Tuning Chloe

Part 7

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #ddlg #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:female #spanking

Tuning Chloe, Part 7
Story by All These Roadworks (2022).
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Just before dinner, Michael put up a small whiteboard in the living room.  On it, he wrote:
Traits of a Good Chloe
Pink good-girl bedroom
Honest about her sexuality
Hair in pigtails
Wears short skirts
Hugs her parents
Grateful to be disciplined
Asks for a story and goodnight kiss from daddy before bed
He was writing it because he had just asked Chloe what sexual secret she most wanted to hide from him, and received an unexpected answer.
“There’s a boy at school I like - Ewan - and he asked me if I was interested in having him come over and hang out at my place,” said Chloe.  Her face was red, because she didn’t want to tell Michael this, but her hypnotic “tuning” compelled honesty.
“And what did you tell him?” asked Michael.
“What do you think?” spat Chloe.  “I told him no.  I’m not letting him anywhere near this madhouse.”
“Oh, Chloe,” said Michael.  “You don’t need to keep your friend away from here.  Why don’t you message him back, and say he can come over tomorrow?”
“Fuck you,” said Chloe.
Michael slapped Chloe.  It was always fun to have an excuse to slap Chloe, especially now that she was hypnotically obliged to be grateful.
Her lips pursed as she tried to stop herself from speaking - but she couldn’t.  “Thank you for slapping me, daddy,” she said in a quiet voice.  And her hand reached out and brushed lightly across his groin, rubbing against his pants.  Because of her extra rule - her hidden rule - that she had to sexualise her tuning.
“You’re welcome,” said Michael.  He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, mostly because he knew she couldn’t stop him, and because it felt nice with her stroking his cock.  And then - “Now, invite the boy over.”
Chloe was desperate.  “Please,” she begged.  “Please don’t make him part of this.”
“Part of what?” asked Michael.  “A teen girl should have friends.  Invite him over.”  He paused.  “You know I can make you, Chloe.  Or do something worse.”
She started to cry as she took out her phone and invited Ewan to visit the next day.  She knew she was going to be humiliated by her stepfather.  She knew she would hate this.  Her eyes brimmed over, and tears rolled down her cheeks. 
And that was good too, because honestly Chloe was prettier when she was crying.
And now Michael was making a public list of Chloe’s “tuning” traits.
“Come over here and sign this, Chloe,” he said.
Chloe came into the lounge room and looked at the board. Michael was impressed by how well she had adapted to the ridiculous eight-inch heels locked to her feet.  She barely wobbled on them at all now.
“What’s this?” she asked, staring at the whiteboard.
“It’s your good-girl qualities,” said Michael.  “Just a little celebration of how far you’ve come from the ugly little misbehaving bitch I first met.  Can you sign it at the bottom, please?”
She looked at him in horror.  “Is this so Ewan can see it tomorrow?  Can see what you’re doing to me?  God, I knew you were going to humiliate me.  No, I’m not signing it.”
“It wasn’t a request, Chloe,” said Michael.
She picked up the duster from the kitchen bench, looked at him very deliberately, and swiped it across the whiteboard, ruining his writing.  “Fuck you,” she said again.
“Sarah,” called Michael loudly.  “Come out here and discipline your daughter.”
Chloe’s mother emerged from the master bedroom - her face flushed with arousal and confusion as it always was now.
“What’s she done?” asked Sarah.
“Misbehaved,” said Michael sharply.  Sarah didn’t need to know the details about her daughter’s parenting anymore, and she needed practice supporting him on the basis of no information.  He passed Sarah his phone.  “Can you press the ‘punishment’ button and pick an option?”
Sarah accessed the Daughter Tuning app, and looked at the choices.  “It says ‘cunt spanking’ or ‘confiscate her phone’.”
“Choose one,” said Michael.
He had thought Sarah would choose the cunt spanking - but instead she chose “confiscate her phone”.  Maybe she was still feeling guilty over Michael’s accusation that she was molesting her daughter.  
Chloe’s phone beeped, and she took it out and looked at it.  Then, unhappily, she passed it to Michael.
Michael took it.  “You can have this back tomorrow after Ewan leaves,” he said.  He already had some ideas for what he might do with it in the meantime.
“Fuck you,” spat Chloe. “I hope you die in a fire.”
Michael was surprised at Chloe’s resistance.  Clearly the promise of impending humiliation in front of Ewan had brought up some fresh reserves of rebellion.
“That’s disgusting language, Chloe, and I can’t believe you talk that way in front of your mother,” said Michael.  “Sarah, I think it’s clear that your daughter needs a cunt spanking too.  Could you take care of it, sweetie?”
Sarah looked dismayed - and then looked down at the tuning app.
Michael swiftly took his phone away from her.  
“We don’t need the app,” he said.  “Just spank her cunt.”
“Mom, no,” said Chloe, backing away.  “You don’t have to do this.”
Sarah looked at Michael in doubt.
“Remember what a slut Chloe was with you this morning?” said Michael.  “Her cunt needs discipline.  A mother’s discipline.”
“You’re right,” said Sarah.  Her face coloured with remembered guilt and shame - and misplaced anger at her daughter for being part of that situation.  “Of course.”  And she advanced on her daughter.
Chloe struggled a little, and that made what happened next all the more delicious for Michael.  He enjoyed watching Sarah wrestle Chloe down to the couch, and then pull off Chloe’s skirt and panties to expose her cute little pussy.  Then Sarah knelt over Chloe in such a way that Sarah’s pussy would have been directly above Chloe’s face - were it not for the chastity belt Sarah was wearing - and began to slap her exposed daughter’s cunt with one hand.
Sarah had absolutely no awareness of her surroundings as she disciplined her daughter, so Michael felt free to stroke his cock as he watched Chloe writhe and wail under her mother’s hand.  Chloe didn’t cum from the abuse this time, but she certainly got aroused from it, as by the end there was audible wet squelching whenever Sarah’s hand hit Chloe’s groin.
After nearly forty blows, Sarah staggered upright, leaving Chloe free to clutch her bruised pussy with one hand and try to pull her skirt across her nudity with the other.  “Thank you for spanking my cunt, mom,” said Chloe, unable to stop herself from saying it.  “Thank you for telling her to discipline me, daddy.”
Compelled to sexualise her hypnotic behaviour, she leaned upwards to try and kiss her mother on the lips - but Sarah just pushed her daughter away in disgust, and the look of humiliation and shame on Chloe’s face was delicious.
Michael had put his cock away and turned back to the whiteboard.  He re-wrote the “traits of a good Chloe”, and this time Chloe reluctantly came across to sign the bottom of the board with her cute girlish signature. Then he made her rewrite it - he felt that she should draw the O in her name as a love heart from now on.  Humiliated, Chloe had no choice to obey.
She was silent throughout dinner, and afterwards Michael took her to her bedroom to put her to bed.  He watched her get changed in front of him - always a pleasure, and more enjoyable the more she hated it - and then tucked her under the covers.
“Are you ready for your story, honey?” he asked her, sitting on the bed beside her.
“Yes, daddy,” she said, her teeth gritted.
“What kind of story?” he asked her, already knowing the answer.
“A slutty one,” she said.
He smiled - and adjusted his pants, to expose his erect cock.  Chloe’s eyes widened with embarrassment, humiliation, and a little lust as his hard phallus came into view.  He decided to help her out by giving her a closer view, and so he grabbed Chloe’s hair and pulled her head close to his lap.  Her eyes stayed focused on her dick as she lay there, her cheek brushing against his thigh.  Then he began to read her a story from his phone.
It was the story of a difficult bitch, and how she was raped by a man, and learned to enjoy rape and be happier as a submissive sex doll.  As before, Chloe was soon moaning, and surreptitiously masturbating under the covers, and when Michael saw this, he could help himself no longer.
He grabbed Chloe’s hair, and pulled her head up and onto his lap, resting against his groin - and without further encouragement, Chloe parted her lips and took his erect cock into her mouth.
The soft warmth of her mouth felt amazing - and seeing her lying there, in her pink girly bed, vulnerable and submissive, looking up at him with big eyes as she masturbated her cunt and sucked on his dick, was even better.  He had to stop reading for a moment and take a deep breath.
When he felt ready to resume, he looked down at her, still suckling on his penis, and stroked her hair affectionately.  “You little slut,” he said.
And then he continued reading.  
By the end of the story, he felt his orgasm approaching.
“I’m going to cum soon, Chloe,” he told her.
She just looked up at him, still sucking.
“Good girls get to swallow their daddy’s cum,” he told her.  “Do you want to swallow your daddy’s cum?”
Her face went red with humiliation - but her hypnosis compelled sexual honesty.  She nodded, with his cock still in her mouth, and the tug on his dick almost made him cum right then and there.
“That’s good,” said Michael.  “But you’re not a good girl, are you, Chloe?  You were a little bitch today.  You defied me many times.  And that’s why this is going to happen.”
He pulled out of her mouth, grabbed her hair, and lifted her surprised head off her pillow.  Then he used his other hand to pump his cock once, twice - and then he was ejaculating.  All over her pillow.  A pool of wet, sticky cum gathered, right in the centre of her pillow.
When he was done, he smiled - and then pushed her head back down on the pillow.  Her cheek hit the puddle of cum with a squelch.  She squealed, and struggled, but he held her down, forcing her to rest her face in his pool of ejaculate.
As she struggled, he wiped his cock across her face to clean off the last of his cum.
“You’re going to lie there all night, exactly like that,” he told her.  “You know there are cameras in here.  If I see you move, tomorrow’s visit from Ewan will destroy your reputation with everyone who knows you.”
She whimpered.  
He waited, knowing what she had to do.
“Thank you, daddy,” she said finally.  “Thank you for fucking my face, and cumming on my pillow, and making me lie in your cum.”
“Did you deserve it?” he asked her.
‘Yes,” she said, in a small voice.
“Good girl,” he said.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”
He spent a little time with Chloe’s phone before going to bed.  He installed spyware, so he could monitor her conversations - and even approve or replace her outgoing messages. And he changed the lock screen photo and wallpaper to pictures of Chloe completely nude, and removed her ability to change it back.  That should make her reluctant to use her phone in public, at least - and it would be a nice reminder of her true identity whenever she looked at the pictures.
And tomorrow she would have a visit from this “Ewan”.  And it might go better than Chloe expected.
After all, she liked this Ewan.  And it was about time a girl of her age had a boyfriend.
Chloe did defy Michael’s instructions about keeping her position in the pool of cum, but under the circumstances, Michael was inclined to forgive her.  As soon as Michael left her bedroom, Chloe resumed masturbating.  It was furtive and discreet, but still unmistakeable on the camera feed from her room.
And a little after that, she turned her head a little, and stuck out her tongue, licking up some of her stepfather’s cum from her pillow.
She must have liked what she tasted, because shortly afterwards, her body shook with the force of a powerful orgasm.
And as she feel asleep with her head resting in the pool of cum, there was a smile on her face.

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