Curse of Beauty Corruption

Chapter 4

by Arelias

Tags: #cw:incest #armpit_hair_growth #breast_sagging #corruption #dubious_consent #f/f #magic #pov:bottom #pubic_hair_growth #curse #dom:female #edging #hypnosis #induced_lust #masturbation #mirror #multiple_orgasm #musk #nipple_darkening #phantom_sensation #scent #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #voyeurism

"A… Jewelry shop?" Eva said to herself in surprise. What are they doing here? She checked the address twice, but this was supposed to be the place. 
The inside was well lit and the front said open, so she made her way inside.
"Welcome," the same voice from the phone greeted her. A well-dressed woman stood among the displays. She wore a pantsuit, with black-hair tied up behind her head. "Could I interest you in some of our fine gems?"
"Ah, no, I'm here about Jordan and Maddie. Are they here?"
"Ah, yes they are. However, they're a bit busy currently. Would you like to peruse our wares while you wait?"
Eh… This isn't a scam, is it? But it would be rude to not look around at least… "Sure, I'll take a look around." Eva nodded.
The displays were full of miscellaneous jewels. Rather than accessories, the shop seemed to specialize in gems. There were very few that even had a chain or cord. Most lay loose on a bed of simple red cloth. A few of the jewels had yet to even be cut, looking like little more than loose ore.
"We pride ourselves on tailor cut gems. Each one is unique to the buyer," the shopkeeper explained. "I'm Lilith, by the way."
"Eva," she introduced herself. She glanced up to find Lilith standing over her shoulder. The other woman's handsome features startled her for a moment. A distinct smell of men's cologne lingered around her. At the smell, a little blush spread to Eva's cheeks.
She's a woman. What am I getting all uppity about? She chastised herself.
"Within each gem lies a potential. Thousands of possibilities lay dormant within these rocks. Yet even then, the chance of any individual matching with one is extremely low. So if you do find a gem that speaks to you, please let me know."
"I see…" She didn't really understand the explanation, but Lilith seemed very passionate about the rocks. However, in reality, the rocks all appeared dull and lifeless. She doubted anyone would be interested in purchasing such lackluster gems.
As Eva was starting to grow bored, she suddenly found her feet frozen in place. A vibrant red ruby glittered among the otherwise faded gems. She leaned over the display, looking at it closer. The jewel appeared just as misshapen as the rest, yet it twinkled so beautifully. Each scattered ray of light seemed more beautiful than the last.
"Ah, did that one catch your eye?"
"Uhm, well…" Eva blushed. For some reason, it felt almost embarrassing to say that that jewel had indeed captured her attention. Something about it felt so wrong to stare into, yet so temptingly right as well. "Y-Yes… It did," she finally replied.
Lilith stepped closer, placing one hand supportively on her back. "There's nothing to be ashamed about. But- Oh my…" The shopkeeper paused as she looked at the ruby. "Your family sure is something. For two gems to react only a day apart… And their compatibility isn't bad either."
Eva blinked. She didn't quite get what Lilith was mumbling about.
"This gem is one that upholds female intimacy. I'm sure it will greatly deepen your bond with your daughters."
"That sounds lovely," Eva smiled. But I didn't come here to buy anything… I need to find Jordan and Maddie and get home.
"Here, let me take the gem out for you," Lilith unlocked the case, reaching in and pulling out the uncut ruby.
"Ah, that isn't necessary…" Eva tried to say. However, as Lilith opened her hand, two ruby earrings rested in her palm. "How did…"
"Why don't you try them on?" Lilith smiled.
"Uhm…" The earrings looked tempting but—for some reason—the thought of putting them on was embarrassing. Could she really try them on out here in public? The blush in her cheeks spread down to her chest. Inside her bra, she felt her nipples stiffening against her underwear.
"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. These would look great on you, and feel good too," Lilith whispered the last part.
The warmth building in her seemed to overflow, staining her panties. Her breath came in short pants as she stared into the red gems. "S-Sure… I can try them on at least… Just for a bit though…"
Quickly, she hooked them into her ears. "How do they…" Look? She began to ask the shop keeker, but the words got stuck in her throat. Lilith just looked so handsome in that suit, irresistibly handsome.
Eva leaned forward, kissing Lilith on the lips. What's gotten into me? Her thoughts swirled in confusion, but her body acted on instinct. She leaned Lilith over a display, kissing the other woman deeply.
The earrings seemed to burn around her ears. The gems felt so right next to her skin. Their warmth practically soaked into her brain.
"Mmm," Eva moaned into the kiss, pulling Lilith tighter. 
In response, however, Lilith gently pushed her back. "I appreciate the sentiment, but I have to decline."
Eva panted for breath, looking Lilith up and down. "Wh-What..?" What the heck am I doing?
"It's very late, and I have to close up shop soon. Would you like to come back tomorrow?"
"Uhm, no, that's quite alright…" Eva hastily stood up. She smoothed the wrinkles in her clothes, then did the same for Lilith's suit. "I'm not sure what's gotten into me tonight."
"It's quite alright, perhaps we can continue some other time. For now, shall I go retrieve Maddie and Jordan?"
"Y-Yes, please do."
Lilith walked gracefully into a back room and returned a few moments later with Eva's daughters in tow. 
Jordan appeared a little different. Black armpit hair tufted out from under her sleeveless top and she was blushing furiously. It wasn't an appearance to be ashamed of, but Eva was a bit surprised by the change.
Maddie was dressed as conservative as ever, with jeans and a t-shirt. She kept glancing at Jordan and blushing, but- Well, that was what she normally did anyways.
Satisfied that her daughters were back, Eva nodded. "Shall we head home?"
The two nodded without saying a word.
"So, what were you two doing out so late?" Eva started a conversation on the way back, but the two didn't give any straight answers.
"Alright, well, I guess I worried for nothing," Eva yawned as she unlocked the door. They didn't seem drunk, so she skipped the lecture she had planned.
"We'll be better about staying out late." Maddie gave an apologetic smile.
"Apologies for the worries." Jordan scratched the back of her head sheepishly.
These two are definitely weird, but I'll worry about it tomorrow. Waving them off, she retired to her room and began preparing for bed.
She was feeling a bit frisky, so she decided for a cute negligee. She also looked for some porn to help her sleep. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she flicked through websites on her phone, but nothing seemed right.
A knock came at the door, interrupting her hopeless scrolling. Welcoming the distraction, she opened it to find Jordan and Maddie standing on the other side. "Yes?"
"Can we come inside?" Maddie asked.
"By all means," Eva motioned them in. Her thin negligee revealed plenty of her body, but it wasn't the first time her daughters had seen her naked. "What's up?"
Jordan and Maddie stood at the end of the bed, and Eva sat across from them. They shifted awkwardly from foot to foot.
"We heard you bought some of Lilith's gems," Jordan started. "They have a tendency to make one a bit restless after first putting them on, so…"
Wait, did I forget to pay for these earrings? Eva finally realized. In the rush, she had walked out with them on. She had even forgotten to take them off before bed. Wait, what did she mean by that last part though?
"We were thinking we might be able to help with that," Maddie grinned. "Lilith said that your gem might make you a bit more receptive to us."
"Huh?" Eva tilted her head, not following at all. Then, suddenly, her two daughters began to strip naked. "What?! Why are you…?!"
Both her daughters' bodies looked vastly different, and she blinked in surprise. Hair covered their crotch and armpits. Their breasts had also drooped considerably. 
Eva herself had given up the endless chore of shaving those places, and her own breasts had not been treated kindly with time. However, she still thought she was pretty hot in the mirror, and a similar thought arose in her mind as she stared at her daughters. They were just as beautiful as ever. 
"We're gonna help with your urges tonight," Jordan smiled.
"Huh…? Huh!?" Her daughters began advancing toward her, a hungry look in their eyes. Their hips swayed with each step, swaggering confidently up to her.
Maddie crawled onto the bed beside her, rubbing one hand over Eva's chest. "Don't worry, it'll feel better than you've ever felt in your life."
Jordan crawled up onto her right, laying one leg over hers. "We have lots of experience now…"
They were her daughters, yet their touch burned temptingly against her skin. "Uhm… But…" Eva tried to protest. She took a breath to speak, but stumbled over her tongue. A thick smell tickled against the back of her throat.
Her daughters pressed their bodies tighter, grinning wider. Their bodies smelled of ripe sweat and arousal. Without thinking, Eva took a deep breath through her nose, eyelids fluttering. What am I doing!? But they smell so good…
"You don't have to hold back," Jordan whispered into her ear. "Let's just have some fun tonight."
"Oh gods…" Eva's eyes fluttered and something snapped within her. Pushing Jordan over, she pinned her daughter to the bed. She sniffed Jordan's armpits, soaking her brain in more of her daughter's tempting smells. She brushed her nose everywhere across Jordan's sweat soaked body. Everything about her daughter smelled so good.
"Hehe." Jordan giggled as Eva's nose traced over her skin. "That's no good, mom. You gotta let us take the lead tonight…"
Both Jordan and Maddie pushed Eva back to the bed. They took one of her hands into each of theirs, pinning her arms above her head. Then, with her armpits exposed, they began sniffing under her arms.
"W-Wait… This is wrong…" Eva whispered.
"Can you really say that when you were doing this to me only a few seconds ago?" Jordan asked.
"Let's just feel good tonight," Maddie said. "This feels good, right?"
With their free hands, her daughters traced down Eva's belly. She arched against their touch, pushing back against their fingers. "But… But… Oh god!"
Their hands rubbed against her inner thighs, stroking up and down her burning loins. They dragged their nails across her skin. In perfect unison, their teasing touches brushed up to the very apex of her thighs, then traced back down.
Her two daughters grinned down at her, smirking. All Eva could do was squirm under the touch. She couldn't even bring herself to push them away. Instead, she squeezed their hands tighter. "Please…" she whispered breathlessly.
"Please… What?" Maddie prompted her.
"Oh god, stop with the teasing! I need more. Please touch that place!" Her daughter's fingers seemed to avoid her drooling sex. They teased up and down her inner thighs, but never went further. All they did was stroke tantalizingly slowly up and down her loins.
"Good answer," Jordan grinned. Leaning down, she kissed her on the lips. At the same time, Maddie began sucking on her neck and their fingers finally enveloped her sex.
"Mmm-!" Eva moaned into the kiss. Jordan's fingers pushed inside her while Maddie brought two fingers to her clit. While Jordan rubbed against the top of her passage, Maddie swirled her clit, grinding down against her apex. 
I shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong…. Yet it feels so good! Eva squeezed their hands tightly in her own. They still had her arms pinned above her head, and she squirmed helplessly in their embrace, but the pleasure felt so right.
Soon enough, Eva bucked her hips one last time. Her toes curled, back arching against the bed. She half screamed, half moaned into Jordan's mouth, kissing her daughter back fiercely as an orgasm rippled through her twitching hips.
When they finally pulled away, Eva gasped for breath. She stared at them both, chest heaving up and down. Her daughters blushed, staring right back at her. The sight warmed her heart. God, they're so cute!
Pulling them both into an embrace, Eva hugged them tight. They squeezed her back and she silently pet their hair, relaxing into the bed. No words were exchanged, but Eva knew this wouldn't be the last time they did something like this. She wanted to stay with her daughters, forever.

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