Curse of Beauty Corruption

Chapter 2

by Arelias

Tags: #cw:incest #armpit_hair_growth #breast_sagging #corruption #dubious_consent #f/f #magic #pov:bottom #pubic_hair_growth #curse #dom:female #edging #hypnosis #induced_lust #masturbation #mirror #multiple_orgasm #musk #nipple_darkening #phantom_sensation #scent #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #voyeurism

Jesus, she's so loud, Maddie thought to herself. Even through the door, she could hear the vibrator buzzing and her sister moaning. Jordan probably thought she was being stealthy, but her muffled cries were clearly audible.
Pressing her ear to the door, Maddie blushed as she listened to the sounds. Inside her jeans, she felt a familiar warmth spread between her legs and her panties began to itch.
This stupid sister of mine… Maddie rubbed at the front of her pants, gritting her teeth. The denim dampened the sensations, but as she ground the creases into her labia, a satisfying twinge rippled through her hips.
Maddie quietly opened the door, peeking through it. Her sister lay in front of the mirror, grinding a vibrator against her sex.
She's masturbating in front of the mirror again… It wasn't the first time Maddie had caught her sister in narcissistic masturbation. However, it was the first time she had ever seen Jordan so hairy down there.
Did she grow all that in a week? Maddie thought with a shiver. The thick black pubic hair hadn't been there last time… Yet, the sight stoked the warmth inside her panties. Fuck, she's even hotter like that.
Maddie grinded her crotch against the door frame, humping the hard wooden edge. The familiar corner cut through her denim better than her fingers could and pushed slightly between her lips.
As she watched her sister, a familiar fantasy arose in her head. What if it was me masturbating in front of her instead of her reflection… They looked similar enough, surely her sister's obsession with mirrors was actually a hint at their forbidden love? Maddie knew it wasn't so, but the thought sent a thrill through her sex. Holding in her voice, she grinded down even harder against the door frame.
Jordan… She moaned her sister's name in her head.
Suddenly, her sister cried out, bucking against the vibrator. 
Her time was up, so Middie hurriedly pulled away from the door frame. However, she was about to close the door when their eyes met.
Blushing, she stared into her sister's lust-addled gaze. Fuck, she caught me watching… However, Jordan simply relaxed back down onto the towel, already falling asleep. 
I'm safe..? Maddie breathed a sigh of relief. Wait… Jordan's not gonna sleep on the ground like that, is she?
Sighing, Maddie shook her head. She walked in and picked up her passed-out sister, dragging her into bed. She used the towel to clean up her sister's lower half then quietly left the room.
Of course, later that night, she also used that towel to assist her own masturbation session. But come morning, she diligently placed it in the washing machine. She wasn't some pervert who would hold onto her sister's dirty laundry. At least, not since getting caught last time…
Jordan woke up the next morning in her usual bed. Was it all a dream? However, a quick glance at her body revealed the changes were still there.
The leather onyx-embedded collar still hugged her neck tight. Every time she swallowed, it seemed to tighten around her throat, reminding her of its presence. She found no clasp to unlock it, and scissors didn't help either.
(Of course it won't come off, it's magic, duh.) That was pretty dumb of me to even hope for an easy solution like that… (Maybe the shop owner would know a way to remove it?)
Jordan flicked her eyes to the necklace-cum-collar's wooden box. Beside it, that strange woman's business card rested on the sheets. I guess there's no other option… She'd have to try the address on it.
After a brisk shower, Jordan began dressing herself. She pulled on some fresh panties and a new floral skirt. Some pubic hair still climbed out the side of her underwear, but the skirt was enough to cover that. The bigger problem was her top.
It was summer and she hadn't done laundry in a hot minute. So, all she had left were thin sleeveless tops. As she slipped one on, her armpit hair clearly tufted out from under her arms. Additionally, her sagging breasts were distinctly outlined through the thin material.
God, I look so… (Hot. Jesus, I look good in these clothes.) I really do… As she admired herself in the mirror, a warmth began to spread between her legs. Fuck, I don't have time for that though!
Grabbing the business card, she hurried downstairs.
"Hey sis, you didn't come down for dinner…" Her sister greeted her from the kitchen.
"Sorry, no time-" Jordan was about to head out the door, then shook her head. "Maddie, I need your help with something."
Her sister flinched a little, then nodded.
Why is she blushing? Anyways… Jordan showed her the business card. "If I don't come back by tonight, can you tell the police to search for me at this address?"
"What do you mean? Are you in danger?" Her sister's brow creased with worry, but Jordan shook her head.
"It's probably nothing, but I just want to be on the safe side."
"I'm not sure…" She still didn't look convinced.
Shaking her head, Jordan stepped forward, wrapping her in a hug. It was a dirty trick, her sister was always weak to these kinds of attacks. Wait, I forgot deodorant… Well, I still showered, so it should be fine.
When she pulled back, her sister blushed and smiled fuzzily, "Sure sis! Whatever you want!"
"Thanks," Jordan smiled, then she pressed the business card into Maddie's hands. "I'll try to be back by four!"
Heading out the door, she shouted out the last part.
Jordan arrived at the address to find a dimly lit jewelry shop. "Hello?" She called out.
She waited several seconds, then tentatively entered. The sign said open, so it's not like I'm trespassing, but… She quietly tiptoed through the shop anyway, trying not to make much noise.
Various display cases lined the room. Countless cut and uncut gems filled them, glittering even in the dim light. She stepped carefully through the crowded displays, looking for the shop owner.
"Hello, what can I do for you?"
Jordan spun around to find the shopkeeper standing behind her. The woman wore the same black dom gear as the day before and patches of hair still tufted out of her thong and from under her arms.
"Uhm…" Jordan stumbled for words as she stared at the other woman's body.
"Shh, I know why you're here," she smiled.
"Y-You do? I mean- Of course you do, I need you to-" 
But the woman silenced her with a finger to Jordan's lips. "I'm so glad you accepted my invitation." She whispered. 
The woman took a step forward and Jordan took a step back. "I-Invitation?"
The woman's hips swayed as she walked, swinging gently from left to right. With one hand, she traced over her breasts and down the sides of her corset before snapping her thong. The same thong which failed to hide her overflowing pubic hair. The same thong which barely covered a place of tempting smells and sensations. A place Jordan would love to sink her face into… 
"You've come to pay for the jewel, right?"
The woman's words snapped Jordan out of her trance and she swallowed slowly. "P-Pay?" 
"You've come to pay with your body, right?"
Jordan's back hit the wall and the shopkeeper pressed one arm over it, leaning towards her. From under the woman's raised arm, Jordan stared into a mass of hair. A faintly sweet musk wafted out from it, tickling her nose. It was the same aroma that had soaked into her brain the night before, the same smell that had permeated her being as she masturbated the previous night.
"Uhm…" Jordan let out an uncertain mewl, rubbing her thighs together. Her own overflowing pubic hair scratched at her thighs, yet the sensation only sent a thrill through her. "Uh… Ah… Mmm…" She practically moaned as she squirmed.
"Don't worry, you can leave everything to me." She raised a gloved finger, tucking Jordan's hair behind one ear. She then traced down Jordan's jaw, tilting her chin up to meet the woman's piercing yellow eyes. "My name's Lilith by the way."
(Lilith) The word echoed in her brain and a warmth spread between her legs, a damp spot forming on her panties. Even sagging, her nipples stiffened up, peeking through her shirt. Lilith…
"God you're so cute," Lilith hummed, grinning down at her. Then she let go of Jordan's chin stepping back.
"Huh?" Jordan blinked in surprise, panting for breath. Why did she stop?
"There's nothing to be confused about. As I said yesterday, seeing a cutie like you wear one of my gems is payment enough."
Jordan slowly blinked, What am I doing? I'm getting caught up in her pace! "I didn't come here for that," She hardened her voice. "I need you to remove this necklace."
"You mean that pretty collar? But it suits you so well! You're so sexy in it."
(Sexy) Jordan blushed, but shook her head. "That's not true!"
"Sweetie, you look adorable in it."
(Adorable) Jordan mewled again, squirming under Lilith's gaze. "Th-That is… That's…" The woman's stare made her feel so small, helpless, and… horny… "B-But my body is all weird now…" She eventually stammered out.
"I dunno, that isn't quite the word I would use. Perhaps I'd go with… Tempting?" On the word, Lilith's eyes flicked down. "Don't you find your current state more appealing?"
Jordan quickly tucked her arms together, trying to hide her armpit hair. This woman is just making fun of me. "Of course I don't. Who would?"
"I would," Lilith's answer came immediately. "I find your new appearance quite alluring actually. And I'm sure others do as well…"
Lilith once more swaggered forward and Jordan stiffened up against the wall. 
"Are you sure you simply aren't unsatisfied with something else?"
Jordan's breath caught. Lilith's heady musk once more filled her nose and she couldn't help but whimper a little. Eventually, she gave in to her urges and took a deep breath through her nose.
(Unsatisfied) The word echoed around her skull, perfectly describing her current state. Her nipples ached beneath her shirt, clit tingling in need. As she shifted from foot to foot, just the sensation of her lower lips sliding against one another sent a thrill through her. In the end, she nodded in agreement.
"Very good," Lilith's words echoed through her brain. "It's always good to be more honest, isn't it?"
"Yesmm," Jordan moaned.
"Now, what can I do to properly satisfy you? And remember to be honest."
(Honest) Once more, the word seemed to bounce through her head. Jordan squirmed against the wall, wiggling her hips against it. Her panties a mess, biting her lip, all she wanted to do was to masturbate and pleasure herself while soaking in Lilith's intoxicating musk.
"Sweetie," Lilith purred. She twisted her body, running her hands down over her breasts and hips, "Surely there is something I can do to satisfy you?"
Jordan cried out, The last hint of resistance crumbled away and she nodded. "Please, let me smell you while I masturbate."
"Oh dear, why of course!" Lilith's smile broadened. "Go right ahead," she raised one arm, offering herself.
Jordan dove forward, burying her nose into the rough hairs of Lilith's armpit. She sniffed deeply, filling her brain and lungs with the woman's odors. At the same time, she buried her hand between her legs, stroking her sex through her skirt. 
God, it feels even better than last night~! She cried out in her head. Her nails scratched through the fabric, grinding the pubic hair against her clit. The layers between her fingers and clit shifted and slid on their own, enhancing each small movement. Fuuuck!!
"Good girl," Lilith's purr echoed in her ears. The woman's hand stroked her hair, pulling her face deeper into her armpit. "I even bathed last night, yet you're still getting turned on by only a day's worth of sweat," she laughed.
Jordan didn't care, she just kept sniffing and grinding her fingers against her clit. The pleasure tingled through her hips, arousal wetting her fingers and dripping to the floor under her.
Suddenly, Lilith's leg pushed between hers. The other woman's thigh replaced her hands and rubbed against her sex. "Here's a little extra service, on the house."
Jordan cried out, bucking her hips. Even through her panties, Lilith's thigh felt so good. Wrapping two arms around the other woman, Jordan pulled herself tighter and humped against Lilith's leg.
This is heaven! I'm in heaven! Breathing in through her nose, she panted for breath while rocking her hips. Lillith's natural musk permeated her brain, soaking into her consciousness. As she continued to feverishly sniff, the pleasure swelled between her legs, threatening to overwhelm her with euphoria. Then she toppled over the edge.
"Fuuuck!" She screamed, bucking her hips one final time. She came, sex twitching against Lilith's thigh. Her back arched, muscles stiffening, but she still held Lilith tight, unwilling to give up the pleasant smell filling her nose.
Finally, Jordan released her grip and stumbled back, panting for breath. "Wow…"
"My, oh my. You certainly had a lot of fun on your own," Lilith chided. "But I think it's my turn now." Her black-gloved fingers dropped her thong to the floor. As it fell away, it revealed her hair-covered crotch, practically steaming with humidity.
Jordan swallowed. A new desire raced through her, one she couldn't say no matter how much she might be urged. However, as Lilith raised a finger, beckoning her, it was clear that no words were needed.
Quietly, Jordan kneeled down before her, burying her face in Lilith's warmth. As the new smells overwhelmed her, she cried out. Lilith's hands pulled her head deeper between her legs and Jordan squeezed her arms around the other woman's thighs. The intoxicating aroma of Lilith's arousal filled her nose, soaking into her brain. In that moment, she felt truly satisfied. I want to stay like this forever… She thought to herself.
Maddie stared at the business card. She's late…
Her sister hadn't come back, even after she had waited an hour past the scheduled time. The sky outside had grown dark and Maddie's brow creased with worry.
Jordan had said to go to the police, but Maddie shook her head at the memory. If her sister was wrapped up in something dangerous, she couldn't just sit at home. She had to do something about it herself. Grabbing her coat, Maddie headed for the door, business card in hand.
If anyone has read this far, thank you very much! Maddie is going off to rescue her older sister, but can she resist the same temptations Jordan fell to? Find out soon! (Hopefully next week).
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