if she--

“i was thinking about cuddling swans.”

         FUCK. GOD.                                  

                                          DAMN IT.

“...Oh stars you’re absolutely precious, you know that? Awww..” The Affini cooed at Alice some more, squishing her (admittedly rather squishable) cheeks with two extra tendrils. Alice made an elongated “a” sound in response.

“What kind of swans are they?”

“...Swans? Like-- Swans is a type of bird.. You can’t get any more swannier than swans…”

“Oh! Such a clever girl you are!”

“...Did you ask me that question just so you can praise me?”

“Yes, dear.”

Man. Affini are weird. In a comforting way. Alice didn’t have time to go further on an internal tangent before being carefully placed upon a soft couch with some REALLY soft pillows. Her head was patted once more.

“Your new owner will be with you shortly, dear… Oh, I wish I could’ve taken you in myself, little Alice… But alas, you were too cute for me! Just sit right there.. Go socialize with your other Terrans if you wish... “

“But please don’t leave the room, we wouldn’t want you to get lost, okay?”

Alice just nodded along with a simple ‘uh-huh…’, raising he hand to wave the Affini goodbye. The Affini, in turn… Patted her head again, making Alice wonder if all Affini are addicted to patting the heads of aliens they meet.

They probably are. She watched as her Affini Guide(???) glided out of the room, leaving her all alone. Except.. Not really. The room she was in… It screamed comfort… EXTRATERRESTIAL COMFORT. All sorts of colorful shapes on the wall, plants and vines everywhere, the furniture was all round, smooth, and vaguely solar-punkish in that sort of… Neat way? There was a few other people in the room, presumably waiting for their own plant caretakers... 

All varying degrees of high, too. Some were just typing away on their phone. Some were giggling to themselves… There was one who was just staring at the ceiling just like, absolutely having a blast even if they’re drooling on themself a bit. Alice glanced at another woman who was looking at her, sitting on the same comfy couch.

She had an open flannel shirt revealing some sort of graphic tee… Her jeans were slightly torn up, however, instead of a belt, she just had… Another flannel shirt tied to her waist--Wait what.

“..Um. ‘Scuse me..?” Alice piped up. Oh god what is she doing is she really talking to someone she doesn’t know???

“..What’s up?” The woman asked, glancing up from her phone, tossing it in the air before catching it. (Oh god she’s flexing on Alice too what the HELL SHE COULD NEVER DO A PHONE FLIP)

“...Why do you have like.. Two flannel shirts?” Alice asked, rather meekly. The stranger looked up and down at Alice, raising an eyebrow.

“Why do you look like a doll who hasn’t slept in days?” She retorted.

“...B-Because it’s fashionable?”

“Just like two Flannel shirts. Maybe I’ll tie a third one around my head just to spite you, pfff!” The stranger laughed. “What’re you in here for, anyways?”

Alice blinked for a few moments… “..To get domesticated, like you???”

“Uh-huh.. Did you sign yourself up or…?”

“Did you???”

“Hell yeah I did! I mean, come on.. Hot plant aliens coming over and taking over Earth? No way I’m gonna try to fight against that. I mean… HOT. PLANT. ALIENS.”

Alice simply.. Nodded along.
“Uh-huh.. Um..”

Right. should probably introduce herself. It’d be polite.
“..My name’s uh.. Alice.. Alice Lapinlace.”

The woman nodded, giving a smirk.
“Nice name.”

“Thanks! I grew it myself, haha… What about you?”

“Just call me Vega. Y’know, like the star. You know it.” She grinned, offering a handshake. Alice shook her hand, just nodding along… Alice cleared her throat a bit, quickly retracting her hand..

“Vega.. You mean like.. From..”

                         “From Space.”


Vega shrugged her shoulders… Rolling her head to stare at the ceiling, crossing her legs all the while…

“Yanno, once I heard that the Affini were taking humans as pets, I jumped onto that quickly--I mean.. Not that I LIKE the idea of being a pet… I just wanna get off of this shit planet, y’know?”

Alice nodded again (She’s been doing that a lot lately, huh..) Pausing for a moment, glancing between her and the floor.

“...Sure. I mean.. I like this place and all but.. Uhm.. Dunno, I guess it’s.. Uhhhh…”


The snapping of fingers brought her back to reality.

“..Go on?” Asked Vega, now staring at Alice with visible concern.

“...It’s complicated.”

“Oh, I feel you. How complicated are we talking here?”



...Silence eventually fell. Alice stared at the ground some more, unsure of what to say next. A short hum from Vega made it clear that she was back to browsing on her phone…

. . . .

. . . . .

            “You’re Rabb1tHole, right? With a 1?”


              Oh the. Flannel Girl is talking to her again.

“...Yes? Um.. Are.. You a fan?” Alice looked at Vega, cocking her head slightly. (It's very cute.)

Vega waved her hand a bit. “Kinda..? I’ve saw your world record on that Postmodern RPG. I thought it was neat.” She smirked. “You think you could shout me out next time you stream? PillarsOfSalt?”

     “...I dunno when my next stream will be.” Alice shrugged her shoulders.

“Whatever. Don’t worry about it then, Rabb1tHole.”

“(just. justcallmealiceplease)”

“...Whoops, Sorry.”

More awkward silence fell between the two, that is, until she heard the door open. Her eyes widened a bit… It was.. An Affini. A sort of.. Strangely.. Fluffy looking affini? Sort of.. Mossy? Leafy..? But not dirty looking.. No--Maybe shaggy is the best way to describe this one? Her glowing eyes darted around the room.

“...I’m looking for an Alice Lapinlace?”



                                                    OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN

                                      REALLY FLUFFY PLANT??? HER??? OWNER?????? A??????

“...Oh, Hello, Alice.”


So funny thing about this chapter-- It was just gonna be Alice making small talk with a random floret-to-be or two but I got super distracted and made a whole new Actual Character for this. They'll actually do stuff together next chapter I promise.

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