Curse of Beauty Corruption

Chapter 5

by Arelias

Tags: #cw:incest #armpit_hair_growth #breast_sagging #corruption #dubious_consent #f/f #magic #pov:bottom #pubic_hair_growth #curse #dom:female #edging #hypnosis #induced_lust #masturbation #mirror #multiple_orgasm #musk #nipple_darkening #phantom_sensation #scent #sub:female #transformation #urban_fantasy #voyeurism

One month passed and Jordan sat at the dining room table, getting eaten out by Maddie. She sighed, stroking her sister's hair. At the same time, she pinched a nipple and pulled Maddie's head tighter between her legs.
It was a slow morning and her breakfast sat half eaten on the table. Maddie had made a nice meal of eggs and toast, but it had gone cold as Jordan found her sister's licking much too distracting. Her sister licked gently up her sex, leaving her too horny to focus on anything else.
"Fuck, you've gotten so good at this, sis," Jordan whispered.
Maddie hummed into her sex in response.
"Hey Jordan!" Suddenly, their mother walked into the room. "How's the new job going?"
"Mmm… Good, I'm heading in later today, actually."
"Well, I just want to say I'm very proud of you." Eva leaned down, bringing their lips together into a kiss. Jordan tilted her head for better access and they swirled their tongues together.
"Thanks mom!" Jordan smiled as the kiss broke. "Have a good day at work!"
They waved goodbye and Maddie, too, raised a hand as their mom left. After Eva left, she raised her head, grinning up at Jordan. "How much are you actually working at the jewelry shop, though?" She teased.
"Oh shut it," Jordan grinned. "Lilith has already moved on from this city, so there's much less distraction these days."
Maddie gave her a skeptical look.
"Okay, there might be a super hot new girl that just started. But I swear it's purely business between us."
Maddie shook her head, standing up and brushing off her knees. "Don't forget our deal. I'll be giving you two orgasms for every one you have with someone else. And I'll be interrogating you thoroughly tonight," Maddie grinned.
"Mmm, yes," Jordan shared a quick kiss with Maddie before waving her sister off. "Have a good day at work as well."
"Thanks," Maddie waved goodbye.
Left alone with her half-eaten breakfast, Jordan's sex still burned with arousal. Maddie had warmed her up and left her out to dry. It was her sister's way of making sure she was remembered, Jordan supposed. Still horny, she quickly ate her breakfast. Perhaps I'll head in early today.
This has been sorta a weird story, but I hope it was enjoyable to some. Thank you to anyone that read to the end.
I feel like there is a lot of potential with Lilith. A mysterious woman selling jewelry with magical effects could be very cool. Each gem has a unique effect, so lots of opportunity to explore other or new fetishes. Probably I might write more one-shots with her gems in the future, but those would be stories from another time.
Thanks again to anyone that read this thing. If anyone is interested in seeing more of my work, you can find more of my stuff here:

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