Tuning Chloe

Part 12

by All These Roadworks

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Tuning Chloe, Part 12
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
Author's Note: I'm financially supported by my writing, so if you enjoy this story, please support my ability to write more by purchasing an e-book or membership from AllTheseRoadworks.com(Click here to view the store.)
Under Michael’s supervision, Chloe’s home life had become a sexual hell for her, and she hated it as much as Michael was loving it.
Michael made Chloe’s mother Sarah go around the house nude now, except for her chastity belt.  Sarah had no willpower left to resist Michael.  Even if the drugs he was feeding her hadn’t kept her constantly confused and horny, she was so wracked with shame, guilt and fear over her sexual behaviour with her daughter, and her confession that she wanted to see Chloe raped by Michael, that she would do anything Michael told her with only minimal resistance.
Chloe had to get used to seeing her mother bare-footed and bare-titted - and not just nude, but also visibly sexually aroused, kept in a state of heightened sexuality by Michael’s drugs and by the vibrating dildo inside her chastity belt.  Her face was flushed, and her nipples were hard, and she smelt of sex.
Chloe tried to avoid looking at Sarah, or spending time with her, but Michael wanted the exact opposite.  Currently he was trying to teach Chloe a new way to greet her mother around the house.
“Put your mother’s hand on your pussy, Chloe,” he told her.  “Then suck each of her nipples, and then tongue-kiss her.”
“Do as your daddy says, sweetie,” said Sarah, her voice thick with lust.
Chloe refused.  “Stop it,” she hissed.  “Just stop it.  You can do what you want with me - just stop doing this with my mother.  Let her go.”
Michael liked that suggestion - that Chloe would submit to him.  But it was conditional submission, and Michael refused to accept any conditions on his ownership of her.  She would do as she was told, no matter what it was he wanted, or how depraved it was.
And so when Chloe refused to suck on her mother’s tits or encourage her mother to feel her cunt, Michael would have Sarah spank her daughter’s pussy, or he would do it himself.  Sarah loved getting to spend time with Chloe’s cunt now, and would stare at it with a hungry expression as Michael spread Chloe’s legs apart to allow Sarah to spank her daughter’s vulnerable twat.
He had expected it would only take a couple of such treatments to get Chloe to cave in and do what he wanted, but she remained surprisingly adamant in her resistance, and no matter how many times he asked, she resisted putting her mouth to her mother’s boobs or inviting Sarah to finger her pussy.
That was fine.  Resistance was fun.  It gave him something to break.
He had put together a “greatest hits” video of the footage he had collected of Chloe, and he ran this on a loop on the lounge room TV throughout the day.  It showed Chloe naked, Chloe crying, Chloe masturbating, Chloe licking cum off the floor - and most of all it showed Sarah fucking and abusing her daughter, licking Chloe’s cunt, spanking Chloe’s pussy, humping her own twat against her daughter’s face.
Twice each day he would bring Sarah out to the lounge, and remove her chastity belt, and sit her in front of the television and tell her to masturbate.  He would call Chloe into the room as Sarah played with her pussy.  Chloe would avert her eyes and refuse to watch, but Michael wouldn’t allow her to leave until it was over.  She needed to see the way her mother behaved.  She needed to see that women in her family were destined to become obedient, degraded sextoys.  She needed to see that there was no help coming from her mother, and that her mother wanted Chloe broken just as much as Michael did.
As Sarah approached orgasm, he would have her look at her daughter, and say the words he had told her to say.
“I want to rape you, Chloe,” Sarah would say, in a strangled tone, halfway between tears and lust.  “I want to watch Michael rape you.”
And then Michael would begin whipping Sarah’s breasts with his belt until she orgasmed.
Sometimes this would make Chloe burst into tears.  Other times it brought an embarrassed red flush to her cheeks, which Michael thought was very promising.  But either way, it would make him hard enough that he would have to stuff his cock into Sarah’s mouth, and skullfuck her until he was ready to cum, before pulling out and ejaculating onto the hardwood floor.
The best bit was watching Chloe’s hypnotic compulsions take control, and she was forced to clean the floor afterwards by getting down on all fours and licking up his sperm.
And all of this was conditioning Sarah.  Michael knew he could now begin to slowly reduce the drugs he was giving Sarah.  He no longer needed her artificially horny, or stupid and confused.  She was becoming naturally sexually fixated on her daughter, and naturally aroused by both her own pain and humiliation, and that of Chloe, and becoming accustomed to the constant stimulation and arousal of her fuckhole, either by the vibration of the chastity belt’s dildo, or the action of her own fingers.
And he knew that at this point she would obey him unquestioningly without any chemical intervention.  After all, she could never explain to another human why she had done the things he had made her do, or justify why they had made her so wet.
Sarah belonged to him completely.
The next choice in the daughter tuning app came a few evenings later.  Sarah and Michael were sitting on the couch, as Sarah masturbated to the rape of her daughter for the second time that day.
Michael had instructed Chloe to clean the floor - all of it.  Compelled to sexualise all her hypnotic rules, Chloe had contemplated licking the entire floor with her tongue, as she did to clean up Michael’s sperm, but had decided it would be too hard on her tongue.  So she had instead removed her shirt and bra, and was dipping her tits into a bucket of soapy water before rubbing them back and forth against the ground.
Sarah looked at Chloe idly as she rubbed her cunt.
“Why is my daughter such a slut, Michael?” she asked, in a despairing voice.
“Genetics,” said Michael.  “She takes after you.”
“I wish she took after me more,” said Sarah.  “Then she wouldn’t be such a difficult brat all the time.  She gets that from her father - her birth father.”
Michael’s phone dinged, and he looked at it.  It was a new choice for Chloe.
“Oh, this is a coincidence,” he laughed.
“What does it say?” asked Sarah.
He read it out aloud.  “Chloe should be more like - and then the choices are ‘her mother’ or ‘her father’.”
Chloe looked up from the floor.  “No!” she exclaimed.  “No!  No!  You can’t!  Skip that one!”  She got up and began to scramble desperately towards the couch.
“Oh, that’s easy,” Sarah was saying.  “We *definitely* don’t want her more like her father.  Choose me.”
“No!” shrieked Chloe.
But it was too late.  Michael had pressed “her mother”.
Chloe’s phone dinged.  Chloe was already crying, but she couldn’t resist the hypnotic compulsion.  She looked at the screen, and felt her new “tuning” settling into her brain.
“How are you feeling, sweetie?” asked Michael innocently.
Chloe was trembling.  She looked at her naked mother, as Sarah continued to finger her pussy.
“Daddy,” she said in a small voice.  “Can I sit with you and mommy to watch the video and play with myself?”
“God, you’re a slut, Chloe,” said Sarah, her eyes glued on the image of Chloe being raped on the screen in front of her.
“Yes, honey,” smiled Michael.  “Come and sit next to me here, so I can have one of my girls on each side.”
Chloe did as she was told, taking the space to Michael’s right.  Her tits were still exposed, and wet with soapy water, and she flipped up her skirt, spread her legs, and began to rub at her cunt.  
Her face was bright red.  The warring elements of her mind were written large across her expression.  She hated this - hated every part of it.  Watching her own rape was retraumatising her.  She wanted to look away.  She wanted to cry.  She wanted to run.
But at the same time she now wanted to be more like her mother, and do the kind of things her mother did.  And this was what Sarah did now.  This was what being like her mother meant.  A strong compulsion told her to emulate Sarah, to treat her as a role model, to aspire to live the same life that her mother was living.  
And behind both of those things was Chloe’s own increasingly confused sexuality, that arose from a mixture of her own natural teenaged urges, and the perversions wrought by her hypnosis and her increasingly sexualised life.  It was the part of Chloe that fantasised about fucking Michael, the part that had orgasmed when he raped her, the part that made her pussy wetter and wetter with each fresh degradation visited upon her.
She stared at the images on the screen.  She watched her mother’s nude body climbing atop her in a 69.  She watched her mother lowering her head to lick Chloe’s pussy.  She watched her mother humping her face against Chloe’s unwilling mouth, non-consensually using her daughter to reach orgasm.
Sarah watched it, too, and Michael soon heard Sarah’s breathing quickening - a sign that she was approaching orgasm.  He stood, and made Sarah say her mantra to Chloe.
“I want to rape you,” said Sarah, looking at her daughter.  “I want to watch Michael rape you.”
And then Michael began to whip Sarah’s tits.
The look on Chloe’s face was beautiful.  It was a look of hatred and fury - but it was also a look of *jealousy*.  She wanted what her mother was getting.  She wanted Michael to whip *her* tits, right alongside her mother’s.  And Michael could see that Chloe didn’t even really know how much of that feeling was her hypnosis, and how much of it was all her own twisted kinks.
When Sarah orgasmed, Michael took out his cock and stuffed it into Sarah’s mouth, and the look of pure *longing* on Chloe’s face - of desire, of hunger, of need - was the most beautiful thing he had seen in his life.  And as he fucked Sarah’s face while staring at Chloe, he saw Chloe orgasm, shuddering and gasping as her fingers brought her to a powerful climax.
He couldn’t help it.  He had to decorate such a beautiful face.  
He pulled his cock out of Sarah’s mouth, turned it to Chloe, and pumped with his hand for the few seconds necessary to reach his own climax.  His cum spattered over Chloe’s face and tits, making Chloe gasp with surprise.  Some of it got in her eye, causing her to flinch.  A little went into her open mouth.  And when he was done, he grabbed Chloe’s hair and pulled her face close to his cock, so he could wipe his dick clean on her cheeks.
“You look pretty like that,” he told her.  “Say thank you.”
She looked at him in humiliated fury, and said nothing.
He slapped her.
“I like slapping you, too, Chloe,” he reminded her.  “It’s just going to make me hard again.  Say thank you.”
“Thank you,” she said.
“Thank you who?” he asked.
“Thank you, daddy,” she said - hating it as she did so.
“Thank you for what?”
“Thank you for cumming on me, daddy,” she said, half-whispering, humiliated by what she was saying.
“You’re welcome, sweetie,” he told her.  “Now go clean yourself off, and then get ready for bed.  I’ll be in shortly for your bedtime story.”
Chloe practically ran from the couch, her face red with shame and confusion.
Michael took the time to lock Sarah back into her chastity belt, and tell her what a disgusting slut she was for sucking his cock in front of her own daughter, and then sent her to the master bedroom to think about what she had done.
And then he headed to Chloe’s bedroom.

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