Wellness Check

Chapter 11 - Brain Hack

by Darkfalli

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A whole chapter dedicated to kink stuff, Aster's special interest in tech, and backstory! I hope you enjoy!

"Wow, that's huge!" I gazed upon its magnificence.
Mistress smiled. We had talked about this and I did ask for this, but it was more than I imagined. It was so planty and with wood. I glanced between her face and the gift. Mistress was towering over me as we stood in the computer room. "Would you like to try it out?"
It was my new supercomputer. The one I was going to use to do so many crimes with. My new computer was as tall as Mistress and at first glance appeared to be an alien willow tree grown into the floor. Vines were hanging off of it connecting to various peripherals and to other parts of the computer. I really wished I was smart enough to understand how any of it actually worked. The problem was, while the affini had a lot of technical standards, they also liked to have everything custom built. There was only one computer like this in the whole universe, and Mistress grew it just for me.
"Yes please! Can you pretty please show me how it works and stuff?" I begged asked with pleading normal eyes.
"Perhaps, but I'm not sure. I have so many other things to do right now." Mistress was being evil. I knew she didn't have other stuff going on. I could feel that I was supposed to beg relentlessly. The affini was a bully of the highest caliber.
Hmmm, how to ask without begging… I couldn't ask her again without it coming off as begging and that'd be losing. The aquarium date Nora helped me plan would be ruined if I gave in now. I needed to get her to do it without it being a favor to me. Hmmm.
I needed to be doing Digi a favor. How to phrase this… "Uh, so like I'd totally accept your help and stuff since I know you don't want me getting caught with my big hacks." Okay that wasn't perfect, but it wasn't begging!
"You're very right, little one. I should take away your computer privileges. After all, I still need to finish the paperwork from your last attempt at hacking." Mistress was sooo evil. S-She couldn't take away my computer access.
"B-but I'm an independent sophont, you can't take away my computer access!" I whined.
A vine of hers came around and tapped the back of my neck. Mistress touched me right on that small scar causing me to squirm. "I think you misunderstand our relationship, my little independent sophont. I can do whatever I wish to you and no one will stop me."
I turned to my girlfriend who was very obviously trying to hide how funny she… Wait, was she getting turned on? Gah, my silly maid girlfriend needed to help me, not get off on this! "N-Nora. Mistress is bullying me!"
"Aww, is my silly little princess getting bullied? Maybe we should play together since you don't have computer privileges anymore." Why did she always take her owner's side? It wasn't fair. She was a bully too.
I decided to go get on my computer anyway. I didn't need permission. Hacker's take what they want. I trudged over, but halfway there I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't get closer to the computer if I tried. I could back up but then my body refused to go forwards again. I tried each of my three computers and my body refused to approach a single one.
"My beautiful rebellious little flower. You aren't allowed to use those right now. We're going to have some enriching playtime and then, if you are a very good girl, I might allow you to use your computer." Digi had me really butt hurt until she mentioned being a good girl. I was a good girl and I definitely could show that off.
The beautiful voice of my affini then said something that made my brain all warm and fuzzy. "Puppy it's time to play~" Nora was hopping up and down excitedly and then ran to grab something.
I just plopped down on the ground and waited until Mistress finally dressed me in my normal clothes. Somehow, I had overlooked the incorrect clothes she put on me that morning. She'd never done that before… My brain was too fuzzy to think about it. Mistress dressed me really fast and leaving me in my normal everyday clothes. My head felt a little more clear once I was in the right clothes.
My girlfriend eagerly and playfully asked a very strange question. "Well my silly little princess, how do you like your outfit?"
I looked down and saw my usual clothes. The little fake soft black paw things covered the ends of my hands and knees. A tail came out of my butt. I wore my necklace too. My headband even had the familiar ear bits. It was my normal outfit. The same one Mistress put on me every morning. Nora flicked my exposed nipple.
"N-Nora stahp… Also, you know I like my dresses… Wait is this another hyp-" I saw it, the thing. Nora had it in hand and waved it in front of me. My tail wagged a lot.
She tossed it with the word fetch and I scrambled after it as fast as my paws could carry me. Unfortunately, I was clumsy from the drugs and my tits were wiggling around more than normal. I fell over a few times attempting to get the thing.
I sank my fangs in hearing that squeak of accomplishment while my nipples rubbed against the soft carpet. My tail went wild. I didn't remember my tail ever going wild before. When di- I made my merry way right up to my owner's maid and set the thing down like a good girl and waited excitedly.
Nora threw it again a few times and then my owner threw it. I was happily and clumsily plodding along the whole time. I really loved this game. I loved these beautiful beings in my life.
My owner said an affini thing and I sat. Another word and I raised my front paws and barked. "What a good obedient pet you are~" She cooed. "Such a good girl~" I got lots of pets and belly rubs. I was the goodest most bestest girl ever!
We finally took a break from play for lunch. My owner filled up my bowl extra high because I was a very good girl who deserved it. I knew I was a good girl because my bowl said it. I maybe whimpered a little when my owner told me she wasn't feeding me by hand today, but she gave me food I didn't need utensils for, or even paws!
Even with my good girl bowl full of food, I waited to eat. My mouth filled with saliva, but it wasn't food time just yet. I really hoped it'd be food time soon. My owner loomed over me while she sat at the table feeding her maid. I got extra excited every time her eyes flickered to me hoping that it was food time.
My owner then made a specific noise and that meant food time! I chowed down happily wagging my tail the whole time. A loud giggling filled the air that made me even more extra happy.
Afterwards, my owner had to clean up my mess, because I was very messy when my owner didn't hand feed me.
"Well my little Aster, aren't you a very good girl. You've had enough play so wake up my little puppy~" Mistress told me. She was right. I was pretty tired from playing, and I was most certainly a good girl. "Aster, since you were so good I'm giving you your computer privileges back."
My tail started thwapping the floor. "I-I don't need your permission. I'm an adorable independent sophont."
Mistress looked like she was expecting I'd say that. "I see, then by all means go have your fun." Nora had a look that told me something was still going on. Well, even if it was, I had computer permissions and I wanted to try out my new computer… Hmm, I never did get her to agree to helping me. Oh well, I'd just figure it out on my own because I'm very smart.
I walked back to the computer room with Nora and Digitalis following me the whole way. My girlfriend looked super amused. I awkwardly had to climb up into my chair. I remembered it being easier before, but my paws made it kinda hard. I then realized I needed to move it all the way over to the new system which had to be further away because it was big.
"Nora, can you help me scoot the chair over to my new computer?" For some reason I couldn't do it. My back paws weren't reaching the floor.
Instead, Mistress picked us both up and placed us on her lap in front of the new system. She was nice enough to have given it the same peripherals I was used to: a keyboard and mouse. I probably couldn't get the full use out of the thing until my implant was done.
I looked at the off computer with no power button. I tapped the keyboard and nothing happened. "How do I turn this on?"
Mistress tapped the screen and the whole system came to life… I mean it was plant-tech so it was already alive, but still. A message popped up on screen as it booted up. The booting up being entirely performative and for my satisfaction. Hello my beloved intelligent little flower! This system is far more complex than your old one, but don't worry petal I'll show you how it works. I love you very much Aster. Love Digitalis Lutea, Third Bloom 💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
I was giggling, which wasn't very common. That was a funny call back to the other system across the room. I looked up at her. "I love you too Mistress!" I could see it in her green and gold eyes that she felt the same way.
"So you see those heart emojis, those mean she's flir-" Nora began before I cut her off.
"I got this one, but thank you! Bities?" I saw exposed girlfriend skin that she revealed for me before the word finished leaving my mouth. "Nom." She got squirmy.
The basic UI was identical to my last plantech computer, but with a whole lot more application icons. Still, I'd figure this out even if Mistress didn't show me. Her message promised but she seemed to be waiting on me to do something.
I placed my paw on the mouse and noticed it was hard to click. Also, the mouse didn't fit right in my paw. The mouse looked normal… I tried to use the keyboard instead, but my paws kept booping a ton of keys. They didn't normally do that. I turned to Nora and Mistress who were watching me with sinister delight. "Did one of you do something to my keyboard? I can't type anymore."
Mistress looked down on me. "Nothing was done to your keyboard or mouse, little one." The mastermind look was there. She was being devious.
If the problem didn't lie with the hardware then it had to lie with me. I inspected my shiny black paws with the cute little toe beans that had been slipped over my hands. There was nothing off about them. I wore this outfit every day when using my other computers.
I delicately attempted to boop the letter H on my keyboard. Maybe they did something to my movements. I was definitely clumsier than I had been before the class-E, but that's why I had slightly bigger keys on my keyboard than I used to. My paw still accidently keysmashed my keyboard.
Whatever they did to me was deep. Maybe it was the implant making her stuff better… That had to be it. She was taking control of me to make me boop the keyboard without realizing it.
I looked up at Mistress Digitalis. "Can you undo whatever you did to me? I can't figure out how to type and do stuff like normal."
"Say the magic words, my beloved intelligent needy little flower." Mistress threw the word needy in there to be extra mean. She wanted me to beg… Gah!!! This was just like earlier. I'd show her who was needy when I wooed her on the date.
My paw booped Mistress on the face. "Just so this is really really clear, this isn't me like submitting or being a pet or floret or whatever." I really needed to make that clear. Aster didn't submit. She was a good girl like that.
"Of course." Her little smile was evil, but I'd take the words at face value. Nora had retreated out of her physical platform.
I closed my eyes, squished my cheeks with my toe beans and got into character. If I was roleplaying then it definitely wasn't submitting. A whimpering noise came from my mouth. "P-Please Mistress, can you fix me? I want to do computer stuff. Pleeeease!" I lowered myself on her lap, my tail tucked between my legs. "I really really want you to fix me and show me how to use my new computer. I'll be a really good girl. I promise. Please please please please. I need you Mistress. Pretty please fix me. aster will be a good pet for Mistress. aster is a good girl. Pleeeeeease!"
Mistress placed a hand on my head and gave me affirmative head pats. My tail went wild. "Your begging could use a tiny bit of work, little one, but how could I say no to my adorable submissive pet aster~" She was just going along with the roleplay. Mistress definitely was just going along with my little act. We play acted all the time. This was normal and not me submitting.
"Little one, puppy play is over my little sophont~" Mistress's words made my brain warm and fuzzy again. Her vines were all over me as I got carried back to the room and changed into my normal daily outfit. My black cyber-flower companion dress.
My brain's fuzziness cleared up when she finished dressing me. I was carried back, where Nora's limp automaton cuddle body sat in our hover chair. I hope I didn't break my girlfriend with that act. I was really convincing with how much I sank into that role.
On my new computer's very large monitors my girlfriend appeared holding a picture frame and stared at it longingly… Oh no. Oh dirt. She did not frame a picture of me begging. "N-Nora, t-that's not what I think it is… i-is it?" I was scared. Oh crap, she was never going to let it go. Nora was the universe's second biggest bully. My cheeks got really red.
My girlfriend out did her previous grins. "Oh, you want to see my new most precious video of you?" Her hand turned the picture frame around and it was the video of me begging. She even turned on the audio so I could hear it.
I couldn't place why I looked off in the video, but the needy begging was too much. Gah!!! I-I was acting. It was all fake and not real. The video was too embarrassing and I needed it to stop. I needed it out of my head and gone forever. My body rocked back and forth a little while I flailed my arms tiny distances.
"M-Mistress, can you please wipe my memory?" She did it loads of time for this stuff. Yea, Mistress would fix it. She had to.
Her hand rested on my head, not to comfort but control. A shiver went down my spine. The predator was here. "No pet, you're keeping this one."
I whimpered.

I hopped around waving my hands. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! esjkfnhdsljfnsdkljfnskjfnakljfblakjgblkagbflkasdgbflakdsfgblakdfbglaksbgdfkasbfglkasbdfgkbsadlkjgfbasdlkjgblkdfsajblkjdgbaksdg"
What was I hopping around, verbally key smashing, and flapping my hands for? Implant technopathy and VR stuff time. My implant had grown enough for the technomancy and I was going to be the greatest tech-sorceress ever!
Mistress held up a VR visor. "Now little flower, I know you're excited to join Nora and I, but first I need to program in the processing for the remaining parts of your mind."
"Wait, you're going to download stuff into my brain like in the Matrix?" That sounded like the coolest thing ever, but I was confused what the visor was for.
"What's the Matrix?" Nora got glared at. How could she not know what the Matrix was?
"The greatest movie about tech stuff and cyberspace ever made! I saw it when I was eleven and it changed my life! I am the Aster I am today because of that movie."
Her eyes did that little twitch thing for when she was looking up the stuff I just mentioned. "Uh princess, that movie is like over five hundred years old. How did you find this?"
"I used to collect and preserve tons of ancient movies and shows. I've seen a lot of stuff from centuries ago. Like the OG stuff that they started recycling and making sequels and remakes of for centuries. You would not believe how much anime I managed to preserve. Thankfully, all the old stuff had super tiny file sizes and I had broken into like a lot of servers and stashed stuff. There was just something really fun about finding and making sure that copies would continue to exist. Doubly so when the corps were super into destroying the open archives to keep selling people the same stuff over and over…" My rambling ended once I realized it happened.
Mistress's rippling purple eye patterns bored into my soul. Her happiness and internal squeeing came off in waves radiating out from my neck.
My girlfriend then asked the best question ever. "Aster, do you want to watch ancient movies with me?"
I blinked. "STARS YES!!! But uh, not right now. I was about to get skills downloaded into my brain so I can do techy stuff."
Mistress took me into her vines, removed my glasses, and put on the VR headset. I saw very pretty swirls and pa-pat-ter-n-sssss…
"And you're all done~" Mistress's words pulled me back to focus on the world and stuff. I tried shifting about but she held me tight. "Little one, wait until you wake up more before you start moving."
"Uh… So can I do psychic tech magic now?" I heard a familiar giggle.
Mistress in her benevolentness placed a single pat atop my head. "I'm turning your access on in three little seconds. Three~ Two~ One~"
My body seized for a moment before relaxing. Gah!!! I could feel my connection to the hab unit and the local server, and the wireless connection to my computers. I knew how to use it all. My mind flickered in and looked through my terran system's directory, then shifted focus over to my affini system. I just mentally jumped around looking and feeling all the things with my new tech sense.
Then an unexpected sensation came from my tech sense. Two unexpected sensations. "Uh…" I focused on one and-
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: OMS Nora is that you?
[GhostExMachina]: Hello my beautiful silly princess~ 💖💖💖
The second one tickled a weird nonphysical data sense that had no physical analogue. It was weird… Also I liked it. It was the digital sense of a head pat or a hug. Thinking about my sixth sense was weird because there weren't words for it. I had to think in vibes and analogies.
[NetworkRoots]: How are you feeling, my beloved little flower?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Uh good.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: What was that?
[NetworkRoots]: A form of affection I give little Nora constantly.
[GhostExMachina]: Yea! There's a whole language of flirting and affection from just raw data inputs!
Nora did something and I uh, physically squirmed in Mistress's vines. I-It was a lot. Oh my stars was she trying to fuck me?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: N-Nora!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: I don't know what my comfort zone for this sense is yet
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Plz no digital touchy stuff
[GhostExMachina]: Sorry princess
[GhostExMachina]: I've just been waiting so long to share this part of me with you
[GhostExMachina]: There's sooo much to show you!!!
I got the mental sense that Mistress just forced Nora into submission. There was uh, weird stuff going on and I was trying to grok it all. I had all the knowledge on how to do tech sorcery, but none of the contextual understanding of what I was observing or doing.
[NetworkRoots]: I'm sorry little Aster
[NetworkRoots]: Nora is normally more well behaved
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: What just happened?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: She feels not responsive
[NetworkRoots]: I would demonstrate, but a certain cute little independent sophont wanted to not submit
[NetworkRoots]: But if you ask nicely I'll make a very good pet out of you~
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: n-n0 7h4nk y0u as;ldfkjaslfkjas
I peeked up at the predator and shivered. She wanted to play and I was arousingly terrified. I was small, a speck in the cosmos. The predator sent a little tickling bit of data into my brain and I whimpered. Oh stars, she was going to finally take me. Please Mistress.
Mistress was back a moment later. "Don't worry little one, I'm just teasing you." That sly smile, the absolute fiend! She got up and carried me to the bedroom. "It looks like my little Aster needs some new panties." Gah!!! Evil. Affini Evil.
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Bully!!!!!
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: You're a bully!
I could feel Nora doing the digital equivalent of rolling on the floor. My cheeks felt like they'd set off the fire suppression system. Gah! For one day, I'd like to not get bullied by these two.
I started to get the oddly semi-visual sense of the two of them standing in a large room. The more I focused on whatever this weird visualization was, the clearer I saw it. They were giving me little digital nudges towards something. It was on the server where Nora's ghost was.
Mistress sent the last little hint and I managed to switch off my ability to perceive out of my flesh and into whatever weird cyberspace they had. This was VR. Gah!!!! I was in virtual reality! I quickly switched back to fleshy senses and looked up at my affini before going back in.
The simulation was of some sort of old Victorian manor except it was huge. Nora was her familiar maid self but what surprised me was Mistress. Digi looked human but like as big as a small affini. Worse, she had a hunger in her blood red eyes and a fanged smile. Her pose held confidence and arrogance I'd never achieved with lady Aster.
"Welcome to my Manor my beloved little maid~" Mistress's gaze was dangerous. Way too dangerous.
My mind then processed the maid bit. My eyes glanced downwards and found a maid uniform matching Nora's. Oh OH. This was a roleplay.
"T-Thank you milady." I cast my eyes downward and did a quick bow. Upon rising, my hands straightened out my frilly white apron that was stretched over my bosom. My hair felt strange and an inspection showed that I had a long black braid ending in a hair tie with a few flowers on it. Thankfully, I still had my necklace on. I couldn't imagine not wearing it at this point. Something needed to be around my neck and I refused to wear a collar.
"Rise, and please call me Miss Talis." Her fangs were so sharp and that grin showed them off plenty. Her hand gestured to my girlfriend. "Now, your senior here will show you how we do things, and tonight I'll claim you as mine~" She licked her lips.
I nodded and constrained my shivering as I scurried to follow Nora who gestured for me to follow. My senior explained, "So I handle cooking, cleaning, drawing Miss Talis's baths, and serving her meals." She then gave me the most sincere and comforting smile I'd ever seen out of my girlfriend. "Don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to do everything."
"T-Thank you, uh…" I didn't know her title or name for this.
"First and head maid Nora Lutea, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance little Aster." She was only two inches taller than me! I'm not little. Nora laughed at my pouts.
She walked me through some stuff, but I was feeling really weird about this. It was like chores and uh… I didn't like them and was really bad at them. Nora seemed to cheerfully go about her business. There were occasional bits of data thrown my way that I was processing at the same time.
I tapped her on the shoulder and asked. "Uh, do you actually enjoy this?"
"Of course! I love being of service to Miss Talis! It's my calling, my existence. I'm hers and wouldn't have it any other way. To be devoted to and act in service of my loved ones is such a wonderful feeling…" Her blissful smile faded gently. We both knew this was very not me, and I was far too clumsy and didn't have the energy for this even in the digital space. "How about instead of helping me you go check on Miss Talis and see if she needs anything. She's in her study."
"O-Okay." I took the excuse and made my way through the manor. I made sure to feel around the simulation with my sixth sense. There were rules but like any program they could likely be modified if one was clever enough. I was tempted to play with the settings but Nora wouldn't have sent me to Digitalis unless something was going on.
I got lost and then decided to feel out the simulation to get a mental map. A literal mental map. Nora seemed to see what I was trying to do and then in the corner of my glasses a mini-map appeared.
I arrived in the fancy study where the giant vampiress was. She didn't even turn away from her documents. A digital feeling gave me the sense those were actually real digital documents she was working on… I peeked and found they were about my hacking stunts. Oh, I didn't realize I was actually causing her problems.
Before I could spiral down feeling like a burden to my Mistress, she turned to face me. "Welcome darling, you did a very good job today from what I've been told." It hadn't been that long… A shift occurred in the code of the simulation, very subtle, but it was suddenly night.
"Y-Ye-Yes, Mistr-Miss Talis!" I chirped nervously under the hungry gaze of the vampiress.
"I suppose you earned a little treat." She got up and towered over me. A hand caressed my neck causing me to tilt my head to expose it further. "I wonder how you taste my dear."
She pushed me back, we glitched locations, and I landed on the bed. I fearfully backed away from the hungry gaze as she climbed into bed with me. "Oh little doe, don't worry, I don't bite… much."
I whimpered as her hands bound my wrists and she licked my neck. I squirmed and shuddered. S-She was going to take my blood just like I did to Nora.
[NetworkRoots]: Are you comfortable with me continuing?
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Stars Yes! 
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: Green
Her fangs plunged into my neck and I yelped into a moan. The pain danced with the pleasure of being taken, of being prey. Mistress drained my very essence through warm crimson liquid. I was hers. She claimed me. She took me. She marked me. Aster the maid was hers.
She released me from the bite. Crimson fluid wet my neck and dripped from her mouth. My body and head felt a little light and woozy from the blood loss.
"Oh little one, are you still with me?" Her glowing red eyes held that familiar pattern in their depths. I had a little focus left but it was drowning in her. "Search for me dear, use that new little sense of yours and tell me what you feel."
Her words roused me a little and I searched. This was a simulation. The blanket on my body was… something. Her form was an illusion. The real her was underneath… The appearance was fake, the physical sensations were fake, everything could be altered.
She was altering the physical sensations. That's why the bite felt amazing, and my body felt heavy and limp. I could alter it too. I tried and… it failed… Again it failed. This was a hacking lesson. My first true bit of hacking with the implant. Alter the simulation.
Her lips quirked, I could see the vampiress and the affini overlapping. "That's my little one. Free your little body if you can." A challenge. I tinkered and prodded. I knew the affini's tricks. I knew enough to break in where I shouldn't. Mistress taught me how, she showed me so many things.
She was playing her old games with me. There was a trick to this. She had left clues and I should have everything I need to solve it. There were the bits of info that trickled in while cleaning… nope. I went through everything that had happened until I got to this moment… Wow, my implant really improved my memory.
I found it, the trick. The vector. It was in the paperwork. It wasn't my latest one that failed by a sudden touchfest. It was a different one.
Mistress quirked her lips. "Look at my little problem solver. That terran pattern recognition is so cute to see in action."
OH! There was a warship schematic in the files. My plan to hack it… I ran through the simulation and… The virtual machine the entire simulation ran on was very analogous to the ship's network.
I didn't have my tools… I connected to my new supercomputer and started playing around. There had to be a flaw… that wasn't true. There were a few affini systems Mistress sat down and explained that some things were very much impossible for me to access. Like the implant. The Haustoric Implants authentication measures were impossibly thorough.
Mistress gave me a tiny digital nudge and…
[SystemLurkerPrincess]: What value do I set this to so I can move?
[NetworkRoots]: look at little Nora's
Okay yea I just copied that over and I could move. "I-I did it!"
The vampiress that was my Mistress was still over me, pinning me to the bed. The sheer pride that emanated from her was euphoric. It blended with the euphoria of success. I did flappy hand motions. "That you did, my beloved. You are such an intelligent, skillful, determined, bright, adorable little sophont." She then leaned down, while I drowned in success, pride, and praise, to lovingly whisper, "And you are my very very Good Girl~"

"Hey Nora, I've been wondering about something for a while now." I watched as she was pouring me a cup of coffee while we sat in the garden of the manor. The fun part was that I was dressed up as a goth princess in the biggest poofiest dress I could still sit in. I could wear and look like anything in VR. I didn't even have to look like a human.
The tea cup filled with coffee was handed to me with love and care. My wonderful partner with an ever so patient smile asked. "And what would my pretty princess like to know?"
"I feel like I know you a lot, we've been together constantly and now I can experience all the fun stuff you do behind the scenes. But I can't help but wonder about all the stuff I don't know about you." Words sucked and I wished I could like just un-soup the ideas and then send them to her.
Nora sighed and sat down opposite of me. "Is this about the digitization thing again or something else?"
"Again?" I didn't remember ever asking her abo- oh… memory stuff. "Never mind. Uh no, it's not about that, just like who you were before and stuff… You don't have to answer or anything. I'm sorry I shou-"
"Aster, princess, it's okay. I wondered how long it'd take you to ask." She quirked a smile. "Turns out the answer was close to three months."
I scratched my cheek. Yea, wow it had been that long. I keep losing track of time, probably because memory edits and just not needing to. I went to sip fake coffee and would have spilled it if we hadn't edited the simulation to make it unspillable. My meager coordination was my bane but with my mental thingy and plenty of help from Mistress and Nora, it wasn't that bad. Clumsiness gave them an excuse to dote on me which was awesome.
Nora decided to shift the scene around and I ended up in her lap on a bigger chair. "Well, princess, since you want to know about my past so much I guess I should start with the fact I don't remember it."
I took in her expression, she still seemed happy, but not teasing. My girlfriend didn't remember her own past… "You don't?"
"Nope!" Okay that sounded cheerful. "I know about my past. I don't remember it, but Miss Talis was nice enough to give me a document with the cliff notes."
"Wait, why would she know?" How would Mistress know enough to do a write up about her past. Oh, was this something to do with digitalization?
She booped my nose. "Well my silly princess, it's because I asked her to take my memories away. I can't remember anything from before I became a floret. So I only remember a little bit of my fleshy days and a whole lot of my not fleshy days."
Nora accessed a word document and brought it into the world as a paper. "So from the top. I was an OCNI communications specialist aboard the rebel ship Titan's Dawn. After months of secret communications with Miss Talis I turned over the coordinates to the ship and was rescued and voluntarily became her floret. Here let's go back a page."
She flipped the page. "I went into the military from the private field, did lots of bad things that a good floret shouldn't worry her pretty little head over. Uh, oh my transition happened while I worked for OCNI which got me treated badly. An accident caused me to have excessive scarring and a limp among other issues… Yea, it's just depressing awful stuff which is why I won't remember parts of this conversation after we're done."
She saw the look on my face and cut me off. "I'll remember most of it, Miss Talis is really good about plucking the exact harmful bits out. Then again with all the xenodruggies, I don't really feel bad, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Plus it’s not like you've never had memories taken before because they were uncomfy."
"Yea, but mine are all like immediate memories, not my whole past. Things I haven't incorporated into my sense of self." Stars, I was starting to argue. I was going to hurt her, and drive her away and…
She bapped me on the forehead. "Princess, no serious frowns. Talk to me. I want to help. I need to help."
"I-I don't want to drive you away, and I started arguing and…" A finger was placed on my lips.
"You are a very silly princess, and I'm never leaving you ever. Aster, I know you don't understand things easily. It's okay. We can talk this out as girlfriends or we can just accept we have different preferences on memory erasure. That's valid. We're both valid and we love each other very much."
I managed to blubber out one, "I'm sorry-" before being cut off.
"Nope, this isn't an apologies thing. Neither of us did anything wrong. No feelings got hurt. We are girlfriends forever." Nora's tone made it very clear that was the final say on the argument.
"O-Okay. I love you."
"Love you too princess." She gave me a kiss and I returned it.
I edited the simulation to delete any stray tears and eye watering that started. "How are you so mature and stuff? I'm almost thirty and I still feel like I'm ten sometimes."
"You do come off very youthfully innocent, but it's cute. You're cute. Like you're pretty capable and mature with specific stuff. Then when anything remotely social happens, you're so oblivious and naive it's silly and great and amazingly adorable." Why was my girlfriend so nice? She was too perfect.
I pouted, "You're too perfect. You're impossible."
Nora started laughing a bunch and hugged me tight. I don't get why that was funny but hopefully she'd explain. Her hugs and cuddles were the best. "Well~ my beautiful girlfriend vampire princess, you have to remember that the affini are here to make us our best selves. This is my best me. It took losing my flesh and most of my memories, and then modifying my digital sense of self plus being owned by Mistress, but I'm now my best self! You're taking the long road but you'll get there too and we are going to help you every step of the way."
"Your best self is really great, and nice and-"
We exchanged glances and smirks. "Yes, and very hot." I finished.
"Bities for your very hot girlfriend?" She begged playfully.
I showed her my fangs. "Bities."

A slower paced chapter, but I do what I do. Tech sorcery is important to aster being a techie. Next chapter on the other hand is the date. The big aquarium date where Aster will finally confess her love to Digitalis and finally become more than roommates! Also if you want to know how digitization works here's the wiki page

Love Darkfalli ❤️

Also, special thanks to my beta readers, who are wonderful and great and amazing and provided me with lovely feedback on all 15 chapters of Wellness Check (plus the super duper top secret extra bit *cough* crossover *cough*):
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And more!

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