Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 9 - Justice

by Creirwy

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"Walk ahead of us, Amanda."

Hands locked to her hips, Amanda trotted ahead a few metres until the leash pulled taut, then slowed back down to a normal walk. She could feel the stares but she couldn't do anything about it. But at least -

"Be a good girl and roll your hips a little, put some confidence into your strut."

Damn it. She started rocking her hips side to side, crossing her feet in front of each other with each step to put on an unwilling show for the perverts following her.

Behind her, said perverts chatted idly.

"It's just an ass," Irene muttered. "I don't see what's so sexually exciting about it."

"How could you not," Xara cried. "Look at it! She's lucky I don't jump her right now, honestly."

Zoe laughed. "I dare you to."

"No, Zoe," Xara sighed. "I've still gotta keep up appearances. I am royalty." Xara turned her attention back to Amanda's rear and grinned, following her a few steps before stumbling over a bump on the sidewalk. "Fuck!"

Irene snorted. "Graceful, your Majesty."

Xara scowled. "Don't call -" She paused, a smile spreading on her lips before she called sweetly. "Oh, Amanda?"

"Yes, Mistress Xara?" Amanda couldn't look behind her; just forward, always uncomfortably aware of the citizens of Ananke staring at her as she approached and knowing they would be when she passed. Why was she always horny...

"Call me your Majesty today."

"Yes, your Majesty," Amanda replied weakly.

"Ooh, I like that," Xara grinned. "Her Royal Majesty, Xara Nocturne, Heiress of Ananke, Conqueror of Subs."

"Obsessor of Asses," Irene muttered.

"You know, technically, Majesty is for the current ruler of a nation, Xara is more of a Highness." Zoe grinned. Xara sneered.

"You know, technically, suck my synthdick."

Zoe cackled, and even Irene broke a small smile. Xara just blushed and huffed. "Feels like the closer I get to inheriting the city the more people sass me."

"Most of the time that's just brattiness. People like being put in their place," Irene noted.

Xara stared at her for a moment. "I knew there was a reason I liked you, Irene."

"Other than my thighs, you mean," Irene deadpanned.

"For fuck's sake," Xara whined as Zoe giggled.

The group paused in front of Udders, and Xara tied Amanda's leash to a streetlight pole slightly past the window.

"No dogs allowed, Amanda, so you'll have to wait out here. No talking, no taking your hands off your hips. Let people pet you if they want. Love you!" Xara grinned and kissed Amanda's cheek, fondled her lower cheeks for a couple seconds, then went inside with Irene and Zoe to catch up and bond.

Amanda just stood on the sidewalk, wishing she could sit, or hide, or do anything to stop being quite so on display, but small crowds started to form around her after mere minutes. At first they kept at a respectful distance, just leering, but eventually one particularly bold citizen approached her to give her a pat, and once people saw how docile Amanda was, the crowds stood much, much closer. She started feeling hands, rough and soft, caressing her shoulders, her thighs and her hips. She could do nothing to discourage it.

"What a good girl!" a laughing voice praised her at some stage, as Amanda shuddered under at least three pairs of hands. Behind her fake ears, her real ones, rubbing her belly, her shoulders, her hips, her ass...

She barked as a pair of fingers slid lower and right up into her pussy without any shame or hesitation. With her own hands hypnotically glued to her hips Amanda was unable to prevent the molestation, or even complain about it. All she could do was whine and whimper in her horribly dog-like voice, trying to look through the window into Udders and get her Majesty's attention. Unfortunately, she couldn't see her from here.

After a few moments of craning her neck, Amanda returned her attention to the passers-by petting her, and to her shock found her hips bucking forward, helping the fingers dig deeper into her. She whined again, a little needier this time. Not as needy as back at the pound, but ever since coming to Ananke she had been a lot more sensitive in certain places anyway.

She'd have to ask her Majesty about that.

The fingers stopped stroking, and she whimpered again, bucking harder. If they weren't going to get her off, she'd just do the work. That was fair, right? It was so hard to think. Why couldn't she use her own hands? Right, her hips. Her Majesty's second favourite feature. God, she was so... fucking...

Amanda cried in relief as she came on the stranger's hands. The fingers quickly retreated, and to the sound of several laughs wiped themselves dry on her fur-covered ass. That was... fair. She did make the mess... Mmm.

"We'd better get out of here, the cops are coming," said a male voice.

"Good call. Hope she has a good time with them," chuckled a girl's voice. Amanda's eyes were closed and she didn't see them run off, only heard the pattering of footsteps, followed by two sets of calmer, more languid ones. Something hard and smooth pressed against her cunt and she instinctively tried to slide onto it before it was removed.

She opened her eyes and saw a male and female officer staring at her. They looked like police, but... pornish. As was the case with most jobs in Ananke, Amanda supposed, the police force looked to be more fetish-centric than anything. The male officer's pants were tighter than necessary and his vest was open to expose his chest, and the female officer was clad in little more than a pair of booty shorts, a half-torso top and a policewoman's hat, looking more like a stripper than law enforcement.

"Afternoon, ma'am. Did you just orgasm on a public street?" The man asked, as the woman crossed her arms and glared.

Amanda blushed, glancing down at her dripping pussy. "Arf!" Ugh.

"Public nudity, public indecency, public petplay, cumming without a permit. She's really flouting the laws, Bran," the woman said. "Probably leashed herself up here to seduce the innocent passers-by into groping her. Look at her hips, she's obviously designed herself for this."

Amanda shook her head and whimpered.

Officer Bran nodded. "Disturbing the peace, too. It's people like you who give Ananke a sinful reputation, ma'am. You're under arrest. Officer Calli?"

The lady officer pulled a badge from her shorts - her top looked too flimsy to support the thick metallic star - and shoved it in Amanda's face. Amanda instinctively looked at it, and found herself unable to look away.

The Genecorp logo was in the centre of the star, surrounded by Greek lettering and the flag of Ananke. It was made of metal, but it had a sheen to it that Amanda couldn't quite place. It was... arresting.

"Submit to our authority. You will come with us. You will remain silent. You must comply. You must obey. You mustn't resist. You cannot conceive of disobedience. You must not attempt escape."

Officer Calli said each statement with overwhelming confidence and authority. Amanda barely heard the words, but she knew they were true. These were Anankian police; she had to comply. She had to obey.

Officer Bran untied the leash from the streetlight. Amanda expected him to tug her along like her Majesty had done, but he just dropped it and let it fall, dangling behind Amanda, gently resting against her ass.

The officers then turned their backs to Amanda and walked away. She walked after them. She could not - must not - attempt escape.

So she followed, hands on hips, still swaying them as her Majesty had ordered, even as the officers all but ignored her, they walked down the street casually, talking about their days to each other, even pausing to get a drink by the park, but they never bothered looking over their shoulders to make sure Amanda was following.

She quietly shadowed them. They would arrest her in their own time. She just had to be there when they were ready.

They did speak to her once on the way to their transport. After walking through the park, Officer Calli turned and glared at Amanda. "Sit."

There was a bench nearby, but that obviously wasn't what she meant. Amanda lowered herself onto her knees and sat on her ankles, hands on hips, looking up at the officers. Were they ready to arrest her?

They weren't. Instead, Officer Bran took a seat on the bench and, as they both grinned, Calli straddled his lap, and the two of them started kissing, groping and humping each other.

Amanda waited patiently, quietly. She felt a few ants crawl up her thighs and across the expanse of her backside, but she didn't react. She didn't want to seem like she was trying to escape.

After ten minutes of what would have been quite the explicit display of lovemaking, had either of them orgasmed (or indeed removed their clothes at all) the officers, still horny and obviously right on the edge of climax, climbed to their feet and resumed walking without a word.

Without moving her hands from their positions, Amanda rose to her feet and followed, always staying within the distance of her leash's reach.

At length, Amanda was led to a police transport. Most transports in Ananke looked very similar; citizens didn't really own them, they were public use and AI controlled, and the only real variations were the branding on the sides - which itself were mutable and could change depending on who was using it. Indeed, the police transport could have been the same one her Majesty had used to take Amanda to Mistress Somna's house earlier in the week. Supposedly the Matriarch had her own, unique transport, but Amanda had never seen it.

The officers climbed into the car, and finally looked back at her. "Come sit in my lap," Officer Bran said. It didn't sound like an order or an instruction. His tone was almost conversational.

Amanda obeyed anyway. It wasn't that she didn't have a choice; there was just no alternative to obedience. It was an oddly liberating feeling, like cause and effect. There were so-called freedom fighters in the outside world, clinging to their rights and choices. Didn't they realise how much easier it was to obey?

Amanda frowned slightly as she settled into Officer Bran's lap. That last thought had felt like something she'd heard the Matriarch say to her once. She had almost thought it in the Matriarch's voice, even.


Officer Calli glared at her. "Stop frowning. Only smile when you're in his lap."

Amanda beamed happily. Officer Bran chuckled behind her, and she felt his hands roaming her thighs. She started to look down, but Officer Calli whistled.

"Look at me, you slut." Amanda snapped her gaze to Officer Calli and smiled at her instead, watching as the policewoman slid a hand down her shorts and started to touch herself, watching Amanda and her partner’s hands gliding over Amanda's legs.

The transport lifted slightly off the road and shot away.

"Here you are, girls," Daisy smiled as she bent unnecessarily to put three tall glasses of milkshake on the table. Two pairs of eyes gleefully stared at her massive tits jostling in the strained cowprint bikini top while the third pair rolled politely. "Let me know if i can get you anything else, huns."

She put an arm around Xara's shoulders and kissed the top of her head before strolling away. "Man, I love the tip rewards here," Xara sighed.

"I'm surprised you didn't just push her on the table and drink right from the source," Irene smirked, prompting Zoe to giggle.

Xara shook her head. "That costs extra, and I was waiting for a special occasion to... oh, you're making fun of me," she glared. Irene smiled sweetly and Zoe burst into laughter.

"To be fair, Xar, you are easy to make fun of."

"Yeah, yeah, laugh away. We'll see how funny it is when I take control and show you who wears the pants," Xara grumbled.

Irene giggled. "Someone's got to."

"Bah. So how are lessons with mom? I was gonna get her to teach me proper hypnotism but turns out Amanda doesn't need that much effort."

"It's... interesting. A lot of what she says is similar to my psychology studies but there are a few other weird things she slips into her explanations." Irene thought for a moment. "I suppose it's different when you're more concerned about manipulation than health."

"It's not like she doesn't care about health. She's just good at multitasking," Xara defended. "And you, Zoe? You've been here, what, three years? What do you do?"

"I'm a junior in the security division," Zoe grinned. "Mostly tech side. I'm not really enforcer material, but I can coordinate and hack pretty well. Except this one mainframe I'm not allowed near, Calypso."

"This city really likes their Greek mythology, doesn't it," Irene commented drily.

Xara smiled. "Yeah. One of my grand or great-grandparents must've really liked it. Ananke was named after a goddess of compulsion and inevitability, and in the last few generations the society's just gone full bore. Poseidon, Calypso..."

"Naming the central government the Pantheon," Zoe cut in.

"The Sirens," Xara added.

"Oh, I love the Sirens!" Zoe sighed.

Xara blinked. "Really? Aren't their songs for subs?"

"Just because their songs tend to be hypnotic coded doesn't make them just for subs."

"I guess. What's your favourite song?"

"Rivers of Lethe."

"I don't remember that one," Xara frowned.

"Nobody remembers Rivers of Lethe," sniffed Zoe.

"I'm sorry, what are the Sirens?" Irene interjected. "Some band?"

"An Anankian girl group," Xara started. "They're popular, mostly among subs -"

"They're also fucking hot," Zoe embellished

"Tend to dress like sluts..."

"It's great."

Irene raised an eyebrow. "I see. Maybe I'll check them out. I always did like music."

"Speaking of silly titles, did Mom ask you about a professional name yet?"

Irene blushed. "It's a bit early to think about a pseudonym, but I was thinking... Psyche."

"Oooh. I like it," Xara smiled. "It suits you."

"Thanks," Irene smiled.

"In here," Officer Calli directed. Amanda obediently walked past her into an alcove with a cot and a toilet. She would have called it a cell, but it was much more futuristic and clean than movies had led her to believe, and it had no bars. It was just a small, three-sided depression set against the back wall of the station.

Officer Calli gestured where the bars would have been in a normal cell. "It's impossible to escape this maximum security cell. Believe this."

Amanda barked in the affirmative. Officer Calli smiled and walked away, shutting the door behind her. After waiting for a few minutes, Amanda curiously walked back over to the edge of her cell. She moved a foot to the seam between her tiled floor and the outside room’s carpet and felt like she had bumped her toes against a wall. With a confused whimper she pressed her head against the air and felt an irresistible blockage right in front of her.

Officer Calli, as always, was right; escape was impossible. Even if she found a way past whatever barrier had been erected, Amanda knew she couldn't escape for one simple, all-encompassing reason.

Officer Calli didn't want her to escape, and she did not want to disappoint Officer Calli.

She sat on the cot, hands glued to her hips and tailplug wagging morosely. Would her Majesty be upset she had gotten arrested? Was she a bad dog?

You're not a fucking dog!      

Amanda blushed. That's right, she wasn't a dog, she was a human - an innocent one - forced into the role of a dog. That was completely different. And she -

The door opened and a young lady stepped through. She looked around, caught sight of Amanda, and smiled, somehow walking right through the invisible barrier to join Amanda in her cell. It took a moment for Amanda's addled mind to recognise the nun's habit.

"I heard you got arrested by the Edge Police," kia started. "You shouldn't cum! It's very naughty. Edging is a lot more fun anyway!"

Amanda's false ears flattened at the chastisement and she felt a whine in the back of her throat, even as her mind groaned. I hope this lecture doesn't take too long...

"What would the Heiress think if she knew you were cumming without her being around to enjoy it? For that matter, as your owner, shouldn't she own all your orgasms, too? You wouldn't use her stuff without permission, would you?"

kia learned closer to Amanda, her eyes somehow both intense and slightly dull. Amanda couldn't quite tell if she was brainwashed or... devoted. She didn't seem to be capable of thinking much outside of her role.

"The Matriarch... mmm..." she paused for a moment, lost in blissful memory. "She created the Edge Police on my request to help me find and teach young citizens like you that cumming is a privilege not all of us deserve. Cumming should be a pastime reserved for our betters, don't you think?"

Her attentive stare demanded a response. Amanda blushed and squirmed, unsure she even had the capacity to answer, when the door opened.

"Sister kia, quit bothering the mutt," Officer Calli smiled.

"I'm just trying to rehabilitate her wicked ways!" The nun pouted, turning to face the policewoman.

"Well, you're needed elsewhere. There haven't been many female prisoners lately and the relevant officers need some relief in the change rooms."

kia's eyes widened. "Those poor souls! I'll go attend to them immediately," she promised, hurrying out of the cell and pausing at the door to look back at Amanda. "No cumming, okay?"

Then she was gone.

"She'll be busy for a few hours," Officer Calli chuckled. "Someone spiked the water cooler in that change room with Eros."

Amanda cocked her head quizzically.

"What? You don't know what Eros is? Don't make me laugh, you've got remnants in your system. Fucking druggy." Officer Calli stalked over and pulled Amanda to her feet. "Now hold still while I get you ready. You're due in court in fifty minutes."

Amanda gulped. Court?

"Oh, I have an idea!" Xara clapped her hands. "Why don't we ask for permission to go on a holiday?"

"A holiday?" Zoe cocked her head. "You mean outside of the city?"

"Yeah. Get away from the responsibilities for a few days, see the world..."

"I'm not sure I should be asking for a holiday barely a week after arriving," Irene frowned. Zoe nodded.

"And after the coup attempt the security forces are a bit hectic. They might need me."

Xara huffed. "I'm sure a week won't hurt. What could go wrong? Ananke's self sufficient and powerful, and we're three young, hot women with the world at their fingertips."

"And an obscene amount of money," Zoe smirked.

"What do you mean?" Xara frowned.

"Well, now that I know you're the Heiress, you've gotta be rich, right?"

"I mean... Ananke handles accommodation and food and we don't really have wages, so..."

"Xar," Zoe interrupted. "Do you own any companies?"

"Yeah, a couple?"

"Like what?"

"Um... I dunno, I don't remember them all." Xara mumbled and stared at her drink.

"Pardon me. You own companies?" Irene gaped. "You're 21."

"Yeah, and they started giving me them from 15, so -"

Zoe giggled. "Xara, you get companies as birthday presents?"

"Is that not normal?" Xara squeaked in a small voice, starting to blush.

"No!" The girls blurted, Zoe in jubilant amusement and Irene in something approaching horror.

"Then maybe I am a bit rich," Xara grumbled. "But I still want a holiday! It's a lot of work learning to run a city link Ananke."

"What have you learned so far?" Irene put her glass down and crossed her arms on the table.

"Um. Aside from the mines and the space agency? I guess a bit of family history and..." She screwed her face up. "Look, I've been a bit distracted most of the time."

"Does your distraction have a name?" Zoe grinned.

"Fuck off."

As Zoe laughed again, Xara's view of the room was briefly obscured by a direct message from Nyna, filling the lower half of her perspective. Xara snorted, and her friends paused.

"Everything all right?" Irene queried.

"Oh, yes. Everything's great. Poor Amanda, though. She went and got arrested by the Edge Police," Xara giggled. "Come on, let's get to the court. I love seeing her squirm."

"What's an Edge Police?" Irene wondered.

"Cops that arrest subs for public orgasms," Xara answered as she stood and drained the rest of her cup.

"They aren't actual police. More like a theatre troupe." Zoe chuckled. "They just exist to help with sporadic humiliation scenarios. Not that their founder realises."

"Like half the industry in Ananke exists purely for sex reasons," Xara grinned. "I love it. I'm gonna see if I can't make it 80% when I take charge."

"Good lord. What would that be, just mass public intercourse?" Irene sighed and stood too.

Xara giggled. "Nah, that's Breeding Day. Just wait till spring."

Irene groaned quietly as the trio hurried out the door. As they cleared the threshold Zoe whispered to Irene, who raised an eyebrow, hesitated and tapped Xara on the neck.

"Aaahh god fucking!" Xara groaned and slid to her knees, grimacing and panting. Irene blushed and Zoe burst out giggling.

"Congratulations on your first fuck, girls."

"That was not sex!" Irene bristled.

Xara groaned, panting as she fought to regain her footing. "It fucking felt like it," she whined weakly.

The Ananke Court House was located a few roads down from the lake, closer to the residential district than the central business district. Ostensibly this was so the citizens of the city didn't feel isolated from the law system - something about people respecting the law a bit more if it was transparent and closer to home than surrounded by skyscrapers and businesses.

Of course, everyone knew the real reason was for public spectacle.

Anyone was permitted to enter any court room and witness a case. The court rooms, unlike those outside Ananke, were laid out in such a way that the focal point of a court was not the judge, but the defendant. Where the judge might usually sit at the highest point in the room, in Ananke the gallery was above even the judge's bench, to allow spectators to see the judge, defendant, any witnesses, and prosecutor clearly. The rooms were arranged almost like an amphitheatre or a stage house. Judge to stage left, counsel to stage right, defendant in the centre.

Like any court run by a government concerned with tradition (or, as Xara would put to Irene, "up its own ass"), the Ananke Court House had a large statue on the front steps of Lady Justice - or Themis,Goddess of Justice, in this case. Unique to Ananke was her design; other nations would feature a tall, regal woman, blindfolded and holding the Scales of Justice high, informing all who approach that the legal system was fair, unbiased and impartial.

In Ananke, the statue of Themis was a twenty foot tall polished marble representation of a somewhat more curvaceous interpretation of the goddess, fallen to her knees, blindfolded and ball-gagged, with a pair of shackles pulling her arms back diagonally by heavy gold chains connected to the two extreme corners of the front of the court house. Her head was bowed submissively, defeated, and if any visitor was honest the most noticeable part of the statue when approaching from the front was her tits; huge, smooth marble carefully designed to look like they were moments away from spilling free from the tattered robe she wore.

Xara smiled as she approached, recalling a few prior visits to Ananke where she had picnicked in the park opposite the court house and just stared at Themis for hours while Somna went inside to encourage defendants to 'remember their evidence easier' during testimony.

"Okay. First, that statue is ridiculous, but I can see how it fits the culture here. Kinda hot. But second, that's very well sculpted. She looks so real," Irene admitted, impressed. "Do you have stonemasons?"

"Nah," Xara chuckled. "Just a fuckton of nanobots. It's a lot easier to make lifelike statues when you can just have a bunch eat a shape out of a slab."

"Ah. That's a little disappointing," Irene muttered. "I thought Ananke had a bit of respect for the arts, for a moment."

"We do too! The museum is huge!" Xara huffed, hackles raised. "And look at her knockers! Nanobots can only do what you tell them, someone had to imagine those for probably hours!"

"Ohh, I love the museum," Zoe sighed. "So hot."

"Yeah, I really gotta go with Amanda sometime..."

Irene smiled to herself. The people in this city were certainly... eccentric, but despite her lifelong policy of remaining above the sort of distractions most of her peers suffered, there was something charming about the Anankian's embrace and openness of their own. Even if she wasn't that interested in the sexual side of things herself, her time with Mistress Somna had already shown her there was fun to be had in enabling others.

The girls hustled past the statue, in through the front doors, politely declined the security guards' offers for a pat down (Zoe slightly more flirtatiously than the other two) and entered the court room.

Since there was little real crime in Ananke, there was only one room in the court house, and the security was as much for aesthetic as the court itself. Nevertheless, six security guards stood around the room in black and blue leather-form nanosuits, still and straight-backed, whips and stun-guns hanging from their belts. There weren't too many spectators today, so Xara, Irene and Zoe got a set of seats with a great view of the room.

The judge already sat in his chair, attended by a pretty young associate in a pencil skirt Xara had to tear her eyes away from. The defendant's counsel sat across the chamber, closest to the defendant's podium, and he was attended by a young male assistant. The prosecutor sat next to him, wearing a leather skirt and corset, and she was attended by another girl in more mundane business wear, though she also had a spiked collar and stared at her Mistress at all times, almost supernaturally attentive. Since court wasn't yet in session, the prosecutor was leaning towards her assistant, stroking her thighs and nibbling at her neck.

Xara grinned and wiggled in her seat as a door off to one side of the room opened and the familiar shape of her girlfriend walked out, led by an Edge Policewoman. As expected, Amanda's expression was slack, lips slightly parted, eyes unseeing as she followed her temporary mistress. To Xara's delight, and Zoe's, if her approving moan was anything to go by, the fur covering most of Amanda's body had been modified to black and white stripes similar to an old-fashioned prison jumpsuit, albeit with the torso entirely missing.

"Sit," the officer commanded once she had reached the defendant’s podium. Without a word or a moment's hesitation Amanda sat in the chair. "Hands up." Amanda's hands lifted, cocked at the elbows almost as if she were flexing.

The officer pulled some metal manacles from the desk in front of Amanda and sealed them around the girl's wrists, then lowered Amanda's hands onto the desk. "These are impossibly heavy. You cannot lift them."

Amanda showed no sign of hearing, but all knew she accepted the words as truth.

"This is a very serious trial. The stakes could not be higher. There is no audience. You may speak normally again. You will wake when you hear the gavel." The officer paused for a moment, then reached forward and flicked one of Amanda's exposed nipples. The rest of the people in the room chuckled politely as the officer turned and smiled, evidently pleased at Amanda’s utter lack of respond, then with a bow to the judge she left the room.

"All right, then," the judge smiled, lifting his gavel, then slamming it down.

Amanda jumped, startled awake and disoriented. She looked around the room in a panic, realising she had somehow been transported from the station already. She could see she was in a court room, and a harsh anxiety began to build up in her.

Fuck, I'm in trouble, she whimpered. She tried to lift a hand to her forehead, already feeling clammy, but her hand wouldn't move. She stared at the manacles on her wrists and jerked her arms, trying to move them, but they wouldn't move even a centimetre. These things must weigh a ton...

Movement from near the judge's bench drew her attention. The associate stood, hands behind her back. "This court is now in session. The matter of Amanda v Public Decency."

What? Why am I getting blamed?

The judge looked to the prosecutor, who finally stopped stroking her assistant's thigh, then back to Amanda. "You, ma'am stand accused of public exposure and indecency, specifically public orgasm without a license. How do you plead?"

Amanda swallowed. "Not guilty... your Honour?"

"Objection," the prosecutor called, getting to her feet.

"Mistress Lang?" The judge leaned forward and interlocked his fingers.

"Your Honour, I'd like permission to approach the defendant."

The judge smiled and gestured. "As you wish."

Amanda watched as the black-haired prosecutor turned and walked towards her, smirking a little. Amanda tried to keep her eyes north of the woman's tight-fitting skirt, though she noted the prosecutor's assistant didn't bother hiding her gaze. Nor did the defending counsel's assistant, for that matter

Prosecutor Lang arrived at Amanda's podium and leaned over the side, taking Amanda's cheek in one hand, gently stroking leather-clad fingers across her face. Amanda shivered as the prosecutor moved in close enough to whisper, taking up most of Amanda's field of view.

"Sweetie, I know this is all scary and foreboding... you could get in real trouble. Prison time, exile, even public humiliation... And we both know you don't want that, don't you?"

"No," Amanda whimpered, shaking her had slightly. The prosecutor's hand felt oddly safe, and she leaned her cheek into it.

"Trust me, kitten, I've been a prosecutor for fifteen years now. I know what I'm doing better than anyone. I've got a plan, but you need to trust me. Okay?"

"Yess," Amanda whispered. Mistress Lang was such a relaxing presence, and in such a tense situation it felt good to rely on someone who knew what they were doing.

"Good kitten," Lang whispered, leaning in a bit more to kiss Amanda's other cheek. "It would help a lot if you plead guilty, all right? For me?" She smiled patiently and despite her circumstances Amanda smiled back.

"Yes, Mistress Lang..."

"Excellent. Your Honour," the prosecutor stood and walked back to her desk and her assistant. "The defendant wants to change her answer."

The judge raised an eyebrow. "How do you plead, defendant?"

Amanda cleared her throat and shot a glance at Mistress Lang, who nodded and smiled. Amanda smiled back for a moment and raised her voice. "I plead guilty to the charges, your Honour."

"Objection, your Honour," Amanda's defence counsel called, standing. "The prosecutor has seduced the witness."

"Seduced? I barely did anything!" Mistress Lang put a hand to her chest. "Do I look like the kind of woman to play dirty?"

The defence counsel smiled momentarily and addressed the judge. "The defendant is an extremely suggestible sub, your Honour. She would do anything she's told by anyone she perceives as a superior."

Amanda blushed. Hey!

Mistress Lang stood again. "Your Honour, Master Banks is, with respect, deluded. The defendant is an obvious example of someone well in control of her own mind. I'd be surprised if she has ever followed an instruction in her life.”

Hey!! Amanda's tailplug wagged and slapped her chair in agitation.

"Your Honour," Master Banks raised his voice. "I move that my client's evidence be struck from the record as coerced."

Mistress Lang grinned and slapped her table. "Your Honour, the defendant wouldn't plead guilty if she weren't feeling ashamed of her lawbreaking."

"Enough!" The judge banged his gavel. "This problem has a simple solution. Obedient subs stand now," he called, banging the gavel again.

Amanda shot to her feet, awkwardly bent as her hands remained immobile in the shackles. She blushed at her instinctive obedience, but realised to her slight comfort that the judge's associate and Master Banks' assistant had each risen to their feet, bright red, especially the poor man. Mistress Lang's assistant had also stood, but she alone among the subs seemed comfortable with her display of obedience, still looking lovingly at her boss.

"I think that answers that," the judge smiled. "The defendant's change of plea is stricken from the record. Mistress Lang, your case."

The prosecutor strolled casually back towards Amanda, not seeming at all bothered by her loss. "Your Honour, I intend to prove without a doubt that this girl is a slut of the highest order, that she knowingly and willingly masturbated in public for the thrill and that she flouted the Edge Act of 2137."

Amanda's cheeks burned. "Y-your Honour," she squeaked.

The gavel slammed, though the judge's tone was friendly. "Speak only when spoken to, defendant."

Amanda's mouth clamped shut. She knew she had something to say, and a strong desire to, yet none of that desire translated to so much as a parting of the lips. She tried to whimper in protest but couldn't even manage that.

Mistress Lang approached the defendant's podium again and passed her fingers over a holoscreen set into the front. A low hum rose somewhere above Amanda and the metallic shackles she wore somehow rose over her head, despite their obvious enormous weight. She first stood as her hands rose into the air, then stood on her tiptoes, and finally felt her feet leave the floor entirely as she was lifted into the air by the magnetic field.

She couldn't make a sound, but her eyes went wide with worry as she felt her own weight pulling her down, her wrists the only things supporting her. She was afraid she'd get injured, but she still had enough dignity to blush brighter as her lower body cleared the podium and the full extent of her nudity was laid bare for all to see.

Amanda thought she heard a wolf whistle from some distance directly ahead, in the darkness, but she couldn't see anyone there.

The shackles stopped their upward climb three metres from the ground and moved apart from each other, pulling her arms diagonally apart. As she flailed, Amanda noticed some wooden outcroppings from the wall behind her off to each side, roughly at foot height.

The intent was clear, but the alternative was hanging by her wrists, and she couldn't do that much longer. She squirmed and wriggled until she got her right foot on one peg, forcing it about as diagonal as her right arm, then put her left foot on the left peg. She finally felt secure and supported, but she had never been more aware of being on display than now. Her legs were spread far too wide for any hope of privacy.

"This is the defendant's cunt," Mistress Lang explained, walking under Amanda and reaching up to trace a finger around Amanda's lips. A soundless moan twisted Amanda's face, but no one seemed to be paying attention to anything so high up.

"Witnesses say they saw the defendant stroking said cunt like so," Mistress Lang continued, slipping two fingers inside and twisting them. Amanda bucked on the pegs and almost slipped, feeling her knees going weak.

No, please not here!

"Witnesses to the defendant's debauchery stated in addition to her willful masturbation they heard the defendant begging innocent passers-by to join in, to fuck her, to 'use her like a cumrag'." The prosecutor grabbed a handful of Amanda's ass and squeezed. "She seemed particularly eager for anal play."

Amanda shook her head, breathing heavily. The judge leaned back, frowning.

"I must say I find it difficult to imagine, defendant, you may speak again, but do the court a favour and act out the prosecutor's claims." He banged the gavel again, and the sound echoed in Amanda's head. She opened her mouth and whimpered.

"Please... please fuck me, miss," she bucked a hip in Mistress Lang's direction. "I'll do anything, I'm so fucking horny... Please use me!"

No, fuck! Come on!

"Ah, that does seem to come naturally to her. Anything else, Miss Lang?"

The prosecutor smiled and stalked back to her desk, leaving Amanda whimpering behind her. "Not for now, your Honour. I think it's abundantly clear the defendant is a slut."

"Indeed. Master Banks, your rebuttal?"

Amanda's attorney cleared his throat, stood and slowly walked over to Amanda, building up suspense. Amanda bucked her pussy in his direction as he got closer. "Please, I know you wanna fuck me, I want it too," she whined.

Master Banks ignored her, which both relieved Amanda and made her whimper louder. "Your Honour, it's my sworn duty to defend my client from the grievous allegations put against her by the prosecutor, and I aim to do just that."

Thank god. Please be quick.

He gestured up at Amanda. "As is clear, my client is, indeed, a slut."

Fuck you! Amanda thought.

"Fuck me!" Amanda gasped.

Her counsel's hand touched her hip and stroked across to her backside, then down, around the swell of her thigh, his fingers pausing right near Amanda's pussy. Her body twisted and humped as close as she could get to his fingers, but he kept them just out of reach.

"I posit the defendant did not dress up as a fuckpuppy as the prosecution implies, and did not put on a public display of her own volition. Rather, a dominant instructed her to do so, and she of course obeyed, being a good girl."

Amanda shivered.

"Quite possibly she was put in this situation by an abusive dominant who intended to get her in trouble."

Xara's not abusive, Amanda intended to respond.

"Fuuuck. Her Majesty, mmm, her Majesty's fucking... she's not bad, she fucks me every day, every night?" Amanda’s eyes closed and her cheeks went red, even as her lips pulled into a lascivious grin and her hips gyrated on a phantom strap-on. "She loves my ass, she always fucks my ass... Almost always, sometimes she makes me sit on her face..."

Zoe snorted. Irene raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Xara blushed furiously. "Oh, you bitch, Manda."

The judge banged the gavel. "Order," he called.

Amanda was too into character - at least, her body was. Her attorney's fingers were finally close enough for her to slide around them, squeezing her legs together and twisting. "Quit pounding your hammer and pound me! Please!" She looked at Master Banks, then at his assistant. "You two, too! There's plenty of room, I bet I could take you three all at once!"

Oh my fucking god!

Her eyes snapped to the judge's blushing associate. "And you - you could eat me out? People say my thighs feel great wrapped around their heads - mostly her Majesty, it's her second favourite thing -"

Amanda froze mid sentence, and her body became eerily still. The members of the court were surprised, looking around at each other before a girl walked out of the darkness of the audience area, red face contrasting her dark, green-tipped hair.

"Thanks for the show, everyone, but I think I'll be taking her back now before she gives away any state secrets."

"How you get fucked isn't a state secret," Zoe laughed, joining Xara on stage. Irene followed at a modest distance, watching Amanda.

"Wow, she's really frozen, isn't she?"

"You can't take her now, 'your Majesty'," Mistress Lang grinned. "We haven't come to a conclusion. Justice hasn't been served."

"Justice, sure," Xara grumbled. "I doubt it's justice you want served."

"I mean, she is offering," Master Banks laughed, still feeling Amanda up. "Don't we get to take her up on it?"

Xara mulled it over. "Normally I'd say no, but... how about this, you don't tell anyone what she said about me and I'll give each of you ten minutes with her in the judge's chambers."

"Deal," Master Banks said immediately.

"Deal," the judge added.

"Will she be frozen like that?" Mistress Lang queried.

"I'll un-pause her and leave her in that begging state, but I'm make her think it's her normal mindset. I don't want her to get too traumatised." Without me around. To comfort her. Mmm...

"Deal, then, Heiress," Mistress Lang chuckled.

"Still, it was a good show. I need to blow off some steam too. Judge, can I take your associate?"

"Of course, Heiress," he smiled as his associate blushed and stammered. "As a public servant she is your subject. Just tell her whatever laws you want her to believe and she'll believe them."

"Judge," the associate squeaked. "That's not -"

"It's illegal for you to be wearing a shirt," Xara called out. The associate went redder and pulled her buttons out, yanking the shirt off her chest and tossing it to the floor.

"I'm so sorry, Judge, Heiress," she whimpered meekly.

"Come on, Zoe, I assume you'll want in, too. Irene?"

Irene smirked. "As enticing as the officer is I think I'll grab a coffee and wait. You'll only be half an hour, yes?"

"Yeah, yeah, half an hour... Maybe forty-five minutes. Depends how good little miss law's tongue work is," Xara dropped her voice to a mutter.

The trio left the court room with the associate following behind them, and as Xara passed through the door she aimed her remote over her shoulder and pressed a button.

"She really loves when I -"

"Ma'am," the judge called. "Good news. We've decided to drop all charges against you. To celebrate, we will each spend ten minutes with you in my chambers however you deem fit, by way of an earnest apology."

Amanda grinned and gyrated her hips. "Oh, I know exactly how you can apologise..."

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