Cate Star, Crypt Runner

Cate Star, Crypt Runner - Part 4

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #adventure #f/f #f/m #sub:female #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #multiple_partners

Cate Star: Crypt Runner, Part 4

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
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Cate had the oddest feeling when Noni returned from her shopping expedition.  She felt like she had something to say to Noni about what had happened while her maid was away - and yet she couldn’t remember what it was.  Something scary - and yet, something sexy - but she simply couldn’t summon it from her mind.  Nor could she raise any memory of what, exactly, she had done in the hotel room while Noni had been away.
It felt rather like Cate had spent time in the hypnogogia - but that was nonsense, of course.  Her father’s hypnotic learning machine was on the other side of the globe right now.  A better theory - judging from the wet throbbing in her cunt - was that she’d spent the entire time masturbating like a slut.  It wouldn’t be the first time that Cate had let her entire mind slip away when her pussy had demanded her attention.
She was still horny, even now - and she recalled now that Noni had behaved like a slut on the flight to Mexico, and Cate had promised her a cunt spanking - and so she put aside the troubling lack of memory, and instead stripped her maid naked, bound her to the bed, and proceeded to slap her teasing little twat.
Her aim was to both make Noni cry, and also make Noni cum from the pain and humiliation.  She would once have felt guilty about being so cruel to her maid, but she knew now that Noni truly loved being at Cate’s mercy, and servicing her every sexual whim, and if she had had any doubts then she only needed to see how Noni’s pussy juiced up when Cate beat it, and listen to Noni’s slutty moans as Cate disciplined her fuckhole.
Before long, Cate’s own needs took control of her, and she moved to position her pussy over her maid’s mouth.  Noni immediately and obediently began to lick and suck at her mistress’ clitoris, even as Cate continued slapping Noni’s cunt, and soon both women were lost in a haze of lust.
As she neared her orgasm, Cate caught a glimpse of herself in the hotel room mirror.  Flaming red hair, beautiful aristocratic face, lips parted in a slutty gasp, oversized tits heaving with lust.
“Tits made for milking and a body made for raping.”  Those were the words she had heard on that fateful day at university - and, looking at herself right now, a pornographic vision in the mirror, she found it hard to disagree.
She had been raped today - her and Noni both - by the officers at the airport.  Not just raped, but gang-raped, and the men had stuffed her ass and her cunt with their cocks, and pulled on her tits as if they were reins, and made her watch as they raped Noni too.  And she had let them do it.  And she had orgasmed.  It was the first time she had ever had a cock inside her, and she had behaved as if she were a trained whore.
And she thought she could still taste their cum in her mouth - which was odd, as her mouth was the one hole they hadn’t fucked.  It tasted good.  It reminded her, somehow, of her father.
At that thought, she began to orgasm, bucking hard against Noni’s mouth.  She moaned, and shuddered, and then, as the pleasure ran through her, she collapsed beside her maid, and turned herself around so that she could kiss Noni, and taste her own sex juices on Noni’s lips.
“Thank you,” she gasped.
“It is always my pleasure to serve,” said Noni, and kissed her back.  
And, exhausted, they fell asleep like that.
That night, she had a horrible dream.  She was back in her family mansion, and she was topless, her large tits on display, and her father, Jeremy Star was there.  He was completely clothed in a suit, and in the dream Cate had a powerful urge to kiss him - not as a daughter kisses a father, but as a whore kisses her client.  

She was pressing up against him, her breasts against his chest, the scent of him in her nostrils.
“Please daddy, kiss me,” she was breathing.
“Stop it, Cate,” her father was saying.  “You’re acting like a disgusting slut.  You deserve to be raped.”
And she knew it was true, that she *did* deserve to be raped.  Only she didn’t want to be raped by just anyone - she wanted her *daddy* to rape her, to put his cock inside her, to fill her with his cum…
She woke from the dream to find herself orgasming against Noni’s face.  The pretty maid had moved down the bed and had been licking at Cate’s cunt as she slept.
“Noni,” she gasped.  “What are you doing?”
“You started to moan in your sleep, mistress,” said Noni.  “And you began to hump my leg.  So I thought I would service you…”
Cate was so confused.  Had she really just cum from dreaming about seducing her own father?  That was disgusting.  *She* was disgusting.  She’d never had a dream like that before.  What was wrong with her?
She looked around, and saw from the glow on the curtains that it must be morning.
“Thank you, Noni,” she said, and pulled herself grudgingly out of bed.
She went to the bathroom for her morning shower, but on the way she picked up a black communications device.  She had no memory of acquiring the device, or of why she had thought she would need it.  Neither did she consider why she was taking it to the bathroom with her.
Once in the bathroom, she locked the door, and then sat on the toilet to empty her bladder.  As she sat, she found herself spreading her legs as wide as they would go, and then reaching down with one hand to spread her pussy wide open.  

With the other, she used the strange black communications device to photograph herself.  It was a perfect shot - it showed her face, with her mouth half-open in a slutty gasp.  It showed her naked tits.  It showed her pissing from her spread pussy.
Without the slightest conscious thought of what she was doing, she sent the picture to Maximillian Royal, along with her current location and her travel plans for the day.  Then she put down the device, finished her toileting, and got in the shower.  No memory remained in her mind of what she had just done.
Today it was time to actually get out on the road.  Cate had prearranged a local guide, and the plan was to meet her in a parking lot not far from the hotel, before setting out on the road to Calakmul.  Accordingly, Cate dressed for travel.  She pulled her red hair back into a tight ponytail, and slipped on a G-string bikini bottom that could double as panties.  She pulled a pair of tight canvas shorts over the top of them, and then completed the outfit with a tight green sports bra.  
She liked the bra.  It was comfy, it supported her breasts, and it didn’t make them sweat too much.  It was opaque enough that it looked like something she could wear in public.  And yet Cate never considered that the way it lifted her large tits and pressed them together would inevitably focus the gaze of others on her oversized fuckbags.
Finally, she added a gunbelt around her waist.  Bringing weapons into the country was difficult, and so she had arranged to acquire firearms from her guide.  But she had managed to bring a large hunting knife with her, and this also had a sheath on her belt, which she buckled it into now.
Noni had dressed herself in a cute white skirt, and a white top tied off beneath her breasts.  It wasn’t a very practical outfit - but it was cute, and at least it was appropriate for the Mexican heat.
Cate favoured Noni with a quick kiss - an outfit that sweet deserved a reward - and then they left the hotel to meet their guide.
They found their destination quickly - a run-down parking lot behind a mall, largely empty at this time of day.  They had been told to look for a green pick-up truck, and it was easy to see, parked in a far corner of the lot.
But when they drew near the truck, Cate became confused.  There was a man sitting in the driver’s seat - an American, by the look of him - handsome, in a rugged way - and his head was back against the head-rest and his eyes closed, as if he were having a pleasant dream.  The car window was down, and the breeze lightly ruffled his hair.
This was not who Cate was expecting.  She dithered for a moment, unsure whether to go closer, or back away.
The man’s eyes opened.  He looked across at Cate and Noni, and his gaze focused on Cate’s breasts.  He smiled.
“Well, hello there, Honeytits,” he said, in a wide Texan drawl.  “You must be the English explorer bitch.  I was wondering when you’d show up.”
Cate blushed.
“I’m sorry,” she said.  “There’s been some mistake.  I was looking for a Mexican woman named Gabriela Gutierrez.  I had an arrangement with her to be our guide.”
“That’s right, Honeytits,” said the man.  “I know Gabriela.  Why don’t you step a little closer so I can see those fantastic fuckbags of yours, and I’ll clue you in on where you can find your whore?”
Cate’s initial embarrassment was changing to indignation at the man’s crude behaviour.  He may be good-looking, but that didn’t give him the right to treat her this way.
“No, thank you,” she said.  “We’ll work it out for ourselves.”
The man laughed.  “I don’t think you will, Honeytits,” he said.  “The way I hear it, you’re headed to Calakmul, and you’ve spent a lot of time and money to come here, and now you need a guide or it’s all wasted.  And there ain’t that many good guides, for that destination, for bitches like you.  So I think you’d better come over here and show me those hooters you’ve got, or else you can go on home to London-town and think about how you wouldn’t have wasted your time if you hadn’t been such a bitch.”
Cate fumed.  She wanted to storm away from this rude man - but he was right.  She *did* need her guide, and finding a competent one hadn’t been easy.  She didn’t want to have to arrange a new one, while still stuck here in Mexico.
Reluctantly, she walked over to the truck, and stood awkwardly by the window.  Her tits were a little higher than the man’s head, in his sitting position, and he was now looking up at her a little.
“Pull that green thing up, Honeytits,” said the man.  “Show me your goods.”
Part of her rebelled, and told her that she would absolutely *not* be flashing her tits to some random man.
But a more sensible part reminded her that she had no other options.
Blushing, she pulled up her top, and let her large breasts bounce into view.
“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” said the man.  He smiled - and then reached up and grabbed her left breast, in a grip that felt like a vice.  He squeezed - hard - making Cate gasp, and then pumped her tit up and down with a painful yanking motion, as if he were shaking her hand.
“Pleased to meet ya, Honeytits,” he said.  “You sure do have pretty udders, for an English bitch.  My name’s Roger Cawthorn, but you can call me ‘sir’.  Now, tell me your name, and thank me for enjoying your udders.”
He was still holding her breast, pulling down on it, forcing her to bend at the waist until her head was level with his.  It hurt, and all she wanted was to make it stop.
“My name is Cate Star,” she gasped.  “Thank you for…. enjoying my udders…. Sir.”
She blushed with humiliation.
“Good bitch,” said Roger with approval.  He pulled harder on her tit, forcing her to lean through the window until her head was directly above his lap.
“Look down,” he whispered in her ear.
Cate forced herself to focus, past her humiliation, and the pain in her breast - and when she did, she gasped with surprise.
There was a woman crouched in the footwell of the car - a beautiful, buxom Latina girl, of maybe 20 or 21 years of age, with long, lustrous black hair.  And her mouth was on Roger’s cock.  More than that - she was wearing a leather collar, and the collar was connected by a short metal chain to Roger’s belt, so that it seemed the girl couldn’t have pulled her face away from Roger’s dick even if she had tried.
“Honeytits, meet Gabriela,” said Roger.
“Is she… giving you a blowjob?” asked Cate, shocked.
“No, she gave me a blowjob just before you turned up,” said Roger.  “Right now, she’s drinking my piss.  And she’s good at it, too.  Almost like she was born for it.”  He laughed.  “Some bitches are just born to be slaves, I guess.”
He let go of Cate’s tit now, and Cate pulled back out of the car window.
“Slave?” she said.  “Slavery’s illegal!”
“Well, technically it might be,” said Roger.  “And, truth be told, Gabriela can walk away any time she likes.  I won’t stop her.  But her family’s in some bad debt, you see.  And we have an agreement, she and I, that I’ll manage her debt, and in return she’ll do whatever I want, no matter how humiliating.  It works for both of us.”
He was staring at Cate’s tits again.
“She can end the arrangement,” he said, “and I’ll just stop paying.  And her dear madre won’t have the money for the medicine she needs, and the bad men she owes money to will come to collect, and probably they’ll take Gabriela’s sweet younger sister Sofia and teach her how to be a whore - and probably they’ll take Gabriela too, and she’ll end up as a fucktoy regardless, and those men will probably hurt her a lot more when they rape her than I do.”
He looked down at the girl between his legs.
“How about it, Gabriela?  Do you want to be a bitch for the cartels?  Do you want to live in a brothel, and rape your sister’s pussy to please the cocks of foreign gringos?”  He paused, and then said, “No, I didn’t think so.”
He looked back at Cate.  “You see?  She’s happy here.”
He shifted in the car.  There was a click as he detached Gabriela’s collar from his belt, and then tucked his cock away.
“I’m done, bitch,” he said to the Latina girl.  “Get up and introduce yourself to the English cunts.”
The door of the pickup opened, and Gabriela climbed out.  Standing, she was even more beautiful, and Cate felt a tingle between her legs just looking at her.  Her body was fit, her breasts were firm, and her eyes held a sparkle of defiance that said that, although she may have just drunk her Texan master’s piss, she still intended to one day cut off his cock and choke him with it.
“Good morning, senoritas,” she said.  “I am sorry my situation is not quite the same as it was when you first arranged this expedition.”
She blushed as she spoke - and well she might.  She was dressed in a way intended to puncture her dignity.  Her shirt was at least one size too small, and it stretched lewdly across her bra-less tits, and in red letters stitched into white fabric it read “RAPE THIS CUNT”.  And she wore khaki trousers - suitable in many respects for a wilderness guide - but the crotch had been cut out of them, revealing her hairless pussy to all who looked at her.
“Gabriela - do you need help?” asked Cate.  “This man…”
“Please,” said Gabriela quickly.  “Do not interfere.  He has been… good to me.  To my family.  Saved us from some bad people.  It is only fair that I please him in whatever manner he chooses, as payment for his help.”  She looked down.  “If we had managed money better - been wiser in our choices - I would not be in this position today.  It is my own fault.”
“Your own fault… for being a stupid cunt,” prompted Roger.
“My own fault for being a stupid cunt,” echoed Gabriela, her face going even redder.
Cate didn’t know what to make of all this.  “So… are you still able to be our guide?” she asked.
But it was Roger who answered . “Of course we can be your guides,” he said.  “Just like you agreed.”
“We?” asked Cate.  “I only need Gabriela.”
“Well, you don’t think I’m letting a sweet piece of ass like this out of my sight, do you?” said Roger.  “You can’t trust a bitch when she doesn’t have a man to guide her.”  He winked.  “And besides, I’m mighty keen to learn what all is so interesting to you about Calakmul.  If there’s something important to be found, it might be that I want a piece of it.”
“No,” said Cate.  “Absolutely not.”  She had already had as much of this man as she could take.
Roger shrugged.  “Fine,” he said.  “Have it your way.  But if you don’t take me, you don’t get Gabriela.  And we’ll *keep* your deposit.”
Cate seethed with rage.  She hated this situation - but Gabriela was apparently the man’s willing slave, and in order to get Gabriela, she would have to agree to the foul man’s terms.
“Fine,” she said.  “You can come.  But I’m in charge of this expedition.  We go where I say, and we do it on my terms.  Is that understood, Mr Cawthorn?”
“Perfectly understood, Honeytits,” said Roger.  But he was smiling in a mocking way as he said it - a way that Cate didn’t like.
“Very well,” said Cate.  “Then let’s get going.  We have supplies to collect, and I hope to be on the road out of the city by lunchtime.”
“Your wish is my command, Honeytits,” said Roger, with a sarcastic salute.  “But there’s no need to get your knickers all twisted about it.  I reckon we’re going to have all the time in the world to get to know each other - and I’ve never yet met a cunt who didn’t fall for the old Cawthorn charm, given long enough to experience it…”

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