Crystal City Stories

Every Witch Way

by Cracked_Ruby

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #clothing #dollification #succubus #transformation #vampire #villainy

Following onward with Quin and Nell, the dinamic duo trying to get some answers. 

Contents: Living outfits, hypnosis, light corruption, generally softer vibes

Quin smiles as they drive up towards the abandoned costume store. “This is so cool, we can observe absolutely for real MAGIC.” She parks and eagerly gets out, taking her pack of magic stuff with her. “Oh I wonder which ones of these work!”

“Yeaaaah… this is super cool.” Nell chuckles, slipping out of the car behind Quin. Holding what used to be a prop scythe against her chest. “Totally not super intimidating that we’ve got costumes that are now glued to our bodies, and that you almost blew a hole in our apartment wall with an ice spike last night!”

“I KNOW RIGHT!” Quin giggles, virtually jumping up and down. “We gotta learn WHY this is happening so we can know how to control it!” She runs up to the door, and effortlessly pushes it open. “Heloooooo, Anyone here?” She starts looking around, checking some of her magic and ghost hunting gear. “We come in peace, also with questions!”

“I don’t think that we are going to be the ones who can control this kind of-” Nell runs in after Quin, a spark of light appears in front of her. The shape of a fidgeting boy slowly becoming visible through the flash.

“Um… h-hello! And w-welcome to the Cosmic Costume emporium… w-what do you need?” He mumbles out, looking around the area. Spotting Quin as she charges deeper into the costume shop towards where the other ghost is relaxing. “Y-you already are dressed up! You shouldn’t need us!” 

Quin waves at the larger of the pair. “Hello ghosties! I hope you don’t mind but I have some questions after what happened with our costumes, and new powers. Can you explain how the magic works? I’ve never really known magic before, so learning about it now that I have it is so exciting to me!”

“W-well… if I’m being honest I don’t know!” The boy floats over to Quin, floating around her. “L-like you two my costume fused with me… but I had picked a ghost one… so I ended up like this!” He shakes his head, Nell walking up and putting a hand on Quin’s shoulder. 

“Do you know who we can talk to about this? While the effects of our costumes have been more… subtle than what happened to a few friends of ours, we just wanna know if there’s any undoing this or if this is going to keep spreading.” Nell smiles softly at the shy ghost, finding it endearing in a similar way to Daven.

“W-well, Moon would probably be the one who knows… that kinda thing.” He chuckles lightly, shaking his head. “S-she is in the back, always setting up for the next ‘foolish’ explorers we’d encounter… honestly if you two weren’t already changed she’d probably have come out here right away.”

Quin nods “Well, we would like to learn whatever Moon can tell us.” She looks at a few of the costumes. Noticing the equal parts lewd and normal costumes, but all of them are very high quality. “Beyond transformative magics, these are all really nice, is Moon the one who makes all of these?”

“I… well… think of this as a place fueled by thought.” He shakes his head floating over behind the racks. “The non-transformed person's perceptions and desires flow into the shop's magic… then the shop makes them the pieces they want to ‘find’ and transform them into their costumes.” He sighs, looking down at the ragged clothing he has on, chains dangling from his wrists and ankles. “And then as you know… you’re suck in them.”

Nell shakes her head, walking towards the dressing rooms to find this Moon. “Yeah, but I don’t know if you two know about this… but if someone in a costume encounters someone in a costume, they cause THAT to come alive, and transform. So we need to know if that’s going to stop, or if we need to do something to stop it.” She knocks on the first stall door. “Now come on out Moon!”

Moon sighs and floats out through the wall. “Yes, hello, I’m not the most interested in those already changed.” She looks the two over, quickly slapping a gag in Quin’s mouth. “Nope, not in a mood for that much energy.” She smiles at Nell. “So, you wanted to ask questions about our costumes?”

“Yes… I want to know if this is going to spread like an infection or if it’s going to just… fizzle out after halloween in the infection department.” Nell looks at Quin, who quickly starts pouting around the gag, crossing her arms. Pulling the shorter girl over and against her chest, petting her gently. “Because for as fun as our new forms are, if this gets too big we might start attracting Super Villains attention. Hell I’m pretty sure Ann is becoming a whole villain in her own right because of this!”

“Oh Ann doesn’t have villain in her… unless you go by their rules where everyone with power is just in the system. And the spreading can only work if you are actually wearing a costume, not normal clothes.” Moon grins, making her form larger and more grotesque to try and capture the scarier half of ghosts. Her mouth leaking what seems to be a black goo. “The question is, would Ann be the villain, or would I?” She giggles a bit more. “Soooo, any other questions?”

“I’d say you’d be considered more of a force of nature.” Nell chuckles, sitting down and pulling Quin into her lap. “And yes I was referring to the anyone with powers being classified a villain. Hell I’d bet if we’re not careful we’ll end up in that exact same spot.” She sighs, gently petting Quin as she watches Moon carefully. “So… what actually motivates you to do this? And is there any way for us to get out of these costumes, I swear I tried to go to work in mine today… and no one noticed? Like it’s as if they think it’s what I should have on all the time. Same goes for Quin.”

“Oh that is because they do think you should be in them.” Moon shakes her head, shrinking back down and starting to tilt her hand from side to side. “You will be able to switch after a week, or if you are interested in taking it off for sex, it is earlier don’t ask me why. The week makes the effects sink in, and after that you should be able to switch. As for why I do this?” She thinks a little bit tapping her chin. “Because I want to? After I got out of my previous bonds, I decided to haunt this place, and my energy just kinda does that.”

“Previous bonds? Were you held by someone after dying? Is that why you’re a ghost?” Nell shakes her head, realizing she’d gotten a little over excited like Quin was. Pulling her energy back so she wouldn’t annoy Moon and end up like her partner. “I mean… I’d like to know what happened to you to see if we can help you? I mean… I know all of us have been looking for new jobs recently, and running a cursed costume shop doesn’t sound like the worst that you could ask for.”

“Oh I’d love to have more people around here with me! As for what happened, I wasn’t dead, I got pulled into Celeste’s manor. I became a puppet, some stuff happened, the strings on me broke and my spirit was freed, buuuut my body didn’t change back. So I wouldn’t say I’m dead per say.”

“Oh wow, that is weird.” Nell chuckles, shaking her head. “Honestly for what you can do, we can probably make juuuuust enough to stay open without getting demolished. And you’ll get plenty of WILLING volunteers.” She slowly pulls Quin’s gag off, keeping a finger over the girls mouth so she wont start ranting immediately. “How does that sound Quin? Working next to real magic every day?”

Quin throws her arms up in the air, and cheers a little bit. 

Moon shakes her head sighing. “Look, just keep it chill and I’ll answer questions, but for now, why don’t you two get acquainted with the store, I’ll observe and make sure you know where things are.”

Nell laughs, hopping up and taking Quin’s hand. Starting to walk towards the front room, before smacking her forehead. “Oh right! What’s your assistant Ghosts name? I was just gonna call him Spooky… but it occurs to me that he probably has his own name.”

“I… um… well I like the name Spooky I guess… I wasn’t really fond of my old name… honestly Moon just calls me ‘kid’ so I guess I’ll be spooky from now on!” Spooky gives a light fist pump, looking over at Moon. “W-will that be okay ma’am?”

Moon grins, and ruffles Spooky’s hair playfully. “Whatever you like kid, I might call you that from time to time too.” She playfully floats through the store, as Quin snickers and walks up to Spooky. “Hey, nice meeting you under a name and all, I’m Quin and I’d be happy to be your friend!”

Spooky squeaks, jumping back at first from the energy before floating forward and shaking Quin’s hand lightly. “Having another friend sounds nice…” He smiles softly, floating over to the checkout counter. “I- um… actually worked here when Miss Moon showed up… got turned into a ghost… that’s why this place is all abandoned.” He lightly presses down on a key, seeming to have to focus far more than Moon does to control the area around him. “I… well I can teach you how to use the systems we have set up here… but I’m not very good with touching stuff yet. Moon says it comes with time and ‘power’. She’s strong because of how many costumes she made… apparently I’ll get stronger the more I make!” He smiles softly. “And because you two got affected by Davin… you’re technically mine in that regard.”

“Woah… that is like a pyramid scheme.” Quin quietly says before skipping over and watching as Spooky begins to teach them about the systems. “More costumes, more power, so Ann being… how she was last night really added a lot to Moon, and just us and Davin added only a little to you.”

“Well that’s the thing… it adds the most to me and Moon because we are the ‘starters’... but Moon did notice that due to how many Ann infected Ann seems to also gain magical potency like that.” Spooky giggles slightly, watching as his boss goes back to napping in the back. Trusting the boy to handle the training. “So it all feeds back to the source which is Moon… but it does have slight bonuses for the person who does it. If they’re transformed into a creature who can feed off of it, hence my ability as another ghost and Ann’s because of being a succubus.”

“Oh huh… well we’ll keep that in mind, but I don’t think we will be doing any transforming ourselves.” Nell chuckles a bit, lightly ribbing Quin. “I think if we did, Moon would get Quin here bound up as tight as possible, as a warning to not ‘steal’ the fun away from her.”

Quin blushes a little “I mean, I wouldn’t say no per say. But as long as I can help people be the way they want to be deep down, I’d be thrilled!” She grins a bit. “Seriously, ever since Davin drank my hormones, I've been feeling all light and fluffy, just great.”

“That’s because he doesn’t really drink a person’s hormones… he kinda.” Spooky shakes his head a bit, trying to find the right words. “The way I made him, he drinks away the unwanted factors that hormones cause. It’s mostly magic as opposed to any real logic… but he definitely can just eat hormones to feed himself.”

Quin sighs happily “Either way, I feel fantastic. My dick is smaller, gotta find out if Davin can take that away fully, or if that is an Ann thing given how she did that to a few at the party.” She grins a bit “Oh yeah, do you have any advice on controlling whatever magic we develop, or just kinda… trial and error that?”

“Um… I guess you could go talk to an actual witch. You two are basically ‘villain’ class people now… so maybe go to the tendrils tailor? She’s a real trained witch, who also makes clothing ironically… sooooo maybe she’d be able to teach you in a way that doesn’t include destroying the store in the process.” Spooky smiles, shakily typing the location of the shop down on the computer in front of them. 

“If either of you damage this store, I swear I’m going to make you THINK you’re the anime characters you're dressed as for a WEEK!” Moon’s voice echoes from the back, not even pretending to pay full attention to the group’s conversation. Almost immediately going back to her nap.

Quin blinks a bit “So does she just have selective hearing? Or what?” She shrugs. “I suppose we can give this a try, I remember hearing about this place, so even just going to meet a witch would be really fun. I have to ask though, isn’t her stuff extremely expensive?”

Nell nods, looking out the window. “Yeah, apparently she’s got ‘deals’ people can take to get stuff for free… but most of the time Villians buy gear from her because it’s really good for protection. At least that’s what I heard through the grapevine last time the store I worked in got robbed.” She shrugs, shaking her head. “I just hope she doesn’t see us as a threat, the last thing we need is a clothing turf war.”

“Ah… yeah, that would be pretty bad. Moon has a real temper on her.” Spooky giggles lightly. “But I do think you should go see her. The sun is going to be out in a few hours, and that’s when me and moon sleep, so it’ll give you two something to do while we… I… prep the store for opening in a few days.” 

Quin smiles and moves to give Spooky a hug, falling right through the nervous ghost. “Right still a ghost, well the intent is there, we will do our best to make sure we are not a threat! Have fun!” She pops up and dusts herself off. “Come on Nell, let’s go learn how to control our new powers!”

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan to me." Nell nods to herself, hugging Quin lightly as they start walking toward the front door. 

"Have fun you two! And um, if you get the chance bring us back some of the material Rae uses. I'm sure Moon will want to try and integrate it." Spookie waves, the doors opening for the pair thanks to his help. The doors slamming shut behind them, only to have a 'under renovation' banner pop up in front of the door.

Quin smiles wide. “This is so GREAT! We finally have an excuse to go see Rae’s work, both the outfits AND the magic! I can’t WAIT!” She playfully runs to the car. “Nell, what do you want to learn first? I want to make ice darts shoot from my fingers!”

"I want to learn how to stop you from shooting holes in our walls." Nell rolls her eyes, slipping around the car and hopping in. "But then maybe learn about making shields and stuff. Keeping us safe from villain attacks should be what we're learning magic for after all."

“Exactly! I know you can do like, SUPER great at it too!” Quin gives double thumbs up, and starts up their car, beginning the drive. “That and you know actually having powers that we are confident in would let us travel around a bit more easily. Better than hiding out in fear for every tiny thing that comes across the road.”

"Yeah, but seriously confidence and powers doesn't mean that we're invincible. I swear if I hadn't gotten powers too, you would have gotten us into so much trouble, and dragged me along." Nell leans in, giving Quin a little kiss on the cheek as the car gets started. 

Quin giggles “Yeah… I probably would have, but that is why you are the best girlfriend EVER!” She reaches over to give Nell a little hug as they stop briefly, looking to make sure no one was going to run out before continuing, deeper into the city. “Hey, isn't Sapphire’s territory close by? And that doll lady Celeste?”

"You mean the two villains who run the town? Noooooo." Nell rolls her eyes lightly, punching Quin’s shoulder. "Let's keep away from fuckin with those two."

“Sorry, just noticed a few of the streets and remembered mom saying to stay away from these ones in particular, I haven’t really come over here before.” She turns away from the busier part of the city to make her way towards the quieter more rural end. “At least while they control the city, they stick mostly to their sections and let people live their lives.”

"Yeah." Nell frowns, shaking her head. "Well at least it's less of a concern now." As they slowly inch forward, the duo is met with a Gothic shop at the end of the street. Both a long black dress and suit sitting in each window, always writhing slightly despite the lack of wind to cause it.

Quin gulps, eyeing the outfits. “Here we are.” She parks sliding out of the car. “I’m so excited, oh I hope she likes us!” She brushes out her shirt a bit, making sure it’s not messed up from her frantic movement, before holding a hand out for Nell, and moving into the building once her girlfriend’s hand is in her grasp.

The interior of the building is more of the same. Several intricate displays of different clothing types writhing in their cases. Near the back of the shop a shorter girl with light brown skin, and fluffy hazel hair. Sits reading a magazine, only pausing for a moment to look at the pair before going back to her reading. "If you two are new villains I'm not interested. You can see yourself out now."

“Not intentional miss.” Quin takes a deep breath. “We kind of, through some odd events got magic, some stuff surrounding costumes specifically. Aaaaand I would like to learn how to do stuff with my magic.” She then looks to Nell. “Aaaaand Nell would like to make sure I don’t put holes in things.”

Ray sighs, closing her magazine and looking over the pair. Having to stifle a giggle as she gets a better look at the pair. "Oh my gosh, you're actually stuck in cursed cosplay. That's actually not the first time this has happened, so if you've got something to offer me I can help you with your little 'issue'."

“Well, what exactly do you want?” Quin smiles a bit. “Like, we aren’t exactly adverse to staying in it, Moon told us that after a week or so we would be able to take them on and off… buuuut some of the changes would be permanent. But none of that matters, because with it I can finally cast MAGIC!” She takes a deep breath to calm herself. “Sorry, I just, I love everything about magic, but had no talent for it, but now I have a chance!”

"Wellll… how about this, you two will train under me. You know, to make sure you don't fall into an actual villains hands… and in exchange I'm going to make your costumes my own special version. It will feed off of and regulate your magic, but you'll still have to pay for it… or act as models for a month." Rae grins at the pair. "Does that sound fair to you?"

Quin blushes and nods. “Ok, th-that sounds fair!” She takes a breath. “ would you feel if a costume shop that did corruptive costumes opened up across town? Like not doing anything protective like what you do at all, just costumes that change the person wearing them?” She groans at her own rambling. “Fuck I’m getting nervous”

At this point despite the height differences Nell is basically hidden behind Quin. Too nervous around a 'real' Villain to say anything. 

"Look kids, I don't know what your perception of me is… but I promise it's probably greatly exaggerated. I'm only a villain in name, just like it sounds like you two will be soon." Rae sighs, shaking her head.  "I don't mind a new shop opening up. If anything it should send people running to me to get them off." She gives a little wink.

Quin relaxes when getting the positive response, the tension in her shoulders evaporating. “Ohhhhh, that sounds like a good business venture then!” She then turns to Nell with a grin before looking back at Rae “We should probably let Moon and Spooky know that we are gonna be doing this...especially since neither of us really...have the money to avoid the posing for some time.”

“Oh it’ll be fine. Don’t you worry, there are a few advantages to becoming villains.” Rae stands up, clapping her hands and causing the curtains to the back changing room flying open. “While you both are here, I’ll do the official forms. Once those are done, your apartment or wherever you live will be considered your ‘lair’ meaning no one will be able to take that from you. The Supers don’t do any good for the world, but they do their damndest to ensure that villains don’t need to worry about their living situation. I assume to let them focus more on being awful.”

Quin nods “That is… at least one good thing to come from all this.” She comes over and looks into the changing room. “Not needing to worry about home actually sounds pretty good, then we can just work our job, and defend ourselves.”

“Yeah why do you think I’m a villain hun.” Rae rolls her eyes, leading the pair into the back room. Gesturing towards a podium. “Alright, whoever wants to go first just hop up there, then whenever the first is done. I’ll get your info from the second and set them up.”

Nell looks over at Quin, who’s obviously bursting with excitement to experience more real magic. “You go ahead hun. I’ll deal with all the ‘boring stuff’.” She leans in, giving Quin a small peck on the cheek. “Love you.”

Quin smiles, and kisses Nell on the lips. “I love you too, and thanks. I know you are nervous, so maybe watching will help ease your worries.” She hops up, doing a little pose. “Alright, lay the magic on me!”

Rae nods, walking over to a shelf and grabbing what looks to be liquid latex. “Alright, so you’re just going to need to focus on what you want your new outfit to look like. Then once that’s done, you’ll be sucked right on inside no mess no fuss. Then just… get to know your outfit, I promise it’ll be a very intimate experience.” She pops the lid, starting to pour it out around Quin’s feet. The substance starts to slowly creep up around her shoes, before climbing her legs. The feeling of ice being rubbed up her thighs with each movement.

Quin blushes and shudders, wiggling around as the chill runs through her entire body. “What I want it to look like...alright.” She starts focusing the best she can manage, squeaking as the climbing substance gets through her skirt, and over her crotch, slowly continuing up her midriff. “Ok, I think I have it in mind.” As she says this, the substance begins forming into thigh high stockings with knee high boots, a skirt flaring out and somewhat forming still into a strapless top and a short over the shoulder cape.

Nell gives a little round of applause looking over the new outfit, the black accents slightly more prominent than they used to be. “You look amazing sweet-” And then suddenly the black substance shoots out from the outfit. Wrapping around Quin’s body, before collapsing inwards, almost like a black hole swallowed her partner. “I… uh… is she okay?”

Rae nods a few times, looking over the costume for anything she might need to adjust. “Oh she will be fine, she is now inside her outfit for our agreed duration. I’ll just need to put her on display. Once that time is up it will let her out, and they will be very close. The process is intimate, and sweet. I’d call it one of the best bonding moments one can have as another entity becomes part of yourself. She will still be her, but so will her outfit be her as well. If that makes sense.”

“Well that honestly just sounds like a more intense version of what’s happening right now if I’m being honest.” Nell smiles softly, looking at the neatly folded outfit as she finishes up typing out all their info on her phone. “While we can’t communicate with our costumes as we are now, we can tell that they desire to have us embrace them like they do us. Hence.” She tugs on it a bit trying to take hers off, before wincing at the pain. “They literally wont come off until they know we won't abandon them… which is as scary as it is sweet.”

“Yeah, don’t worry, what I will do is probably gonna just help your costumes express their desires in a better way in the long run. On top of you making them be in a form a bit more designed around long term wearing.” Rae brushes her fingers over Nell’s costume, smiling as she senses its magic. “As well as allowing it to protect you as they do greatly care about their wearers.”

“Well that’s always the question, where does the costume start and the person end.” Nell shakes her head, getting up on the podium. “I think I know what I wanna have mine look like now. I left all our info in the notes app, and the passcode for my phone off. I would say I’m concerned that we can’t trust you… but being able to sense magic now, I know you could have done any myriad of things to harm us up to now… and you didn’t. So I guess I’ll put the same faith in you that Quin did.”

Rae grins, grabbing the phone. “I just defend myself, I get enough kicks with how many people are willing to do this anyway, and my reputation keeps those worse away from fucking with me.” She gets some more of the latex-like substance, playfully winding up before splashing it onto Nell’s legs. “Besides, people get out of my store, they spread word to give me a good reputation. I’ll make sure to have some of my girlfriend’s baking ready for when you two come out.” She waves her hand as her magic helps the process of the substance sinking into the costume, and climbing up Nell’s body before sitting down and reading the notes. “Nice, I think you will look great!”

“Thanks, I’m sure we’ll both be more than happy to share a bite.” Nell’s costume slowly shifts into a longer dress, the white being replaced with the black substance and more intensely accenting the light almost banana yellow color scheme. Ending up as a longer but still extra fluffy dress, a pair of black boots now climbing almost past her calves. “Wow… I’m really gonna have to adjust to the boots, but this feels great.” She chuckles lightly, just waiting for the second part. 

The substance flows out from under the outfit, covering and absorbing Nell inside. Once there, Nell opens her eyes to find herself in something similar to a bedroom, with shapes approximating a bed and nightstand, and a goopy entity holding and nuzzling into her, it’s essence flowing over every inch of her body, really FEELING everything it could get a hold of.

“O-oh!” Nell starts giggling, trying to move around slightly, wrapping her arms around the now massive substance. “Hello there… you must be what Rae was talking about.” She slightly nuzzles into the mass, not even minding the slight chill. “It’s very nice to meet you for the first time too.”

It squeaks happily, and nuzzles into Nell’s face, applying a little more pressure around her sides, back, and shoulders, imitating the ‘hug’ that she was giving. It slowly pulls back to let Nell look around and observe the room they are in, any focusing done would make the bed appear more like her own at home.

Nell gently reaches out, pulling a small portion of the mass down to lay in her lap. Only then realizing that she’s entirely nude. “Oh… well I guess that makes sense, after all I am inside my clothing right now.” She giggles, gently running her fingers along the tendril. “Thank you for being so sweet… hmmm what to call you…” She snaps her fingers a few time. “How about… Inky!”

The mass wiggles excitedly and flows under Nell a bit, giving her a ‘cushion’ to sit on while keeping the tendril in her lap. It makes sure that while rubbing her down, to go slow and gentle, making sure Nell is ok with every movement.

“Well aren’t you a little cuddle monster.” Nell leans her head to the side mass, letting her body almost float on top of the substance, not even fighting as she begins sinking into it. The gentle pressure, and clear care from Inky, helping her finally start to destress after the week that she’s just had. “Not that I mind. I want you to feel comfortable with me.”

Inky purrs and lets its mass envelop Nell, slowly pressing in on her tense muscles to help her ease out of all of her stress. The goo-like texture letting it slide very smoothly throughout the process as it gives little extra rubs to her legs and feet.

Nell lets a small whimper out, all of the stimulation building up and causing her to get slightly hard. “O-oh my.” She quickly squirms around inside of Inky’s mass to cover herself to the best of her ability. “I- um I’m sorry Inky. I didn’t mean to. Um uh I guess you know what I look like… uh…” Her cheeks burn crimson as the mass gently presses into her side. Rubbing up against her cheek to try and calm the girl back down.

The mass gently covers the girls cock as the tendril that had been acting like a head laying in her lap moved to rub Nell’s cheek. Slowly Inky begins to stroke Nell, focusing more effort onto the full body massage and rubbing her breasts, but giving ALL of her physical attention.

Nell’s mouth slowly drifts open as she lets out a small moan. Her hips buckled slightly at the feeling of the mass. “Okay, so you’re okay with this?” She smiles softly, kissing the tendril that’s sliding over her face lightly. Closing her eyes and opening her posture up slightly, letting Inky fully cover every inch of her.

Inky vibrates a little bit as it begins to press into Nell’s ass gently, being nice and slow with every movement. Soon the tendril that is nuzzling her face, moves to press to the girl’s mouth, rubbing her lips very gently as the massages to her breasts and cock got to be more intense, more of Inky flowing to make the goo thrust faster into her rear.

The first response was anxiety, fear of being unable to breath. But once Inky is fully inside of her, complete submission. Still able to breath through the substance, but absolutely unable to move an inch, as it pokes prods and teases every inch of her body. Any time Nell would think of an area it had not yet reached, Inky is right there, filling the crack, embracing its other half, and ensuring she is completely cared for. 

Nell would soon feel a strange sense of giving, like Inky was receiving it’s own pleasure at the same time that it was giving her joy. Inky began to encircle her fingers and rub every single joint in her body from inside and out. Time has no meaning, just the sense of completeness that Nell and Inky feel together.

Quin finds herself in a similar position. Seated on her bed as the inky mass that inhabits her outfit, slithers around. Making sure everything is in its place for Quin’s comfort, only pausing occasionally to observe its owner. Restraining from getting too close, until it's requested or addressed.

Quin smiles and kneels down. “Hey cutie, come on over here, sorry for my shock earlier. I’m still a little extra sensitive from a big hormone change.” She shivers a little bit. “Just, be slow and gentle, build up to more exciting touches.”

The creature nods, slithering up as its body shifts slightly taking on a more snakelike shape. Three gray and black eyes slowly blinking open on what is forming into a facsimile of a head.

“Ohhhh, that is cool!” She kneels down and pulls the creature forward a bit, rubbing her nose against what looked like a nose or snout on the creature. “What should I call you? Knowing Nell, I bet she calls hers something like Inky, buuuuut for you, how about… Hypno? Snakes are stereotypical for hypnosis, aaaaand you decided to take this form. If you don’t like it I can try something else though.”

Hypno nods its head in approval. Its eyes turning into playful spirals, as a form of lightly teasing its owner. Sensing Quin's more relaxed state Hypno slowly inches its massive form up onto the bed.

Quin giggles, and playfully follows Hypno’s head, keeping her eyes locked onto the snake’s spirals as she flops onto the bed. “Let’s plaaaaaay, I wanna really get to know you and have you know me!” She smiles, making sure that her posture is open as she watches it move along with her.

Hypno leans in, bonking its forehead against Quin’s lightly. Pushing the girl over as its full mass slithers up next to her, starting to fully surround the in perspective to its mass tiny woman. Gently squeezing down, just enough to have Quin trapped without becoming uncomfortable.

Quin snickers, and holds Hypno’s head close, giving a gentle sweet kiss to the snake-like entity. “You are so careful with me, thank you Hypno. As excited as I am, I also have a little fear deep down. I just didn’t want to show it outside, Nell didn’t need to see me fearful when we are going through all these changes.”

Hypno nods, sticking out its forked tongue, and slowly licking Quin’s cheek. Despite the fact Hypno can't speak, each movement the creature makes tells Quin more than enough. Almost mirroring her own feelings, Hypno is filled with anxiety, simply wanting its owner to like it, but unsure how to properly achieve its goal. Having taken this form because Quin always wanted a pet snake.

Quin sighs happily, hugging Hypno as hard as she can manage. “We really are two peas in a pod, but it is just the two of us for. I think Rae said a week, maybe longer? So there is no need to be anxious around each other.” She starts to pet and run her hands down Hypno’s body, as much as she can.

Hypno shakes its head, stretching out to get across that it wasn't a week but instead a month of this. Knowing this would likely stress Quin out, it tightens its grip slightly and starts gently nuzzling her cheek. 

Quin groans at herself. “Ok, a month, I wasn’t listening that well.” She sighs and leans into Hypno. “Just means more time to just be us. What do you want to do?” She closes her eyes, and leans into the nuzzling, taking a few moments to get herself under control and to not freak out, enjoying the tight hold of the snake.

Hypno tilts its head, unsure what it could even do. Making its eyes spiral a bit, looking Quin in the eyes, as if it was jokingly suggesting hypnotizing her to pass the time.

Quin giggles, and stares into its eyes, actually starting to lose focus the longer she stares, going a little blank and even drooling as her head lulled forward into the snake’s face. “Your eyes are super fun.”

Hypno wiggles excitedly, more eyeballs slowly opening up and tracking in on Quin’s face. The snakes entire body now spiraling in front of its owner, slowly swaying from side to side much to the burgeoning witches' entertainment.

Quin giggles, and begins to sway with Hypno, staring and wiggling a hand between her legs, quietly moaning. “Fuck, it feels really nice knowing that you are not only understanding of my kinks and interests, but just wanting to do this kinda thing for me.” She smiles, and shifts to show off her fingers at work on her cock. “I have to figure out either the magic for it or someone I trust to do the surgery, but what led me to you was due to getting a lot of my male hormones sucked out, and ever since this little thing has been smaller, and so much more damn sensitive.”

Hypno nods, pressing its head against Quin’s forehead. Gently pressing the girl down to lay on the bed, more smaller snakelike appendages slithering up onto the bed. Heading for all the little cracks where Hypno didn’t have a complete grasp on Quin, intent on becoming more intimate with its other half.

Quin lets out a little shaky breath as she’s laid back, spreading her legs out slightly. “Go ahead, I want to feel good with you.” She releases a breath, and allows herself to fully relax. “I want us be one,.”

Hypno shudders happily, squeezing just that little inch tighter to render Quin entirely helpless. The other snakes in its mass pressing up against Quin’s crotch, slowly slithering around her limp cock. Once one reaches the top, its head opens slightly revealing an inky maw that slowly presses down on it. Starting to gently suck, while Hypno keeps Quin’s head locked in position to watch its eyes spiraling. 

As it latches on, Quin shudders quietly, before focusing on the eyes in front of her. The longer she stares, the less she can force herself to focus on anything other than Hypno. 

As the gaze deepens, she can almost swear that she was looking back at herself through those spirals, feeling the magic serpent becoming more one with her. Her cock weakly twitches in the smaller maw, sending sparks up her spine while feeling almost like her very being is being sucked out to join with Hypno.

Hypno slowly pushes where a mouth would be on its head against Quin’s lips. A sticky and almost warm pressure parting the girls lips, the liquid that comprises the entire room starting to slowly flow down her throat and into her core. The tail that’s on her cock starting to speed up slightly, the feeling of its forked tongue gliding around, and across every inch of her sending shots of pleasure up the witches spine.

Quin willingly opens her lips, enjoying this strange yet enthralling kiss. The essence of the magic of the room filling her, melding with her insides, her core, her soul. She stares half lidded into Hypno’s eyes as her tongue brushes against its ‘mouth’, accepting everything that is pouring into her. Some may call this corruption, but this sense of completeness could only be processed as right.

The pair spent the rest of the month in this embrace, by the end of their time together. The distinction between Quin and Hypno as individuals had entirely melted away, the pair were separate, yet also one in the same. Every movement, every squeal of pleasure only feeding more into the looping ever tightening embrace.

The sound of popping finally brakes them away from their moment. Quin’s eyes regaining their focus for the first time in recent memory, as she is now laying on the ground in the tailor's shop. 

Rae kneels down next to her, as Quin’s outfit clings to her, giving slight reasurances. “Welcome to the world of the living sleepy head, did you enjoy your bonding?”

"It was wonderful. I love Nell, but this was something totally different. Like becoming one with a part of me I didn't know I was missing." Quin shakily gets up, squeaking a bit from how her outfit clings to her body, giving her just enough covering in all the right spots to be decent, yet showy.

"That isn't uncommon for people with high magical potency. The entity you met within that world is… well it's the physical manifestation of your magic." Rae nods to herself, eyes tracing over Quin. "And now that you've bonded, controlling it will be significantly easier, and your output will be much much higher."

Quin smiles, and closes her eyes for a moment. “I can feel it in me. I know I started off with some ice magic, but I think I’d like to learn a wider variety, maybe some illusionary magic as well.” She shudders a little bit. “If you think that is a good idea.”

"Trust your magic to guide you in the direction that is best for you. If you think illusion magic is what calls to you then you should focus on it."

Quin takes a breath, nodding slightly. “I do want to know some magic of other kinds. But with HOW we bonded. Illusions and other similar magics just feel right deep down.” She blushes a bit and rubs her outfit, feeling it wiggle under her fingers.

"Then that will be what I teach you." Rae nods to herself, walking over and grabbing Nell’s outfit off of the stand. "But before we continue this lovely conversation. Why don't we get your girlfriend out here with us." 

Quin grins at the outfit, walking up behind Rae. “Oh this one is super pretty, and totally Nell’s style.” She bounces a little bit as there is glowing from within the outfit, before Nell seems to ‘pop’ out from within it, blinking a bit. “HEY NELL!” She throws her arms around her girlfriend. “You look great by the way, how are you feeling?”

Nell shudders slightly, wrapping her arms around Quin. Clearly struggling to pull her mind back from her version of the month of bonding. “I- uh… wow.” She chuckles lightly, giving Quin a little squeeze. “I feel like I lost myself for a while there. The feeling of completion was a tad overwhelming.”

“Yeah, that’s the reason I do actually have a few permanent displays.” Rae grins, giving the pair a little playful wink. “Sometimes people connect just that little bit too well, and decide they never want to be apart. So they act as permanent displays, as well as my extra wardrobe. Not that I’d be opposed to adding you two cuties in.”

Quin squeaks, her legs buckling slightly at the thought. “I… uhhh… maybe later, if the costume store doesn’t work out.” She wiggles a little bit, clinging to Nell. “We should probably go check in with our boss being gone all this time first, then we can start learning about magic!”

Rae nods to herself. “Indeed, you two have a nice day. I’ll prepare your first lessons for tomorrow.” She slowly leads the pair out front, flipping the open sign up and unlocking the front door. “I did go and speak with moon and ‘Spooky’, so they are going to be opening this morning.”

“Thank you Rae, I can’t wait to learn more!” She grins before stopping. “Uhhh, our car is alright, right?” She nervously looks around “Was it towed or… do you have it parked somewhere?”

“Yes your car is fine, I parked it over at the bakery my wife runs. She’s got you two a whole breakfast made up, so just take the walk down there.” Rae unceremoniously shoves the pair out of her shop. Turning around to go back to go and do her daily checks on the current display pieces.

Nell chuckles, pulling Quin against her side. Giving her a kiss on the cheek as they start walking towards the bakery. “Well, looks like we’re going to be living a very interesting life from now on.” She shakes her head, content to enjoy the early morning walk with her partner.

And thus ends the way too late halloween trilogy. I hope you've enjoyed these spoooOooOoky stories! We might come back for more this halloween, but for now-

Thank you for reading!


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