Tuning Chloe

Part 11

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 11
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
Author's Note: I'm financially supported by my writing, so if you enjoy this story, please support my ability to write more by purchasing an e-book or membership from AllTheseRoadworks.com(Click here to view the store.)
Around the house, Michael and Chloe didn’t discuss the raping of Chloe at the local park - or how enjoyable they had both found it.  And nor was there any discussion of Chloe’s new chastity belt, as Michael fixed it in place around her pussy each morning before school.  There were some raised eyebrows from Chloe’s mother Sarah - but any questioning might have raised the subject of Sarah’s own chastity belt, and how it had come from the lust that Michael had convinced Sarah she felt for her own daughter.  
When Sarah came home from school on her first day with the belt, Michael was amused and delighted to see how distressed and humiliated she looked.  She was flushed and her nipples were hard, and when he lifted her skirt he could tell that she stank of sex.  The dildo in the chastity belt had been humming inside her all day, keeping her wet and horny.  She had clearly spent the entire day longing to rub her pussy, which the belt had prevented her from doing - while at the same time being humiliated by her obvious arousal and terrified that someone would notice it.
A vulnerable, insecure daughter was a pliable daughter, and that was exactly what Michael wanted.
Sarah was on a couch nearby during the process of removing Chloe’s belt.  Michael had been sexually teasing her all day, to keep her as stupid and horny as her daughter, then removed her own belt to give her access to her needy pussy.  Right now she was clothed above the waist, but naked below it, and she had a blanket over her lap so she could masturbate as her fiance removed her daughter’s humiliating restraints.  Michael had removed Chloe’s skirt first, to ensure Sarah would have a good view of her daughter’s cunt.  He was delighted to hear Sarah moan as the dildo slid out of Chloe’s cunt.
He passed the belt to Chloe, and indicated the dildo.  “Lick it clean,” he told her.
She scrunched up her face.  “It’s disgusting!” she objected. “It’s been inside me!”
“Are you saying your cunt is disgusting, Chloe?” he asked her.
She opened her mouth - and paused, not sure what to say.  “No,” she said, finally, in an uncertain voice.
“So lick it clean,” he told her.
She shifted uncomfortably, not wanting to obey.  She knew if she did this once, she would be doing it for Michael every day.  But she also knew that when she fought Michael, she always ended up losing.
Michael didn’t give her the chance to back down.  “I’m tired of this disobedience, Chloe,” he told her.  “It feels like you’re due for another punishment.  Why don’t we look at what the tuning app recommends as punishments?  After all, they’re suggestions *you* came up with to help you learn.”
The punishments in the app were, of course, Michael’s idea, but Chloe’s treatment required her to pretend they were own concepts.  She glared at Michael as he took out the app and pushed the “punishment” button.
The options were “pussy spanking” and “ass spanking”.  
“Which one do you want, Sarah?” asked Michael, showing her the options.
Sarah’s eyes were fixed on her daughter’s cunt as she continued to masturbate under the blanket.  “Pussy spanking,” she said, in a voice thick with lust.
Michael pushed the button on the app.  Chloe’s phone chimed, and as soon as she looked at it, she found the hypnotic compulsion to submit to a cunt spanking settling into her brain.
“But before we spank her,” said Michael, “we need to do something about her pussy.  It’s sluttishly wet.  I can’t believe what a slut you’ve raised, Sarah.”
“I’m sorry,” said Sarah, automatically.
“It needs to be cleaned,” said Michael.  “Chloe, go over to your mother and ask her to lick you clean.”
Chloe’s eyes widened.  “LICK me clean?” she exclaimed.  “Just wipe me with a towel or something!  She can’t *lick* me.  She’s my mother!  It’s gross!  And we’re not lesbians!”
Michael shook his head.  “Wipes can be so harsh, and bad for your natural body chemistry.  A tongue is a much cleaner way to clean you up.  And anyway, you have it backwards.  It’s okay *because* she’s your mother.  I mean, it would be inappropriate for *me* to do it, wouldn’t it?”
He looked at Sarah.  Sarah looked back at him, a confused look of mute appeal on her face.  She knew that licking her own daughter’s pussy *was* wrong - but between the drugs Michael had been feeding her, and her aroused state, and the guilt and insecurity that Michael had induced in her, she didn’t know how to argue.  And she wanted it - or at least, her pussy wanted it.
“Mom?” asked Chloe pleadingly.
Sarah was lost.  “I…” she began, still rubbing her pussy.  Then her eyes glazed over, and she surrendered to Michael’s will, and to the needs of her cunt.  “I think you should do what your father says, Chloe.  Come over here.”
“Do as your mother says, Chloe,” said Michael.  “Or else there’ll be more punishments.”
Chloe awkwardly walked over to stand in front of Sarah at the couch.
“Spread your legs, honey,” said Sarah, and Chloe awkwardly shifted her stance to spread her legs - and her pussy.
Entranced by her daughter’s wet, puffy cunt, Sarah leaned in, and took her first lick.
Chloe jumped, and tried to move backwards, but Michael stepped in and caught her, pushing her back towards her mother.  His erect cock pressed against Chloe’s teen buttocks through his pants.  His hands moved around to cup her breasts as the smell of her hair filled his senses.
Sarah kept licking, her tongue lapping up her daughter’s fuck-honey, pushing into her fuckhole, and then running up the cleft of her vulva to flick over Chloe’s clitoris.  Chloe wailed, and bucked against Michael’s restraining hands - but, tellingly, she didn’t attempt to close her legs.  
And then, suddenly, she was cumming - orgasming from her own mother’s tongue.
“Slut,” whispered Michael into her ear as she came.  “Slutty little whore.”
Sarah kept licking, and as she licked she began moaning, coming closer and closer to her own orgasm as she drank her daughter’s slut nectar and probed her daughter’s rapehole with her tongue.
Michael watched his fiancee carefully, and just as she was about to cum, he pulled Chloe away from her sharply, and then slapped Sarah’s own hand away from her cunt, denying her her orgasm.
“That’s enough,” he said.  “Time for you to spank Chloe’s cunt.”
He had Chloe lie on her back on the carpet, and then brought Sarah down to kneel over her daughter in a 69 position, so that Sarah’s wet naked pussy was directly above Chloe’s face.   
“Mom, please,” begged Chloe, but Sarah ignored her.
Michael pulled Chloe’s legs apart.  “Given what a little slut she’s been, I think you’d better spank her until she cums, Sarah,” he said.  It didn’t make any sense - but Sarah wasn’t thinking clearly. 
“Yes,” she said, and began to slap her daughter’s cunt.
Without the hypnosis, Chloe might have rebelled at this.  She might have questioned why her mother’s cunt needed to be above her face, or she might have closed her legs, or struggled.  But the “daughter tuning” treatment made her submit to her punishment - however lewd or unnecessary it was.
Sarah seemed to take real delight in slapping at her daughter’s pussy, making Chloe howl and buck, but Michael was mostly concentrated on the other end of Chloe’s body.  He was watching Sarah’s cunt honey collect on her pussy lips, and then slowly drool down in a long droplet of slutty moisture.  When it finally fell, and landed on her daughter’s mouth with a splash, Michael felt his cock twitch with excitement, even as Chloe tried to flinch away from her mother’s slut juices.
And then, suddenly, Sarah couldn’t help herself anymore.  Michael didn’t think she did it consciously.  He didn’t think she really thought about the fact that she was raping her daughter.  His best guess was that she was just thinking about nothing but her cunt, and how much she wanted to cum.
And that was how Sarah lowered her cunt onto her daughter’s mouth, and began to hump Chloe’s face.
Chloe tried to get away, but there was nowhere to escape to, and even if she turned her head, her mother kept grinding her wet pussy against whatever part of Chloe’s face she could reach.  Sarah was hitting Chloe’s twat harder now, too, and when Chloe opened her mouth to yelp, she got a mouthful of her mother’s pussy.
It only took Sarah a couple of minutes to cum from this stimulation.  She moaned, and bucked, and her spanking stopped as her arms and body shook.  And then her eyes cleared, and the realisation of what she had done took over.  She practically jumped off her daughter in horror.
Michael was quick to reinforce her guilt.  “Sarah, you slut - what the hell were you doing?  You were *raping* your *daughter*!” he exclaimed.
“No!” she objected.  “I didn’t mean - I couldn’t - but …”
He slapped her across the face.  It was important that Chloe see he could slap her mother and get away with it.  Sarah took the slap as if it was only the beginning of what she deserved.
“Go to your room, and wait there for your punishment,” he told her.  Sarah scampered away, in tears, abandoning Chloe and Michael to be alone in the lounge together.
Michael watched her go - then went to Chloe on the table.  She was crying and shaking.  Her cunt was still wet, but she was processing the trauma of being used as a sex toy by her mother.
He helped her process it, the way that she needed to.  With one hand he caressed her head, and leaned down, and kissed her on the lips.
And with the other, he fingered her pussy, gently stroking it, until he felt her orgasm in his arms.
“Good girl,” he whispered between kisses.  “Good slut.  Say thank you to daddy.”
“Thank you, daddy,” whispered Chloe back.
“I think it’s only fair that *you* get a choice, sweetie,” he said to her.  “What should I do to your mother for doing that to you?  Should I beat her tits, or beat her pussy?”
She murmured something, and then kissed him again.  He had to make her repeat it louder, so that he could hear it.
“What was that, sweetie?” he asked.
“Beat her tits,” said Chloe.  “Make her cry.”
He smiled.  “Good girl,” he told her.  “You bet I will.  Just for you.”
He made Sarah confess that she had raped her daughter, before he punished her, and recorded it on his phone for posterity.  He also made her confess that she wanted to do it again.  Then he uploaded to Sarah’s computer the video he had filmed of Sarah licking her daughter’s pussy, and then humping her daughter’s face, and made it play back on a loop while he made Sarah masturbate.
And as Sarah played with her cunt and watched herself raping her daughter, Michael took off his belt and used it to whip Sarah’s large breasts.
Pain and pleasure and guilt and lust mixed in Sarah’s brain as he brutalised her breasts.  She cried deep, sobbing tears, and orgasmed three times, and at the end of it there were purple bruises on her tits.  Then Michael raped her, throwing her roughly to the bed and taking no care for her pleasure.  He even squeezed her bruised tits to increase her pain.  She orgasmed again anyway, and Michael had no idea whether it was simply the effect of the drugs he was feeding her, or a consequence of her increasingly cross-wired sexual programming.
“You probably want *me* to rape Chloe,” he hissed at her as he fucked her.  “Admit it, you nasty whore.”
“Yes, yes,” she sobbed.  “I want you to rape Chloe.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”
And again, he had no idea if this was the truth, or just her confused slutty babble, but it was an important step to hear her say it either way.
After he had cum inside Sarah, Michael noticed that there was a new notification from the daughter tuning app.  He checked it out, and then showed it to Sarah.
“Helping with the chores,” said the heading on the decision.  “Always do the dishes?  Or always clean the floors?”
“Oh, the floors,” said Sarah.  “I hate doing the floors.”  She pressed the button the app, and they knew that wherever Chloe was, her phone would be chiming, and the new hypnotic compulsions filtering into her brain - along with the secret need to sexualise them.
Michael watched Sarah get up and stumble to the ensuite bathroom to clean herself from their sex.  As she walked, cum drooled from her pussy and dripped onto the hardwood floor of the bedroom - which gave Michael an idea.
“Chloe!” he called.  “Come in here!”
She appeared at the doorway to the master bedroom moments later, still pouting, although she had taken the time to put her skirt back on.  (With no panties, of course, because Chloe no longer owned any panties.)
“What?” she said, in a sulky voice.
He pointed to the puddle of cum on the floor by the bed.  “Clean the floor, would you, sweetie?” he asked, in a friendly voice.
She looked at the milky white puddle, and twitched.  Part of her mind had wanted to go get a dishcloth or tissue to wipe it up with - but then her conditioning had reminded her to sexualise all her app-related rules.
And so Michael was treated to the most wonderful sight of the entire day, as Chloe got down on all fours (her naked ass and pussy winking at him beneath her short skirt), lowered her mouth to the floor, and began to lick up his sperm with her tongue like a beautiful, obedient kitten.

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