Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 7 – Rocket Manda

by Creirwy

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A few miles from the city, but still safely within Ananke's borders, the Oranos Space Agency rose out of the flat terrain like a plastic block on a child's bedroom floor.

Xara was curious to learn more about this part of Genecorp's business. Everyone knew about the communication and everyday computing technology the company produced, but few knew Genecorp had its own space program. Other countries' leaders were aware, naturally, but the Matriarch had told Xara there was an understanding that kept it from being widely advertised.

She was curious why.

A rocket had already been erected, proud and tall and shaped in a way that would make any Anankian smirk or blush depending on their proclivities. Nothing in the town was half-assed, that was for sure.

Xara idly fondled Amanda's.

Her duties as Heiress, mainly consisting of training to take over Genecorp one day, often seemed vague and subject to the whim of her aunt. Sometimes the Matriarch would have her go and tour facilities or attend political functions; sometimes she would have to sit behind the desk and roleplay a CEO while her employees did the actual work, and sometimes she'd even have to make a decision about the budgets and projects that were expected to exceed Ruby's tenure as leader.

Honestly, sometimes it felt like she was doing more work than her aunt was, but surely Ruby was managing things better than she made out. Ashe seemed to respect her enough, despite the dragon-phoenix fight-fuck in the hivemind's simulated reality.

They better not do that again at the next family reunion.


The car stopped precisely where it was meant to - Nyna could drive the things like toys - and the right side of the vehicle opened out like a flower. Xara pulled Amanda to her feet and tugged her onto the path leading toward the agency.

"Come on, Amanda, we're gonna go see some space shit," she grinned. Amanda looked at the tall control building towering above them and nodded meekly. Xara giggled to herself. She had put her girlfriend back in her perverted excuse for a secretary's outfit, in stark contrast to Xara's own business suit. Xara felt she exuded feminine power and authority, especially with her favoured hairstyle. She was confident Amanda just exuded raw feminine sexuality.

She was equally confident Amanda enjoyed it, deep down.

"Good afternoon, Heiress," a middle-aged woman with dark blue hair said, smiling at Xara and holding a clipboard to her moderate chest. "I'm Professor Astraea. I've been charged with running the Oranos Space Agency."

"Good to meet you," Xara responded, shaking Astraea's hand. "I've been told I'm here for a tour?"

"That's right, Heiress. We've got a few projects to show you, and then we’re going to launch the new satellite."

"My girl here helped build the satellite, actually!" Xara gestured over her shoulder. Astraea glanced at Amanda and smiled.

"Ah, a drone, are you? We couldn't function without tools like you. You've very efficient and easy to direct."

"Th-thank you?" Amanda squirmed on the spot. Tool...

"Right this way, and please make sure to stay as close to the yellow lines on the floor as possible," Astraea warned, turning and leading the way inside. Xara followed, hand looped around Amanda's waist, enjoying the feeling of her girlfriend’s hips rocking.

To Amanda's relief, they didn't walk too far before they got to their first stop, so Xara's fingers didn't get too much of a chance to tease their way lower. Instead, Xara just patted her ass and followed Astraea into the middle of the room. Amanda made to follow but found her legs wouldn't move. Looking down, she realised she was standing on the edge of the yellow line, and blushed.

"Hey, Professor, after the launch, do you mind if we..." Xara leaned in and whispered to Astraea, who nodded and smiled. The two women turned to grin at Amanda for a moment before getting back to the tour, leaving the girl to wonder and worry.

"This is our communications room, containing our uplink to Selene, Genecorp's outpost on the surface of the moon." Astraea waved her hands at a bank of holo-screen monitors watched and interacted with by half a dozen men and women in white jumpsuits - not quite as tight as Amanda's drone suit or Ruby's bodysuit, but not as baggy as an astronaut's under suit. Somewhere between comfortable and practical. A couple of the women still caught Xara's attention momentarily, though.

"I've heard about that. We don't keep it secret from the outsiders?"

"No, it doesn't matter if they know we have a moon base. We're one of dozens. Even commercially as opposed to publicly owned, we're one of five. Much like our peers, we maintain the Selene Outpost to produce and launch space technology at a fraction of the cost - especially once we worked out how to use the moon's natural ore to create the heavier components. We can launch the odd satellite here, but it's a lot easier to do so when gravity is one-sixth as strong."

Xara admired the image of a moon base on one of the monitors. "How many cursed live there?"

"None. They're all contracted and work for Genecorp, but they're not part of the family. They don't even know what Ananke is like," Astraea smirked. "Who would want to leave the planet if they knew about us?"

"Point," Xara grinned. "So, if you have them building and launching satellites, why are we doing it here?"

"They're doing it for a... special project, which we'll get around to. This facility was built first to get Genecorp's employees on the moon, and then to support them. It had been shut down for forty or so years, but we revived it a few years back to start producing our own satellites for terrestrial use after it became..." Astraea frowned for a moment. "...risky to use hired or purchased products from our peers."

"I see," Xara mused.

"Mmm. Now, at the moment we only have two satellites in orbit. One, Artemis, is an uplink between us and Selene. The other, Hermes, assists Nyna in expanding her sphere of influence to cover Ananke's land. It can be redirected to focus her attention in a moderately wide area outside of the city, but obviously that would render a lot of the AI-dependent infrastructure in Ananke inert, so it's not really an option."

"And the new one?"

Astraea tapped at a screen and brought up the image of the satellite Amanda and her drone cousins had helped build. It was twice as tall as a person and barely wider than Amanda's own drone chambers, sleek and grey with the Genecorp logo on the side, and an array of micro thrusters in a ring a foot from the top and bottom of the chassis.

"Poseidon. This one is going above the Pacific Ocean for a special task."

"What's that?" Xara asked, leaning against a desk as she watched the animation slowly turn.

Astraea smiled. "Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors - humanity's, not specifically yours and mine - had a terrible approach to garbage disposal. They managed to create a country-sized patch of plastics and waste floating out in the middle of the ocean. In the 2050s there was a big push to stop such wastes, and it largely succeeded, but what was already there stayed there. Not a priority to clean up, they said."

Astraea sniffed. "But here at Genecorp, we have some moral standards, and we're practically donating two Swarms to handle this mess. They need a constant uplink to Nyna to operate, though, thus Poseidon. We spray the Swarms over the gyre, and Nyna has the Swarms break down the plastics and render them either safe and inert, or into a form that can more easily be removed from the ocean. The project will take a long time, but at least something will finally be done about it."

"Huh, okay. That's cool," Xara smiled. "All for saving the planet. Are Swarms common, then? We only have one for mining, don't we?"

"They are not at all common. They come from the same source vat as the Anankian nanosuits, so they're competing for resources, and the ore used isn't particularly common. Nanobots are extremely easy to produce - chuck the raw ore into the source vat and the nanobots already in there will replicate using the ore as fuel, then we get new nanosuits and, occasionally, a Swarm. It takes a lot of Nyna's processing power to run a Swarm, so we need more drones to plug in, but more drones means more nanosuits, so... bit of a cycle.

"We're breeding a large batch of drones for the next generation, though, so Nyna should be able to handle that side of things by the time she starts straining. As for the Swarms, we have five so far, and don't expect to have another for at least a year."

"One for mining, two for ocean clean-up... what about four and five?"

Astraea grinned. "Later, Heiress. Let's head up a floor."

"Come on, Amanda," Xara called, slapping her own thigh. Amanda lurched forward as her legs moved without conscious thought, blushing.

"Yes, Mistress Xara..."

Xara whistled. "So we do have robots?"

"No," Astraea chuckled. "They're just experiments. We're looking into non-human labour for locations where drones would be impractical or unsafe. Most of us think less humanoid artificial workers would make more sense, be more efficient, but..."

Astraea gestured at the plastic shells of two robots; rudimentary faces with closed eyes, exposed wires at the joints between their limbs and torsos, and quite obviously designed with form over function. "Being Ananke, we have part of the budget set aside for our technicians to be horny."

"Can I get one of Amanda?" Xara grinned, prompting a laugh from Astraea and a squeak from Amanda."

"I'm not sure a model with her proportions would even be able to swivel enough at the waist to walk properly, Heiress."

"Damn it," Amanda whispered. She was so horny.

"What was that Amanda?" Xara called, looking over her shoulder.

"I... being objectified makes me horny," Amanda blushed. Why was lying to the Heiress so impossible?

"Sorry, didn't catch that," Xara chuckled, reaching into her pocket. "Say again?"

"Being objectified makes me horny!" Amanda yelled. Technicians and scientists looked over at her in surprise, then mirth as they laughed. Astraea giggled and Xara had the smuggest grin on her face. "Mistress!" Amanda shouted.

"Sweet, the volume controls work too," Xara giggled, pointing the remote at Amanda and thumbing another button. "Thanks for the test, love."

Amanda could only whine, but at least she was doing it at a normal volume now. Xara turned back to Astraea.

"So these are more passion projects than anything practical? No Amanda fuckbot?"

"I'm sure you can find an 'Amanda fuckbot' elsewhere, Heiress, and technically every project in Ananke is a passion project, but yes." Astraea smiled and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "One more floor, then we can watch the launch and then we can... meet your request. This one is secret, though, so you'll need to leave your concubine here."

"Oooh, concubine. "The Concubine." How's that for a title, Manda?"

"It's... got mystique, Mistress," Amanda squirmed.

"It does, huh?" She turned back to Astraea. "If I put her in drone mode can she come with?"

The Professor considered for a moment. "I suppose so, if her conditioning will prevent her from speaking about it when she is returned to normal."

"Of course," Xara promised, aiming the remote at Amanda again. "Let's see, personality and attire... there we are." She clicked an arrow button and Amanda's nanosuit rapidly shifted back into a leather bodysuit, a smirk melting onto her face as her stance became more sensual. "Oops. Not that one," Xara blushed, clicking again.

Before Amanda could even finish putting her weight on one leg to cock a hip, her sultry smile shifted into a brainless grin, and her nanosuit reformatted into a cheerleader uniform.

"Fuck! Wait a second," Xara fumbled with the remote. "Sorry, it's new."

Another click had Amanda in lingerie with a dog ear headband and anal plug, panting. Another much more urgent click finally had the suit envelope Amanda's body like purple liquid latex, and her expression became entirely blank and disinterested.

"Okay... she's a drone now," Xara mumbled.

"Perfect. Thank you for the show, Heiress," Astraea smirked to herself. My technicians look suitably inspired." She walked back to the elevator.

Xara looked across the room at the group of technicians grinning, distracted from their tasks, and blushed again. "Come on, SL6778, we gotta go."

"Affirmative," the drone replied, marching after her owner with the impassive obedience the prototype robots could only aspire to achieve.

The maim control room featured a holographic display of a planet slowly rotating, satellites and small asteroids orbiting it.

"Mars?" Xara asked, staring at the red rust of the sphere.

"Mars," confirmed Astraea. "Heiress, welcome to Project Ares. In conjunction with several world leading space agencies and their governments, Ananke is using our tech - suitably obfuscated, of course - in a joint exercise to prepare the next stage of humanity's expansion. We're terraforming our sister planet."

Xara raised her eyebrows. "Terraforming? That's a huge undertaking."

"Indeed," Astraea smiled. "And it will take a long time. Possibly less than you'd expect, but not within our lifetimes, in all likelihood not our children's, either. Creating an atmosphere on a dead world isn't a speedy endeavour."

"How are you going about it, then?"

"Selene Base is creating and fitting satellites to fly over to the asteroid belt and locate large deposits of ice and gasses. The satellite will then land on such an asteroid, and use a solar-powered magnetic propulsion system to nudge the asteroid into a collision course with Mars. Some scientists believe all Earth's water came from comets, meteors and asteroids, so we're expediting the process.

"With enough gaseous asteroids, we hope to encourage and trigger a self-sustaining greenhouse effect. We might need to set off a few of Mars' dormant volcanoes and melt some ice caps to free more of it, but we have plans for that, too."

Xara nodded slowly. "No risk of knocking an asteroid into Earth?"

Astraea smirked. "There's always a risk, but we've knocked about a hundred and fifteen into Mars over the last ten years and none have come close to Earth. We're working with top physicists and mathematicians here. But we do have a couple of... trade secrets."

"Such as?" Xara grinned and sat on the edge of a console, eyes flicking over to Amanda as the drone stood at attention, rigid and uncomprehending with sightless eyes staring intently at empty space.

"The Swarms." Astraea became slightly animated for the first time. "Once we work out a way to manage the Swarms on Mars - Nyna won't have that kind of range - we're going to deliver our two spare Swarms to Mars. We're got a rocket capable of carrying two tons of nanofluid into orbit round Mars. Once there, we'll find a suitable place away from the prying eyes of our allies, and we'll eject the payloads from their containment, delivering the nanofluid to the surface where-"

Xara snorted. "You're going to cum on Mars?"

"We're going to cum on Mars," Astraea grinned. "A crude way of putting it, but yes. Once we've given the surface a nice splatter, the Swarms will be directed to assist with a more controlled form of terraforming. As part of our deal, Genecorp has been assigned a region of Mars for development and residential purposes, as well as mining. However..."

"...however, if we has the Swarms picking through the surface dozens of years before anyone else lands tech on the planet, we can preemptively mine choice minerals and deliver them to Genecorp's land for retrieval when we arrive," Xara smiled. "Diabolical, Professor."

"We're doing so much for the world, it only makes sense we get a bit of a head start, no? Besides, while the ore we need for nanotech is relatively rare on Earth, Mars is untapped. The Swarms will be able to self-replicate, cover more ground and help set things up faster. In a few generations, when the atmosphere is strong enough to support plant life, we'll send our robots there to seed and nurture it, and if all goes well the plants - potentially kept safe by nanotech - will be able to generate enough oxygen for humans to travel there.

"We still aren't sure how long it will take, as it's all theoretical, but oxygen or not we hope to have human outposts on Mars by the 2280s, living in environments mote like here than the practical, sterile air-tight vaults of the 2040s."

"Nice. I guess that explains the huge fund set aside for the space division," Xara mused. "I had wondered."

"Now, it's about time for the launch, Heiress. If you’ll follow me?" Astraea led Xara and SL6778 to a viewing platform overlooking the rocket in the distance. Technicians around them performed last minute checks and tests as they approached the railing.

"Oh, can Amanda watch?"

"Of course, Heiress." Astraea smiled.

"Thanks!" Xara pulled her remote out and aimed it at Amanda, pausing a moment and smirking. She held a button and leaned in to whisper in Amanda's ear, then pushed another button, her girlfriend's eyes came alive, posture relaxing as she took in the new location.


"It's time for the launch, Manda," Xara gestured across the valley to the rocket. "Didn't want you to miss this."

"Oh. Thank you, Mistress." Amanda turned to put her hands on the rail, watching the rocket. She saw Xara's eyes dip toward her rear out of the corner of an eye, but didn't say anything. She knew Xara wanted a reaction, and while Amanda couldn't refuse an outright order she was determined to get her little victories where she could.

"Launch in 20 seconds," a voice came over the announcement speaker. The rocket in the distance began to vibrate, shaking as its thrusters warmed up. Amanda could feel the vibrations from here, snaking from the balcony floor through her bare feet and up her legs.

"Launch in 15 seconds."

Was that the rocket? The vibration felt stronger and... intimate. Amanda blushed as she felt the vibration between her legs. That didn't seem right... She looked sideways at Xara, but she was watching the rocket with a smile of anticipation. Amanda pressed her thighs together subtly and turned her gaze back to the rocket.

"Launch in ten seconds."

The rocket shook visibly. Amanda gasped and gripped the balcony railing as her knees wobbled. She would have fallen to the ground had Xara not caught her - typically, by placing her hand under Amanda's backside as legs failed.

"You all right, Amanda?"

"Y-yes, Mistress Xara, just... excited." Amanda's cheeks were red as she stood back up.

Xara grinned wickedly. "Me too."

Wonderingly, Amanda turned her attention back to the rocket just as the framing bent away from the rocket and the vessel slowly rose into the sky.

Amanda felt herself lifted slightly, rising onto her toes as she felt a powerful thrust from below in her pussy. She gasped, eyes wide and body rigid as the sensation grew stronger as the rocket climbed.

"Amanda?" Xara's voice called, full of mirth. Amanda wanted to look at her, to tell her she knew Xara was behind this, but her eyes were glued to the rocket's inexorable climb and her brain was almost entirely consumed by the throbbing, rock-hard fullness she felt growing between her legs.

She whimpered as the first stages of the rocket disengaged.

"Poseidon lift-off confirmed." The PA announced, and the technicians around the base cheered and clapped. As Xara and Astraea clapped politely, Amanda took advantage of the celebratory din to groan, low and loud, starting to sweat as the rocket grew smaller. Staring almost straight up now, Amanda bent at the knees and started rolling her hips, humping the phantom sensation inside her. It was just too good...

Two hands landed on her ass again, but she was too distracted to feel embarrassed about it. She could recognise one hand as Xara's firm, possessive grip, but the other was slightly softer, gentler, yet more confident. She heard Astraea's voice as the Professor leaned in, speaking into her ear over the sound of the rocket and the cheers.

"Once it breaches the lower atmosphere and reaches orbital height," she explained, pointing at the ever-shrinking rocket," the next partition of the rocket will disengage." Her fingers teased Amanda's crack a little as her voice dropped deeper, getting huskier. "And then... the rocket will... ejaculate the satellite," Astraea finished in a whisper that made Amanda's legs weak. She whimpered again. "It won't be long now..."

She couldn't look away if she tried. Amanda needed to see it, she needed... needed the launch to go well, needed to see the... the...

"Fuuuck," she mewled, humping faster. She couldn't cum. She knew she couldn't. Not until...

"And there we go," Astraea cooed, a moment before the distance smudge of the rocket broke into two smaller pieces.

For Amanda it felt like a hose of pure bliss went off in her pussy. She cried out, falling forward against the railing as she came, twitched and grinding and gasping... she heard laughter but she didn't know what it was for. Other people must be feeling good too?

Xara giggled. "Never seen someone enjoy science so much," she joked to Astraea, who smiled back.

"I almost feel bad for her, having you hold her leash, Heiress. I believe you wanted to borrow our facility?"

"Ooh, yes," Xara rubbed Amanda's ass through her nanosuit as the brunette hung uselessly over the rail. "If you don't mind.?"

"Of course not, Heiress. Everyone here is happy to play their part, and this is a day to celebrate."

Xara grinned and pulled her remote out again. "Awesome. I just need to give her a new set of memories. Hey, Amanda?"

"Huh...?" Amanda looked over weakly, blinking at the remote in front of her eyes.

"Boop," Xara said, clicking a button.

Aman'da woke on a horizontal metallic slab that felt cool against her bare skin. She blinked her eyes open, struggling to remember what had happened to her.

"So we can just act like normal, Professor?"

She shot up upon hearing the strange sound and found herself in a room similar to the one on her ship, surrounded by three bipeds that must be native to the planet. They were staring at her with an odd expression on their faces, and she stared impassively back, alert.

"Yes. The Heiress has programmed her to be incapable of understanding our language, and scrambling her own. We can say whatever we want and it won't ruin the illusion."

"Great, cuz she looks fucking great like this," the first speaker responded, prompting the group to laugh.

Aman'da flinched at the sound. Some species used sonic attacks to defend themselves, but considering her lack of physical response this just seemed to be a method of communication. She frowned and touched a finger to her communication collar. It must have been damaged in the crash.

Yes, the crash. Her memories were hazy on the details, but she remembered approaching the planet, a scout to lay the groundwork for conquer. Her ship had identified the most advanced settlement on the surface, which usually was the global seat of power.

She had been approaching the settlement when a crude missile of some description had been launched. Normally she would have been able to evade the attack, but some quirk of the planet's atmosphere had her controls locked and her ship took damage. Minor damage, but enough to cause her to crash into the land near the launch site. She remembered having hit her head...

"The Heiress sure is lucky," a third speaker opined. Aman'da looked at the bipeds, eyes narrow with concentration.

They were similar to her own species, in many respects. Two legs, two arms, two eyes, like the majority of sentient species she had encountered in this sector. They wore fabrics she could tell had technological functions imbued into the weaving, but their skin was an odd shade of slight pink here, browner there, but it all appeared to be shades along the same spectrum. Unlike her own blue, which in her species identified her as the spawn of noble stock.

Thus she swelled with pride. These creatures appeared to be both primitive and lowborn, and even without conquering them they would surely recognise her nobility, if not her power.

There were, broadly, two types of the creatures that she could see, but even in this room she could tell the species operated as a spectrum in that regard, too. Some of the beings had a focus on certain traits, some as others, but there was no hard and fast rule.

She noticed several of the aliens staring at her waist and legs, and she couldn't blame them. While several of the beings walking around the room were closer to her than others, every one of them appeared to be malnourished. Or, potentially, their species simply didn't develop past adolescence, but that seemed like an evolutionary mistake. In either case, she was certainly the one dominating the room in that regard.

The one with blue hair - obviously the local leader - quirked their lips and held a hand out. "I know you can't understand me, so I won't bother with a script."

Aman'da cocked her head to one side. She wasn't familiar with this language, and with her communication collar damaged she didn't have much of a hope of communicating, unless they were smarter than their technology suggested.

"I am Aman'da. I am here to conquer your world for the Empirical Lords. I will see your world leader."

One of the short-haired beings' lips quirked too. "Wow, that was complete nonsense, I think I heard 'Amanda' in there, though."

Well, they at least seemed to have picked up on her name, even if the pronunciation was woeful. Maybe they would be useful servants for the Empire after all. Aman'da slid off the slab and stood.

Once more she inspected the coverings every alien wore. Some were attired in a way that mostly showed off their shape, if not their strange skin, but none were bared like she was. She noticed some physics reactions to her form as she stood, eyes lingering at her hips as she felt herself jiggle softly.

Could this species be so chaste as to hide their forms from each other out of... what was the archaic word? Shame? The reaction to her naked body seemed to support the theory. Aman'da smirked to herself as she put her weight on one leg, cocking a taunting hip. They deserve conquering.

"Well, come on, Amanda, the Heiress has annexed my office and I won't be able to write up a report until you girls finish with my desk," Blue-Hair said, making a gesture with their hand and walking away. Aman'da took it to be a petition for her attention, and so she walked after the alien. The others who had been around her when she woke stared after her as she did so, and she put an extra jiggle in her step, watching over her shoulder.

All the creatures watching her seemed to enjoy the sight. Her smirk grew wider. If this species was so repressed as to become entranced by mere flesh and fat this planet would fall to the empire in moments, without any bloodshed.

Good for keeping the number of servants high.

She was led into a small chamber which rumbled when Blue-Hair pressed a button and rose vertically, then out into a long passageway with several portals lining the wall. Blue-Hair led her to one at the end and hit it with a closed fist several times.

"Yeees?" Called a voice from within.

"I've got your fucktoy with me, Heiress. She seems to be completely in character. Would you like to use her now or should I delay her a bit?"

Aman'da tuned the conversation out. The words made no sense, and she wasn't going to waste the effort deciphering them. She just needed to dominate the leader and have them surrender.

"No, bring her in now. I've been waiting all day."

Blue-Hair opened the door and held an arm out, looking into Aman'da's eyes. After a moment's hesitation - could it be a trap? - she walked in.

Behind a rectangular furnishing sat what appeared, in Aman'da's limited experience, to be a younger example of the species. This one had the same black hair she had seen on several aliens from her waking chamber, but also had a tinge of green.

No royal blue? Could this species' leaders' hues be green? Freakish.

The apparent leader had the same look on their face as the group in the waking chamber, eyes slowly taking Aman'da's splendor in. Aman'da swayed her hips a little to test the alien's focus and was pleased when the leader groaned.

"Fuck, you look hot all blue like that. Knowing you've been walking around naked like a slut is just, mmm," the leader ended with a sigh.

Aman'da wasn’t sure what exactly the alien said, but she felt confident enough to assume they were praising her. Who wouldn't? She might be average on her world but in this backwater place she must have the figure of a goddess.

"Xara," the leader said, putting a hand on her chest.

Cocking her head, Aman'da mimicked the gesture. "Aman'da." Assuming it was a name. 'Xara' meant 'princess' in her language, but surely that was a coincidence.

The one called Xara displayed their teeth. "I know your name, you bimbo bitch," they said, making a series of high-pitched, sharp noises.

Aman'da could only interpret it as a sign if mirth, and smirked. Whatever praise Xara had lavished upon her only showed how enthralled they were. This species seemed to be obsessed with either nourishment or childbirth, if their attention was anything to go by. Still, if they bred quickly that only meant a larger workforce.

Aman'da turned her back to Xara and swayed her hips. In her own species' ancient culture this was a form of courtship. She doubted the same would be true this far from home, but she could probably get the message across just by making herself look available.

"Fuuuck," Xara whispered, probably a prayer to some local deity. Aman'da grinned; whoever this Fuuuck was wouldn't be able to provide the same physical pleasures as she was capable, if they even existed. As Xara approached, Aman'da bent over another piece of furniture, back parallel to the floor and watched over her shoulder, just in case Xara planned to take advantage of her position to engage in combat.

The alien leader grabbed her hips and Aman'da tensed momentarily - had she made a mistake? A sharp swat to her rear made her gasp, both in a brief flash of pain and relief. The foolish creature was just overcome with desire. Aman'da's confidence swelled again and she shook her posterior.

Xara kneaded her flesh with both hands. "Fucking hell, I love your ass, Amanda. And you, but... god. It's not my fault you’re this hot. Well, kinda, but - you can't understand me anyway. I am going to fuck you so hard," she slowed down as she finished, breaking into another fit of the mirthful chirping sound.

Aman'da was good at adapting and learning local cultures, as were most scouts. She mimicked the sound, grinning over her shoulder. Xara didn't seem to realise there was a language barrier, the poor thing, but repeating this sound should show a level of eagerness and enjoyment impossible to misconstrue.

It seemed to work. Xara took a step back and started pulling their attire off, baring their oddly-coloured, under-developed body. As Aman'da watched, Xara picked a metallic tube out of the folds of material and held it to a spot between their legs. Some sort of detachable sexual equipment? Interesting.

"Nyna, activate and... Ten inches... 40% enhanced sensitivity."

It seemed to be another prayer to some other local deity. Maybe this species based their society around gods as much as they did breeding? It was possible Aman'da's own rulers could position themselves as whatever gods these aliens worshipped and win an especially loyal and obedient slave species. She filed the information away for a future report as Xara approached.

Grabbing Aman'da's hips with both hands, Xara lined themselves up, gently stroking the attachment across her flesh. It felt smooth and cool to Aman'da, and not particularly pleasurable, but she was here for conquest, jot pleasure. On the other hand, Xara seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly.

"Fuuuck, yes!" they exalted, calling to their deity. Without much warning they repositioned the attachment and shoved it inside Aman'da, crying out and starting to rut like the basest beast of burden.

Aman'da just grinned victoriously to herself. Her superiors wouldn't believe she had conquered a planet so fast without weapons, particularly with her completely average form. Perhaps if she brought Xara back to the High Seat with her and demonstrated how enthralled the alien was to her species' obsessive desires she could prove it. She looked back at the manic leader. Xara didn't seem like she would be able to resist themselves, even if they were before the Empirical Lords.

Plus, if all of their species were this easy to control, any of Aman'da's own species would be able to exert dominance over them. Xara's species seemed to be stunted by archaic notions of shame and privacy, if their attire was any indication. None of them would be able to resist a whole species of unclothed, superior beings, especially the ones older than Aman'da herself.

And, considering Xara's species still seemed to procreate physically instead of using cloning technology, Aman'da's species would have the advantage in that regard, too; they considered intercourse to be relatively benign, casual and lacking in most pleasure, but Xara's screaming suggested their entire species would be lost in a constant haze of pleasure, easy to control. None of Aman'da's species had any hesitation using their bodies to their advantage, and Xara's just couldn't hope to resist.

She felt Xara fall heavily on her back after a long, shuddering moan, hands pawing at Aman'da's gloriously blue skin and lightly humping her backside, whimpering pitiful. Their mind seemed to be quite broken. Aman'da grinned.

"Mmm.. Fuck, Amanda, I love you." Xara thrust once more then shivered. "I guess it's time to wake my pet alien up..."

Their voice was nice to listen to, even if it was inane, meaningless nattering. Aman'da was half turned around to see if Xara's facial expressions could offer a clue as to their meaning when she found a small box pointed at her face. She tensed an instant before Xara's finger pushed a button.

"Boop again."

Amanda gasped a deep breath. Her mind was so scattered. Where was she? An office? What was under her? A table... Why was she heavy, and what was -

She came as she recognised the feeling of Xara's strap-on buried to its hilt inside her, recognising her girlfriend-owner's scent and the feeling of her body pressed against her back. She was still shivering when she felt the toy slide deeper into her as Xara leaned forward, sliding along her back until her face was right in front of Amanda's.

"God, you're hot," Xara giggled, kissing Amanda's cheek, already burning hot.

"Yeah... You too," Amanda grinned back. "Thanks for indulging me, Xar."

"What was I gonna say? 'No, Amanda, I'm not gonna fuck your ass today?' That's how you know you're talking to a clone."

Amanda laughed and wiggled, sandwiched between Xara and the desk. "You gonna stay long?"

"Mmm..." Xara made a show of thinking, then stood, sliding slowly out. Amanda quivered and almost came again as she withdrew the toy, "I’d love to fall asleep like usual but this is Astraea's office and we should let her get back to work."

"Pity," Amanda pouted, sighing and standing. She looked over her skin. "Wow, I do look good as a slutty alien, huh?"

Xara just giggled and nodded, her own skin flushed with arousal. "Nyna, can you send the nanobots back and clothe her up?"

"Nyna can do that!" Her voice cheered in their ears. A wave of liquid latex ejected out of Amanda's collar and dripped over her torso, then her hips, then thighs like soft-serve topping, rapidly hardening into a proper suit. Before it did so, Amanda swatted her ass and felt the wobble.

"You made my skin blue without using the nanosuit?"

"No," Xara clarified. "A very thin layer of nanobots, presenting blue, so thin they don't inhibit the movement of your skin cells. You were effectively naked, but still technically suited..."

"I love it, do it more,” Amanda giggled, hugging Xara and kissing her neck. Xara shuddered again and mewled. "Love you, Xar."

"Love you, Manda..."

"You two finished fucking? I need to write a report." Astraea smirked from the doorway.

Both girls blushed, grabbing their possessions and heading out the door.

"Thanks, Professor," Amanda said,

"Yeah, thank you, Professor," Xara agreed.

Astraea watched them go with a smile, then walked to her desk.


She looked down at a puddle in the carpet next to her desk and sighed. "Bloody sluts."

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