Cate Star, Crypt Runner

Cate Star, Crypt Runner - Part 2

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #adventure #f/f #f/m #sub:female #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #hypno #multiple_partners

Cate Star: Crypt Runner, Part 2

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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The Idol of Zuca.  The find of a lifetime.  An object of immense archaeological significance - and one said, by the Mayan people, to hold certain supernatural powers.  
Not that Cate Star believed in such things.
But there was no question that discovering it would secure Cate’s reputation in the world of archaeology - despite the fact that she was a woman, and despite the embarrassing size of her breasts - and perhaps more important, it would make her father proud.
And even though her father had been presumed dead for some time now, the thought of his approval still made Cate shiver with happiness.
The thought of pleasing her father also made her cunt subtly wetten - but Cate had never previously consciously recognised that connection, and she did not start now.
But finding it was easier said than done.  The first step was making arrangements for an expedition into the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  That was no real barrier - the Star estate was still very wealthy, and Cate had seen her father organise such things on many occasions.  All it took was a few days of phone calls to ensure that everything she needed would be waiting for her on arrival in Mexico.
Then there was the matter of getting there - a gruelling flight from London to Mexico City, literally halfway around the globe, with nearly 12 hours of total flight time.
She amused herself by playing with Noni during the flight.  The beautiful, willowy blonde maid was seated by the window, to Cate’s side.  Cate had ordered Noni to place a blanket over her lap, and then raise her skirt and pull down her panties.  Cate’s hand was playing with Noni’s pussy beneath the blanket, idly rubbing the older girl’s clitoris, and probing her wet fuckhole.
“If you orgasm before the flight touches down,” Cate had told her, “then at our hotel I will spank your pussy until you cum.  And perhaps I will experiment with pissing on you, like the girls in that disgusting pornographic site you showed me.”
(Cate had previously ordered Noni to show her something that made Noni herself blush, given the maid’s endless appetite for almost any kind of forceful abuse, and “lesbian watersports” was what Noni had come back with.  Cate wasn’t sure it was her fetish, necessarily, but the thought of doing something to Noni that actually made her squirm was appealing…)
“Please, mistress,” Noni begged, as Cate’s fingers teased her cunt, “I don’t know that I can go that long…”
“Well, you had better,” warned Cate.  “Haven’t you promised to serve me in any way I desire?”
Noni’s only response was a muted, lustful whimper.  Cate smiled, and slid two fingers into Noni’s fucktunnel.  
The plane was full of passengers, and a female flight attendant was going passed as Noni yelped, and then practically purred with lust.  Cate just smiled up at the flight attendant, and pushed her fingers deeper inside her maid, confident that the flight attendant couldn’t know what was happening under the blanket.
And sure enough, the attendant merely gave Noni a strange look, and passed on.
“You haven’t even asked where we’re going, Noni,” chided Cate, once the hostess had passed by.  “Aren’t you curious?”
“I thought we were going to Mexico, Miss Star,” said Noni, her eyes closed, her attention focused on her twat.
“Well, yes,” said Cate.  “But a lost idol is hardly likely to be found in an urban centre.  Mexico is just our first stop.  Our final destination lies in the jungle near the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul.”
“Calakmul?” asked Noni, confused.
Cate pulled out a paper map with her left hand, even as her right continued to finger-rape her maid.  She flicked it open, laid it on her lap, and pointed to a spot in the very centre of the Yucatan Peninsula.  
“There,” she said.  “Rediscovered in 1931 by Cyrus Lundell.  Calakmul is a modern name, meaning ‘City of the Two Pyramids’, but the ancient Mayan people likely knew it as Ox Te' Tuun.”  
(She pronounced the name like “oh-sh tay toon”, but with a strange glottal sound after “tay”.)
“During the 7th Century it was the capital of the ‘Snake Kingdom’, one of the great Mayan powers of the era, and a key rival of Tikal to the south,” continued Cate.  “Uniquely among the Mayan kingdoms of the time, it allowed women to share power with male rulers, and on occasions for property and rulership to pass along the female line.”
She flicked Noni’s clitoris to make sure the blonde was paying attention - causing Noni to gasp so loudly that some nearby passengers turned their heads - and then continued on.
“But that latitude showed to women was a source of some contention,” she said.  “Which is where we come in.  In the early 7th Century, a cult arose which worshipped Zuca-Kaan, or the Snake of Rape, who claimed that the Calakmul ruler - a figure we know today as ‘Scroll Serpent’ - was illegitimate, and that his throne was truly controlled by his wife - who we know as ‘Lady Scroll-In-Hand’.  They held that Zuca-Kaan demanded a reckoning, and only by the ritualised gang-rape of Lady Scroll-in-Hand, and all her female courtiers, would Ox Te' Tuun be saved.”
Noni moaned, loudly.  All this talk of rape seemed to only be making her wetter.  “And did they do that?” she asked.
Cate pouted.  “Actually, we have no idea,” she said.  “All we know of that period comes from a collection of monuments erected in and around the city, collectively called the Calakmul Stelae - and they give us no clear answer as to the fate of Lady Scroll-in-Hand.  We believe that the next four rulers after Scroll Serpent may have been sons of Lady Scroll-in-Hand, and the fourth of these, Yuknoom Che’en II, known as Yuknoom the Great, is understood to have crushed the cult of Zuca-Kaan and ended their heresy.”
Cate waited for Noni to ask another question, but Noni was just sliding down in her chair, her eyes closed, arching her hips to push her cunt harder against her mistress’ hand.  Cate sighed, withdrew her hand, and wiped it clean on Noni’s face.
“Pay attention, you silly slut,” she said.  “This is important.”  And then she returned her hand to her maid’s pussy, once again penetrating her fuckhole, before continuing.
“You were supposed to ask how the Idol fits into this,” she said.  “And the answer is that it was absolutely key to the prophecies of Zuca-Kaan.  It was the means by which they expected their plans to come true.  The Idol of Zuca was said to channel the energies of Zuca-Kaan himself, and when its full power was activated, it would doom all the women of Calakmul to a destiny of subjugation and rape.”
She looked at her maid.  “Would you like that, Noni?” she asked.  “A destiny of subjugation and rape?”
And she pinched Noni’s clitoris for emphasis.
Noni couldn’t help it.  She orgasmed.  Her whole body shook, and she had to stuff her fist into her mouth to avoid screaming with pleasure.  She spasmed so powerfully that Cate was forced to look around anxiously, worrying that a flight attendant would think Noni was having a seizure.
But luck was with them, and Noni was able to regain her composure before anyone intervened.
“I’m sorry, Miss Star,” she said, blushing with shame.  “I… couldn’t control myself.”
“Well, I suppose that’s that,” said Noni.  “There’s no help for it.  When we arrive at the hotel, I am simply going to have to abuse that whorish pussy of yours until we find out how many spanks it takes for you to orgasm from pain.”
Noni whimpered with fear - and yet Cate knew that her maid *would* orgasm, and would sincerely thank her for the abuse afterwards.  She smiled inwardly at the thought.
Outwardly, she merely pressed her hand, wet with fuck-juices, against Noni’s face.  “Lick,” she commanded, and Noni obediently began to lick her slut slime from her mistress’ fingers.
“Of course, as educated women, we know better than to believe in magical powers and ancient curses,” said Cate, as she enjoyed Noni’s tongue.  “But still - if we are able to find the Lost Temple of Zuca-Kaan, and retrieve the Idol, we might learn so much about the history of Calakmul.  And, of course, it would secure my place in the annals of archaeology - alongside that of my father.”
As Noni licked the last of her juices off Cate’s hand, Cate sighed - and promptly returned her hand to Noni’s pussy, and began to finger it again.
“Now, you’ve already earned a spanking, Noni,” she said.  “We’re only three hours into this flight, and it seems inevitable I shall have to relieve my bladder before we’re done.  Do *try* not to be a slut, and refrain from having a second orgasm, otherwise I shall take you with me to the airplane bathroom, and make use of your mouth as my toilet.”
Noni whimpered.  Cate doubted that the maid would be able to control herself, and she thought she would likely need to think of a third and fourth punishment for her servant before the flight was over.  
By the time they landed at Benito Juarez International Airport, in Mexico City, Cate was tired, but filled with a sense of smug happiness and quiet satisfaction.  Partly that came from the joy of torturing Noni the whole flight - although she knew that the slutty maid loved it, however she might whimper.  But mostly it came from the knowledge that she was *doing* something, embarked on an adventure, with clear goals, and the possibility of achievement.
That happiness and satisfaction evaporated almost immediately when she and Noni were pulled out of line at Customs by uniformed men carrying rifles.
“Please come with me, senoritas,” said the leader of the men.
“What is this?” objected Cate.  “Who are you?  Police?”
“Marines,” said the man.  “Benito Juarez comes under military jurisdiction.  You have been identified for a search.  I would appreciate it if you did not cause a scene, por favor.”
Cate was scared - but in a foreign airport, in the face of multiple military men with serious firearms, what choice did she have?  And besides, she *should* have nothing to fear.
She let the men escort her and Noni to an interview room.  The door was closed behind them, and the two women were now alone with six armed men.
“Strip,” directed the lead man.  He said it so quickly, so matter-of-factly, that at first Cate didn’t process it.
“What?” she asked.
“Strip,” said the man again - and raised the barrel of his gun slightly.  Not pointing it at her - but suggesting that he might.
“Why….” began Cate, and then, “We’re just scholars… archaeologists…”
“The stewardess on your flight saw you doing something suspicious with this slut here,” said the marine, pointing at Noni.  “It is common for drug smugglers to use pretty women, with drugs hidden up their pussy or anus.  They think we will not dare to search you, for fear of sexual assault claims.  However, the military enjoys broad protections from such things.  Now, strip.”
“But…” Cate began.
One of the other marines stepped forward briefly, and slapped Cate across the face, making her gasp. 
“Take your maldita clothes off, puta,” yelled the man who had slapped her.  The sudden volume of his voice was shocking, and he was practically spitting in Cate’s face as he yelled.
Cate was terrified.  No one had ever been this violent with her, or threatened her this way.  Even when fellow university students had suggested she deserved to be raped because of her oversized tits, their mockery had been distant - not a threat that they would literally hurt her, right here and now.
She wanted to be brave - her daddy would have wanted her to be brave - but she felt her resistance collapse.
“Okay,” she said.  “Okay.  Just… please… don’t hurt us…”
And she began to undress.
Beside her, Noni followed suit.
There were chuckles of appreciation as she pulled off her shirt and removed her bra, to expose her large tits.  She had never shown her naked breasts to an adult man before - her doctors had always been women - and this had not been how she imagined such a revelation might go.  She was blushing and humiliated - and the smug looks on the faces of the marines made her feel even more objectified.
A traitorous voice in her mind was telling her that she deserved this.  “Tits made for milking and a body made for raping,” she had been told on her first day of university - and she had never been able to get that phrase out of her head.
It was worse still as she pulled down her cargo pants, kicked them off, and then slowly peeled her panties down her legs.  Not just because she was displaying her cunt to these men - but because her cunt was *wet*.  She had been sexually teasing Noni all flight, and that had had an effect on Cate, too - a gradually increasing sense of pleasant arousal that had left her so wet that, even terrified and helpless, she could still feel her pussy throbbing with need.
There were more mutters amongst the marines.  They could see that she was wet, and they were commenting that she was a British slut, and a disgusting whore.
Now she was completely naked - helpless and exposed.  Beside her, Noni was similarly bare.  She checked to see how Noni was coping - but the maid seemed to be taking this in stride.  Being stripped nude at gunpoint didn’t appear to bother her the same way that it was affecting Cate.
“Turn and face the wall,” said the lead marine.  “Hands above your head on the wall.  Push your asses outwards.”
Cate reluctantly took the humiliating pose.  The wall was an institutional lime-green, and Cate focused on the paint, and willed this to be over quickly.
The lead marine approached Cate, and put on a plastic glove on his right hand.  Then he reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips with his fingers.
Puta,” he said again, softly.  Cate felt tears of humiliation forming in the corners of her eyes.
Then the marine pushed two fingers deep into Cate’s pussy.
Cate moaned with humiliation, violation - and at the embarrassing knowledge that it also felt good, that her pussy *wanted* that penetration.
“I can’t feel anything in her cunt,” said the marine.  “I will now check her anus.”
His fingers came out - and now one of them began to probe her butthole, using the arousal juices from her fuckhole as lubrication.  She gasped as he pushed through her sphincter and began to probe her rectum.  She had never had anything like this done to her, and the humiliation was almost overwhelming.
To her side, another officer was doing the same procedure with Noni.  Noni’s face was flushed, and Cate was worried her slutty maid might orgasm again from being used in this way by the men.
Then it was over.  The finger retreated.  
“Nothing in her anus,” said the man.
Cate began to relax, and straighten up - but the marine put a hand on the back of her neck and pushed her back against the wall roughly.
“Not just yet, puta,”  he said.  “I should check with another tool.”
And he did something behind her with his free hand, and a moment later Cate felt something hard and warm pushing against her pussy lips.
His dick!  It was his dick!  He was going to fuck her!  He was going to rape her!
He pushed forward, and she felt the length of his cock slide into her wet, virginal cunt.
Cate went wild.  She started to struggle, to kick with her legs, desperate to get away, not caring that these men had guns.
But the marine was strong, and he held her against the wall, and he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.
“Shush, princess,” he said.  “You know that you want this.”
At that word - princess - something flickered in Cate’s brain.  A distant memory.  The image of her father’s ring.
And suddenly she went limp.  Because she knew that part of her *did* want this - had always wanted it, from the first moment she conceived of how slutty and whorish her breasts were.  She hated that she wanted it - she didn’t understand how she could be such a slut as to *want* to be raped - but she knew that she did. 
And so she passively allowed the marine to fuck her, feeling his cock sliding in and out of her, feeling her arousal and shame growing in equal measure with each thrust.  
She was ashamed, too, because she realised that she was going to orgasm from this rape.  She had been playing sexy games with Noni for 12 hours of flight, and her body wanted what it wanted.  
So when the marine reached around beneath her, and grabbed her nipples, pulling on them hard, using her tits as reins to pull her down on his dick with greater force, she felt herself cumming.  Cumming from rape.  Like a slut - like the slut they had correctly assumed she was.  When the marine ejaculated inside her shortly after, she knew, deep down, that it was exactly what her body was made for.
And yet it wasn’t over when the lead marine was done.  There were six men in the room, and they all wanted their turn - three with Cate, and three with Noni.  And the second man was determined to use his cock to “double-check her anus”.  He at least used actual lubricant, smearing it over her ass with one gloved hand, before forcing his large cock into her butthole.  
Before today, Cate had never even touched a cock, let alone taken one inside her, and now she was losing her virginity in both her pussy and her anus.  She began to cry - even though her pussy was telling her the penetration felt good, despite the pain.
“Let the two sluts comfort each other,” directed the lead marine, and Cate and Noni were moved to opposite ends of the interview table, bent over the table at their waist, so that their faces were close together.  Cate was able to tangle her hands in her maid’s hair, and kiss Noni on the lips, as the soldier fucked her ass, and that made it better.
Each kiss she shared with Noni dispelled some of Cate’s fear, and by the time that the second soldier had spilled his seed in Cate’s anus, and the third was stepping up to use her cunt again, Cate was lost in lust.  In her mind, she was telling herself it wasn’t a violation, but just another sexy game she was sharing with her pet sex-toy - and so she kissed the beautiful blonde maid, and wiggled her butt, and began to actively buck against this third marine as he raped her.  
And she found another orgasm by the time he was done with her.
Cate knew, then, that whenever she thought of losing her virginity, she would forever remember this experience - being gang-raped by soldiers at gunpoint.  
She didn’t yet know that the trauma was encoding it into her mind as a fetish - but she would in time.  She would discover, as time went on, that being forced, being raped, being helpless, would make her wildly aroused - even as it terrified and humiliated her. 
And, as it turned out, given how often Cate was going to be raped over the coming years, the marines had really given her a gift, even if she didn’t fully appreciate it just yet.
When the marines were done, they wiped their cocks clean on Cate and Noni’s faces, and then had the girls suck the last of the sex juices from their dicks.  It was another first - the first time Cate had had a cock in her mouth - and she was surprised at how *natural* it felt to have her mouth plugged in that way.  It brought back memories of having a pacifier as a child - a feeling of *security* that was completely at odds with the precariousness of her situation.  
She sucked each cock clean obediently, and even went so far as to thank her violators. She wasn’t sure what she was thanking them for, but it seemed to please the men.
“Thank you for your time, senoritas,” said the lead marine, in return.  “You may now dress, and collect your luggage.  Enjoy your time in Mexico City.”
And so, freshly raped, with cum on their faces, and cum dripping from their pussies, Cate and Noni finally walked out into the streets of Mexico - ready to begin their adventure.

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