Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 8 – Health

by Creirwy

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Their transport drove itself through the city, allowing Amanda and Xara to sit facing each other.

"Why do we need shots? I thought the nanobots kept us healthy," Amanda queried.

"They do, but internal nanobots need a bit of replacing now and then. When they take the place of antibodies they can't just detach for reuse again, so we just get boosters. Plus the new stuff usually includes new protections."

"But they can just get updated wirelessly, can't they?"

Xara narrowed her eyes. "Pretty smart for a bimbo, aren't you?"

Amanda giggled and twirled a lock of hair with her finger. "Uh, yeah, I guess!"

Xara smirked as the car slowed to a stop and the doors opened. "A lot of jobs died out a hundred years ago but we kept them around for theatrics, Manda. But health is totally a serious concern around here," she insisted, leading the way out of the car.

Amanda followed, wincing as she bumped the door - did that have to happen every time - and allowed Xara to take her arm, cuddling up. She blushed a little as Xara guided her towards a building like an equal partner, appearing happy just to be with her. The thought made Amanda embarrassed, but it also made her smile.

"I've got an appointment a couple buildings over, so you just go in and tell the receptionist your name, okay?" Xara smiled sweetly as she kissed Amanda's cheek.

"Um, yes, Mistress Xara," Amanda mumbled. She walked through the door Xara held open and waved goodbye. It was a typically sterile waiting room, the kind she had visited in her youthful pre-Ananke days, when Genecorp just seemed like a harmless multinational megacorp.

Well, the harmless one. Oddly enough, no controversy ever seemed to stick when it came to Genecorp. She supposed when half your business was humanitarian support people formed a good opinion of you, and when the other half was distracting the rich and powerful with limitless platitudes and sex they didn't tend to take offence. Pretty good racket, honestly.

"Amanda," she said to the receptionist, who smiled and told her to take a seat. She sat and waited for a moment, lost in thought. She jumped slightly when a door opened suddenly, and a pretty young nurse in scrubs walked out, followed by a tall man.

"Just take care of that nervous twitch he's got and he'll be fine," she smiled. Amanda's eyes bugged as the man fully came into view, tugging another, shorter man behind him on a leash.

"Will do, doc. See you in a month," he grinned. "Come on, bud." The two men left, the receptionist chirpily wishing them a good day.

"Amanda?" The doctor called. Amanda rose cautiously and walked over.

"Um --"

"Come in and take a seat," the nurse insisted. Her tone of voice was just commanding enough that Amanda found herself sitting before she could finish her thought. Her cheeks darkened as she looked around the room at pictures of animals and medical charts of...

"I think there's been a mistake..." She whimpered.

The doctor smiled. "No, I'm quite sure there hasn't. Lady Xara would only book you in at the best vets in the city, and that's us."

"V-vet? But I' not -" Amanda began, only to be cut off as the vet called out.

"Nyna, lose her suit, please."

"Yes, miss!" Amanda’s nanosuit dissolved and receded into her collar in moments, leaving her completely naked on the chair. She jolted in shocked embarrassment and tried to cover herself with her arms.

"None of that, pet. We need to give you a check-up. Come lie down." The vet smiled, patting a cot to one side of the room.

She didn't want to put on a show, given the circumstances, but it was difficult to refuse when... actually, Amanda thought wryly, it was just difficult to refuse. She was on her back in moments, squirming in anxious anticipation as the vet pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

"Now, according to your file, Lady Xara has registered your breed as 'bitch'. Is that correct?"

Of course not! I'm human!

"If that’s what Mistress Xara says," she meekly replied. The vet smiled again and scratched her behind the ears.

"What a good girl," she gushed. Despite herself, Amanda felt a flood of pride and...something else that made her hips buck. "Now, bitches like you tend to get a little animated, so I'm going to give you something to help with that. Open your mouth."

With a slight frown Amanda obeyed, and the vet placed a nice-smelling rubber-like ball between her teeth. She blushed and attempted to spit it out, but as her tongue instinctively flicked against the side of the ball she felt a tingle that distracted her just long enough that the smell started her drooling.

And that had a much stronger effect. Something in the ball was altering the flavour of her own saliva. Being on her back, her spit pooled in the back of her throat until she swallowed, and every time she did she felt so relaxed, so at peace, so... content. Her eyes half-closed and she started breathing regularly through her nose, licking the ball for more of that nice, flavourful tingle.

"Very good girl," the vet cooed, and Amanda moaned deeply. The vet's hands started probing at Amanda's body, stroking her muscles and squeezing her tits. Every moment the vet was softly speaking, describing what she was doing, but Amanda could barely pay attention as she enjoyed the flavour-ball.

"Mmm. She hasn't modified your tits much, surprisingly. It's pretty obvious what she focused on." Amanda felt a pair of hands stroke the outside of her hips and shuddered. "Are they that sensitive or are you just that horny?" The vet asked with amusement in her voice.

Was she that horny? Amanda didn’t know. She just... the taste? It was the taste, right? She should stop swallowing. She was pretty sure it was drugged.

She bit the ball and it secreted a burst of scented droplets into her saliva. She moaned and swallowed.

The vet's voice dropped a couple of octaves, taking on a more seductive lilt. "Such a good, obedient girl, aren't you? Spread your legs, pet, we need to inspect you."

Amanda spread her legs. Why not? She was a doctor, she was pretty sure. This was a hospital. It wasn’t as though she had a medical degree. She tensed for a microsecond as she felt a couple of fingers slide into her pussy, before another swallow reminded her everything was okay, and she relaxed.

Almost entirely limp, Amanda lay there, staring up at the ceiling as she felt the fingers probe around inside her. There was a holoscreen just under the ceiling, showing puppies at play. The vet really liked her animals, she supposed.

They did look like they were having fun, though... All that attention, affection, the treats and the -

She bucked as the fingers teased a particularly sensitive spot. "Good girl, Amanda," the vet smiled. "Roll onto your front for me?"

Right... front. That made sense. Only half her body was on display. Amanda rolled over lazily. There was a hole in the bed for her to put her face through and save her craning her neck, and the same video played on a holoscreen by the floor. She saw a droplet of her drool escape her mouth and fall toward the image and whimpered. She didn't want to waste it! She squeezed the ball harder with her teeth, clamping her lips as shut as she could and sucking air through the ball. That stopped the drool from escaping, but it also gave her a much more pleasurable burst of flavour. She barely even noticed the vet's words, barely even tensed as she felt something hard and cold slide into her anus.

She heard a gentle peal of laughter, felt something placed on the top of her head. Felt a hand on her left buttock - whether it was a simple, loving cup, a gentle pat, a hard swat or a cheeky jiggling, she couldn't tell. She didn't really want to worry about thinking right now.

"Up you come, adorable girl," the vet sang, gently pulling Amanda by an arm. She slowly, lethargically slid off the bed and stood. She didn't want to think, so she'd just obey. That made sense.

If it didn't, she didn't want to think about it.

"Nyna, give her a suit the same colour as that pretty brown hair of hers."

There was a brief silence before Amanda vaguely felt the now-familiar sensation of billions of microscopic fragments oozing across her naked skin.

"Are you sure? Nyna can make it pink! Pink's a nice colour!"

"It's better to match her hair, Nyna," the vet smiled.

Something ephemeral in the airwaves pouted. "Her hair's always a different colour anyway! Miss Heiress keeps dying it. It was black yesterday, and blonde a bit before that..."

The vet grinned wider. "Nyna, who's a good girl?"

"Nyna! Nyna's a good girl!" The catgirl's voice was accompanied by the sound of excited thumps, as if she were jumping.

"What do good girls do?"

"Good girls obey!"

Good girls... obey, Amanda mouthed into her ball.

"Do as I ordered, Nyna," the vet smiled.

"Yes, miss!" Amanda’s suit grew to envelop her body, shifting to the same colour as her hair and growing soft, fuzzy hairs of fur in most places, leaving a leotard-shaped oval of skin clear that encompassed the area from her cleavage, around her tits and down to her pussy.

"Very good girl, Nyna." The vet cooed, ruffling a space at head-height just in front of her.

"Mew!!" Came the reply, at the same time as the receptionist moaned from the other room.

"Now, let's discharge our horny little bitch. We need to be ready for the next appointment." The vet stroked Amanda’s hips as she guided her out the door, admiring her ass with her new prosthetic tail wagging, wedged between her cheeks. "The Heiress certainly has fun, doesn't she?"

No reason for Amanda to have all the fun, Xara thought to herself. She never liked getting shots in the outside world, but here in Ananke there were much more fun delivery methods. The city's omnibase had a health section that read to her more like some kind of restaurant menu crossed with a strip club advertisement. Amanda had been on drone duty at the time, and Xara had had to resort to having Layla eat her out as she read it.

"Nurse Topaz will see you now," the receptionist smiled, sliding off Xara's lap. Xara grinned back. Even the waiting room here was more fun, though she suspected the receptionist wasn't as aware of her nudity as all the waiting patients were. The complementary make-out session was a nice reason to come back here next time.

She entered the office and missed a step; despite having looked into this clinic and chosen Nurse Topaz specifically, it was still a bit of a surprise to Xara to see how far Ananke could take mundane things sometimes. Topaz was somewhere between her thirties and forties, pale skin and jet black hair, clad in a latex nurse's uniform like something from a 21st century porno. Barely more than a tube of fabric stretching over her hips and just managing to cover her privates, the dress hung off her shoulders but had a large enough cleavage window that Xara could have shoved her head between Topaz's tits without touching the uniform.

And she wanted to, because fuck, they were just pillows, weren't they? Xara wouldn't have said they were exploding out of the window, but they were definitely oversized for the dress.

Beyond that, Topaz had similar make-up to Xara's own, black knee-length spike-heeled boots and small spiked bracelets and anklets. She looked like the older sister Xara never knew she had.

Which was kinda why Xara had picked her, honestly. Goths were hot. Especially ones like Topaz...

"Good morning, Heiress," the nurse purred, slinking over. "Thank you for choosing our clinic. How can I help you today?"

"I need to get a booster shot," Xara replied, only slightly blushing as she undressed Topaz with her eyes. "I've read about you and you seem like a good nurse."

Topaz pouted. "You read about me? So you know all my moves?"

"Well... a lot of them," Xara looked sideways for a moment. Just for a moment, then back at Topaz's tits. Then her face. Be polite, Xara, focus on her face. You're the Heiress.

Topaz bent at the waist and put a hand to Xara's forehead, as if checking her temperature. Xara strained her eyes, trying to maintain eye contact, but her gaze irresistibly crawled downward. How could it not? There was a lot of tit just THERE. Xara defied anyone to resist.

God she wanted to bury her face in them.

"Well, it sounds like you've spoiled the surprises, Heiress," Topaz smiled. "Why don't you tell me how this goes?" Her hand stroked across Xara's face, hooking green-tipped hair behind her ear then cupping her cheek, thumb stroking the edge of her lips.

Xara took a shaky breath. "First you, uh, seduce your patient," she began. Topaz chuckled.

"Seduce? That's not very moral, isn't it? A nurse seducing a patient would be like a teacher seducing a student." Topaz swayed her hips, a counterbalancing swing shifting her tits just under Xara's eye line. Xara gulped as Topaz looped her arms around her neck. "Do you think I'd do something as immoral as that?"

"Fuck I hope so," Xara let out in a rush. Even fully prepared she seemed defenceless. She couldn't let her moms know about this; Somna would tease her to no end, and would most likely make Ann tell stories about it like her first steps or her first threesome.

Topaz chuckled again. "Please, Heiress. I'd never take advantage of my patients like that. I'm a professional." She purred, climbing into Xara's lap and wrapping her bare thighs around the back of the chair. Xara whimpered.

"Yes, Nurse Topaz..."

"What would I do next?" Topaz smiled and leaned forward, staring Xara in the eyes as her tits pressed hard against Xara's own.

"Uh, I... you get your patient all flustered..."

"That doesn't sound like me," Topaz commented, gyrating gently. Xara groaned.

"A-and then you, um, talk about the boosters..."

"The injections, yes." Topaz grinned. "Nanotech is lovely, isn't it?"


"How do you think I inject you?" Topaz licked her lips.

Xara wriggled under her weight. Those beautiful breasts were right below her eye line but she couldn't stop staring at Topaz's eyes. They seemed to be getting... yellower. Glowier. Digitised contact lenses?

Whatever they were, there were distracting patterns catching her attention. She definitely wanted to look down, but... "With your teeth..." she sighed.

Topaz grinned wide, licking her teeth. As her tongue moved out of the way, Xara could see her pronounced, sharpened canines in her periphery vision. Normal teeth, but coated with nanobots forming a much sharper pair of fangs. "Are you afraid of needles, Heiress?"

"I.." It was hard to think, between the eyes and the way Topaz was squirming in her lap. This was the best vaccine Xara had ever gotten, which was saying something.

"Just relax, Heiress. Relax for me," Topaz whispered in her ear.

"Relax," Xara smiled. It's not like she was tense or nervous. She was just really fucking horny now. Still, she felt her shoulder and neck muscles relax as Topaz's fingers massaged their way up, rubbing a spot in the crook of her neck.

Topaz brought her lips to Xara's ears and whispered, close enough that her lips kissed as she spoke. "Bare your neck, Heiress."

It must have been how Amanda felt a lot of the time. Xara's head lolled away from Topaz's face before she even parsed the meaning behind the husky command. Topaz followed it up a satisfied moan that made Xara clench her thighs.

Then she felt the nanobot-tipped fangs bite gently into her neck, increasing in pressure over a few seconds.

Xara whimpered and came, but Topaz kept her teeth sunken into her flesh, riding Xara's squirms and bucks like a jockey on a horse. Every time Xara tried to rub herself against Topaz's ass or thighs the nurse expertly moved that part away, constantly teasing Xara with the lightest touches, never letting her fully experience the sensation of humping.

It didn't matter. The denial only made Xara cum again as Topaz made a low noise in her throat, lips pressed into Xara’s neck. She could feel her blood warming from the site of the bite as the nanobots entered her bloodstream and began their journey through her veins.

All too soon, Topaz kissed the wound and the last vestiges of the nanobots repaired Xara's skin as the nurse stood up, wiping a small patch of Xara's blood from her lips and licking her finger. "Mmm. Royal blood. The best..." she purred.

Xara grinned up dumbly, blushing up a storm but, hey, orgasms were expected here, right? Nothing to be embarrassed about. "Thank you..."

"My pleasure, love," Topaz smiled. "That'll last you another few months. Now, could you do me a favour? Give your mother my regards, tell her I'm still on for lunch on Wednesday."

"You mean Mom Somna?" Xara panted. "You know mom?"

"Oh, yes, I know her," Topaz smirked. "We have lunch dates every fortnight. She'll be very interested to hear how you responded to your booster.


"Don't tell mom I came," Xara whimpered. God damn it, she was getting horny again. "What about doctor-patient confidentiality?"

"Somna is your therapist too. We're both your doctors. It's important we share information," Topaz teased, swinging her hips.

"How many times I came isn't important medical information," replied Xara.

"No, but your mental state is pertinent information for your therapist to know, so I'll be giving her a full report." Topaz bent and kissed Xara on the lips, chuckling as the Heiress's protests evaporated in a stammered blush. "Now, time to leave, Princess. Remember, your booster site will be sensitive for a few hours."

"Yeah," Xara mumbled, getting to her feet and heading for the door. She didn't realise Topaz was one of Somna's friends. It made sense, but this was supposed to be a secret.

She hated when her mom teased her about her... enthusiastic participation in Ananke's society.

Mostly because it was only ever verbal teasing and Somna never got her off...

Xara shook her head and hurried put through the waiting room. I should've known getting my incest gene switched on would fuck me up, she sighed.

She left the clinic, reaching up to scratch her ticklish neck. "Nyna?"

"Yes, Heiress?" The catgirl popped into view, floating sideways at eye height.

"Can you overlay me a course to theaaaaargh!" She cried out and fell to her knees.

Nyna cocked her head. "Nyna doesn't know that location!"

Xara barely heard her. She touched her fingertips to her booster wound again and it felt like her pussy was on fire.

Sensitive... Right...

The taste was gone. Amanda blinked, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings. The warmth of the sunlight. The murmurs of passersby. The breeze on her skin.

As if she had been snapped awake, she suddenly found herself fully cognizant. There were a few groups of people around her; staring, chuckling, leering. She ripped the ball out of her mouth, dropping it in surprise when she saw the soft fur covering her arm. She whimpered when she looked down and saw an entirely naked torso framed with maybe an inch of the same fur, which she could feel all over her back, too.

She ran from the people, blushing furiously at the whistles that followed her.

What had happened? She went to the vet, she was trying to explain there had been some mistake, she had felt mindless pleasure... she was sure there were memories somewhere but she couldn't find them, in her panic. She ran across the road and into one of Ananke's parks.

Water from the lake flowed through Ananke's suburbs in rivers, and in each of the parks scattered around the city those rivers fed large swathes of grass, trees, flowers and bushes. For such a futuristic city, the urban planning tried to cleave as close to a natural world as it could, despite Amanda's certainty that every park was probably hand-sculpted by an architect and carefully optimised and maintained.

She crouched between a pack of bushes to hide from view and touched her ear, scowling as she realised her hand was locked in a paw glove. "Nyna? Nyna? I need help..."

No response.

"Nyna? Please?"

"Nyna can promise you will always be safe in Ananke, but Nyna isn't allowed to help you today. Sorry!" Amanda could swear she heard the sound of an outdated communicator being turned off for effect.

"Damn it."

"Hey, girl," an amused voice called from behind her as twigs snapped. "Told you I saw something, Li."

"I never said you didn't," a second voice huffed

Amanda spun on her haunches and saw two female joggers grinning at her over the bushes. Despite her circumstances, and despite her own...blessings, Amanda couldn't help but notice that even the joggers in this town were built like models. Or porn stars. Or both.

Did Ananke have sports bras? She guessed they weren’t necessary with nanotech clothing, but these two were definitely not wearing anything under their jogging tops.

"What's your name, girl?" The first speaker asked.

Amanda opened her mouth to respond. "Arf!"

Oh, not this again...

The second woman, Li, bent and fussed with something clipped to Amanda's collar. "Says her name's Amanda. Oh, Claire, she belongs to the Heiress!

Claire's eyebrows shot up. "We probably shouldn't mess with her too much, then."

"We can't just leave her here. Look at her. She's all frightened and lost and..." Li's eyes took Amanda in. "Pretty obviously breeding stock. The other dogs might come after her, and the Heiress is probably real strict about who she breeds with."

Amanda barked. She didn't think her cheeks could get any hotter - she could feel the blush spreading toward her chest. I am not breeding stock!

Claire nodded. "We should call the Dogcatcher then. Nyna? Can you get a hold of her?"

Amanda didn't hear Nyna's response this time, but the women’s smiles told her all she needed to know.

Li spoke next. "Well, as long as we're here, we should help her relax until the Dogcatcher arrives."

Claire grinned. "Wanna play, girl?"

Amanda shook her head. She was not going to indignify herself any more than she needed to.

Li picked a small branch off the ground and held it out towards Amanda. Amanda groaned inwardly as she knelt forward on her knees, hands flat on the grass in front of her, feeling the tail-plug wagging so hard she was almost spanking herself.


"Fetch, girl!" Li tossed the branch somewhere out of Amanda's line of sight, but she was already up and running after it before Li's arm returned to a neutral position.

As Amanda ran like her life depended on it, feeling her uninhibited tits bouncing with each stride, to say nothing of her backside, she felt her body warming with the now-familiar threat of arousal. She desperately wanted to cover her privates, try to maintain some dignity, but she didn't seem to be able to get her body to do anything that wasn't related to fetching the branch.

When she was back in front of the joggers on her knees, branch clenched between her teeth, tail plug wagging ferociously and panting huskily as two sets of hands scratched behind her ears, she started to doubt dignity was in the cards today at all. And when the joggers started calling her a good girl in that condescending way humans talk to puppies, and she couldn't even move a hand out of the beg position to cover her rapidly moistening snatch, she all but gave up.

How could this get more humiliating?

"Hello, ladies," a new voice drawled. Claire and Li turned to greet an older, grey-haired woman in a black leather catsuit, an Ananke Council emblem across her chest like a super heroine's symbol.

Claire responded as Li nodded. "Hello, Mistress Dogcatcher. We found the Heiress' pet lost in the park." She gestured at Amanda, glaring up at the Dogcatcher with the branch still in her mouth.

The Dogcatcher smiled and took a knee in front of Amanda, taking her chin in a gloved hand and twisting her head firmly one way, then the other. "I see a spark of sentience in there, pet. You're trapped, aren't you?"

Amanda whined pathetically, then blushed.

"Poor thing," the Dogcatcher grinned. "I love when they're trapped. Roll over."

The words washed over Amanda, irresistible as a tidal wave, and before she knew it she was on her back, hands still in a beg position and knees spread enough all three of the other women could see her leaking pussy. She struggled, mentally, but couldn't move except to watch the Dogcatcher cautiously.

"Mmm. In heat, are we?" The Dogcatcher slide a finger inside Amanda's cunt and explored it as Amanda herself squirmed and panted, biting into the branch with enough force to crack it slightly. "Thank you for calling, ladies. I'll take it from here."

"Happy to be of service," Li smiled, adjusting her jogging shorts, while Claire did the same.

"See you, girl!" Claire added, and the joggers disappeared down the path.

"Now..." The Dogcatcher rose to her intimidating height and turned away from Amanda, looking back over her shoulder. She slapped herself on the ass and spoke commandingly. "Heel."

As the Dogcatcher stalked off toward a transport van parked just outside the park, Amanda crawled after her helplessly, physically unrestrained but mentally leashed.

Once she caught her breath, Xara fixed herself up, cleared her throat and tried to look well put together, regal, dominant. She owned the city, or would in a few years, and she was the Heiress. She had to maintain appearances.

So that meant no touching her neck for a while. The other tops in Ananke might get the wrong idea if a brush with a finger had her weak and subby.

She walked back to the vet's office and waited for ten minutes. By that time she had started to get the feeling Amanda wasn't being attended to, and asked the receptionist if she had left.

"Oh, yes, she left about twenty minutes ago," the receptionist smiled. "She was a very good girl."

Xara smiled at that. "Yeah, she is... Thanks." She left the office and looked around; no sign of her girlfriend.

"Nyna, can you -"

"Holy shit, Xara!" A familiar voice rang out from behind her as Xara was knocked forward a few steps, hugged from behind. "I haven't seen you in years!"

"Huh?" Xara twisted around and gasped. "Zoe? What are you doing here?"

She stared at the grinning face of her high school friend. She and Zoe had been pretty close growing up, but had drifted apart due to Zoe being several grades ahead, and years older. If she was 23 now, that meant she had been in Ananke three years.

"I didn't know you were cursed?"

"I didn't know you were! How long have you been here? What have you been up to? Isn't this place the best? What do you do these days?"

Oh god, she was as outgoing as ever. "Slow down! Um, I've been here about two months, but I've known about Ananke most of my life because I'm the Heiress," she felt an odd embarrassment the more she revealed.

Zoe gaped. "You're the Heiress? You?"

Xara puffed her chest proudly. "Yep! Heiress Xara, next in line to inherit Genecorp and -"

"The Heiress who saved Ananke from that coup a few weeks back?"

"Yes, but that wasn't really..."

"I can't believe it. The saviour of Ananke is the same girl who got caught touching herself in the change rooms."


"Are you still obsessed with asses?"

Xara bristled and blushed. "First of all, no, I am not 'obsessed'. Second, the right ass is just amazing, you know? They feel great, they move great, they're super suggestive, especially with the right hips, they're easy to sexualise and show off and..."

"Go on," Zoe giggled.

"No, I'm done," Xara grumbled. "I'm not obsessed."

"Man, it's good to see you again, Xar. We should catch up!" Zoe slapped a friendly hand down on Xara's shoulder, causing her to fall to her knees in blissful quivers.

"Fuuucking... Fuck.."

"Woah. What the hell was that?"

"I just got a booster shot... The site is sensitive and you just fucking slapped it," Xara glared. Zoe giggled.

"My bad. You wanna get a coffee? Tea?"

"Actually, I'm just trying to find my... girlfriend," Xara mumbled, turning slightly to watch a couple jogging girls go past. Nice butts.

As luck would have it, for Xara, the joggers paused a few metres away while one bent to fix her running shoes. Xara took the opportunity to discreetly admire her tights and -

"Fuuuck!" She cried out, wobbling on her knees and drawing the joggers' attention. They were briefly surprised, then smirked at her, winking as they walked away, slowly and swaying their hips. Xara fought to keep her hand away from her snatch and glared at Zoe.

"Sorry, Xar, couldn't resist," the blonde grinned. "Not every day you find out your friend has an instant orgasm g-spot."

"Did you have to do it right in front of them? Now they think I'm a pervert!"

"All right, sorry. You're right. Anyway, this girlfriend of yours, maybe I can help. What does she look like?"

"Brunette, kinda tan skin, fairly average build except, um, almost illegally wide hips. And a matching ass," Xara felt the blush spreading as Zoe's eyebrows raised.

"All right, Miss Not-a-Pervert. Any other distinguishing features?"

Xara shuffled her feet, staring at the footpath, cheeks burning. "She's... probably dressed as a dog right now. Tail plug and everything. She might've chased a transport..."

"...I've missed you, Xar. Let's go find your bitch," Zoe smiled.

"Nyna can help!" The catgirl bounced into view, hovering with her legs crossed.

"What's up, Nyna?" Xara asked, quietly thankful for the distraction.

"Miss Heiress' pet got caught by the Dogcatcher!" Nyna announced.

"Oh no," Xara said, a small smirk teasing her lips.

"Oh no," Zoe grinned in agreement.

Amanda's cheeks were incandescent as she followed the Dogcatcher out of the van, led by a leash. She was allowed to walk on her feet, at least, but all that really served to do was to let the small groups of people they walked past see her bare torso. Plus she couldn't stop that damn tail from wagging, as if she was having the time of her life...

She was led through an iron gate into a non-descript building. A sign on the wall said "Pound", and Amanda felt a slight burst of arousal at the word. It's not THAT kind of pound... I hope, she frowned to herself.

"You shouldn't have been out without a master or a mistress, cutie. What were you thinking?" The Dogcatcher gently scolded. Amanda wanted to tell her exactly what had happened, but all she could manage was a pathetic whine. She felt prosthetic ears on her headband flatten.

The Dogcatcher chuckled and scratched behind Amanda's left fake ear, and though her cheeks burned again Amanda's eyes rolled up in her head, her leg shaking in bliss. Fuck, it felt good...

"You'll need to be caged until your owner comes to pick you up, or someone comes by to adopt you," the Dogcatcher explained as she led Amanda into a room with several large cages, all of which seemed occupied. "I apologise for the accommodations, there are a lot of mutts on the loose lately, for some reason. You can bunk with Red, here."

A cage was opened, large enough to have room to pace in, but short enough Amanda was forced onto all fours to squeeze inside. She cautiously looked around; hay flooring, a few automatic fountains and feeders, some bedding... and, to her embarrassment, a red-headed man in much the same outfit as her. He seemed embarrassed, too, but the way he subtly shifted to hide his lap told her was enjoying the sight of her entrance.

Fucking horny city...

"Well, you two get along sweetly. I need to check in on something," the Dogcatcher smiled, patting the top of the cage and strutting out of the room.

Amanda turned her attention back to the male dog. Person. He was a dog, like her.


He was obviously trying to avoid looking at her, but his eyes kept drifting over to her back end, then snapping away as he'd blush. Amanda couldn't blame him; Xara had really made her... eye-catching. Still, she wanted some measure of privacy. She crawled to a corner and sat on her haunches.

Red's eyes lingered on her a moment longer this time, and with a flush she realised she was even sitting doglike, which meant her tits and, more importantly, her cunt were exposed, almost displayed, her knees spread. Whimpering, she got back on all fours and opted to just keep facing him.

"Arf!" She commented, wincing at the reminder she couldn't talk. Red barked back, quietly and self-consciously. Well, at least he seemed to be in much the same position as her. As long as they respected each other’s boundaries, things would be fine.

A quiet beep pierced the air in the cage, and an almost invisible pink gas sprayed out from under the hay, filling the cage with a sweet smell. Amanda instinctively took a couple of whiffs, then squirmed.

Oh, no. Oh, fuck.

She knew that feeling. She had become uncomfortably familiar with it since coming under Xara's care. Her nipples started to harder, and her thighs yearned to rub together.

But she could beat it. She might do everything Xara said, and believe everything Xara said, and wanted to obey Xara, and worship Xara, and...

Damn it. The point was, arousal wasn't the same as acting on it. It would be fine.

She looked across the cage and paled at the look in Red's eyes. He was panting softly with arousal, which only caused him to inhale the gas more, which made him pant harder... he was caught in a loop. His eyes were starting to glaze, and a quick glance between his legs left no doubt as to his intentions.

Amanda willed her tail to tuck in-between her legs, to try to protect her. The cool, metallic fur-lined appendage obediently tucked itself.

There. Now even if Red got the jump on her, it would...

It would...

Amanda gasped, inhaling another breathe of the gas. Her goddamn tail was long enough the tip was poking up against her pussy, and she body was starting to automatically hump it. Within moments her traitorous tail was stroking her cunt, stimulating her, as if to prepare her for proper penetration.

She whimpered again, but the gas was really messing with her mind now. As long as she kept facing Red, it would be fine.

It would be fine...

Red approached her and growled, an animalistic frenzy in his eyes. It seemed to trigger something in Amanda, and she slowly turned on the spot.

N-no, wait... No, she whimpered.

When she had turned around fully, she shuffled her weight, spreading her knees. Her body forcefully lowered her chin until it touched the hay at the floor of the cage, presenting her ass to her cellmate.

Wait, wait, wait!

She felt, and heard, Red approaching again, sniffing. She knew he was as trapped as she was, forced to play a role, and it must be so embarrassing for him, too... but fuck him, he wasn't the one getting inspecting like literal dog meat. She was humiliated, and she was indignant.

She swayed her ass side to side to entice him, advertising herself, tail lifting into the air to expose herself.

Stupid instincts!

She was starting to panic as she felt his hands... paws? Brace themselves on her back. She almost hyperventilated, sucking in large gulps of the sweet smelling gas, and suddenly her inhibitions started to fade.

This was terrible, an injustice, humiliating, but that could wait for later... She really needed to get fucked. Now. She whimpered and shook her rear again.

She could be mad later.

Red mounted her, huffing and grunting as he lined himself up. Amanda closed her eyes in anticipation, panting in need...

There was the sound of a whistle. "Stay, boy. Stay, girl."

Huh? No... No, no, wait! Amanda whined in her head. She was so close. Red was so close. Are you kidding me?!

The Dogcatcher entered the room again. "You two seem to be getting along," she grinned. Red whined and bucked his hips, but the tip of his cock could only nudge Amanda with the lightest of touches. She whined and tried to arc back into him, but could only manage an inch. They both seemed frozen in place, and utterly denied.

She could tell Red wanted to cum as much as she did.

"Wow, Amanda. Why do you never look that needy when you're presenting for me," Xara huffed, walking into view around the Dogcatcher. A blonde girl followed her, laughing.

Amanda might have blushed brighter at the audience, but her face was already too hot with arousal to notice a difference. So her girlfriend might see her breed with this stranger, she'd probably enjoy it anyway...

"I'll be taking her back now," Xara told the Dogcatcher, who grinned.

"You got here just in time, Heiress. I don't think I could have stopped them if they got started. We'd have to watch the whole sorry ordeal."

The blonde girl sighed. "That would've been nice to see, though."

"Zoe?" Xara turned to her with an eyebrow raised.

"Hey, you have your hypno kink, I have my petplay kink," Zoe winked.

The Dogcatcher put a hand on her hip. "Oh, really? Would you like to adopt Red here? He's a proper breeder."

"Ooh, a breeder?" Zoe licked her lips. "Just for other pets or for anyone?"

"Anyone willing or unable to say no to getting railed like a bitch," the Dogcatcher quipped. The girls laughed and looked back to Amanda and Red, still whimpering together and trying desperately to fuck.

"Mmm... I need some of that gas," Xara sighed. "Amanda's so hot when she's drugged."

The Dogcatcher opened the cage's door and gently pulled Amanda out by the collar. Amanda resisted all the way, looking over her shoulder and trying to encourage Red to come claim her, but he just stood there on all fours, staring lustily after her. Giving up, Amanda scurried over to Xara, pawing at her midsection and trying to hump her leg with a whimper. Her girlfriend laughed and enjoyed it for a few minutes before tearing her gaze away.

"Do you have an antidote for the gas," Xara queried. The Dogcatcher reached into a pocket and produced a small spritzer bottle, using it to squirt a mist of water in Amanda's face.

The fog cleared instantly. The arousal disappeared and Amanda's ability to think rationally came flooding back, just in time to remind her she was rather underdressed. Nevertheless, she padded out of the cage and blushingly accepted Xara's hand to regain her footing, crossing her arms over her breasts and trying to cover her privates with one hand.

", hands on hips, bitch," Xara grinned. Amanda turned pinker and hesitated a moment before placing her hands on her hips with a whine, even as her false tail wagged with the pleasure of obeying a command. "Oh yeah, you're staying like that for a while."

"Much as I'd love to entertain you, Heiress, if your mutt isn't going to be breeding I should urge you to leave so I can find one who will," the Dogcatcher smiled. Xara giggled.

"Oh, we'll be breeding..."

"Can I walk her? I fucking love petplay," Zoe begged. Xara passed her the end of the leash.

"Sure, just make sure she enjoys it."

"Oh, she'll enjoy it," grinned Zoe, ruffling behind both of Amanda's ears. "Won't you, girl? You'll enjoy walkies, won't you, yes, you will!"

Amanda's tail wagged harder and she felt herself getting wet again. The knowledge she couldn't even hide her body's responses to the condescension only made it worse.

Goddamn ancestors, which one of you had to get into humiliation?

"So where should we go?" Zoe asked. She stood casually on the street with Xara, both girls acting bored and listless while Amanda withered under the stared of every citizen who walked past, stuck in her display stance.

"I don't know. We could go catch up, we -"

"Xara, honey, good to see you," a voice called.

"Ah fuck," Xara whispered, spinning and smiling. "Hi, Mom!"

Somna tossed a swathe of white hair over her shoulder and smiled. "Nyna led us to you. I have a favour to ask." She gestured to a girl standing slightly behind her. Xara stared for a moment before recognising one of the newbies she had processed during work experience.

"Oh, it's you! The girl with the - Irene, right?"

"Yes. The girl with the what?" Irene raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing," Xara mumbled, eyes flicking briefly to Irene's pants and back up to her mother. "Oh, Mom, you know Zoe. She's one of us!"

Somna narrowed her eyes and inspected the blonde, a smile painting her lips. "Ahh, yes. I remember you. Zoe."

"Hi, Miss Nocturne. It's nice to see you again," Zoe grinned.

"Mmm, yes. I remember you egging our holiday home in Paris a few years ago." Zoe's cheeks went pink.

"That wasn't - I don't remember..."

"I believe you told me it was 'just a prank' when I caught you? Well, it's all water under the bridge, sweetheart. I 'pranked' you back pretty good, myself."

Her smirk made Zoe shiver, and Xara curious. "What did you do, Mom?"

"I caught her and hypnotised her to clean the mess she made, to focus on her studies and stop being so rebellious, and to become my daughter's experimental lover."

"What!" Zoe and Xara yelped in unison, blushing furiously. Irene raised an eyebrow.

"Mom, you didn't even know about her for a month after I met her! I met her at a club and we came back home while you and Mom were out at a ball, and we -"

"- spent the night drinking wine and watching movies, yes. I'm surprised you remember the excuse, Xara. Good girl."

Xara made a strangled noise in the back of her throat. Zoe buried her face on her hands.

"I know you made love in your mother and I's bed, honey. Do you know how I know?" Somna purred.

"I don't want to know, I don't want to know!" Xara covered her ears.

"I wanted to make sure my daughter was prepared for her future, so I made sure to guide the two of you," Somna reached out and stroked Xara's hair soothingly.

"Mom!" The Heiress screeched.

"What? You didn't think you naturally knew how to do all those positions, did you? Don't worry, I was very gentle. You learned well."

"Aaaah!" Xara burned even brighter red than Amanda and crouched, burying her head in her arms. "Fuck!" Zoe was somehow pale and red simultaneously, and Irene was smirking at them both. "You've made your point, whatdoyouwant?!"

"Ah, yes," Somna chuckled. "I've been tutoring Irene for a couple days, but she's a bit... individualistic. I was hoping you would be friends."

"Hey," Irene frowned. "I don't need you picking friends out for me."

"Humour me," Somna smiled, dropping her voice to a stage whisper. "You might be a good influence on my daughter."

"All right, enough already," Xara growled. "Irene can come hang out with us. I don't need you picking my friends either, Mom, I was already interested in her anyway."

Irene's other eyebrow raised. "What was that?"

"Interested in being friends!" Xara babbled. "I didn't - oh for fuck's sake. Come on, girls, let's leave Mistress Mom to micromanage someone else's life." She turned on her heels and stormed off, dragging Zoe and Amanda behind her. Irene paused and followed after sharing one more hesitant look with her new mentor.

"Love you, Xara!" Somna called from behind.

"Love you too, mommy!" Xara sang in a higher pitch than normal, then swore like a sailor, picking up the pace.

Somna chuckled, watching her daughter, her friends and her fuckpet walking down the street. "Oh, sweetie." She sighed contently. "Look after her for me. Make sure she doesn't get in any trouble."

She turned and walked away.

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