Cate Star, Crypt Runner

Cate Star, Crypt Runner - Part 3

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #adventure #f/f #f/m #sub:female #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #multiple_partners

Cate Star: Crypt Runner, Part 3

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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It was a long taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, and Cate and Noni sat in silence together on the back seat.
Neither of them mentioned or acknowledged their recent gang-rape by the airport security.  Cate suspected it wasn’t Noni’s first time in such a situation - the beautiful blonde maid had seemed unworried by her predicament, and had even appeared to enjoy her ravishment.
But it was certainly Cate’s first time - not just being raped, but having a sexual experience with a man of any sort.  She had never much contemplated how and when she might lose her heterosexual virginity - she had been more focused on academic achievement than boys, and when her natural sexual urges caught up with her, there was always Noni’s willing mouth to hump, and Noni’s soft, petite breasts to abuse.  
And besides, no boy could ever hold a candle in Cate’s mind to the intelligent, commanding, reassuring figure of her own father.
But now it had happened.  She had had three cocks inside her, and she didn’t even know the men’s names.  They had all ejaculated into her.  She took birth control, but she was aware it was still possible she might be pregnant with the baby of a cruel Mexican marine.  She made a note to seek out a morning-after pill once they were settled in the hotel - if such a thing were available in this country.  (It was, she later discovered, and - to her surprise - with more ease and legitimacy than across the border in the United States.)
She had been raped - and she had *orgasmed - and… what kind of slut was she, to orgasm from rape?  What would her father say, if she ever found him?  Would he hold her and comfort her and make it better… or shake his head and call her a rape-slut and a whore?  Would he call her princess and stroke her hair - or tell her that this is what she should expect, with huge slutty tits like hers?
But she could discuss none of this, with the taxi driver in the seat in front, and so she just held Noni’s hand, and waited to arrive at their destination.
The hotel was lavish, and luxurious - Cate was wealthy, after all - and she and Noni had a three room suite on the top floor, with an expansive bathroom and a wonderfully soft double bed.  
Cate allowed Noni to shower first, to wash her body and clean the men’s cum from her.  She might have shared the shower with her maid - it was big enough - but after the violation, Cate wanted privacy for her own bathing, so she busied herself unpacking their suitcases as Noni washed herself.
When Noni emerged - naked, wet, and clean - Cate playfully kissed her maid, and tweaked her nipples, and then suggested that Noni venture to the shops they had seen down the block to pick up some basic supplies for the two women.  Noni agreed, and once she had stepped out, Cate undressed, and took her own turn in the shower.
The water was blissfully warm, and Cate luxuriated under it.  She scrubbed her body, and did her best to clean the sperm from her cunt - and blushed, as even touching herself for that purpose seemed to re-awaken her arousal.  What kind of slut was she, she wondered again.
Eventually she emerged from the bathroom with a soft towel wrapped around her nude body - and froze.
There were three men in her hotel room.  The first, sitting in a chair at the edge of the room, was her father’s old friend and business partner, Maximilian Royal.  And the other two were large, muscly men with short hair, dark professional suits… and handguns.
“Hello, Cate,” said Maximillian, smiling.  “Why don’t you take a seat and join us?”
Cate moved before she had started to think.  She had had some significant training in the martial arts, reinforced by the lessons of the hypnogogia, and she was able to defend herself.  It may have been pointless to use fists and punches against six armed and duly authorised soldiers in a busy airport - but this was a different situation.  There was no benevolent explanation for these men having forced their way into her hotel room, and Cate did NOT intend to be raped again, so soon after her last experience.
The towel fell from her body as she moved, exposing her large tits and cunt to the room, but her right hand was striking fast, aimed at the wrist of the nearest gunman.  She made contact with bruising force - maybe enough to shatter bone - and the man yelped, and dropped his gun.  
Fast as a viper, Cate kicked with her foot, and the gun slid under the bed, out of reach.
The other man was raising his gun now, and backing away.  Cate knew she couldn’t close the distance before he fired - but the towel she had just been wearing was on the ground, and she kicked it now up into the air, aimed at the second gunman’s face.  He unwisely raised his arms to deflect it, moving his gun out of alignment with Cate - and before he could bring it back down, Cate was upon him.
She brought her knee up hard, into his groin, and his eyes went wide, as a high pitched squeak escaped his mouth.  When she removed her knee, he started to collapse backwards.
But the first man had recovered now.  He tackled Cate from behind, and she felt his hands wrap around her and close over her breasts.  One got a strong grip on her left boob, tightening on it with painful, crushing force.  He pushed her forward, aiming her towards the bed, and Cate had a momentary surge of panic that he would successfully get her bent over it - and then rape her.
(And she ignored the sudden wetness in her pussy at that very thought.)
She couldn’t push back against him - he was larger and stronger - so she did the opposite.  She bent forward suddenly, pulling on his arms, and she felt the surprised gunman part ways with the floor, somersaulting over her head, to land heavily on the bed in front of her.
She moved up, wrapping her hands around his neck, ready to *twist* - with likely fatal results…
… when Maximillian Royal stood.  There was something metal on his finger - something that flashed as he moved.
“That’s enough, princess,” he said.  “Be still.”
And just like that, Cate went limp.  She released her assailant, and sank to her knees, staring dumbly at Royal.  She didn’t understand what was happening.  She needed to fight, but… she didn’t want to anymore.
Maximilian came closer, and now Cate could see what was on his finger.  It was a silver ring - a silver ring that had once belonged to Cate’s now-vanished father.  
“That’s right, princess,” said Maximillian, as he approached her.  “You recognise the ring, don’t you?  And you respond to the trigger word your dead old daddy gave you.  Be a good little big-titted fuckdoll, princess.  We have things to discuss, you and I.”
The two gunmen were getting up, nursing their various sore spots.  The first fished under the bed to retrieve his gun.  Maximillian motioned to the second in a curt, peremptory way, and the man hurried to pick up the chair from the far side of the room, and move it so that Maximillian could now sit directly in front of the kneeling Cate.
Cate looked at Maximillian - his handsome face, with its salt-and-pepper beard; his expensive suit; his aura of both command and cruelty.  She knew she should be kicking him in the balls for this intrusion, for the assault, for daring to look at her while she was naked.  More than that, she wanted to interrogate him about her father.  Why did he have her father’s ring?  What did he know about her father’s disappearance?
But all she could do was kneel.  Be still, said her mind.  Be a good little big-titted fuckdoll.
“Let’s get right to the point, princess,” said Maximillian.  He reached out and idly stroked her hair, and Cate shivered.  It was so like how her father had once touched her - and yet here it didn’t feel like affection.  It felt like a threat.  But she could do nothing but wait for him to continue.
“A sudden trip to Mexico,” said Maximillian.  “The purchase of expedition supplies.  The hiring of a local guide.  You’re playing at archaeology, aren’t you, princess?  Just like your daddy.  You think you’re a big girl now.  And that can only mean one thing, really.”
He leaned down and stared into her eyes.  “You’ve found the Idol of Zuca, haven’t you, slut?”
She didn’t want to answer him.  She didn’t want to offer anything to this cruel, domineering man.
And yet she felt her lips move anyway.
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Yes, Master,” corrected Maximillian.  “From now on, you’ll call me Master.”  He laughed.  “Unless you’d prefer to call me Daddy?”
She blushed.  “Yes, Master,” she said, in a small voice.
“So where is it, princess?” asked Maximillian.  “Where is the Idol?”
She tried to keep her mouth shut, but to no avail.
“Near Calakmul,” she said.  “In the swamp.”
“Where exactly?” he asked.
She could only offer the truth.  “I don’t know.  But I think I can work it out, once I’m near.”
Maximilian’s mouth twisted into a scowl.  “You don’t know?  You came all the way here, and you don’t know?  I should have known a stupid whore like you wouldn’t have solved the problem your father spent years on.”
Cate said nothing in response.  She hadn’t really been asked a question.
“Are you wondering how I’m doing this?” asked Maximillian.  “Compelling your obedience?  I suppose your father never told you, did he, princess?”
“No, Master,” said Cate.
“The hypnogogia,” said Maximillian.  “A wonderful little piece of ancient technology that your father recovered from the temple of a heretical sect of vestals near Alba Longa.  Whereas most of the priestesses of Vesta valued their chastity - hence the term “vestal virgin” - these ones made themselves available to be fucked by supplicants to the temple.  Your father estimated that the average priestess of the cult was likely raped several times a day.”
He chuckled, and Cate had to tell herself that Maximillian had no way of knowing that Cate had already been raped several times that very day.
“The hypnogogia is a kind of hypnotic device, able to instill ideas directly into a female brain at a very deep level.  For whatever reason, it only works on women - you must have wondered why you never saw your father make use of it - and the Temple of Vesta used it to make their priestesses submissive to rape, and even to enjoy it.  It also allows for the implanting of a control word, and a control image, that could be used by the head priests to bring the women to heel, and give them new instructions.”
Cate’s father had never told her this - only that the hypnogogic device that she had used to speed-learn her archaeological knowledge had an ancient Greek origin.
Maximilian went on.  “Your father - correctly - intuited that the machine could be used for other kinds of education.  But it still required a code word and an image - and in your case, it’s this ring here, and the word ‘princess’.  With one or the other, your mind can be unbalanced, making you somewhat submissive and suggestible.  With both, you become a puppet, just like you are now.”
He chuckled.  “And of course, your father never quite purged the device’s original function - to make a woman eager to be raped.  He discovered that when he experimented on your maid Noni - quite a pleasurable surprise for him, I’m sure.  Given how much time *you* spent on that machine, I expect your cunt gets sopping wet now when you’re forced, doesn’t it?”
Even through her compulsion to be still, Cate made a little gasp.  It was a horrible thing to discover - but also it brought a profound relief.  She hadn’t orgasmed from rape because she was a slut - it was because she had been *programmed* to!  She supposed that functionally there was no difference - and yet, much of the shame she had been carrying since her rape seemed to lift off her shoulders.
“I’ve got my own hypnogogia back at my offices in London, of course,” said Maximillian.  “And in time I will no doubt take you back to it, and complete your transformation into a brainless obedient life-support system for those excellent fuckbags of yours, and your pretty little cunt.  But first, we should resolve this matter of the Idol.”
He sighed, and adjusted himself in his chair.  His hands went to his groin, unbuttoning his fly, and a moment later, his cock popped into view - long, hard, and with a drop of pre-cum on the tip.
“Suck,” he instructed.
Cate fought, within her mind, to disobey.  She willed herself to pull away, to flinch, to call him a disgusting asshole - but instead, her body moved forward of its own accord, her mouth opening, and soon she was tasting his precum on her tongue, her lips making a seal on the warm flesh of his cock.
She felt tears starting to well in her eyes.
“Good princess,” said Maxmillian, stroking her hair, as Cate began to unwillingly bod her head up and down on the older man’s dick.
He motioned to one of the gunmen.  “Let’s check she got the right lessons from dead old daddy,” he said.  “Feel her cunt, and tell me that it’s as wet as I think it is.”
Cate felt the man kneel behind her, and reach between her legs.  His fingers parted her pussy lips, ran up the length of her slit, brushing her clitoris - and then pushed into her fuckhole.  
And the result was as shameful as Maximillian had predicted.
“Wetter than the Indian Ocean, sir,” reported the man.  “This bitch can’t help herself - she’s clearly going wild for your cock.”
Maximilian laughed.  “Why don’t you keep playing with her?” he said.  “But don’t be generous to her.  Maybe pinch and pull her clit - let’s see if she can cum from pain.”
The gunman did as he was told, taking Cate’s clitoris between two fingers, and alternately squeezing and tugging on it.  
Cate squealed around her mouthful of cock.  It *hurt*!  A *lot*!  
And yet, she didn’t want him to stop - because she felt that she *could* cum from this, if only the man would continue long enough…
“So here’s what’s going to happen, princess,” said Maximillian.  “After I cum down your whore throat, I’m going to leave here - and  your conscious mind will forget I was ever here.  You will remember none of this consciously - but your *subconscious* will remember, and obey.  It will remember that I am your Master, and that you exist so that I can rape you.  Do you understand?”
She tried to say “yes, Master” with a mouthful of cock, but it came out “yeff aafter”.
“I am leaving you with a special satellite communication device.  It will operate long after you pass out of mobile phone coverage,” he said.  “Every morning you will find somewhere private, and strip nude, and take a photo of yourself doing something humiliating, for my erotic pleasure.  And you will include with it your current GPS coordinates, and your plan of travel and action for the day, and then send it to me, at the address programmed into the device.  You will not think about this, or realise you are doing it, or remember that you have done it.  It will allow me to track you, and your efforts, so that if you do happen to accidentally find the Idol of Zuca, I will be able to retrieve it from you, and take the credit that is rightfully mine.  Do you understand, princess?”
“Yeff aafter,” said Cate, unintelligibly.
“Good bitch,” said Maximillian.  He settled back in the chair, grabbed her hair, and began to actively fuck her face.  Cate struggled to avoid gagging as he pushed his cock deep into her throat, and tried to focus on the delicious pain in her pussy as the gunman tortured her clitoris.
“Oh, one more thing,” said Maximillian, as he neared climax.  “Your father was always so proud of you.  He really did love you, you know.”
Cate felt a warm, affectionate feeling at these words - a confusing sensation, given she was currently being raped.
“I think it would amuse me to poison that,” said Maximillian.  “So from now on, every night, you will have an erotic dream about cockteasing your father into raping you.  These dreams will make you incredibly aroused, you will remember them upon waking, and you will believe that the fact you have these dreams makes you a disgusting slut.  Do you understand, princess?”
She moaned with horror - but there was only one possible response.
“Yeff aafter,” she drooled.
“Good bitch,” said Maximillian - and with that, he came, ejaculating into her mouth.  Cate swallowed quickly, desperately, surprised at the volume of semen the older man was able to produce.  
Once he was done, Maximilian wasted no time.  He wiped his dick clean on her face, put it away, and stood.
“Well,” he said.  “This has been a pleasant chat.  I expect your slut maid will be back soon.  As we discussed, your conscious mind will remember nothing.  I look forward to hearing from you, princess.”
And with that, he and his gunmen left, leaving Cate kneeling nude on the floor, with the taste of sperm in her mouth.

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