Elf-Queen of Tylia

Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 9

by All These Roadworks

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Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 9
Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
Note: As always, this story represents my kinks, not my politics.
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The beastfolk called her Queen Syluin, which in their tongue meant “the Bimbo Queen”.  She had not been expressly forbidden to use her true birth name, Sylene, but whenever she spoke it, the nearest beastman would slap her face, or her breasts, and chastise her for mispronouncing her own name.  She was beginning to find that, even in her own head, she now thought of herself as Syluin.
Red Horn had even had her sign a decree - in the “spirit of cultural exchange” - recognising the beastfolk mangling of her name as one of her official titles, so that she could legally sign documents as “Syluin”.  Just the other day, she had been delighted to sign a proclamation brought to her by Red Horn establishing “Queen Syluin’s School for the Education of Elven Females” - only to discover the the building in question would be a brothel, catering exclusively to beastfolk who wanted to enjoy violent and degrading sex with elven women at bargain prices.
She was horrified by what was happening to her kingdom, and her part in it.  The beastfolk were systematically taking over her country, without a drop of blood spilled or a battle fought.  They were making elves a second class citizen in their own nation - and making elven women, in particular, even lower than that, little more than animals in service to beastfolk cocks.  And every day Queen Syluin put her signature to these policies, promoted them, and defended them when she held court, while acting like a slut in all the ways that Red Horn commanded her to.
She found it hard to think straight.  Red Horn went out of his way to keep Syluin in a state of heightened sexual arousal, either teasing her with his own monstrous cock, or commanding her to rub her pussy and think slutty thoughts - often even in public, while seated upon her throne.  And yet he would not let her orgasm - not even once.
“If you dare to orgasm, elven bitch,” he had snarled at her, while gripping her hair in his bestial fist and pressing her face against his huge, exposed cock, “I will rape one of your daughters and put a beastfolk baby inside her.  Do you understand?”
She had nodded, rubbing her face against his dick, desperate to avoid punishment.
“Ask me to do it,” he had told her.  “Ask me to rape your daughter if you cum.”
She had shivered all over with shame and humiliation, but she had said, “Please, sir, if I am a disobedient bitch and allow myself to orgasm, I want you to rape one of my daughters and put a beastfolk baby into her.”
“Of course, your Majesty,” Red Horn had laughed.  “I could hardly refuse a royal request.  In the event I rape one of your daughters, I shall be sure to tell her you commanded me to do so.”
And despite that, all that Syluin wanted to do was cum.
Red Horn had removed the bed from her bedchambers.  He had arranged to send the ornate four-posted wooden structure - which had been in her late husband’s family for three thousand years - to his estate in beastfolk territory, as a royal gift, and he had replaced it with a wooden beastfolk “mating bench”, and a silver dog cage, inlaid with gold and gems, into which he locked Syluin each night, naked.
As she lay there each night, the urge to play with her pussy was overpowering.  Red Horn generally left her alone in her cage.  He wouldn’t know if she orgasmed, surely.  She could do it secretly.  
And yet Red Horn often seemed to know things he had no way of knowing . And if he caught her, she had no doubt he *would* rape one of her daughters - and probably punish Syluin, as well.  
So she did her best to keep her fingers away from her wet, needy, fuckhole, and instead concentrated on the homework Red Horn had given her as her mind calmed down and prepared to sleep.
“I have three cunt-spawn,” she whispered dreamily.  “Their names are Sex-Doll, Cocksleeve and Cunt.  I must only look at their tits and cunt, never their faces.  Sex-Doll has pretty tits that would be fun to slap.  Cocksleeve has a bitchy attitude that makes her fun to rape.  Cunt is very stupid and has a pretty fuckhole.  Elven bitches are prettier when they’re crying.  Elven bitches are prettier in chains.  Elven bitches are prettier when they’re pregnant…”
On the first morning of spring, Syluin woke to the sound of the time-lock on her cage disengaging, as it did every morning an hour after sunrise.  She crawled from her cage and took the position that Red Horn expected of her, kneeling near her bedroom door, with her mouth upturned and open, as she massaged her pussy to make herself stupid and horny in the way that Red Horn liked, careful not to make herself cum.
And soon afterwards, Red Horn arrived for his “morning meeting” with her.  He opened the door, smiled as he saw the elven queen waiting submissively for him, and promptly pushed his monstrous, exposed beastfolk cock into her mouth, without waiting for permission.  Queen Syluin began to suckle on it obediently.
But Red Horn wasn’t alone.  There were two people behind him.
“Go and stand against the mating bench, princesses,” instructed Red Horn.
And Syluin saw that Red Horn’s attendants were her youngest two daughters - Ellora and Liri.
No, she corrected herself.  She must say it as the beastfolk did - Eelor and Lari.   Cunt and Sex-Doll.
Lari was dressed in an expensive and beautiful gown, as befitted an elven princess, except that it was gathered apart in the front to expose her naked twat.  It was the style currently being encouraged by the priesthood of Shel-Henneth, under Eeelor’s leadership, and which Red Horn had forced the queen to endorse.  (He had laughed as he had forced her to masturbate while writing to her daughters to instruct them to expose their cunts to the world like common whores.)
Eelor was dressed in priestly white, but her outfit consisted only of white high heels, and a white blouse.  She was completely naked below the waist - and even the blouse was semi-transparent, giving a fair view of her large tits through its diaphanous fabric.  
Eelor’s hands were cuffed behind her back.  Queen Syluin understood this was normal for her middle daughter now, ostensibly to help her resist the urge to cover her fuckhole from view.  
“That’s it, girls,” Red Horn said, as the two princesses shuffled to stand against the lewd fucking bench.  “Spread your legs for me so I have a good view of your holy orifices.  Why don’t you rub your cunt a little for me, Lari, like a good sex-decoration, while I finish feeding your mother?”
He looked down at Queen Syluin, and slapped her cheek lightly.  “Be a good role model for your cunt-spawn and make me cum, your Majesty.”
Syluin was completely humiliated to be sucking a beastman cock, while naked, in front of her own daughters.  She was even more humiliated to feel Red Horn’s huge dick flexing in her mouth, and to know that it was in response to the sight of her daughters’ cunts.  Red Horn was fantasising about raping Syluin’s daughters, and Syluin was rewarding him for it by sucking his cock.
She couldn’t see her daughters, and therefore couldn’t see how they were reacting to the situation.  Were they horrified by her?  Disgusted by her?  Were they afraid of Red Horn, and scared of what he might do to them?  Or were they - worst of all - aroused by it - as Syluin herself was becoming aroused, as she fingered her pussy and sucked on the huge phallus that filled her mouth.
She gained an answer a few moments later when Lari said, in a small voice, “Please, sir,  you don’t need to do this to my mother - I mean, to the cunt who birthed me.  It’s… embarrassing.”
“You are wrong, Lari,” said Red Horn. “I do need to do this.  It is essential for beastfolk men to discharge their cum regularly into a bitch’s holes.  Otherwise it builds up and makes us… aggressive.  But if you wish me to finish faster, you can assist by providing entertainment and stimulation.”
He paused, and then said, “Why don’t you help by kissing your cunt-mate?  And squeezing her tits?”
There were little gasps from both girls.
“She’s my *sister*,” objected Lari, in a shocked voice.
“Your cunt-mate,” corrected Red Horn.  “And why should that matter?  Unless you enjoy watching the cunt who birthed you sucking my cock for longer, in which case feel free to keep rubbing your twat and observing.”
There was silence for a minute.  

Then Eelor said, quietly, “It’s our duty, Liri.  To help her.  It’s just a kiss.”
“That’s right,” said Red Horn.  “Just a kiss.  And don’t stop rubbing your pussy while you kiss her, Lari.”
And then Slyuin heard the sounds of lips touching, and a little gasp from Lari, and then a slutty moan from Eelor.
Her daughters (her “cunt-spawn”) were kissing.  They were engaging in incestuous lesbian play for the entertainment of a beastman.  Syluin felt her whole body quiver with shame.
And then, just like that, Red Horn was cumming, filling Syluin’s throat with delicious beastman semen.  She swallowed as quickly as she could, aware that Red Horn would punish her for wasting any.  And when he was done, she rose up slightly, and wiped his cock clean on her face and tits, like she knew he enjoyed.
When she turned around, her daughters were still kissing.  Their faces were flushed.  Lari had one hand between her legs, her fingers stroking her clitoris, and the other was on her sister’s voluptuous left breast, squeezing it.  Eelor’s hands were still cuffed behind her back but she was leaning into her sister eagerly.  Their lips were locked together, and from the sounds they were making Syluin guessed that Eelor’s tongue was in her sister’s mouth.
The fact that they were both so obviously sexually aroused as they kissed made Syluin cringe with shame.
“That’s enough, pets,” said Red Horn.  “Lari, why don’t you tell the cunt who birthed you what you’re here for?”
Syluin kept rubbing her cunt as her daughter broke off the kiss, blushing, and turned to face her.  Red Horn hadn’t told her to stop masturbating, after all.
“Birth-cunt,” said Lari, using the beastfolk way of addressing one’s mother, “the Reconciliation Committee has decided that, in a measure to address the work shortages in elven brothels resulting from the needs of our beastfolk allies, a lottery should be instituted to compel highborn elven bitches to serve as prostitutes.”
Syluin felt her stomach churn.  Lari was asking her to force elven women to serve as fucktoys for random beastfolk.  It was a horrible proposal.
“Do you… do you think I should sign such a decree, Lari?” she asked.
Lari blushed.  “Yes,” she said quietly.  “And… I think you should include me in the lottery.”
Red Horn laughed.  “A bold proposal.  And what about you, Queen Syluin?  Do you think this is a good idea?  Or do you wish to… alter the proposal?”
Syluin looked at the ground.  She knew what Red Horn was asking of her.  He was going to make her sign the proposal - it would certainly happen, and she had no choice in that.  But he was daring her to make it even worse, even sluttier.  He wouldn’t make her do that - but if she didn’t please him, he would find something terrible to do to her in response.  Or to her daughters.
“I think…” she said - and paused. It was hard to think of anything when she was this horny, when she was masturbating her twat, when she was staring at her youngest daughter’s exposed pussy as she spoke.  What did she think?
“I think we should definitely pass this law,” she said.  “But I think it is unfair to exempt *any* elven woman - I mean, any elven bitch - from the lottery.  I think not just Lari, but myself and all of my cunt-spawn should be included.”
“An excellent idea,” said Red Horn.  “Very well, I will have the relevant paperwork for you to sign to pass this into law by noon.  Thank you, Lari.  You are excused.  Go to your room and masturbate to orgasm while thinking about your cunt-mate Ellora being used as a beastfolk whore.”
Lari’s eyes widened, and she practically ran from the room, her hand still between her legs.
“And now there is the matter of your other cunt-spawn,” said Red Horn.  “Stand up, Bimbo Queen, place your back against the wall there, and spread your legs.”
Syluin did as she was told, nervous for what might be about to come.
Red Horn withdrew a device from his belt.  It was a piece of moulded smooth stone, shaped like a short, fat beastfolk cock, with a strap.  He pushed the stone into Syluin’s mouth, and then secured the strap behind her head.  The stone effectively worked as a gag, plugging the Queen’s mouth.
“This is a beastfolk pacifier,” said Red Horn.  “The stone is filled with a small amount of my urine.  Don’t worry, your Majesty, it will remain in the stone - unless, of course, you are so whorish as to suck on it.  Just keep your mouth relaxed and you will be fine.”
But Syluin had already, instinctively, sucked on it, and she was rewarded with the sour taste of the beastman’s piss.  She immediately stopped sucking and tried to relax.
“Eelor,” said Red Horn, “tell the cunt who birthed you why you are here.”
“I am to give you the blessing of Shel-Henneth, birth-cunt,” said Eelor. 
And Syluin now saw that there was a dreamy, unfocused look in her daughter’s eyes.  Was Ellora… hypnotised?  Mind controlled?  She had heard there were some among the beastfolk with that power.
She tried to speak, forgetting there was a gag in her mouth, and made only muffled sounds.
“The cunt is the holy orifice of the goddess,” said Eelor in that same detached tone.  “It is correct and holy for a priestess to bless the cunt with her tongue.”
Was she talking about…licking Syluin’s pussy?  Surely not.  Eelor was her daughter.  It would be blasphemous…obscene…. 
And yet Syluin’s beautiful blonde daughter was moving to kneel between her legs.
“You have been in consultation with the goddess, with the aid of your assistant Rathi, the snake-girl, have you not, Eelor?” asked Red Horn.
“Yes, sir,” breathed Eelor, staring at her mother’s spread cunt.
“And what did she tell you?  What message did she help you learn from the goddess?”
“I must give the cunt who birthed me the highest pleasure,” said Eelor.  Her face was flushed with arousal.  “I must bless the cunt I came from until it orgasms.  If I fail to do so, Rathi will scourge my breasts and fuckhole with a leather belt until I scream, just as I deserve for my failure.”
Red Horn grinned.  “You hear that, your Majesty?  Your daughter wishes to make you cum.”
Syluin made a loud noise of protest, incoherent through her gag.  If she orgasmed, Red Horn had promised to rape one of her daughters - but Eelor didn’t know that.  Couldn’t know that.
“Relax and let it happen, your Majesty,” advised Red Horn.
And with that, High Priestess Eelor leaned in and began to lick her mother’s pussy.
Syluin practically screamed into her gag.  Not just because she didn’t want this, found it perverse and obscene - but also because her daughter turned out to be a surprisingly talented cunt-licker.  Her tongue traced the outline of Syluin’s pussy-lips with tantalising delicacy, before pushing between them and flicking across Syluin’s engorged, throbbing clitoris, lapping up Syluin’s sticky cunt nectar and savouring its taste.
“Do not worry, your Majesty,” said Red Horn.  He had his hand on his cock and he was pumping it as he watched the incestuous lesbian encounter.  “This is but the first of many encounters.  I have urged upon the High Priestess that she should visit you each evening, before you enter your cage, and repeat this blessing.  In time she will teach you how to return the blessing to her - and then you will be able to bless your other daughters in this way too.”
Syluin writhed with horror and shame.  She wished she had the courage to push her daughter away, to defy Red Horn, to act like a queen instead of a whore.  But with all the things she had done - beginning with getting the women of her kingdom addicted to beastman cum, and continuing to the way she had abetted the rape and degradation of her subjects - she knew that if Red Horn chose to withdraw his support from her, and the support of her people, she would likely be gang-raped by her subjects in the palace square before the sun set - and then she dared not imagine what might become of her after that.
So she allowed her daughter to passionately lap at her wet fuckhole, and tried her best not to orgasm.
But it was no use.  She was so wet, so aroused - and she had been aroused for weeks in a row, weeks without release, without orgasm.  Now her daughter was applying her skilled tongue to Syluin’s pussy, and she wasn’t going to stop until Syluin gave her what she wanted.
Syluin resisted, and resisted…
… and despite it all, she finally felt a switch go off in her pussy, and suddenly her whole body was spasming, bucking with pleasure.  She felt herself shove her groin hard against her daughter’s face, and at the same time she began to squirt, bathing Eelor’s face and mouth and tits with her sex fluids.  Involuntarily, she sucked at her gag in her moment of release, and felt her mouth flood once again with the taste of Red Horn’s piss, the disgusting flavour mixing with her overwhelming pleasure in confusing ways.
As she orgasmed, she knew that her failure to control herself had doomed one of her daughters to beastman rape.
Red Horn started laughing as he watched Syluin orgasm - and a moment later he found his own second orgasm, and he began to ejaculate, spurting thick ropes of cum from his monstrous cock that bathed Eelor’s face with sticky white cum as she continued to lick at her mother’s clitoris.
“Stand up, Eelor,” he said when his own cock had stopped dripping.  Eelor staggered to her feet, and as she did so, Red Horn moved to remove Syluin’s gag, pulling it out of her mouth and tucking it away.
“Your Majesty, put your fingers up your cunt-spawn’s fuckhole,” he instructed her, “and pump them, to reward her for her blessing.”
Syluin mewled with unhappiness, and looked at Red Horn for mercy, but none was forthcoming, so she reluctantly moved her hand to her own daughter’s pussy, and pushed two fingers up Eelor’s twat, which was wet and eager.  She began to pump them, and Eelor made a slutty moan.
“Now lick your daughter’s face clean,” said Red Horn, “and then kiss her and finger her pussy until she cums.  It’s only fair, after what she’s done for you.”
Syluin began to tenderly lick at her daughter’s face, tasting her own cunt juices, the flavour of her squirt, and the sticky addictiveness of Red Horn’s sperm.  She kept masturbating her daughter as she did so, and when she was done licking, she pressed her lips against Eelor’s and kissed her.
Eelor’s mouth turned out to be as talented at kissing as it had been at licking pussy, and Syluin felt her cunt growing aroused again as her daughter pressed her lips firmly against Syluin’s, and as Eelor’s tongue pushed into her mother’s mouth eagerly.  Syluin’s bare tits pressed against her daughter’s transparent blouse, and Eelor moaned sluttily as she eagerly kissed her mother.
And then, just like that, Eelor was cumming.  Syluin had made her own daughter orgasm, and she felt the wave of that pleasure pass through Eelor even as she sucked on her daughter’s tongue.
And then suddenly Eelor was being pulled away from Syluin.  Red Horn had grabbed a handful of her hair and had used it to pull her.
“You DISGUSTING SLUT,” Red Horn spat.  “You just fucked the cunt who birthed you.  What kind of an incestuous whore does that?  Is this how all elven bitches behave?”
He slapped her across the face, and then slapped her across the tits.
Eelor started to cry.  She didn’t understand.
“You just orgasmed like a pig from the fingers of the cunt you came from,” said Red Horn.  “How can anyone possibly respect you or love you, you dirty little elven twat?  Go back to Rathi and tell her you deserve the cunt and pussy whipping for being such a filthy little pig.”
In tears, Eelor fled the room - but neither Syluin nor Red Horn had any doubt that she would, indeed, ask her snake-girl friend to punish her for what she had just done.
And when she was gone, Red Horn turned to Syluin.
“But of course we know that the real slut is you, your Majesty,” he said.  “Cumming from your own cunt-spawn’s tongue.  How… beastlike.  Do you remember what I said I’d do if you orgasmed?”
Syluin’s voice was whisper-quiet.  “You said you’d rape one of my daughters.”
Red Horn shook his head.  “No, your Majesty,” he said.  He was quiet for a moment, and then he added, “I said I would rape *and impregnate* one of your daughters.”
Syluin moaned with despair.
“Now, which one should it be?” he asked.  “The cunt?  The sex decoration?”  He smiled, and said, “No.  I think it would be most fun to burden the other one with a pregnancy - the one who thinks she’s a warrior.  The cocksleeve.  What do you call her?  Dastiya.”
And for once he pronounced her elven name perfectly.

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