Tuning Chloe

Part 10

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 10
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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On Monday morning, Chloe ran away from home.
Or at least, she tried to.
Michael discovered her absence when he went to wake her to get ready for school.  He had assumed that she was just sleeping in late - but to his astonishment, her bed was completely empty.  It had been slept in, though, so she must have left recently.
His first instinct was to panic.  Had Chloe slipped out from under his control?  Had she gone to the police?  Was everything he had built with Chloe and Sarah going to come crashing down?
But then he thought more clearly.  She was wearing her slutty pyjamas.  They were crotchless, and lewdly displayed her tits.  She was still locked into her eight-inch high heels, and she could barely walk in those.  She couldn’t have gone far.
And her phone was missing.  Which meant she had it with her.  Which meant he could use the spyware he had installed on it to locate her.
Sure enough, he found her at the local park, only a block away.  It was a small, secluded space, with many trees and bushes, largely forgotten and ignored by passers-by.  An activity set and enclosed cubby-house for children dominated the area, and when he climbed the ladder up to the cubby-house, he found Chloe inside, knees drawn up to her chest in an attempt to hide her pussy and tits.
“There you are, you little slut,” he spat.
“Get away!” hissed Chloe, and kicked at him with one high-heeled shoe.  “I’m sick of you.  Leave me alone.”
He grabbed her ankle as she kicked, and used it to pull her towards him as he climbed into the cubby-house.  They were both out of public view in here, and he took a moment to enjoy the view of her pussy in the crotchless pyjamas as he spread her legs apart.
“What are you doing here, Chloe?” he asked.  “Running away?  Where to?  You’re dressed like a stripper.  Are you running away to join the whorehouse?”
“Fuck you!” she spat - although he noted she wasn’t raising her voice.  She didn’t want people to hear them.  Her face was a mask of fury and misery - and he watched with amusement as her cunt wettened accordingly, as her hypnotic conditioning transformed her rage into arousal.
He slapped her across the face.  “That’s fuck you, *daddy*,” he reminded her.  
She went wild.  Her legs began to kick violently, and she used her hands to claw at his face.  
He responded with overwhelming force.  He moved between her legs, pinning her thighs with his weight, and grabbed her wrists, forcing her arms flat against the cubby-house floor.  He brushed aside her pyjama top as he did, to expose her tits and reinforce her vulnerability.
“No!” moaned Chloe . “No!  No!”
He was on top of her now, his crotch against her naked cunt, his chest against her exposed tits.  She was using every inch of her strength to fight him, and she was still completely helpless beneath him.  He could feel his own erection pressing against his stepdaughter’s vulva, albeit through the fabric of his pants.
“Why now, Chloe?” he asked her.  “Why did you just decide to run away now?”
“I know what you’re going to do to me,” she said, and there were tears in her eyes.  “I know where this is going.  You’re going to rape me.  You’re going to get me pregnant.  You’re going to make me fuck my own mother, make me take part in disgusting lesbian incest.  And… you’re going to make me like it.  You’re fucking with my brain, and I can’t do anything to stop you.”
He smiled.  “You’re absolutely correct, sweetie,” he said.  “I *am* going to do all that to you.”
Her eyes were filled with an intense, despairing mixture of hatred and misery.  “I want to kill you,” she whispered.  “I want to kill myself.  I hate you so much.”
Michael’s only response was an amused chuckle.
That sent her back into paroxysms of rage.  She bucked against him, and squirmed, and spat and tried to bite him.  She began to shriek - loud enough Michael became worried someone might hear her - and with his legs pinning her legs, and his hands pinning her wrist, there was only one way to gag her.
He kissed her.
And she kissed him back.
Chloe had never hated him more than she did at this moment - and by virtue of her hypnosis, that meant that she had never been more sexually aroused than she was right now.  
She kissed him back with eagerness, with desperate slutty passion, with animal lust.  Michael could feel his step-daughter’s cunt juices soaking through the front of his pants where her pussy was pressed against him.
He couldn’t help it any longer.  The combination of how much she hated him, and how much she lusted after him, was overwhelming.  He briefly released her left wrist, and used his free hand to undo his zipper and take out his cock.  She scratched at his face while her hand was free, leaving marks, but soon he was able to grab it again and slam her wrist back against the floor…
… and a moment later, his cock sank into his step-daughter’s pussy.
She went completely still as she felt her step-father enter her.  She had had sex before - it had been one of her first confessions to him - but this was rape.  By her step-father.  And it was a rape she had been guiltily fantasising about for weeks now.
He pulled out, and thrust back into her - and she responded by orgasming.
“Tell me you deserve this,” he whispered.
She couldn’t help it.  She was compelled to be sexually honest.  “I deserve to be raped by you, daddy,” she whispered.
“Beg for it,” he told her.
“Please, daddy, rape me,” she moaned.
And so he did.
“I know you’re still on birth control, Chloe,” he said as he violently fucked her, holding her helpless and pinned as he speared her fuckhole with his cock.  “I haven’t taken that privilege away from you yet.  But it’s not a hundred percent effective.  I could get you pregnant.  How do you feel about that?”
Her body shook - and he realised she had just had another orgasm.
“Please, no,” she moaned.
“Be honest, Chloe,” he said.  “Do you want me to get you pregnant?”
He wanted her to say yes.  But instead she shook her head, and said, “No, of course not.  Please don’t.  Please.”
Her hypnosis meant it was her honest answer.  And while it might have been humiliating for her if she had secretly wanted it - which would have entertained Michael - he knew that limits were fun because they gave him something to violate.
He kissed her again, and there were no more words said.  She bucked her hips against him harder and harder, rubbing her tits against his chest, and before long her felt himself cumming, ejaculating his sperm deep into his step-daughter’s womb as he shuddered through a deeply satisfying orgasm.
When it was done, Chloe was crying, with shame, humiliation, and violation.  Michael took her hand and guided it to her pussy. 
“You deserve one more orgasm, sweetie,” he said.  “Keep rubbing till you reach it.”  
It would do her good, Michael thought, to get practice masturbating and cumming while she was humiliated and crying.
As she obediently began to finger her pussy, in a numb, traumatised haze, he guided her head down to his cock.  When it pressed against her mouth, she obediently opened up and began to suck it clean.
Once she was done licking his cock clean, he sat her up - still masturbating - and hugged her against him.
“That’s right, baby,” he told her, as he stroked her hair.  “Think about getting pregnant.  Think about fucking your mother.  Think about being a good little girl for daddy.”
And just like that, she orgasmed again, and then collapsed against him, sobbing.
He held her while she cried.
“Chloe, I need you to apologise for cockteasing me into raping you,” he whispered to her.  “And thank me for raping you.”
“I’m sorry, daddy,” she sniffled.  “I’m sorry I’m such a slut.  Thank you for raping me.”
“You’re welcome, baby,” he said.  “Now, why don’t you tell me why you really ran away today?  Why now?”
“I’m going to get raped at school,” she said, quietly.  “I cockteased Ewan so much.  I acted like a slut.  And because of your stupid hypnosis, I’m going to keep cockteasing him until he rapes me.  He’s going to get me pregnant.  And everyone at school is going to know they can rape me, and I won’t even stop them.”
“You just got raped for trying to run away,” Michael pointed out.
“That’s different,” she said immediately.  “I *wanted* that.”  And then her eyes widened at what she had just said, and she looked at him, with her face flushed.
“Sexual honesty,” Michael chuckled.  “But we both knew you wanted it already, didn’t we?”
She said nothing, just looked down, still blushing.
“I can’t stop you from being a cockteasing slut,” said Michael, “because that’s always been your nature, Chloe.  But I can stop you from getting raped and impregnated.  Let’s go home, and I’ll show you how.”
She sniffled - but when she looked up at him, there was something very much like affection on her face. “Okay, daddy,” she said.
The answer at home was, of course, a chastity belt, just like the one Chloe’s mother wore these days.  Chloe didn’t like it at all.
“No!” she said when she saw it.  “Absolutely not.”
“I’ll let you stay on birth control if you wear it,” said Michael.  “For now.”
“It’s degrading!” objected Chloe.
Michael chuckled.  “You should know by now that I don’t give a fuck that it’s degrading,” he said.  “In fact, I prefer it.  You deserve degradation.  You know that.”
She looked at him, her face red.  Michael thought she was thinking about swearing at him more, or maybe even hitting him - but they both knew where that would end.  It would end with Michael raping her, and Chloe orgasming, and Chloe thanking him for the rape.  And then they would be right back here again.
“You said it yourself, Chloe,” he told her.  “You *are* going to be raped at school.  It’s your choice whether you let them cum in your cunt and impregnate you, or whether you have protection.”
She was silent for a long minute - and then, finally, said, “Okay.”
The belt was of metal and leather, with the words “good little cunt” engraved over the groin, and the lock and key had little love hearts on them.  It would prevent anyone getting their cock into Chloe’s pussy, and the agreement was that Michael would put it on her each morning before she went to school, and take it off when she got home.
It even had the little vibrating clit pad, just like her mother’s one.  Chloe jumped when it began to stimulate her pussy.
“What the fuck?” she swore.
“Just a little reward for being a good girl,” said Michael.
“What?  No!  Make it stop!” demanded Chloe.
But the belt was already locked on her, and Chloe was in no position to make demands, and soon enough her cheeks began to flush and her nipples began to harden, and she stopped objecting.
At the end of it all, to Michael’s mind, the best part of it all was that Chloe thanked him. She honestly thanked him for locking her into a chastity belt.
He didn’t even think it was her hypnosis.  She was scared of being raped by her classmates.  She was scared of impregnation.  And Michael was the one who had found a way to protect her - even if it was a problem he had ultimately caused for her in the first place.  
“Thank you for locking up my pussy, daddy,” she said, in a small, humiliated voice.  
And she meant it.
Having a step-daughter truly was a wonderful thing.

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