Crystal City Stories

Dressed To Impress

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #clothing #dollification #succubus #transformation #vampire #villainy

Two dorks break into a haunted costume shop, continuing with some light continuity from the last story, but if you skipped that one this will still make sense.

Contents: Transformation, possession, personality altering, succubi and vampires. 

Daven grins, throwing a brick through an old costume shop’s window. “Come on Ann, we’re gonna get some free costumes, and get to that party, before anyone even KNOWS we’re late.” The boy steps in over the broken glass, his black hoodie and pants hiding any major defining features aside from his bright red hair, which is sticking out of the front.

“I don’t know about this Daven, what if there is a silent alarm? We can just throw some stuff together at home, and not take the risk. We aren’t villains!” Ann carefully creeps in behind the boy, her own hoodie and pants aiding in hiding most of her form… not that her flat chest would give her away anyway.

“Yeah, and get us laughed out, I don’t think so, this place got closed down a few weeks back. It should still have a few goodies for us, after all this is just a pop-up shop, I doubt they’re going to have ‘high security’.” Daven snorts, flicking on his flashlight, as they were met with row after row of costume supplies and different halloween accessories. 

A few larger display props are still standing in the back of the room. One in particular is a massive skeleton with still glowing eyes. Devin leans against it, his eyes tracing over the racks. “If I wasn’t sure, we could get out clean. I wouldn’t have dragged you in at all, so just relax, look around, find something you like, and try it on.”

Ann quietly whines, shining her own flashlight among the multiple costumes, looking at the simple angel costume, or witch costume, before drifting towards the more risque magical girl, and demon ones. “I wonder if I can make my own, by combining these?” She sighs trying to find one that has some kind of fake bust, wanting at least something to work with in the chest department. “Maybe I can find a good way to hide a stuffed bra here.” She grabs a pink magical girl one, and a sexy succubus one. “Demonic girl Pinky, I can make this work.”

"We're already stealing, might as well get everything you want Ann." Daven chuckles, his eyes tracing over a different wall of costumes. Eyes locking on a vampire costume, grabbing it and twirling around to face Ann. "Hey Ann look, I want to suck your diiiick!" He laughs sticking his tongue out. 

Ann huffs, rolling her eyes as she puffs her cheeks out. “Threaten me with a good time, I might just make you.” She grabs a heart whip to go with her costumes. “Is there anything you want to try out as long as we are here? You might be able to pull off a skirt well Mr. Vampire.”

"Oh what, you want me to pretend to be the mystical hormone vampire?" Daven snorts at the concept, walking over with his costume supplies. "You are actually looking more like a magical girl succubus combo with that whip. Not that I'd complain, I think it's cute."

Ann hugs the costume against her chest. “Well, I think it’s cute too.” She starts rushing towards the changing rooms. “And I think you could pull off a hormone vampire pretty well, mix a few things up, to have more of an androgynous look.”

"Psh, that's more your thing Ann, but I guess since it's Halloween I'll do it. But only because you asked so very nicely." Daven leans in, giving Ann a kiss on the cheek. "Love you."

Ann squeaks, wiggling around on the tips of her toes. “I love you too, now let's get dressed, and out of here before someone notices!” She kisses Daven back on his opposite cheek, slipping into her changing room. 

Once inside, she begins stripping off her outfit, and looking in the mirror for a moment, frowning at how unappealing her body looks to herself. Her small mounds may as well be flat for what it’s worth, she isn’t that shapely, just more like a twig as she looks down. Daven always tells her that she was far too judgemental of herself, but she just can’t help it, unable to understand what exactly he sees in her. 

Ann starts with the succubus costume first, putting on the pink wings, a spade tail and horns that curve out from either side of her head. Alongside the bright and poppy magical girl outfit, and stockings, putting her whip on her hip.

'Ooo, it looks like our little intruder needs a confidence boost.' Rings through Ann's head, a chill washing down her back. The spots where the costume touches Ann starting to tingle, as if superglue had been placed on the inside of the costume.

Ann gasps a bit before falling to her knees. “Wha-” She starts trying to take the costume off, starting with the tail, and wincing as it actually hurts feeling like trying to pull hair, causing her to let go. “What are you doing, what is this?” She struggles to take even the magical girl portion of the outfit off, tugging on the fabric, to no avail as it just pulls at her skin.

'I'm the ghost of the costume shop silly! And you clearly need a costume, especially if you're desperate enough to steal from a crime scene!' The voice giggles, Ann feeling her new tail start wagging against her will. 'But don't worry I'm going to look wonderful wearing YOU!'

"S-STOP!" Ann gasps, her eyes slowly tracing back to look at the tail. "I'm sorry, just let us go, I'll leave the costume and everything." She shudders, feeling as the tail is now part of her flesh, and the horns have gained a level of weight that indicates their realism.

‘But I’m already a part of you, and you wanna look pretty don’t you?’ Anne’s body twists against her will, twirling her around to pose in front of the mirror. Showing off how her breasts are now just a little bigger, filling out the costume prominently at this point. ‘See I told you I’d wear you perfectly!’ Her tail wraps around her leg, before starting to wiggle up to the panties. ‘Now to keep or remove this little cutie, what do you think? I’d like to make my costume comfortable~’

Ann squeaked, and jumps at the contact. Almost feeling tempted to try and give the ghost what it wants, especially if this is what it’s offering. "I, uhh" she blushes hard as her cock twitches at the gentle rubs. "I… didn't consider that… would be possible for me." She looks down, forcing her legs together as if to hide the thought from herself.

‘Well, it still isn’t! This is so much smoother~” The tail presses against the small bulge in Ann’s pants, starting to rub and grind it. ‘Just lean into this feeling, and we’ll have you looking, and feeling like a real succubus in no time.’ With each twitch the tail only gets more invasive, sliding under Ann’s panties, and starting to loop around her cock.

Ann moans quietly and leans against the wall, clenching her fits around the edges of her skirt. "Y-yes please, I just want to feel right." She presses her head against the mirror, unable to do anything more than look at her reflection and the tears dripping down her cheek.

‘Oh there’s no need for tears, you’re going to be perfect.’ The tail starts pumping in time with the buckling of Ann’s hips. The girls’ eyes rolling back as waves of heat start to shoot through her, the normal icy feeling from the ghost, giving way to the primal heat of need and more importantly corruption.

Ann doesn’t even notice as scales start slowly pressing out from the hottest points on her arms. Her hands slowly drifting over to scratch at where the scales are forming, only speeding up the process. ‘That’s just right, you’re doing great. Now for the… mental adjustments, after all we can’t have a shy succubus, how else will we make that cute boy of yours beg for us.’

Ann pants out, holding her head as a feeling of deep primal confidence thrums through it, it is not her own, but it’s becoming her more with each passing moment.

Staring in the mirror she watches as her breasts grow a little more, her hips flare out just the right amount for her preferences, everything about her throat, and face slimmed to the perfect feminine balance, as her cock spurts weakly, her balls shrinking, and cock losing mass with every little bit that leaks out.

“We are absolutely perfect. Almost.” Slips out of Ann’s mouth, the spirit of the costume firmly fused as a part of her. Starting to control their arms, reaching down and letting out a slow satisfied moan as she presses what remains of their cock inward. Hearing a satisfying pop as it fully inverts. “There we go, doesn’t this feel nice Ann? Why don’t we go, and get your boy~”

Ann shudders, feeling her limbs moving on their own as she smiles into the mirror, her eyes glowing as her cum covered tail slithers up to her own mouth so she can lick it clean. “Mmmm, yeah, Daven needs to see just how great we look. And I can’t wait to teach him his place, before we go to that costume party, and show everyone how great things can be.”

Daven groans, flipping around the skirt as he stands in his own changing room. “A hormone vampire. I guess you really WILL do anything, especially if Ann gives you puppy-dog eyes.” He sighs, peeling open the costume bag, grabbing the red on the inside, and black outside cape. Throwing it over his shoulders. “At least we were able to get shit from here. I was worried we’d not be… ah whatever it’s fine now. Just a bit of good timing.” He groans. “And now you’re talking to yourself again of course.”

“And aren’t we looking fine, the skirt really brings it all together, buuuut I think we can do better.” A voice quietly says in the back of Daven’s head. “I mean, this is a little slap dash, we can make it blend together far better.”

“Wha?” Daven stumbles a bit, catching himself with the wall of the dressing room. “Ann, is that you? Are you trying to prank me with your other voices again! That’s not cool, hun!” He eyes the area, trying to get a feel on the situation, and figure out if it is just Ann messing with him.

“Yeah sweetie, now come on, you know we can make this cuter, how much fun do you think it will be if we perfect your’s, I bet everyone will be blown away by how we look as a pair.” Her giggle carries through the stall. “So sweetie, you in?”

“Fine, fine!” Daven sighs, pushing the stall open… only for there to be no one on the other side. “Ummm Ann? Where are you? I thought you said you wanted to help me pick more out, pleeeease don’t make me do this alone. I suck at cute stuff…”

Ann’s voice giggles, and echoes around Daven. “Don’t worry, I just wanna see what you pick, then I’ll help you perfect it.” She chuckles a little bit as another, small voice in the back of his head comes out ‘I… think I can do it.’ It sounded an awful lot like his own, but much quieter and almost timmid.

“Yeah okay…” Daven nods, unable to help but wander into the girl’s aisle. Sure he’d found a cape, and skirt, but had neglected to grab a shirt. “I don’t know, maybe I could take a black cheerleader top, and use that? Really lean into the girly side of things.” He chuckles lightly, trying to ignore the passive anxiety that is floating around the back of his head. Picking anything suddenly felt so hard, like he didn’t have the conviction he normally would.

“That’s right, hormone vampires need to lure in their prey looking like that. Oh, what about those red and black bat print thigh highs. Those will be SUPER cute.” Ann giggles while still hiding just barely out of view. “And don’t forget to pick up some nice black shoes too. Not quite sure if stripper heels will really work, but I bet some cute pumps will work rather well.”

“I can’t even walk in heels Ann! You know that, remember the time back in college? I almost broke my leg!” Daven blushes, grabbing the recommended pieces, folding them up before locking eyes with just what he’d asked for. A black and red cheerleader uniform. “YES! Man this store has everything.” He chuckles a bit looking around for shoes to wear. Eyes landing on a pair of black zip up boots that have chains wrapped around the back. “What about these? I think I could handle wearing them… maybe.”

“Ohhhhh, that is a fantastic choice, good job sweetie.” Ann giggles a bit, clapping to congratulate him. “Now go change, I’ll see about getting you some good accessories for your outfit. I want to see you being the perfect little hormone vampire, for your hot succubus girlfriend.”

“Y-you sound very uh, confident Ann. It’s nice to hear you so excited.” Daven mumbles out, quietly shuffling back into the changing room. Tossing his shirt off first, rooting around, and grabbing the crop top. Sliding it on and not even noticing that the emblem on the front had transformed into a little vampire. Next, he kicks his old rundown shoes off, honestly, with how nice these boots look he can’t help but consider just switching to wearing these all the time.

Slowly he pulls up each of the stalkings, squeaking at the feeling of warm cotton against his… Cold skin? It is pretty chilly in here after all. “Alright… just the boots, and then I’m good. This doesn’t feel weird, or exposing at all.”

“I found the perfect choker, and cuffs for you to wear sweetie, it will go great with your outfit, I promise~” Ann sings out playfully, tossing a studded choker, and cuffs over the stall door. “Now come on, I can’t wait to see how sexy you are.”

Daven squeals, trying to catch the choker, and cuffs. Quickly snapping them around his wrists, and neck, running his tongue over his teeth… only to realize that his canines are massive now. Despite still being able to slot in nicely in front of the rest of his teeth. “Um Ann, my teeth are weeeeird.” He can’t help but mumble out his words, as he pushes the door open fully. Only to end up slack jawed at the sight of his girlfriend… or what looks similar to his girlfriend, she looks so much more confident. And is that tail moving?! “Ann… what’s happening.”

“Oh don’t you look PRECIOUS!” Ann laughs, pulling Daven into a hug, her now perky breasts pressing into his chest hard. “Well, a super cool spirit is apparently possessing these costumes, and wants us to be totally the best we can be in them. So we have been adjusting to our costumes, isn’t that GREAT!” Her wings flap as they grow larger to the point where each flap is lifting them slightly off of the ground.

“I- um… I don’t think so? I’ve not met a spirit, I just feel really anxious. I know we aren’t going to get in trouble, but what if we don’t turn back?” Daven can’t help but fidget with his hands. A bright pink flush over his face, as he tries to remember the voice aside from Ann’s he’d been hearing. “I- if there’s really a spirit messing with us p-please come out. This isn’t cooooool.” He whines out, in what Ann found to be the most adorably pathetic voice she could imagine.

Ann squeals as the spirit within Daven quietly speaks up. “W-well, after the crime here, we have been… you know, just hanging around.” They quietly giggle. “B-but you know that deep down you do really like all this… after all, I’ve just been giving little pushes to things in your psyche.”

“No, I doooon’t! I don’t wanna be a hormone vampire!” Daven whimpers, still locked inside of Ann’s embrace. Trying to wiggle himself out for a moment, before suddenly feeling a pang of neediness. “This is bullying, stop it! I wanna go home, and cuddle!” He presses his head against Ann’s chest. Only for his stomach to start growling. “AND I’M HUNGRY!”

Ann nods to herself a few times, pulling back to look him in the eyes. “Well, shall we go to the party and… get you some hormones to drink.” She gently strokes Daven’s cheek. “I think it would be a lot of fuuuuun.” She leans back in, and playfully bites his ear. Everything about her touch emanating a nice warmth against his ice cold flesh.

Daven lets out a little whimper, then a gasp as he fully clings to Ann. “O-okay… but you’re in charge. I’m just… way way too nervous to lead like normal.” He takes a few shaky steps towards the window that they’d smashed in, only to notice that the window was now entirely repaired, and the front doors are wide open. “O-oh my.”

“Yeah, I did that while you were figuring out what to wear, nobody will notice.” The spirit in Daven quietly slides out, while Ann wraps her arm around Daven’s waist. “Now come on, I bet we can get everyone super jealous of our costumes and get fed super DUPER well!” She tugs Daven outside and over towards their car.

‘And then they’ll send even more fresh meat for us to mess with!’ The spirit who was once inside Ann laughs, bumping into the other. ‘Sorry you kinda picked a ghost costume, but I promised we’d have fun! So how was it kido, you like being a ghost yet?’

‘ was kind of fun.’ She quietly speaks out, blushing and looking down. ‘I do kind of want to see who else comes in to try things out.’ She leans into the other ghost. 'Halloween is a lot of fun after all.’

‘That it is.’ The larger spirit grins watching as the doors slam shut behind Ann and Daven. Turning around to go and clean up the store to reset for the next ‘visiters’ that they’d assuredly get this Halloween.

As the pair walk down the block, Daven looks up at Ann. Surprised that he was now the shorter one of their duo. “Ann… can you drive? I don’t really feel comfortable trying to in these boots yet. Please.” He wiggles around, seeing their junker car sitting in the parking lot. 

“Of course sweetie.” She looks over their car “And when we are done with the party and then get cuddle time at home, I have the perfect idea for us to get more money for a new car.” She leans in and gives Daven a hard and intense kiss right on the lips, before opening the passenger side door and guiding her little boyfriend in.

“O-oh? What would that be?” Daven barely manages to squeak out each word, moving easily along with Ann’s guidance, seeming more and more like a lost puppy out of his element. “You um… you’re very pretty by the way, and I like you being so confident. I was, um… too nervous to say so earlier.”

“Why thank you sweetie.” Ann hops in the driver's seat, adjusting her form to actually fit by shrinking her wings down, beginning their short journey to the party. “Well, I want to see how things go at the party, buuuuut when this is over we will both have new needs anyway, aaaaand I’m sure we can get paid for these needs, which will be so much FUN!”

“S-sure! I know you always joked that all your friends would want a hormone vampire to bite them… even pay for it… so I guess I won’t starve!” Daven giggles lightly, leaning into Ann’s side. Sinking into the woman’s confidence, feeling constantly reassured that even though he is scared, and confused, that Ann will take charge, and make sure everything is ok… even if that in some distant way, feels backward to him.

“Oh I know there are a lot more people who would want a hormone vampire, we just gotta get it out there that one exists. Especially one as cute as you.” Ann lets her tail loop around Daven’s waist, while she parks outside the large mansion that the party is being hosted at. “So, ready to have a blast in there?”

“As big of a blast as we can!” Daven nods, while they did know the host. It was only from the trans support group that’s local, leading Daven to feel rather out of place, especially in such lavish accommodations. “I still… wow… yeah I’m suddenly really glad we got our ‘costumes’, because if we hadn’t I feel like we’d be underdressed going to a place like this…”

Ann sighs, gently pulling Daven out of the car and walking up to the front doors. “They would accept us either way sweetie, they have been nothing but supportive to me after all.” She presses the doorbell, holding Daven against her bust. 

After a few seconds the door cracks open, a woman with brown hair in a princess costume, standing on the other side. “W-wow, you both look amazing! Come on in!”

“Thank you!” Daven squeaks as Ann’s tail gives him a light tap on the ass. Sending him stumbling inside. “I’m not sure if w-we’ve met personally. You’re Aliza right? Ann talks a lot about you…” He reaches out, shaking the princess’s hand.

“Thank you, and you must be Daven. I’m a little surprised, Ann normally seems so quiet, and she talks about you as her rock. Being the loud one of the pair, but halloween brings out other parts of us I guess.” Aliza giggles to herself, stepping back and letting the pair inside. “Come on, we have plenty of treats and the party is just getting started.”

“Y-yeah, I had a little bit of a ‘panic attack’ earlier, and now am a bit more fragile.” Daven gulps as Ann walks over, pulling him against her side. The boy going right back to absentmindedly clinging to her, as they are led deeper into the mansion. “But we are both still very excited to be here!”

The main party room is packed with all shapes and sizes. None of which Devin recognizes, assuming that they are just other people from Ann’s support group. Only to immediately feel his stomach rumble, with this many possible snacks to feed off of.

“Annnnn… I’m hungry.” 

Ann grins a bit, noticing that the whole support group plus their guests are here. “Hey everyone, succubus and hormone vampire here, we are looking for a snack, so who wants to feed us!” She poses with Daven getting a few cheers, the group closing in to get a better look at the pair. “Ok, just be careful with my little cutie here, they are eager but very shy right now.”

Devin’s haris couldn’t help but stand on end, starting to shyly stumble over to a smaller group in the corner. Sitting down next to a girl who is cosplaying an anime protagonist that Daven couldn’t place, a bright pink outfit that seems to puff out at the bottom. her partner also dressed as the main character’s love interest, who’s in a gray outfit and has something that looks like a shield on her arm. “I- um… your costumes look good, I think Ann talked to me about watching this show once.” He gulps, the pit of hunger in his chest becoming more and more overwhelming.

“Well I’m Nell, and this is my partner Quin. Ann talks about you a lot, so it’s nice to finally meet you in person.” The taller of the pair smiles, leaning in and squeezing her girlfriend. “Do you need anything? I have to admit you look a little pale.”

Quin leans in and rubs Daven’s back gently. “We are all here if you need help with anything.” She frowns a bit at the chill on her palm. “You feel a bit cold, making the vampire look great, but are you ok?”

Daven grips his stomach a bit tighter, the proximity starting to drive him wild internally. “I’m so hungry… I need to feed but it’s really embarrassing. W-would either of you be ok with helping me? I promise it’s safe!” He squeaks out the last words, worried that he was going to scare the pair away.

Quin leans in close, starting to examine Daven’s teeth. “Those look… suspiciously real. Did something happen while you were out?” She flashes the most comforting smile she can manage, fascinated by what’s going on. “If they are real… it’s a little scary, but if you need blood or something, I don’t mind giving a little.”

Daven’s face turns bright crimson, or as crimson as he could get, with how weak his blood flow has become. “They are very real… and I’m a ‘hormone’ vampire… I need to feed off of hormones.” He wiggles around, feeling silly saying any of this out loud. "I mean just look at Ann! She's a succubus! A real one!"

Nell chuckles lightly, putting a hand on Quin’s shoulder. “Well if you need hormones, you can always take some of our testosterone.” She looks down at Quin, a bit nervous but knowing that her girlfriend has a far better awareness of the supernatural than she does. “Right Quin?”

Quin nods rapidly, gesturing to her neck. “Hell yeah, got a bit too much, and if this could make it better, I would gladly let you drink down all you want.” She grins, getting more excited by the moment. Real indisputable magic, and not being wielded by a villain, this is basically a dream come true. “So how do you wanna do this? Or just feel out what is natural for you?”

Daven looks up at Nell, getting a slight nod of approval, as he leans in, and gently bites Quin's neck. His fangs just barely reaching their mark, starting to suck in the tiniest amount of blood. Using it to pull the hormones along and into his system, almost breaking away as the definingly sweet taste floods his senses. Only to easily give up as Quin holds his head firmly in place.

Quin keeps a death grip on Daven’s head. Biting down a moan mostly so the rest of the party wouldn’t notice. “F-fuck that feels fantastic!” Her voice almost seems to get lighter in the middle of her sentence. “That’s it, get all that yummy stuff out of me cutie. You are doing such a good job.” She whimpers, her legs shaking from the overwhelming warmth spreading from the bite.

Daven finds himself growing more desperate by the second. While the taste is fantastic on its own, the energy flooding him was the real treat. Making him feel almost alive again as Quin nestles the boys' curled up form, deeper against her growing chest. Drawing a few 'aww's' from the mostly unaware crowd, who simply believed Quin was helping him calm down from an anxiety attack.

Ann giggles at the sight, before taking a moment to draw everyone’s attention away. Not wanting Daven to have to deal with too many eyes on him right now. “So, while they are having their fun, how about we get started with the party.” She winks, a pink aura extending over those who were in the center of the party. “I bet we can have so much fun, being ourselves with each other!”

Nell can’t help but gulp, her group standing slightly outside the 'blast radius' of Ann’s spell. Watching as several of the guests, including Aliza, have their legs buckle slightly. 

"Alright everyone, the after party orgy is starting now! If you've already filled out the consent forms you can get comfortable! If you've not, I've got copies upstairs in the safe room, where those who don't wish to be involved can enjoy the rest of the party." Azalia barely squeaks out the last part, unable to explain the sudden heat rising in her chest. Only able to assume that the rest of the group is feeling the same.

Ann giggles a bit, having to stop herself from skipping in excitement. “Well I’m glad Daven and I filled ours out a few days ago.” She wiggles a little as she pulls a few towards the large pile of cushions that had been set up. “Now I want to see how big of monsters you all really are.” Her tail coiled into a little heart shape as she winked, flipping her skirt up to show her tight panties.

Nell takes a moment, looking between her girlfriend and the rest of the party. Realizing that both Quin and Daven are now cuddled up together half asleep, Quin in particular now having D cup breasts and her adam's apple gone. "Um… sweetie, Daven? We might… wanna get out of here."

Quin sighs. “Sure, let’s just enjoy some nice cuddling.” She smiles a bit more as she picks Daven up, enjoying how warm the hormone vampire now is, alongside her new strength. “Maybe when this one is recovered, you can give them a treat too Nell, cause let me tell you, I feel… fantastic.” She leans into her girlfriend with a smile.

"Yeaaaah, well I'm a bit more concerned about the succubus who's currently turning the beginning of the party into an orgy…" Nell sighs, wrapping her arms around Quin as they carry Daven upstairs to the safe room. "I… think we should maybe go figure out what did this to them tomorrow."

Daven simply murmurs. "Costumes…" nestling deeper into Quin’s arms, enjoying the first moment since his initial possession that his anxiety isn't spiking. Only barely remaining conscious due to his new inverted sleep schedule.

“I know sweetie, it’s kinda fuckey, but like… let’s just sit down and relax, and approach this with rational heads. She appears to be a succubus, and they kinda need that, if legends are to be believed. And we both know Ann well by now, she may be quite a bit more. Confident, but she wouldn’t actually hurt anyone.”

“I guess you’re right, I just can’t help but worry. All your magic stuff, it always seemed to be just stories or vague feelings… but all of this.” Nell sighs, gently running her fingers through Daven’s hair. “It feels weird. Like magic flooding over into the normal world.”

“Well… maybe it is, and there is no stopping it? Either that or there are already people who say that some days have much more… magic about them.” She smiles and rocks Daven lightly. “Sorry if I’m so excited about it sweetie, but just- I know it is a little scary, but doesn’t the air just feel so much more alive?”

“Yes it does, that’s why I’m worried.” Nell shakes her head, pushing the door open to the safe room. Leading in about five other people, most of which she knows are asexuals. “But then again I’ve never been as good as you with the supernatural stuff. I’m always the one trying to keep you from casting a spell and summoning a demon.” She gently punches Quin on the shoulder, leading her over to the corner, and sitting down on a bean bag next to them. 

Daven fully collapses onto the bag out of Quin’s arms. Quickly nestling into his spot, content to nap and rest until his partner returns to take him home. The entire group is already able to hear squeaking and squealing from the bottom floor.

Quin giggled a bit and nodded. “Well, how about we ask them about it when the fun downstairs is done?” She lays down and looks at the movie playing, one about an irish magic myth. “Oh I love this one!”

“Fine, but I swear if this ends up with us getting transformed into something crazy. I call being a plant girl!” Nell giggles lightly, leaning in to kiss Quin. Doing her best to remain intimate without getting too worked up, mostly trying to distract herself.

Azalia nods to herself, looking over the list of consent forms. “Alright everyone, it seems like this is all good, the safe word is Blackberry, and I see you’ve all got the tags on.” She has a wide grin on her face as she looks over the group, almost seventy percent of the party having ‘sub’ tags on. While Ann, unlike most had expected, is proudly displaying a ‘dom’ tag, holding another girl in a witch costume in a deep kiss.

Ann reaches down, and squeezes the girl’s thighs as she presses her into the ground eagerly. She slowly pulled back, brushing their lips together gently before sitting up with a grin. “Now then, all you little subs better get in, and give mommy her treats.”

The witch nods lightly, squeaking as Ann’s tail slips under her skirt. Wiggling and dragging her panties down, revealing her chastity cage. A slight amount of pre-cum dripping out of it, as she starts grinding her hips against Ann’s tail. Lingering in desperation for more of the succubi’s touch. The remainder of the group splitting off with either their partners, or sitting down to watch Ann. The crowd who’d been affected by her spell by far the most enthralled with the succubus.

Ann grins, and slowly slides her top down, showing off her bouncing breasts. “Alright everyone, I want you all to pair off and help each other feel good, while I make my way around, and make sure our lovely princess of a host gets some extra attention.” She reaches down, and rubs the witch’s exposed small balls, giving them a little squeeze while her tail rubs into the cage a little bit. “And you missy, are my first one.” She leans down and gives the witch’s neck a little bite.

The witch can’t help but squeal, writhing under Ann as the heat from before starts to coales where she’s been bit. Feeling almost fuzzy as the succubus is able to taste the raw lust, and need, start to openly flow out of her. “T-thank youuuuuu!” She slowly reaches around, running her nails down Ann’s back. Only to be met with the pair of wings, each wrapping around one hand and fully helping Ann pin her to the ground.

“Such a naughty witch, you didn’t perform the right spells when you summoned me to be your familiar, so now I’m going to get my own perfect little pet to do whatever-” She kisses the girl on the neck. “-I-” She kisses the girl’s forehead. “-Want.” She kisses the girl on the lips, using her free hand to pinch one of the witch’s nipples.

The witch nods into the kiss, more than happy to comply with Ann’s wishes. Not even noticing as her costume seemingly comes alive on its own, attaching firmly to her skin as her brain reels with different spells she suddenly remembers. The statement of her being careless in summoning Ann bringing to her surprise a sense of both shame… and anticipation. 

Ann chuckles, and her tail moves from teasing the witch’s locked dick to tapping right above her groin, making a little tattoo appear. “There we go, I won’t let you change into a succubus like myself, buuuuut that will store any lust you gather, as well as ensure you obey my commands little witch.” She flashes her teeth, all spiked to add an extra level of intimidation. “Wouldn’t your teachers be ashamed of their star pupil failing at using such a simple ritual?” She leans in, and whispers in the girl's ear. “Though I bet you didn’t set those seals up on purpose. I bet you really wanted a sexy succu-mistress to see how naughty you could be.”

The final thing that pops into the witch's mind was not to give the succubus her name. To give her that power over her, it was against every one of these new memories teachings, but she just couldn’t help herself with this much raw lust flooding her body. “Y-yes Mistress Ann… I the good witch Windy will do whatever you wish.” She couldn’t help but feel a pang of confusion at how she’d addressed herself. Only to be quickly distracted by Ann biting down on her left nipple.

Ann shudders in delight as energy flows through her. “Good girl, Windy, thank you very much. I think you will make the perfect little pet.” She licks the nipple she bit, slowly sliding down. “Now this cage is so plain, what do you say we make a few upgrades. After all, a little padlock like that, I bet the key is somewhere on your person, or at least somewhere you could get it.” She begins rubbing the cage, watching as the steel turns into a pink and light blue glowing metal, the lock melding in and forming a little heart seal.

Windy couldn’t help but melt into the pressure of the transformation. It was hot, tortiously so, but never painful. As if it was constantly keeping her on edge in order to collect more lust for her new mistress. “Y-es!” She slowly, and shakily, pulls one hand out of Ann’s wings, slipping her hand into the top chest pocket on her outfit. Revealing a light blue key that she immediately hands over to Ann. 

Ann gives the key a kiss and pockets it. “Gotta help my little pet reach her orgasm without touching such a naughty clitty. And if my little Windy pleases me well enough, I’ll use my own lust magic to give her a full functioning pussy.” She taps the cage, sending little heated vibrations through Windy’s cock. “Wouldn’t you like that?”

Windy’s eyes roll back into her head, her back arching slightly as her hips buck fruitlessly at the air. “Yes Mistress… that would make me… so happy.” She couldn’t even pretend to keep fully calm at the offer, the high hormones and lust mixing with her emotions and causing a slight stream of happy tears to roll down her cheeks.

"So cute, I almost can't help myself." Ann hums to herself, trying to make it seem like she’s deeply considering what to do. "Tell you what, I like the idea of controlling that little clitty for the party, but at the end I'll reward you, my cute little witch." She reaches forward, and gives Windy a playful nose boop, before gently wiping away the tears. "I know how good it feels to make the full change, so I won't hold back too long sweetie."

Windy nods lightly, letting Ann easily slide her over to the side to face the rest of the party. “Thank you ma’am.” She takes a deep breath, nuzzling into her mistresses side. “I- um… would anyone like to help me collect more lust for my mistress?”

A pair of girls come up to Windy with smiles. One is dressed as a skimpy forest elf, while the other has a fox girl outfit on. “Of course, gathering all the lust for such a sexy mistress.” The elf leans in to kiss Windy’s cheek, while the fox girl begins massaging the witch’s breasts.

Windy lets a little squeal out as the pair collapse onto her. The rest of the group starting to pair off, as Azalia slowly walks over to Ann. Taking the succubi’s hand, before leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. “Daven is okay with this right Ann?”

Ann nods, wrapping an arm around Azalia. “We talked about it when we signed our waivers. No holds barred, and if we have fun, we can expand our relationship outward like several others in our group do.” She lets out a relaxed sigh. “Honestly, I’m happy that Daven found Quin and Nell, they are really good for letting him adjust to us, as well as letting me focus on what I wanted to try doing.” She smiles. “How am I doing by the way Azalia? I’m feeling pretty great about my current flow, but give it to me straight.”

“Honestly, I think you’re doing wonderfully for your first time.” Azalea lightly places a hand on Ann’s shoulder. Guiding the pair to sit down, and lean into each other while they watch the two party goers nearly devour Windy. “I will admit I’m a bit lost on what you’re saying sometimes. But then again everyone's scenes are different.”

Ann giggles a bit as her tail loops around Azalea’s waist along with her arm. “What can I say, I’m really just leaning into what is fun about this situation, a succubus magical girl.” She runs a hand down her leg, finger tracing around the rim of her whip. “We could even say that harnessing the power of love, and lust, for my magic is what I’m all about.” She leans in a little bit, and playfully kisses Azalea’s cheek. “And having a wonderful princess here helps out a lot too.”

“Well I’m happy to help.” Azalia chuckles, nuzzling into Ann lightly. “Seeing you come out of your shell like this is really encouraging ya know.” She places a kiss on Ann’s neck. 

Ann shudders a little bit, the taste of affection rocketing through her senses. "Well, if you want I could give you a little more encouragement" She smirks a little bit, and gives Azalia a little playful ear bite. "That is if you want to be my princess."

As Ann bites down on her ear, the initial spark of heat is quickly overwhelmed by the crown on her head becoming significantly heavier. "W-well if you think it would make me a more efficient leader. I would very much appreciate your assistance madam succubus."

Ann giggles, and cups Azalia's breasts in her hands. "Well, first you need a commanding presence, or a bratty one, depends on how your subjects see you." She drifts one hand down to the girl's belly. Every spot her claws touch becoming as soft as plush. "The brat who gets whatever she wants, or the future queen of the land, oh the choices to make."

“Well, I do always like getting what I want… and I can’t be a queen, after all I’m not married! How could I possibly rule without a queen to help me lead towards the future?!” Azalia looks genuinely concerned as she goes over these sudden possibilities. “Oh please Ma’am please help me become the perfect princess!”

Ann grins, starting to laugh excitedly. “Oh of course Princess Azalea, I’ll help you become the best princess in the land.” She squeezes Azalea’s ass a little bit as her tail wiggles up, and into the dress, moving to press into the princess’s crotch. “However, in exchange for helping you be the best princess, you will fulfill this succubus’s wishes.”

“Of course! I will do anything to ensure my kingdom will prosper for the rest of time!” Azalia nods confidently, wiggling around slightly under the succubi’s touch. “After all, if lying with the dark queen will protect my citizens, then it’s only the rational conclusion.”

Ann chuckles darkly. “Then I shall aid you and your kingdom.” She kisses Azalea before her tail wraps around the princess’s cock. “This scepter isn’t near big enough in that sense, we either need to shrink it or grow it, and I know you want it shrunk.” She grins and strokes it slowly. “So, as I am your true mistress, I shall just have to… TAKE, it.” As she says this, her pink magic glows and Azalea would feel a wet ‘plop’ down at the cock, and the tail feeling would suddenly be gone.

Azlia bites down on her lip, squirming around as she suddenly felt as smooth where her ‘rod’ had been taken as a doll. Leaning more into Ann’s chest, kissing at the the succubi’s breasts. “Oh whatever shall I do with such a cruel mistress.”

Ann grins, dragging her tongue along her teeth. “You be a good girl for your mistress, and she will complete the change, and give you a nice slutty pussy.” She rubs over the smooth crotch, her touch sending electric shocks up Azalea’s spine. “And be an extra good girl, and maybe Daven can suck out all that silly testosterone inside of you.”

Static, that was all that Azalia could process as Ann rubbed harder on the incredibly sensitive null spot. Simply nodding along with the succubi’s words, a deep feeling of appreciation welling up from inside her. “Y-yes Ma’am! Thank you!”

“Good girl, everyone here shall become your subjects, the start of your princessdom, and from there we can expand, show happiness and pleasure to the world.” Ann leaning in and nipping at Azalea’s ear. “Doesn’t that sound great?”

"Absolutely! Then I can have everyone always happy and safe in our kingdom!" Azalia's hips buck slightly as Ann bites down just hard enough to bring that overwhelming static back into her head. Not even noticing as the succubus feasts on her raw lust, each second her dress becoming more intricate. Going from a fairly nice cosplay, to the most intricate textiles that a princess could ask for. A true show of her new position.

“Oh such a good girl, I’m just going to have to spoil you as you grow.” Ann chuckles and runs her hands up and down Azalia’s sides. “My wonderful little princess, just the perfect doll for everyone to follow.” She lets her tail slide over Azalea’s ass grinding against it slightly.

Aliza wiggles up Ann slightly, letting the tail get in position against her ass. Starting to slowly slip around her panties and probe against the princess’s hole. The outfit twisting and distorting again, remaining its bright sparkling pink but turning the knee socks into fishnet leggings. A garter belt snapping into place, as the originally regal princess attire shifts to a more revealing and enticing apparel fit for a princess of the night.

“There we go, what a good slutty princess. I bet you let all sorts of suitors ‘sample’ the goods.” Ann pinches one of Azalea’s nipples, “After all, why would you be so eager for a succubus to take control?” She then reaches down and gives the princess’s ass a firm swat, enjoying the sound that it made. “Planning this orgy for your amusement, were you hoping to get someone else to take control, so you could keep being the princess slut of the land?”

Azalia looks away from Ann, a furious flush painting her face. "I always have to lead, so wanting to have you take control…" She shakes her head, her mind being flooded with increasingly unwarranted self importance. "No! I always get what I want! Why should I have to explain myself to you? You're MY succubus, you're simply providing what I crave!" She crosses her arms, sticking her nose up slightly as if that did anything for the situation she'd found herself in. 

Ann giggles, and kisses the princess. “That’s right, I am your succubus, and I bet you crave something filling your ass besides that stick.” Her tail begins to feel a little wet as she presses the heart tip against the princess’s hole. “Isn’t that right? My princess.”

Azalia lets out a sharp gasp as the tail thrusts its way inside her. Quickly being pulled in by Ann, who almost effortlessly twirls the princess around on her tail, pinning her to the ground. "I demand you use your tail to-" 

Thump, Ann shoves her tongue into Azalia's mouth. Cutting the girls bratting short, taking her time with the helpless princess. Only moving her tail the smallest amount deeper, taking immense pleasure in the helplessness she can taste radiating off of Azalia.

Ann slowly breaks the kiss. “The more you brat, the more likely I’m gonna leave you nulled like this princess.” She reaches down and firmly rubs the flat crotch. “Unless that is what such a bratty princess wants of her succubus.” She gives slowly little movements, small twists and a gentle tug. “Ensures that you have to be creative with your slutty subjects.”

"Nooooo, I-" Azalia bucks her hips against Ann's fingers. The electric shocks of pleasure with each movement roaring through her and knocking any coherent stream of thoughts out of her head. "I wanna- I wanna be fuuuuuucked!" As if to finally give Azalia what she wants, Ann’s tail starts slowly pistoning in and out. Pushing the princess towards an edge of pleasure that she would never be able to fully cross. 

“Of course you do my little slut, and that is why I will feed off of that lust. Give me enough so I may use my magic without having less than I started with, and perhaps I’ll make that a reality.” She kisses Azalia hard, grinding her own pussy on the blank crotch of her princess. “Fail however, and I will leave you bare and unable to cross the line. Until another day.”

Azalia squeaks out the best that she can. Finally giving up her plays at being in charge as she fully embraces pushing that line, trying to go further. To get closer to the edge, to the relief that she knew would never come, Ann's tail started to wiggle slightly inside her ass. Each bump and push sends a shot of heat along the already electric sensations. 

Daven's eyes slowly start to crack open. The boy letting out a little yawn as he curiously looks around the room, noticing that Quin and Nell are now holding him between them as they watch anime with the rest of the party. "I- um… hi again… I'm uh, sorry that I fell asleep on your lap… you did taste really good though… um… how long has it been since I fell asleep?"

“About an hour cutie, but that’s fine. We may enjoy having some more… sexy moments, buuuut there will be lots of parties like that, and you seemed like you needed just some gentle TLC.” Quin grins a bit at him. “That and we can always feed you more if you need it.”

Nell rolls her eyes, bonking Quin on the back of her head. "Hun, we shouldn't be messing with that more than we have to. Of course we are open to feeding you Daven, buuuuut, I'd recommend maybe going out to get on HRT so you can have snacks outside of what I'd call 'major' meals."

Daven nods slightly, giving both girls a light hug. "Well since Ann won't need hers anymore, I guess I'll try feeding off of those when I don't need a big boost." He smiles at the pair, giving them both a small squeeze. "Thank you for… accepting this new me… I… am happy to have friends other than Ann again…"

Quin hugs back, before pulling away and tilting her head. “friends other than Ann? Again?” She makes sure Daven is comfortable. “We are thrilled to be your friends, but can you explain? From everything we have heard, it sounded like you would be the kind of person to have lots of friends.”

"Confidence on the outside… doesn't really go all that far, when you're really scared on the inside." Daven looks down at himself, starting to fidget slightly. Realizing just how much truer to who he was internally this transformation had made him. "Did you know Ann is the one who talked to me first… she just walked over one day at the arcade we would hang out at… and made me feel comfortable. She didn't have any expectations, she just… thought it was cool that I got a perfect score on her favorite song." He chuckles a bit, closing his eyes as a few tears drop down his cheeks. "She even had the idea to come here… she was always hyping up how you'd all like me… but I was too scared."

Quin smiles sweetly. “Of course we all like you.” She pulls him into a tight hug. “Just because we are a big ol trans support group, doesn’t mean we have JUST trans people here. A good number don’t just come to show their support, but to be supported too. At least a quarter of the people in this very room are not trans, and just don’t do sexuality like others.” She grins and leans close, giving Daven a playful nuzzle on the cheek. “There are lots of potential friends here, and if you need help, we will help you find them.”

Daven chuckles, nodding as Nell places a hand on his head. "Quin’s right, everyone here has your back 100%, but right now. I'm gonna need you to bring out what confidence you can, because I'm pretty sure if you don't stop her, your girlfriend is gonna turn us all into monsters by the end of the night." 

Daven gives a slight nod, taking a deep breath before standing up and flicking his cape to start bellowing without even the help of wind. "Alright! I'll go get Ann!" He grins, before quickly turning back, and giving Quin and Nell a thumbs up. "Also getting your numbers from her, I hope to see you two again soon!"

"Don't worry, Ann has our numbers. Feel free to call whenever, me and Quin here are going to be investigating more magic together from now on… so just give us a text next time before you get turned into a twinky vampire." Nell gives Daven a wink, watching him leave the room, and closing the door behind him.

Daven looks down the hall, hearing the orgy going on downstairs as well as almost tasting the hormones in the air as he walks up to the railing. Seeing an entire party worth of monsters now, instead of merely his girlfriend. "Ann!" He throws his cloak out, as an attempt to show a level of force. "It is time to go home!" He pauses for a second, before mumbling out. "Please."

Ann gets up from the middle with a grin. “Awwww, ok sweetie!” She leans down, and gives a few kisses. “Since you have been good.” She presses her finger to Azalea’s front, and slowly traces up, opening up a brand new pussy that instantly brings the princess to orgasm. “Just one more thing.” She walks over to the exhausted witch and kisses the girl, holding her close and sucking the gathered lust before sighing happily. “Ah, that is such a treat.” She rubs the girl’s caged cock again, letting it shrink along with her balls, until the cage simply falls off as the new slit opens up. “Now I may give you one back just to have it caged for amusement, my little witch.” She smiles. “Call me when you are recovered, Windy.” She strolls confidently over the now resting group, grabbing her dress and slipping it on while her tail sways. “So Daven, did you have fun with Quin and Nell?”

Daven nods, quickly running down stairs and hopping into Ann’s arms. Giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Y-yeah, they said you'd give me their numbers." He turns to look at the crowd, seeing several now cuddling and providing aftercare to whoever needs it. "Um… you all stay safe! And… uh… if you find yourself needing a different costume… maybe go over to the closed down costume shop a few blocks away. I promise you'll love whatever you get." He giggles, nuzzling into Ann’s chest as she strides towards the front door with him in her arms. 

Ann smirks, and kisses Daven hard. “Of course I’ll give you their numbers.” She then looks back. “Spread happiness, and don’t ever let yourselves settle for less. Let’s all take a day or so to settle into our comfortable selves, then just have a fun normal movie night! We’ll see you all at the next meeting!”

Daven nods, waving to the group as the doors start to shut behind them. Azalia was already up and taking charge, making sure everyone was getting what they needed. Be that extra cuddles or a snack. 

"Having you be as confident as you always made me feel… It's nice." Daven leans up kissing Ann on the cheek as he is lightly placed in the passenger seat. "I guess this means we're gonna be some kinda super villains now." He giggles, leaning back as Ann starts the car up. Driving them back towards their apartment complex.

This story will pick up next time with Quin and Nell, finishing up this little way out of season halloween trilogy.

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