Crystal City Stories

The Doll House

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #clothing #dollification #succubus #transformation #vampire #villainy

Hey, It's Ruby here again, this is more of soft mind control and a lot of doll stuff. Make sure to read the tags for CW's!

There's absolutely some mind altering going on, but not as direct. 
I hope you enjoy it, because this is the first of what was meant to be three halloween stories... yeah you can see that they didn't come out even close to on time, but I wasn't close to satsified with even this one until recently. Here's to hoping that I get the next two parts of this one out before next halloween! Maybe, Hopefully, possibly.

A woman draped in a nun’s habit, her blond hair only barely sticking out, walks through the streets of Crystal City, a somewhat large case shaped like a coffin strapped to her back. She frowns lightly as people on the streets move to avoid her, knowing that under the world system, you were either a civilian, or a villain, and she is annoyingly labeled the latter. 

Soon she arrives in one of the most dangerous parts of the city, at its center sitting an imposing mansion surrounded by a wrought iron fence, and its yard. She steps up to, and pushes through the gate, knowing that whether she were a villain or not, her job is to soothe restless spirits, and help those in need.

As she walks towards the front gates. The sound of faint giggling fills her ears, the gates slowly pulling open on their own. Leaving her standing in front of a suddenly incredibly well kept manor. Forget me nots growing up the left wall.

The woman looks up at the flowers and frowns. Written on a tag attached to her case is the name ‘Sylphie’. Pushes open the front door, looking around for traps, noting just how clean everything is. “Must keep a housekeeper.” She chuckles a little bit, taking a few cautious steps deeper inside. The red velvet carpeting getting indented by her dirt covered boots.

As Slyvie continues inwards, she catches a glimpse of a dark haired girl. Clearly no older than 22, dressed in a maids outfit, dusting the decorum… which is upon closer inspection is filled with dolls. Around each and every corner, it was like you couldn't find a spot where one wasn’t hidden or placed, despite the comical variety, and excess. Each and every one clearly in perfect condition.

“Hello, my name is Sylvie, I am here to exercise the spirit that is inhabiting this residence. Can you tell me anything about them?” Sylvie forces her most charming smile, this is always the most awkward part of her job. Talking to anyone who isn’t a spirit had never really come naturally to her, and the immediate fear she almost always received hasn’t helped matters recently. “I promise, I mean no harm to anyone living here.”

"I'm Celeste, it's very nice to meet you… but I'm afraid you can not exercize me!" Celeste giggles, skipping over doing a little twirl and floating in the air, before landing and booping Sylvie's nose. "But you are cute! Do you wanna stay here with me and my friends instead?" As she speaks, the giggles from earlier get a hint louder, a few of the doll heads Slyvie could have sworn weren't facing towards her before, now turned towards and staring straight through her.

Sylvie frowns, her nose wrinkling at the chill of contact. “I’m afraid not, I must free the people trapped here, and it is not right for spirits to stay after their passing! I promise you will feel much better, after passing on, instead of staying.” She glances at the dolls, reaching back to open her case, her hand trembling slightly.

As Sylvie tries to open the case, it snags. Nearly invisible wires that had snaked from where Celiste poked her, now wrapped firmly around the shaft. In barely a second the wires pull away, flinging the case onto the ground. A few feet away from either woman. 

"Oh no you don't! I will keep all my friends safe, and if you are trying to take my friends away." Celeste's head twists to the side, twitching as her features turn to look more like a dolls. Wires that should have been obvious, wrapped around each joint, an eerie porcelain sheen replacing what had seemed to be the normal, if pale skin from before. "I need to make you a friend too!"

Sylvie holds in a scream as she jumps towards her case, taking out a cross, and whispering a small prayer. “Making friends like this is not right Celeste, you are holding people against their wills!” She squeaks as another wire shoots out to try and grab her, dodging out of the way.

“I am keeping them away from bad people! I keep them safe from villains, and pain, and in return they play with me!” Celeste’s hand juts out, twisting upside down as she closes it. Wires starting to slither out of the walls, slowly starting to surround Sylvie. “But you, you’re like the Villains, my friends bring me! You just wanna make us all sad!”

Sylvie huffs, having to ditch her cross as wires grab it. “I’m not trying to make people sad, I’m trying to help people live their own lives!” She jumps over some of the strings, sprinting towards the case. “And please don’t call me a villain, I already have to put up with being labeled that.”

“So do I! When all I want is to live in PEACE!” Celeste’s wires around Sylvie’s case. Pull taught, flinging it right into the woman’s gut, knocking her to the ground with a resounding thump. “And you’re trying to tell me I’ll be happy, with whatever HELL you’re going to try and send me to? Why wouldn’t you be considered a villain.”

“What about the people stuck here because of you? I want you to move on to somewhere where you can be happy, while letting the people stuck here be happy too!” Sylvie coughs a bit, the wind totally knocked out of her, struggling to open the case to get at her halberd, the metal and cross glinting in the light as she cracks it open.

“They aren’t suck here! The only people stuck here are the villains who attack us!” Celeste stomps her feet, the floorboards creaking, as they like water twist and distort popping up in a wave. Tossing Sylvie into the air. “They are my friends! They were scared of the world we live in, so I protected them! THEY ARE HAPPY!” She screams out, as Sylvie sees the dolls all around them, starting to move and giggle more. Some standing up, and starting to cheer Celeste’s name, while others simply had their smiles widen.

“I know the world is scary, but if we don’t face it, and make it better, it never will GET better.” Sylvie winces as her case is tossed away, before she can get her weapon out. “Just hiding away won’t make anything better, but we all need to have faith that together we can make a better world.”

“You mean together without me! You just want me to go away!” Celeste’s form crumbles to ash before Sylvie, the sound of her voice echoing through the halls. Strings wrapping around her legs, starting to drag her towards the stairwell to the basement. “Well, I’ll show you where bad dollies go!”

Sylvie squeaks as she is pulled, her dress pulling up as she slides. She grabs onto the doorframe of the stairwell, trying to hang on, before the otherworldly strength from the strings pulls her down, drawing a scream from the nun’s throat.

Right when she thinks she’s going to collide with harsh stone brick… the strings pull up, giving a limp hanging feeling as she’s slowly guided down. Careful not to hurt her in any major way. “Now you’ll see! I’m good, and you should be happy I’m here!” Celeste’s voice chirps out as Sylvie is placed down in the middle of a bright pink, with black accitenting tea party room. 

Celeste is sitting on the far side of the room, dolls in every seat except for the one across from her. “Now please sit down Sylvie, it’s tea time, and I expect you to be on your best behavior!” She claps her hands, the strings forcing Sylvie to prance over, and sit down. 

Sylvie squeaks a bit, watching helplessly as she is sat down at the tea table. “Alright, fine.” She forces a smile realizing this is a losing battle when focusing on strength. “So Celeste, if you don’t mind, how long have you been… here? All I’ve heard is that a spirit has been here for a pretty long time, as I made my way into the city.”

“I’ve been here since the first villain uprising!” Celeste leans in, pouring what looked like nothing into each cup. Only for tea to appear from the bottom to the top. “They burned my family's manor down… mommy didn’t like the villains… Then one day, I woke up again, holding my dolly that I was burnt with! So now I keep everyone who comes here safe, from all the bad people!”

“I… see.” Sylvie frowns, reaching when she notices the slack in the strings on her arms, and takes a sip of the tea. “This is very good tea, what did you do before the villain uprising? All I’ve found are books about it.”

“I tended my gardens… and I made dolls. I guess some things never change.” Celeste giggles, the tea slowly draining from in front of the dolls. “So are you able to hear them yet Sylvie?” She grins, Sylvie starting to hear through the giggling finally. Whispering voices, talking about her, just barely being too quiet to understand fully.

Sylvie freezes up, only barely avoiding spitting out the tea while she glances at the dolls. “A little bit, why can I hear through the giggling now?” She looks back at Celeste. “Does the tea have something to do with this… or are you doing something?”

“I’m not doing anything, that just means the wires are fully connected to you now.” Celeste gestures to the barely visible wires, now having no clear end point having slid inside of Sylvie. “You’re part of the whole now! So you’ll be able to understand everyone, and we all will understand, and care for you! Isn’t that wonderful?”

“What?!” Sylvie tries to tug her arm away, wincing after the wires became painful to try and get away from. Sending a sharp chill through her body. “I have so many more people I want to help, I don’t want to be part of a whole!” She tries to stand up, but everything feels strange with her body, like every inch of it had fallen asleep.

“But isn’t that what religion is? Becoming one of something so much bigger?” Celeste stands up, gliding around the table as she runs her fingers along Sylvie’s arm. Showing how her fingers were slowly becoming joints like Celeste’s, moving up to the wrist, that has already started to turn to porcelain. “Here we all help one another, and I can’t let you go out again here! I don’t know where you came from… but the villains here are too strong for you.” She giggles lightly, booping Sylvie’s nose again, only for Sylvie to realize she can’t wrinkle her nose in response this time.

Sylvie falls back a bit, only to be caught by the wires. “S-stop! Let me go!” She whimpered, the feeling of her skin changing is all enveloping. It wasn’t exactly painful, but felt like cold water pouring over her body, only to feel numb wherever it passed, leading to the remaining portions of her flesh to feel even more tender, while the chill flows around her body.

“I’m sorry, but anyone who threatens my dollies becomes one, imagine if you sent your other friends here to kill me!” Celeste shakes her head, wrapping her arms around Sylvie. “Now listen to your new family, I’m sure they’ll help you calm down.” She coos out, Sylvie watching as the dolls in the seats appear to grow to human size. 

One in particular having bright red hair, as she was dressed in a pink dress. “Hello Sylvie! I’m Rosie, and it’s so nice to have a new villain friend! I came here to take Celeste out too, but she’s been so nice, I can’t believe I wanted to leave. Everything is nice here… simple! We just take care of the manor as a team, then have play time! Everyone gets a turn at least once a week! No dolly left behind!” She very slowly puts her hand over her mouth ‘laughing’ the best a doll could manage.

Sylvie whimpered, her eyes watering before the cold water feeling passed over them, leaving her vision feeling strange, almost glassy, as no more liquid was able to leave her eye sockets. “I don’t want to, just let me go, I’ll tell everyone else to leave you alone too.”

“Oh sweetie, it’s too late now.” Celeste has her wires bring over a hand mirror. Allowing Sylvie to see herself, a small smile on her porcelain face, as her entire body is rigid in her seat. “If you hadn’t been naughty and attacked me, this wouldn’t be necessary… but I promise, you will be loved here.” She gives the new doll a gentle squeeze, the feeling of Celeste touching her causing an almost electric feeling to flow within Sylvie. 

“Oh my gosh you’re so pretty!” Rosie giggles out, wires coming down from the ceiling and attaching to her limbs at several points. Allowing the girl to ‘stand’ up, and be carried over to where Sylvie is seated, the doll clearly taking immense pleasure in pretending to walk.

Sylvie gasps, at the intensity. While she's dealt with different transformative magics, it was always easy to ignore, to resist. It isn’t like this with Celeste, every inch that she touches blooming with immense warmth. “Th-thank you for the compliment.” She shudders out, feeling odd as her mouth doesn’t actually move but the words still come out.

“Of course Sylvie, it’s just the truth!” Rosie floats politely in front of Sylvie, her normal soft smile widening slightly. The way the wires hug her, Sylvie can’t help but notice how even with her rigid immovable body. Rosie is constantly trying to get as much contact from them as possible.

“Alright now Sylvie I need you to be honest with me, what do you want?” Celeste runs her fingers down the girl's habit. “I know you came here to ‘exorcize’ me, but that’s not because you hate ghosts now is it? It’s because you care about people, so why not allow yourself to be cared for?” She lets her fingers trace upwards, running them across Sylvie’s cheeks. Using her magic to add a prominent blush to the doll's cheeks. 

Sylvie feels her whole being shudder happily at the feeling of Celeste’s attention, and Rosie’s closeness. “I… have a duty to help others. To let people know that there are those who want to h-help.” She squeaks out, her eyes catching as Celeste plays with her habit a bit more.

“We have so many here who need help, and I’m sure you would be perfect for it.” Celeste nods to herself, taking a step away walking over to the far wall. Pushing on a brick, causing an entire wall of dolls to be revealed. A few that look like drones, one that looks to be a bee-human hybrid, and several who are in very traditional villain outfits of different themes. 

“These are all different dolls of the villains who’ve attacked us… sadly they’re all continuously bad, and try to hurt others, even during play time…” She turns to face Sylvie. “Do you think you could help them? Help them learn to be good dollies, to be happy with their new lives? Just like you’re having to do now?”

Sylvie’s glassy eyes look over all the dolls kept down here… in a safe storage away from the others. Not a single one obviously neglected, like despite the fact they’re locked away, this is still the shelf that gets the most attention. 

“I… want them to be happy too… but not by trying to hurt others.” Sylvie eyes Celeste the best she can, able to feel the blush that has been painted on her, even more intensely. “I… will help.” She looks away briefly… only to be met with Rosie. who is floating mere inches from her face.

“I knew it, I knew you were nice!” Rosie giggles a bit, only for Celeste to gently stroke her cheek. Going entirely still from the attention, starting to hang peacefully. 

“That you were… I apologize for my earlier anger, but as you can see. My dolls are very precious to me, and I am precious to them. So I couldn’t allow you to achieve your goal, but now… let’s go and find you a nice display spot!” 

Celeste waves her hands, and both Rosie and Sylvie’s bodis slowly stiffen, and shrink down. It feels like a painless buzzing, and before she knows it. Sylvie is only slightly larger than Celeste’s hand. Both dolls are cradled together against Celeste’s chest, as she starts her walk back upstairs.

Sylvie as much as she can, leans into Rosie’s side, doing her best to enjoy the feeling of being held by Celeste, taking in the walls, and different notable locations inside the house. Her eyes briefly fall on her case, a pang of loss and longing as they move by it fills her, though it was combated by the feeling of belonging with Rosie and Celeste.

Celeste has her wires pick the case up. Shrinking it down to the size of an accessory. “There we go, now you can keep this with you all the time, sometimes memories are all we have of our past, so it’s nice to keep momentos.” She giggles, slinging the case over Sylvie’s shoulder. Carefully adjusting it, and checking for any damage that their fight may have done to be fixed later.

"Th-Thank you." Sylvie feels the gentle pressure of her case against her back. Relieved to have it back with her, after only even a few minutes of separation. "This is important to me." She manages to barely move her left arm, placing her frozen hand on top of the strap.

“Of course sweetie, oh I know just where to display you, and Rosie!” Celeste leans in, kissing Sylvie’s entire face, before turning to walk up stairs. Walking through seemingly endless winding hallways. Allowing Sylvie small peaks into each intricately decorated room, filled with at least twenty dolls in each room.

Sylvie squeaks, going fully limp, processing waves of pressure and excitement from the kiss. The longer she is like this, the more that her new flesh or lack thereof feels natural, just relaxing like this… actually feeling really nice.

Eventually Celeste arrives in her bedroom, which unlike the rest of the manor only had three dolls in it aside from the two in Celeste’s arms. One that looked to be a boy, dressed in a very nice suit. Sitting on a miniature couch next to the second, who is another boy, smaller and in what would be incredibly revealing clothing on a human. The smaller of the pair being tucked into the firsts arms. “You’ll stay here! With all my favorite dollies! I’ll start building you a special ‘church’ display, where we can have play time together! And I’m sure Rosie will love getting a matching outfit! Oh we’re going to have so much fun!”

Sylvie squeaks a little at the thought of being set up next to Rosie, but her attention is drawn towards the male looking pair in the room. “That would be nice.” She thinks a little bit before speaking up again “Who are they?” She weakly raises her hand and motions towards the pair curiously.

“Those two are the first people I ever took in! Henry and Jason!” Celeste has wires go over, picking the pair of dolls up and floating them over to her. Sitting down on her bed as she sets her dolls in a circle. “They’re super sweet, and just wanted to be dolls… so I gave them what they wanted.” She then reaches up on her night stand, a final doll that looks exactly like Celeste’s doll form. Except for the obvious age. “Then there’s my doll.”

“H-hello you two.” She then looks at the older doll. “Your doll is very pretty Celeste.” She can’t help but let a giggle come from her throat as she found movement to be more… natural than it was earlier. “Is it supposed to feel better over time… being a doll?”

“Well of course, you’re becoming your soul in a casing just like mine.” Celeste places her doll against Sylvie’s side, smiling at the warmth that the two dolls emitted through her. “So once you’re fully integrated into the system, you’ll be able to take a ghostly appearance, like I did when you first came in. We all can, the only reason the house didn’t seem all too lively when you came in, is they are all the strings! I was just guiding them to help me!”

“I see.” Sylvie leans into Celeste’s doll, and takes in the heat. “It feels really nice here, so relaxing too.” The allure of stillness, and wanting to be here, seeming more and more logical by the moment. “Do people come here often?”

“Not particularly, most people are too scared of the myths to come and visit. So most who come are villains, who wanna get rid of me, to establish themselves.” Celeste shakes her head, looping her fingers under each of Sylvie’s shoulders. Starting to gently massage the fine porcelain.

Sylvie squeaks a bit, and if she could she would have jumped at the massage, before slowly fading into it, and relaxing. “I see, is there anyone outside of here that you talk with at all?” She leans her head forward, letting Celeste get at all her new doll joints with her massage. “We could always make things a bit brighter, and more inviting outside the mansion, get more visitors… or if you like keeping it quiet that works too.”

"I have a few friends… but I prefer to keep things quiet, and protect those who come here." Celeste smiles softly, pressing Sylvie into her cheek. "After all, all I have is my manor. We could run out of space someday, if we are open about who we are."

Sylvie squeaks again, wiggling passively against Celeste’s cheek. “That is actually really sweet.” She pauses the realization of just how… goalless this existence seems. Existing simply to be, rather than chasing some never ending unfulfilling obligation. “So… what is next? What exactly do we do around here… if you don’t mind me asking.”

"We maintain the manor as a team, and then have play time!" Celeste nods to herself, putting her personal doll back in its proper place. "But we've already done all of the cleaning for today, so do you wanna try play time? I promise you'll have fun, and I'll only use Rosie during the session, because you know her the best." 

“That sounds nice.” Sylvie allows herself and Rosie to be moved around. Noticing just how quiet Rosie’s been the entire time, wondering if that’s what she’ll be like eventually. “I’m really curious about the fun we will have.”

"Then let's get started." Celeste claps her hands. The walls of the room morphing to add more shelves, as strings carry nearly a hundred dolls into the room. Placing them down on the shelves, Sylvie is able to hear excited whispering from the crowd. "Is there anything you'd like to play, in particular Sylvie? I know Rosie loves playing princess~"

“Th-that sounds really fun, I haven’t really… played princess before.” Sylvie actually manages to look down slightly, out of raw embarrassment. “I haven’t really… been given time to play like that. So I… don’t really know what to do honestly.”

"Well, we have nothing but time now!" Celeste nods, a few wires gently carrying an impressively sized toy spire over, Celeste placing Rosie in the top building part. "And you just need to go with the flow of the scene, I promise I'll take care of everything, if you ever need help." 

Rosie's entire body at each joint is slowly wrapped with strings. Granting her back limited articulation similar to a marionette. Raising her right arm, and gingerly waving down to Sylvie. "Help! I've been banished to this tower for oh so long, oh kind stranger won't you help me?"

Sylvie waits for strings to wrap around her as well. Flexing her new arms and legs ever so slightly, taking a moment to adjust to the limits of her articulation. “Of course fair maiden, I shall save you from your banishment.” She gave a little flourish to the best of her doll forms capabilities, putting her case against the tower, and using it to start her climb.

Celeste leans in, wiggling her fingers as an intricate dragon puppet, 'flies' into the room. Circling the tower as Sylvie climbs. "Who dares attempt to steal my maiden! I Celestia the burner of fields will consume youuu." She giggles, landing the dragon across from where Slyvie is climbing.

Sylvie squeaks and jumps down, the wires making it more of a gentle glide, as she  opens her case and whips out her halberd, noticing that its edge looks much… softer than the normal razor sharp blade. “You cannot keep the princess captured like this! It is my duty as a holy knight, to rescue her!”

From all around her, cheers of support pour in. Wishing her luck in defeating the big bad dragon. "Be careful, kind stranger, the dragon's breath will turn anything it touches to stone!" Rosie squeaks, gesturing over to several dolls who are posed in different ‘horrified’ positions. 

Celeste grins, having the dragon spread its wings. Flapping them and causing Sylvie’s outfit to flutter in the wind, nearly knocking her habit off. "I have been looking for a new statue. And I think you'll be just right!" The dragon opens its mouth and roars at Sylvie, sending a mass of strings flying at the doll.

Sylvie dodges around the strings, her case being kicked to the side as she ‘charges’ at the dragon. Planting the butt of her halberd in the ground and using it to pole vault up onto the mighty beast.

The dragon starts to twist, and turn as she grabs on, bucking up and down as it tries to get Sylvie off of its back. “Cut the strings kind stranger! If you do, it will fall!” Rosie ‘leans’ a bit more out of the window, fully into her role as the princess  waiting to be saved. 

Sylvie slides the halberd along her hand, choking the shaft to gain greater fine control over the blade, as she works up and slices a couple of the beast's strings. “Thank you for the advice princess!”

The dragon roars out, as its left side goes limp. "Noooo, this can not beeee!" It falls limp on the bed, as Slyvie slides across its back, cutting the remaining strings. 

"Oh thank you! Please, come up to me so I can show you my appreciation for your efforts!" Rosie giggles, putting her hands out as strings tie together, to make a ladder for Sylvie to climb.

Sylvie pauses for a moment to admire her victory, feeling oddly proud despite the fact that this is all play, before starting to climb the ladder, hopping over the railing. “Are you unharmed, my princess?” She kneels, and bows her head to Rosie. “So my princess, shall we get out of here and get you back home?”

Rosie places her hand atop Slvie’s, using her wires to pull the other doll over to the bed with her. “But you must be so tired, I insist we stay here the night, so you may recover.” 

Celeste slowly cracks the spire in half, revealing the bedroom to the rest of the audience. Getting several oos and aahs from the dolls, it being uncommon for someone to actually go inside the spire during playtime, due to its intimacy.

Sylvie mimes exhaling, as if to show off the impossibility that getting tired is in her current form. “I would love that my princess, if you are sure it is fine to be here longer.” She sets down her gear, and looks around a little, letting herself be let to sit on the bed. “That dragon was tough, and becoming a statue would mean you would be trapped even longer.”

“As tragic as it is, I’ve seen several before you turned into statues.” Rosie squeaks as Celeste swoops in, picking both up, electing to take a more direct hand, in controlling her dolls. “So why don’t you join me in bed, without the dragon we are safe together.” She is slowly stripped in front of Sylvie, Celeste clearly enjoying the strip show. The dress sliding off to reveal her entirely smooth porcelain body, with two small mounds on her chest. 

Sylvie squeaks and wiggles a bit, suddenly feeling very hot under her habit. “I… oh” She gulps a bit, and slowly takes off her head covering, letting her blonde hair flow freely. “I… do not know if this is proper princess, a knight doing this with a princess.”

“But the knight who saves me, is allowed to wed me if they so wish.” Sylvie is pushed by Celeste into Rosie’s embrace, the contact of porcelain on her sending waves of pure heat through the nun. “So it’d only be fair for me to reward someone so kind for helping me… if that’s what you’d want.” 

Sylvie whimpers quietly, only barely able to force herself to speak back up. “Y-yes please.” She shakily watches as Celosia guides her in running her fingers over Rosie’s body, squeaking a little bit as Celosia guides her through the process of removing her habit.

It starts as a harsh chill, quickly being replaced by the warmth of contact. Celeste laying the pair in the bed and pulling purple velvet sheets over the pair, before looking back over to the walls. “Alright darlings, show time is over, these two need private play time!” She claps her hands, the dolls all reattaching to their strings, to be carried away into the halls and their normal resting places. 

If it wasn’t for her conection Sylvie would have seen this as demineted, but she could feel everyone leaving, at least faintly. The excitement of being the next to be played with, the joy of watching the shows, everyone feeling deeply content as they leave Sylvie, and Rosie alone in the bed. 

“Alright you two, I’m going to give you a few… extra strings to help with your articulation. Be safe, dears, and of course have fun.” Celosia leans in, kissing each on the forehead, and closing up the spire. Leaving the pair alone in the dimly lit room, only the light from the window gives the briefest glimpse of Rosie.

Sylvie gasps a little as she looks down, her movements being far more ‘natural’ as she wiggles her fingers a bit, before smiling shyly at Rosie. “This has been so fun. Also I… kinda haven’t… done anything like this before.” She looks down, biting her lip. “You are really pretty though… like impressively so.” She gulps a little, reaching to slowly remove her garter belt and stockings.

“Don’t worry Sylvie, I’ve got just enough experience like this… and if you just wanna cuddle, we can do that too.” Rosie gently runs her fingers along Sylvie’s sides. Giving her new friend just enough space, while maintaining a level of intimacy. “I know the warmth can feel… overpowering at first, while we might not have bodies anymore, touching like this is like our souls rubbing against one another.”

Sylvie gasps a little bit, while Celosia’s presence feels like a deep contentment. Rosie feels more like falling into a perfectly warm bath, hugging her from all sides. “It feels so nice.” She presses her face to Rosie’s neck, whimpering at how even that basic of contact felt almost overwhelming. “I want to feel more.” She wraps her arms around Rosie’s body, shuddering a little as her bare arms rub the other doll’s torso. “Does it always feel this intense, or is it just because I’m not used to it?”

“Touching everyone feels different, how nice it feels depending on how connected with them you feel. While Celeste’s touch is always the most powerful, there have been those of us who find others who feel close.” Rosie leans in, pressing her permanent smile into Sylvie’s neck. “You feel close to that for me, Sylvie.”

Sylvie squeaks and shudders, holding Rosie in close. “I’m glad, I felt that connection, at least a little, when I saw you.” The holy warrior could only focus on how nice the woman she is with feels, the heat immersing her as they touch. She cautiously lets her hand explore a little lower on Rosie, biting back pants as the feeling on her fingers alone was exciting her.

Despite the rigid nature of the pair, everything seems to perfectly click into place. Their bodies hugging each other, maximizing contact as they’re dragged deeper into bed, the slow touches eliciting squeaks from each of the women. The pressure bubbling up as Sylvie’s core, there was of course nothing there, but it didn’t make much of a difference for the toys. The piercing heat being sent in a massive shot on contact, starting to build even higher with each second.

“This feels perfect.” Sylvie presses her face to Rosie’s, their lips touching in the facsimile of a kiss, shooting a deeper electricity through both dolls, down through their whole bodies. It was at this moment that Sylvie finally gave up returning to normal, content to spend her days with Celeste and Rosie most of all.

A final string slowly inches into the room, wrapping gently around Sylvie’s neck. With that, she could suddenly feel… everything, the walls, the hall, Rosie, everything in the manor. Even the manor itself is alive in every meaning of the word, and now she was fully a part of it’s whole. Accepted, loved, allowed to truly rest in peace. And the last thing that crosses her mind as she fades into stillness is understanding, understanding why Celeste didn’t want to pass on. Why everyone adores staying here, because after all, what afterlife could be better than this?

So that's the end of Sylvie's story, she might cameo in some future ones in this setting, but for now we're going to be moving on towards 

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