Tuning Chloe

Part 9

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 9
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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Chloe stared at the choice her stepfather was offering her.  How should she be with her boyfriends?  Submissive?  Or seductive?
And she knew that the hypnotic treatment she had received would compel her to behave in accordance with her choice - and that a potential boyfriend from school, Ewan, was arriving at the house in a little over an hour.
Her mother was still nude, except for the demeaning chastity belt, and her head was still lying on Michael’s lap, her lips inches from his still-dripping cock.  Michael’s hand was entwined in Sarah’s hair, holding her down, keeping her from taking a part in the conversation with her daughter.
“I can’t make this choice,” Chloe protested. 
“Do you want me to make it for you?” asked Michael, smiling.  And he could see from the chagrined look on her face that some part of her *did* want him to make it, so she would be free from being complicit in her own humiliation.  
But then she scrunched up her face and said, “Fuck, no.”
Michael feigned a puzzled look.  “Didn’t you just agree you’d be pleasant to me, in exchange for getting to wear clothes below the waist when your boyfriend comes over?”
Chloe bit her lip.  “Sorry,” she said, in a small voice, that nevertheless betrayed her fury and anger at her stepfather-to-be.  “No, I don’t want you to make the choice.”
“Sarah,” said Michael, looking down at the naked slut lying next to him in the bed.  “Tell your daughter to call me ‘daddy’.”
“Call him ‘daddy’, baby,” said Sarah, blushing.
Michael looked at Chloe expectantly.
“I don’t want you to make the choice, daddy,” said Chloe, blushing bright red.
“Don’t let me catch you forgetting to call me that for the duration of our little peace treaty,” said Michael, “or I’ll consider it null and void.  Now, which option are you choosing?  I’m assuming you’re going to pick ‘submissive’, to show that you’re not a little slut - and I’m enjoying the irony that after all this struggle, you’re going to *choose* to be a good little submissive girl.”
She *had* been about to choose that, he knew - but as he goaded her, her fury rose to the surface.  And he could tell she wanted to swear at him again - but instead, she reached out and pressed “seductive” on the phone.
“No, thank you, daddy,” she said, with exaggerated politeness seething with quiet fury.  “It will be a cold day in hell when I willingly submit to this abuse.”
Down the hall, in her bedroom, Chloe’s own phone buzzed, and, compelled by her hypnotic treatment, she ran to see the message, confirming her own decision just now, and formally trapping her in the new behaviour she had chosen for herself.
When Ewan arrived, it was Sarah who opened the door for him.  Michael wanted Ewan’s mind to be firmly set on sex even before he started interacting with Chloe, so he made sure Chloe’s mother looked like a complete sex-doll.  He had allowed Sarah out of her chastity belt, and then dressed her in nothing but a new white two-piece bikini he had bought for her.  It was tight and skimpy, with a top that showed most of her tits, and a g-string bottom.  Then he sat her in front of her computer and made her masturbate to naked pictures of her daughter until Ewan arrived.
When the doorbell *did* ring, he sprung an additional surprise on her - he tipped a cup of water over her tits, then sent her to answer the door before she could dry herself.
Sarah didn’t even notice that her bikini turned almost completely transparent once it was wet.  So what Ewan saw greeting him at the door was a dripping wet big-titted and visibly aroused bimbo, whose nipples and pussy were clearly visible.
For Ewan’s part, Michael was impressed at what Chloe had managed to attract.  He was tall, lean, fit - the body of a basketballer - with close-cropped hair and features that could only be described as handsome.  Clearly Chloe’s obvious sexual charms were getting her attention from her school’s most eligible boys.  
“Please, come in,” said Sarah, still oblivious, in her horny, confused state, as to her virtual nudity.  “I think Chloe is in the lounge.”
Sarah was also oblivious to how Ewan’s cock had hardened in his pants at the sight of her.  She led the teen boy through to the lounge.
And there was Chloe.  From the waist down she was dressed semi-appropriately, in a knee length skirt and the high heels that Michael insisted she be locked into.  And above the waist she was wearing the tight white top that read “SLUT” in large letters, and which exposed most of her underboob.
When Chloe saw Ewan’s eyes go directly to her tits - and the word “SLUT” emblazoned across them - she almost certainly had an instinct to flinch, and cross her arms across her breasts.  But that was where her new hypnotic commandment kicked in: “seductive”.  Instead of covering herself, she straightened her back to thrust her tits out a little more, and let one hand play idly across her bare stomach, emphasising her uncovered skin and drawing Ewan’s eyes to the lewdly-exposed lower curve of her udders.
“Let’s leave these two alone,” Sarah,” said Michael, taking his fiancee’s hand.  “Chloe doesn’t want her parents hanging around.”
He led Sarah back up to the master bedroom, and closed the door.  Then he sat himself in front of the computer, and called up the feed from the cameras and microphones he had previously installed in the lounge room, so that he could watch everything that now happened.  He made Sarah kneel in front of him, underneath the computer desk, and he took out his cock and plugged her mouth with it, so she could suckle on him while he spied on her daughter.
As embarrassed and insecure as she was, Chloe would have liked to sit across from Ewan, on different couches, even if that would have been a little awkward.
But instead she found herself bouncing over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck, gazing up into his eyes, and pressing her tits hard against his chest.  “It’s so good to see you,” she breathed - not at all in her normal voice, but in a sultry, sexual rasp.
Ewan blushed, but hugged her back - and then allowed himself to be led to the couch to sit directly next to Chloe, their hips touching.
“So, uh, thanks for the invitation to hang out,” said Ewan, obviously confused and overwhelmed by the sexual behaviour of first Sarah and now Chloe.  “What do you, uh, want to do?”
“I don’t know,” Chloe shrugged.  “I thought we could chat.”  And, to her horror, she found her hand straying into Ewan’s lap, and brushing over his prominent erection.  She felt his cock twitch against her hand, through his pants, and she jerked her hand back again, blushing.
“That could be fun,” said Ewan, still not sure what was happening, or what it meant.  “Ah - what did you want to chat about?”
Chloe had no idea.  She had never had to make small-talk in a situation like this before.  Her mind went blank - and her hypnosis supplied the answer.
“My dad just got me this new shirt,” she heard herself say, as she gestured at her “SLUT” top with her hands.  “Do you think it suits me?”
Ewan blushed, suddenly aware that there was no polite answer to that question.  “Uh…”
“Do you like the way it shows off my tits?” she pressed.
“Yes,” Ewan admitted.  “You’ve got great tits.”
Chloe felt a rush of mixed feelings - pleasure at the compliment, and at the idea that Ewan liked the way she looked, but at the same time embarrassment at the objectifying nature of that compliment.
She was aware that Ewan was trying not to stare at her tits, and to look at her face - and she felt a wave of gratitude towards him for that.  But at the same time, she was sabotaging those attempts at gentlemanly behaviour.  Every time his gaze moved to her face, her hypnosis made her rub her breasts with her hand, or tug at her shirt, or breathe in deeply and thrust her breasts out - and inevitably his eyes would drop back to her boobs.
“It’s okay,” she heard herself say.  “I like that you look at my tits.”
And after that, Ewan stopped trying to look at her face.
In the master bedroom, Michael was watching everything on the computer.  
“Your daughter is behaving like a slut,” he told Sarah, who was kneeling between his legs and sucking on his cock.  “I wonder where she gets that from?”
Sarah whimpered, and he reached down and pinched one of her nipples, to drive the point home.
Chloe knew she was in danger.  She was dressed like a slut, and acting like a slut, and she couldn’t stop herself.  To make matters worse, her cunt was wet - after all, she *liked* Ewan, and *wanted* him to be attracted to her - and she wasn’t thinking clearly at all.
“So, uh…” said Ewan, still staring at her breasts, “do *you* think you’re a slut?”
Chloe was required by her rules to be honest about her sexuality.
“Yes,” she said, in a small voice.  And, against her conscious will, her hand drifted over to Ewan’s lap again, and squeezed his cock through his pants.
That was all it took for Ewan to lose control.  Suddenly he was leaning towards her, and kissing her.  She felt his tongue push into her mouth, and she didn’t even try to stop him.  His hand was on her breast, squeezing it, hard, and Chloe found herself moaning, and kissing him back, and leaning back on the couch and spreading her legs for him…
“That’s quite enough,” said a male voice, suddenly.  Ewan jumped up, his face red, and Chloe struggled to sit up herself.  Her shirt had been pushed up, exposing her bare tits, and her skirt had ridden up her legs as she had spread them for Ewan.
The voice was Michael’s.  He was standing in the doorway, fully dressed (though with an obvious erection that Ewan hadn’t spotted).
“I’m sorry!” exclaimed Ewan, getting up off the couch.
Michael waved his hand.  “I’m not blaming you, son,” he said.  “Chloe here is a little slut, and I’m sure she teased you into this.  If you hang around her long enough, you’ll almost certainly end up raping her, and we all understand that it will be all her fault.”  
He looked at Chloe, who was tugging her shirt down over her tits.  “Chloe, stop that.  Let the boy look at the udders you were teasing him with.”
Chloe, confused and ashamed, stopped, and dropped her hands, letting Ewan - and Michael - see her exposed breasts. 
“Now, I think we’d better call an end to today’s visit,” said Michael.  “If you stay any longer with this slut, you’ll be impregnating her before lunchtime, and I simply can’t allow that.  I’ll discipline Chloe once you’re gone, and you can visit again when she’s better behaved, okay?”
“Okay,” said Ewan, dazed and shocked by the whole sequence of events.
“Then run along home, son,” said Michael.
Ewan left - practically running.
Michael turned to Chloe, with her tits still bare.
“Whose fault was what just happened?” asked Michael.
Chloe pouted, and summoned a shred of defiance.  “Yours,” she said.  “You and your stupid hypnotic conditioning.”
He slapped her across the face - then reached out, grabbed her left tit with his left hand, and slapped it hard with her right.  She squealed, and tried to pull away - but he was holding her nipple, so it just hurt her more.
“Whose fault?” he asked again.
“Mine,” said Chloe in a sullen voice.
“We all know that you’re a good girl who’s honest about her sexuality, Chloe,” said Michael.  “So let me ask you a few questions.  One: is your cunt wet right now?”
“Yes,” said Chloe quietly.
“Did you want that boy to rape you?” asked Michael.
Chloe was bright red.  “Yes,” she admitted.
“Did you deserve to be raped?” asked Michael.
Chloe thought of all her slutty, confused thoughts over the past weeks, and couldn’t help but be honest with her answer.  “Yes,” she whispered.
Michael reached out and took her chin in his hand, tilting her face up to look at him.
“And do you want *me* to rape you?” he asked.
She had admitted it before - and she was forced to admit it again now.
“Yes, daddy,” she said, in a barely audible voice.
He laughed.  “Not yet, sweetie.  You haven’t earned it yet.  Now, tell me how I should punish you for your slutty behaviour.  Tell me what you need.”
She had to be honest.
“I need you to spank my pussy, daddy,” said Chloe in a choked voice, “and don’t stop until I’m crying.”
Michael smiled - then yelled down the corridor.  “Sarah!” he called.  “Get out here and watch your slut daughter get a cunt spanking!”
As it turned out, Chloe was very horny and wet indeed, and she orgasmed from having Michael repeatedly slap her sopping-wet cunt with his hand almost immediately, and then twice more afterwards before it was done.
She might have gone longer without crying - the spanking was really quite pleasurable, after all, no matter how painful it was at the same time - but after the third orgasm she made the mistake of looking across at her mother.
There was no mistaking the expression on her mother’s face.  It was lust.  And if the expression wasn’t enough, her mother was also using her hand to squeeze her own naked tits as she stared intently at Chloe’s wet pussy.
Chloe’s mother was sexually aroused from watching Chloe have her pussy spanked.
And that, finally, was what made Chloe cry.

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