Alice, Through the Floret's Glass

Interlude 1 - holy shit a perspective switch??? AND it’s about a cute alien plant???? hummina hummina awooga

by ForsakenDreams

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #Human_Domestication_Guide #obligatory_wonderland_references #pov:bottom #hypnosis_I_Guess??? #occasional_haha_funny_moments #petplay #scifi #sub:female #systemic_D/s

HAHA WASN'T EXPECTING THAT WERE YOU??? Gotcha with the ol' perspective switch! 

So sure I guess perspective switch chapters are gonna be referred to as Interludes, because like, it sounds cool. 

also this is where the obligatory wonderland stuff starts to trickle in.


That’s what this job is. Boring, with only a sprinkle of amusement. Ceshyr ruffled and groaned to herself as she slammed her head on her desk, thankfully not disturbing any of the samples of Recreational Terradrugs she’s collected over the weeks of being stationed here.

Ceshyr Gaer, Third Bloom was tasked to research Terradrugs, and the effects they hold on their respective inhabitants. Instead of being able to adopt one of those cute terrans as a Floret, she has to… Research lesser drugs.

        She slowly raised her head, brushing off some of the moss that has gotten onto her precious research desk… The curses of being… ‘Fluffy’, as her colleagues have described her. Ever since they’ve discovered terran felines, she occasionally has gotten images of the very fluffy domesticated cats, usually accompanied by the comment of something along the lines of “Look, it’s you <3”.

Speaking of, she just got one right now. Amusing. She’ll save the photo for later… For now, she needed a walk. Perhaps some time out in Terra’s star… She slowly stood herself up from her desk, brushing past the various play-things she'd obtain for her inevitable floret… Whenever that wondrous moment shall occur--She signed up for being able to adopt a Terran quite a while ago… Seems like they haven’t found a good fit for her just yet, shame, really.

The next best thing she can do is visit that garden of to-be-florets. The ones in one of those apartments… A group of Terrans who participate in taking recreational terradrugs. Turns out, they’re most useful for her work--Not to mention oh, so amusing. Watching them fool around is frankly, rather hilarious. And it’s always heartwarming to hear them chant “Plant mom! Plant mom! Plant mom!” whenever she pays them a visit.

Oh, how she wishes she could adopt them all. Being able to absolutely blitz their mind with Xenodrugs… Perhaps Class J? She can only imagine Terrans would be oh, so adorable on Class Js. Just imagine them all bumbling about… Being silly and cuddly…

Oh, how she wishes she could ring ring ring them up, how she could RING RING RING… RING RING RING


oh stars a call?


“Ceshyr Gaer, Third Bloom speaking… How may I help you?”

“Ah! Yes, this is Basiyah Nach, First Bloom speaking on the behalf of the Domestication Facility over at… (The 19th Street, wasn’t it? It’s.. It’s the one near that Library--) Uhm! You know the place!”

    “...I do.”

“Yes, yes… Well.. Uhm… You’ve been selected to adopt one of our latest florets! She just came in today--Ah, and she’s really cute! Her name is… Er.. Alice Lapinlace! I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting her before! Such an adorable thing she is!”

“...Tell me more, dear.”

“Ohhh, you should see her yourself! I mean… There is a reason why we’ve selected you to take care of her… She’s.. Been going through a rough time, from what I’ve seen of her.. So.. It might be beneficial for her to be under your care, if you don’t mind?”


“Ah! That’s great, now, when should we be expecting you, Ms. Gaer?”

“. . . .”

“Ms. Gaer?”

“. . . .”

“You--Didn’t even hang up?????”

hmmm i wonder if her name is supposed to resemble something... Nahhh, couldn't be.

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