Tuning Chloe

Part 20

by All These Roadworks

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Tuning Chloe, Part 20
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
Author's Note: Every chapter of Tuning Chloe is coming to Read Only Mind in time...
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Michael had very nearly achieved the perfect home life.
He could rape his stepdaughter Chloe daily, if he was in the mood, and if he wasn’t he could instruct her mother Sarah to rape Chloe for him.  He liked it best when Chloe struggled, and Chloe was only too happy to writhe and fight and whimper, because she had learned that her own most powerful orgasms came from being forced and dominated.
Sarah was broken - a degraded, guilty slut who lived only to serve her husband’s cock and hump her wet pussy against her daughter’s face.  She knew that no one outside her household would ever understand the things she had done for Michael, and the things she had done to her daughter, and so she did what Michael told her to do, no matter how ashamed it made her.
He allowed neither of the girls to wear clothes around the house, unless he specifically felt like dressing them up.  He no longer required Sarah to wear her chastity belt, so that she could force her daughter to lick her pussy whenever she wanted it.  Chloe wore hers, but only at school - and only for a little longer, Michael thought.
Each morning Chloe would come into the bedroom Michael shared with her mother, and wake Michael by sucking his cock.  When Sarah woke, Michael would encourage her to degrade and abuse her daughter, calling her a slut and a whore, and a brat and a cocktease, with a note of genuine jealousy as Chloe serviced Michael’s dick.
Once Michael had ejaculated into Chloe’s mouth, they would all get up and have breakfast, and then they would engage in Chloe’s ritualised “testing”.  This would involve Chloe, naked, rubbing her pussy as her parents watched.  When she started to get wet, Michael would hold a pregnancy test and a bowl under Chloe’s cunt, and Chloe would piss on it.  Chloe would then keep masturbating until she was on the edge of orgasm, desperate to cum, and she would then ask to see the test.
Michael would show her.  If the test was negative, Chloe would be forced to take her hand away from her pussy, and she would be put into the chastity belt, forbidden to cum until Michael raped her that evening.  
If the test was positive, Chloe would be allowed to orgasm then and there.
Michael filmed each one, because he wanted to capture the beautiful moment when Chloe finally confirmed she was pregnant with her stepfather’s baby on camera.  He thought maybe one day she could show it to her son or daughter when they turned 18, so they could see what a whore their mother was.
Over this period, Chloe also learned to stop referring to Sarah as her mother.  She was technically allowed to call her “Sarah”, but Michael preferred her to use other names, and if she was so unwise as to say “mom” or “mother”, Michael would get the cattle prod he had used to discipline Sarah, and discharge it directly into Chloe’s pussy.  
Chloe was a fast learner.
“Good morning, cunt,” she would say to her mother.  And, “What’s for breakfast, bitch?”  
It helped her to dehumanise her mother, to see her as purely a sex object (just as Michael did), and to break their familial bonds, so that Chloe would only have one parent she could rely upon - that being her “daddy”, Michael.
Each degrading name only deepened Sarah’s guilt and made her more certain that the slutty new family dynamic was something that deserved and that she had brought upon herself with her own cunt-driven misbehaviour.
Chloe’s obedience no longer seemed to require the Daughter Tuning app.  She was humbled, broken, under control, and very likely pregnant.  And yet, the app still sent choices to Michael over the week that followed the first all-family rape.  
When he saw the next choice, he went to talk to Chloe before choosing.
She was in her bedroom, naked, trying to do schoolwork.  Michael hadn’t yet talked to her about how her schoolwork wasn’t important - and how she wouldn’t be graduating - but he interrupted her, and sat next to her.
“Hey, princess,” he said, “I’m about to make a choice in the Daughter Choosing app.”
He showed it to her.
“Oh,” she said, looking at it.  She understood.
The text in the app read, “Who does Chloe love?”  And the choices were “mommy” and “daddy”.
They both knew Michael was going to choose “daddy”.  And then Chloe would believe - really believe - that she loved Michael, in every romantic sense.  And further, she would sexualise it.  And any last resistance she had to being his lover and his fuckdoll would be gone.
“This is your last chance to… say certain things before the app will make you say them anyway,” he told her.  “Is there anything you want to say?”
She looked down at her lap, blushing.
Michael waited.
“Well, clearly I hate you,” said Chloe.  “Clearly I wish you had died before you ever met us, before you did this to me, did this to… the cunt, ruined our lives.”
She paused.
“But also,” she continued, “I’m so fucked up now.  I’m horny all the time, and I can’t think straight.  And… anyone who knows how I’ve been these past months will hate me.  They’ll think I’m disgusting.  I’m probably pregnant to my own stepfather.  I’m a cocktease.  I lick the pussy of my… of the bitch.  The only person who knows all that and doesn’t hate me… is you.  You still want to fuck me, and hug me, and you call me princess.  And when your cock is inside me… it feels good.  And I cum.”
She looked up at him with eyes full of tears.
“So… I hate you,” she said.  “But… I think I love you, too.  You make me feel the worst I’ve ever felt, but also the best and happiest I’ve ever been.  Does that make sense?”
“Yes, princess,” he told her.  “It does.  You’re very confused, because you’re a slut and a brat, but I think those feelings are true.  Say it again.”
“I love you, daddy,” she said.  “I love you.”
“I love you, princess,” he said, and then leaned in and kissed her.
And when Chloe pulled him back onto her bed, she was spreading her legs willingly for him, and while Michael had raped his stepdaughter many times before, he realised that this was his very first time *making love* to her.
When it was done, and they lay there in bed, Chloe nuzzling against his bare chest, her face happy and contented, he made the choice in the app - “daddy” - and Chloe’s phone buzzed, and she looked at it, and any remaining doubt in her mind fled.  
Michael was the subject of all her romantic aspirations and desires, and he would be forever more.
It was 12 days after “date night” that the test confirmed what they had all already known.
Chloe was nude in the living room, Michael’s phone recording her, desperately rubbing her pussy as she stared into Michael’s eyes.  Michael was sitting watching her, Chloe’s mother crouched between his legs and sucking his cock.  Both women were fully focused on Michael as they degraded themselves for his pleasure.
“Please, daddy,” Chloe begged.  “I want to cum.  Please show me the test, daddy.”
There was no longer anything ironic or reluctant in her use of “daddy”.  She loved him, and she understood that he knew what was best for her, and that he was the only one who could give her what she needed to find the orgasm she desired.
He smiled, and lifted up the test, and held it out towards her.  Chloe’s eyes struggled to focus on the tiny result window - and then they widened, with horror, and despair, mixed with satisfaction and pleasure, and suddenly her body began to tremble.
She was cumming.  She was cumming because she had been given permission to cum, by the test.
Because the result was positive.  Chloe was pregnant with Michael’s child.
Sarah began to squirm as she realised what was happening, trying to pull back off Michael’s cock to look at her daughter. So Michael grabbed her by the hair, pulled her closer to his groin, slapped her cheek with her free hand, and then celebrated Chloe’s impregnation by ejaculating down her mother’s throat.
Chloe didn’t like the official story, but she saw the sense in it.  She loved Michael, but the world couldn’t know that Michael was the father of her baby.  There would be questions.  
Instead, Chloe would tell people that she had been working as a prostitute for some time, without the knowledge of her parents.  Everyone would believe it - after all, she’d been acting sluttier, and many of her classmates knew that she’d been offering blowjobs at school for money.  Chloe would say that she had had unprotected sex with over 30 men in the month leading up to the positive pregnancy test, and she didn’t know their names or how to contact them, and any of them could be the father.
The world would know Chloe as a teen whore - but that was better than them knowing her as the teen cocktease who had fucked her mother and seduced her father into impregnating her.  
He bought Chloe and Sarah presents to commemorate Chloe’s impregnation.  For Sarah, he bought a dog collar, with the word “CUNT” picked out in large visible stitching at the front.  For Chloe, he got one that said “PRINCESS”, and then several thin white T-shirts he had ordered off the internet with slogans including “BREEDER”, “TEEN WHORE”, “BABYMAKER”, “PREGNANT SLUT”, and “MILK FACTORY”.  They were a good fit for her now, but Michael looked forward to seeing them stretch lewdly over her teen body as she became increasingly gravid and her belly and breasts began to swell.
But there was one last thing Michael needed to complete the picture.  And he made sure Chloe was there to see it.
It was one evening after dinner.  Michael had decided to fuck Sarah in the lounge room, for which she was pathetically grateful, as he ejaculated most of his sperm into her daughter these days, leaving her to get her satisfaction from either fingering her own twat or raping Chloe’s face.
He had told Chloe to watch pregnancy porn on her phone - “for her education” - and she was idly playing with her pussy as she watched pregnant teens being raped by older men.  Michael kept his eyes on Chloe as he fucked her mother.  Chloe was prettier, after all - but also Michael loved the shame in caused in Sarah to know that Michael was fantasising about her daughter even as he fucked Sarah’s cunt.
After he had reached orgasm, and spurted his cum up into Sarah’s fuckhole, he pushed her off his dick, and then said, “I think it’s about time you gave me the ring back, cunt.”
“The ring?” asked Sarah, stupidly.
“The engagement ring,” said Michael.  He held out his hand.
She covered her ring finger protectively.  “What?” she asked, a pathetic note in her voice.  “Why?”
Chloe had looked up at this exchange, and was watching them.
“Well, clearly I can’t marry you anymore,” he told Sarah.  “Look at you.  You’re a fuckpig who rapes her daughter.  You can’t walk down the aisle - you’d probably play with your cunt the whole way, in front of everyone.”
Sarah’s eyes widened in complete shock.  She went pale and began to tremble.
“You know it’s true, Sarah,” he said.  “That you’re a cunt?  That you’re too slutty to marry?”
His sperm was leaking from her naked pussy in front of her daughter even as he spoke.  She tried to mount a defence, but could only open and close her mouth helplessly.
“And besides,” said Michael.  “I need to marry Chloe.”
Chloe’s eyes were wide now, too, and she was vibrating - not with shock, but with excitement.
“She’s pregnant, Sarah,” said Michael, in a reasonable tone.  “We can’t let her be a single mother.  After all, look how you turned out.”
Sarah began to cry - which was, surprisingly, a little hard for Michael.  He did genuinely love her, in a way.  That was why he had started dating her in the first place.  But whatever he felt for Sarah was secondary to the way his cock hardened when he thought of marrying her pregnant teen daughter - of *owning* her, in the last and most powerful sense.
“You don’t want your grandchild to be a bastard, do you, Sarah?” asked Michael.  “I *have* to marry her.  You see that.  It’s the responsible thing to do - especially after you made me rape her all those times.”
Sarah was sobbing now, but she said something - and Michael thought it was, “Yes.”
“Yes, what, cunt?” he asked.
“Yes,” wailed Sarah.  “You have to marry her.”
“Give me the ring, cunt,” he said.
Weeping, Sarah pulled it off her finger and gave it to Michael.
Michael smiled, and turned to Chloe.
“Come here, princess,” he said.
Chloe crawled across the floor eagerly to kneel at Michael’s feet.
“You beautiful stupid bratty teen slut,” said Michael, “would you consent to become my fucktoy and my personal property, by agreeing to be legally married to me?”
He held out the ring to Chloe, and Chloe snatched it eagerly.
“Yes,” she breathed.  “Yes, daddy.  Yes, and yes.  A thousand times yes.”
And they kissed, and kissed again, and soon Michael’s cock was hard again, and he grabbed his ex-fiancée by the hair and dragged her back to suck on it, as he continued to kiss her ecstatic, loving teen daughter, again and again and again.

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