Elf-Queen of Tylia

Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 7

by All These Roadworks

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Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 7
Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
Note: As always, this story represents my kinks, not my politics.
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Going about with an exposed cunt wasn’t something that came easily to Princess Ellora.  It was embarrassing even when she was alone, and when someone actually looked at her, the urge to hide or flee was overwhelming.  
She knew that her cunt was dirty and shameful.  She knew that having a cunt made her stupid and inferior, and deserving of rape.  The snakewoman Rathi had helped her come to that understanding.  And yet it was holy to her goddess, and the fact that a woman’s cunt allowed her to be raped and impregnated by men, and give them pleasure, made it the most important part of her body.  It was blasphemous, she knew now, to hide it from view.
These thoughts were all new to her, and sometimes she wondered how she had embraced them so quickly, when they were so opposed to how she had once understood her religion.  But whenever she tried to think about this, her mind became filled with memories of Rathi’s beautiful, buxom breasts, and her thoughts went fuzzy, and then her cunt became wet and she stopped trying to think altogether.
Despite her new convictions about her cunt, she couldn’t help but twitch her robe so it would cover her groin when people stared at her.  And so Rathi helped her design a new priestly robe, which simply stopped at her midriff, leaving her nude from the waist down.  But even then, Ellora would find herself tempted to cover her pussy with her hands - which really only drew attention to her nudity, and yet it was not in accordance with her new beliefs.
Rathi helped her with this, too.  The snakewoman had moved herself into Ellora’s sleeping quarters, and each night before bed, she discussed theology with Ellora.  Ellora would stare at Rathi’s beautiful breasts, while the snakewoman’s warm, scaly tail tale pushed between Ellora’s legs, up into her cunt, pumping in and out and bringing Ellora deep, mind-consuming pleasure.  Rathi would whisper ideas to Ellora, and when Ellora had fully internalized them, and made them part of her core beliefs, she would be rewarded with permission to suck on Rathi’s breasts while Rathi’s tail brought her to orgasm.
“The proper posture of an elven bitch is to stand with her hands behind her back,” hissed Rathi as she teased Ellora’s cunt.  “It looks attractive and demure.  You will keep your hands joined behind your back whenever they are not needed for other tasks.  You will never use your hands to defend or cover your tits or cunt.  It would be shameful to cover your tits or cunt with your hands or prevent someone from touching them.”
“Yes,” gasped Ellora.  “Yes, mistress.”  
And she was rewarded with a taste of her teacher’s delicious tits.
She knew that it was strange and wrong for a priestess to suck on another woman’s breasts, and particularly so when that woman was a beastwoman, who Ellora’s people considered to be dirty and savage - but she couldn’t help herself.  She simply couldn’t stop thinking about Rathi’s breasts.  She dreamed about them.  She wanted to stare at those ample tits forever, and please the beautiful woman that they were attached to.
And so she accepted Rathi’s ideas into her beliefs.  She went everywhere with her hands clasped behind her back, and when people stared at her cunt, she found she couldn’t move her hands to cover herself even if she wanted to.  It would be wrong, her mind told her.  An elven bitch like her should keep them behind her back at all times.
Although it wasn’t just her pussy that got attention.  Her new posture had the effect of thrusting her breasts forward as well, and this got its own share of looks.
When it came time to present her first sermon with her cunt bare, she almost fainted from embarrassment.  She stood before more than two hundred elves, with her hands behind her back, and her legs parted, and her pussy on full display, and spoke about the Holy Cunt of Shel-Henneth, which had been so desired by her father the creator, and from which was birthed the entire elven race.  And she encouraged all the elven women present to display their cunts more freely.
This was too much for some of the elder patriarchs of the church.  If she had been any other priestess, she would have immediately been dismissed in shame, but Ellora was a princess, and so a strongly worded letter was sent to the queen, complaining about her daughter’s slutty behaviour.
Ellora quaked in humiliation, terrified of her mother’s judgement and condemnation.
But when the response came back from Queen Sylene, it was not what she expected.
“I approve of my daughter’s dress and actions.  She is an exemplary elven woman and a fine priest.  Please continue to follow her leadership, and it would please me if the female acolytes in the church were encouraged to follow her example.”
(Ellora could not know that her mother had dictated this letter on instructions from the Beastman leader Red Horn, with Red Horn’s monstrous cock penetrating her pussy as she wrote, and that afterwards Red Horn had made the queen chant, “I hope my daughter gets raped” in order to receive the whorish orgasm that she desired.)
The patriarchs grumbled, but had no choice but to follow their queen’s instructions.  And yet in the following week, Ellora heard them begin to call her “Princess Cunt” behind her back.
She raised this matter with Rathi.
“The priests are using your horrible nickname for me!” she complained.  “They are calling me Princess Cunt!”
“Ah, but Eelor,” said Rathi - using the horribly mangled version of Ellora’s name that translated to “cunt” - “is it not a good name for you?  And why is there anything inappropriate about it?  You should show your fuckhole every day, because you know you should.  Isn’t it an insult against your goddess to refused to be named by that holy part of your body?”
Ellora was staring at Rathi’s breasts.  What the snakewoman was saying made a certain kind of sense.
“True holy humility would mean casting aside any name that suggested you should be respected,” said Rathi.  “It is prideful to take a name such as that given to you by the cunt that birthed you.  You should encourage men to call you Princess Cunt - or bitch, or slut, or whore, or fucktoy.  These are the name that show you truly follow the calling of your goddess, are they not?”
“They’re embarrassing…” protested Ellora.  “Demeaning…”
“They are what you deserve,” said Rathi.  “And when you know that, and accept them as your name, you may kiss my breasts, and I will allow you to orgasm.”
Ellora didn’t want to accept those names, and she lasted nearly two hours, staring at Rathi’s tits and drooling, as Rathi’s tail fucked in and out of Ellora’s pussy.  But finally she gave up, and allowed the thought to sink in - and was rewarded by the taste of Rathi’s perfect nipple, even as Rathi used her tail to rape Ellora to blissful orgasm.
I am Princess Cunt, thought Ellora.  What an appropriate name. Or I can answer to bitch, or slut…
She went to the patriarchs the next day to tell them they should refer to her now as Princess Cunt.  They uniformly stared at her pussy as she spoke, not one of them acknowledging her face, and they laughed when they learned it was also acceptable to describe her as “the bitch” or “the slut”.
“Yes, slut,” said the head patriarch.  “We will call you Princess Cunt from now on.”  And they all laughed again, as Ellora’s face burned with shame.
It was Ellora’s job also to make the acolytes adopt her new style of dress.  Her mother the Queen had commanded it, and more importantly, Rathi had told her to do so as well.  She gathered the 30 or so young elven women who worked in the temple, and told them how they would be expected to display their holy cunts from now on.
The girls were horrified - and mortified.  They blushed deep red and looked away.  Ellora arranged for each girl to be provided with the new pussy-exposing robes - and yet, some of the girls continued to wear their old garments, despite Ellora’s directions, and those who *did* expose their twats in accordance with the new doctrine had the same unfortunate habit that Ellor had once had of trying to cover their groins with their hands.
“They are disobeying me!” pouted Ellora that night, as Rathi’s tail slowly penetrated her rape-tunnel.  “Even though I’m the High Priestess!”
“They must be punished, Princess Cunt,” hissed Rathi, swaying her breasts in front of Ellora’s gaze.
“But how?” asked Ellora.
“Strip them nude, and spank their disobedient pussies,” suggested Rathi.  “Make them weep from the pain in their cunt.  And yet, kiss them, on the lips, so they know that even in disobedience they live in the love of their goddess.”
Ellora stared at the snakewoman’s perfect fuckmelons.  “Yes…” she said, hesitantly.  It sounded right - and yet wrong.
“And then when it is done, you should bless their cunt with a kiss,” said Rathi.
“With a kiss?” asked Ellora, her head full of fog.
“A long, slow kiss,” said Rathi.  “To share your holy blessing with them, and help to in some measure sanctify their dirty twats.”  She smiled.  “Part your legs, and I shall show you, princess.”
Ellora moaned, and spread her legs.  Rathi’s tail withdrew from Ellora’s cunt, and then Rathi herself was between the princess’ legs, her face near Ellora’s pussy, looking up at her with mischief and lust.
“Like this, Princess Cunt,” she said.  She leaned in and used her hands to spread Ellora’s pussy lips.  And then she pushed her long, forked tongue up inside Ellora’s fuckhole.
Ellora gasped in ecstasy.  It felt so good.  She felt Rathi pump her tongue in and out of her.  It didn’t go deep, and that just made it feel more like teasing.  
Then Rathi withdrew her tongue, and ran it up the length of Ellora’s slit.  It flicked lightly over Ellora’s clitoris, making her squeal with delight, and then Rathi pushed in closer and drew Ellora’s whole clit into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop.
Ellora squirmed, and wiggled her legs, but she didn’t dare push Rathi away.
And then Rathi was moving back down, and once again her tongue pushed into Ellora’s vagina.
Three times Rathi repeated this - exploring her sluthole, then licking and sucking her clit, before returning to her sluthole - and by the end Ellora was mad with the need to cum.  She wanted to push Rathi away, or draw her close, but she couldn’t seem to bring her hands near her pussy.  She mewled with frustration and slutty desire.
“Do you want to cum, Princess Cunt?” asked Rathi.
“Yes,” moaned Ellora.  “Yes, please, mistress.”
“This is the appropriate way for a priestess to give a blessing, don’t you agree?” said Rathi.  “The only appropriate way.  Won’t it be nice to kiss the wet cunts of all your acolytes, slut?”
“No…” moaned Ellora.  “I shouldn’t.  It’s whorish.  It’s wrong.”
“Don’t you want to teach them to return the favour?” asked Rathi.  “All those pretty young elven bitches, licking your cunt just like I was doing?  Wouldn’t that feel nice?”
Ellora made a trapped, pathetic sound.
“Just accept that idea, Princess Cunt,” said Rathi, “and I’ll let my pretty little slut-priest cum.”
She flicked her tongue across Ellora’s love-nub again.
There really wasn’t any doubt what Ellora would do - so she barely even tried.  She relaxed her resistance, and felt Rathi’s words settle into her beliefs.  The cunt of Shel-Henneth was holy - and so were the cunts of elven women - and so this was clearly an appropriate way to conduct a blessing.  She believed it.
And Rathi again rewarded her with an orgasm.
She dreamed that night of kissing pretty young elven girls, and having them lick her pussy, and the next day, in the morning, she sent for the first of the disobedient acolytes.
She invited one of the younger patriarchs to be present as well, to ensure that everything was above board.  She chose one who she had seen staring openly at her cunt, with a bulge at the groin of his priestly robes, as she thought he would be the most inclined to support her actions without protest.
When the young blonde elven maid arrived, Ellora bade her to strip naked.  The girl didn’t want to undress in front of Ellora - let alone in front of the male priest - but Ellora threatened her with expulsion from the temple.  She would be sent home in disgrace for disobeying the high priestess’ orders, and her family would be left in poverty.  

So she obeyed, and slowly stripped nude as Ellora and the patriarch watched.
Then she had the girl come and lie across Ellora’s lap, ass down, tits up.  Ellora cradled the girl’s upper body with one arm, holding the girl’s face next to her own.  And she had the patriarch grab the girl’s ankles, and force her legs apart.
“This is the discipline you need, for the prideful sin of hiding your cunt,” murmured Ellora.  “Your cunt was given to you to share with the world.  It does not belong to you, but to all Shel-Henneth’s children.  And if you conceal it, you must be disciplined.”
She leaned in closer and kissed the girl tenderly on the lips.  It felt good - her lips were soft, and the girl was shy and scared.  She moaned softly, as her tongue explored the girl’s mouth.
And then she spanked the girl on her exposed cunt.
The girl squealed into Ellora’s mouth, and tried to bring her legs together, but the patriarch was firm, and Ellora held the girl’s upper body tightly.  She continued to strike the girl on the cunt with the flat of her hand, while passionately kissing her, and she kept going until she realised the girl had begun to cry.
“Good,” whispered Ellora, breaking the kiss.  “Now you understand your sin.”
She got out from under the girl, and put the girl on the couch in a sitting position.  Again, she had the patriarch hold the girl’s legs apart, and then Ellora crawled under and between them, so she was looking at the girl’s fuckhole with her legs on either side of her head.
“Next we must bless your sinful cunt,” she said.  “I bestow the blessing of Shel-Henneth upon you.”
And she leaned forward and began to lick.
The girl was obviously ashamed and disgusted to have her pussy licked by the princess, and that was good - it was how she should feel.  But she should also feel pleasure, as the blessing was holy, so Ellora used every trick Rathi had shown her to arouse and tease the girl’s twat.   Soon the girl’s struggles had changed to lustful moaning, and she was breathing heavily and pressing her pussy back against Ellora’s mouth.
Ellora looked across at the patriarch briefly, and was shocked.  His cock was visibly straining against his garments, forming an obscene tent, its tip aimed almost directly at Ellora’s face.  His cheeks were flushed, and his own breathing was raw. 
Ellora had never before so clearly had the knowledge that a man wanted to rape her - or that a man saw her as nothing but a sex object.  She could see the desire in the man’s eyes to push his cock into her face and fuck her until he ejaculated, whether she wanted it or not.
And yet she was high priestess.  He would not act on his desires.  Not with her, and not now.
She returned to pleasuring the acolyte.
It wasn’t long before the girl began twitching wildly, and squealing, and Ellora knew the acolyte was orgasming.  She kept licking.  The girl seemed to want her to stop - the sensations were clearly too intense - but Rathi had made it clear that what the acolyte wanted was irrelevant, and so Ellora sucked on the girl’s clit as the girl screamed, until finally the girl went limp, her passion spent.
“Good girl,” whispered Ellora.  “You have now been blessed.”
She stood, and brought her own exposed cunt level with the girl’s face.
“And now it is your turn to return the blessing,” she said.
The girl didn’t want to.  The girl didn’t know how to.  Ellora didn’t mind.  She grabbed the girl’s hair, and forced the acolyte’s face against her princessly twat, and sighed as the girl began to awkwardly tongue her clitoris.
She humped the acolyte’s face until she found her own orgasm, and then pushed the girl away.  She looked down at the girl’s face, shining and wet with Ellora’s sex juices, and said, “You may go now.  See that you expose your cunt from now on.  And I suggest you practice the blessing with the other acolytes.  If you are this unskilled when I send for you next, there will be further discipline.”
She felt guilty about it afterwards, but Rathi helped.  Rathi told her that she liked raping the pretty young priestesses.  Rathi told her that it was fun.  Rathi told her it was natural that elven women should be used for the sexual entertainment of their masters.  Rathi told her that it was natural and normal for her to use her female subordinates to pleasure her cunt.
Rathi told her all these things, while her tail fucked Ellora’s cunt, and while Ellora sucked on her perfect nipples, and Ellora believed them.
And so each day she summoned a female acolyte to her chambers, to lick the acolyte’s cunt, and force the acolyte to lick her own cunt, while a male patriarch watched, and when they had all submitted to the idea of having to expose their cunts as part of their duties, Ellora found new things to punish them for, because she had become quite accustomed to having her cunt licked by a non-consenting woman, and she didn’t want it to stop.

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