Inheritance - Re-Creation

Chapter 5 – History Lessons Part 2

by Creirwy

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Time had been kind to Sophia. Now in her early forties and with four children she was still in shape and youthful, despite having gained some more mature curves from the multiple pregnancies. She breathed calmly as she did her morning yoga in the living room, wearing her favoured black sports top and leggings.

Many years ago, when she was still getting used to the fetish community she had been introduced to, she found herself slowly becoming fascinated with what Clara explained was exhibitionism. A lot of the couples during the raunchier events liked to show each other off without a care in the world, obviously deriving a level of arousal from being on display.

At first Sophia had been a little turned off by it, but with Clara always flirting with her in those leather pencil skirts she always wore to the club it seemed at some point she had just become so aroused in general that seeing people on display seemed fun. So she started to watch a little more, and on Clara's suggestion she even tried wearing less around the club one drunken night. Before long Sophia had to admit she was rather enjoying being watched by her perverted friends, and their encouragement to relax and let loose only pushed her further.

Of course, after marriage she and her husband kept it to their room. Mostly. She still liked the danger of wearing latex underwear or sneaking in some leather trousers when she was wearing a dress, and especially during her workouts she couldn't help but pick comfortable, tight outfits that really flattered her hips, ass and bust. And her husband certainly didn't mind; while they cared for each other deeply, and genuinely loved their offspring, Sophia and her husband had been brought together by Clara and his dominatrix at the club one day, instructed to fuck under careful observation of the two tops as the ultimate show of obedience. He seemed to be just as submissive as her, as despite some heavy blushing on both sides the subs performed so well they were made to repeat the show several times. By that point Sophia had grown to accept she loved being admired.

Which was why, when she heard the front door open and her youngest son and his friends walking into the foyer, she just grinned and kept her eyes blissfully closed, slowly stretching her back vertically as her legs lay on the floor. "Welcome home, boys," she almost purred, knowing they had to walk through the living room to get to their destination.


"Damn it, mom," she heard her son mutter, followed by the telltale sounds of frantic ushering of reluctant boys. She allowed herself a wider grin since they were safely behind her, and quite obviously distracted. The whispers disappeared out of the room and towards the stairs. Sophia was quite sure she heard the phrase "MILF" thrown in and stifled a laugh. She knew she was a MILF. Especially from the perspective of young college boys like her son. It was, after all, something of a goal of hers. Everyone at the club loved to stare, and she loved to be stared at. She couldn't help but put on a bit of a show for her kids and their friends, and why shouldn't she? They were old enough to appreciate her body and she wasn't actually doing anything with them. Where was the harm in working out when they were coming for a visit or just happening to be bent over filling the oven when she heard someone coming for a drink, or popping into someone's room to offer milk and cookies?

Sure, it was corny, but the fact she was getting away with it was too hot to stop. Her husband certainly had no complaints, and her kids just thought she was a doting, slightly oblivious mom. She was very careful to keep how impure she really was from them. It helped that her kids thinking she was so wholesome meant they just couldn't register that her occasional flirts were intentional. All those hugs to her breasts, all that sitting just a little too close on the sofa during movie night that her thigh was touching theirs, it was just an oblivious mother, right? Sure, she was getting off on sexually frustrating her sons and daughter, but it wasn't an issue. She wasn't doing anything with them.

Not like those twins at the club last year. The idea of sisters making out just seemed like something horny guys made up, honestly, but after watching them for the fifth minute straight she had to admit there was something to the general idea about family loving family. Certainly not enough for her to do anything about it, but she had to admit her sons were coming into their own handsome enough she really didn't feel guilty flirting and her daughter's fashion transitioning from jeans and blouses towards a more gothic leather look once she left high school certainly had its own appeal.

Clara had certainly been a positive influence in her life. Letting a soft moan slip as she remembered their first date, Sophia lifted her legs off the floor with her toes and pressed her torso back against the floor. She knew someone was checking back over their shoulder, so she made sure shift her weight from one foot to the other just enough to seem like she was getting comfortable as she thrust her ass backward.

God, she was horny.


Simon grimaced to himself. On their way up the stairs his friends were still whispering to themselves about how hot his mom was. Didn't they realise how awkward it was for him? What if she could hear them?

As he approached the bottom of the stairs he threw a look back into the living room to make sure she hadn't. He almost missed his footing and fell over when all he could see of her was her toned thighs and that fantastic ass in those tight -

He hurried up the stairs, thankful his friends were too distracted to look down at him as he put his hands in his pockets, trying to readjust his pants. God damn it. MILF is right.

"Thought you said you weren't going to mess with their curves," Xara smirked. Ashe huffed.

"It just so happens that Sophia grew to be somewhat bottom-heavy after having children. That part is historically accurate."

"And critical accuracy, no doubt," Ruby chuckled.

"Shut up. Xara, stop touching yourself."

Xara rolled her eyes. "Yes, mom."

"Cute. Now, the origin of the hypnosis gene."

"Oh, fuck yeah!"


Fucking cocktease, Reine thought as she looked over at the stranger sitting to her left. How could he be anything else, sleeping away in that minidress, huge tits threatening to spill out? Reine’s hand wandered between her legs and wrapped around her dick, stroking as she stared at those knockers rise and fall with each breath.

Distantly she heard the audience laugh. Good. Whatever they're distracted by will let me get away with it.

She groaned as she rubbed harder, pumped faster, bucking her hips a little. God, if she weren't on stage right now she'd get the guy to wrap those around her cock and -

"And awake, wide awake."

The guy woke up and stretched a little, his perfectly normal t-shirt just snug enough to show a muscular torso and a distinct lack of tits. Why would he have tits? Reine wondered. And why was her hand... She frowned and put her empty palm on her thigh, glancing up at the audience. Did they have to be so loud? What were they so amused by?

"Let’s give our volunteers a round of applause!" The audience cheered and clapped as the hypnotist walked up to each volunteer and shook their hands. Reine politely shook but wasn't quite sure she was processing things properly. Before she knew it, she was walking off the stage and up to her widely grinning goth friend, Iris.

"I can't believe you did that, R."

"Did what?"

Iris's black lips smirked. "Beat your meat on stage."

"The fuck are you talking about? I don't have any meat," Reine blushed and passed her, hurrying for the car as her best friend cackled and followed.


"Seriously, though, you were definitely hypnotised."

"Definitely wasn't. I just fell asleep cuz it was boring."

"Look, I recorded some of it," Iris pulled out her phone and synced it to the hotel room's TV. "You tell me if you were acting or not, okay?"

"Whatever," Reine grumbled. Iris had been going on about it the whole way back to their room. She seemed dead set on convincing her she had been hypnotised the entire show. And as she watched the recording of herself giggling and flirting with another girl who was miming lifting weights, or struggling to lift a balloon off the floor, she started to doubt herself.


"Well...I don't remember doing any of that!" Especially the flirting. She would never flirt, especially with a girl as feminine as that blonde. Maybe not even with a girl, she hadn't quite figured it out yet.

"You did, though. What was it like, being out of control? What were you thinking?" Iris seemed excited, leaning forward for the answer.

"I don't remember! Any of it! I swear I wasn't hypnotised!" Reine felt her body flush as the implications washed over her. She obviously had been, or this was a very elaborate prank. Being controlled by another person should have been horrifying, and yet there was an excitement to it. Did she enjoy it? She definitely didn't enjoy being humiliated in front of an audience. At least, she didn't think she did.

Iris smiled. "Well, I think we should find out more about it. Maybe see if there's a club or a website or something we can join. I know there are some stereotypes of hypnotic goth chicks and if this is the kind of fun you can have with it, I think I definitely wanna learn."

It didn't seem like the worst idea. "Yeah, maybe..." Reine glanced back to the TV to see the hypnotist instructing her to believe she was a ditzy cheerleader. "Oh, fuck off, mate!"

Iris roared with laughter and clapped her hands once. "Oh, this bit is great!"

That doesn't sound good. Reine watched, feeling her cheeks burning as her black-clothed, pale-faced, dark-made up recorded self giggled and pranced around on stage with a pair of pompom props. "I think I'm gonna throw up." If it were anyone else it would be hot though... Only if it were someone else.

She spared a glance at Iris, and her friend's wicked grin made her stomach drop. Her eyes shot back to the screen and she watched in horror as the hypnotist handed her past self a tube of lipstick, which her giggling doppelganger applied without hesitation.

Reine shot to her feet and ran for the bathroom as Iris's howls followed her. Thrusting herself in front of the mirror Reine beheld her pretty face, dyed black hair, dark eyeliner, skull earrings, chalked skin, and bright pink, glittery lips glowing like a lighthouse as her mouth dropped open.

She almost screamed, but to her surprise all that came out was a groaning grunt. This was a humiliation, a debasement of her personality - or at least the personality she had developed since becoming friends with Iris - and yet she wanted more. No, she craved more.

But first she had to get that lipstick off.

Xara groaned. "Fuck yes. Can I have a copy of that to show Amanda? She'll get a kick out of it."

Ashe scowled. "I can't help but feel like you're taking the wrong lessons from this course, Heiress."

"No, no, it's good. Amanda's ancestor was a goth. That's great to know. I'll get her to role play some of this with me..."

"Re-enacting your ancestors’ degradation isn't dignified at all."

"Technically our dommes do that for every new citizen who moves to Ananke," Ruby cut in, "as Amanda well knows.”

"Yes," sighed Ashe. "You all have made quite an art out of recycling scenarios like this. Though I suppose there's no need for originality when it's someone's first time."

"To their knowledge, anyway," the Matriarch grinned knowingly.

"Are we done? Can I go back to fuck my girlfriend now?"

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth," Ashe groused. Xara blushed suddenly, prompting the phoenix to raise an eyebrow.

"She's only recently started doing that, I understand," Ruby smirked in Xara's direction.

"Hey! How do you know that?" She demanded furiously.

"Somna and I talk, pet. She is my sister's wife, after all."

"You don't have to talk about my sexual activity!"

"You really don't," Ashe agreed. "If only our founders knew what kind of society they would end up creating." The scene shifted again, this time to an opulent looking ball room. "Thirty or so years later, the cursed were becoming numerous and affected enough to start being used to influence my own ancestor's power and prospects. Here's an example of what, Ruby tells me, still happens to this day."

"How goes the campaigning?"

"I think I've got a good chance at taking the district. Once I do I might be able to get the mine open again. Fucking environmentalists."

"I still think you should just sell it."

"No way. First, who would buy a mine when they can't legally operate it? And second, it's got some good minerals."

"You say that as if you're still operating it."

"Just a bit," Lars smirked. "Only employees I trust, and they get a cut of the profits. It's secluded enough in those mountains no one bothers us."

Mike smiled. "Well, as long as your careful. You've got a public image to uphold now," he snarked, raising a wine glass in a mock toast. Not the best drink the hotel had on hand, but he had simple tastes.

Unlike Lars, who despite his public image as a devoted husband and father and philanthropist actually had quite hedonistic preferences. Good food, good wine, and good company, if he could get away with it. Thankfully the women he slept with were happy enough to keep quiet if he paid them well enough. And if they weren’t, he had other methods.

Mike nodded over Lars' shoulder. "You got a thing for blondes, right?"

"Naturally," Lars commented dryly as he turned to look behind him, eyes widening slightly as he beheld a twenty-something year old woman in a snug, very snug gold glittery gala dress and well-styled blonde hair knotted high enough to show a lot of her bare back. He let himself admire her shapely figure, and particularly her accentuated backside, before checking out her heels, then jewellery. She certainly seemed either rich herself or like someone's abandoned trophy.

He looked back to Mike. "Well, been a pleasure, Mikey, but I should go mingle a little."

His friend chuckled. "Mingle away," he muttered as he left.

Lars strolled up casually to the woman, analysing her body language to work out how to approach her. He had rarely been refused, and could usually get away with faux pas by blaming it on his older generation's outdated mannerisms. He put a hand on the small of the woman's back as he stepped around her side and raised his glass in greeting. "Hello, ma'am. What brings you here?"

The beauty was young enough to be his daughter, but she didn't shy away from his touch. Rather, her eyes took Lars in and she smiled to herself. A good sign; Lars considered himself quite attractive for his age, but it always did one's ego good to have some pretty debutante approve of one's looks.

"I came with a... not a boyfriend, but I was invited by a colleague, but he seems to have been enticed away by some other woman," she sighed dramatically. Lars was shocked; who would give this woman up? Well, all the more for him.

"I happen to be here alone tonight, miss...?"

"Sena," the woman offered her hand, and Lars took it and kissed it. Sena giggled. Good... An easily charmed lady with self-esteem issues. Should be easy enough.

Lars offered his arm and Sena took it, stepping in beside him close enough that her hip pressed into hers. Her gold dress was like wrapping paper he wanted to tear open, but he had done this enough times to know how to play his cards right. "Shall we make the rounds, get a drink?"

"I'd love to," Sena replied with a winning smile.


By 9 pm she was straddling his lap in his hotel room, his hands gripping her hips as he thrust up into her as savagely as he could - with her dress still on but pulled up above her hips, Sena had turned out to be quite the slut. She kept demanding he be rougher and harder, and he was happy enough to obliged.

"Come on, come on... Fuck!" She cried as she felt him fill her, moaning as she came a moment later. Lars grinned and admired her as she slowed down, gyrating in his lap and running her hands lustily over her breasts and thighs. "Yesss..."

"Satisfied, are you," Lars joked. Sena smiled and leaned down for a kiss, then reluctantly crawled off his body, enjoying his hand while it lingered on her bare ass. She sashayed over to the minibar and grabbed a couple of glasses, slipping a pill into one as she carried it back over to the wanna-be politician.

"Lucky to have met a girl like you," Lars grinned and toasted her, downing his glass in one go. Sena smiled and sipped at hers more conservatively as she watched his eyes flutter, his body relax, and with a groan he fell asleep. She fixed her gown and smoothed it over her hips, then fished his phone out of his pocket, along with a scanner.

Plugging the phone into the scanner, she downloaded its contents in mere moments. It always helped when your boss owned the company that sold your target's phone, she thought, as she placed Lars' phone back in her pocket and silently left the room. She walked down the hall and knocked on a door near the elevator, and the door barely opened before she was pulled forcefully inside and shoved against the wall, face pressed against it and her boss's crotch grinding against her ass. Sena moaned and passed him the scanner.

"Excellent work, slut. Did he give you any trouble?"

"No, sir," she moaned. "He just wanted to fuck me, like you said..."

"And you let him do it?"

"Of course, sir..."

Mike smiled. "Good. He won't know who you are, and he'll never find out. You're just some two-bit skank who wanted to sleep with someone to him." Sena shuddered and rubbed her ass back against Mike's lap. "Now we've got his data we'll be able to get our hands on that mine. I have some ideas for a special community, and it wouldn't have been possible without you," he grunted as his hands slid around her waist and up to fondle her tits. "But before that, we should give you your payment."

Sena giggled and placed her palms flat against the wall, thrusting her ass out and spreading her legs. She loved getting paid.

"I should definitely make Amanda think she's a femme fatale," Xara mused to Ashe's aggravation.

"Good lord, it's a one track mind with you subs, isn't it?"

"I'm not a sub, I'm a switch! More of a domme, really."

"More of a switch," Ruby weighed in.

Ashe folded her arms. "A submissive switch playing domme for another switch."

Xara blushed. "Amanda's not a switch, she's just... aggressively submissive."

Ruby leaned in, staring Xara in the eyes. "You'd like her to be dominant now and then, though, don't you? I heard about your little game."

"...She just looks really good in leather? And confidence?" Xara whined. "It's not fair!"

"One more lesson" Ashe called, shifting the scene again. "A generation later we had submissives permeating all walks of society. It gave our family an unprecedented level of control."

"And so, once again, I'd like to thank you all for voting. Together we're going to make the future bright." Gia smiled, fingers curled around the edges of the podium as the crowd clapped and cheered her victory. She spent a few minutes waving and allowing the media to take photos before striding off-stage with her security detail.

Aides fell in around her, congratulating her on the win. "Thank you, thank you," she politely responded. "I look forward to working with you!"

At 26 it was a bit of a rarity, but thankfully becoming less so, for her to have rose already to the rank of a senator, but her sharp mind, compassionate but firm tone and, more than likely, her attractive appearance had helped her edge out the opposition and finally win a seat. And she had big plans for the government.

Her security waved her aides and campaign funders away as they reached her temporary office. The team leader leaned in to murmur in her ear. "He's waiting for you inside, Ma'am."

Gia licked her lips. "Good. Excellent. I'll see him alone, I'm not to be disturbed."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She opened the door and stepped through, locking it behind her. An older man of about forty in an expensive-looking suit stood to one side, admiring her diplomas, proofs of achievements and photos with presidents and business CEOs alike. She walked up and stood beside him, hands clasped in front of her as she smiled.

"Fine work today, Miss Lawson. Congratulations," the man said, his hand casually reaching over to land on Gia's ass. She took a sharp breath as her heart beat harder.

"Thank you, sir. It was a pleasure."

"I'll bet," her benefactor chuckled, rubbing her backside through her skirt. She could run, she could call security, she could even knock him over and whack him with the chair; she knew her voter base would probably turn on her if they saw their tough-as-nails representative just standing there allowing some rich guy to grope her, but damn it, it had been a stressful campaign, and this was her me-time. If she wanted to enjoy some light molestation why couldn't she? It was hotter to remain completely relaxed as her ass was groped, anyway. Tensing even a little felt far too defiant.

"That's almost half of the senate now, sir."

"We're alone."

Gia licked her lips again. "That's almost half the senate... Master." Even whispering, she made the word sound worshipful and god, it felt great to say.

"Good girl." Ohh, and that felt great to hear. Gia whimpered and fluttered her eyelids as he turned fully to face her, spare hand finding its way to her breast. "The next step is to get Lady Ashe some more legal rights so she can develop Ananke. You'll make sure the necessary bills are passed, won't you?"

Gia groaned. "Yes, Master, anything you want..."

Her Master's chuckle made her so wet. "Excellent. Just think, in a few decades we'll have a whole society of women and men like you serving men and women like me. Isn't that the brightest future we could aspire to?"

How could such a pleasurable society be anything but a utopia? It was Gia's moral imperative to help make it happen. It was her duty, and whatever her political opponents may say about her, she was fiercely devoted to her job, even if it was slightly too progressive for the masses to understand. "Yes, Master. Ananke will prosper."

The man unbuttoned her shirt as she hooked her fingers through her skirt and squirmed out of it. "Good girl. Now, Senator, how about we get congressional?"

"That was awful," Gia panted.

"But you love it."

"But I love it, Master," she cooed, leaning in for a kiss.


Things were coming along well at the commune. Since her grandparents had conceived of the idea of a small remote community and her father had built it in a family-owned mining region and begun the process of enticing various members of the cursed family to come live in the commune, it had slowly grown into a small town centred around the headquarters. Some might call it a cult, and to a degree it was, but everyone was being kept safe and there was only a little exploitation.

Besides, a few generations ago her ancestors had subtly introduced a submissive desire into the cursed family's ancestors, so everyone seemed happy enough to follow her directions, and she rather enjoyed giving them. Close to two thousand had already been located and encouraged to come live in the town with the promise of employment, low expenses and not a small amount of flirting and pandering from her hired hands. It was a good workforce, but Ashe was determined to change the family business into something far more than her father had expected; she wanted future generations to know her legacy. Waiting for nature to take its course would be too slow, and she had a solution in mind; breeding.

Ashe knew that a couple generations back, at the turn of the century, kink culture had started to become more widespread with the popularisation of the internet. The genie was well out of the bottle by the 2020s, and a not-insignificant amount of particularly horny submissives had become fascinated with the idea of being 'bred'. For most people this would remain a simple fascination, but for a family line whose kinks would pass on to their children and kick in stronger with each generation?

With the right matchings, Ashe could quadruple her submissives each generation, if not more. She didn't need the entire population to have the breeding kink, just enough to keep them satisfied having children. And it didn't hurt that the rest of them were sexually frustrated enough that she could probably just order some non-breeder strain subs to breed and they would, regardless of whether or not they had the kink.

After all, there was certainly room for growth. Her father's passing had left her with a fortune and a company she could cannibalise for parts, raising a new corporation from the husk of the old like a phoenix. The submissives were already hard at work constructing apartment blocks to live in, the population having outgrown the meagre camp her grandfather had planned.

As she watched the labour out her window, Ashe smiled. It felt good to have control of this many people. Real good. Her three sons definitely felt the same way; attractive in their own right, she knew they made a habit of prowling the town and fucking the single, needy women that took her fancy. She was fairly sure she had a few grandkids on the way at this point, but it hardly mattered. More fodder, more workers, more profit. Genecorp would be a name to remember.

There was a knock on her office door. "Come in," Ashe called, taking a seat behind her desk. One of her lead geneticists entered, looking a bit concerned. "What is it, Doctor?"

"Well, Director, I'm sure you've seen the election results."

She permitted herself a smug smile. "I have indeed. It's been a long time coming, but between our submissive agents and our honeypotting we should be able to get what we want out of the law now. I think there's going to be a lot more family-friendly fetishization in cartoons in a few years."

"Yes, I've seen your proposals. It should prove... foundational for another generation of the Cursed. Which brings me to my other report, Director."

Doctor Sanders held a file out for her to take, and spoke as she leafed through it. "We did a thorough investigation of the family trees as ordered, ma'am, as well as some discreet blood tests. Our results confirm the existence of a small, previously unknown strain of the curse."

Ashe nodded and smiled. "I didn't think the technology was there to track everyone back in the thirties. Thank heavens for online medical records, hmm? What do we know of this branch?"

Sanders squirmed. "Well... for one thing, while the majority of confirmed cursed have the submissive strain, as we've taken to calling it, we believe this newly discovered branch has a complementing strain we're referring to tentatively as the dominance strain."

Ashe raised her eyebrows. "Dominance? We can't have that. Have you located them?"

Sanders sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Director, we aren't entirely certain how, but you seem to have the cursed genetic code in your own DNA. We think it may have been there for generations. You have this dominance gene."

Ashe blinked. She was definitely dominant, especially compared to the submissives, and it admittedly felt good to order them around and watch them follow her orders, but cursed? The idea she was being manipulated by some ancestor's fetish was rather off putting. "Are you certain?"

"Unequivocally, ma'am. The curse marker is in your blood, but you have comparatively few activated kink genes. It's mostly the dominance, and a couple we don't have the data to identify yet."

She sighed, thinking. "Dad always was a little controlling. Not many women enjoyed working under him, and some even said he was harassing them, but if I look at it with this in mind, I suppose he could have been affected by a need to dominate. Not that it served him well," she muttered, remembering his fall from grace and the near closure of the family business. "Grandad... he was the one who started using sex appeal to catalyse fetishes in the cursed, bless him. I never knew him, so I can't say if he was a control freak like dad was, but he did marry a woman from a family who had... old ideas on the place of wives and daughters. Perhaps she carried the curse; double check grandma's family line and round up any branches we're unaware of.

Sanders nodded. "Yes, Director. Anything else?"

"No. We just need to run some damage control. Perform another analysis of the submissives and see if any of them have been exposed to this dominance strain; we can't risk losing control of the stock. Especially the potential breeders."

Sanders left, and Ashe sighed, rising to her feet and pacing the room. Her plans for Genecorp relied on an under control population she could easily manipulate and lightly exploit. A widespread infection of a contradictory kink gene had the potential to ruin everything. Plus there was the embarrassment of her family having carried this curse unwittingly for who knows how long. She'd have to call her sons in and give them the news before they -

Her eyes went wide. "Oh, fuck."

"Wait, is this what this whole thing has been about?" Xara grinned. "You fucked yourself over cuz you didn't know your own history, so you're forcing me to learn?"

Ashe bristled. "I seldom make mistakes, but this one could have had dire consequences. The slave caste got infected with the dominant strain, and were it not for my careful leadership and the development of Ananke's AI assistant network which, again," she scowled at Ruby, "you personified as a bimbo porn symbol catgirl, the entire family legacy could have turned into a humiliating waste of resources and pointless orgies. More so."

"Ah, yes," Ruby commented. "This was about when you started research for Nyna? When did you upload your mind to her network?"

"Fifteen years later. And it was my network; she was built around the drives storing my own data. In a sense she is an outward reflection of the system I was hibernating in, which just makes all her giggling and prancing and jiggling and... pinkness all the more personally affronting," Ashe sniffed .

She turned to Xara. "The rest of the family history until my recent rebirth is unknown to me, as I was asleep, but soon I will be going to the Ananke Museum of History to fill in the blanks. I think you should do so too, but I hope today was informative, Heiress." Ashe's expression softened slightly, her voice mellowing. "You've got a huge legacy on your shoulders, Xara. Your progenitors had no idea what today would look like - I certainly didn't - but their actions gave you the life you have now, and the relationships you enjoy. You'll be responsible for over a hundred thousand people soon, and the most powerful city on earth. Ruby was able to help stop me because she did the research."

Ashe nodded at the Matriarch, who bowed in acknowledgement. "It's your life, and your choice, but I would urge you to make sure you learn all you can about Ananke so you can guide it toward the best future it can have."

Xara blinked, taken aback. "Um... Wow. Thank you, Ashe. Great-grandma? That was nice, and I guess I can see your point. I'll try to be better about learning and paying attention on my business tours."

Ashe nodded silently, then opened her arms. Xara couldn't read her expression, but found herself realising Ashe hadn't had physical contact in over half a century. She approached her ancestor and hugged her. Ashe wrapped her arms and wings around Xara back, and for a while they stood there, quietly digesting.

"Um," Xara broke the silence a while later. "So the lessons are over? Can I -"

"Oh, for goodness' sake," Ashe broke the hug, exasperated. "Yes, you can go fuck your girlfriend's ridiculous backside now."

"Awesome," Xara grinned and stepped back. "See you later, Ashe, Aunt Ruby." Her avatar burst into a cloud of code and vanished.

Ashe stared at Ruby as the domme stretched. "Well, I suppose I'd better get going too. I left a nun trying to seduce one of the statues outside my chambers and after this long she usually gives up using words and tries to ride it." With a wave her avatar disappeared too.

Ashe shook her head. "God, my descendants are perverts." She paced around the courtyard a few times. "Fuck it," she sighed, gesturing and shifting the scene again. "That hypnosis show part was rather fun."

"Amanda?!" Xara entered the living room and broke into a run upon finding her lover's body laid out on the floor on its side, Somna kneeling in front of her as if checking her pulse. Before she could get too anxious, Somna looked over her shoulder with a smile.

"Nothing to worry about, pet. Just... experimenting."

"Experimenting how?" Xara frowned and dropped to her own knees, inspecting Amanda's glazed eyes and a moderate puddle of drool on the floorboards by her open mouth. Somna dangled a pendant an inch from Amanda's eyes but her pupils didn't even move to follow it. "What on earth?"

"She just keeps going deeper, Xara. I've never seen it before." Her usually unflappable mother almost seemed excited, and it caught Xara's attention. "I started to hypnotise her when you left a few hours ago -"

"Hours?" Xara whined. "Fucking digital world."

"And her expression was just so fun I kept going... At one point she relaxed so much she fell right off the sofa but she didn't even wake up." Somna pinched Amanda's cheek to show her subject's lack of response.

"Haven't you done that before?"

"Yes, it's a nice party trick. But usually that interrupts the trance process. If they don't wake up, they at least lose focus and stay where they are. Amanda... dropped deeper when she fell."

"What does that mean?"

"Nyna, show Xara Amanda's brain scan?"

"Yes, Miss Somna!" The synthetic voice chirped, and a display appeared above Amanda's head.

"What am I looking for?"

"Brain activity."

"I don't see anything out of the ordinary?"

"No," Somna impressed. "You don't. And that, itself, is extraordinary. A trance is a dream state. Even in the midst of focusing, most subjects have unconscious activity spikes - errant thoughts, dreams, just registering the hypnotist's words. Amanda is totally, literally blank."

The worry returned. "Isn't that a bad thing?"

"She will wake up automatically in a few hours. She's basically asleep, she's just dreamless, emotionless and her eyes are open." Somna's voice dropped, pensive. "We activated some of your genes last night through stress. I almost wonder if we can modify hers via suggestion. She's deeper than most surgery-grade anaesthetics right now."

"So you're telling me she's useless as a lesson tool right now," Xara sighed.

Somna bit her lip. "Don't take this the wrong way, sweetheart, but I don't think your girlfriend is a good subject to learn hypnosis with anyway."

"How do you mean? Wouldn't it be easy?"

"Yes, it would be easy, but you can't learn mathematics simply by copying calculator steps from an answer guide. Amanda is..." Somna paused, giving Xara the impression she was attempting to be diplomatic. "She could probably get hypnotised reading a particularly sternly phrased letter."


"I'm just saying, you might be able to trick her into a trance simply by telling her you already hypnotised her earlier. This didn't take me too much effort at all," Somna lifted one of Amanda's limp hands, waved it around to emphasise how little resistance the muscles offered, and dropped it heavily onto Amanda's raised hip from half a metre. The slap on her skin made Xara flush with arousal but Amanda didn't even blink. She barely breathed visibly.

"I'm still worried about her..."

"She's barely even human right now," Somna insisted. "She will be fine soon, Xara, but you're not going to get much more out of her today."

"What am I supposed to do with her, then?" Xara cried, slapping her thigh.

A silence drew her attention to her mother, who was looking back at her with an unreadable expression that made the skin on Xara's cheeks burn. "Other than fuck her, mom."

"Well, she is supposed to be a drone. You've kept her out of work for a while now. Perhaps she can pull double duty? She won't really need mental stimulation while her brain is in the cloud like this. She might be the most efficient processor Nyna could run on."

"I guess. Gotta get her to the drone chambers, though."

"Nyna, doll," Sombra called. "Can you pilot Amanda's body manually?"

"Ugh, first a domme takes over her body and now an omni-sub ditz," Xara grumbled. "She's spent even less time being Amanda today than not."

Amanda's body jerked and attempted to push itself to a seating position, slipped on the floor and thumped back into a heap of limbs and hair.

"Nyna can't really focus enough... There are none of the usual brain signals to redirect so Nyna can only manually direct electricity to her muscles and, um..." the catgirl paused bashfully. "It's, like, totally imprecise."

"Then call a guard up to help," Somna smiled. "Don't worry, Xara, we can reschedule our lesson, and we can pick a subject who can offer at least a little resistance."

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Xara got up and ushered in a male dom, muscular and wearing black leather. "What can I do for you, Heiress?"

"Can -"

"Take this down to its drone chamber," Somna cut in, patting Amanda's behind. Xara glowered.

"She's not an 'it', mom."

"Right now it is," Somna grinned. "Amanda's personality isn't awake at all. None of its variants are. This is," she shook the comatose girl, "Amanda's body. Not Amanda."

Xara sighed. "I guess she'd find that hot. Alright, take... it... to its specialised chamber."

The dom lifted Amanda's body and tossed it over his shoulder, grinning as her ass rested against his ear. "Nice cushioning."

"I know, right?" Xara responded excitedly, before clearing her throat and taking on a more controlling stance. "Don't try any funny business with the package, just get it into the network."

"Aye aye, Heiress." The dom saluted and walked out of the room, hand obviously groping Amanda's backside as it held her steady.

"Damn it, that's mine," Xara muttered. Somna put a hand on her shoulder.

"What did I teach you about sharing, Xara?"

Xara raised an eyebrow. "Nothing. But I remember you teaching the girls I'd bring home how important and responsible it was to share their bodies with me."

Somna grinned. "Yes, that sounds about right. Did you learn nothing?"

"What lesson was I supposed to learn? I was kinda distracted by the hot girls who were happily letting me stick my fingers between their legs whenever I said please."

"You're the Heiress, sweetie. Everything in Ananke is your property, ultimately. One piece of your property playing with another is nothing to be jealous about. Enjoy the view. You can always take over whenever you want." Somna smiled, pat her on the back and picked up her things. "Now, I suppose I should get going. I need to fly to Sweden in the morning. We need to get some preferences out of a young politician so we can manipulate him."

"If you're gonna hypnotise him anyway why not just make him do what you want?"

"That would be draconian, Xara," Somna chuckled. "Sexual exploitation is much more ethical and consensual, and we have a lot of sluts eager to do their part.”

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