Elf-Queen of Tylia

Elf Queen of Tylia, Part 8

by All These Roadworks

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Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 8
Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
Note: As always, this story represents my kinks, not my politics.
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The queen’s youngest daughter only realised how far gone she was when she got her own name wrong in front of the dryad ambassador.
The dryads were considered holy servants of the gods by the elven people.  Every dryad took the form of a beautiful, naked woman, with skin that was either pale leaf-green or soft woodbark-brown.  Their connection with the forest was legendary, and the elves had always gone out of their way to revere and protect the deep forests which the dryads called their home.
“It is my pleasure to welcome you to Tylia,” said the princess, stepping forward in the great hall to address the dryad ambassador and her small retinue.  “I do not believe we have previously met, but my name is Princess Lari.”
The dryads looked at each other in concern, and then the ambassador - a beautiful creature named Alustria - looked back at the princess and cleared her throat.
“I am sorry,” she said.  “I may have misunderstood.  Does not ‘Lari’ mean ‘sex decoration’ in the language of your people?”  She paused, and then added, “I was also not aware that dresses in the style you are wearing were common among your people.”
The princess was baffled for a moment - and then she realised what she had done.
Liri.  Her name was Liri, meaning “beauty”. “Lari” was the demeaning name that the beastfolk used to refer to her, and it did indeed mean “sex decoration” - or, even more  crudely, “masturbation aid”.  She hated that name - and yet, her job involved working with the beastfolk every day, and that was the name that they insisted on using for her, and they also insisted she answer to it.  She had just… gotten used to it.
And as for her dress - it was based on the new holy garb of the priesthood, although admittedly cut in an expensive style suitable for a princess.  Her sister Ellora had forced it upon her, telling her that it was an appropriate way for a royal princess to honor the elven god Shel-Henneth.  Liri had objected - mostly because the dress completely exposed her groin!  The top was a beautiful corset that lifted and displayed her breasts, and the bottom was a skirt with an open panel in the middle to display her naked twat.  The outfit seemed to concentrate more attention on her groin than if she had simply been naked.
She had taken her objections to her mother, but Queen Sylene had simply told Liri that she had a very pretty fuckhole, and that she should not be afraid to show it off, and that anyway beastfolk went naked all the time and there was nothing wrong with it.  And so Liri had been forced to wear the embarrassing outfit.
Liri went bright red when she realised she was showing her cunt to the ambassador, and that she had just introduced herself as a sex decoration.  She opened her mouth to apologise for the outfit, and to correct her name - and then stopped.

The outfit was holy to Shel-Henneth, Ellora had said.  And Ellora was the High Priestess.  Was Liri really going to blaspheme, in front of a foreign dignitary?  And her name was, of course, Liri, not Lari - but when Red Horn caught her using her real name, he was always displeased, and suggested that her insistence on correcting beastfolk dialogue was racist and disrespectful.  
Just last week, Red Horn had raged at her because she had forgotten to refer to her sisters as her “cunt-mates” in beastfolk fashion.  He had taken up the matter with Liri’s mother, and the Queen had declared that Liri must apologise for her “racism” by kissing Red Horn’s monstrous beastman cock in front of the entire court, and then begging him to spank her ass as though she were a child, while the assembled nobility watched.  It had been a deeply humiliating experience, and one that Liri wasn’t keen to repeat.
So, blushing with humiliation, she said, “Yes, my name is Princess Lari, the Sex Decoration, and my dress is a way of honouring Shel-Henneth, by reminding my people of the holy cunt that birthed our race.”
The dryads looked at each other, and whispered among themselves.  They may have thought that Liri couldn’t understand them, for few people knew the wind-like tongue of the treefolk, but Liri had studied it, and she clearly heard their opinion on their statement:
“It seems the daughters of the big-titted slut queen are as whorish as their mother…”
Liri was not the only one who had noticed the dryads at court.  The matter was raised at the next meeting of the Reconciliation Committee.
“These tree-bitches,” hissed Sarlaz the lizard-man.  “How do we fuck them?”
Liri blushed and took her fingers out of her mouth.  “They are ambassadors, sir, and honoured guests, and ancient friends of the elven people.  You do not fuck them.”
The reason Liri’s fingers had been in her mouth was because she was licking them clean, and the reason she was licking them clean is because they had just been rubbing her cunt.  Liri’s customary position at the Reconciliation Council was kneeling nude, atop the council table, with her legs spread.  She would rub her cunt as the male beastfolk spoke, and she would regularly lick her fingers clean to avoid dribbling her cunt nectar onto the table.
It was a practice that left Liri frantic with humiliation every time she did it, and yet she felt she had no options other than to obey.  She had been assured that beastfolk women at such councils either displayed themselves and masturbated, as Liri was doing, or crawled nude beneath the table to suck the beastfolk’s cocks.  
The cat-girl, Mariel, customarily took the position under the table, but Red Horn had told Liri that she could swap places and be the cock-sucker if she tired of being the table decoration.  Thus far, Liri had blushingly refused.
And quitting the council was out of the question, as was seeking her mother’s help.  This was the only responsibility Liri had ever been trusted with by her mother, and she would rather die than admit she couldn’t handle it.  And in addition, there had been what Red Horn had said the other day.
“I approached the cunt who birthed you about having you or one of your cunt-mates formally married to a beastman in a diplomatic alliance,” Red Horn had whispered to her, after a meeting had concluded.  “I think you would make a fine bride for a pig-man such as Glant - or possibly for one of my larger dogs.  But the cunt who birthed you said that you were too valuable to her, here on the Council.”
He had smiled.  “Of course, if you are unable to keep up with your demands on the Council, I am sure we can revisit this point.”
The threat of marrying a dog was not an idle one.  Just last week, a pretty but vain noblewoman of the court had been accused by a beastman of “cockteasing his dog”.  The horrified noblewoman had pled her innocence, but Queen Sylene - under the advice of Red Horn - had found her guilty, and ordered the elf-woman to be married to the large wolfhound in a lewd ceremony, where the woman had been made to crawl nude next to her husband, and consummate the marriage in front of the entire court.
And so Liri had done her best to do what Red Horn and the Reconciliation Committee asked of her, no matter how humiliating, to ensure that they would have no reason to ask for her removal from the Council.  Even if that meant masturbating nude in front of them at each meeting.
In the present, Sarlaz was less than pleased with Liri’s answer.
“They have cunts and tits, don’t they?” he hissed.  “What else are they good for, other than being raped?  Why do they parade around nude if they do not wish to submit to my cock?”
“It is their custom,” said Liri, “as nudity is also the custom of your people.  But submitting to men is *not* their custom.”
Sarlaz spat on the floor.  “Then their customs are garbage.”
“Enough,” said Red Horn suddenly, cutting Sarlaz off.  “We are not here today to speak of the wood-cunts.  There is the matter of the brothels to attend to.”
Liri had not heard of this issue.  “The brothels, sir?” she enquired.
“More beastfolk come to Tylia every day, to assist in our reconciliation efforts,” said Red Horn.  “They desire to experience the pleasures of elven cunt.  However, there are insufficient whores in your brothels to meet demand.”
Glant, the pig-man, chimed in.  “And the whores you do have are inadequate,” he grunted.  “They barely know how to be raped.  And they’re mostly stupid poor sluts.  We want to enjoy the highborn elven bitches, like you.”
Liri didn’t know what to say.  “What… what are you asking, sir?” she said.
“Tylia needs more whores,” said Red Horn.  “If you cannot entice women to submit to beastfolk cock, then you should institute a draft, as you would for your military.”
“We can’t just force women to become whores!” objected Liri, temporarily forgetting herself.
There was silence.  A long silence.
Then Red Horn said, icy cold, “Lari, after this meeting, you will come to me and ask me to slap you three times across the face, and then you will apologise by kissing my cock.  Do you understand me?”
She was lucky to get off so lightly.  “Yes, sir,” she said meekly.
“Good,” said Red Horn.  “You will make it happen.  You will tell your mother to pass the law.  There will be a draft of elven women to become whores.  And the draft will be among noblewomen, priestesses, and women who possess wealth or authority.  You will select fifty names each week and they will be forced to be whores for a period of two months.  They will not be able to refuse clients or object to performing the acts that beastfolk require of them.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir,” said Lari meekly.
“Don’t forget the education!” grunted Glant.
“Oh, yes, thank you, Glant,” said Red Horn.  “Yes, Lari.  You will see to it that elven women are educated in how to please beastfolk cock.  At the bare minimum you will educate the women chosen by the ballot, although I see benefits in simply delivering the education to every woman of Tylia.  They will learn to be enjoyable to rape.”
“Yes, sir,” said Lari, internally horrified - and terrified - but unwilling to contradict the huge, intimidating beastman.
“Good cunt,” said Red Horn.  And then he smiled.
“Oh, and Lari?” he added.  “I think it’s important, in order for this to be fair, that you should include your *own* name in the ballot - don’t you?”

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