Tuning Chloe

Part 13

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 13
Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
Author's Note: I'm financially supported by my writing, so if you enjoy this story, please support my ability to write more by purchasing an e-book or membership from AllTheseRoadworks.com(Click here to view the store.)
Chloe was waiting in bed for Michael, wearing her slutty see-through negligee and her crotchless panties.  She had washed the cum from her face, but her cheeks were still bright red with embarrassment - partly at what had already happened, and partly at the nightly ritual that her “daughter tuning” hypnosis forced her into.
“Daddy, please read me a slutty story for bedtime,” she said, in a quiet voice.  She still hated calling him “daddy” - and yet under certain circumstances she couldn’t resist the urge to use the despised word.
“Of course, sweetie,” he said.  He came and sat on the edge of her bed, and undid his trousers, and took out his cock.  The end was still wet with cum from having ejaculated onto Chloe’s face so recently, and it was neither soft nor fully erect.  Then he grabbed Chloe’s hair and pulled her, so that her head was resting on his thigh, her face less than an inch from his cock.  
Chloe blushed even deeper, but didn’t resist.
He had a story ready on his phone.  Once again, he changed the name of the protagonist to “Chloe”.  It was the story of a slutty stepdaughter who longed to marry her stepfather.  She cockteased him into raping her, then raped her own mother for her stepfather’s sexual amusement, and finally she fell pregnant to her stepfather and married him.  The story reinforced what a slutty, selfish, disgusting bitch “Chloe” was at every turn.
Halfway through the story, he realised Chloe was crying.  Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were red.  For a moment he thought he might have pushed her too far - but then he saw the movement beneath the blankets, and understood that Chloe was masturbating.  Her tears were from knowing what a slut she was, that she couldn’t help but play with her pussy while being told such a demeaning and disgusting story.
“There, there, baby,” Michael said, stroking Chloe’s cheek.  “You can’t help that you’re a stupid little slut.  Some girls are just born to be raped.”  
And then he took his cock and pushed the tip towards her mouth.  To his delight, Chloe opened her mouth without complaint, and began to suck on his dick as if it were a pacifier.  Her tears intensified as her slutty submission heightened her humiliation, but the taste of his cum on his cock seemed to drive her wild.
As he reached the end of the story - where “Chloe’s” father-husband began to pimp her heavily-pregnant body out to her former school friends to make money - Chloe began to shake with the visible effects of an orgasm, and knowing that the little teen slut was cumming from such a demeaning story brought Michael to his own orgasm.
He grabbed Chloe’s hair so she couldn’t pull away as he began to spurt hot sperm into her mouth, but he needn’t have bothered, as she gulped his semen down eagerly, and sucked his dick for the last drops when he was done.
He looked down at her fondly as she suckled on his cock.  “God, you’re a disgusting little slut,” he said.
Her tears returned then in full force.  His cock fell out of her mouth, and she was sobbing, and sniffling, her nose running, her face red.
She looked up at him and said, “I give in.”
He felt his breath catch.  He loved seeing her submit.  “What do you mean, sweetie?” he asked.
“I’ll do it.  Whatever you want.  I’ll be whoever you want.”  She wiped her eyes with one hand.  “I’ll be whoever you want.  Your daughter.  Your fucktoy.  Your… whatever.  You can fuck me… rape me…  just make this stop.”
“Make what stop, honey?” he asked.  He had no intention of stopping his torture of her.  It was too much fun.
“This *feeling*,” she said.  “I just want to stop feeling so confused - so dirty - so disgusting.  Like I’m horny all the time, and I can’t think straight, and everything in my life is just being turned into sex.”
He could barely understand her words, as they came in choked sighs between her sobs.
“I’ll be your sex toy, your cum toilet, whatever,” she gasped desperately, “as long as I get to be *me* as well.  As long as there’s something *normal*.  You can be my rapist, whatever… just be, like, a normal father as well.”
He looked at her.  Part of him wanted to say yes - to take her, as she was now, his broken little slut-daughter, for him to cuddle and fuck and raise as an obedient, loving sex-pet.
But he wasn’t done yet.  She was still trying to negotiate, to trade - as though she had any say in what happened to her.  As though submitting was a choice she could offer instead of something that he would simply take from her.
“I want that, honey,” he said, stroking her cheek.  “I want you to be happy as the household rapetoy.  I want you to feel loved and rapeable and worth cumming on.  I want you to know that your daddy loves raping you, and that you’re his favourite object to ejaculate into.  I want you to be confident that your daddy will make all the right decisions for your cunt and your tits and your mouth and that nothing will happen to them that your daddy didn’t agree to.  I want you to know that of all the little teen fucksluts at your school, that you’re daddy’s favourite to slap and to stick his cock into.  I want you to know how pretty you look when you’re crying.  I want you to have a loving relationship with your mother, where her kisses make you wet, and you love raping each other for my enjoyment.  And more than anything I want to put a baby in you, so that you understand that you’re nothing more than daddy’s little babymaker, a cliched pregnant teen slut with a swollen belly and leaky lactating tits.”
She was still crying.  He ran his hand through her hair.
“You want that, don’t you, baby?” he asked her.  “You want all that, because then you won’t have to think about what a slut you are anymore.  You’ll just be a good girl for daddy and be loved.”
She sniffled, and rubbed her wet cheeks against his leg - but then she nodded, almost imperceptibly.
“Good girl,” said Michael.  “But the thing is, baby, I can’t do all that to you unless I really finish breaking you down.  I need to really hurt you and fuck you up in order to make you a good girl again.  Do you understand?”
She didn’t, but after a moment, she nodded anyway.
“Because you may feel like this now,” said Michael, “because your mind is all confused and messed up, but probably tomorrow you’re going to be a brat again, and try to escape, or defy me.  And we can’t have that, can we?”
She shook her head.
“Good girl,” said Michael.  “So ask for it.  Ask for me to break you.  Ask for me to ruin your life - so that I can fix it again afterwards.”
She was silent for a long moment.  He moved his cock gently, so it slapped against her cheek, and she flinched.
“Do it,” she whispered, almost inaudible.
“What’s that, baby?” he asked.
“Do it,” she said, louder.  “Break me down.  Ruin my life.  Do whatever it takes.  Just - so I don’t feel like this anymore.  So all the confusion goes away.”
He smiled.  “Absolutely, baby,” he said.  “I’ll fuck you up, just like you need.  Anything for my princess.”
And then he grabbed her hair and pulled her back towards his cock.
“Now suck daddy’s cock again, and play with your pussy until you have another orgasm,” he told her.  “And this time I want you to think about raping your mother while you do…”
In the morning, he sent Chloe a text message, summoning her to the master bedroom so that she could watch him fucking her mother.
He had spent the early morning wrapping rope around the base of each of Sarah’s large tits, in a lasso that tightened when pulled, squeezing the base of each breast painfully and making the remainder of her titflesh bulge lewdly.  He had complemented that with a blindfold, that stopped her seeing anything at all.  Then he had put her on all fours on the bed, her face pointed towards the door, and begun fucking her cunt from behind.
The ropes around her breasts made wonderful reigns.  When he pulled hard on them, her whole body was tugged backwards onto his cock by the tits.
As Chloe entered through the open door, Michael held a finger against his lips in a “ssh” sound, and motioned her to stand against the wall, where he could look at her tits and cunt through her see-through top and her crotchless panties.  
“Sarah,” Michael said, “remember last night when you said that disgusting thing about wanting to rape your daughter?  And wanting to watch *me* rape her?”
Sarah mewled in humiliation, and didn’t answer him, so he had to pull hard on her tit leash and ask again.
“Yes,” she gasped.  “Yes.”
“Well, I’m going to beat your cunt after I cum in you, to discipline you for being such a disgusting daughter-fucking slut,” said Michael, “and I need you to tell me all the details of your slutty fantasy so I know how hard to beat you.  But I need you to be honest, and detailed, and sexy.  If I don’t think your story is detailed and sexy enough, I’ll beat your cunt on the front lawn, where the neighbours can see.”
Sarah squealed in fear, and launched into a detailed description of fantasy sexual activity with her daughter.  She described how she would lick her daughter’s cunt, and force Chloe to lick hers, and how she would rub her tits across her daughter’s face and make her suck on them.  She talked about spanking her daughter’s pussy and pinching her clit.
Then she described holding Chloe down for Michael to rape, guiding Michael’s cock into her daughter’s wet fuckhole.  She talked about telling Chloe to be a good girl and be a fun fuck for her father, and slapping Chloe’s face and tits if she wasn’t sufficiently fun to rape, and how when Michael was done she’d use her fingers to push his sperm deeper into her daughter’s womb so she’d get pregnant with her daddy’s baby.
The wonder of this was that everything Sarah was saying clearly disgusted her.  Under normal circumstances, any one of these thoughts would have killed her arousal, and left her shivering with horror and revulsion.  But the combined effect of Michael’s drugs, and the heightened state of arousal he had kept her in for weeks, meant that Sarah couldn’t help but stay horny as she told these stories.  She felt her cunt throbbing and pulsing and drooling as she talked about raping her daughter, and soon it was apparent even to Michael that she was about to cum.
He reached forward and pulled off her blindfold just as she started to orgasm, so she could look right into Chloe’s eyes as the orgasm hit.
Her horrified eyes flicked from Chloe’s face, to her cunt, and got two different messages.  Chloe was crying again, with tears running down her face - but she was also masturbating, her fingers frantically rubbing her clit while she listened to her mother describing her future abuse.  
Chloe’s recent tuning had forced her to see her mother as her role model.  Every slutty and degrading thing she saw her mother do became something that, on a deep level, she felt that she herself should do.  As she watched her mother being raped, she desperately wished her step-father would rape *her*.  Part of her mind was already fantasising about being pulled around by a tit-leash.
As Sarah finished cumming, Michael pushed her off his cock, then pulled on her tit-ropes to drag her around so that her head was near his cock.
“Chloe,” he said, “I’m going to give your mother an instruction soon.  And I want you to do your best to stop her completing it.  You’re not allowed to leave the room, but you can struggle.  If your mother is successful, I’ll beat your pussy as well as hers.”
Chloe mewled with fear.
Michael looked down, and stuffed his cock into Sarah’s mouth.  It didn’t take him long to feel his own orgasm approaching as he fucked the face of Chloe’s mother.
“Don’t swallow,” he warned Sarah.  “Hold it.”
Sarah nodded, with her mouth full of cock, and a moment later he was cumming hard into her mouth.  She obediently let it fill her mouth without swallowing.
“Good bitch,” he told her.  “Now, go push my cum into your daughter’s mouth.”
What followed almost made him hard enough to cum again.  Sarah clambered off the bed, and grabbed her daughter’s wrists.  Chloe struggled like a hellion, pulling against her mother’s grasp.  She gave her mother a pretty good kick to the cunt, and tried to bite her mother’s arm.
“No!” Chloe gasped.  “No!”
But Sarah was insistent.  She pinned Chloe to the wall, her large naked tits crushed against her daughter’s chest, and she pressed her lips tightly against Chloe’s.  
Chloe kept her mouth clamped shut stubbornly, trying to turn left and right to avoid her mother’s slutty kiss.
Finally, Sarah managed to pin both Chloe’s wrists with a single hand, and then used her free hand to reach between her daughter’s legs and pinch her clit.  Chloe opened her mouth to squeal with pain - and Sarah pushed forward, her lips meeting Chloe’s in a kiss, and her tongue began to push Michael’s cum into her daughter’s mouth.
Chloe finally relaxed as she realised she had lost, but Sarah didn’t stop pinching her daughter’s clit even though there was no longer a reason to hurt her, and a few moments later Chloe orgasmed too, trembling against her mother’s naked body as she sucked her step-father’s cum off her mother’s tongue.
Michael had filmed it all, of course - one more record of Sarah raping her daughter - and he knew he would be making both girls masturbate as they re-watched it on the TV tonight.  
“All right, girls,” he said when the kiss was finally done.  “Head to the lounge room, and I want you both lying on the dining table with your legs spread.  You’ve both earned a pussy-spanking.”
And to his joy, neither girl resisted the order.  They both shuffled out of the bedroom without protest, having accepted that Michael painfully beating their cunts was something that was a normal part of their life, something they had no say over… and something they deserved.

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