Alice, Through the Floret's Glass

Intermission ?A - Welcome back to Wonderland (get it because her name is Alice and this is a dream sequence)

by ForsakenDreams

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Hi! It's been a while! Honestly I was stuck on what to do next so I'm sorry if this small update isn't really up to par! Hope you all have fun reading silly words about silly things!

Alice landed face first in a field of flowers that sang her welcome, she should’ve known what was coming, falling down that hole. Why did she fall down a hole? Obviously because she wanted to chase a thing! It’s not important to the observer. She dusted her blue dress off, stumbling through the field of flowers of vines, wrapped around her legs – Beckoning her to stay a while.

She really wanted to, but she’s got stuff to do. Going home, for one thing. In this field of flowers, vines.. Her home’s around here, somewhere, somehow.. Obviously, she needed to take a right by the river, then climb up here.. Over there… Ah, Wrong way. No, here we are. Her house. It looked much more… Overgrown. But that’s fine.

Chasing something? Nah, why would she? She’d enter through the wooden door, creaking as she stepped across the cold plating of the ship. The Looking Glass Brigade. She didn’t knew why she signed up to be a rebel. One minute she was enjoying life, then she.. She had to. It was to protect herself, to protect her friends.

“Are you scared?” Asked her companion, glowing eyes with a grin as wide as can be. The Cat snuggled up to Alice as she polished her Laser Scythe.

“..I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me, okay..?”

“Whatever you say… I’ll be right here with you.”

“I know.”

The ship rumbled, the speakers crackled…

                    “Hark! We’ve approached out destination! Are you ready to kill some Xeno-Scum?! We need to retrieve the triangular eggs!” barked the Captain of the fleet.

A very normal mission for rebels. Probably. Of course, being one, she would know retrieving the triangular eggs from this planet is VITAL for Terra! She picked up her plush, putting it on her shoulder as she readied her mighty weapon, humming in her grip.

An eyeblink later, she was stepping out of the ship, slicing up.. Things.. Creepy things. Like.. Green.. Goopy Bushes with glowing red eyes… They made mincemeat of her allies, screaming as they … they… 

             “Alice, watch out!” Her cat cried out, as a blade nearly tore her power armor apart..! Alice backed up, spinning her Laser Scythe and slicing the Xeno to bits.. She can’t stay here for long.. She pressed forward!

She needed to reach-- She had to find her certainty!

Ignore what they tell you. 

“You’ll be okay, Alice…”

“I know.”

“..By the way, watch out for the spring.”

“The wh--”

Alice flew through the air, the world spinning in beautiful colors, a wonderful vortex of possibilities. Her eyes widened as it swirled in her vision, as she landed in a bed of flowers.

Welcome back, Dear. You must be so tired.

Yes. Tired.

                     She thinks she’s going to go home, in her overgrown home, laying in a bed of vines, flowers, and moss. Her companion, the fluffy cat, watched over her. Eyes glowing, wide grin. 

“It’ll be okay, Alice. I’ll be here with you.”

…Thank you, C

Honestly I should just write an entire story about dream sequences. It's fun to just type words and not care about if they make sense or not...

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