Cate Star, Crypt Runner

Cate Star, Crypt Runner - Part 5

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #adventure #f/f #f/m #sub:female #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #multiple_partners

Cate Star: Crypt Runner, Part 5

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
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Cate had planned to travel from Mexico City to the city of Campeche on the Yucatan peninsula by private plane, and she had made preliminary bookings for that purpose.
However, she was distressed to soon discover that that was not to be.
“No plane,” said the American, Cawthorn, when Cate explained her intentions.
“What?  Why?” demanded Cate.
“Show some respect, Honeytits,” said Cawthorn.  “What, why, *sir*.”
Cate rolled her eyes.  But the fact remained that she still needed this repellant man - or at least, she needed his slave, Gabriela.
“Why can’t we use a plane, sir?” she said, grimacing with distaste.
“Because of the bitch here,” he said, slapping Gabriela on the ass with his right hand.  The beautiful Latina woman jumped, but made no protest.

“She’s had a bit of trouble with police in the past,” Cawthorn continued, “and if you have her walk through an airport, you’re going to get attention that you really don’t want.”  He looked at Gabriela.  “You’re a worthless criminal slut, aren’t you, cunt?”
Gabriela looked down at the ground sullenly.  “Yes, sir,” she said.  “I’m a worthless criminal slut.”
Cate was equally unhappy about this development.  But she remembered being raped by the marines in the airport only the day before.  She was keen to give them no further reason to take an interest in her.
“But good news,” said Cawthorn brightly.  “I’ve got a van we can use.  We’ll drive.”
Cate had spent many hours studying maps of Mexico, and she instantly knew what was wrong with this plan.
“Are you mad?” she protested.  “That’s nearly 700 miles.  It’ll take us…”
“About 16 hours, if we drive in shifts,” said Cawthorn.  “But I’m assuming you cunts don’t have Mexican licenses, so instead you can leave the driving to me, and we’ll stop for the night in Coatzacoalcos.”
“That’s two days!” Cate raged.  “It was going to be a two hour flight!”
“That’s quite a tone you’re taking with a man whose property you’re hoping to use,” said Cawthorn.  “If you’re having trouble with your emotions because you’re on the rag, tell me now, and I’ll just wear earplugs for the next couple of days.”
“No, I’m not…” Cate began, flustered.
“But if you’re *not* on the rag,” said Cawthorn, talking over the top of her, “then I think you’d best apologise for being a cunt, and then thank me for solving your transport problem.  And remember to call me ‘sir’.  Or otherwise we can cut this little business arrangement short before any further disrespect happens.”
Cate wanted to punch him.  She was fairly sure she could take this abhorrent American man in a fair fight.  She doubted if he had any skills to match her hypnogogically-implanted martial arts aptitude.  The thought of smashing his teeth into his smug little mouth was a satisfying one.
But… she hadn’t come all this way to pick fights.  She had a goal, and she needed to do what it took to accomplish it.
“Yes, sir,” she said, pouting.  “I’m sorry for being a cunt, sir.  Thank you for arranging my transport.”
“Anyway, you’re not in a hurry, are you?” asked Cawthorn.
And it was a good point.  She wasn’t… was she?  Was there any reason why she needed to be particularly swift in reaching her goal?  A couple of days was a frustrating delay - but not a fatal one.
“No, sir,” she said.  “Two days will be fine.”
Cate’s next humiliation was when she saw the van.  It was bright purple, and painted on the side in yellow was a silhouette of kneeling, buxom, naked woman, at the feet of a standing man who was holding a leash connected to her neck.  Alongside it were the words “Camioneta Puta”.
“Whore van?” asked Cate in disgust.  “What the hell is this?”  She paused, and blushed, and then rephrased.  “What is this, sir?”
“Camouflage,” he said.  “No one will ask questions about why two big-titted English bitches are going to Campeche if they think you’re whores.”
“Why would they ask questions anyway?” demanded Cate.  “We have every right to be traveling there!”
He shrugged.  “Well, this is the van I have.  Get in, or go home.  I don’t care.”  He pulled open the van’s back doors.  Inside was a stripped-down space, with some thin mattresses on the floor, and a sign on one interior panel that read “TITS OUT ZONE”.
Cate sighed, and went to get in.
But Cawthorn stopped her, and pointed to the sign.  “Oh, that’s not a joke, though.  Tits out.”
She stared at him in anger.  The urge to punch him returned.  She thought about asking him why, but she knew why - because the smug American bastard enjoyed humiliating women.  She thought about protesting - but she knew he would only tell her that she could either comply, or go home.
Grudgingly, and blushing, she pulled up her green top to expose her tits.  
“You too, Noni,” she said, and watched her maid obediently reveal her own breasts.  Noni was always less embarrassed about such things than Cate, at least.
Cawthorn stared at the women’s breasts.
“And thank me,” he added.
Cate had to close her eyes for a moment to bury her fury before answering.
“Thank you for making us expose our tits, sir,” she mumbled.
“You’re welcome,” said Cawthorn.  “Ensure they stay exposed while you’re in the van.  Now get in.”
Cate and Noni boarded the back of the van, with Gabriela beside them.  Cawthorn closed the van doors behind them, then went around to the driver’s seat, got in, and started the engine.
“All right, bitches,” he called back to them, as the van started rolling, “here’s the rules for taking part in a Cawthorn expedition.  Number one, do not ever treat my slave like a human.  Do not ask if she is happy, do not ask if she is comfortable, do not ask her permission for anything.  Do not express interest in her opinions about anything other than the business of guiding us to Calakmul.  If I see you break this rule, I will abandon you by the side of the road and I will not look back.”
Cate looked at Gabriela.  She could see how much the beautiful Latina girl hated her “owner” - but she also saw no sign of immediate rebellion at this degrading rule.
“Number two,” continued Cawthorn.  “You *will* be respectful.  You will call me sir.  You will not talk back to me.  When I give you an instruction, you will do it without question, and you will thank me for telling you to do it.  I know you bitches are still learning - apparently you never had a real man to teach you how to be feminine back in Merry Old England - and I will give you a certain amount of leeway, but you need to know that the rope is extremely fucking short, and I expect you to learn quickly.  Understood?”
“Yes, sir,” said Cate, and beside her Noni chorused the same words.
“And number three, I *do* expect you to look decorative,” he said.  “You’re getting a discount on this trip because you’re nice to look at.  I don’t want to see you dressing ugly, or hiding from me, or doing anything that would diminish my visual enjoyment of your bodies.  Are we clear?”
“Yes, sir,” said Cate again.
“Good,” said Cawthorn.  “Glad we’re on the same page.  Now, one final thing, and this doesn’t need to be your problem if you don’t want it to be.  I like to play little games with Gabriela.  Educational games, to help her be a better slave.  Today’s game is this: she needs to make each of you orgasm using her tongue before we reach Coatzacoalcos, or else I’m going to beat her tits tonight until she screams.”
Cate’s eyes went wide.  “But…”
“Like I say, it doesn’t need to be your problem,” said Cawthorn.  “If you don’t want to fuck her, don’t fuck her.  She won’t rape you or anything.  She’s allowed to flirt with you, but she has to take no for an answer.  If you don’t want to ride her face, then just sit tight.  You can even watch me slap the shit out of her udders tonight for her failure, if that’s your thing.  She screams real pretty.  It’s up to you.”
“But… right here, in the back of the van…” Cate said, weakly.  “Where you can see…”
Cawthorn looked at her in the rear view mirror, and shrugged.  “Like I said, it’s up to you.”
For a long time there was an awkward silence in the back of the van.  Cate wanted to ask Gabriela how she felt about Cawthorn’s challenge, but she was mindful of the American’s warning not to solicit the girl’s comfort, happiness or opinions.
Instead she looked at Gabriela.  There was no denying that the woman was beautiful - in fact, was stunningly gorgeous.  In another life, she could have been a model, or influencer, or celebrity.  Her black hair was long and rich, her lips were full and sensuous, and her body was sculpted by physical activity into a fit sleekness that only emphasised the curve of her hips and the swell of her generous tits.
Cawthorn had clearly been unwilling to leave such beauty un-despoiled.  Her leather collar was thick and heavy, like a dog’s, such that it couldn’t be passed off as mere fashion, but instead advertised her status as a slave.  Her tits bulged beneath the tiny white top which bore the English words “RAPE THIS CUNT”.  And it was impossible not to notice that her khaki pants were crotchless - particularly seeing as Gabriela was sitting with her knees apart, her legs spread, putting her shaved, pouting pussy on full display.
Cate wondered if Cawthorn forced Gabriela to sit in this demeaning way, or if Gabriela was simply choosing to display her cunt to Cate.  Was this Gabriela’s way of flirting?  Did she want to lick Cate’s pussy?  Or would she prefer to have her tits beaten than engage in such a lewd act?
She realised that thinking about fucking this beautiful young woman was making her pussy uncomfortably wet.  She had never had sex with a girl other than Noni.  Would Noni mind?  Would Noni be jealous?  
She looked across at her maid - and saw that Noni was blushing.  The pretty blonde was clearly also imagining sex with Gabriela.
“Do you want to fuck her, Noni?” asked Cate, amused.
Noni looked down, “I’m sorry, Miss Cate.  I can’t help it.”
Cate laughed.  “Why don’t you go over there and give her a kiss, and see whether she likes you.”
Still blushing, Noni crawled across the van floor to kneel beside Gabriela.  She clearly wanted to ask if Gabriela would like to be kissed - but she, too, had heard the rules.  Instead, she leaned in, moving her lips towards the sexy Latina’s - and as soon as she did, Gabriela leaned forward, and kissed her back.
In the front, Cawthorn roared with laughter.  “Looks like she likes you, cunt!” he said.  “She’s such a slut, she probably can’t wait to get her tongue between your cuntlips.”
Noni blushed, and tried to pull away, but Gabriela put her arms around Noni and pulled her in for another kiss.  As the kiss ended, she whispered something to Noni.  Cate couldn’t hear what it was, but it seemed to dispel Noni’s hesitation, as the maid now eagerly and passionately kissed the Latina girl again.
“Just a word of warning,” Cawthorn said, stealing glimpses of the women kissing in the rear view as he continued to drive.  “My bitch has been trained to be fun to rape.  She won’t go anywhere near your cunt unless you slap her hard, twice, and then force her down on you.  Doesn’t matter whether she wants to or not - she’ll make you force her.  So when you’re good and ready, slap her upside the face, and then rape her some.  It’s what she’s good for.”
Noni hesitated, looking towards the rearview mirror for confirmation.
“I’m serious,” said Cawthorn.  “At the moment it’s a rule, but I aim to train her so good that she’ll never be able to consent to sex in her life without being slapped and forced.  Not that it matters whether she consents.  Just go ahead and use her.”
Cate looked to see how Gabriela responded to this information - but she seemed to wholly and eagerly consumed in kissing Noni.  Cate felt herself blush just to watch it.
Cawthorn caught her blushing.  “Oh, Honeytits, does it tickle your pussy funny to see your maid girl lezzing off with another cunt?”  He laughed.  “You don’t have to look.  Why don’t come up front with me and give them some privacy.”
He patted the front passenger’s seat beside him in an encouraging way.
Cate wanted to tell him no.  She didn’t want to be nearer to the pig than she had to be.  But here in the back of the van, she didn’t know where to look.  Noni had her hand on Gabriela’s left breast, and Gabriela was beginning to moan with lust.  She pictured sitting and staring as her beloved companion fucked this dark-haired beauty - and the thought was just too awkward and embarrassing.
Reluctantly, she climbed forward, into the front of the van, leaving Noni and Gabriela to their escalating lesbian lust behind her.
“That’s right, Honeytits,” said Cawthorn.  “Now while those sluts suck each other’s fuckholes there in the back, it’s probably a good time for you and me to have a little talk…”

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