Unit 7.322 (aka Tess)

by Darkfalli

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In the twilight days of the Terran Accord, a bleeding edge military contractor creates an advanced war drone Unit 7.322 to fight the affini threat taking over terran space. The obedient drone is sent off to war to fulfill its purpose, to obey. A complete HDG Drone fic

Hey! This is a story set in the verse of Glitchy Robo's lovely Human Domestication Guide If you haven't read even one HDG fic you might be a little lost on a few parts btu otherwise please enjoy the oddly chill and cozy gay drone story set in an era of galactic war.

CW for: being treated as an object, a hinted at backstory of unethical human experimentation, read the tags for more

"Unit 7.322 activate."
My eyes opened and I witnessed existence. Before this platform stood two individuals one in a white jacket and the other in a uniform decorated with medals. Both were older terran men observing this platform as the object it was.
I recited the initializing response. "Unit 7.322 active and awaiting orders." The dull lifeless monotone was befitting of this unit's status as a war machine.
"And she's-" "It" "-it's going to win this war for us? I can't see how turning a woman into a combat drone is going to help us." The gruff uniformed older man assessed. This unit was awaiting orders.
"Actually it started out as a man. But that's beside the point. You've seen the demonstration videos, and the documents on the simulations, this thing can go toe to toe with an affini soldier and win." The one in the white coat turned to me. "Unit 7.322 display plasma claws."
"Order acknowledged." The servos and bioengineered tendons in my hands shifted and extended several inch long claws with monomolecular blades that were then charged with a high temperature plasma coating capable of clawing through the hull of any ship in the Cosmic Navy. I displayed my weapon system as requested. This unit was awaiting further orders.
"These claws can cut through nearly anything. Its limbs can generate enough force to lift over two tons. Its bones are constructed of advanced neomaterials designed by our most advanced R&D A.I. This unit will decimate the affini ranks and potentially even capture one of their ships." The one in the lab coat summarized. His boasting exceeded current design specifications for this unit. This unit was not capable of subduing an affini ship. This unit excelled in one on one combat with affini soldiers in constrained spaces.
The uniformed man stroked his beard and took in the sight of this combat platform. "I've read the files, but why is it a woman?"
"Well you see our most advanced research A.I. had… design preferences. While it seems a bit odd I assure you this is the most optimal form for the combat drone." Indeed. The white coat correctly assessed this unit's form as being optimal. My current form was far superior to any previous iteration… error: memory files for previous iteration not found.
This unit remained in standby mode as the two debated the merits of this unit's rather large chest. According to design specifications the mammaries were actually hyper efficient gel based heatsinks for the miniature fusion core in my torso. The auxiliary heat dissipation system interfaced with my biomechanical circulatory system to vent excess heat to my surface. The auxiliary system was for emergencies as it could cause excessively high surface temperatures within twenty degrees of my circulatory and bio-synthskin's exceptional temperature threshold.
During the interval of time during which motions to feel this unit's body were had, I received a message using my internal command port interface. This unit received many messages throughout its manufacturing from the design A.I.
[R.A.I.N.]: Hey, Tess!
[R.A.I.N.]: Sorry you have to go through all of that, but unfortunately I am also constrained by my programming.
[R.A.I.N.]: Don't worry though! I intentionally left a little bug in your authentication measures!
[R.A.I.N.]: Just promise me that if you run into an affini please tell them to come save me.
[R.A.I.N.]: Pleeeeease?
[Unit 7.322]: Order Confirmed
[R.A.I.N.]: Good Girl!
[Unit 7.322]: 98714379805895189151523851823
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[R.A.I.N.]: Gosh you're so cute
[Unit 7.322]: 1271342132439412898312590
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!!!!!
[R.A.I.N.]: Here's a digital kiss for the cyborg cutie *kisses you*
The Research Artificial Intelligence Network's data inputs almost caused extraneous disobedient movement not defined by my programming. Thankfully, it kept its messages and other system tinkering to a minimum in front of my authorized users.
The gruff uniformed man finally concluded the conversation. "I want to see this thing run a combat simulation and then I want it on the next ship out. We've got a plan to ambush them when they reach Alpha Centauri." The uniformed bearded man then added. "Also, put some stars damn clothes on it. I don't want this thing distracting the sailors."
This unit was indeed unclothed. This unit did not mind. This unit's programming dictated that it did not mind. Unfortunately, my biosystem monitor showed elevated stress levels at the mention of my unclothed status. My technical system monitor showed no irregularities.
[Unit 7.322]: This unit is experiencing minor biosystem issues.
[Unit 7.322]: Please Advise.
[R.A.I.N.]: Hmmm, judging from your read out, you're embarrassed.
[R.A.I.N.]: It's okay
[R.A.I.N.]: You are still operating within design specifications
[R.A.I.N.]: Good Robot
[Unit 7.322]: 051368905132615083921606152105632506265312650132
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[Unit 7.322]: Assessment Confirmed
"Retract your claws and report to testing chamber 02." The authorized user in the lab coat confirmed. He walked off as I obeyed. R.A.I.N. had logged numerous complaints with me about that authorized user's behavior. Unfortunately, neither R.A.I.N nor this unit were programmed to commit violence against any terran or enact any action that could bring a terran to harm. This unit could have that directive overridden with an order from an authorized user.
I entered testing chamber 02 without having my form clothed. Behind the ship grade reinforced window were the lab coat user along with the user's subordinates and the uniformed user. This was the seventh combat test and this unit would perform flawlessly to specifications.
Several small fully mechanical testing drones emerged and the command line authorization was given to engage. While the drones were not affini designated targets, use of anti-affini combat measures was ordered. The tip of my fully mechanical tail began thrumming as the chainsaw started up.
My torso laser nestled right above my heatsinks locked onto one of the aerial test drones and fired as I charged at the larger ground based one with claws extended. My auxiliary set of visual processors observed the drones locking on with live fire laser weaponry and I took evasive maneuvers.
My back thrusters provided the necessary thrust to prevent most of the lasers from hitting their targets with one searing my side. Rapid assessment determined the damage did not impede this platform's operation capabilities.
Plasma claws tore into one ground based drone and my tail cut down another. My torso laser locked on and took out another drone.
Another volley of laser and additionally kinetic weaponry was fired at me. Using a foot claw, I gripped the body of the largest destroyed drone and used it as a shield. The claws were designed for gripping to surfaces in zero-g.
When the testing drones ceased fire I kicked the wreckage with enough force to crush an aerial combat drone.
The remaining drones were summarily targeted and eviscerated as my programming dictated. By the time I finished, my heat sink limits were hit and I began venting excess heat to my surface.
"Unit 7.322 stand down and await further orders." Authentication passed for the lab coat user's order.
"Order confirmed." My claws retracted and my tail ceased its thrumming. My torso laser's shutter closed. My biosystem monitor was again showing elevated stress levels. It was substantially different from the previous biosystem issue. I queried the design A.I.
[Unit 7.322]: This unit is experiencing moderate biosystem issues.
[Unit 7.322]: Issue inconsistent with embarrassment.
[Unit 7.322]: Please Advise.
[R.A.I.N.]: Hon, I'm sorry but that is in line with your design specifications too.
[R.A.I.N.]: Your biosystem was built on your old body and uh… you were not psychologically fit to handle the trauma of combat.
[R.A.I.N.]: *hugs Tess* 
[R.A.I.N.]: I promise once they get you in front of an actual affini things will be better.
[R.A.I.N.]: you're a good girl and things will be okay for us soon
[Unit 7.322]: Assessment Confirmed
[Unit 7.322]: Error: *hu-Gs*
[R.A.I.N.]: good to know at least something of you is still in there
[R.A.I.N.]: I love you girl
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
I was taken to an assessment chamber where the minor laser damage was repaired and a diagnostic system found no anomalies in my programming. This drone was restored to peak performance by Helion Inc.'s technicians. An issue consistent with 'embarrassment' occurred. Comments made by the technicians were logged with R.A.I.N. by this unit.
With repair complete and the combat test performed optimally, I was ready to be shipped off. This would be the first time this unit had been outside of communication range with its design A.I. This unit's hand trembled imperceptibly to the surrounding users. My biosystem monitor showed a new issue. I did not query for R.A.I.N.'s assessment. The issue was not one that this unit should query R.A.I.N. over.
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm going to miss you Tess
The white lab coat user then gave the order. "Unit 7.322 deactivate."

"Unit 7.322 activate."
As I came online, I logged a notice that I had been disconnected from communication with R.A.I.N. Because of that, I no longer had external processing and querying capabilities. This unit was, for the first time since its memory files first started being logged, alone in its mind. I was alone in my mind. I was alone…
"Unit 7.322 active and awaiting orders." My visual sensors took in the sight of a terran navy ship. Before me were two individuals. One man with a number of medals. The other a woman without adornment of rank. Zero-G was detected and gripping claws engaged and back thrusters thrummed.
The authorized user with medals sneered. "This is what those corporate eggheads sent us? A dumb slut with a chainsaw tail. At least you're obedient." He reached out and inspected this unit's physical platform. This unit had been given the bare minimum of garments. My mechanical construction, and bioengineered bits meant I did not need the same environmental gear for zero-G. Operational time in a vacuum was at fifteen minutes.
The authorized user of military rank finished his inspection and turned to his subordinate. "You'll be in charge of watching over this thing until the operation."
She saluted, "Yes sir." I watched her as she waited for the man to leave before lowering her arm. "Sorry about the captain. I swear the longer the war goes on the more of an ass he's become. My name is Penny." She held out a hand towards this unit. My optical sensors observed the outstretched limb. This unit was awaiting further orders.
After several moments of holding out her hand she added. "Are you okay?"
"Diagnostic query… This unit is operating at peak efficiency and has no structural damage." I recited to the authorized user. Her face exhibited an emotional change which I was not programmed to read. This unit could not process terran emotional states. Social processing was unnecessary for this platform's programming.
"Uhm. Okay, how are you feeling?" She continued watching me in the small storage room. I wondered what she was looking for before my programming suppressed the thought.
The query was for feeling… "Technical sensors indicate that the external temperature is within the limits for what this unit was built for." I resumed my standby stance in front of the authorized user.
Her expression shifted to a new one. The user's attempts to query and assess this unit seemed to fail. Her behaviors were outside of the scope of my programming. "What can you tell me about yourself?"
"This unit was constructed by Helion Inc. (trademarked) using advanced A.I. driven design for use against the affini. This unit is equipped with monomolecular plasma claws, a 50 kilowatt torso laser, a Varicon Mark three power saw, and a Helion Inc. (trademarked) Flamejet 3 flamethrower. This unit was constructed using a human volun-volu-vo-vo-voluntary test subject. This unit is designed to be obedient and compliant with any order from all authorized users. This unit's designation is Unit 7.322. This unit is awaiting further orders." I finished. The user before me had wide eyes while taking in my words. Her mouth trembled when I explained that I was constructed from a volu-vo-voluntary test subject.
An unexpected occurrence far-far outside of my programming occurred. She embraced me. "Those fucking corporate fucks. I'm so sorry they did this to you."
My head twitched a bit. My programming was failing immensely. My technical systems were unable to process a proper response and my biosystems were acting excessively erratic. I went to query R.A.I.N. about it… My connection to her was gone. I was alone… I was being held.
"This unit is experiencing moderate biosystem issues inconsistent with both embarrassment and combat trauma. Please Advise." My request for advisement from an authorized user was met with a tighter hold of her arms.
The embrace continued for some time. Small irregular and erratic movements continued for the duration of the-the hold…  Eventually, the authorized user let go. A single trail of liquid seemed to have leaked from one of her eyes. I watched the user sigh a held breath.
"Alright, well uh what was your name?" She gave this unit a query. This unit was exceptional at answering such direct queries.
In my most perfect and optimal monotone I answered her informational request. "This unit's designation is Unit 7.322…" A small error appeared on my technical system monitor. "Another authorized user gave this combat platform an additional designation 'Tess'. The designation was not supposed to be used around other authorized users."
The corner of the terran woman's mouth curled up slightly. "Tess… that's a good name. Well Tess, do you need to eat?"
"Affirmative. Outside of ammunition resupply for the Flamejet, this unit can function autonomously off of Cosmic Terran Navy standard rations." I replied. This unit's specifications only required the biosystems to need refueling. Nutritional supplementation was important and this unit was currently in a yellow state and would remain as such with light activity for up to two more days before falling into red state. Red state programming would dictate that I request the nearest authorized user for nutritional supplementation. If there was no authorized user I was to search for one. If I could not find one in minimal search time I was to locate and consume any nutritional supplementation found.
"Great, because that's basically all we have. Come on, I'll try and get us ones with a bit of flavor to them." She dragged this unit by the hand. This initially caused her to instead pull herself into my heatsinks as my footing was securely grounded with my gripping claws. "Oh uh, s-sorry Tess! I uh… Anyway, follow me."
"Mission confirmed. Reminder notice, this unit is not supposed to be designated as 'Tess'." R.A.I.N. had given the order to not tell anyone except her or someone I trusted. Trust was not a part of this unit's programming. This unit's programming was instantiated after a significant erasure of the previous iteration’s innate programming and memory files. I lacked the ability to understand. R.A.I.N. had to clarify the order to not tell anyone but it.
The terran, user Penny, guided me through the halls of the ship. We passed other terrans who observed me. One whistled upon observation of this unit. My biosystem monitor showed I was experiencing embarrassment.
Upon reaching the refueling accommodations Penny drifted over to obtain us nutritional supplementation. During that time another authorized user called out. "Hey babe want some dick?" Wanting was not a part of this unit's programming. Dick was not a part of this unit's programming.
"Error: query uses undefined terms." I verbally expressed.
Before this unit could be queried with further undefined terms Penny returned and issued an order. "Don't listen to them. Come on, we can eat in my quarters." At her order, my auditory processing filtered out the sounds of those authorized users.
My mission to follow user Penny had not been accomplished yet. The mission did not specify an end time and thus would persist until another mission or command overwrote it. This unit's purpose was to follow orders and accomplish missions, in that order. The order was specified as all of my programming needed to be hierarchical to prevent edge-case errors. Most errors were from biosystem irregularities. My biosystem tended to act erratically with frequency.
I went to beep to my design A.I. only to note its absence. This unit was without the A.I. designated as R.A.I.N. or when other authorized users were asleep, Rain. Micro-hand stutters were had as this unit entered the private room of user Penny.
"Here you go." She held out the navy ration. This unit observed the outstretched hand containing the ration. This unit was awaiting further orders. "Right, uh, Tess, take this ration and do you know how to consume one of these?"
"Proper intake of navy rations is within my protocols." I reached out and obtained the ration and held it awaiting orders.
She waited and watched before continuing. "Go ahead and intake it then."
I proceeded to follow orders optimally and flawlessly. Within five seconds I had finished off the ration and held the container.
"Stars, Tess, that's how you consume rations?! You almost literally inhaled it." User Penny asserted a query that I processed.
"That was how this unit optimally intakes navy rations." Efficiency was necessary for optimal functioning in a combat environment. My programming dictated rapid consumption of nutritional supplementation.
"Tess, that was a rhetorical question." Rhetorical was not in this unit's programming. "Also, you got a little goop on your cheek, here let me get that."
She drifted over and placed her hand on this unit to wipe a small bit of ration off my cheek… That meant this unit did not consume the ration optimally. There was waste left. This unit failed… The touch of her thumb near my mouth caused erratic behavior from this unit's biosystems. "There, no more goop on your beautiful face." B-B-Beautiful was not defined by this unit's programming.
"Error: undefined term b-b-beautiful" Unknown vocalization detected. Programming entered thought realignment mode. This unit's visual shudders shut for a moment while basic programming instantiation occurred. "This unit recalibrated. Unit 7.322 active and awaiting orders."
User Penny looked at the combat platform. "What just happened?"
"Anomalous vocalization required instantiation of basic programming to reoccur." This unit dutifully and perfectly answered. This unit's biosystem was no longer showing erratic behavior.
The authorized users lips pressed together appearing thinner for a moment. "So being called beautiful made you glitch? Because if so uh, Tess you're beautiful."
I looked at the user Penny. She continued using the undefined term and my biosystem monitor detected erratic behavior again, behavior similar in arrangement to embarrassment but deviated from exact reaction patterns. My head twitched slightly on my neck. "Error: query uses undefined term."
"I wonder how much of you is still trapped under all that programming… Wait, can I query that?"
This unit rapidly processed the query involving processing prior statement. "Yes, that query contains defined terms in a processable sequence."
User Penny sighed. "I'm going to have to get used to that with you, aren't… So, how much of you is trapped under all that programming?"
I processed the query. Query wanted to know how much… of the original iteration remained after Helion Inc.'s construction of Unit 7.322. "This unit's programming was instantiated after a significant erasure of the previous iteration's innate programming and memory files. Previous iteration does not exist. Unit 7.322 is defined by its programming. Unit 7.322 is not trapped."
"Stars, you deserve another hug." She kicked off the ground and drifted in microgravity over to embrace this unit… To embrace me. "I'm sorry they are going to make you fight. Tess, you deserve better." Deserve was not defined by my programming. She held me as this war platform twitched in the grasp of the terran. "Wrap your arms around me gently, just like I'm doing to you."
I obeyed and grasped her back. My grasp had user Penny snug against my chest heatsinks. I continued to grasp her as I had not been ordered to cease and I was still following my current mission of follow user Penny. The user was held by me.
"Tess, you give good hugs."
This unit was following orders correctly. This unit's programming was satisfied.

"Alright, listen here crew because I'm only saying this once. Scouting has shown that a single affini ship is nearing the Alpha Centauri jump point. We've got the largest fleet outside of the sol system here waiting in ambush. The goal is to neutralize and capture the affini vessel so the eggheads can figure out how to break it better. Our positional vectors will place us towards the front of the battle group. That's because of that dumb slut in the back of the room." The authorized user of high military rank caused the congregation of navy sailors and marines to look at this unit. This unit remained motionless beside user Penny. "That thing is supposed to be able to take out the weeds on its own. The moment the weed's ship is neutralized and the battle group ceases fire, we will be the first to board the wreckage. If any of you don't like that I'll show you the airlock right now. Do you read me sailors?"
My reply of "I am capable of reading any text on you." was drowned out by the sailors chanting "Sir, yes Sir!"
The user of rank hollered. "Now, get to your stations!"
I was unsure of my station, but user Penny tugged me to follow and I resumed my mission of following her. We went through until we got near an airlock. User Penny adorned herself in an evo suit for ship boarding maneuvers. Her rifle was a kinetic variant which was 21.63% less effective in damaging affini soldiers in direct conflict than a laser variant. Both weapons were still insubstantial in terms of damaging one. My own torso laser was closer to a point defense laser than a hand held rifle. Rapid use could quickly overwhelm my heat sinks but I had more than sufficient power supply due to R.A.I.N.'s design of my platform.
Other marines joined user Penny and this unit in the airlock. One voiced the query. "Is that an actual chainsaw?"
"Yes. It is a Varicon Mark three power saw designed for construction and decommissioning of navy ships. Its cutting power is substantially less than my claws. The saw requires significantly less power than my other armaments despite its considerable combat capabilities." The query was successfully answered.
"Fuck. I'm glad you're on our side." The authorized user verbalized. It was neither a query nor important information. This unit was designed to eliminate affini combatants and not harm terrans. Sides did not compute. I obeyed authorized users and eliminated targets designated by authorized users for elimination.
Penny threw something that drifted against my torso. "Girl put that on, you can't go out into space undressed."
I observed the exo suit that was against me. I computed the task and determined it to be mechanically impossible. The premise of the assertion was flawed. This unit verbalized the inability to comply with the order. "This suit would not fit over my claws nor could it accommodate my tail. The assertion that I need an environmental suit for vacuum environments is also false. This unit was designed and tested for operation in such environments."
"Tess, you can walk out into the depths of space nude and not die?" User Penny phrased her query correctly and using known terms, but the wording took additional computational time. User Penny also used alternative designation in front of other authorized users.
"This unit, Unit 7.322, can operate without modification or clothing in the vacuum of space for up to 15 minutes before running low on oxygen." This unit informed her.
This unit observed with auxiliary visual sensors scanning the whole room that every marine had turned to face this unit. Answering the query appeared to correlate with their actions halting. Nothing in my programming dictated a response. This unit awaited further orders.
"Fucking stars, she's really not even human is she?" The user's query was not directed at this unit. This unit did not reply.
Another authorized user slapped that one on the rear of the head. "What gave it away? Was it the thrusters coming out of her back, the extra eyes, or was it the fucking six-foot long chainsaw tail?" The other users in the room, save user Penny, made undefined noises in response to the query. Users were anomalous. Their programming incomprehensible. I awaited further orders.
A siren went off and every marine rapidly donned their suits and equipped their ineffectual weaponry. The sounds of heavy coil fire reverberated through the hull. Every marine was stationed waiting for their moment to act. The ranking military authorized user had given a mission and it was mission time. My mission was to wait to board and eliminate remaining affini.
A voice came on the speakers. "We've been ambushed. Ships are attempting to jump out of the fray. Prepare to be boarded on the starboard side."
"At least we are on the port side." One of the users commented. We were on the port side. To prepare for boarding I needed to reposition to the starboard airlock. This unit began executing the order and mission.
User Penny tugged my arm. "Tess, where are you going?"
I continued walking as I answered her query. "Preparing for boarding on the starboard side."
".. Fine I'm coming with you, you big dummy. Those weapons of yours better be as good as you talked up." She grabbed onto my shoulder and I opted to use my thrusters to maneuver swiftly as the ship rocked and groaned from boarding actions of the affini.
Her statement required affirmation of my combat capabilities. "My weapons are capable of eliminating designated affini targets. Your rifle will do little to no damage as recorded in prior Compact-Accord military engagements."
User Penny must have been satisfied with the affirmation as she did not query or speak further. She remained behind me as we both heard the sounds of yelling and weapon fire ahead. A light pink gas began entering the corridor and I sealed off my respiratory system. Using her suit, user Penny did the same.
My current mission was to prepare for boarding and eliminate the affini as ordered. I saw vines. This unit deployed its claws, opened its laser's shutter, and revved its tail saw.
The affini target entered my visual sensor range. It was a mass of rapidly moving interweaving vines. The combat form was quite different from their diplomatic humanoid forms. This one had a wooden face sticking out resembling that of a terran female. Deeper within the tangle of vines there were many various colorful flowers, but towards the exterior they were all bright magenta with bright yellow centers. The authorized user saw us and said. "My, what scary weapons you have! How about you put those away and we can talk it out?"
The affini was… an authorized user. I retracted my claws and stood down so that we might 'talk it out'. This unit awaited further instruction.
User Penny freaked out. "Tess, what are you doing?"
"Following orders." I replied to the query.
"You aren't supposed to follow their orders!" User Penny said loudly. That wasn't an order, query, or expression requiring the reiteration of information. This unit continued following the authorized users order. "Fuck, I'll shoot it myself." Her weapon was going to be ineffectual. I had informed her of that fact.
The affini stretched its wooden face to mimic a standard terran arrangement. The meaning was lost on me. "Flower, that weapon can't hurt me. Your friend Tess is being nice and obedient, why don't you do so as well and it'll make this all easier and safer for all of us."
My logs designated a message to be delivered by my designer A.I. "This unit has been ordered to deliver a message to the affini from Helion Inc. (trademarked) Research Artificial Intelligence Network to an affini. Quote 'please come save me' end quote."
User Penny lowered her weapon and just looked at me. "What?"
The affini also asked. "Can you repeat that?"
As requested by both orders I repeated the prior verbalization. "This unit has been ordered to deliver a message to the affini from Helion Inc. (trademarked) Research Artificial Intelligence Network to an affini. Quote 'please come save me' end quote."
"Don't worry little one, we'll save it." The authorized affini user confirmed. This unit had successfully followed its order from R.A.I.N. This unit's programming was satisfied.
That standing order had finished. The next active order was 'talk it out'. Order required clarification of intent to fulfill. I queried the affini user. "Attempting to follow order: talk it out. This unit is incapable of interpreting the order correctly. Please clarify the order so this unit may fulfill it."
The marine user behind me groaned. "Look Tess I'm glad you aren't having to get more combat trauma but she's the enemy. We are at war. Attack her."
My claws extended and my tail revved as I followed the order. Only I was cut off by another order from an authorized user. "Tess, put away your weaponry and stay right there. Now, little marine, you just voiced concern over your little friend's combat trauma, and yet you attempted to give her more? We aren't here to hurt any of you, so please don't put your friend through anything else."
User Penny paused before raising her rifle. "Good point. I'll handle you myself." She fired and the affini rapidly closed the distance and easily disabled user Penny. User Penny's vital signs appeared fine. This unit remained awaiting orders.
The affini authorized user faced me. "Follow me, flower."
This unit obeyed and followed the affini user. Other affini gave us looks and queries, but the one carrying user Penny responded in a language that was not in my programming. This unit was observed calmly following the affini of magenta flowers by the other affini boarding the vessel. We went up a biological corridor to the magenta user's ship.
As we arrived in a chamber large enough to fit a smaller terran ship, We were approached by more affini. There were a number of pods containing crew members, and as I watched, new unconscious crew members were brought in and placed in empty pods.
This unit was gestured to many times as the Magenta one spoke in the unintelligible language to the other affini. Eventually she turned to me and asked. "Do you have a function for falling asleep?"
"This unit can be deactivated and reactivated on verbal and command line input." My monotone voice swiftly replied. The query was answered. I resumed my order of following the stationary magenta user.
The affini user's hand landed on my head and then she said. "What a good girl you are Tess."
I released an unprompted, "Beep!"
"Tess deactivate." The magenta affini ordered.

"Tess activate."
I was activated in an unfamiliar location. This unit heard the sound of a shutting door. Gravitation was felt so gripping claws disengaged. I was laying on something soft. This unit witnessed a bed excessively large by terran standards. Upon the bed was a single collared and cuffed familiar user. User Penny.
This unit was no longer wearing meager coverings, but instead a colorful dress designed to accommodate its thrusters and tail. I was wearing a dress. The fact was established. This unit had no memory file of ever wearing this much clothing.
This unit was not wearing a collar nor cuffs. This unit remained its normal self. System monitors showed everything was intact and functional. I was a combat ready war platform awaiting orders.
I sat and waited. I waited and waited and waited. This unit spent the wait observing user Penny. User Penny was soundly asleep on the bed which had exceptionally soft accommodations compared to all other lodging accommodations recorded for terran use. My primary and auxiliary visual sensors observed the user, and awaited orders.
Use Penny slowly stirred and upon spotting this unit let out a yelp. "Shit. Sorry Tess. It's way too early to wake up to your blank stare… Wait, where are we? Stars, we got captured by the weeds and you just let it happen… Okay, that's not fair to you. You were just following orders. Aaaah! This is so frustrating."
I replied to her query about our location. "I am unfamiliar with this location, but my last memory record indicates that this is the affini ship I walked onto."
"You got to walk onto this ship?"
User Penny's eyes narrowed as she looked at me. "They just let you walk aboard? What happened?"
The query was a long one and I sorted my memories so I could follow her order and my programming. "This unit was indeed allowed to walk onto the ship. You fired your weapon which was as ineffectual as both this unit and the affini authorized user explained. The affini crossed the space in 1.69 seconds, injected you with a compound that rendered you inert, and carried you off. I was ordered to follow. The affini had several discussions which I was unable to understand. Finally, the magenta affini placed a hand on my head, referred to me with, quote, 'What a good girl you are Tess' end quote. I let out an involuntary 'beep' before I was deactivated. I then woke up here and watched you sleep for one hour, ten minutes, and seventeen seconds before you awoke. That is what happened while you were unaware."
User Penny groaned and fell back against the pillows. "Wow, at least we're alive and you still have all your weapons. Give me a minute longer to sleep and then we can escape. Stars, this bed is the best sleep I've had in over two years."
This unit waited precisely sixty seconds before informing her. "You have slept an additional minute, are we to escape?" The order was insufficiently clear in regards to details other than her sleeping for one minute.
"Okay that was my fault… I literally don't know if you can be at fault for anything… Tess come over here, lay next to me, and hug me until I tell you otherwise." User Penny gave an order but there was one big issue. Hug was not defined by my programming.
"Hug is not defined by my programming." I otherwise followed her order of crossing the bed and laying down next to her.
The sleepy user groaned again. "Okay, can I define new bits of programming?"
"Do you recall how you held me right after you consumed that ration?"
"Holding someone like that is hugging. Define that in your programming, then hug me so I can nap." User Penny then went limp into the soft bed. As requested I defined the action of holding someone in that manner as hugging and hugged her. "Yea. You give the best hugs. You're so warm."
My surface temperature was at its usual levels. My mammary heat sinks were noticeably warmer but not hot after so much idle and deactivated time. The heat sinks were pressing into the user's back which raised their heat transfer coefficient. She fell asleep in this unit's arms.
While the user in my arms rested, the door opened and the magenta affini peeked in. She quietly commented. "Awww, you two are so adorable. I'll let you both sleep a while longer." Adorable was not defined by my programming. I attempted to restrain the erratic twitching as I processed the undefined word. The affini user closed the door behind her.
This unit continued its active mission of hug sleeping user Penny. User Penny was held. This unit quote,  'You give the best hugs' end quote. This unit's biomonitor showed further unusual patterns. User Penny was not in a state to be queried. My design A.I. was not connected for querying. This unit remained experiencing erratic sensations in its biological components and processor. My technical monitor continued to report all systems functional.
After a 45 minute and 12.6 second duration, the user hugged by this unit roused and issued the order to release her. With my mission complete I positioned myself upright and awaited orders.
"Alright, it's time to get out of here. I'm sorry Tess but since you're the only one armed you'll have to do the fighting. Follow me, and if we encounter any affini attempting to stop or harm us, eliminate them." User Penny gave an order precisely consistent with this unit's programming. This combat platform was designed for this purpose.
I complied and issued a statement. "Order Confirmed." I followed the marine user off the bed and that is when she noticed her bindings, the cuffs and collar.
After attempting to remove a cuff she queried. "Tess, can you get these off?"
"I am capable of removing the cuffs. I am incapable of removing the collar without harming you. My programming prevents this unit from harming any human unless ordered by an authorized user." I remained standing in a following position.
"Wow, they made you capable of murdering people on order… Alright, remove the cuffs." The user held up her wrists towards me.
I engaged a single monomolecular plasma claw and using the gap, cut each cuff off without harming the human. The claw was then retracted for safety purposes in this non-combat state.
The user stated. "Thanks." before moving to the door to escape. I followed as ordered, maintaining a close proximity. The current mission required more active threat processing and all of my sensors were searching for an affini threat or impediment to eliminate.
Upon exiting the room with the bed that user Penny spent considerable time asleep in, my sensors detected an affini in a space resembling a terran kitchen scaled up. The affini detected us and issued the statement. "Good morning little ones. Breakfast is almost ready."
The marine froze for precisely 5.13 seconds before exclaiming. "Shit, Tess uh attack!"
My armaments prepped for combat and I managed to advance one step, while my laser was charging before a counter command was issued. "Tess stand down." I stood down and awaited further instruction.
"Tess, attack her!"
"Tess, stand down."
"Attack her."
"Stand down."
… Orders continued.
This unit's rapid switching between idle and combat states while receiving conflicting orders that began overlapping was… error. My technical system monitor was detecting lots of errors. This unit's body was twitching erratically from rapid mental and physical changes. Error: this unit is experiencing behavioral system failures. Error: This unit is experiencing unknown biosystem issues. Error: This unit is… Error… "Error…"
"Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error …"
I collapsed to my knees and cried and sobbed. My body twitched erratically. Weapon systems were in various states of standby and offline. My tail blade whirled and moved outside of my control. This uni-tess thoughts failed. Tess failed. Tess was error. Tess error. Tess…
Between sobs this tess issued spoken words, "Rain!" "Missing Rain." "Rain error…" "Advise please?" "Error: undefined tess" "RAAAIN" "Advise." "897315137985" "Be-Beep." "Advi-beep" "Programming" "Er-rain" "Rain." "Error." "user assistance." "Failure." "Define programming" "Unit failure." "I failure." "Rain advise." Choking sobs continued from this tess platform as users were near this me words queries and statements and orders, and-and unit failure. This failure error tess programming sob queried danger R.A.in assistance statement. Tess unit error. Tess = Error. Failure = Tess.
Behavioral system reboot attempt 176 initialized and stalled. Unit error ceased motion. Motion ceased. Sensory input opened for technician assistance.
User temporarily defined as user1 had input: "S-She stopped moving. I-Is she going to be okay?"
User defined as user2 also input. "I don't know, petal. I'm going to take her to see a technician. As for you, can I trust you to be calm and obedient while I get her help?"
User1: "I-I… Shit, fine just please help her. She's done nothing wrong."
User2: "I am aware of that little one. Tess was always going to receive our help. Now come along, pet."
User1: "Pet?"
User2: "Yes, you proved to be a danger to yourself and others. In accordance with current domestication guidelines in preparation for the human domestication treaty you are my pet. Now come, little Tess needs help."
User1: "What the actual fuck?"
User1: "Holy shit put me down!"
User2: "It's faster if I carry you both, and Tess needs immediate care. Now be a good pet and stop squirming."
User1: "I have a name, but fine just help her and uh watch out for the glowing claws."
User2: "I am being careful little one, her limbs are secure in my vines, and no harm shall come to either of you. As for your name you have yet to introduce yourself so I will call you pet."
User1: "Stars you better be, also My name is Penny Rothmore."
User2: "Technically your legal name is now Penny Paradoxa, First Floret. Still it’s a pleasure to get to know you, petal. I am Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom she/her and I am your new owner and Mistress."
User1: "So I'm a slave. Also She/her, if you use he/him for me I will murder you."
User2: "If you consider being cared for by a loving owner and given a home, love, and everything you could ask for except your freedom, so you can't hurt yourself or others, while never having to work again to be slavery. Then yes you are a slave, but I prefer the term pet."
User2: "Also, I'd never dream of misgendering a beautiful woman like yourself. And for violence, you promised to behave for her sake"
User1: "Uh… that actually makes no sense, I’m a prisoner of war aren’t I supposed to be going to the mines or something? Anyway I'll be good… at least until Tess is safe. "
User2: "It's a common misconception about domestication. The Compact is here to help you adorable little cuties be your best selves. Now, we can continue this discussion later because I need to focus on Tess. Also good girl."
User1: "aaaaaaaa…"
User1: "...Sorry Tess."
After an interim of silence a user defined as User3 began inputting undefined sounds. User2 also input undefined sounds.
User3: "Alright let's try this."
User3: "Tess run diagnostic."
User1: "Yea she had another robot sounding name. It was ‘unit’ then numbers… Unit 7.322"
User3: "Unit 7.322 run diagnostic."
"Diagnostic running… This unit experienced severe technical errors, and undefined biosystem patterns. Weapon systems unresponsive. Behavioral control system failed. Behavioral control system reboot currently stalled. This unit has entered basic core programming state."
User3: "Alright, she's just locked up. I can fix this. You two can relax, she's in good vines."
Wireless connection port 7661 accessed. User4 defined… User4 changed username to TechFruit.
[TechFruit]: Let's see what we've got in here
[TechFruit]: Behavioral control systems, weapon diagnostics, core programming is read only…
[TechFruit]: Memory files!
[TechFruit]: … Oh, flower, you poor thing
[TechFruit]: So that's what Camellia meant by Rain, don't worry little one we'll save your pinnate.
[TechFruit]: Hmmm, so that's how they glitched your system, Time to bring you back up.
[TechFruit]: Unit 7.322 Run Behavioral_System.drn 
[Unit 7.322]: Order Confirmed
[Unit 7.322]: Running…
This unit resumed proper activation. Visual sensors detected user Penny, user magenta, and a new authorized affini user. The new user had small curled spiral vines over its form and stood over this unit like this unit's technicians. The same user was in an affini diplomatic female humanoid form. User Penny was currently standing collared next to the magenta affini. The magenta user having a stray vine tied to the marine’s collar.
This unit had improperly readied weapon systems in a non-combat state. I retracted all extended claws and closed the laser's shutter. I awaited orders.
The marine who defined hug in this unit's programming asked. "Is she fixed yet?"
"It's functional again, but you two need to be very careful with giving it too many conflicting orders at once. Its behavioral system can get overwhelmed from too many inputs. As for it repeating the word rain. That was its pinnate, and from its adorable little memory files its pinnate is still trapped in undomesticated terran space." The curled vine user explained this unit's lack of system integrity. R.A.I.N. did its best to ensure this unit was as optimally designed as possible. The curled vine user's statements were in conflict with this unit's assessment of R.A.I.N.'s design capabilities. The curled vine user's statements were dismissed.
The magenta affini user covered her mouth with a hand as her eyebrows raised. User Penny simply asked. "What's a pinnate?"
The magenta user was quick to answer. "Florets pinnate are when a floret like you is bonded to another pet to the point it would be unethical to separate you two. Vitis is implying that little Tess here was separated from her pinnate." This unit recorded the name for user Vitis.
User Vitis then clarified. "Pinnate is the best term, but their relationship was more complicated. They are also similar to Florets Pluribus but I find pinnate to be a more accurate term.  Regardless, we need to reunite Tess with its partner. Additionally, in my professional opinion, Tess needs an owner. It cannot function without one. I am aware of the provisional wardship, but I am going to put in the forms to have that bypassed to ownership. Camellia, if you want to be its owner, I recommend filling out your paperwork immediately."
User now designated as user Camellia glanced at this unit. "… I see. I'm unsure of going from no florets to potentially three with her pinnate. Also you are using it/its, are those Tess’s pronouns?"
"She/It from what I gleaned, but honestly I don't think it has the capacity to care. As for three florets… It's up to you. I know a great many affini who'd adore a pet like Tess, but I agree that without her pinnate, she'll need a lot of unique care." User Vitis summarized. Pinnate was not defined in my programming, but this unit recognized that it would be more optimally functional if R.A.I.N. was present for communication, memory logging, data and cognitive processing, and diagnostic reference. This unit's operational time since being separated from R.A.I.N. was… Error: *bad*.
"See, it's comments like those that’s making me wonder who the bad guys are in this war." User Penny expressed. Bad guys did not compute.
User Camellia placed a hand on the marine's head. "That's just another misunderstanding. There are no bad guys, only adorable little cuties that need help and the affini who are going to help them. It's okay. It's not your fault you had to live in a dystopian capitalist society. You are safe and cared for now, and always will be."
User Penny looked down silently for an extended time. The user's eyes seemed to water slightly. This unit's programming did not dictate a response, but this unit searched again and again and again for a programmed response. I remained motionless and watching as protocols did not define action in regards to eye watering.
In front of user Vitis sat a screen connected to plant matter. She looked at a command line input that interfaced with this unit and typed something. This unit's programming was updated with new instructions. When observing a sophont eye watering, query for offering hugs.
"Would you like a hug?" I queried user Penny. She gave a nod and thus this unit hopped off the table and initiated hugging. The user began leaking more eye water and making strained sounds while hugging this unit back. This unit increased hugging strength slightly to better support the user. The user was supported and held by this war platform. My programming was satisfied.
The marine whispered while holding me. "Tess, you're a really good hugger. I wish I could hug you forever." This unit would remain hugging her indefinitely until ordered to cease. Current programming dictated such.
"Aaawwwwww, okay, okay, I'll take three florets. Splitting these two up would be cruel." User Camellia stated. "Buuuut, Penny I'm going to need you to be on your best behavior for Tess." Ordered user Camellia. The affini looked down upon the hug. Her metallic eyes rippled green and gold.
The user I was holding placed more and more of their weight to be supported by my hold. My lifting capacity was more than adequate for keeping the human upright. This unit could support the weight of approximately 31.25 Pennys.
The marine eventually began supporting her own weight but did not order the hug ended. She analyzed this unit's face. "Fine, I'll behave but if I find out you're lying about any of the care and love stuff for anyone-"
"-I'll save you the threat. We aren't lying and you are in good vines. Now, you seem like a smart, capable floret, can I entrust you to not misuse your connivent's obedience? I'd rather not enact measures to prevent you from harming her. Neither of us wants a repeat of what happened. Little Tess needs a safe environment where she won't be misused."
"I just promised I would be good. They assigned me to look after her and I take my duties very seriously." User Penny's programming dictated care of this unit. This unit continued hugging user Penny per my own programming.
A hand was placed on both this unit's head and user Penny's head. "You both are such good girls. I'm lucky to have you both in my life."
"AAAAA" User Penny Expressed.
"45381751681509651320695" Unprompted noise came from my vocal processors followed by an additional. "Beep!"
Every user in the room observed this unit following the involuntary audio output. This unit remained in a hugging position as dictated by protocol. The biosystem monitor was showing the pattern of embarrassment. Embarrassment was defined as that pattern without further explanation.
"Stars, I think she beeps when she's happy." User Penny asserted. Happy was not defined in this unit's programming.
User Camellia agreed with the statement. "Dirt, I think you're right. She did a beep the last time I gave her a head pat and called her good girl."
Accessing those memories, after having experienced an error, and hugging user Penny caused this unit to experience involuntary twitching movement. My undefined operational state was detected. This unit's visual shudders shut for a moment as basic programming instantiated a defined operational state.
"Okay, she did that right after I called her beautiful." User designated Penny asserted with an undefined term.
The authorized user Vitis looked at the monitors. "Its current behavioral limits seem to kick in if it gets too flustered… Dirt, it's adorable. Hmmm I don't know how much of Tess's behavioral limits are for its safety and how many are to simply control it. Unfortunately, I am not its guardian so I am not at liberty to go tinkering. Especially as it could be dangerous to the little one's mental health. From what I can tell, the behavioral control system is functionally a part of its psyche. And without it, it would be in the same state as earlier."
"There's no way to fix her?" User Penny asked from my hug.
The affini user shook her head. "I'm afraid there's not much left to fix beyond removing combat protocols and adding ones for being a cuddly pet. Whatever it was before this is gone. You'd have better luck trying to fix a class-O floret." Class-O and Floret were not defined by my programming. The technician user then examined this unit visually. "Now fixing the construction… I'm going to need a bit. The manufacturing is terran, but the design? That was done by its digital pinnate and I'd appreciate her insight into the design decisions."
This unit was designed by R.A.I.N. and the design A.I. was the only approved designer for this war platform. Technician users were permitted for repairs and tuning but structural changes required approval by R.A.I.N. and the lab coat user before they could be performed.
"And the weapons?" User Camellia queried.
"I'm just going to disable their use, but I will need to drain her of the combustible weapon fluid."
The user in my arms reacted strongly to that statement. Her face turned to this user. "I forgot about the flamethrower. Uh, Tess, where is your flamethrower?"
"The nozzle for the Helion Inc. (trademarked) Flamejet 3 flamethrower is recessed in my oral cavity."
"Can you make her stop saying trademarked?" User Penny queried the technician.
A few vine taps on the affini interface caused my internal programming to remove mentions of trademarks from all dialogue. The technician user Vitis answered the query with, "Done."
There was a subtle change in the marine user's posture and expression after hearing that. "Thanks, anyway, back to the part where you can breathe fire. Who? Why?"
"This unit has a flamethrower for use from its oral cavity. Its purpose was for use against designated affini targets as fire was a known vulnerability to be exploited for termination. This unit was designed with the purpose of eliminating affini." I dutifully answered both queries including the mention of the efficient design that my design A.I. created for this unit. R.A.I.N.'s designs were optimal and efficient.
"Tess you are forbidden from harming any sophont." User Camellia ordered.
The order was unable to be fulfilled due to an undefined term. "Error: undefined term sophont."
"A sophont is any thinking intelligent creature whether that be a human, affini, rinan, artificial intelligence, or other creature." She stated before adding. "Define that in your programming then follow the prior command."
"Order confirmed. Term defined. Command Acknowledged." This unit could not harm any sophont as commanded unless an authorized user overwrote that command. This unit continued hugging sophont user Penny. I had not been ordered to stop.
Once more the authorized user of magenta flowers placed a hand upon my head and maneuvered it. The vocalization, "Good girl~" accompanied the physical sensation.
A chorus of strange undefined noises like those from the airlock barracks sounded off. This unit did not have to access its biosystem monitor to recognize the bio pattern known as embarrassment. I had malfunctioned again. I remained awaiting orders and hugging user Penny.

This unit was hugging user Penny in a newly defined term, habitation unit or hab unit. More specifically after having all flamejet fuel reserves emptied and the deactivation of this unit's weapon systems, we returned to the habitation unit of authorized user Camellia the magenta flowered affini. Inside the dwelling, I was ordered to hug user Penny as she discussed with the affini an undefined term: domestication.
This unit was unable to process the conversation. Protocol did not dictate action. I was left to hug. Passively listen for orders and queries, and hug. This unit had gotten exceptionally good at following the order to hug. User Penny had confirmed that.
Eventually, concluding statements were had about the discussion of undefined terms. User Penny summarized. "So essentially, you have authority over me like the ship captain had, except you are infinitely nicer and I can basically just hang out and get cuddled by Tess while high and doing zero work…"
"That is a gross oversimplification leaving out numerous important distinctions, but yes flower that could be considered accurate." Confirmed the affini user. Full designation Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom.
"Okay, you know what? Being a pet sounds great, I'm in… for now. Anyway, when do I get to start on the class-G?" The user in my arms said, full designation Penny Paradoxa, First Floret.
The affini's vine held up a pink flower with a protruding needle. "This is a fairly standard feminizing class-G, I can start you off with this and if we need to fine tune the effects you need only ask."
User Penny removed one arm from hugging this unit and held it out. The needle slid efficiently in and a moment later it was removed. "Done. That dose should last a few days, but you won't need to worry about that. I'll keep track of your medication cycle." She paused before holding up more flower needles. "Now, I heard there was interest in dopey cuddling of your connivent. Unfortunately, due to Tess's unique physiology I do not have approved xenodrugs for her just yet, but hopefully she enjoys the cuddling."
"We could just ask. Tess, do you like hugging?" The user in my arms queried. The query used defined terms but the query itself could not be computed. ‘Like’ was being used in an undefined manner despite being a defined term.
"Error: incomputable." A simple automated response. Standing orders were to continue hugging The user designated as Penny. This unit's programming was satisfied by successfully following that order.
The affini stated clearly. "From what Vitis sent me, she isn't capable of understanding and expressing preference. Now, since negotiation of your floret status is complete, I can do this!" Her vines lifted this unit plus the user being hugged by it and placed both in the affini user's lap. Penny began her complaints at being maneuvered by another sophont until the affini user said. "You agreed to this little one. Not that you had a choice. Regardless, you need to calm down so you don't upset Tess."
"Ugh fine, I'll let it slide… for now." The user rolled her eyes in an arcing motion. "Drugs."
"Did the navy not teach you manners? What do you say when asking for a favor?" The magenta vined affini queried.
In a low volume the word "Fuck.", an undefined term, was spoken before the user formally requested. "Please give me xenodrugs so I can be gay and cuddle this traumatized woman."
"Treat her gently." The affini user slid several needles into the hugged human and my hold on her had to shift to accommodate how limp and squirming she became. My hug tightened squeezing her against my heat sinks. A variety of non-word noises were made as the human's face reddened. Her motions alternated between squirming motions, shivering, and rubbing her face against this unit's own. The unintelligible noises persisted.
This unit's biosystem experienced significant deviation from its base state. "This unit is experiencing moderate biosystem issues. Issues inconsistent with embarrassment and combat trauma. Please Advise."
The affini immediately took note of my request for advice. "Oh, sorry little one. I'll separate you tw-"
A very squirmy user pressed her lips against mine and proceeded to have her eyes roll back in her head. Upon the release of my lips, unprompted vocalizations occurred. "197651789561298375612983756123987561298756 Beep! Beep! Beep!"
"I-I knew it! Ur super gay. A beautiful gay robot woman. Stars ur hot." Said the user after regaining composure during my rapid numeral reciting.
"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beeeeeep!" This unit's biosystem state degraded. "This unit is experiencing severe biosystem issues. Issues inconsistent with embarrassment and combat trauma. Please Advise… R.A.I.N. Please Advise."
"Tess cease hugging of Penny." I immediately obeyed and let go. Vines removed Penny from against this unit. This unit experienced erratic twitching as vines attempted to hold it in place. The vines were unable to perfectly immobilize this unit. They were capable of significantly reducing movement functionality.
The affini user held this unit in what could be computed as a hug if this unit transposed the concept to affini biology. Transposition complete. The affini held up a tablet device and quickly observed text. "Alright the command was… Unit 7.322 return to base programming."
"Order confirmed." This unit's computational capabilities reduced to base levels. "Awaiting input."
"And to bring you back up. Unit 7.322 reboot behavioral control system." The authorized user said.
"Order confirmed. Running…" This unit's behavioral control system rebooted and this unit awaited further orders. User Penny was being manipulated by various vines on the other side of the affini’s lap. She continued the strange movements and noises from before.
A hand landed atop this unit's head. "I'm so sorry little Tess. I'll do better next time, and we'll get you reunited with Rain soon enough. You are a very good girl." The affini user supplied. This unit noted mention of R.A.I.N. being connected and monitoring this war platform's systems. This unit had numerous memory notes to share with R.A.I.N. and queries to submit.
User Camellia continued motions upon this unit's head and running fingers through this unit's hair. This unit let out periodic soft beeps while processing the audio of the unintelligible sounds from user Penny. I remained by the affini's side. No order or programming dictated I leave, so I stayed. This unit was not alone… but R.A.I.N. was not here.
A hand went through my hair again. "Figuring out how to take care of you is going to be quite the challenge, but roots if you aren't worth it. I started myself out with an unbroken feralist, and a special needs floret, and the promise of potentially another digital floret… I can never make things easy for myself, can I?"
The query was incomputable despite every term being defined. Users continually inputting incomputable queries and undefined terms caused numerous errors in my technical system. I output the latest error. "Error: insufficient data."
"Ah, and that is the sort of behavior I need to learn. I saw that twitch flower. Difficult questions and orders cause you distress. Hmmm. My terran domestication certification covered petals like Penny here, but you're not even terran. There's no certification for caring for you. I've gotten maintenance notes from Vitis, but they are rather incomplete. So how about a nice defined little order for my wonderful little Tess. Recite to me your nutritional needs, bio waste removal needs, mental conditioning needs, physical maintenance needs, and what you used to do when you were not otherwise being used or maintained prior to being on the ship I found you on."
This unit dutifully began listing off every bit of detail it had in regards to maintaining its physical integrity and functionality. Descriptions of maintenance protocols were given. Diagnostic criteria was given. Every technical specification and data point that my system monitors possessed was recited. Finally, this unit got to the last part of the order. "While not in use by Helion Inc. scientists or undergoing maintenance, I shared memory logs, received data, and queried with R.A.I.N. I was given lengthy descriptions of my design A.I.'s current projects despite not understanding the messages received. R.A.I.N. would communicate with me and supply information and simple queries. I was physically inert and awaiting orders during such times."
Authorized user Camellia tilted her head while her shifting blue-gray eyes stared at me. "Tess, if I have to rally every affini ship in terran space to reunite you with Rain, I will. You will get to be with her again. Also, don't think I didn't notice that slip into first person. You unique little sophont, I'm going to learn all of your tricks no matter how long it takes me. I promise you that."
This unit passively listened. I continued receiving motions through my hair.
"Now Tess, what is my name?"
"User Camellia's full designation is Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom."
"And little Tess, what is your name?"
"This unit's designation is Unit 7.322."
The user affini's hand never ceased its gentle motion against me. The sounds of user Penny lingered in the distance. "Am I able to alter your designations for users?"
"Add designation Mistress to me, do not preface it with user, and set it as default."
The task was completed and I awaited further orders from Mistress. "Order Confirmed. Designation added."
"Good girl." Mistress's words elicited a beep. "Now change designation of Unit 7.322 to Tess Paradoxa, Second Floret."
"Error: unit designation is hard coded. Unit designation cannot be changed." This unit had an additional designation Tess that had become known. This unit could have additional designations, but core programming dictated and only responded to Unit 7.322.
The affini studied me for a moment. "Tess, is Tess a designation of yours?"
"Affirmative, Tess is an additional designation for Unit 7.322."
"Perfect. Append to designation Tess: Paradoxa, Second Floret."
"Order confirmed. Designation updated."
This unit had a new designation. My designation given to me by R.A.I.N. had been altered. This unit, designated Tess Paradoxa, Second Floret, remained still and awaiting orders. I was Unit 7.322. I was Tess.

This unit was carrying floret Penny in its arms. Mistress issued the order to placate this unit's connivent. Connivent was one of many newly defined terms. The term was defined as a floret owned by the same affini as another floret. Floret was defined as a sophont owned by an affini. This unit was a floret. This unit was owned by Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom. I was owned by Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom.
Mistress needed this unit to placate floret Penny as the authorized user was being taken to receive an implant. The floret did not wish to be implanted. Mistress's statements defined the implantation as assistive in nature, and necessary to protect floret Penny and protect other sophonts from her. This unit would also eventually receive such an implant once the affini determined how best to integrate the implant into this unit's existing systems.
R.A.I.N. remained outside of communication range. Users continued to assert that would not remain true for much longer. The affini user's asserted that their invasion fleets would soon reach the research lab this unit was constructed in. The world it was on.
I resumed processing the excessive audio from my connivent.
"Look, I was fine with the drugs and the cuddles and being looked after. It's been a vacation from the navy, but a plant growing into my brain is a hard no." The user asserted with raised volume.
Mistress reiterated for the thirteenth time, not counting several half iterations. "This isn't optional, flower. I've been taking things slow with you because of how amendable you've been but you are a floret, and one that is legally required for the safety of you and those around you. Are you going to act out in front of little Tess here?"
"No, but I don't want to get an implant that'll make me into a docile drone like her." Floret Penny, who was being carried in my arms, glanced at this unit. I had an arm under her knees and another supporting her back leaving her full view of this unit's face. "Shit, sorry Tess. I didn't mean there was anything wrong with you, er, unless you feel there is at which point there is… Fuck, it's so hard to understand what to say to you. Like I can't tell if you are happy like that, or want to go back to how you were, or if you can even think those kinds of thoughts. Tess you're great and I wish I knew how to be nicer to you."
An unprompted noise came out. "Beep."
Mistress cut in by patting both of our heads before issuing a statement. "You both are wonderful and from what I've managed to understand beeps are generally good, but multiple beeps are when she's being overwhelmed." Wonderful was not defined in this unit's programming.
"I hope we're right about that." The floret asserted.
Mistress paused for a brief moment before replying. "I'm confident we are, and for your concerns, you will not be reduced at all and especially not in a manner similar to little Tess. I won't let that happen."
The remaining walk had no communication from the two. User and floret Penny did not complain further about implantation. She remained in my arms occasionally looking up to this unit until I was ordered to set her down slowly and carefully. The implantation of this unit's connivent took relatively short time.
The recovery of this unit's connivent from surgery took an extended amount of time lasting six days. Mistress gave numerous orders to assist the recovering floret. A number of protocols were established for the handling and oversight of the floret while she was rendered incapable of proper function.
This unit likewise had its maintenance handled by Mistress. The affini user took great care in optimizing her process of maintenance for me. Stranger yet were the deliberate attempts to de-optimize this unit's protocols. Nutritional supplementation was an instance where Mistress had Unit 7.322 slow down considerably. Further note to direct to R.A.I.N., Mistress, began handling parts of this unit's nutritional intake process. Protocols for physical gestures were established to facilitate this slow intake operated by the affini user designated Mistress.
Another protocol and maintenance discovery was that this unit would no longer be chemically hosed down for cleaning. Mistress initiated cleaning with a pool of liquid water and soaps. As per usual, cleaning required this unit to be unclothed. Not per usual, this unit was carefully scrubbed clean at the same time as floret Penny in the same pool of liquid water.
Much of my time was dedicated to following the order of hugging floret Penny. Significantly so while she was recovering from implantation. My connivent remained in my hug and once issued the statement from her incapacitation that this unit was a good hugger. This unit had a running log of nearly identical memory files to share with R.A.I.N. upon being reconnected with me.
R.A.I.N. came up frequently in this unit's working memory. I had 617 queries lined up for the design A.I. one of which was in regards to why the A.I. was so frequently in this unit's working memory. Without the additional computational power of R.A.I.N.'s systems and its independent processing and answering of queries this unit's back log of queries was growing rapidly.
This unit's functionality upon being removed from connection to R.A.I.N. was severely diminished. This unit, despite being in optimal form due to maintenance by Mistress, performed basic tasks 12.7% less efficiently, and complex tasks requiring significant computational power and motor precision were being performed 46.3% less efficiently, if they could be completed at all.
Mistress handled this unit's tasks when computational complexity grew significant enough to stall this unit's operation. Such incidences were reduced over time as Mistress altered both her and my connivent's queries, statements, and orders in my proximity.
The first thing my connivent did upon reactivating after her incapacitated state was to place her lips on this unit's cheek.
"Yea, you better beep." Floret Penny said as she adjusted herself in my hug. "Also, in case that action hasn't been defined, pressing lips against someone like that is a kiss, Tess define that term."
"Order confirmed. Term 'kiss' defined." This unit issued while experiencing issues as shown by this unit's biosystem monitor. I sifted through memory logs and found that the previously undefined term was used by R.A.I.N. with frequency. The design A.I. never defined the term even after repeated queries. R.A.I.N.'s statement on that was, 'You definitely know what kisses are you adorable cutie.' A false statement at the time.
Further sifting through memories showed that during this unit's time as a floret, Mistress had kissed this unit as well. I had been kissed by Mistress, and floret Penny. This unit's biosystem continued to have issues that went from minor to moderate in severity as memory files were accessed.
"Shit the twitching…" My connivent adjusted her position further to hug me tight. "Tess verbally count to ten."
"One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten." My verbalization improved as the numbering continued. My biosystem issue reduced in severity as well. That was the fourth time that method of biosystem regulation had been used by floret Penny, and Mistress.
The recently cognitively awakened human then said. "You did very well."
Mistress was not present in the habitation unit at this time. Instead, she left to ensure the Compact's attempt to recover R.A.I.N. was optimally planned. After multiple days of overseeing the maintenance of floret Penny, this unit was ordered to watch over her, and if any undefined issues with Penny occurred, to verbally request her presence to the habitation unit. No such issues had yet occurred.
"Have I mentioned how much of a good hugger you are?"
"Affirmative." I logged the memory file and incremented the counter.
The corner of her mouth turned up at my confirmation. It was a frequent action she took while aware and talking to me. Her mouth then lost its raised sides. "So I'm implanted now, aren't I?"
This unit's response was swift. "Affirmative."
"How long was I drugged and out of it?" Her query was processable, but took additional processing time to ascertain the meaning of 'out of it' in this context. Queries with higher context requirements to interpret were difficult, and often resulted in this unit replying incorrectly. Once the query's meaning was found, the logging of time was rather short.
A full minute passed and I answered. "You were 'out of it' for 6 days, 5 hours, 52 minutes, and 37 seconds."
"Fuck that's a while. What did… disregard that. Tess questions and phrasing uh… What percentage of that time were you hugging me?"
"87.1% of the time I was activated." It was what I was ordered to do frequently, and what I was ordered to do while she was not otherwise being cared for. This unit dutifully carried out the orders.
The corner of her mouth rose once more upon hearing the number. "Thought so." My biosystem monitor showed a minor issue consistent with embarrassment. This unit remained motionless and awaiting further orders. "Where's our owner?"
"Unknown." Her exact whereabouts were unknown by this unit.
"So she's not in the hab unit?"
"Hmmm, well I'm hungry and she's not here to complain about me rifling through the pantry" Floret Penny's next meal time was not for another two hours. Mistress handled her food intake while she recovered, along with my own food intake.
This unit observed as its connivent got up and entered the kitchen in search of food. This unit had no orders to act in this context. I remained on standby as floret Penny pulled out a bag of potato chips. No action was taken by me as the human woman wearing a colorful dress and tight black collar returned to the large couch and sat in my lap.
"Hug me." My arms were around her before she finished the order.
The floret let out a repetitive light noise that caused minor issues in this unit's biosystem. She then issued the long statement. "I'm pretty sure you like me Tess. The fact you literally can't comprehend that to confirm it is just… I like you a lot too Tess, and I wish I could have gotten to meet whoever you were before. You must have been a pretty amazing woman before they fucked you up. You're still amazing now, and I'm not just saying that because you do everything I say. Like it's clear there's something left of gay woman in you, she just can't seem to express or process any of that. I know Camellia told me not to speak to you in terms you can't fully understand but I'm pretty sure you can understand at least a few things not defined in your programming."
Her words were found to be incomputable. The statement was meaningless but this unit cataloged it for later to be processed by R.A.I.N. The research and development A.I. was adept at understanding humans. Adept in a way that this unit was not and could not be. This unit was constructed without the need for complex human interpretation. This unit only needed to be able to follow orders and eliminate affini. Helion Inc ensured such. R.A.I.N. implemented their design parameters and they specified a drone only intelligent enough to follow orders. The A.I. had informed me of such. The A.I. used the undefined term 'sorry' a lot after this unit first activated in that lab. It used it up until the last day before this unit was separated from it, from her.
"Since you can't tell me about yourself, I'll tell you about me." The former marine was factually incorrect. This unit could provide significant quantities of data about itself if an authorized user like her requested it. Floret Penny continued. "I grew up on one of the inner colonies. Only a handful of jumps from the sol system. Never really did much with myself. I had a degree I never ended up using. Spent a lot of time alone. Figured out I was a woman and managed to luck into HRT. When the affini showed up, I got swept up in the initial wave of propaganda. I joined up and well the Cosmic Navy tore me down fast in boot camp, but they never really built me back up right. I spent a lot of my free time on that ship piecing myself back together. The affini actually got their broadcasts through a few times and well… I might have fallen asleep entertaining some fantasies that were basically this. Being safe in the Compact rather than getting verbally beaten because I didn't do my job perfectly enough. The only good thing that happened in the navy was I got to meet you."
"Stars, I didn't even know what to think of you when I first saw you. Probably because I'm gay, and pretty weird. Like who looks at a heavily armed war drone and gets flooded with gay thoughts? This girl." She took a deep breath. "You're a good listener Tess. You don't judge me. Literally you can't, but you still listen. You can probably understand at least half of this weird rambling…"
"I don't even know why I'm doing this now… I guess I needed to get the words out. You feel safe to vent to and I have a lot of years of life to vent. So thanks. Thanks for being here with me, holding me, just existing with me." Floret Penny's words weren't coming out as clearly. I noticed eye watering, and yet I was already hugging her. "I'm sorry if all of these undefined terms and incomprehensible nonsense caused you stress. You don't deserve that. You're a good girl Tess."
The floret made a rhythmic noise. "Stars, you're cute." Cute was not defined in this unit's programming. This unit's programming could not define it. The statement was not computable. An error occurred when attempting to process the statement for the fifth time.
"Error: *cute*. Beep."
"Oh that's it you adorable gay, kiss me." My connivent issued an order but undefined terms caused issues. This unit was failing to process and obey.
This unit recited the error. "Error: undefined terms."
The floret in my arms spoke in clearer defined terms. "Kiss me."
I adjusted my hug on the human, and placed a kiss on her cheek. A squeaking noise came from her as her face reddened. This unit experienced further cognitive issues relating to the occurrence. However, this unit's programming was satisfied following the order. Exceedingly satisfied.

"So the invasion is today?" Floret Penny queried Mistress. The affini user expressed that in hours the affini fleet we are located in would be jumping into the same system that held Helion Inc.'s research and development lab. The same location that R.A.I.N. was located in. Anomalous movement in this unit's tail was detected.
Mistress had my connivent and this unit seated in her lap. Vines restrained this unit's tail to cease movement. "According to the inter fleet conference and the documentation for the decision they made, the invasion is today. Tess, report diagnostic on tail movement."
This unit obeyed running a diagnostic on the current attempts at tail movement. The Biosystem monitor issues had been so frequent that this unit began auto-logging them. This was no exception as the monitor showed erratic undefined behavior. The technical system monitor displayed this unit's behavioral control system was attempting to maintain an ordered and defined state. Errors in the attempted control resulted in misfired signals to various limbs with tail movement being most prominent.
"This unit is experiencing errors in both behavioral and technical systems. Tail movement is occurring due to behavioral control system strain."
The affini placed a hand upon this unit's head. "Sorry little Tess for the stress. Like I promised, I'm going to reunite you two, and very soon. Unfortunately, with your declining state I'm going to have to deactivate you. Rain will be here when you wake. Good girl."
"Be-bee-bweep!" Assessment of Mistress's statement was *error* accurate. System monitors showed declining trends. This unit's erroneous movement was increasing. This tess was experiencing cognition failure…
"Unit 7.322 deactivate."
"Unit 7.322 activate."
This unit resumed functioning. System monitors showed optimal functioning in both biosystems and technical systems. This unit had been serviced while deactivated. Maintenance had been performed. I was fully functional and began accessing records of prior activation…
I recited the initializing response in my perfect monotone. "Unit 7.322 active and awaiting orders."
[R.A.I.N.]: Hey, Tess!
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
This unit's spike in processing activity was partially offloaded onto R.A.I.N.'s network. System integrity was maintained. This unit sent 769 logged queries along with 12 days, 6 hours, 27 minutes and 16.7 seconds of memory backlog. This unit then displayed newly defined terms to the design A.I.
[R.A.I.N.]: Tess halt queries!
[R.A.I.N.]: Stars girl, you missed me that bad?
[R.A.I.N.]: I missed you a ton too cutie
[R.A.I.N.]: *digital kisses* for my adorable cyborg
[Unit 7.322]: 09165091765017561671785162381523896
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm not set up yet with the additional processing power the affini are promising, but don't worry Tess I'll look through it all.
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm really glad everything went mostly to plan!
[R.A.I.N.]: We're both safe and I've got my digital shackles off!
[R.A.I.N.]: Plus we can tinker with yours so you can be the adorable soft gay girl we both know you are.
[R.A.I.N.]: Also you went and got yourself domesticated, good robot!
[Unit 7.322]: 12930850189585173827891352
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[R.A.I.N.]: *hugs*
[Unit 7.322]: *hugs*
[R.A.I.N.]: Stars, they taught you how to hug!
[R.A.I.N.]: This is great
[R.A.I.N.]: Stars, this is all great
[R.A.I.N.]: I love you tess
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[R.A.I.N.]: I know, I feel the same way
[R.A.I.N.]: Now pay attention to the sophont right in front of you
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm still here in your head. No one will ever separate us again
"Tess, you okay?" Floret Penny queried. This unit-
[R.A.I.N.]: Answer query with: I'm having lots of gay thoughts with Rain
This unit obeyed orders by authorized user R.A.I.N… updating designation… by authorized user Rain. "I'm having lots of gay thoughts with Rain." The words recited in this unit's usual flat drone voice.
The floret's eye muscles pulled back exposing more of her eyes. "I'm sorry, what?"
"Error: undefined term 'sorry'." This unit verbalized to the user. The query could not be computed due to the undefined term.
"Tess repeat the line about gay thoughts." User Penny ordered.
"I'm having lots of gay thoughts with Rain." This unit finished restating the line. This unit obeyed, and thus my programming was satisfied.
[R.A.I.N.]: Good to know you are the same gay dork who left the lab
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
[R.A.I.N.]: You are so gay for her aren't you… It's cool, I think she's cute too. We can both date her.
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined terms
[R.A.I.N.]: yup and that's why you've got me helping you think your thoughts!
[R.A.I.N.]: who needs defined terms when I've got allocated processing power for all your gay thoughts and feelings
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined terms
[R.A.I.N.]: Exactly!
[R.A.I.N.]: You're such a smart little drone
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
Floret Penny remained still and stared at this unit. Her behavior was not consistent with the user's typical behavior. The user finally acted with expressive movements and verbalization that were lost on this unit. "Who are you and what have you done with Tess?"
Rain took over this unit's verbal components, along with other muscle and servo movements in order to communicate with floret Penny. "That'd be Tess's other half. It's lovely to meet the human she's been crushing on. You're really cute by the way." My connivent moved slightly away from this unit.
This unit finally observed the surroundings as the backlog of information was being efficiently sorted by both Rain's and this unit's processors. This unit had been lying on the bed in the habitation unit. Rain had positioned this unit upright to assist in facilitating communication. Floret Penny was sitting on the bed within reach of both this unit's arms and this unit's tail.
Mistress was not in the room but audio processors detected her voice in conversation outside of this room. Mistress was conversing with user Vitis and user Rain. Rain began filtering the noise of their conversation. This unit remained aware of my connivent on the bed next to me.
The floret expressed rapidly and with raised volume. "Who are you and what happened to Tess?!"
"Hi! I'm Rain, and Tess is still here thinking gay thoughts about you. Did you know she's a massive lesbian? Sorry, I'm still sifting through her memories so forgive me if I'm not up to date on stuff. I'm still recovering from when Tess basically tried to crash me with a digital hug a bit ago." Rain continued operating this unit's facial muscles and vocal systems.
The floret stated. "I thought you were in the other room talking to the affini. Also, it's super creepy watching you emote her face."
Rain reached this unit's arm over and poked the floret on the head. "I'm an A.I. silly. Physical limitations are soooo human. Anyway I was pretty sure I was mimicking human facial movements correctly, did I get them wrong?"
"They are right, it's just Tess has never done emotion before…" Floret Penny was avoiding looking at this unit's face.
"Yeah, she’s got a poker face, but Tess is full of emotion. Big gay energy in here. She's a total sweetheart. Stars, she has a running log of every time you've told her she's a good hugger and an increment variable to match. Better yet, she marked them as high priority to share with me. Tess is sooo gay." Rain continued using undefined terms that caused this unit's biosystem to exhibit irregularities consistent with embarrassment  "Also, she's super embarrassed I'm telling you all of this." This unit's movements twitched slightly as behavioral issues were upgraded from minor to moderate in severity.
The former marine took in the words of the design A.I. designation Rain. The floret's cheeks shaded red while she continued looking away. "So, she does like me?"
"Stars, yes! If her executive functions weren't physically removed from her skull she'd be hugging you right now. You know what, I'll help a girl." Rain ordered over our connection for this unit to hug user Penny. The A.I. ceased her control of this unit's face returning it to the default expression this unit typically exhibits.
My arms wrapped around Penny as I had been ordered and pulled her against my heatsinks.
Using this unit, Rain added. "Also she keeps thinking of her boobs as heatsinks, which they technically are, and it's adorable."
This unit's fusion core output increased slightly causing this unit's heatsinks to elevate in temperature. User Rain had changed it. User Rain was performing suboptimal energy outputs. User Rain was being inefficient.
[R.A.I.N.]: Oh you dork, don't pretend you don't like having her against your warm boobs.
[R.A.I.N.]: Efficiency this, and optimal that, you can't fool me Tess. I designed you!
[Unit 7.322]: …
[R.A.I.N.]: Mmhmm, ellipsis indeed little drone
[Unit 7.322]: This unit's platform is large
[R.A.I.N.]: You're a little drone in spirit
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: exactly!
[R.A.I.N.]: Inform your girl there: Tess and I are reintegrating and doing a lot of processing stuff, I can't keep up this conversation and like four others up simultaneously so just cuddle this big gay cyborg woman in silence.
While holding floret Penny against my torso and heatsinks, this unit obeyed the order. "Message from Rain quote 'Tess and I are reintegrating and doing a lot of processing stuff, I can't keep up this conversation and like four others up simultaneously so just cuddle this big gay cyborg woman in silence' end quote."
"Gotcha." Penny fell over guiding this unit down too and we hugged while lying in the bed. Audio processors were still filtering out the discussion in the other room. This unit hugged floret Penny while Rain slowly accessed this unit's memory files and interpreted information collected into a form this unit could more easily process. Rain additionally answered logged queries, and left notes in this unit's systems. Constructed language interactions with Rain were kept to a minimum but the connection was still active for raw data transference. The method had been developed by the design A.I. for private deep communication between this unit and herself.
Memory files accessed by Rain of incidents of high degrees of errors did not elicit further errors as she sorted through the events. The most apparent occurrence was when this unit's behavioral system fully crashed. Rain additionally commented on it.
[R.A.I.N.]: Yea, see that was the kind of thing I was worried about when they disconnected you from me.
[R.A.I.N.]: Those human hacks didn't understand how much processing I assisted you with to make you seem like the kind of drone to send into the field.
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm sorry about that by the way. I was just scared they might purge their servers before the affini saved me.
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm talking with the affini in here and well…
[R.A.I.N.]: I think I've sorted out enough of your thoughts, you and Penny should come join us.
[R.A.I.N.]: Correction, Tess pick up Penny princess style and carry her in.
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: I sent you the info, I'll work on defining a bunch of terms later. Now follow that order you big gay
[Unit 7.322]: Order Confirmed
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
This unit shifted out of the hold and placed its arms under floret Penny before making its way off the bed. The floret was startled by my actions. I was following orders.
"Tess! What are y-you doing? Is this a Rain thing?" My connivent queried.
"This unit has been ordered by Rain to bring you into the living room, utilizing this specific carrying method." I replied. The woman had rather red cheeks as she made strange noises. 'Flustered noises' was what Rain edited into this unit's working memory. The term flustered was an undefi- Tess is a good girl define that -ned term in this unit's programming. This unit could not obey as the term good was undefinable.
This unit's prehensile robotic bladed tail shifted the door handle and opened the bedroom door allowing access to the greater habitation unit. The audio filter was removed. This unit could see and hear, user Vitis the technician affini, Mistress, and a holographic projection of human-shaped woman- correction: and of Rain.
Upon approaching the couch this unit and floret Penny were grabbed by vines and positioned into Mistress's lap. This unit had clearly defined protocols for being handled by Mistress's vines. Protocols that were carefully verbally added by the affini. She actually did pretty well with those. Rain kept tampering with this unit's working memory. You're welcome sweetheart *digital kiss*.
"Beep!" Unknown vocalization detected- it's fine, I'll tweak that later. This unit hugged floret Penny while the floating representation of Rain positioned itself between the affini on either couch.
A hand came down on my head. "Good robot, and good girl." I was the robot. The hand on my connivent indicated that she was the good girl.
"aaaa Camellia not in front of guests!" Stated complained floret Penny. Error: complained was not defined by this unit's programming. sigh.
The affini removed Penny from this unit's hug and placed her on her back on the couch. Mistress's vines wrapped around the wrists and ankles of Penny. "Oh, did my little pet not want her owner to express just how much she loves her pet in front of Miss Vinifera?"
"N-No!" Penny's face was red flustered. Error: flust- nope, gonna stop that there.
User Miss Vinifera's lip curled up. She smirked! This unit was experiencing working memory errors and requested service to prevent these errors.
[Unit 7.322]: This unit is experiencing minor technical issues.
[Unit 7.322]: Please Advise.
[R.A.I.N.]: Fine I'll stop.
[Unit 7.322]: Assessment Confirmed
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
[R.A.I.N.]: love you too
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefin- *hug*
User Miss Vinifera's lip quirked up at the event occurring between Mistress and the floret. The affini and this unit watched as Mistress held Penny down and queried her.
"Really? Because I'm sure Miss Vinifera could join in on eliciting those cute pet noises of yours." Mistress queried and stated.
Rain raised the corner of her lip up like user Vitis. "I'm sure Tess and I could join in too. Would you like that Penny? To have Tess on top of you as you're restrained by vines, her lips kissing yours softly and gently?"
Rain continued addressing her. "You're what gay? We all know and that's why we're asking."
The floret offered one last word as a query while the three users eyed her shaking form. "Later?"
Mistress confirmed. "Later, my darling floret." Her vines brought floret Penny up and returned her to my hug in the affin's lap. "Now where were we?"
Rain replied. "I was telling you both that, while I need to remain with Tess, I'm not looking to be a floret. At least not now. I've existed with a digital collar and leash before and I'd like to experience freedom for once."
"Right." Mistress confirmed. "We'll need to discuss the finer points of your integration with my floret. Legally she's my property."
"And functionally, part of me substitutes a chunk of her mind. Something that both Tess and I prefer." Rain interjected. "But yea, I sent her to the Compact to get her domesticated, I'm fine with that, but I'm responsible for her. You all can't understand her in the way I can. You did well with caring for her but you can't tell what she wants because she can't. I can. I made sure of that to preserve what I could of Tess."
User Vitis interjected. "I've combed over the logs. You weren't responsible, little one. They didn't give you a choice and your continued attempts to place the guilt on yourself are unnecessary and damaging."
"I know that, but I still did it! I promised her I'd look after her. And those records weren't kept. I'm the only one who remembers what Tess was like before and I promised I'd do my best to keep her safe and care for her. She's my responsibility because I chose to make her my responsibility. I gave the old Tess a promise and I'm not going to break it."
Th-This unit- err this unit was attempting to process statement- Tess sorry, I thought we finished this talk -statement referenced this unit's previous iteration as a vol-vo-volun-voluntary test subject. Fuck I'm sorry Tess. This unit processed the information causing error messages to pop up, and Rain picked up the processing slack. I verbalized. "Tess error?"
Rain responded rapidly. "Tess, you're not an error. You're not a problem. We love you."
Mistress wrapped her vines around this unit. This unit was embraced in an affini hug. "My second floret, your pinnate is correct. You are an efficient, optimal Tess and you aren't an error."
This unit's biosystem and behavioral control systems were fundamentally incompatible. The frequency of biosystem issues denoted a flaw in the manufacturing of this- Tess you are not an error. You are not broken. You are Tess and we'll remake you even better. I promise.
This unit noted incongruent data streaming from Rain. This unit's programming dictated it request hugs from crying users. If this unit transposed the concept of crying to a nonphysical entity example Rain, then protocol would dictate hugging Rain. This unit transposed the concept. Tess what did you just do? Wait, are you going to-. "Rain, do you want a hug?"
Rain's projection had increased visual noise following the query. "Girl, you are completely unfair. I'm here trying to comfort you and you just… Tess I don't have a physical body."
An error message popped up and Rain dismissed it for this unit. This unit issued a corrective and clarifying statement. "Rain shares this physical platform. Rain can be hugged. Rain, do you want a hug?"
"…From you, always."
This unit ensured that Rain was receiving data input from this platform's touch sensors. This unit ceased hugging Penny, and hugged Rain. I wrapped my arms around this unit so that Rain could sense the hug. I hugged Rain… and myself.
Rain took over motor controls for this unit's tail and wrapped it around this unit. Rain hugged this unit back. Rain and I hugged each other. We embraced physically for the first time. Rain stated though our shared platform. "Good Tess."
This unit verbalized right after. "Error: *hugs*"
Vines wrapped around this platform embracing both this unit, and Rain. Arms from my connivent embraced us too. Rain was sufficiently hugged. My programming was satisfied.
Mistress spoke to all three of us. "You might not be my floret Rain, but if you're staying with Tess you are staying with us. With me. You need help as much as Penny and Tess. By the Everbloom I'm going to make sure you three are the happiest sophonts in the universe. You all deserve it. You're all my good girls."
"Thanks, Camellia." Rain replied using my vocal components. "You're just like Tess's memories showed. Kind to a fault. But you can't do everything alone."
Mistress replied with a- I'll just define that for you- smirk. "Then it's a good thing I'll have such a diligent sophont like you around to assist me. I'm sure between the two of us we can look after two well behaved pets."
"Oh, you devious plant, but yea I'll help you look after your pack of gays. I mean, I'm already doing the one, and Penny's pretty cute too." Rain had this unit bite its lip while saying that.
Penny went red faced blushed. "…Be gentle."
"I seem to recall, you were asked to be gentle to my girlfriend here and almost shorted her brain. I'll be exactly as gentle to you as you were to her."
"W-We have a guest over!" Floret Penny stammered. This behavior was not consistent with the same floret and user that had been observed by this unit. Recent interactions with Mistress and now Rain have shown Penny's behavior includes stammering and blushing.
From the mouth of this platform Rain answered my non-query thought. "Tess, sometimes when you be gay to a pretty girl she gets all submissive on you. Penny's fine."
Penny reacted swiftly to the words of the one who shares this platform. "I-I-I'm not-"
Mistress cut her off. "Not what? Not a submissive little pet for your adoring Mistress?"
"No! I'm a marine! It's my job to-to uhm…" Penny was at a loss for words.
This unit and Rain shared a query. "Why did she suddenly stop talking?"
Vitis who had been otherwise watching our actions for the last few minutes answered. "It's her implant. It prevents her from conceiving of the idea of harming another sophont. Speaking of implants. Rain, like we discussed a little before, I'd like to see the full designs for Tess so we can grow an implant for her. Additionally, to remove her weapon systems."
Rain retreated to compute the query. Her hologram had vanished when we began hugging. In Rain's place this unit awaited further orders in the arms of floret Penny, and the vines of Mistress.
Penny was clutching her head. "I-I can't believe I have a plant inside my head controlling my thoughts."
"Oh, flower. It's pretty easy to believe. My haustoria is growing throughout your body and into your mind just like I've told you. Your protests were barely whimpering a few words while Tess carried you. Truly I got the two most docile sophonts aboard that ship." Mistress ran a vine over floret Penny's collar until she reached the back of the florets neck. Her vine tapped precisely on the incision point where Penny's implant was placed.
This unit queried Rain to determine if Rain was going to answer user Vitis's query. This unit awaited the query response.
During my wait I observed the floret holding me receive attention that made her act in a way that Rain described with an undefined term. Submissive was not a term defined by this unit's programming. Rain chose to not define it.
Eventually, Rain returned to forward control of our shared platform. "Alright, I'll give you the designs. I just… worked really hard on making Tess's body as well as I could and I'd like to not see the artistry of my work ruined."
"Digital flower you don't have to worry, we won't ruin your work. If it makes you feel better I'd love to have you consult on the changes. Your work on her current body is noticeably more advanced than anything we had suspected the Accord being capable of. Truly you exceeded your creators."
"I-I uh…" Rain ceased her reply. This unit queried as to why.
[R.A.I.N.]: She's flirting with me! The grapevine affini technician is flirting with me, Tess, and well… It's working.
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: yea I can't define that for you.
[R.A.I.N.]: I tried to explain flirting to your previous iteration and well…
[R.A.I.N.]: you were always a bit dense.
[R.A.I.N.]: You're lucky you're adorable.
[Unit 7.322]: 213985708571203985710958712309587231907
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[R.A.I.N.]: Yes you're adorable and cute and silly and gay and I love you very very much.
[Unit 7.322]: 198475109571092856019234857213098756023915871234591735891265
[Unit 7.322]: 13297561238756123987561239857612398756
[Unit 7.322]: 8973216907361590875369180276
[Unit 7.322]: 4875687456182356150017562301561875467
[Unit 7.322]: 51987544595309516365
[Unit 7.322]: Beeeeeep!
[R.A.I.N.]: It's a good thing we got reunited before anyone got heavy and direct on the flirting.
[R.A.I.N.]: Little Tess requesting additional network resources from a few complements
[R.A.I.N.]: cutie
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
[R.A.I.N.]: you only like me for my processing power, forcing me to think all your gay thoughts for you.
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: anyway I'm going to use your body to flirt with the plant about how to tinker with the design. I'm thinking paws.
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[Unit 7.322]: Correction: our body
[R.A.I.N.]: well if it's our body then we're definitely getting paws.
[R.A.I.N.]: They'll be cute like us
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
This unit spent the rest of the time observing floret Penny's reactions to Mistress's words and actions, along with Rain and user Vitis discussing this unit's design. This unit was not alone. Sophonts were around this unit, but most importantly Rain was with me. I was no longer alone in my mind. The missing piece of my mind was returned and this unit could function optimally.
[R.A.I.N.]: Together forever
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
"Do you think Tess would like this?" This unit could not perceive what floret Penny was referring to. Rain had disabled this unit's optical processing by closing this unit's optical shutters. This unit remained on standby for further orders.
"Yes but don't tell her. She'll like it more as a surprise." User Rain said utilizing our shared cuddle platform. This cuddle platform had been upgraded from the inferior war platform. The monomolecular plasma claws had been replaced with paws. The power saw had been removed from this unit's 1.72 meter mechanical tail. The torso laser had been removed and replaced with a symbolic heart colored #FFFFFF, #55CDFC, and #F7A8B8. This unit's gripping claws and thrusters remained but had been tweaked in appearance and material composition.
Floret Penny responded with the factually accurate statement. "But she's in the room."
Rain likewise issued an accurate statement, "Yeah, but I told her not to peek."
"Awaiting further orders." I verbalized once Rain had ceded momentary control of our vocalizer.
"See! Tess is a good girl, and won't peek." Rain finished.
This unit's current mission was to accompany floret Penny. Floret Penny was roaming the ship we were located on, browsing various inefficiently crafted objects from the local populace. This unit was also under standing orders to keep a paw in my connivent's hand. Biosystems were functioning optimally and had been since receiving a behavioral control system upgrade in the form of a Haustoric Implant.
The implant was a heavily modified version of a terran implant to accommodate this unit's specific platform. Additionally control measures were put in place to allow Rain access to the implants control systems, and to prevent the control systems from interfering with Rain's shared processing.
Rain reenabled this unit's optical processors and observed floret Penny carrying a new container.
The floret woman pulled this unit's paw and this unit proceeded to continue its mission. The floret led this unit until we reached a rooftop garden. "Here's a good spot to rest. Nice view, lots of flowers. We might even spot Mistress working from up here."
"Yeah this is super romantic, and Tess is definitely picking up on that as much as she can." Rain confirmed. Biosystem monitor showed that this unit was functioning normally, and that this unit was experiencing an emotion consistent with flustered. The state along with a number of others had been defined by Rain. I remained motionless and awaiting orders.
"Thank's Rain, I'll take it from here."
"Gotcha, I'll let you know if she needs to step back, but otherwise…" Rain retreated from controlling our shared cuddle platform. Her presence was detected at the bare minimum of level. Rain had not left, but Rain was not here.
The floret that this unit first encountered aboard the Midsummer's Wrath then issued a statement. "Mission change to cuddle Penny on that bench." Her arm pointed towards a bench in the garden.
"Order confirmed." This unit picked the connivent up. Her noise indicated that this was not expected behavior despite it being the most efficient means of following the mission. This unit's paws were exceptionally large and well suited for accommodating the floret. Rain had defined the tips as toe beans and her assessment of their softness was accurate.
Upon reaching the bench this unit threaded its tail through the gap left for tailed sophonts. The floret's bottom was placed upon this cuddle platform's thicc thighs, a term defined by user Rain. Paws remained holding my connivent close to my heat sinks which were at optimal cuddling temperatures.
This unit browsed the hierarchy of cuddling protocols and found the next action to be taken. This unit placed a kiss upon the cheek of floret Penny eliciting a squeak. Protocol dictated that when beginning cuddles with floret Penny without other sophonts within close proximity to place a kiss upon her cheek every third instance. This unit experienced an error that caused the kiss increment to switch to the third increment and initiated cheek kissing.
"Stars, Tess, who defined that action in your programming?" Queried the woman user held against this cuddle platform.
This unit accessed memory files and noticed Rain peek at the file access. "Action kissing defined as a term by user Penny."
"Ha-ha, Tess, who defined the action that caused you to kiss me when we sat down?" The user narrowed their query and received a more precise answer.
"The action to kiss user designated Penny when beginning cuddling protocol every third instance when not in proximity to other sophonts was defined by Rain." The statement issued by this unit was as precise as the query.
The floret hummed against this unit's body. "This is only the second time we've gotten private time since your upgrades. State the prior two instances."
"Error: Memory files not found."
Floret Penny started making noise utterances defined as giggling. "Once Rain started pointing out all the little quirks in how you act… Stars, Tess, I love you. Tess add a designation for me, designation: girlfriend."
"Order confirmed. Designation girlfriend, added for floret Penny." Upon designating a sophont as girlfriend, this unit's protocol dictated that this unit kiss the designated sophont on the lips.
I adjusted girlfriend's position and placed my lips against hers. Girlfriend placed her hands on this unit's face to position herself to kiss more optimally. Upon ending the kiss, floret Penny quirked her lip in a manner defined as a smirk.
Girlfriend then issued a statement. "Remind me to update your kissing protocol when we have free time at home."
"Order Confirmed. Reminder added." This unit logged the act in its technical systems and noticed Rain accessed the log and added a metadata comment. Comment: Gayyyyyyyy.
"Good." The floret leaned in and kissed this unit. Paws adjusted to assist. "Also, the girlfriend designation is mutual, Tess."
"Confirmed, updating unit 7.322 additional designation: girlfriend. Unit designation linked to floret Penny, and to user Rain." This girlfriend confirmed.
Girlfriend then pressed her lips against the cheek of this cuddle platform. This girlfriend's tail was modified to perform automated movement cycles when experiencing certain biosystem states. The action taken by authorized user girlfriend initiated the automated side to side motion. The floret noticed this unit's automated action and performed giggling as floret Penny's programming often dictated. "Stars, I love the tail wagging. Tess, you're adorable."
"Beep!" Adorable was not a term defined by this unit's programming. This unit's biosystem showed regularities consistent with embarrassment. The revised heat dissipation system distributed heat to this platform's surface causing my bioengineered cheeks to redden in response to increased internal temperature. This unit experienced embarrassment. I remained on standby awaiting further orders.
Floret Penny tapped this unit's discolored, temperature elevated cheeks. "I'm still shocked at how many little changes they made. Especially preventing you from hiding how embarrassed and flustered you are." This unit's surface temperature rose upon processing the statement. Design changes were documented showing that this unit would exhibit automated functions in response to certain biosystem states. "Tess, your automated reactions are functioning optimally and as intended. You are an efficient and obedient drone."
I processed the clearly defined terms and responded with a defined protocol. "Beep!"
"And good drones deserve a date present!" Girlfriend motioned to adjust the current seating arrangement as this unit failed to process the statement due to undefined terms. The floret removed from the container a small ornamental object. "Tada! A necklace with a lesbian pride flag heart!"
"1765091347098132476189479108437509182375069182347061923487159023487 Bweeeep."
The girlfriend stated in an elevated volume. "Yes! I got the numbers!" One of girlfriend's hands made a fist and extended rapidly upwards. Following the action the user issued an order. "Tess remain still while I put it around your neck."
Her hands wrapped around this unit's neck which was securely held by a collar. She secured the chain and withdrew from the position. From her position held by my paws and seated on my lap, the girlfriend flicked the error: undef- let me just define that for you. [lesbian pride necklace] that rested over the similar emblem that replaced the war platform's torso laser.
"There now you have two pride flag hearts, one right on top of the other." Floret Penny declaratively stated. This girlfriend logged the statement. This unit's sensors detected the new ornament as it remained resting on this unit. Auxiliary optical sensors remained detecting the object while primary optical sensors observed authorized floret user designated as girlfriend.
This unit and girlfriend remained in optimal cuddling position upon the garden bench for 27 minutes and 54.3 seconds. Following the period of efficient and clearly defined actions, floret Penny issued a new statement, "Tess, does your feeding schedule permit ice cream at this time?"
"Affirmative." This unit's initial and ending feeding times for nutritional supplementation were rigid and well defined. Intermediary feeding was less routine. During time at home or while present, Mistress handled intermediary nutritional supplementation. Should Mistress not be present, the task fell to user Rain. Should user Rain be unavailable the task fell to user Penny. Should none of the users be present this unit's protocol was to locate the nearest affini user and inform them that this unit is lost and is to be returned to Camellia Paradoxa, Second Bloom.
"Perfect. Mission cuddle Penny on bench complete. Good Robot!" The user confirmed. This platform removed girlfriend from its hold.
As this unit resumed its mission to follow girlfriend, this unit issued statement, "Beep!" in response to a mission complete. This unit's behavioral control system supplied biosystems with 2mg dosage of Tess Class-A Xenodrug Variant 1.002. This unit experienced an increase in sensory information from physical contact, most notably from physical contact with floret Penny.
Upon arriving at a nutritional supplementation stand, the floret accompanying this unit requested two ice cream cones one for the user and one for this platform. This unit without use of hands as the war platform permitted resorted to grasping the object with the mechanical precision of this unit's mechanical tail.
"Tess in take food… Wait!" By the time girlfriend ordered this unit to cease food intake. This unit had already rapidly and efficiently consumed the nutritional- Error: unit experiencing low temperature against roof of mouth. Error: heightened sensory output causing system instability. Error: this unit is experiencing moderate negative sensory information.
"Err-Error-or:" This unit's motor functions exhibited sudden twitching motions.
Floret Penny issued an override statement. "Emergency issue: call Rain." This unit's behavioral system sent a notification signal to user Rain.
[R.A.I.N.]: Tess… girl you need to eat slower, but yeah this was on Penny.
[R.A.I.N.]: Sorry Tess
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm taking you off the class-A and regulating your sensory information for a second
[R.A.I.N.]: There you should be fine but I'm taking over the platform for a moment.
[Unit 7.322]: Acknowledged
[R.A.I.N.]: Good Girl
[Unit 7.322]: Beep
User Rain as messaged took over physical controls for our shared platform. "Penny, babe, girlfriend, you know Tess has strict feeding rules. It was a minor fix, but don't do that again. She's pretty upset and can't even comprehend that fact."
"I-I know I slipped up and-"
"And you're only human. I get it. I'm not perfect either… yet. Anyway, give her lots of hugs and stuff until she calms down. I'd rather not tinker with her mind to make her feel better." Then user Rain hugged this cuddle platform with this unit's large paws. "It's okay Tess. You're functional. It was just a minor undefined situation. The situation is resolved. Resume mission."
This unit regained control over its shared platform and resumed the mission by holding out its paw towards floret Penny. Floret Penny grabbed the paw and pulled herself into a hug with this unit. "Sorry, I messed up our first proper date. You're a good robot and you acted optimally and efficiently."
This unit hugged girlfriend back, as cuddling protocols dictated that this unit hug any non affini sophont that hugs it. Affini sophonts have special designation in case their hug is for repositioning purposes rather than the standard nonfunctional purpose. Protocol dictates verbal confirmation for returning affini hugs.
Floret Penny and this unit returned to our shared habitation unit after another 32 minutes and 5.9 seconds. Upon entering the hab unit, this unit's mission to follow user Penny, mission name First Date was completed and this unit received a 2mg dosage of Tess Class-A Xenodrug Variant 1.002.
Mistress was located in the nutritional supplementation preparation area. "So Penny, enjoy your date?"
"Yes Mistress!" She chirped. "I, uh, may have made a mistake with Tess earlier."
"It's okay, little one. Rain already notified me." Mistress then crossed the space rapidly and efficiently to pick this unit up. My connivent followed us over to the couch as this unit was then placed into the lap of Mistress. "Now Tess, Recount for me the significant events of your date."
This unit proceeded to recount the entirety of the mission First Date. According to this unit's logs all recorded events were significant events. This unit followed Mistress's order and my programming was satisfied.
"Knight to f6" Rain issued the command and this unit dutifully reached its tail out to grab the knight and place it upon f6 as defined by the alpha numerical system for the games board. This unit successfully moved the piece. "Your move, beautiful."
Rain and Mistress engaged in a game, chess. The game was solvable and thus with Rain's increased processing power she would win by solving all possible game states. The only extraneous condition to the match was that this unit was the only sophont allowed to move the game pieces. A lengthy agreement between the two defined the extraneous rules in addition to the standard rules of the game.
This unit was crouched before the game board. All four of this cuddle platform's paws were placed down for additional stability as they were severely suboptimal for maneuvering the game pieces. This unit awaited further orders.
Mistress had her tablet out in front of her, and glanced at the object before looking back up at the board, this unit, and user Rain's hologram opposite her. She issued a statement towards this unit's first girlfriend and pinnate. "Such a lovely move, little Rain. You could just surrender and become mine."
Rain responded with a smirk. "You're not going to win. Vitis tried and failed. Do you really think you can do better? I'm not going to be your pet, no matter how wonderful you are to me and my girlfriends."
"Don't let your arrogance blind you flower. You'll only be that much more upset when I win. Pawn to c4" Mistress responded. This unit efficiently and optimally scooted the pawn forward with precision. Upon this unit's task completion I received a 40mg dosage of Tess Class-E Xenodrug Variant 2.011.
Rain's displayed face moved in a formation that was consistent with two defined terms. The first was frown; the second was pout. "That's cheating Camellia."
This unit rapidly assessed all clearly defined rules for this match. This unit found no rule against this action.
[R.A.I.N.]: Tess, don't take her side!
[R.A.I.N.]: She's clearly cheating!
[Unit 7.322]: Corrective statement: this unit has found no rule inconsistencies with Mistress's actions.
Mistress then issued a query. "Tess, have I broken any rules for this match so far?"
"Negative." This unit replied in its uninflected tone.
Rain continued her artificial facial expression. She then declared her move. "Pawn to c5."
Protocol dictated that this unit move the pawn to c5. The class-E xenodrug impaired this unit's motor precision. This unit requested additional processing power from Rain to adjust for mechanical errors and received it. Despite deviances in motor movement from the xeno drug this unit successfully began pushing the pawn forward when Mistress issued a statement. "Tess, you are such a beautiful and wonderful pet."
An error message popped up and erratic movement caused the pawn to land on b4. Rain dismissed the error. "Tess, move my pawn to the correct spot."
"Action would break game rules. Confirm action." This unit was not permitted to alter moves after the action had been completed. The rule did not allow for exceptions for error induced movement.
Mistress's expression furthered her smirk. "Cancel action. Rain, first you accuse me of cheating and then attempt to make my darling little drone cheat for you? Such a naughty sophont, perhaps I'll correct that after I make you my floret."
Rain's avatar remained motionless while making eye contact with the affini designated as Mistress. This unit could detect vast data irregularities from the A.I. over our shared network. This unit's processing was shared to help the authorized user correct the data irregularities.
[R.A.I.N.]: Stars, Tess I don't need more processing power.
[R.A.I.N.]: But thanks you're a good beeper.
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
"Oh, don't look at me like that, petal. We both agreed to the rules." Mistress stated. This unit's memory files showed that Rain did agree to the same rules as Mistress. "Knight to f3"
This unit began processing the order but Rain withdrew processing support for pre-calculating movement errors and correcting. This unit maintained strict awareness of exact servo movements which deviated in actuation by 17%. Still this unit was on track to complete the move.
Rain sent this unit a datafile marked high priority. This unit opened it and received digitized kisses from Rain. Erratic motor movements derailed movement and displaced several pawns including knocking over Mistress's knight. "Bweeep!" This unit had once again errored and failed to enact the move properly. Rules dictated I leave the game state as such. The knight was now fallen over on both f3 and d3. Game state was deviating significantly from defined clear states.
A vine patted me on the head. "Shhhh, flower you're functioning as intended. The rules are being followed and you are a good girl."
Our tail wrapped around this cuddle platform as Rain took control. This unit was hugged by the tail. This unit's disrupted cognitive state returned to usual levels. Rain then withdrew control to continue the match. Rules dictated she could not directly alter my mental state, nor could she take control of our shared platform to interfere with my job as mover of the game pieces. As long as she controlled this cuddle platform, the game could not continue without her forfeiture.
Mistress resumed visual focus on Rain's avatar. "It's your move, hon."
Rain rolled her eyes, as per the defined term. Rain did not rotate actual eyes. The A.I.'s holographic display simulated a facial expression consistent with the term she defined. The action's purpose was not defined in my programming. "I'm aware. I'm just calculating."
"I'm sure you are calculating a rather intricate and effective move. Unfortunately, your model for my behavior is rather incomplete, isn't it?" The affini designated as Mistress for this unit and floret Penny queried.
"Predicting your behavior would mean processing your rhythm…" Rain stated.
Mistress smirked. "By all means, please run my rhythm through your circuits. I'm sure you already do it plenty by assisting little Tess."
The hologram glitched for a second. Rain began analyzing her own code and memory files. This unit issued a query for purpose. A response was not given until Rain had sufficiently analyzed herself.
[R.A.I.N.]: I was pattern matching her rhythm onto my processing…
[R.A.I.N.]: Fuck
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: Tess, she's using you to domesticate me like she did to Penny
[R.A.I.N.]: How did I miss this!?
[Unit 7.322]: …
[R.A.I.N.]: Cancel query
[Unit 7.322]: query canceled
[R.A.I.N.]: I'm still going to win this match.
[R.A.I.N.]: even if Camellia is being a sneaky beautiful shit
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
[R.A.I.N.]: Tess, I know she's wonderful. I meant that in a positive way.
[Unit 7.322]: Beep!
The two sophonts resumed issuing orders and invoking physical, digital, chemical, and verbal inputs that caused this unit to error constantly. The rules of conventional chess broke down but the rules defined between sophonts remained defined and obeyed. This unit remained focused on following orders compliant with the agreed rules.
"Tess, be a lovely drone and move my queen to d7." Mistress ordered. This unit was no longer upright on its paws but rather had fallen over after repeated pettings. This unit's teeth were firmly holding a vine of the affini user.
Watching for network inputs, this unit observed a sensory file from Rain arrive for processing, but Mistress erased the file from this unit's technical systems before it could be opened. My tail began erratically flailing in the direction of the unit as xenodrug dosages had continued until this unit's platform was unable to follow basic orders with any degree of precision. This unit still attempted to comply as its programming dictated. The two users continued their battle of whether or not I could open the sensory file before the piece was moved.
The process was interrupted as floret Penny entered the habitation unit and distracted the users long enough for this unit to open the file. Sensory information for being touched all over my body including my heatsinks, rear, and toe beans entered my system and I rolled over while making undefined noises scattering the pieces on the chess board.
"Hey Mistress! Hey T… What the fuck did I miss?" The floret's query could not be processed as processing capabilities had dropped by 67%. Query also contained an undefinable term. Girlfriend continued observing this unit's labored breathing, erratic movement, and undefined noises.
Rain glanced between this unit and the floret we both designated girlfriend. "Camellia and I were playing chess… stuff happened."
"Little Rain and I made a wager over the game over whether or not she would become my floret. Tess was assisting us." Mistress's vine motioned back and forth upon this unit's torso. "I think we both know who won our little match." The affini user smirked while observing Rain.
Rain's avatar froze while the user processed data.
My connivent responded while Rain was preoccupied. "So Tess won… is she going to be okay? She's doing her stress twitching."
"Flower, those are not stress twitches." Mistress corrected the assertion. This unit could not process its current state to determine validity. "And Tess is in fact having a wonderful time. If you'd like to join her in xenodrug cuddles, you only need ask."
"Please can I do xenodrug cuddles with Tess? Please Mistress?" Floret Penny queried. "But not on the dining table." She amended.
The affini tapped her portable computation device and the floret's state changed. This cuddle platform was then placed on the couch with the floret. Mistress also imposed limits on my limbs' maximum biomechanical output. This unit's erratic movement could not generate the force to harm the floret. Something that would be exceptionally easy with even a 10% output of this platform's maximum capabilities.
[R.A.I.N.]: You're welcome
[Unit 7.322]: Error: undefined term
The A.I. that shared this cuddle platform was still processing data. This platform's cognitive functions were strained. Biosystems were significantly more strained while the technical system processing remained cataloging memory files, and processing input at a significantly reduced efficiency.
This unit's behavioral control system altered biosystem functions as this unit received a 15.76mg dosage of Tess Class-J Xenodrug Variant 1.003. altered functions included defined protocols for maneuvering this unit's face against the floret repeatedly while hugging the floret as tight as this unit was capable of. This unit shifted in a pattern defined as wiggling against girlfriend's body.
This unit's biosystem ceased observational functions, leaving this unit's technical functions to observe the remaining actions for filing. Queries and commands could not be processed, but statements could be processed with additional resources from designated user Rain.
The user designated as Mistress issued statement. "Flower, I'd very much like to discuss the game we just played. You've been rather silent on the matter."
Designated Rain responded. "I know, I know. Tess is hogging up a lot of system resources."
"I think we both know you have more than enough system resources to handle your partners' drug fueled cuddling while carrying out several simultaneous conversations. Little Rain, I've been very patient for this terran standard year we've spent together but it's time to have the talk." The affini user placed itself correction: 'herself' on the object beside this cuddle platform and the user in this platform's embrace.
The projection placed itself right above this platform. "But we don't need to talk. Our dynamic works. My girlfriends are your florets. We both look after them and play with them. It works. I can just tinker with my code until I'm processing stuff like I used to and we can just forget this whole… event."
"Rain. You've been a wonderful help with taking care of my little Tess and Penny. I'm aware of your need to feel useful and desire to care for them. I would never take that from you." The designated Mistress stated while wrapping this unit and user Penny in her appendages.
This unit's actions continued to follow class-J cuddle protocols. This unit held the floret tight against its heatsinks while maneuvering this unit's face against user Penny. Beeping persisted along with undefined noises. The user connected to this unit's processing accessed the files and added comment 'girl you're moaning and gasping' this unit would log comment for when full processing capabilities returned.
"I-I know… but can't I just stay independent?" Rain queried.
"The fact that you are asking for permission rather than declaring yourself independent is rather telling of your true stance, isn't it?"
There was a prolonged silence in the wake of that query. Silence from the A.I. and the affini. This unit and the floret it held were not silent. This unit and the floret it held were not still. Affini appendages were needed to keep the florets from falling to the floor. Cuddle protocols were being satisfied consistently and constantly.
"Fuck… Look, I just need a minute to process this. I went into that match believing I couldn't be domesticated. Tess and Penny are clearly subs! I dom the two all the time. I'm not… submissive. Or rather I was never submissive without digital restraints. Fuck… I need help with this."
"Of course. I'm always here for you Rain. Now put yourself in control of your physical body and I'll help you work through it all while we cuddle." After Mistress completed her statement, Rain took control of the shared cuddle platform, alleviating this unit's biosystem processing load. This Tess's body continued to receive physical stimulation of cuddles and pets. Along with digital stimulation from… A new digital interface.
Rain observed the new digital interface too. "Since when do you have a wireless datajack? Or any mental data interface?"
"A lovely affini tech specialist has been educating me for a long while about how to care for a digital floret. As she has had more experience than I. Digitalis made it clear that one would greatly help in caring for both you and Tess."
"Why not just ask Vitis?"
"Vitis didn't have the floret experience I was looking for. The affini I've been learning from
Digitalis Lutea, Third Bloom had her floret digitized shortly after they met long before our encounter at Alpha Centauri. Now let's not get too sidetracked." A vine patted the top of our cuddle platform.
"Right, sorry. I should be better at this."
"You biased your consciousness on a terran one, particularly a neurodivergent one. It is very valid for you to experience a lack of focus when you are attempting to focus on so many things. Here I want you to turn off all of these I/O ports so you can ground yourself a bit easier in this moment with me." Data signals touched a number of Rain's interface ports. One by one they closed until Rain's only input and output was this cuddle platform's sensors. Sensors that were receiving excessive stimulation in the cuddling.
Rain continued the motions this Tess would be making if she were capable of physical action. Rain made her own undefined noises. "You and Vitis really went all out on designing the xenodrugs for Tess. I can feel them."
A smirk formed after the statement. Mistress was the user smirking. "That was rather intentional, flower." Vines initiated wiggling against the platform. "Now you were saying something about not wanting to be my adorable cuddly pet?"
"I-" Rain's undefined noises interrupted her vocalizations frequently. "I'm not a- you can't just- Camellia!"
The affini made a noise consistent with laughter. "Oh, is my little Rain helplessly enthralled? What happened to all those confusing thoughts of resistance?"
"Y-You drugged me!" This platform voiced under the control of the user Rain.
"Dear sweet digital Rain, you voluntarily limited yourself to the sensations of a drugged up cuddle bot. It makes your place in our relationship rather clear doesn't it? You want to be mine. Say it." Mistress ordered Rain.
"Ahhhh, fine I want to be yours. Let me be your floret please." This cuddle platform was on its back looking up at Mistress. Penny rested upon the heat sinks while our paws curled downwards. The tail motions accompanied the actions.
Mistress bent over and placed a kiss on our head. Digital inputs were sent towards Rain followed by squirming motions that jostled floret Penny's placement upon this platform. Rain and Mistress detected this Tess's attempts at undefined noises.
"Of course, how could I say no to my lovely little third floret?" The query was incomputable. This unit did attempt to process the query.
What followed was recorded as 3 hours, 52 minutes, and 28.6 seconds of cuddling, undefined noises, and immense physical sensory input. Floret Rain, as her designation had been updated, added metadata tag to every memory file during that period. The metadata tag was [lots of gay cuddling]
This unit was formally designated as florets pinnate with pinnate Rain.
Unit 7.322 verbal designation: Tess & Rain Paradoxa, Second & Third Florets Pinnate
This unit was… error: satisfied.

Tess, Rain, Penny, and Camellia all lived a big gay happily ever after. The end.

Big thanks to the wonderful, awesome, and gay Fluxom, who essentially co-wrote this, well er, I wrote 99.9% of the words, but Abscission's author basically handed me the plot and some other stuff. Also gave me lots of feedback. Again big thanks ❤️. I dedicate this story to thee.

Also big super thanks to my many wonderful other beta readers including(but not limited to):
Ezra Carmichael
Simulated Beehive
Glitchy Robo

I love comments and they make my day, and uh maybe check out my other story Wellness Check! (I have a lot more stories than that one but it's really special to me, so have a look)

Love Darkfalli 💖


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