Tuning Chloe

Part 8

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 8
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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“Please,” begged Chloe.  “Please.  Don’t make me wear this.”
She must have been really desperate, because she had been begging for three minutes, and she was still saying “please”, and she hadn’t sworn at Michael or called him a fuckhead yet.
It was the morning of the Saturday that Chloe’s new school crush Ewan would come to visit her.  They were in Chloe’s mother’s bedroom, and Michael was receiving a blowjob from Chloe’s mother Sarah.  Sarah was nude except for her chastity belt, but she was completely covered by the blankets.  Michael was using his left hand to prop up the blanket near his waist to ensure that Sarah had enough air to breathe underneath it, but his right hand had a firm grip on Sarah’s hair, ensuring that she continued to fellate him while Michael talked to her daughter.
(Sarah had tried to stop the blowjob when her daughter walked into the bedroom, but Michael had forced her head back down on his cock, and said, “I’ll handle this.  Stay quiet so she doesn’t know what you’re doing.”  It was, of course, transparently obvious to Chloe where her mother was, and exactly what part of Michael she was sucking on, but Sarah’s lust-addled brain had difficulty thinking clearly now, and she rarely disagreed with what Michael told her to do.)
What Chloe was upset about, of course, was the outfit that Michael had picked out for her to wear.  It consisted of only a handful of items - the high-heeled shoes that Michael kept locked on Chloe’s feet whenever she was home, a pair of sheer pink lace panties that were mostly transparent in the crotch area, and a white crop top that read “SLUT” in large black letters, and would expose most of Chloe’s underboob to view.
“What’s wrong with the outfit?” Michael asked, as Chloe’s mother sucked obediently on his cock.
“It makes me look like a whore!” Chloe whined.  “Please.  Ewan knows me at school.  If he sees me like this, I’ll be a laughing stock.”
“You already look like a slut,” said Michael, and it was true.  Chloe was currently wearing the “pyjamas” that Michael had bought her, which consisted of little more than a see-through lace top that exposed her tits and a pair of panties with the crotch cut out.  And there was dried cum on the side of her face from where she had slept in the pool of sperm that Michael had left on her pillow.
“Please,” begged Chloe again.  Michael was disappointed in her lack of imagination - couldn’t she find more variety in ways to beg for his mercy?
“I don’t know,” said Michael thoughtfully.  “Show me what it looks like when you’re wearing it.”
Chloe turned to leave, but Michael made a tut-tut noise.  “You can get changed right here, missy,” he said.
Chloe went red with embarrassment.  She reached for her top, about to remove it - and then paused.  “Mom, tell him to stop this,” she said suddenly.  “Are you really going to let him do this?”
Michael felt Sarah struggle against the hand he was using to hold her head down on his cock.  He sighed - and threw the blanket off the bed, exposing Sarah’s nude body to her daughter’s gaze.  He kept his grip on her hair, and rhythmically pumped her mouth up and down on his cock.
“Your mother’s busy, Chloe,” he said.  “Do as you’re told.”
Sarah began to struggle harder, trying to get up on all fours for leverage.  He used his legs to kick her knees out from under her, making her fall back on the bed, his cock still in her mouth.
“Oh, Sarah,” he said, “Chloe is grown up enough to know that you’re a sexual being, and that we have a sexual relationship.  I don’t think there’s any need to hide that.  Just keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll handle the parenting.”  He paused.  “After all, it’s not like your parenting has been that great recently.”
Sarah made a muffled sound.  He couldn’t see her face, but he knew that she was blushing, thinking of how he’d made her masturbate to images of her own daughter - and how she’d orgasmed from it.  She lay still, stopped struggling, and focused on sucking Michael’s cock.
Michael looked up at Chloe.  “Go ahead.”
With no help coming, Chloe was out of options.  She began to strip for Michael.
Michael watched her with enjoyment, using her mother’s face as a masturbation aid as he leered at her exposed teen body.
When she was completely nude, he said, “Stop.”
Chloe did, trying to cover her naked tits and pussy with her hands.
“Is your cunt wet, young lady?” he asked.
Chloe opened her mouth to say “no” - but her hypnosis compelled her to be honest about her sexuality, so instead, without meaning to, she said, “Yes.”
It hadn’t been when she walked into the room, but he’d watched her face flush and her nipples perk up as her humiliation had increased.  And now her pussy was visibly pouty and wet.
“Show me,” he said.  “Spread it open.”
Sarah gave some small struggle again, apparently having something to say about his instructions, but he just held her down on his cock.
Blushing, Chloe spread her legs a little, and then used her fingers to part her pussy lips and expose her pink, wet, cunt meat to his gaze.
He smiled, and fucked her mother’s face, making it a hundred percent clear that her humiliation and objectification were serving his sexual pleasure.  He felt his orgasm approaching, and thought about cumming into Chloe’s mother right then and there - but instead decided to prolong his enjoyment.
He slapped Sarah lightly on the cheek and said, “Why are you trying to make me cum in front of your daughter, Sarah?  Hold still and stop sucking.  Just keep it in your mouth.”
Mortified with humiliation, Sarah obeyed.
“Now put the new clothes on, Chloe,” said Michael.
Chloe reluctantly dressed in the tiny outfit Michael had given her.  She did indeed look like a sex-doll.  Her wet pussy almost immediately left a damp patch on the transparent groin of the panties, and the white top that said “SLUT” only barely covered her nipples, and left her entire underboob hanging out.
“Please,” she said again.
“I think it looks fine,” said Michael, smiling.
Chloe’s face turned red.
This is it, thought Michael.  Now she’ll yell at me, and call me an asshole, and when she does I’ll push Sarah off my cock, and storm across the room, and slap her, and force her to the floor, and them cum on her face.  And I’ll blame Sarah for priming my cock, and make Chloe slap her own mother’s pussy for being a whore.
The thought of it almost made him cum in Sarah’s mouth immediately.  But to his surprise, Chloe’s temper didn’t burst out.
Instead, she made a visible effort to control herself, and then said, “I’ll make you a deal.”
He was surprised.  “What?”
“I’ll make you a deal,” said Chloe.  “Something you want.  And you let me wear real clothes today.”
“What could you give me that I want?” asked Michael.  “I’m your stepfather.  What can you give me that I can’t just take?”
Chloe knew what he wanted.  He wanted her to be an obedient, willing sex-doll.  But she wasn’t going to talk about that in front of her mother, even if her mother was currently involved in being Michael’s masturbation aid.
“I’ll be nice to you,” said Chloe.  “I’ll be affectionate.  For a week.”
He laughed.  “Bullshit,” he said.  “As soon as Ewan’s gone you’ll be calling me a fuckhead and breaking things.”
“No,” said Chloe, “because you could just call him back and have me go butt naked in front of him if I break my promise.  If I’m good, and I keep my promise, you’ll know I can be trusted to make this deal again.  We can keep making the deal, each week.  You don’t humiliate me in front of people from school, and I’ll be nice.”
Could it be this easy?  Was she really offering to give up the fight, just to keep her reputation at school?
He was intrigued.
“I don’t know,” he said.  “I really like that top, Chloe, and I think that Ewan should see it.  I’ll agree to your deal, and you can dress yourself below the waist - as long as Ewan gets to see the top.  Your choice - do you want to wear it today, or do you want to take a photo of you wearing it and give the photo to Ewan?”
He took out his phone and took a photo of Chloe in her current outfit.  “This photo, in fact,” he said.
Chloe blushed - but she seemed surprised he’d even contemplated her deal.  She didn’t like this new wrinkle, but in the end her choice was simple.  Wearing the top would be humiliating - but if she gave Ewan a photo of it, he might share it around, and that would be worse.
“I’ll wear it,” she said.  “But if I’m only covering half my body, I only have to be nice to you for half the week.”
“Four days,” he said.  “Then you can do your normal pattern of swearing at me and being punished for it, until Saturday, when we’ll renegotiate.  Come over here and shake on it.”
She walked over to the bed hesitantly, extending her hand for a handshake.  Michael took her hand - and used it to pull her down towards the bed.  He grabbed her hair with his free hand - one hand tangled in Chloe’s hair, the other holding her mother’s - and pulled her mouth close to his for a kiss.
As his tongue pushed between Chloe’s lips, he felt himself cumming.  He moaned into Chloe’s mouth as he discharged his sperm into her mother’s.  Chloe had no doubt about what was happening, and she blushed - and yet her mouth was not entirely unwilling, and her tongue entwined with his.
He waited until he was done cumming, and the last of his sperm was in Sarah’s mouth.  Then he pulled Chloe down towards his groin by her hair, and at the same time lifted Sarah up off his dick.
“What a wonderful moment of family compromise,” he said.  “Sarah, I do believe your daughter is actually learning to behave.  Give her a kiss.”
And then he pushed both women together.  Humiliated, dazed, horny, Sarah obediently opened her mouth and kissed her daughter on the lips.  Chloe tried to recoil as she tasted Michael’s cum in her mother’s mouth, but he held the two women together, not letting them turn away, and then gently brought them down until their cheeks were resting against his hard cock.  
It was, all in all, a moment of perfect family togetherness.
He forced the girls to keep kissing until both had stopped struggling, and until Chloe began to make little slutty, humiliated moans, and then he released them.  Sarah just lay there, blank-eyed, in denial about where she was and what she’d done.  Chloe, by contrast pulled away, climbing back off the bed and retreating from Michael’s reach.
“There is just one little thing,” said Michael, picking up his phone again.  “It’s time for a little ‘daughter tuning’ - and the app has given us an especially relevant choice today.  But seeing as you’ve been such a good girl, Chloe, I’m going to let you choose which option we select.”
He showed her the view on his phone, and her eyes widened with horror.
The hypnotic daughter tuning app offered a simple question:
“How should your daughter be with her boyfriends?
- Submissive
- Seductive.”
Chloe shook her head in mute denial. 
But she knew she couldn’t really escape from this.
“Go ahead, Chloe,” said Michael, stroking her mother’s hair as though Sarah were a pet, and staring deliberately at Chloe’s exposed underboob.  “Make a choice.”

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