Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 6 – Work Experience

by Creirwy

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"Do you think she was coming onto me?"


"She smiled at me, though."

"A smile doesn't mean she's interested. She's a secretary."

"Nah, I reckon  she was checking me out."

Irene sighed. "Whatever. Just keep it in your pants.”

Her brother grinned and sat back down.  The twins had arrived in Ananke not too long ago and been sped to a waiting room for 'induction', which sounded like they had already been hired. For what, Irene didn't know.

Neither did her brother, Drew, who seemed happy to reminisce about the few women-shaped individuals they had seen on the way here. She'd never empathise with his one-track mind. Then again, maybe that's why he went to the Genecorp Sports Institute while she had studied at its Psychology college. 

The door clicked open, and Irene and Drew stood. "It's about ti-woah…" Drew trailed off as a woman with dark hair in an even darker leather suit strolled into the room like she owned the place, smiling and rolling an unnecessarily curvy pair of hips. "Hey."

"'Hey' to you too, pet. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Mistress Pyrite , and I'm here to take you to the Heiress."

"Pyrite, huh?" Irene mumbled as Drew approached the bombshell to shake her hand, putting on his suavest voice.

"Drew Angos," he grinned, shaking the lady's hand. "Lovely to meet you, Miss." Irene rolled her eyes when she noticed her brother's dipping lower.

Pyrite had an amused look on her face as she deigned to shake his back. "And you, Drew Angos. Something caught your eye?" She cocked a hip, suit creaking.

That was definitely intentional.  Her brother seemed to realise, too, but unlike her he seemed to think it was a mark of interest.

"I've never seen someone as... well-proportioned," he winked.

Pyrite barked a laugh. "Well, wait till you see the city. For now, I'm to take you on a short tour and bring you to the Heiress. Come," she finished laconically, turning and strolling out of the room.

Drew followed her, eyes glued to her ass, and Irene followed after him, shaking her head. "Don't embarrass me, Drew."

Thirty minutes and a long lesson later - one that had both twins surprised enough that Drew had stopped boring a hole in Pyrite's suit with his eyes, which itself was astonishing by Irene's reckoning - they had arrived outside an office toward the top of the building colloquially called the Shaft . Drew had found the name as amusing as Irene had found it gauche.

"The Heiress will see you now," a pretty secretary at the desk announced, pressing a button on her desk to unlock the door.

"Thank you, pet," Pyrite said, stroking a hand over the blonde's cheek as she walked past. The secretary sighed happily and squirmed in her seat. Irene wasn't sure she'd ever get used to such displays of personal affection but her brother seemed to enjoy it.

They entered a large office space overlooking the town. Behind a sturdy wooden desk sat a girl close to their own age, black hair with green tips in a ponytail and a frown on her black and green lips. She was pawing a screen built into the desk, reading some sort of file. Pyrite strode over to stand behind the desk, off to the side.

"With you in a sec," the Heiress mumbled. 

Irene and Drew glanced at each other, then around the room. It seemed fairly normal and practical, but they got the impression not much work was done here.

"Huh, weird. Anyway…" The Heiress swiped at her screen and looked up. "Names?"

"Drew and Irene Angos, Heiress," Pyrite announced, smiling at the twins.

"Right. Welcome to Ananke. I take it you've been given The Talk?"

"Yeah, seems pretty nuts," Drew replied. Irene elbowed him and spoke.

"Unbelievable. It seems unbelievable."

"Doesn't it just? True, though." The Heiress glanced at her screen and tapped it a couple more times before resuming her attention. "Well, as with all members of the family, you're being offered a place in our little Arcadia . Questions?"

"You run this city?" Irene asked, doubtful. The Heiress scoffed.

"No, not yet. It'll pass over to me when the Matriarch retires. She's got me on 'work experience' duty" the Heiress air-quoted. "Gotta learn how to rule and all that." 

Irene opened her mouth for a follow-up question, but Drew beat her to it. "From the sound of it we have this dominant gene thing. I take it that means we'll be in management roles or something?"

"You'll be most suited to an overseer role, yes," the Heiress answered. "It doesn't have to be 'managerial', though. You might just need to help manage a group of submissives."

Drew grinned at that. "And Pyrite made it sound like we can fuck them?"

"Drew!" Irene hissed. The Heiress chuckled.

"I mean, we all have jobs to do, but yes, you can do that in breaks and if it meets your work needs. Ananke's a very fluid place."

"There are no children here," Irene sought confirmation.

"Not a one, unless you count pregnancies. Spawn  gets raised off-site and only learn about their true nature when they're about twenty, like you two. Aside from a few rare instances where they might learn a few years earlier, to help groom them for important roles, like me." She sat back, crossed her legs and smiled smugly.

"Doesn't that seem like it would warp them? Inflate their sense of self-importance?" Irene frowned, and the Heiress did too.

"Nonsense. I' ve known about Ananke for like four years and my moms literally named me 'princess', and I grew up perfectly well-adjusted." Xara’s eyes flicked momentarily to Irene’s hips then back up to her face.

Mistress Pyrite snorted. The Heiress shot her a dark glare, then looked back to the twins. "Drew, you seem pretty on board. Take a pill for your nanobot culture, and tell me your sexual preferences."

"Hetero," Drew replied as he popped a capsule in his mouth and swallowed without hesitation.

"Can't blame you. The girls around here are pretty... pretty ." The Heiress's eyes twitched in Pyrite's direction but recovered and focused back on Drew. "We'll put you in charge of a small group of sub girls, then. But first you need to complete dom training. Nyna will give you directions." 


"Hi!" Drew flinched as a floating catgirl appeared in front of him. "Nyna's Nyna!"

"Oh, woah, hey. You've got... tits," Drew noted, staring at the digital cleavage just below his eyeline. The catgirl giggled and bounced.

"Nyna knows!"

"Nyna, guide him to the dom training facility, please."

"Yes, Heiress!" Nyna floated out the door. "Come on, come on!"

"See you, Irene," he grinned at his sister and left the office.

Irene stared after them a moment then turned back to the Heiress and the dominatrix behind her. "This place is like something out of his fantasies."

Xara sighed a little and appeared to look into empty space, smiling slightly. "Mmm. The same is true for most of us.  Now, what about you, Irene? What kind of role should we put you on?" The Heiress grinned and leaned forward on her elbows, flirtier now that Irene's brother was gone.

"I don't know if I'll fit in here," Irene admitted.

"Nonsense. We have a place for all our family. What gets your rocks off?” Xara leaned forward on her elbows and grinned. “I know you have the dominant gene. Do you like men, women, both, anyone...?" Irene noted she seemed a little hopeful as she said women. 

"I don't really... have much interest in sex."

The Heiress blinked. "Oh. Oooh. Fair enough. Do you mind if I put that on your file?"

"Is that necessary?"

"Well, no, but it'll let Nyna tell people you're not interested before anyone tries to approach you."   She sat back with a slightly disappointed expression, followed by a blush.

"That... sounds useful," Irene admitted, wincing as she remembered some awkward college moments. "Go ahead, then. I assume you take privacy seriously.

"Ehh..." The Heiress wiggled her hand back and forth. "I mean, nothing gets shared without consent, and the tops get more privacy than normal, but most of the subs don't get any. Under Ananke law I could walk into any submissive's bedroom and go through their panty drawers." 

"A law you've taken advantage of before, no doubt," Pyrite smirked.

"Quiet, you," the Heiress barked, a slight flush on her cheeks as she looked back to Irene. "Well?" 

"If what you say is true, this whole city is based on sex and sexuality. Why would an ace girl fit in?"

"Don't worry about that," the Heiress insisted. "One of my moms is ace and she's like the fourth most important person in our society." 


"Really. She doesn't go after sex that much, but she still enjoys her work, and sometimes she has a good time giving others a good time. Oh, maybe..." The Heiress thought for a moment. "You did Psychology. How would you feel about apprenticing under the world's best hypnotist?"

"Hypnotist?" Irene's interest was piqued. She might not have the same motivations as most people here in Ananke would, but she did enjoy the feeling of power over another. "What would that entail?"

"Following her around, learning her skills, maybe some field work."

"Field work?"

"You'll see. Maybe. I'll ask her if she's okay with it. For now, if you want to join the city, take your nanopills and head down three floors to the medical offices for a check-up. If Mom takes you on board you won't go through the normal domme induction system."

Irene considered for a moment, then took a pill, placed it on her tongue and swallowed. "All right. Where do we stay?"

"I'll get you an apartment near Mom's house. Nyna can give you the address when you're ready."

"Okay. Thank you, Heiress."

Irene left the room and shut the door. Pyrite walked over and sat on Xara's desk, crossing her legs and drawing Xara's eyes to her thighs filling the leather suit. "Proud of you." 

"Proud of me," Xara muttered. "You're a real cheek when you're like this, aren't you? I almost thought I'd actually made you think you were a domme."

"No, it's just fun to tease you a bit," Amanda giggled. "Besides, that's why you called me out, no? You could have kept me in subby mess mode but you wanted the real me to help your nerves?"

"Why do you know what I'm thinking all the time," Xara complained. "Anyone would think you're the one controlling me." 

"I mean…" Amanda replied, gesturing grandly at her outfit. Xara smiled.

"Yeah, that suits you too. I'm definitely making you think you're the domme sometime."

"Can't wait, Xar," Amanda said, kissing her cheek, then her lips. "Any news about our toy?"

"Oh, yes," Xara grinned and sat up. "It's ready for pick-up. We can head out now, that was the last appointment for today."

"And then?"

"And then there's a satellite launch at the space agency. Thought we could go watch it."

"Oooh. How about..." Amanda leaned in and whispered in Xara's ear. 

"Fuck. You've got a dirty mind," Xara laughed. "Sounds good to me. Do you want to stay lucid or should I put you back in confused subby toy mode?"

"Mmm... You can wake me back up tonight, but I have been lucid for a few hours now," Amanda giggled. 

"All right, all right. Amanda, back to play mode."

Xara snapped her fingers and Amanda swayed on the desk. Her leather melted away into much more revealing, skin-tight latex, the fat on her curves losing most of its support and shaping as her clothes became little more than shiny skinpaint. She blushed as she found herself on Mistress Xara's desk, legs crossed. She quickly uncrossed and spread them, as was polite.

Xara smirked and put a hand on each of Amanda's hips, stroking them gently. "Welcome back, sleepy girl. It's about time we went on a day trip." She stood and walked toward the door, and Amanda followed.

"Umm... Mistress Xara?"

"Yeah, babe?"

"I'm... wobbling a bit. Can I have more support?"

Xara opened her mouth, but it quickly shifted into a wicked grin. "You know we're on a nano budget right now. We can't afford any support. You'll need to use your hands, or ask for help ."

Amanda was about to object, but as Xara started smiling and nodding she found herself mimicking the action. What her Mistress said made sense. It was a pity, but there was a bit of a nano shortage right now. She crossed her left arm over her bust; thankfully, her pre-Ananke average size made it easy enough to restrict her tits with just the one arm. She tried to hold her right buttock still with her right hand, but that left the left one free to jiggle with each step.

"Here, allow me," Xara said, sidling up to her side and squeezing her own left hand into Amanda's left buttock. After a few test steps Amanda smiled wider; she didn't feel as naked now, and that meant people wouldn't stare at or objectify her.

"Thank you, Mistress. I’m ready to go."

"Of course, sweetie. It's my pleasure." Xara smiled and gave Amanda's ass a fond shake to reinforce the support as she guided her girlfriend out of the office.

"Welcome, Heiress." Doctor Lana smiled. "We're pleased to have you here."

"Pleasure's all mine, Doc," Xara grinned, shaking the doctor's hand. "I've heard you've finished my commission?"

"Naturally. It wasn't too hard, though we will need the subject to submit to some programming for it to work properly."

"No worries. Amanda, be a good girl and follow the doctor's orders."

"Yes, Mistress," Amanda squirmed, feeling self-conscious once more. Her purple drone suit stood out against the lab coats  and business wear  of the laboratory's workers. She saw a few other drones performing menial tasks around the lab but they were treated the same way the robotic arms and wheeled trays of equipment were; ignored, gently pushed aside when they were in the way, and otherwise invisible. Being the only sentient drone present only made Amanda feel more on the spot.

"Follow me, then," Doctor Lana smiled and walked briskly down one side of the lab. Amanda followed obediently. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to know where Xara's attention was.

The Doctor paused in front of a helmet hanging from the ceiling by a thick cable, pulling it down and beckoning Amanda over. "Put this on. There's a good girl."

Once it was in place, Amanda found herself curious. "What's this for?"

"I can't go into details, as the Heiress wants it to be a surprise, but we're just going to install some specialised programming deep in your subconcious. We could tell you what we're going to install, that would be the ethical path forward, but I've been told you agree to any and all modifications made to your perception of reality and instincts."

"Um... That's not quite -" Amanda began before the Doctor held a tablet out for her. Amanda's eyes glanced instinctively at the screen.

I, Amanda, agree -


That was all she read before her fingers were dancing across the touch screen, signing the contract. Before she could read past the preamble it was notarised and the tablet removed from her vision. "Hey -" 

"All right. Activating the programming now. Just relax" The Doctor smiled and flipped a switch. Amanda jolted upright as her brain succumbed to a torrent of information, direct into her synapses. The rest of the world blurred.

"Never get tired of seeing that," Xara grinned, arms crossed.

Doctor Lana chuckled. "It is a nice look on them, isn't it? Your commission is this way." She led the way into a side room and unlocked a biometrically sealed box, turning it to show Xara its contents. Xara grinned wider and squirmed in anticipation.

"Does it work?"

"Well, we haven't tested it as it was your commission. We know you put a lot of funding into it."

"Some things are worth the public purse, " Xara smirked.

"Indeed. But we know it will work; there's no reason it wouldn't. In essence it's a more basic form of a lot of conditioning we already do every day, it's just in a slightly different form now."

"Anything I should l know?"

"A manual is being downloaded into your concubine's  brain as we speak. You can just click the help button to have her unknowingly answer any questions you have."

"Fuck yeah. Thanks, Doc. Keep up the good work!"

The Doctor chuckled. "Always do. I hear you'll be going to the launch this evening?"

"Sure will. Amanda helped build it, even if she doesn't remember, so I'm gonna take her too. You?"

"Of course. I may be a senior scientist but it's always fun to watch the science happen, don't you think?"

The two women turned and stared at Amanda's quivering, bucking form as her mind was seared with instructions and laws. 

"Yes, it is," Xara smiled. She picked her commission up and admired it, suppressing a squeal. She cleared her throat and shook hands with Doctor Lana. "I'll see you tonight, Doc. Thanks again."

"My pleasure, Heiress. Amanda should be done about now, so we can do some testing before you go? It might help."

"Hmmm..." Xara considered it for a moment, then smiled. "Why not. Let's make sure it works first."

Amanda blinked awake and groaned, rubbing her eyes and catching her bearings. The last thing she remembered was being plugged into an Infodump helmet  and losing consciousness, but she seemed to be back in Xara's office. Rather than her drone suit or the leather bodysuit she had been in last time, she was now wearing a white blouse and black pencil skirt which, she was humiliated to note, was predictably tight and probably did a better job of advertising her ass than protecting her modesty.

"Damn it, Mistress is obsessed with this thing..."

"What was that, Manda?" Xara's voice made her jolt and look at the desk. Her owner sat behind it, reading a file on her screen and smiling to herself.

"Nothing, Mistress," Amanda squeaked, flushing.

"Mm, all right. You were pretty out of it on the way back, so I'll chalk it up to disorientation. Now, could you go grab me a cup of tea, please? I'm pretty busy here." To punctuate her point, Xara pulled up a second screen and started comparing data.

"Yes, Mistress," Amanda replied, turned and walked out of the office. Xara had seen fit to put her back in high heels, too, which only made the walk sluttier. Thankfully the only other employee on this floor was the Matriarch's receptionist, and she too was too busy for much more than a polite smile in Amanda's direction.

She walked down the short corridor past the elevator and into the kitchen, where she found a mug and some tea bags, and set it to brewing. She went to lean against the counter, misjudged her width once again and nearly bruised her left hip, wincing.

"I wonder these modifications are reversible,"  she mused to herself.

After a couple of minutes on the boiler she poured water into the mug, tossed a tea bag in, and opened the fridge to grab some milk. She gave the area behind her a paranoid glance, confirming no one was present, and bent at the waist to grab the milk from its place at the back of the bottom of the fridge. She was sure someone had put it there on purpose.

Closing the fridge, she walked back over to the mug and put the jug of milk next to it, then frowned and tugged at her skirt. Somehow it had ridden up on her, wedging between her ass cheeks. She hadn't thought it was loose enough for that, especially not after bending like she just had.

Amanda sighed at her circumstances and opened the milk jar, pouring a few tablespoons worth into the mug. At least, she had intended to, but somehow misjudged the mug's location. She gasped as milk spilled on the countertop inches from the mug and quickly spilled over the side and onto the floor, managing to hop away just before it dribbled on her shoes.

"Fucking hell," she complained to no one in particular. She grabbed a towel and crouched on her haunches to wipe the milk from the floor, uncomfortably aware of how her skirt stretched and hugged her rear. She glanced behind her again, but she was still alone. Small mercies.

She tossed the towel in the trash and picked up the milk jar again. This time she held the mug over the sink and poured the milk over the lip of the mug directly.

She gasped and jerked back as cold milk ran down her cleavage, pooling in her bra cups and staining her blouse. She almost dropped the jar in shock but managed to right it just in time, hopping around and cursing.

"Damn it!"

She glared at her modest bust, somewhat grateful it wasn't as exaggerated as some she had seen here. That brought her introduction to Daisy to mind, and she was briefly distracted imagining what it must be like to have a figure like the Udders waitresses. No, thanks, she thought . She'd never get any kind of dignity  if she had to deal with that, too.

Leaving the mug in the sink, Amanda hurried next-door to the restrooms and took her blouse off. She rinsed it under the tap to get the milk out and held it under the hand dryer in hopes of getting it presentable again. She glanced in the mirror and flushed at the extremely lacy lingerie bra Xara had put her in - definitely not office appropriate, from real-world standards. It was probably typical for Ananke, though. The lack of a top also meant she could see the swell of her hips at the bottom of the mirror, which didn't help matters.

As Amanda lifted the blouse to slip her arms back into the sleeves, a blurred figure rushed into the room, grabbed it out of her hands and disappeared before Amanda even had time to react. One second she had been aiming her hand into a sleeve and the next she wasn't holding anything. She swayed on her feet in shock, blinked, and spun on the spot, frantically looking for her shirt.

"What the fuck? Fuck! Nyna!"

"Nyna's here!" The giggling catgirl appeared in the mirror, replacing Amanda's own reflection, close enough to the glass her tits almost didn't fit between the frames. Amanda flinched.

"Nyna, some... thing just stole my shirt and I need to get Mistress her coffee. Can you shift my suit so I have a shirt again?"

Her heart sank before she finished speaking, as Nyna was already giggling and shaking her head. "Miss Heiress has locked your nanosuit's modification function to her own thoughtwave pattern! Nyna can only override it in the case of, like, an emergency."

"This is an emergency," Amanda whimpered. Nyna's eyes widened and she leaned forward, her head sticking out of the mirror's glass.

"What's the emergency? Nyna will take care of it!"

"I won't have a shirt and I need to go back outside?" Amanda ventured. Nyna giggled.

"Ooooh. That's not an emergency, silly! That's, like, super common here! Nyna meant, like, a life-threatening emergency, or a someone-needs-to-get-fucked emergency ."

Amanda groaned. "So you won't help me."

"Can't help! It's in Nyna's programming, and she's a good girl and follows her programming, and Miss Heiress wants only her to control your clothes today," Nyna asserted, nodding. "Nyna's gotta go now, though! Another newbie needs The Talk and Nyna can only be in four places at once with the current server load. Byeee!" 

She pounced back through the mirror and Amanda was left staring at her own reflection, lacy black bra and all.


Amanda went back to the kitchen and finished making Xara's tea, crouching to put the milk away. At least this time her skirt didn't stretch as tight over her ass when she did. After taking a few deeps breaths she walked back down the corridor with all the dignity she could muster, and walked past the receptionist's desk. She almost made it to the office door before the receptionist spoke up.

"Oooh, great bra! Trying to seduce our beloved leader?" She grinned conspiratorially. Amanda blushed and stammered out a half-hearted excuse, ducking through the door and closing it behind her. She walked up to Xara's desk and put the mug down just as Xara looked up, eyes wide.

"Amanda? What the hell?"

"I... some kind of blur stole my blouse, and I -"

"I don't care what happened," Xara snapped. "You walked past the receptionist like that?"

"...yes, Mistress," Amanda mumbled weakly.

"She saw your tits? You know those are my tits. I didn't give you permission to show them off," Xara scowled and crossed her arms, standing.

Amanda felt awful. Xara was right; she owned Amanda's tits, and Amanda had betrayed her trust letting someone else see them without permission. She started to apologise when Xara cut her off.

"Turn around."

After a moment's hesitation Amanda turned away, confused. She heard Xara take an angry breath.

"Your skirt's split, Amanda. Everyone can see your panties."

Both of Amanda's hands shot to her ass and her stomach dropped as she confirmed what Xara claimed. She could feel a split in her skirt almost from top to bottom, a good foot of her cheeks spilling through the hole. No wonder it didn't feel tight...

"Whose ass do you think that is, Amanda?" Xara asked with a chilling calmness.

"Yours, Mistress," she responded meekly. Xara had acquired ownership of her ass at the same time as her tits, back when she moved in. This was terrible.

"And you walked around like a slut where anyone could see it, without. My. Permission." Xara growled and walked slowly around the desk. 

Amanda whimpered. "I... I'm sorry, Mistress, I don't..."

The look of fury on Xara's face made Amanda sweat. She was about to beg for forgiveness when she saw the corner of her owner's mouth twitch, then melt into a grin, then open as Xara laughed.

"Fuck, this is awesome. Fuuuck, I just... fuck," she concluded. Suddenly Amanda noticed the usual signs of arousal on her girlfriend's face and in her stance.

"What... Huh?"

"Check this out," Xara ordered excitedly, grabbing something off her desk and showing it to Amanda.

It was a rectangular black slate with a number of buttons on it. It seemed vaguely familiar, but Amanda couldn't place it. "What is it?"

"It's a piece of tech from last century called a remote control, before the advent of voice commands and tele-control. You used to use it to control the functions of things like TVs or air conditioners and the like." Xara was admiring it lovingly. "Yesterday, when I got to sit in the Matriarch's chair, there was a report on current tech projects being done at the labs, and since I was working on the budgeting I figured why not inject a couple thousand credits to get this made? We picked it up an hour or so ago, not that you'd remember."

"What is it for?" Amanda asked, squirming. She felt really self conscious with her underwear on display.

"Well, you hypno subs have all these triggers and conditionings and shit, yeah?  This is like... a mix between next gen and retro triggers. We installed a bunch of post hypnotics in your brain and this remote sends a signal to your nano neural network, so each button activates a different trigger. Get it?"

Amanda shivered. "I'm... remote controlled?"

"You're remote controlled, " Xara grinned wolfishly. "And it’s fucking. Fun! Watch." She raised the remote, pointed it at Amanda and clicked a button. Amanda flinched, then cautiously relaxed, confused.

"What did that do?"

Xara frowned. "You didn't see?"


"Fucking duh," Xara slapped her forehead. "Awareness filter's on. Let me just turn that off... Okay, now look," she pressed the button again.

This time Amanda heard a beep inside her head and a brief flash of two vertical lines superimposed over her vision  before fading. She went to frown, but found her facial muscles wouldn't move. Despite her shock at the discovery her eyes didn't even widen, and she found herself completely unable to respond in any way.

Xara giggled and walked around Amanda, who couldn't even follow the movement with her eyes. She stayed staring at the spot the remote had been as Xara disappeared around her left side. "Fuck. It's just gonna be such great fun, you know?" Xara said, her voice full of anticipation and lust. Amanda felt Xara's fingers slide into the split in her skirt and trail slowly over the exposed part of her ass as Xara circled her, reappearing on Amanda's right. With that hand still groping Amanda's backside, and Amanda unable to so much as tense in response, Xara used her right hand to tilt Amanda's gaze up into her eyes by the chin. It wasn't entirely successful, as despite now looking at Xara Amanda's focus remained locked at the same distance.

Not that Xara seemed to care. "Wow, that makes your eyes look really blank," she mused. "I know you can hear me but you look totally off with the fairies."  She lifted the remote up as close to Amanda's focal point as she could figure, and started pointing out buttons .

"Pause, Play. That's obvious, it's what you're doing right now. Slow-Forward, Fast-Forward. Makes your nanobots either over or underclock your processing speed, and makes you perceive time running at different rates. That's how I did this," she explained, clicking the Slow-Forward button and disappearing in a blur. Within a second she was back at normal speed, Amanda's panties in one hand with a pair of scissors, and a wicked grin on her face.

Amanda wanted to blush as she felt the office's air slowly brush against her now bared ass but she couldn't even swallow. She could only breathe and, rarely, blink, but she had no control over either process.

"Slow-Rewind and Fast-Rewind are the same, but your nanobots feed you recorded information in reverse. They'll basically either have you move or think backwards, depending on whether I have this toggle set to Mind or Body," Xara mumbled, glancing at the buttons herself. "A bit messy but fuck it, it's fun right? Oh, right." She clicked a button and Amanda saw a play symbol flash across her vision as she suddenly regained her ability to move, finally blushing and whimpering, squirming in arousal.

Fuck, that's a lot of power. Why does she have to be so good at this? 

"I also have a toggle to set you between play mode and lucid mode, so that'll save me some effort. Well worth the thousand credits. Oh, and naturally I have an awareness filter so I can either let you be aware when you're affected or not, because sometimes I wanna fuck around with you without you knowing, and sometimes I like how cute you look when you know you're helpless," Xara grinned.

"What... What else?" Amanda swallowed.

Xara raised an eyebrow. "Wow, you're into this, aren't you, you slut? All right. Help button, this puts you in a drone AI state to help teach me how it works. I like the idea of you helping me fuck around with you," Xara winked. "Rewrite. Push the button, alter your memories just by speaking, or by thinking the command at you, right into your nanobots as a direct connection. No need to verbalise and all that, Nyna takes care of the actual work. That's actually how I made you think I legally own your tits and ass. Which, by the way…" Xara pushed the button and pointed the remote at Amanda, who suddenly felt a little more clearheaded, blushing as she remembered how guilty she had felt minutes ago.

"That's... Wow." Amanda rubbed her thighs together. God, she was horny.

"There are a few other things we'll get to sometime... Record and Play, Loop ... But for now," Xara announced, reached into a desk draw and producing a nanotech strap-on, which she attached to the front of her own dress. Amanda licked her lips at the sight of it and felt the urge to spread her legs for her Mistress.

Xara looked just as turned on. "Nyna, activate the toy's feedback and sync it to my own neural network," she ordered.

"Yes, Miss Heiress!" Nyna's voice chirped through the intercom on the desk. Xara wrapped her fingers gingerly around the shaft of the strap-on and shuddered. "Oh, yeah, that feels nice... Increase my and Amanda's sensitivity by ten and... thirty percent  respectively."

"As you wish," Nyna giggled. Amanda gasped as her nipples suddenly felt more tender against the lacy bra, and the remnants of her tight skirt hugged her hips and thighs.

Xara gently grabbed Amanda by the throat and walked her backwards to one of the sofas, tossing her on her back. Before Amanda even hit the leather cushions, the remains of her outfit melted away into her collar, and she groaned as her naked body fell and rubbed against the sofa, then again as her girlfriend crawled up over her, remote in one hand. Xara grabbed Amanda's left hip with her free hand and positioned the strap-on in place.

"Feet flat on the sofa, knees up, raise that pussy for me," Xara ordered huskily. Amanda obeyed, too turned on to even wonder if she had been triggered or not. Either way, her thoughts jammed to a stop as the toy slid between her legs and Xara began to fuck her in earnest, groaning herself. "Fuck, I love nanotech," she panted, rutting Amanda.

Amanda probably would have agreed, but her conditioning and the increased sensitivity had her too distracted by the smooth, hard toy thrusting inside her. She could only whimper.

"I'm taking this thing everywhere we go," Xara promised. "I'm gonna use it all the time... You're gonna be a proper toy," she leaned down and kissed Amanda's neck. Amanda's eyes rolled back and she quivered. "Nyna... Double sensitivity..." 

"Yes, Miss Heiress!"

Xara's eyes shot wide open as her neural network's feedback increased.  Despite the toy not being part of her body it felt like she was holding back an orgasm already. Amanda cried out, eyes squeezed shut and humping back against the toy with each thrust. Xara aimed the remote at her and shakily pressed a button.

"Yes... Yess.... Yes!!" Amanda called out and came with a long, high-pitched whine that faded as the orgasm subsided. Xara came a second later, groaning in a low tone and pulling out. Her hand  shook as she pressed another button.

Amanda's body, halfway through relaxing, suddenly started bucking against the air again, and her whimpering resumed. Cheeks flushed red, Xara removed the strap-on and grinned as her toy girlfriend repeated her last thirty seconds.

"Yes... Yess.... Yess!!" Amanda cried out again. Xara watched her pussy curiously, noting that despite acting like she had just orgasmed again Amanda's body didn't actually cum.

"Aww. Nyna, explain?"

"For safety and hydration reasons, looped behaviour will only include the thought process and external physical reactions to stimuli," the floating AI recited. "We wouldn't want her to lose all her fluids and keep going!" She finished with a giggle.

"Fair enough," Xara scritched under Nyna's chin, enjoying the purr and the haptic sensation on her fingertips. "But surely once or twice is safe?"

Nyna made a pouty expression as she thought, then nodded. "Permissions granted, Miss Heiress!

"Yes... Yess.... Yess!!" This time Amanda came again, adding to the puddle already on the sofa.

"We're gonna need to clean that up before Ruby gets back.” Xara grinned and returned to her chair behind the desk. "Man, I needed that. What's next..."

She was about to bring up her screen again, idly listening to Amanda's looped ecstasy as white noise, when the door knocked. "Enter,” she called. 

The receptionist entered, sparing little more than a bemused glance at Amanda getting off on the sofa as she approached the desk.

"What can I do for you, Brit?"

"Heiress, I just got a call confirming the launch will be tonight, and the station has the capacity to meet your... request." She glanced sideways at the sofa.

"Yes... Yess.... Yess!!"

"Amanda's very excited, as you may hear," Xara grinned. "Thank you, Brit. Good girl."

The blonde shivered, eyelids fluttering and knees rubbing together. "T-thank you, Lady Xara." She bowed on her way back put the office.

"Mmm. Who would have thought getting work experience could be so much fun?" Xara mused to herself.

"Yes... Yess.... Yess!!" Amanda cried.

Xara laughed, grabbing the remote. "All right, sweetie, that's enough." She pressed the Loop button again and Amanda fell limp on the sofa, panting and gasping in breaths.

"Holy shit..." she noted.

"Oops, I had the awareness filter off again. You were conscious for all that?"

"Y-yes, Mistress," Amanda heaved in air, staring at the ceiling.

Xara grinned to herself. "Oh well. You enjoyed it, and that's what matters. Right after me enjoying it, naturally."

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