Tuning Chloe

Part 21

by All These Roadworks

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Tuning Chloe, Part 21
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
Author's Note: This is the final chapter of Tuning Chloe!
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Michael’s engagement to Chloe triggered the final series of changes for their household.  
To start with, Chloe slept in the master bed with Michael most nights now, and it was made clear to Sarah that it was not her bed any longer and she had no inherent right to sleep there.
Sarah might have thought this meant she would be sleeping in Chloe’s bedroom now, but that was not the case.  Chloe was keeping her bedroom.  Instead, Michael bought a large dog kennel, and installed it in the garage, with some comfy rugs, and when Chloe and Michael did not want Sarah in their bedroom, they would send her to sleep in her kennel.  The word “CUNT” was painted on the front of the kennel so that Sarah would know it was hers.
Teaching Chloe to call her mother “cunt” and “bitch” had already started to reorient Sarah in Chloe’s mind from “parent” to “sex object”, and Michael now encouraged her to complete the transition, and treat her mother like her personal pet and slave.  Where before it had been Sarah raping her daughter to satisfy her lusts, now Michael encouraged Chloe to initiate sex, and make use of her mother whenever Chloe’s pussy was wet.  
They also used Sarah for what Michael called “motherhood practice” on each evening, which consisted of Chloe practicing putting a diaper on her mother, and then removing it and wiping her mother’s privates clean.  Then Chloe would sit on the couch with Sarah suckling at her breasts for an hour or so, to help promote lactation in Chloe’s teenaged udders and encourage her milk to come in.
Michael also had a frank discussion with his girls about the financial realities of pregnancy.
“It’s not cheap,” he said.  “And I’m the only one in this household bringing in any real income, other than the pocket change from Chloe’s blowjob business.  She’s pregnant - she can’t keep fucking schoolboys - so we’re going to need a different arrangement.”
The “arrangement” came in two parts.  The first was that Sarah would take up, and expand upon, Chloe’s prostitution work.  Sarah didn’t like it, but Sarah didn’t have much choice in things anymore.  Michael found her an arrangement at a local brothel, which she would work at seven nights a week, and made sure that she would be advertised as allowing clients to perform particularly painful and degrading sex acts upon her, for the right price.  
Each night, Sarah would prepare a dinner for Michael and Chloe, and then leave for the brothel without eating it, where she would be raped several times each night, before returning in the early hours of the morning to eat her share of the dinner, cold, from a dog bowl in the garage.  She would then sleep through most of the day, unless either Michael or Chloe had the urge to wake her for the purpose of fucking her.
For Chloe’s part, it was agreed that she would no longer suck off her schoolmates for money.  In fact, she wouldn’t be going to school at all anymore.  Michael did the paperwork to withdraw her before graduation.  
Instead, she would have an adult fansite account - Michael named it “Pregnant Princess Chloe” - where people could pay to watch her humiliating, erotic pregnancy journey.  He edited a version of the footage of her discovering she was pregnant, to remove the part where she referred to him as “daddy”, and he made it free for anyone who visited the page.  Seeing any more - including daily inspections of her swelling tits, growing belly, and wet cunt - would require payment.
On her last day at school he sent her to classes in her pleated school skirt and her white “TEEN WHORE” shirt - with no bra or panties - and had her distribute flyers for her new site to all the boys in her class, and all her male teachers, to make sure they would all have the chance to see the “real her”.  He expected to receive some calls from outraged teachers, in response to which he would claim she was simply an uncontrollable slut, and that they were pulling her out of school to send her to somewhere with better discipline - but no one called him, and Chloe came home with dried cum on her face and shirt, so he suspected that her teachers had been more than comfortable with her outfit and behaviour.
He had her climb onto his lap that night, with his cock sliding into her tight, wet pussy, and he made her tell him about the way everyone had looked at her in school - the boys and the girls and the teachers - and he helped her focus on the realisation that there was literally no-one in her life who didn’t see her as a whore and a slut and a sex-object.  She cried, and he reminded her that her new daddy loved her, even though she was a disgusting pregnant teen whore, and he kissed away her tears as he slowly fucked her, until she orgasmed on his cock while sobbing gently.  Then he pulled out and ejaculated over her face and tits, to help her remember why everyone in school had looked at her that way.
He would probably let her have some normal friends again someday, he thought, but only after she had completely internalised the idea that she was, first and foremost, a sex toy that deserved degradation and humiliation.  It would be healthy for her to eventually have friends her own age again, and it might be that those friends would fuck her from time to time, or it might not, but either way the Chloe who had once been a rebellious brat would be gone, and the Chloe that knew she looked pretty with cum on her face would be the only Chloe that mattered.
As Chloe’s pregnancy developed, and her belly began to swell, Michael was delighted to realise that Chloe’s fansite was making substantially more money than he expected.  Combined with his own income and Sarah’s sex work, it had left them substantially richer than before Michael had begun to “tune” Chloe.  On behalf of the family, Michael made the decision to move them to a new town - with a significantly larger and more sumptuous house for them to live in.
The fresh start enabled Michael to introduce Chloe to people as his fiancée.  They had no idea she had once been his stepdaughter.  And Sarah was introduced as “Chloe’s lesbian lover”.  Not everyone approved of their “polyamorous lifestyle” - but it meant he could have Chloe and her mother make out in public, with few suspecting the incestuous nature of their relationship.  
When he wanted the house to himself for a night, one of his favourite exercises was to send Chloe and Sarah out on a “date” together.  Sarah was forbidden to call her daughter anything other than “mistress” now - and of course Chloe referred to her mother as “cunt” or “bitch”.  He would give them a checklist of things to do in public before coming home - tongue kiss each other in a restaurant, strip naked together and make out in a park, loudly discuss their favourite things to push into their cunts, and more.
Whenever Chloe was allowed out of the house, she went without underwear, and he had begun to train her with a butt plug, and with clamps on her nipples and clitoris from which hung small, delicate bells.  The town may be a fresh start for Chloe, but it was important to Michael not only that people still looked at her as a slut wherever she went, but that she feel like one even when no one was looking.
Given the new situation, Michael had words with Dr Martin, and the choices that came through the Daughter Tuning app changed to lose any last pretence of respectability.  Now they would be question such as, “Does Chloe prefer being slapped, or spanked?”  “Does Chloe prefer torturing her mother’s tits, or pussy?”  “Does Chloe have sexual fantasies about dogs, or horses?”  “Is Chloe most ashamed of being wet for rape, or disappointing to her rapist?”
With the aid of the app, Chloe was reduced to a mess of intense and humiliating erotic thoughts, an all-consuming shame over her sluttiness, and a desperate gratitude to her fiancé daddy for continuing to love her despite her disgusting whorishness.  
Whenever he fucked her, he would whisper all the way she was a pathetic slut who deserved to be raped in her ear, and then at the end after she begged for permission to cum, he would kiss her and tell her that he loved her anyway, and she would press herself against him with genuine, needy affection.
He would show her the pictures he took of her for her website - naked but for pink lingerie, her hair in pretty pigtails, her belly round with pregnancy.  Often there would be cum on her face or tits, and sometimes she would be crying.  He would tell her how much prettier she was now than the ugly brat she had been when he met her, and she would thank him for making her beautiful.
He scheduled his wedding to her to take place in the ninth month of her pregnancy, so her belly would be at his roundest.  He helped her milk to come in early, with both his hands and a machine, and alongside the practice of breastfeeding her own mother each night, she found her breasts began lactating in her fifth month, and by her ninth month were oversized and swollen, with milk leaking almost constantly from her nipples.  He didn’t bother buying her many new maternity clothes - he loved the way that her old clothes refused to come down over her belly, and the way that her newly-enlarged tits bulged obscenely in her old shirts, making milky wet patches in the cloth over her nipples.
He bought Chloe bridal magazines, so that she could see what beautiful, normal, innocent brides looked like, so she would know how different from them she was herself.  He took Chloe and her mother to get piercings - just a clitoris piercing for Chloe, but clitoris and nipples for her mother.  He would take them for walks at night, both women naked, Chloe with a dog leash attached to her clitoris and Sarah with a leash connected to her nipples.  During daylight, when they were in public, he sometimes leashed the two women together by their clits, a subtle single chain running out from the hem of their short skirts to connect them together, forcing them to stay close and move slowly to avoid pulling up their skirts or, worse, tugging painfully on their clits.
Chloe didn’t have any real friends to invite to the wedding, so after Michael had invited a few of his own male friends who would enjoy seeing Chloe naked and degraded, he sold the remaining tickets to the ceremony on Chloe’s fan site.  Even at a prohibitively high price, there were more men who wanted to attend Chloe’s wedding than there were tickets available, and so he had each prospective attendee write a short essay on how they would like to rape Chloe, and issued invitations to the 100 or so most abusive and degrading entrants.
He had Chloe masturbate to orgasm each night while reading the essays, and picturing the author of the essay watching her at her wedding.
And as it turned out, some of Chloe’s old schoolfriends were successful applicants anyway, along with one of her former teachers.
Chloe never got a hens’ night for her wedding, but Michael certainly gave himself a bucks night.  A week before the wedding, he took Chloe to a strip club, and discreetly rubbed her pussy beneath the table of their booth as they watched the girls strip and dance on stage, and he whispered in her ear all the ways that the strippers were prettier and sexier than Chloe was.  By the end of the evening she was crying, and begging him to buy her a tit job so that she could be sexier, and apologising for being so ugly, and when he kissed her and told her she didn’t need a tit job and that he loved her anyway she was wonderfully and erotically grateful for his love.  
Then he hired a prostitute, and fucked her at home on the bed that he shared with Chloe, while Chloe and Sarah watched and masturbated, and then wrestled each other for the privilege of licking his cum from the sex worker’s pussy.
Two nights before the wedding, Michael had a surprise present for Chloe.
“Princess,” he told her.  “Have a look at your phone.”
They were lying in bed, with the lights out, and Chloe rolled over and took her phone from the nightstand.  In the darkness, Michael heard her surprised gasp - and then her first, choking sob, as she began to cry.
“Why?” she asked.  “No - I can’t - please, daddy…”
He simply waited, fascinated by her reaction.
The message on her phone was from the Daughter Tuning app - but it was not a new choice or demand.  Rather, it had one simple message - “You are released from all tuning.”
And as soon as Chloe had seen it, she had felt every hypnotic compulsion in her mind turn off, all at once.
Michael knew it was a risk.  Those compulsions included the ones that stopped Chloe from hurting him, or from escaping.  But he had decided he simply had to know - who was Chloe now, without those structures in place?  Would she return to the defiant brat he had first met?  Or was she something else now?
She lay there, crying, for a long time, and Michael made no move to touch her, or to talk.
And then he got his answer - or at least, the start of it.  Chloe began to curl up into a foetal ball as she sobbed, and move down the bed, hiding from her phone, and from his face, near the foot of the mattress.  And just when Michael thought she was going to climb out of bed and run from him - and from the slutty, degraded life he had built for her - she turned around, to face his groin, moved closer, and took his cock into her mouth, suckling on it desperately as though it were a pacifier.
He hardened instantly, and reached down to stroke Chloe’s hair.
“That’s a good girl,” he told her.  “Very good girl.  Daddy loves you.”
She started to shake, and Michael realised that Chloe was masturbating, desperately rubbing her pussy.  She had learned that her brain went quiet when her cunt was wet, and she was playing with herself to escape the nearly overwhelming bad thoughts that were running through her mind.
“Remember not to cum without daddy’s permission,” Michael told her.
She didn’t, and by the time Michael had ejaculated into her mouth, she was flushed and horny and had stopped crying.  He pulled her up to face him, wiping his cock clean on her pregnant belly.
“So, princess,” he said.  “There’s nothing left in your brain right now except you - the real Chloe.  What do you want?”
She looked like she might cry again.  “I hate you,” she whispered.  “I hate you.  I hate you.”  She paused, and then said, “But I hate me more.  I let you do this to me.  I could have run - even with the Daughter Tuning.  I could have fought you harder.  But I think I knew - I think I knew I deserved this.  That it was the real me.”
She sniffled, and rested her head against his chest.  She was still slowly rubbing her clitoris with one hand.  
“I’m miserable all the time now - but I was even more miserable before.  I didn’t know what I was, or who I was, or what I wanted.  I was just rebelling - without even knowing what I was trying to achieve.  And my mother didn’t even do anything about it - she was just a useless dishrag, telling me to behave but not prepared to actually make me.  And then you came along, and when I was a bitch you slapped me, and humiliated me, and threatened to rape me… and it made me so *wet*, like my pussy knew that this was everything I’d always wanted   Like this was how I was meant to be treated.”
She looked up at him, and with the hand that wasn’t rubbing her pussy she began to caress his dick.
“If I ran away from you now, I think I’d die,” she said.  “I’d… I don’t know, end up homeless.  Get addicted to drugs.  I don’t know how to look after myself - I’m just a stupid brat.  I can’t look after this child by myself either.  I need… I need a daddy.  And you make me cry - but I deserve it.  I really do.”  She laughed.  “And anyway, I look prettier when I’m crying, right?”
“So much prettier,” Michael agreed.  
“So I hate you,” Chloe said, “but… I love you.  There’s no other choice for me.  Wherever I went, I’d have to live with myself, and that means living with a stupid bitchy brat who nobody could love.  Nobody except you.”
“So how do you feel about the wedding?” Michael asked her.
She gripped his cock, and began to slowly pump it, as it began to re-harden in her hand.  She looked up at him with big, tear-filled eyes.
“Daddy,” she asked, “will you marry me?”
He kissed her.
“Of course I will, princess,” he told her.
She smiled through her tears - a bright, honest, affectionate smile.  Then her brow furrowed.
“Is it… gone forever?” she asked.  “The tuning?”
“You’re still obliged to follow the app,” said Michael.  “I could bring it back - but do I need to?”
She blushed, and then said, “I don’t know.  Maybe.  It’s easier when I know I don’t have a choice.  And I’m worried that if I have free will - I don’t know, that I might become a bitch again, and ruin everything.  I think maybe I’m going to be happier being under control.  Less guilty.”
“Don’t worry, honey,” he told her.  “I’ll keep the app, and if you ever need to be turned back into a brainless degraded fuckslut - more than you are naturally, that is - I’ll make it happen.”
“Thank you, daddy,” she said.  “I love you, daddy.”  
And then she rolled over and bent forwards so that he could slide his cock into her wet, eager, pussy, and they said nothing more that night.

The wedding was a relatively simple affair, in the end.  They even managed to rent a church, despite the degraded nature of the ceremony.
Chloe staggered down the aisle on a perilously high pair of white high heels.  She had a bridal veil, and a white see-through lace dress that was completely transparent over her engorged milky tits, and which parted in front to expose her huge round pregnant belly.  Below the waist, she wore white stockings connected to a garter belt, and nothing else.  The whole audience could see her pussy.
Michael led her to the altar by a dog leash, which was clipped to her clitoris ring.  Chloe’s hands were bound behind her with handcuffs, and she walked as carefully as Michael’s leash would allow.
Another chain ran from Chloe’s clitoris, between her legs, and down to the nipple rings of her mother.  Sarah crawled behind her daughter on all fours, completely nude.  One last chain ran from Sarah’s own clitoris ring to a heavy floral bouquet, that dragged on the floor behind her, tugging agonisingly on her clit with each forward movement she took.
At the altar, Sarah moved to a kneeling position behind Chloe, and parted Chloe’s buttocks with her hand so she could tongue her daughter’s anus as the ceremony proceeded.  The tickling feeling of her mother’s tongue on her asshole temporarily made Chloe burst into a fit of giggles, and they had to wait for her to recover before they could proceed.
Michael made his vows, promising to rape and discipline Chloe, to leash her and control her, to educate her in her role as a fucktoy, and make her pretty by decorating her with cum and making her cry.  He promised to slap her when she needed it, and be honest with her about her failings.  But he also promised to love her, as her husband and her daddy, and to always give her a shoulder to cry on and a cock to suck on and a place and a role in life.
Chloe, in return, promised to be an entertaining set of holes, to serve and obey Michael in all things, to entertain him through her pain and humiliation and degradation, to breed for him and lactate for him, and to fuck who she was told to fuck, without question or objection.  
Then he unleashed Chloe, and removed her handcuffs, so he could place the wedding ring on her finger, and they were legally married, husband and wife, father and daughter.  
After the ceremony, he unleashed Sarah from Chloe, and leashed Sarah to the altar instead, putting her hands in the cuffs that Chloe had previously been in.  He had Chloe go around the audience and kiss the cock of every man present, and thank him for attending.  Then he declared that audience could do whatever they wanted with Sarah, and left to take Chloe to their hotel room for their first marital sex.
As the audience stood and converged, about to give Chloe’s mother her first-ever 100-man gang-rape, Chloe didn’t even look back.
“I love you, daddy,” she said, snuggling up to Michael, and Michael knew that Chloe required no further tuning, ever again - because she was already perfect.
That was the end of Tuning Chloe.  If you've enjoyed the story, please support its creation by buying the complete e-book from AllTheseRoadworks.com!  
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