Agag's Hypnovember 2022

Day 3: Sex Toy

by AmazingAgag

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #microfiction #breath_play #clothing #comic_book #dom:capitalism #dom:female #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/f #f/m #fantasy #feminization #impregnation #intelligence_play #lactation #magic #memory_play #military #multiple_partners #petplay #pov:bottom #scifi #sex_toy #slutification #solo #sub:female #sub:male #superhero #tech_control #transformation #transgender_characters

Tried a non-linear structure with this one! I like how it came out.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Lucy skidded on the hardwood floors as she tore through the apartment, throwing open every cabinet she crashed into along the way. Where the hell was it? She pulled open the dresser and dug through her underwear drawer. Maybe she hid it in there back when Rae had couch-surfed here back in August? Nope. She dug through the socks, then the tops, then the pants. Nope, nope, nope.

Lucy loved hypnosis files. Today’s file was a bimbofication file. It was one of her favorites; she enjoyed turning her brain off for a little while. She always felt liberated prancing around the apartment nude, idly fingering herself. She’d have a fun few hours, sleep it off, then head to work the next day, good as new.

She plunged into her closet, nearly diving into her clothes in hopes of finding it. The soft fabric brushing on her sensitive nipples felt electric; she gave them a few more luxurious rubs before reluctantly pushing the clothes to the side. Behind? Above? Below? Nothing. Just a few Christmas gifts she’d bought and wrapped early.

The file gave her a simple but sexy suggestion: over the next few hours, her brains would slowly leak out of her holes. A little bit out of her pussy, a little bit out of her ass. When she played with herself, she leaked faster. The stupider she got, the hornier she got. The hornier she got, the more she played. The more she played, the stupider she became. Standard stuff.

Lucy giggled to herself as she opened the fridge and looked around. It would be pretty silly for it to be in here, but she was a silly girl, so it was worth looking. She fondled her titties as she looked through the vegetable drawer. A cucumber! Almost what she was looking for. She giggled again, briefly rubbing the plastic-wrapped vegetable on her pussy lips before putting it back.

Whoever made the file left a safety clause in place: she could plug her holes to keep her brains. It would still be a little scandalous to walk around with her holes perpetually filled, but if something came up, she could go about her life.

Lucy adjusted the plug in her ass, moaning softly as it shifted inside her. She sure was glad she’d found the butt plug so soon – imagine how stupid she’d be without it! She giggled and gasped as she prodded the plug a little more, stroking her pussy with her other hand.

She ended up needing that safety clause; Rae’s car had broken down and she needed a ride home. A bit disappointed, Lucy grabbed her butt plug from her nightstand and inserted it, involuntarily letting out a breathless gasp of pleasure. But then she frowned. Where was her dildo? She usually kept it right there.

Finally! There it was! Under the bed! Lucy giggled to herself. Of course a silly girl like her would keep it there – where else would she use it except for in bed? She plopped onto the bed and shoved it into her wet pussy. So good! God, she’d needed this. She excitedly pushed it in and out, playing with her big titties with her other hand, pushing her ass into the mattress to get the most out of that cute little plug. She kinda remembered that she was supposed to be doing something. What was that? A silly girl like her could be so forgetful.

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