Tuning Chloe

Part 19

by All These Roadworks

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Tuning Chloe, Part 19
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
Author's Note: Every chapter of Tuning Chloe is coming to Read Only Mind in time...
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The next morning Michael tied Chloe naked to her bed, with the chastity belt buzzing away in her pussy, and shut the door.  Chloe didn’t need to go to school - soon she wouldn’t need school ever again - and Michael needed her out of the way while he worked on Chloe’s mother.
It was time to finish breaking Sarah.  She had no capacity left to resist.  Last night before bed he had made her drink two large energy drinks, and then put her back into her chastity belt.  All night, she had hardly been able to sleep - and even then, only shallowly - and the belt had kept her horny and wet throughout.  By morning she barely had a coherent thought left in her head.
Michael began by abusing her.  He woke her from her semi-doze by slapping her hard across her large tits, and shouting, “You disgusting slut!”  She gasped with shock as she woke, but Michael was already pulling the chastity belt off her, leaving her naked in bed.
“What kind of whore rapes her daughter?” Michael asked her, and then slapped her across the face, and then the tits.  Sarah tried to cover and protect herself, but she was tired and stupid and slow, and in any case two hands will always find I hard to protect four targets, and Michael would simply choose whichever of her face, tits, ass or cunt was uncovered for his next blow, as he began repeatedly beating her.  He told her that she was a cunt, a rapist, an abuser, a terrible mother, and a whore, and he kept slapping her, until Sarah was crying, and sobbing incoherently while trying to agree that yes, he was right, she was all of those things.
Once she was a complete mess, he rolled her onto all fours and pushed his cock into her from behind.  It was always most fun to fuck Sarah when she was crying - a trait that she shared with her daughter.  He thought about cumming on her face and tits, but in the end he settled for ejaculating into her womb.
He did not allow Sarah to orgasm herself, but brought her as close to the edge as he could.
Then he pulled Sarah up to be sitting in bed, with her legs spread, and he set up his phone on a tripod to film her.
“This is your punishment, Sarah,” he said.  “You’re going to confess to raping your daughter, and if you do, I’ll forgive you.  I want you to look at the camera, and masturbate, and tell me in detail about every sexual interaction you’ve had with your daughter, and then all the sexual fantasies you’ve had about your daughter, and then about Chloe’s recent slutty behaviour and how she deserves to be punished.”
He paused, then added, “And *if* you’re honest enough - that is, if you confess to the extreme and fucked-up fantasies we both know you have, and if you think of an appropriately severe punishment for Chloe’s behaviour - then I’ll allow you to cum.  And if not, you won’t be allowed to cum for three days.”
She began to do as he had asked, and he watched her.  He had a cattle prod that he had purchased in the weeks prior, with a thought to using it for a purpose very like this, and whenever he thought Sarah might be able to cum without permission, he used it to first shock her hand away from her pussy, and then to press it between her legs and zap her pussy itself, and after this had happened to her twice – with accompanying squeals of horror and pain - Sarah moderated her own behaviour to not allow herself to orgasm without permission, no matter how much she wanted to.
She began by describing how she had slapped and fucked her own daughter the night before - and in her depths of guilt and shame, she left no doubt that it was all her own idea, with no mention of Michael whatsoever.  Her voice was choked with disgust as she described pushing her cunt against Chloe’s face and spanking Chloe’s groin to force her daughter to lick - and yet, even through her disgust, she continued to finger her wet fuckhole.
She described sucking Michael’s cock, and then pushing Michael’s sperm back up into her daughter’s pussy, possibly impregnating her, and she wept and she masturbated as she did.  Michael felt he could cut that out of the video if he ever needed to - but he didn’t expect anyone to actually *see* this footage.  It existed for the sole purpose of controlling Sarah.
“Remember, it needs to be extreme enough if you want to cum,” Michael said softly as Sarah sobbed - and Sarah promptly went on to talk about how much she’d enjoyed raping Chloe, how little Chloe had wanted it, and how Sarah had been fantasising about forcing her daughter to lick her pussy for weeks.
Then she moved on to describing her fantasies about her daughter - Chloe’s tongue, Chloe’s tits, Chloe’s pussy.  She talked about spanking the brat out of Chloe - and then about *raping* the brat out of Chloe.  She talked about wanting Chloe to lick her pussy as she sucked Michael’s cock, about wanting to kiss Chloe as Michael fucked her in the cunt.
Then she said the words Michael wanted to hear: “I want Michael to rape Chloe.  I want to watch him rape Chloe.  I want to kiss Chloe as Michael rapes her.  I want to lick her pussy as Michael fucks her ass.  I want to suck his cum out of my daughter’s twat.”
Michael had no idea how much of this was Sarah’s genuine fantasies, and how much of it was a combination of lust-stupidness and a need to be extreme enough to be allowed to cum - and he didn’t care.  Sarah had said the words now, and they were recorded on tape.
Finally, Sarah moved on to describe Chloe’s behaviour.  She started with embarrassing moments from earlier in Chloe’s life.   She described Chloe’s childhood bedwetting incidents.  She talked about catching Chloe with porn, and walking in on Chloe when she was masturbating.  She talked about a story she had found Chloe writing in which she fantasised about tongue-kissing her biological father - which was news to Michael, and interesting, although not entirely surprising.
And then she talked about Chloe’s recent behaviour, and from Sarah’s perspective it was nothing but a parade of brattiness, disobedience, and slutty cockteasing.  To hear Sarah tell it, Chloe had done everything within her power to sexually arouse her mother and stepfather, including coming into their bedroom nude to watch them while they were fucking, kissing her mother on the lips, and wearing slutty outfits to seduce her stepfather.
“She needs to be punished,” Sarah mumbled.  Her eyes were unfocused now, and desperate with the need to cum.  Her whole body was shaking, and she was spending as much time jerking her fingers away from her pussy to avoid orgasm as she was on actually rubbing herself.
“Yes?” encouraged Michael.
“She needs to be disciplined,” said Sarah.  “We need to spank her bratty little bottom - slap her breasts - spank her pussy.  Slap her across the face.  Make her cry.  Teach her a lesson…”
She shuddered again, her whole body electrified with lust.
“You need to rape her,” she breathed.  “She’s practically forcing you to, like she did last night.  She needs to be raped, every day.  It’s all she’s good for, the little slut.  You need to rape her, and I need to rape her… she needs to cry, while you cum inside her…”
“Is that what you want me to do?” Michael asked.  “As her mother, is that something you want?”
“Yes,” moaned Sarah.  “Yes.  Rape my daughter, Michael.  Make her… learn… teach her a lesson…. uuhhh…. hurt her…”
“Good girl,” said Michael softly.  “You can cum now.”  And he watched as Sarah went through a powerful, whole-body orgasm, followed by another, and another, until she finally collapsed onto the bed, drained.
He stopped the recording on his phone, and went to find Chloe.
He brought Chloe back into the master bedroom, having removed her restraints and her chastity belt.  Chloe clearly knew that there was nothing good in store for her here - but much like Sarah, her thinking was affected by the arousal that her buzzing chastity belt had built in her.  Her face was flushed and her cunt was wet.  She blushed as she saw her mother sprawled nude in bed, her legs spread and her wet fuckhole pointed at her daughter.
“Here’s Chloe, Sarah,” said Michael.  “Why don’t you tell her what you told the camera?  About what needs to happen to her?”
Sarah’s face was a mask of shame.  Having orgasmed, she clearly wanted to rethink some of the things she had said at the height of her lust.
“Michael…” she begged.  “Maybe we should…”
“Or should I just show Chloe the video?” asked Michael.
That was all it took.  Sarah couldn’t bear to have her daughter hear all the things her mother had just said.  Sarah was defeated.  Michael was in control.
“Honey,” said Sarah.  “We’ve been talking, and… well, you’ve been such a brat, and a bitch, for so long.  And then just recently you’ve become this slutty cockteasing whore - even despite the Daughter Tuning app.  We really don’t know what to do with you.  And so I’ve decided…”
She paused, and swallowed, embarrassed.  She looked down at the bed.
“I’ve decided that you need to be raped,” she continued.  “Every day, either by your father or me, or both.  It’s the only way you’ll learn.”
Chloe looked at Michael, an unreadable look on her face of despair, shock, fear and lust.  
“It’s perfectly normal, Chloe,” said Michael, smiling.  “A lot of girls who can’t control their cockteasing behaviour end up getting raped by their parents after being a slut around them.  It’s how they learn to be good lovers, and it prepares them to be obedient wives who are sexually available for their husbands - like your mother here.”
“Mom…” Chloe begged, turning back to Sarah.
“Chloe, sweetie, I don’t think you should call her your mother anymore,” said Michael.  “You haven’t earned that right.  You’ll have to be punished if you forget and call her ‘mom’.   You can call her Sarah - or, if you’re feeling bratty, call her ‘cunt’ or ‘bitch’.  Go on, try it now.  Call her ‘cunt’.  If you do, maybe she’ll change her mind.”
Sarah looked away from her daughter in humiliation, hating what Michael was saying but too guilty to contradict him.
“Please… cunt…” said Chloe.  “Don’t do this to me.”
“Climb up here on the bed, honey,” said Sarah in response, still not making eye contact with her daughter.  “I want to watch you get raped.”
With no choice, no escape, Chloe climbed onto her parents’ bed.  Michael laid her down on her side, and then positioned himself behind her, and slowly pushed his cock into her wet teenaged cunt.
Sarah watched her daughter’s face as the cock went in, with a mixed expression of guilt and lust.  Then she arranged herself in a 69-position relative to her daughter.  She pulled at Chloe’s hair to get Chloe to rest her head on the inside of her thigh, with Chloe’s mouth pressed against Sarah’s cunt, and then rested her other leg on top of Chloe’s head to trap her in position.  With her mouth, she began to tongue Chloe’s clitoris as Michael’s cock slowly pistoned in and out of the teenaged girl’s fuckhole.
Having been teased by the vibrating chastity belt all morning, Chloe orgasmed quickly, and her tongue brought her mother to orgasm soon after.   She orgasmed again when Michael did, her whole body shaking at the feeling of his hot sperm spurting into her womb - and she had another orgasm as her mother licked Michael’s semen back out of her fuckhole.
“Thank us,” said Michael, as she shuddered through the orgasm.
“Thank you, daddy,” she said.  “Thank you, mom.”
Michael reached between her legs, grabbed her clitoris, and pinched it sharply.
“What did I tell you?” he hissed.  “Don’t call her mom.  Address her properly.”
“Thank you… cunt,” whispered Chloe.  “Thank you for raping me.”
“You’re welcome, honey,” said Sarah, moving back up to kiss her daughter on the lips.  “After all, you deserved this… and needed this.”
And, as Chloe tasted her stepfather’s cum in her mother’s mouth - cum which had so recently been in her own bratty teenaged fuckhole - she knew that her mother was right, and this was exactly what she deserved and needed.

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