Curse of Beauty Corruption

Chapter 3

by Arelias

Tags: #cw:incest #armpit_hair_growth #breast_sagging #corruption #dubious_consent #f/f #magic #pov:bottom #pubic_hair_growth #curse #dom:female #edging #hypnosis #induced_lust #masturbation #mirror #multiple_orgasm #musk #nipple_darkening #phantom_sensation #scent #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #voyeurism

Maddie grabbed her coat, heading to the door.
"Hey," her mother, Eva, called out to her. "Where are you going?"
Maddie paused mid step, turning slowly back. "Uhm, I just thought I would go check on Jordan. She hasn't gotten back yet."
Her mom put on a troubled expression. "I'm getting worried about her as well. She hasn't found a job in some time and now she's staying out late at night… You don't think she's working the streets, do you?"
"There's no way!" Maddie immediately rejected the idea. I won't ever accept that. As her sister, I won't accept it!
However, in her hand, she held the business card Jordan had given her. The thick gray card had weight to it, suggesting a well off owner. Perhaps Jordan really did find a sugar mommy of some kind…
No! Maddie crushed the business card in her hand. "I won't let Jordan do something like that…"
"Oh- Okay…" 
Her mother gave her a strange look, but Maddie ignored it. She turned on her heel, leaving through the front door. On the way out, she tossed the business card in the trash. She had already memorized the address.
What she found at the location wasn't what she expected. A small, unmarked jewelry shop lay dark on the side of the road. The rest of the street was also dimly lit, with not even cars passing through it. However, despite being dark, the shop's door still read 'open'.
Did they forget to turn the sign? Maddie thought to herself, but the door was unlocked as well. As she opened the seemingly abandoned shop, her stomach lurched with unease.
Jordan… What are you doing at such a sketchy place? Maddie silently tiptoed through the shop. Dozens of display cases filled the room, but she couldn't see inside. The only source of light was a single open door at the far end of the room.
Maddie quietly approached the open room. As she drew closer, the familiar sound of Jordan's moans filled her ears. The smell of sex permeated the air and Maddie swallowed in apprehension. Is she really selling her body to some rich floozy?
Maddie peeked around the corner and spotted Jordan. Her sister was sitting on the ground, crouching over a Sybian. The black box-like machine vibrated under her, grinding a bumpy pad against her sex.
At the sight, Maddie froze. Her cheeks blushed and heat blossomed between her legs. Fuck, not now! She cried out in her head. Her sex itched inside her jeans, old urges returning. As Maddie stared at her sister, she rubbed her thighs against one another.
She recognized Jordan's sweet cries immediately. Her sister wasn't in pain, she was in the midst of pleasure, close to toppling over the edge into a mind shattering orgasm. Maddie had heard these cries many times before. She had watched her sister masturbate so many times, just the sound of her moans sent arousal flooding Maddie's loins.
Her familiar urges overwhelmed her all at once. Without thinking, Maddie leaned against the corner, grinding her crotch against it. As the plaster dug into her jeans, she let out a shuddering sigh, grinding her clit against the protrusion.
Fuck… Maddie silently cursed her stupid libido, but this was also a rare opportunity. For some reason, Jordan wore a blindfold. Despite masturbating right in front of her, her sister hadn't noticed Maddie's presence.
Just a bit… Like this, I can finally come while watching her… I can't let this opportunity pass. Maddie grinded her crotch harder against the wall, still staring intently at her sister.
Jordan ground her labia against the rounded apex of the box-like machine. Her hairy lips wrapped around the vibrating pad, sliding back and forth. The low hum was audible even from where Maddie stood, joined by her sister's moans.
When Jordan's hips pulled back, her cries grew extra sharp. Through the hair, her clit pressed into vibrating rubber. As she rocked her hips forward, she angled her hips towards the machine, sliding her clit along the bumpy length of the rubber pad. 
At the same time, Jordan grasped her chest with both hands. Her breasts looked different from when Maddie last saw them. When not in Jordan's hands, they hung slack down her body. Her sister's nipples also looked darker, more mature now. Yet, Maddie couldn't help but think, This new look of Jordan's is even sexier than before.
Maddie grinded her hips harder against the corner, sending a twinge of satisfaction rippling through her clit. Up and down, she ground against the sharp plaster edge. Even through her jeans, it felt amazing. As she worked the corner, Maddie struggled to contain her voice.
Fuck-! Maddie let out a soft mewl. That machine looks like it feels so good.
Jordan's benefactor must have been loaded. A Sybian sex machine wasn't a cheap toy, and for good reason. Jordan looked like she was in heaven on it. Maddie was almost jealous…
No! What am I thinking?! But the pleasure was rising between Maddie's legs. She felt a familiar throb in her clit. As she ground her wet denim against the wall, she drew to the edge of an orgasm. 
I can't be getting off while my sister is selling her body! What am I doing? But she couldn't stop her hips, it was too late-
"My, my, my, what do we have here?" A low seductive purr whispered in Maddie's ear.
Any thought of 'can't' or 'won't' disappeared in an instant. Maddie's hips froze as she realized she had been caught. Turning around, she found a woman in a black leather dominatrix outfit standing behind her.
Maddie opened her mouth to scream, but the woman put one finger over her lips. "Shh, we wouldn't want Jordan to hear, would we?"
Maddie swallowed her surprise, staying quiet.
"Now, why don't you come with me?"
"So you're not paying my sister for sex?" Maddie asked in surprise. After Lilith, the shop owner, explained everything, Maddie let out a sigh of relief.
They sat on a black leather couch in what looked to be a break room. A table, fridge, and other furniture filled a familiar scene of an employee lounge. 
"Oh heavens no," Lilith gave an amused smile. "We were just having a little fun and your sister asked to try out one of my rarer toys."
"That's a relief." Maddie put one hand on her chest. However, that still means Jordan has some kind of relationship with this woman…
"You must love your sister dearly…"
"O-Of course I do! And don't think I approve of your relationship with my sister yet."
"Oh, don't worry, our relationship is purely physical…" As she spoke, Lilith put one hand over her chest. Despite the simple action, her open corset meant she drew her hand to her voluptuous cleavage. With one finger, she idly stroked up and down the valley of her breasts.
A little warmth rushed to Maddie's cheeks as she stared. Purely physical, that's good at least. That means it isn't romantic at least.  
"Uhm…" Maddie tried to think of something to reply with, but fell short as her eyes followed Lilith's slow finger. It traced vertically along the woman's breasts, like a spring going up… and down…
The slow tick of a grandfather clock filled the awkward silence. Each click matched the pendulous motion of Lilith's finger. When her finger reached the apex, the clock ticked and it slowly began sinking back down into the valley of Lilith's breasts.
"You must be jealous, huh?" Lilith whispered in a warm tone. "You really do love your sister, don't you?"
"Yes… Wait- Jealous? Why would I be?" Maddie stumbled over her words and her ears burned with embarrassment. "I mean, yes. I do love Jordan, but not like that…"
Lilith's finger slowed and each tick of the clock came later, as if matching her movements. Maddie strained her ears, waiting for the next tick of the clock to come, but it never did. Time itself seemed to pause as Lilith's finger moved leisurely down her cleavage. Silence filled the air and Maddie waited impatiently for the next tick.
"I saw the way you looked at her, you know. I saw what you were doing." As Lilith spoke again, the clock ticked and time seemed to move again.
"That was…" Maddie's brain took a moment to begin moving. "I was j-just…" But even as she tried to speak, she stumbled over her tongue. Without thinking, she squeezed her thighs together, squirming against the black leather couch.
"You were just… What, honey? Just doing what?" Lilith prompted.
"I-I was scratching an itch!" Maddie finally found some words. The itch in her crotch had already returned, growing warm between her legs.
"Oh, don't worry, I understand that completely." Lilith's arm wrapped around her shoulder, pulling Maddie closer. "Your sister is a very beautiful woman. Anyone would have urges when looking at her."
Lilith's finger still drew gently up and down the valley of her breasts. As Maddie stared, her head felt heavier, her face so unbearably warm. Eventually, she leaned over, resting her cheek against Lilith's cool shoulder, still watching her idle finger as it swayed up… and down…
"It's not those kinds of urges…" Maddie gave a languid protest, but her words sounded fake even to her. She squirmed against the black leather of the couch, squeaking with each shift of her hips. The wet spot from masturbating hadn't gone away either…
"Dear, you need to be honest with me." Lilith's voice practically vibrated as she emphasized the word. "Even now, your arousal makes thinking so hard, doesn't it? It practically burns through your body, filling you with warmth. Holding back is just… impossible, isn't it?"
"Ah… Mmmn…" Maddie mewled, rubbing her thighs together. Her body felt so hot all of a sudden. Her clothes felt constrictive, unnecessary. Without thinking, she lowered a hand between her legs, rubbing at the front of her jeans, but the thick denim muffled the sensations.
"Now, I want you to be honest with me," Lilith repeated. "When you think of Jordan, how does that make you feel?"
"I… I get so horny, I can't help it…" Maddie moaned, bucking her hips against her hand. "It's not fair that you get to be with her when I've waited so long…"
"Very good," Lilith hummed into her ear. And then she snapped her fingers.
Maddie fell over, face descending in Lilith's chest. She rubbed feverishly at her crotch, but nothing she did could seem to contain the urges in her lower half. Her pants felt so hot and stuffy, unbearable warmth spreading through her crotch.
"Tell me, Maddie. What do you think of the changes to Jordan's body?"
"She's so sex now… Mature…" Maddie moaned. She gave up on using her fingers and began humping against Lilith's thigh. Burying her face deeper into the other woman's bosom, she grinded against the shop owner.
What am I doing… Maddie's mind rebelled against her actions, but containing her lust felt so impossible. Everything was so unbearably warm and the arousal made it so difficult to think. "Jordan…" she moaned into Lilith's breasts.
"I see," Lilith's reply came in a whisper. Her hand stroked the back of Maddie's neck, a single finger massaging up… and down… "You too really are cute together."
"Mmmm", Maddie moaned, grinding harder against Lilith's leg. Together… The single word seemed to echo in her brain.
"If you could be with Jordan, but you had to have the same changes done to you, would you do it?"
"Of course!" Maddie pulled her chin up, smiling through a lust-drooping gaze. "Nothing would- Ah! Make me happier," she moaned.
Lilith smiled, her piercing yellow eyes drilling down into Maddie. "I can make a similar collar for you. Would you like one? You'd be a pair."
Maddie cried out. As she imagined them both with matching collars, she came.
Jordan grinded her hips down against the machine. The dull vibrations held her at the edge of orgasm, teetering so close.
She wore a simple eye mask, obscuring her vision. With her sight taken away, all her other senses grew stronger.
She felt every bead of sweat dripping down her skin. The humid air seemed to caress her skin with its warmth, filling her nose with the smell of her own arousal. She could hear nothing through the roar of the motor, but that only heightened the thrill. It was as if she floated in an endless void, with nothing but the pleasure of her crotch to accompany her.
Jordan felt the edge coming, and she shifted her hips away from the machine. Just as she had been doing for hours, she slowly let herself come down from the precipice of pleasure, basking in her own frustration and arousal.
"Jordan dear…"
Lilith's voice came from behind her and the machine powered off.
"Yes…" Jordan mewled in happiness. It was finally time.
"Why don't you take off that eye mask? I have a surprise for you."
Jordan pulled off the mask, turned around, and froze. Maddie lay on the bed, naked and smiling happily. "M-Maddie, what are you doing here?"
"Lilith told me everything, and I wanted to join you. She made me this necklace too."
Jordan blinked. Maddie wore the same collar that she did. However, her body had yet to be changed.
"There's still time," Jordan blinked. "If you take that off now…"
"I don't want to take it off… I want to be together… Forever…"
"B-But, your body would-" Jordan swallowed. Just imagining her sister being corrupted stoked the flames between her legs. However, she couldn't do that to Maddie. She couldn't let the same fate befall her.
"You're so beautiful now, Jordan." Maddie stared back with a half-lidded gaze. "Now I can join you. We can be the same, together." Maddie spread her labia, beckoning Jordan closer. 
Jordan's knees seemed to move on their own, crawling towards the edge of the bed. I can't, I shouldn't… But a cute stubble had already formed on Maddie's crotch. If she licked there, more would surely spread. Her sister wanted this, she wanted to be corrupted the same as her. If Maddie were to fall, Jordan would surely always have a place to satisfy her urges. She wouldn't need to rely on Lilith like she did today. A tempting source of pleasure would live in the same house as her, just one room over…
A thumping filled Jordan's ears. Her pulse beat into every corner of her body. "But we're sisters…" Jordan whispered.
Maddie smiled in a way that Jordan had never seen. "Doesn't that make your heart beat even faster?"
Jordan's heart skipped a beat, the last reservations crumbling away. Breaking their shared gaze, she leaned down, burying her face between her sister's legs.
Maddie's thighs closed around her cheeks, legs curling behind her head. With two hands, her sister pulled her closer. "Jordan!" she called out.
Jordan ran her tongue up through Maddie's slit. Her sister bucked her hips, pulling her face tighter. At the same time, the stubble on Maddie's mound grew longer.
Jordan sucked down on Maddie's clit, flicking her tongue over her sister's sensitive spot. In return, Maddie's thighs clenched around her face and the pubic hair spread down the outside of her Labia.
Over and over, Jordan sucked and licked, feeling Maddie's changes against her cheeks. Her sister's cries grew only sweeter, hands pulling her face tighter.
After only a few minutes, Maddie bucked her hips again. Her sex clenched and Jordan realized she must be coming. Without missing a beat, Jordan flicked her tongue faster over Maddie's clit. 
Her sister's screams grew louder, thighs clenching tighter. As she sent the pleasure through Maddie's hips, Jordan felt the final changes. The pubic hair grew so long she had to spread it to find her sister's clit. It spread up her thighs, scratching Jordan's cheeks. By the time Jordan finished, her sister was just as beautifully dark as her.
When she finally looked up, Maddie smiled down at her, sweat coating her body. Her breasts had drooped, nipples darkening into a tempting deep brown. And from under her arms, hair tufted cutely out from Maddie's armpits.
"You're beautiful…" Jordan whispered breathlessly. She climbed up, kissing Maddie on the lips.
"Jordan…" Maddie whispered breathlessly. "I can't hold back… I need to see you feeling good as well…"
Suddenly, her sister pushed Jordan over, rolling on top. Maddie pinned her arms up above her head, grinning mischievously. "This is like a dream…" she whispered.
Jordan panted for breath. Her sex dripped in need and her pulse beat in her ears. "Maddie…" She whispered.
Maddie shifted her hips, pushing her hairy mound over Jordan's. Just the weight of her sister's sex against her own sent a shiver of pleasure through Jordan. Clearly, Maddie wouldn't let this night end so easily…
Elsewhere, Eva sat in her kitchen, staring at a crumpled up business card.
"They're both so late…" she whispered to herself. Her daughters had gone out and hadn't come back. The last she'd seen of Maddie, she had thrown this card in the trash and stormed off angrily.
I know they're adults, but I can't help worrying… Eva stood up, walking to their old landline. Carefully, she punched in the phone number from the card.
"Lilium Lapidaries, how may I help you?" A handsome woman's voice answered the call.
"Uhm, I know it's late, but I couldn't help but wonder if…" I sound so stupid. Why am I bothering this woman with my worries..?
"Ah, are you calling about Jordan and Maddie? Yes, they're here."
Eva sighed in relief, placing one hand over her chest. "Oh, thank god. I mean- it's fine, sorry to bother you…" What am I getting so nervous about? They aren't children anymore…
"If you'd like, why don't you come down? Those two might need some help getting home."
Have they been drinking or something?! I'll have to chastise them thoroughly, Eva frowned. "I see. Sure, I can come by."
"Do you need the address?"
"No, that's fine. I think I have it." Eva glanced back down at the business card. "I'll be there soon."

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