Agag's Hypnovember 2022

Day 4: Master/Pet

by AmazingAgag

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #microfiction #breath_play #clothing #comic_book #dom:capitalism #dom:female #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #fantasy #feminization #impregnation #intelligence_play #lactation #magic #memory_play #military #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:bottom #scifi #sex_toy #slutification #solo #sub:female #sub:male #superhero #tech_control #transformation #transgender_characters

A soft and fluffy one. I hope you find it as cute as I do. And maybe you'll learn something along the way!

After over a year of experimenting with hypnosis, Ginger and Marta decided that they wanted to add some pet play to their nights. For that, they needed a collar – but Ginger insisted they find the perfect one.

She considered a cute pink one that made her feel feminine. It could even double as a choker; with enough confidence, she could wear it out and about, giving her that wonderful sense of being owned without raising any eyebrows. But the heart on it felt like a step too far. It felt sickly sweet rather than warm and fuzzy.

She considered one with nipple clamps. They were already experimenting, so why not push things a little? They didn’t have to use the clamps if they didn’t want to. But Marta ultimately wanted to take things one step at a time, and Ginger agreed.

Nothing seemed quite right, and they almost shelved the whole idea. But then, walking together in the park one day, Marta saw it: an adorable pitbull wearing a spiked collar. Stooping down to scritch the doggo’s chin (as was only polite), Ginger asked the owner what the spikes were for.

“These days, it’s a fashion statement,” the old lady said. “And when you’re my age, it helps to have a big ol’ pittie with spikes to scare off any ne’er-do-wells. Of course, Brutus here wouldn’t harm a fly. But they don’t need to know that.”

“But they used to mean something else?” Ginger asked.

“They were for protecting the dog.” The woman scratched Brutus’s head. “Thousands of years ago, the spikes protected their necks from wolf attacks. Not so necessary anymore. Not in the city, anyway.”

Ginger looked over at Marta, a knowing smile spreading across both their faces. They thanked Brutus and the woman for their time and continued their walk.


Kneeling nude on the floor, Ginger delicately traced her fingers around the spiked collar in her hands. She smiled, flushed, happy with her choice. She sighed contentedly as she latched the collar around her neck, feeling Marta’s programming cloud her mind.

The collar wasn’t just a sign of her submission. The collar showed that Marta was her protector. Her guardian. Her Owner.

It was perfect.

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