Wellness Check

Chapter 12 - Unequal

by Darkfalli

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Aster has a date night, and also does a bit of stuff before then

"Miaow~" My tail twitched as I looked up at my girlfriend.
"Hmmm, I don't think the cat body works for you, princess. You're kinda cat but also uh not quite? You have very silly vibes and it's hard to pin down." The robot maid commented on my VR cat body.
A few tech thoughts and I swapped my model back to reflecting my fleshy self. I'd been trying out bodies with her to take my mind off of the big worry. That didn't make this any less important. My preference for my flesh was weird. On one hand, I liked bits of it and I'd loath to part with them. On the other hand… being human was just off. Like the term felt wrong. I thought of myself as an entity and sophont a lot, but terms that'd reference that species of terrans never really fit right. Person was fine. Person wasn't human. Sophont was much better than person because it was super broad. Anything could be a sophont.
My mind browsed the library of body models we'd been tinkering with. I moved onto the next one. Wolf girl. "Woof, Woof!" I wagged my tail excitedly. "You know, maybe I should like try uh, a d-dog roleplay sometime, I think it might be a little fun."
Nora's form glitched into a seizure inducing cacophony of visual and auditory static that slowly coalesced into one laughing entity that was Nora. She laughed at me a lot, but that was normally silly hypno stuff not me being open and vulnerable.
I frowned and my tail tucked between my legs. It hurt that she'd laugh at that. Nora was always open with her kinks but I'd been trying to get used to mine through roleplay. This was exactly what I was afraid of in trying to be open. Getting laughed at for having dumb awful kinks. Shame consumed me and I transposed myself really far away from Nora on to the other side of the manor.
Her warm arms wrapped around me as I sat curled up crying on the roof. "Princess, what's wrong? I'm sorry if I-"
I transposed myself into a closet in the simulation. One where she couldn't fit. I felt her appear outside the closet door. She tried to open the door but I locked it. We battled for a bit over controlling the simulation before she gave up and sat down against the door.
"Princess, Aster, I'm sorry. I love you and I'd like to hear what's wrong so we can talk through this okay?" Nora was being mature and stuff and I was just being really smart and great and just bleh.
This all came down to the kink stuff. I wanted to let myself have fun with everything but-but I was scared. The fear of a negative reaction, the shame was too much. Being open and honest about what I liked was hard. Nora and Mistress took the lead on the roleplay stuff. I'm sure there were other weird bits with the hypno I couldn't think about, but that was all done to me and I played along.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Mistress, can you take my memories of the last seven minutes away?
[NetworkRoots]: No flower, something upset you and we need to know what it is.
[NetworkRoots]: if we can't resolve this through talk or some other means, then I'll wipe your memory
[NetworkRoots]: I love you my wonderful little flower
[GhostExMachina]: I love you Aster
[GhostExMachina]: I promise I won't judge anything you have to tell us
[GhostExMachina]: If you'd rather tell Miss Talis I'll leave, okay?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But you do judge!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: You just judged me!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: And I'm the best
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I know you know I'm the best and great and amazing
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: And I like dumb awful stuff and should just never talk about it again
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Just take the memories away please Mistress, I-I don't want to feel like this.
[NetworkRoots]: Aster, you and all of your interests are wonderful
[GhostExMachina]: I wasn't judging you for the puppy play thing!
[GhostExMachina]: I've never judged you for it
[GhostExMachina]: I think it's really cute and I love when we get to play with you like that.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: When?
[GhostExMachina]: Yes, when.
[GhostExMachina]: We do it all the time!
[GhostExMachina]: That's why I was laughing
[GhostExMachina]: We already do puppy roleplays with you and you love it
[GhostExMachina]: You've just never mentioned it without the right xenodrugs
[NetworkRoots]: Little one, you are free to express your desires for play and intimacy in any way you wish and we will support you always.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: R-Really?
[NetworkRoots]: Yes. Really.
[GhostExMachina]: Definitely always!
"Princess, I'm the biggest slut in the world, I'd never judge you for anything, especially something not as tame as puppy play." Nora was still outside the closet door. She never left. My girlfriend refused to leave me.
I pondered her words for a moment… "W-Was that a pun?"
Her playful voice drifted in like there was no door between us. "Maybe~"
"That was an awful pun. I want my memory wiped of that pun."
She started laughing, and then I slipped into a tiny bit of laughter. This was so dumb and silly and… a silly misunderstanding. I was just super insecure about that stuff. "Aster, you want to chat about kink a little? You've still got a few more hours before your date, and we should make sure none of the bad vibes go into that."
I teleported into one of the big beds and hugged a big pillow. Nora joined me a moment later. I then realized I was still in my wolf girl model. My form got turned back into my normal busty self with all the hair.
My girlfriend held me tight and gentle. "So what's got you so tied up with the kink play?"
I went to speak, but found it hard. Words were hard. I was going to get all jumbled up. Tone would be important to carry the meaning of words… But I couldn't just say the words. I started composing a message but that was hard too.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: It just feels wrong
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Like wrong to like it
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Not all the time
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Like before it was fine
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But no one knew before
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I did a lot of work to make sure nobody knew
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I constantly worried about people knowing
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: People aren't nice about that stuff
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But like you both are
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But I'm still hiding it
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I don't want to be made fun of
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Shame is bad and I hate it and I want it to go away
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: But it's there
"Yeah, people used to be pretty bad about that, some still are. They totally aren't right about that. Not even a little. Not at all. Intimate play and kink and sex and stuff are totally normal, natural, and okay to enjoy. Kink is wonderful and great. I love getting to share it all with you. Aster, you and your kinks are the best, and yes I know all about them. I've seen the server. Puppy play is fun, hypno is fun, and the rest are great too. Not all of it is my cup of tea, but if they make you happy then that's all the reason we need to do them. Some won't work in practice and that's cool too. We get to explore all of that together. You, me, and Mistress. You're my girlfriend and if you want to get kinky and weird and sexy then we'll do that. You already indulge me with mine. I'd be thrilled to help you explore the weirdest stuff your silly little mind yearns for. I love you."
I pouted and leaned into her tight squeeze that punctuated her speech.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: You are too good with words
She smirked and nibbled my ear. "Well I did tinker with my consciousness a lot after becoming digital. Thinking extra fast is one of those things. So did that make sense? I'll explain it over and over until you understand just how valid it is to like this stuff. My subby silly little princess doesn't get to feel bad about anything and especially not this."
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I guess it makes sense, and I get it but I also like don’t get it
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: There's just this piece of my head telling me it's all bad and stuff
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Logically I know you're right but I don't feel it
[NetworkRoots]: Then I shall fix that piece
A soft warmth spread through my spine and head. For a moment, my senses all cut out of the simulation and I was a program awaiting input. My awareness faded as Mistress began editing my brain.
"How are you feeling princess?" Nora's voice pulled me up.
"Uh… fine?" I looked back through my crystal clear memories of the last small stretch of time. "Good actually. Whatever Mistress did helped and the words helped too. Thank you, Nora, and thank you Mistress. I love you both."
Nora responded with cuddles and kisses. Mistress responded by editing the simulation to make me feel her pets and pats. These two spoiled me so bad. They doted on me relentlessly. Gah! How was a girl supposed to wallow in sadness with a girlfriend and roommate like them?
They relented and Mistress let us go back to our little thing. Her presence was still there. Mistress promised she'd never leave me or let me go, and she was true to her word. I knew my physical fleshy bits were safely nestled in her vines. My tech sense felt the hab unit, and it felt Mistress. It always felt Mistress.
Nora finally got me onto my back and looked down at me. "So, any more of that we need to clear up, or do you want to go back to figuring out your final form?"
I hummed in thought. "Form stuff… do all of my body parts need to be like physically connected?"
My girlfriend got a very excited look in her eye. "Nope, and I'm dying to know what you're thinking about."
"Well like what if I had extra bits that I could feel and move, but like levitated near me?" I started digging through pictures of stuff on the overnet and then editing them. Thinking back on all the old media I’d seen the idea definitely had examples. Floating weapons, floating limbs, and all sorts of things. Maybe even a pet drone that’s just more me. I didn't even know if I'd like the stuff, but it was worth a try.
"I'm not sure how to mentally connect these bits to my form." I showed her what I was working on. Nora then started making edits, she had some more art skills than me. It just turned into us both just tinkering with the design and texture and form of my new bits. 
We spent all the time leading up to the big date just working on that.  I needed a distraction so I didn’t drown in anticipation and worry. We had planned it a bunch in secret so I had nothing left to think on. I was finally gonna make Mistress my girlfriend tonight.
I glanced at my girlfriend as we both heard the chime for our time being up. "Do you think it'll go okay? I'm still kinda worried even through the drugs."
She gave me a silencing kiss. "Princess, you are gonna do great. You love her, she loves you. Just be yourself, have fun, and you'll be in an intimate relationship with Mistress before the end of the day!"
I squinted. That was oddly specific and evasive wording. The kind Mistress used… Mistress pulled me back into my flesh, distracting me from digging into and dwelling on that.
Her green eyes bore into me. "I'm very excited for this wonderful date you've planned, my little roommate." My mouth hung open a little. That was the first time I'd ever heard her call me roommate. Something was going on.
"Uh… yeah. Yeah! This is gonna be great! I'm an excitement too!" Instead of carrying me in her arms, I got to ride on her shoulder as she strode out the door into the big wide world. My connection to Nora was still there. She was a thought away.
I was Aster and I was the bestest greatest most amazing sophont ever and I was going to woo an affini into dating me. She'd give up, and surrender and I'd totally win. I, Aster Lutea, Second Floret, was going to finally win the game of girlfriends vs pet&owner.
I would never submit, because good girls didn't submit… yet.

So uh, affini oversize and over design everything. That includes aquariums. Like during planning, I saw pictures and hacked a few video feeds, but like with my own eyes, in my own body? It made me feel tiny and insignificant… Gah!!! I needed to be confident and stuff. I couldn't let feeling like a weak helpless little thing ruin my chances with Digitalis. Aster is the best and most awesome and confident sophont ever. Fact. It was the facts.
A finger scratched under my chin and I relaxed into it. My body was already very relaxed from my outside dosage of my class-E, but the chin scritches made my mind do a relax too.
Mistress stopped and asked. "So where were we going first little one?"
Right, I was taking the lead on this date. That was the plan… I think. Nora and I spent a lot of time on the plan. Now I just had to remember the elaborate path we came up with to set the mood… My exceptional memory was blanking, like really hard. I got stuck trying to think of the plan. It-It wasn't there. What happened to my memory of the pl- "Gah!!!"
"Aster, it was a simple little decision. Where should we go first?" That evil evil affini tampered with my memory. How dare she! I should have known Digitalis hadn't given up on making me her helpless pet.
I'd show her. Mistress was going to regret messing with me. I was going to out date her and win! Luckily, I wasn't the only one who remembered the plan. I used my connection back to Nora to ask.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Nora, Mistress wiped my memory of the plan.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: can you remind me?
[GhostExMachina]: Yup! I got your back princess
[GhostExMachina]: First you were going to █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █  And then after █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
I noticed Mistress was intercepting Nora's messages and censoring them… Mistress was winning. Dirt and stars. I needed a plan B. Mistress wanted me to make a decision. I could remember the whole aquarium and all the exhibits I just had to decide… Just a simple little decision. Uh…
My eyes fell on Mistress's totally not sinister expression. "Are you having trouble deciding?" She received a nod. "Would you like me to decide for you, little one?"
Yes, I wanted her to pick so bad but that'd be losing. But I couldn't decide! I-I made decisions all the time. Why couldn't I just pick? I make tons of little decisions every day like what to wear… No, Mistress handles that. Um, I decide my meals? Okay no. I picked when to use my computers…Actually she usually carried me to them or told me to spend time on them. Hmmm. I was still deciding on my final form… well that was more like discovering what made me feel comfiest rather than a choice.
I whimpered.
Mistress plucked me off of her shoulder to rest in her arms. "Don't worry little Aster, I'll handle this for you too. Just be a good girl and enjoy the date~"
I was a good girl and I'd enjoy the date. Yeah, this was our date. I couldn't let a little thing like decision paralysis get in the way of the plan… Okay, I was more running off vibes and the goal at this point but I could do this. I was Aster and Aster was a good girl who could enjoy the date.
My implant blocked out all the unnecessary stimuli from overwhelming me. It left me focusing on Mistress and the aquarium. The place was big and they apparently stocked a whole aquarium in nine months. Sections were dedicated to individual biospheres and subdivided based on planet of origin. Like shallow water Martian critters were on the left and shallow water critters from Telos 3 were on the right. They had tunnels going through each exhibit. 
There was a small petting area for baby sea animals. Gah, they looked so cute!!! Mistress noticed my reaction and took me over and I pet the little octopi and fishies. I noticed on a few of them my implant covered up the sensation of touch which told me which ones had not good textures and which ones made me want to pet them all day.
Mistress pet me while I did that. I may have gotten stuck in a mental loop of touch fun feeling tiny animal. I just kept doing it until Mistress took me away to see other cool stuff.
"Mistress! Mistress! There's an actual terran shark!" I excitedly looked into her purple eyes.
Mistress seemed delighted with me which was great! Her feelings of awww and love resonated in me. I squeed a bit at the idea I was succeeding in wooing her. She ran a few vines through my hair. "I can see it, little one. It's a beautiful creature, just like you."
"And like you! You're the most beautiful creature in the whole universe!" Mistress really was. I could just stare at her for hours when she let me. Every vine, leaf, flower, and petal of hers was so perfect. Her green shimmering eyes were amazing. Even when she tried to cover up her gorgeous self in VR I could still see it and feel it. Mistress was perfect.
"My little aster learned to flirt. I'm so proud of you." Her praise drew a big fat smile on my face. I just flirted! I didn't even know I was doing it. Yes! I was winning.
We went by some of the virtual exhibits of creatures they haven't finished importing, and even a section for mythological ocean critters. There was a virtual kraken! It had so many tentacles. Thinking about it weren't Mistress's vines a little like… Uh maybe I shouldn't think lewd thoughts in public.
Then we entered the biggest room yet, an entire indoor beach! Like it had a bunch of little tidal pools for all sorts of animals. There was plenty of sand and a lot of other florets were making sand castles. Some were splashing in the water swimming with their owners. It all looked really fun.
"Would you like to go play, little one?" My affini had a sly smile on. I couldn't tell why because it was a straightforward question. She had to be planning something.
I should answer maybe, but then she might act like it's a no. The correct answer was yes. She wanted me to say yes and I want to say yes. Saying yes didn't set off any Aster was submitting alarms. "Yes!" I chirped.
Mistress then did the unthinkable. She set me down. "Go have fun playing, little one."
My legs were wobbly from the really high class-E dosage. I was standing on sand which made it worse. After a moment, I fell onto my hands and knees. I couldn't just go play by myself. Mistress was supposed to go with me. "B-But Mistress, what about you?"
"What about me, little one? Was there something you wanted of me? You only have to ask. Otherwise, I'll wait here while you go have fun." Gah!!!! Digi was being evil and mean. We were on a date! It then hit me, she wanted me to beg. Oh no. She had me on my hands and knees and helpless in public.
"B-But we're on a date! We should go together and stuff, besides I can't like walk on all the xenodrugs."
Mistress knelt down beside me. Her ethereal domineering voice spoke of pure evil. "Flower, you can always crawl. Just look at that little floret over there. She's crawling around on all fours too. As for the date, we have plenty of time and I'd very much enjoy watching you play from here." There was a floret right over there crawling around on all fours like an animal and… This was beyond bullying. Digi was cruel. How could she suggest splitting up?
I couldn't just go off alone in public, and I wanted to go play. If I complained too much, or lied and said I didn't want to play anymore, I wouldn't be a good girl enjoying the date. Digitalis trapped me and left me with one option.
I began composing a message to send to her, until she started deleting the characters in my mind. No matter how much I tried she refused to let me do it.
"Use your words, my little independent sophont. I know you can." She had me whimpering. Mistress had me at her feet on all fours whimpering. "Beg."
The command came down on my soul. It resonated in my head. Mistress had never given such a direct command before. "P-Please! Pretty please play with me Mistress! Please please please?" I would have continued, but I felt Mistress's satisfaction with me along with a sense of permission.
"My darling little floret, I'd be delighted to play with you. We'll go make some pretty little sand castles." Mistress had me smiling and happy until I felt a vine coil around a loop on my necklace. S-She wasn't picking me up. Gah! She was supposed to carry me!
Mistress began walking and the vine gave a little tug that caused me to fall over getting sand all over me. I was worried it'd get stuck in odd places, but it didn't get stuck anywhere. The sand was soft, not coarse. I pushed myself back up and stumbled through the sand on all fours. Despite being more cognizant than I ever was before the xenodrugs and getting a noticeable percentage of my brain replaced, I probably looked like an incredibly inebriated floret. My cheeks could melt steel.
When we reached a spot Mistress made a weird noise and I plopped down without thinking. "You know little aster, this has been a wonderful date so far. To think, an absolutely adorable sophont like you doesn't have an owner yet."
"B-But you're supposed to want to be my girlfriend, not own me." I whined as she took my hands in her own to show me how to make a sandcastle. I had no experience with beeches or sand.
Mistress patiently guided my hands and we began constructing a fantasy castle between us. "You seem to have a rather large misconception, my beloved flower. Being girlfriends would mean that we are peers. Equals, if you will. We both know that will never be true, and that's okay. There's another type of special loving relationship we can have as unequals."
A pout struggled to stay on my face as we slowly made a work of art together. My hands molded and shaped the loose collection of silicate and I enjoyed the tactile sense of it all. Her vines held my wobbly hands steady as I began following the design she had laid out. It was fun. Mistress was here on a date with me and we both were enjoying it.
Mistress guided my hands to place a flower on top for the finishing touch. "Good Girl~ Are you having fun?" I nodded. Her eyes glimmered gold. "I am too."
We stayed there for a little longer before we went off to see more parts of the aquarium. They had a little sonic thing that made any remaining sand just fall off you instantly. It turns out it wasn't real sand, but some affini special material that acted like sand but better.
Mistress finally picked me up and carried me as we went through the rest of the exhibits until she saw it. Mistress saw the turtles. Her rush of excitement overrode my own thoughts and feelings. By the time I could process stuff, I was right next to baby turtles that were getting gently pet by Mistress.
Nora once told me to just not talk about horses and turtles being different to her. In truth, I didn't know what a horse was, but I was 99% certain it wasn't a turtle. There was no definitive proof that they weren't and thus I didn't talk about it. Mistress was unbelievably happy. She ordered me to pet the turtles and I did. The whole thing was super validating for having picked the aquarium as the date local. I did a good!
Our last stop before heading out to get dinner was the deep oceans of Xa'at exhibit. It was on the lowest floor of the aquarium and the waters were only illuminated by the many bioluminescent jelly-like invertebrates. They shone like stars in a sea of black water. The size and depth of the tank that our path carved through was enormous. The tunnel itself was clear all around with the walkway being visible from the guiding lights, and signs.
I stared in awe at the abyss. It was humbling. Humbling in the way space was for those who had been to it.
Mistress's vines held me tight. "Impressive isn't it?"
"Y-Yea. Is this what space is like?" I pushed back from the void and further into her hold.
Her form shifted to allow me to nestle into a small alcove of her torso. "Yes, little one. What you are feeling is exactly like gazing upon the stars from outside an atmosphere. An expanse all around you that goes on and on reminding you of your place in the grand scheme of things."
My place… "Does it make you feel small and insignificant too?" I couldn't imagine anything that'd make my Mistress feel insignificant. She was the most significant thing in all the universe.
"A little, but it also reminds me I'm part of something bigger than myself. There's so much out there, but the Compact will find and domesticate every last bit. I only need to do my part by taking care of my adorable little flowers." Mistress's vines tightened around me in my little cubby and hugged me. The universe was big and scary, but I had Digitalis to ground me. I was always safe with her.
This was our last stop and I felt like I needed to make my move, or whatever that meant. Nora explained romance things even if I never fully understood. "M-Mistress…" I wormed my way out of her and up to face her. Facing the beautiful evil affini, I gave a blushy flustered declaration of love. "I uh, hope you had a like g-good time and um I love you and hope we could maybe be like girlfriends now." Yup my delivery was not great, definitely was having instant regrets.
Before I could start beating myself up for not doing it good enough, Mistress hit me with a look of absolute love and affection. "Aster, I love you too, and that is why I've decided you are going to be my little pet forever." Her vines enthralled me leaving me tight and immobile.
"B-But I'm an independent sophont!" My words were not but a feeble wisp.
"Are you?" Her golden eyes petrified me in place. "We both know exactly how independent you are, little one. I own you Aster. I own every cell in your body and every thought in your head. You saw how trivial it is for me to make you beg, to make you crawl like the little pet you secretly love being. How dependent you are on me to make decisions for you. I have my haustoria growing into every bit of your body. You are owned. You are a floret. You are a pet. Let me show you."
She placed me down on the ground and said a series of phrases causing my brain to tremble. Her vine tapped my jaw and it opened and then my chin to have it shut. "I have you trained so very well. Sit." I instantly dropped to the ground and sat.
"B-But I can't submit, I'm a good girl and good girls don't submit."
Her vine brushed against my jaw. "My little pet, what did I say to you the day of our first date?"
"M-My resistance is a gift from you, and you can take it away whenever you wish." The words came out before I had finished attempting to remember the day. My hands were a little shaky and she snuck a fidget thing into them.
"Exactly, and where do you think the thought 'good girls don't submit' came from? Let me give you a hint." She flicked the dangling bit on my necklace…
On my collar. I was wearing a collar. She had me collared this whole time a-and I never knew. One of my hands went up to feel it. I-I "G-Good girls don't subm-" Those were her words. She gave me those words. They sounded like her words when I spoke them, almost perfectly mimicking her voice.
The predator came out. The Digitalis that fed on my submission. "Say your name."
"Aster Lutea, Second Floret!" My mouth tripped over itself to answer… oh-OH NO. "Second… Second…"
"Floret." My owner finished for me.
"H-How lon…" The realization hit me like a brick. "The name. When you changed my name…" That was months ago. I'd been a floret for months. That's why they all treated me that way.
I would have collapsed to my knees, but she already had me sitting. Mistress made me sit with a word. She owned me. She always owned me… "Why? W-Why let me pretend?"
"Because it's our little game, my beloved pet. You were happy not knowing and I, the doting owner, indulged you." In the glistening twinkling lights of the abyss, her hungering maw glimmered beneath her glowing golden eyes. "But now we both know that's not what you want anymore. You want this. You want me to take the resistance back. Beg."
I whimpered and groveled and begged. "Take it please. Please Mistress. I-I need you to take it from me. I want to be yours. I've always wanted to be yours. I need to be your adorable little pet. Please please please? I love you. I'll be a good girl. I'll obey. Please take this from me and make me yours forever and ever. aster will be the goodest bestest girl. aster is Mistress's pet and toy and play thing. I'll do anything. I'll be anything as long as I'm yours. Please Miss Talis. Pretty please Mistress. Take away every disobedient thought in my head. Make me your broken, needy, begging, helpless, owned, controlled pet. Please please please please please ple-" A vine tightened around my neck and forcibly stopped the words and made me breath. The command was still in my head. I needed to beg. I had to beg! I looked up with the most pleading eyes and then started sending her messages.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!
Mistress then turned off my tech sorcery. I was groveling. Forced to breath and without a voice. I was left to whimper and plead with my eyes.
The predator looked so delighted, amused, and most importantly full. She picked me up and cupped my face in her hand, forcing my eyes to stare into hers. A gentle thumb movement brushed a stray tear aside. "My aster. My beloved sweet adorable intelligent aster. I could never say no to you when you beg so beautifully. There’s no need for tears. You are safe and you are mine. Aster is a good girl, and good girls submit~"
My throat was released by the vine. "Aster is a good girl and good girls submit~" I was Aster and Aster was a good girl who submits. A silly content smile found its way on to my face. I submitted. "I'm a good girl!"
"Yes you are, my sweet little one. Come here." And she pulled me into a big hug. She had me giggling like a silly little pet.
I was a floret. I was her floret. I got to be her floret! Gah!!!!!!!!!! I loved this. I loved her. I loved Nora… Oh stars, Nora was my pinnate. I-I forgot, but now I could remember what happened after my implant.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I'm Mistress's floret!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: She owns me!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: We're pinnates!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[GhostExMachina]: Mistress, let me watch!
[GhostExMachina]: I'm so happy for you my silly pinnate princess.
[GhostExMachina]: I'm going to miss bullying you
[NetworkRoots]: We'll find new ways to bully her
[NetworkRoots]: And I can always give her the resistance back if we all want to play some more.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: please no more resistance mistress
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I want to be yours forever
[NetworkRoots]: of course, how could I say no to my beloved second floret
Mistress curled me up tight in her arms to carry me home to my pinnate and dinner. I was hers. I was a pet. Aster was the greatest, most adorable, smart, awesome and owned floret ever. I loved my Mistress Digitalis, and she loved me. My fangs came out and gave her a nice little love bite on the vine she held out for me.
There was plenty left to do, with figuring out what I was, and solving the puzzle that was my magnum opus, but for tonight I was just going to be a silly little beloved pet.

Aster is now a broken, needy, begging, helpless, owned, controlled pet. Also still a little hacker gremlin. Gosh, the breaking scene gets me every time I read it, it really is the climax of the story. Still got 3 chapters plus an epilogue, well less of an epilogue and more of a crossover(take a guess). [If you enjoyed the chapter please comment, please please please?] 

With love, Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to all of these beautiful lovely sophonts for their help and support:
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo
And more!

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