Is It Just A Game?

A Day At The Beach

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

The story has taken a turn to a bit of mundane stuff I know. The thing is that is is part of what is to come. I hope you are enjoying. Whether or not I have a feeling this story will go on. As always, no one is under 18 Years Old. This is kink at its heart, it is about free love, sex, and searching for self. The next chapters will focis on transformations and side effects more as Madison has her break now, but work is needing to be done.

The boat bounced over the swells of the ocean as Jamie and Justine fidgeted with their clothes. Alexia held on to the rail of the boat. She watched Callie as the woman leaned forward at the bow. She seemed to be leaning into the wind that was whipping around them as they cut through the ocean. Samuel was the man that Callie said was piloting the boat. Alexia was getting a bit nervous. She knew Jamie and Justine well enough, but now she was going to the middle of the ocean with Callie to spend the day on a ship of strangers. All while her Dad lay in the hospital.

“Callie?” Alexia called. “What is Madison doing again?” Callie came and sat by Alexia. “Well, you see, Quake hates to be challenged. Your Sister kind of did that the first time they met. She has been doing that ever since as well. The two of them are like warriors sizing each other up.” Alexia looked with a face that clearly conveyed she was confused. “Let me put it this way for you. Madison has no clue that she is insanely attracted to Quake. Quake is trying so hard not to be attracted to your sister. Now they are alone on a fishing expedition. He bets he has the upper hand in their drama because he uses spears to get fish.”

“Madison is going to throw a spear at a fish?” Alexia asks. “I mean she is so, not athletic enough for that, even before she changed she couldn’t do that type of thing.” “You might be surprised what your Sister is capable of doing. In fact I have a bet with Quake that she at least spears one good sized fish.” Callie grins. “Alexia, are you okay?” Alexia hangs her head. “I don’t know. I was. But now I feel a bit anxious.”

Samuel announces the ship ahead. Alexia has never seen a ship that size. Jamie and Justine are hopping all about. Soon they are docking at the back and heading up the stairway to the main level. Alexia sees clothes dropped along the stairs as she ascends. “Jamie! Justine! You two get right back here and get these clothes up.” Callie yells. They do just that, the two very naked girls shimmy past Alexia and Callie to retrieve their discarded clothes. “You will find that on this ship, Alexia, clothes are optional.”

After a short tour, Callie leaves Alexia in her cabin. She takes some time to change into her bikini. It is bright red and hugs her body in all the right ways. A soft knock on the door shakes her from her thoughts. “Yes,” Alexia says. “Hello, my name is Oran, is it okay if I come in?” “Sure.” She replies. Oran peeks around the door before stepping in. “Hello my dear, I am Oran, we are pleased to have you on board.” He offers a hand. Alexia shakes it awkwardly. “Anyway, I just wanted to say I am sorry for what has happened to your Father. He has been such a friend to me over the years. In fact, I might not be alive if not for him.” Oran sits on the bed.

Alexia is unsure what to say. “It is okay my dear,” Oran says, “I get how all this is jarring. Just know that you are welcome here. Everyone on this ship owes your Dad more than we can ever repay.” She looks at Oran and finally speaks. “I am having a hard time believing my dad is the man you all seem to believe he is. I mean he is the lazy guy that grumbles about mowing the yard. Now I have to imagine him as an action hero.” “Alexia, he would never say it, but he is a hero.” Oran stands, “Now let me show you to the Sun Deck, as we call it.”

When she steps on the “Sun Deck '' Alexia sees Jamie rubbing suntan oil into Justine's skin. Both are naked as can be. Callie walks up to Alexia in a towel. “Okay, now you just be as comfortable as you feel being. No one here expects you to get naked unless you want to, just know most of us do not wear suits unless we have to do so.” With that said Callie unwraps her towel and lays down on one of the chairs. Alexia lays down beside her. Soon Justine and Jamie are insisting that they put oil on them. Both women allow it and then it is just a peaceful time in the sun.


Once in the water, Madison is in awe of the reef they are fishing around. So many different types of fish, so many different colors of rocks and plants. It is like another world. She sees Quake halt his movements, suddenly his spear shoots forward and she sees he has impaled a nice size fish. He holds it up showing her what they are looking for. He heads up to the surface to place the fish on ice. She slowly begins exploring her surroundings. She notices Quake is staying behind her. She feels like she catches him staring at her. Then she spots a fish.

Madison lets the spear loose from the slingshot type device it is loaded in, it zings towards and over the fish, scaring it away. Soon she is surfacing to get air and reload the spear. Quake rises up and has more fish to toss in. The rest of the day goes like that, Madison trying, but just missing a fish. Quake spearing dozens of fish. He tells her on the next break for air that it is nearly time to leave. She is determined to get at least one fish. No way is he going to hold this over her. 

She slips under the water and goes deeper than she has been up until now. Then she spots it, a big fish along the bottom edge of the reef. She moves carefully nearer to the area. It seems to be occupied with hunting a group of smaller fish. This is it, if she is going to spear a fish she must get this one. Madison aims, then floats very still, and lets the spear fly. It sails towards the large fish and hits it dead center. It pulls the line connected to the spear taut and yanks her arm. She grabs the line and holds on, determined that this fish is going to be hers.

Quake has already gotten in the boat when she surfaces. “Ah well, Baby Girl, better luck….” he stops stunned as Madison pitches the fish on the boat. Quake's eyes are looking like they will pop out of his head. “GIRL! I mean, do you know what that is?” Madison is wringing the water from her hair as she answers, “A fish.” He shakes his head. “That is a Greater Amberjack. They are good eating.” He takes his hand held spring scale and hooks the Amberjack to it. “Wow, twenty-two pounds.” Quake puts the fish in a separate bin of ice and soon they are headed to a secluded cove.

When they land on the beach Madison sees Jason and some others she recognizes but doesn’t remember their names. Quake hands Madison a bag and just laughs, “This is for you. It will let Callie know she won the bet.” “What bet?” Madison asks. “Oh she bet me you would catch at least one fish. I figured a city gal like you would try, but fail.” Madison pulls a red dress from the bag. It is long and flowy. She feels how soft it is and blushes as she realizes it is a bit sheer in places. Before she can say anything Quake is helping Jason with the fires and getting the fish ready to cook.

A young woman with curly brown hair bounces up to her. “Hi! I’m Mari. You look like you need to freshen up. Follow me.” Madison and Mari walk into the jungle a ways. She hears water and soon they are at a small waterfall. “We use it as a shower.” Mari says. She hands Madison a container of homemade soap. “This is organic and really just flowers that smell nice. It doesn’t hurt the environment.” Madison thanks Mari and the girl skips back to the beach. Madison strips off her suit and carefully walks to the waterfall. There is a nice area to slip into the water and stand on an outcropping before the pool deepens. She uses the soap and soon is lathered up.

The water is cold, but she soon adjusts and she just stands under the heavy stream as it falls on her. It roars in her ears. She feels so primal as her naked flesh is caressed by the waterfall. Soon she realizes she needs to head back. Madison walks to a sunny area around the pool and begins caressing herself. Water droplets fall as her hands collide with them. Soon she has enough off that the sun and the cool breeze begins drying her. She digs through her bag and finds her red thong Callie packed for her. She slipped the dress Quake had given her over her body and it hugged her body in a loose way that still showed her curves. Long slits ran up the sides allowing for her legs to move freely. The length stopped above her ankle. Long sleeves covered her arms, but it had a feel like it was a peasant style, loose and easy to move in. She took a white headband and pushed her hair back, curling naturally as it dried. She headed back to the beach.

When she reached the beach, she saw more people had arrived. There were torches lit and small bonfires spread around. Madison saw Callie and Alexia, she walked up and wrapped her arms around Callie from behind. “Hey Beautiful.” “Hey yourself.” Callie purred as she turned and kissed Maidson, their bodies pressed tightly together. Alexia cleared her throat and the two sheepishly separated. “Ha!” Callie yelled. “I knew you would get a fish.” Madison grinned. “Yeah it is something Quae called an Amberjack.” Callie smiled. “You mean the large amberjack that Quake is fussing over, the fish he will not let anyone else mess with, that is the fish you speared?” “I guess so.” she replied.

Soon everyone was eating and dancing. Some had brought instruments and it felt like a real party. They all danced and laughed. The amberjack was pretty tasty. Everyone seemed really impressed with Madison spearing that fish. Even Quake seemed to smile at her. The stars came out and it was just a nice evening. Madison and Alexia were snuggled against Callie just staring at the night sky. It almost helped them forget that Greg was still in a coma. Soon the weekend would be over. For now, they were at peace. Madison never realized that she fell asleep. 


Again, as was becoming a habit, Madison awoke cuddled with another body. She was unsure of where she was. She remembered being on the beach, in Callie’s embrace. Now she felt the softness of the bed. Her arms were wrapped around a body, but it didn’t feel like Callie. Her hand moved over smaller breasts and a smaller body. A contented moan came from her sleeping partner. “About time you were awake Sis.” Alexia said. She rolled over to face Madison, smiling. “No wonder Callie likes waking up with you.” The feeling of her stepsister in her arms felt nice. She wondered at the feeling for a moment.

“Do you know where we are Alexia?” asked Madison. “Nope.” came the reply. The morning’s first rays were coming through the windows. Madison recognized the place. They were in Quake’s shack. As they sat up she saw a pallet on the floor. It must have been where Quake slept last night. Did he bring us here? Where is Callie? So many questions bombarded her brain. Alexia stood and stretched her body out, arms rising high above her head. The green bikini hugged tight to her. Madison again was taken with how beautiful Alexia was and how much she enjoyed being near her stepsister.

The door opened and Quake walked in. “Ah, I see the two mermaids that were left on the beach have awakened," he grinned. He handed them each a cup of coffee. Soon they were having breakfast outside around Quake’s fire pit. It felt good. He told them how they fell asleep and that Callie asked him to let them sleep in his cabin. She felt they would want to get to the hospital to check on Greg as soon as possible. Quake also explained how Callie was not one that liked to sleep outdoors nor without the comforts of modern society. Soon, Madison was driving Alexia and herself back home. They would clean up and go visit with Greg. That would be their Sunday. Madison found a package when she arrived home and was reminded that she had a Good Girl Max Demo on Monday. Life seemed to go on.

I have decided to stop putting the kofi link. Never have helped me anyway. I would love a comment. That would be nice. Anyway, Good Girl Max Demo coming. If I can keep Madison from having an orgasm a bit longer, she will turn back into Micheal. That will open up a bit more as the old tech can be fun to play with as well.

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