Curse of Beauty Corruption

Chapter 1

by Arelias

Tags: #cw:incest #armpit_hair_growth #breast_sagging #corruption #dubious_consent #f/f #magic #pov:bottom #pubic_hair_growth #curse #dom:female #edging #hypnosis #induced_lust #masturbation #mirror #multiple_orgasm #musk #nipple_darkening #phantom_sensation #scent #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #voyeurism

This might be a bit of a weird one... As mentioned in the tags, characters are magically corrupted via pubic hair growth, breast sagging, incest, and more. However, I think the story and characters are pretty cool. Please give it a shot if you feel up to it.

Jordan was walking down a busy market street when something caught her eye. Through the crowd, she spotted a mass of cheap necklaces hanging from a stall. At the sight, her feet froze in place.
Amid the glittering accessories, a simple onyx pendant swayed in a gentle breeze. Her eyes followed the motion, back and forth. With each swing, light scattered off its smooth surface, shining brightly through the crowd of people. First to the right, then to the left, the dazzling sparkles twinkled into her eyes. Her half-lidded gaze diligently followed the swaying motion, drawn into it, sinking into it, drowning in the dark jewel. The longer she stared, the bigger it became, swallowing up her field of view. The twinkling lights danced around her and her cheeks flushed, nipples hardening under her top. A warmth blossomed beneath her skirt, heart pounding. Back… and forth… the world swayed around her. Arousal stained her panties, clit tingling in need, yet all she could do was whimper into the pretty lights.
"Welcome, what can I do for you today?"
Jordan gasped for breath as if breaking the surface of water. She blinked and the world around her came back into view. She was hunched over a table, eyes inches from a jeweled necklace. Hurriedly, she stood up and smoothed the creases in her skirt.
Across from her, the owner of the shop held the pendant. The leather cord wrapped around one of her fingers, still swinging it from side to side. "Did this catch your eye?"
"Uhm… Well…" Jordan floundered. The black gem had been so pretty. The very sight of it made her cheeks flush and ears burn. Even now, it twinkled so beautifully as it swung, back… and forth…
"You can look up here now."
Jordan blinked, realizing she had once more started staring at the jewel. With great effort, she tore her gaze away, but she only found an even more captivating sight.
The shop owner wore black dom gear. A leather corset, thong, gloves, and boots covered much of her body, but left nothing to the imagination. Her ample chest was on full display, showing enough cleavage to make Jordan reflexively swallow.
"Uhm…" She trailed off, the ache still growing between her legs. Even now, the damp spot in her panties grew with each passing moment. She squeezed her thighs together, shifting from foot to foot, but didn't know where to put her gaze.
Under the shop owner's arms, black hair peaked out of her pits, but that just seemed to fan the flames in her crotch. The woman's black thong did little to hide an overflowing amount of pubic hair, the excess crawling over the woman's thighs and up her belly. She should have felt disgusted, yet she just wanted to bury her face in it…
Jordan mewled again, unable to even speak. She desperately rubbed her thighs together, darting her eyes around. Her gaze finally landed back on that swaying onyx and she whimpered in relief. It still hung from the shop owner's finger, swinging back… and forth. In the sparkling black gem, she let it swallow up all her worries and thoughts.
"The jewel, is it to your liking?"
"Mmmm," Jordan whimpered again. "Yesmmgh," she moaned.
"Fantastic!" The shop owner's hands slammed shut, clasping around the jewel.
The gloved fingers blocked Jordan's view of the pendant and she gasped. She took a long deep breath and the oxygen finally returned to her brain. "Huh?"
The busy market crowd roared behind her. She stood in what looked like a cheap jewelry stand, with a scandalously clad woman working it. "What am I doing here?" She mumbled to herself.
"You were just about to buy a wonderful piece of my jewlery," the owner replied. As she spoke, the woman began placing the leather-corded pendant into a small wooden box. 
Jordan glanced around at the other necklaces on display. Even by her standards, they looked cheap and trashy. "Did I really agree to buy anything?" She tilted her head. The last thing she remembered was walking through the market when-
"Oh, dear, you were absolutely fascinated by this piece. I refuse to let you go without it. Name your price and it's yours."
"Any price..?" Is this some kind of scam? Not to mention this woman's appearance… Jordan glanced behind herself, but nobody in the crowd gave the shop owner a second look.
"That's right, so, what'll it be?" The woman smiled, placing the box onto the table.
Jordan furrowed her brow, opening the small wooden case. The black onyx looked possibly genuine, but also rather dull. Is this really the same jewel?"
"It is, I swear by it. if you have any complaints, feel free to come by my main shop," she replied, sliding a business card across the table. It read 'Lilium Lapidaries'.
"Hmm," Jordan looked over the jewel. "I'm not sure…"
"This piece is designed to bring out one's natural beauty. I guarantee that it'll suit you."
"Bring out natural beauty, heh?" Jordan smiled. She looked over the woman's vulgar clothes. "Perhaps you need it more than I do."
"Oh ho? Quite the mouth on you, huh? But I don't dislike that in a woman…" The shop owner leaned closer, giving Jordan an eyeful down her corset.
Swallowing, she tore her eyes away and up to the woman's piercing yellow eyes. She opened her lips to respond, but nothing came out. Her mouth flapped like a fish under that knowing gaze.
"God you're so cute," the woman bit her lip. "Now I know for sure, you'd look gorgeous with that onyx. Why don't you try it on?"
Jordan blushed, but the woman's suggestion was a useful distraction. She pulled the pendant over her head, trying it on. God, why am I so horny today? She cursed her pink cheeks.
The shop owner raised a mirror and Jordan stared into it. 
Cute smile, cute nose, cute eyes. Yep, still the same old me. She grinned into her reflection. Tonight, I'll just have to masturbate. Jesus, what happened to my panties?
A number of thoughts occurred to her, none of which was to even look at the pendant. "Sure, I'll take it." I already restocked the vibe with batteries, didn't I? Gotta finish up here so I can go masturbate. "How much did you say I owe you?"
"Ah, don't worry about that. Just seeing you wear it is enough for me."
"No, I can't exactly leave without paying…"
"Then, why don't you come by my shop tomorrow. Getting another glimpse at a cutie like you wearing one of my gems would be payment enough."
Jordan's blush reached her ears, then she shook her head. "Fine," God, just take it! What am I still doing here? Gotta masturbate, gotta masturbate… She quickly took the box and business card, then hurried back into the crowd.
"Hey sis, I'll be making dinner today, anything you want?"
As Jordan returned home, her younger sister Maddie(23) stood in the kitchen to greet her. They shared the same dark hair, but her sister was slightly shorter—a fact that she could no longer grow out of.
"I bought some groceries, so name anything," Maddie smiled.
"Sorry, I'll be…" Jordan tried to think up an excuse, "Working on some job applications, so don't wait for me." Gotta masturbate, gotta masturbate.
"Oh wow, back at it finally, huh? You know, I could always…"
Jordan didn't hear the end of the sentence, hurrying up to her room. She slammed the door shut and jumped into bed, one hand already between her legs.
Oh god, finally! Through her skirt and panties, she stroked her sex, shuddering in satisfaction. The thin fabric shifted under her touch, sliding against her clit. She grinded through the layers of cloth, rubbing her middle two fingers at her apex.
Fuck… "Yes." Oh, "god," it feels… "so good…" She moaned into the sheets, accidentally speaking some of her thoughts aloud. Her fingers had never felt so good in her life. The faster she rubbed, the better it felt. Every small shift of fabric sent a wave of pleasure through her clit.
"F-Fuck…" She let out a stuttering sigh. "Wow…" She felt more sensitive and horny than she'd ever felt before. Tonight's gonna be amazing! She thought to herself. 
However, she soon frowned. Jordan rubbed her thighs together and a familiar prickle stabbed into her skin. I thought I shaved this morning… Yet she distinctly felt stubble under her panties.
Grumbling, she headed to the mirror in her room, dropping her skirt along the way. She peeled away her panties next, revealing her stubble-covered mound. She must have just forgotten to shave, but she was too horny to do anything about it. Instead, she grabbed a towel and laid down in front of the mirror.
It's a minor turn-off, but I guess a little stubble is better than what that shopkeeper had. Jordan grinned as she remembered the thick matt of pubic hair under that woman's thong. So gross, she thought to herself, flicking on her vibe. Even as she remembered that lewd appearance, she slowly brought the vibrator head to her clit.
God, why am I thinking of that woman right now? The sight of all that hair is just- (turning me on so much right now…)
Jordan blinked. She thought she heard a voice, but it had been her voice somehow. Even as she held the buzzing plastic to her clit, a shiver went down her spine.
(That woman's crotch must have smelled amazing…) No… That isn't me… (I'd love to stick my face between her legs…)
Jordan bucked her hips, crying out. A wave of pleasure washed through her and strange sensations flowed unbidden into her mind. A heady musk filled her nose, the prickly feeling of stiff hair against her cheeks, a small bump slipping between her lips and sucking on it. It was as if her head really were between that obscene woman's legs…
Her eyes refocused and Jordan saw the necklace glowing in the reflection. A purple light twinkled within the gem. No way…
Additionally, between her legs, the stubble of her pubic hair had grown. And not just that, more of the prickly sensation spread under her arms as well. No way, no way, no way! This can't be happening…
(I can't imagine how good it must have smelt under her arms…) More heady odors filled her nose. This time, a little pungent, and yet sweeter too.
Jordan mewled, writhing on the towel. A wave of pleasure washed over her and she grinded the vibrator harder against her clit. She could feel the stiff hair against her nose and cheeks, but in the mirror, all she saw was her face contorted in pleasure. What's going on? Why am I getting so turned on by this!?
The onyx pendant glowed purple again and, this time, the leather loop around it began to constrict. It grew thicker, pulling up towards her neck. This shouldn't be possible, yet it feels so good, I don't care!
Without thinking, she flicked the vibrations up a notch, bucking her hips against the wand. She drew near the edge, about to topple over it when… (Not yet.)
Jordan pulled away the wand, mewling in dissatisfaction. Why… I was so close. Yet her hands didn't follow her commands.
At the same time, the pendant around her neck glowed again. The leather cords once more tightened and her pubic hair grew darker and thicker. Fuck, why am I getting so turned on by this?!
She once more returned the vibrator to her clit, letting out a shuddering sigh. The necklace just looked so right as it hung between her breasts. As she stared at her cute nipples, Jordan once more approached the edge.
Fuck, not yet… She once more pulled away the vibe, letting herself come down from the edge. Wait, what am I doing? Why am I edging when-
As she tried to collect her thoughts, the necklace glowed again. This time, her nipples drooped slightly, her breasts sagging and areola darkening.
The fuck is happening to my body?!? Her thoughts swirled in confusion, but without thinking, she once more pressed the vibrating plastic to her clit, bucking her hips. I don't- I shouldn't want this! Yet, the pleasure swelled between her legs, tingling through her tiny clit. The vibrations echoed through her hips, sending her thighs trembling and toes curling.
Staring at her now drooping breasts only turned her on more. As she watched herself in the mirror, she felt hornier than she'd ever felt in her life.
I need to stop this, yet… She couldn't will herself to let go of the vibrator. Instead, she pulled it tighter, flicking the dial up a notch. Oh gods..! She cried out in her head.
The phantom odors still filled her nose, her brain melting in the sweetly heady musk. As the toy buzzed at her clit, she sniffed at the air, breathing in more of the intoxicating aroma of sweat and pheromones. Why- Fuck! Why does it feel so good?
Jordan once more drew to an edge and yanked away the vibrator, her sex twitching in need. Her hands didn't seem to listen to her, even as she desperately tried to pull the vibrator back, they refused to move.
At the same time, however, the necklace glowed and her body changed again. The carpet between her legs grew thicker, spreading down her labia and bleeding into her thighs. Her nipples darkened again and her breasts drooped further. And under her armpits, the hair began to tuft out from under her arms.
Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why do I look so sexy like this?! She looked sexy in most things, but this new look in particular sent a twinge of satisfaction through her loins. As she regained control of her arms, she once more pulled the vibrator back to her clit.
This time though, Jordan lowered the vibrations, relaxing into the dull pleasure. This is the necklace's fault, that weird gem is making me do this, so… I might as well enjoy it… she thought to herself, smiling into the mirror.
With the lower intensity, she let out a satisfied sigh. Her breathing slowed and her hands returned to their usual habits, drawing out her masturbation session. 
With one hand, she grabbed a sagging breast, rolling her now-darkened nipple through two fingers. At the same time, she angled the vibe downward, teasing the soft vibrations along her hairy lips.
Fuck, I'm still as sexy as ever, she grinned slyly to herself. As she relaxed into her usual habits, however, the pendant glowed again.
(I wonder what that woman's tongue would feel like between my legs…)
Wait-! No… No… I'm not ready for it! Jordan recognized the unfamiliar thought entering her brain. That meant-!
An invisible tongue licked up her slit. Her hair was so thick she could run her fingers through it, yet she distinctly felt a tongue slipping through it, lapping at her clit. In the mirror, there was nothing, but she felt it all the same. Even through the vibrations of her toy, she distinctly felt the tongue against her sex. Oh god! She cried out in her head, barely containing her voice.
Once more, the pendant glowed. This time, the thin leather cord constricted around her neck, pulling the onyx tight against her throat. The leather also grew thicker, forming into a black gem-embedded collar.
The sight should have worried her, but it felt so (right). Her nipples darkened further, into a (tempting) brown and her breasts drooped into a (seductive) lull. Her (beautifully) thick pubic hair spread further and her armpit hair grew long enough to tuft (cutely) out from under her arms. As she stared at her (gorgeous) new form, she came.
The invisible mouth sucked down on her clit and she flicked the vibrator to max. As the orgasm hit her, Jordan bucked her hips, letting out a scream. "Gods yessss! Fuck, so good!"
Even as the climax wracked her body, she felt another one forming, and another one behind that. She fell back, arching her spine, grinding her clit against the vibrator as hard as she could. Her thighs clenched together, legs trembling, toes curling as she came over and over.
Eventually, she collapsed and panted for breath. Darkness clouded her vision and a wave of drowsiness washed over her. However, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her sister standing at the door.
Through a crack in the doorway, they made eye contact. Maddie's cheeks were a deep crimson, her lips parted slightly in shock. Jordan tried to think of something to say, then promptly passed out.

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