Is It Just A Game?

Bearing the Burdens of Family

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

This is a bridge chapter I guess. It is more about characters being there for each other. Mystery and Attraction is in this one. It is funny because the Game itself is more of one sexual encounter after another. My story is so far less sexual encounters as it is living life. I do hope those reading are liking it. I am kind of in a place where the next chapter has not gotten clear in my head. There is some Alexia story that wants to form, just waiting on it to come to me.

Almost forgot, everybody is 18 years of age or over. This is all fiction. It is from dreams and ideas that form in my head. Sadly, there are no pills that can change your gender. Well, not true, there are some, but they don't work like these do. They are more hormone based.

Evening has come and I am sitting at home curled up under a throw. It is funny that it is of Dyna-Woman. The old blanket-like thing was once mine, but somehow it had disappeared. I found it in Alexia’s bedroom as I helped her to bed. One mystery solved. So much more to know and understand about what happened to Greg. I wish I was Dyna-Woman right now, I could ask my robotic AI to……

AI might be the answer. I get up to retrieve my phone when there is a knock at the door. I check and see Callie. I open the door and mean to grab her in a hug when two pairs of arms encircle me. I look down and see Jamie and Justine clinging to me. “They demanded to come.” Callie says. “They have never demanded anything before. Oran didn’t have the heart to say no to them. He sends his love by the way. He has some things he is doing, but will be checking in with you soon.”

With Callie’s arm around me we go to the living room. “Where is Miss Alexia?” asks Jamie. “She is asleep in her room.” I replied. “Can we go see her?” Justine asks. “You two may go up there, just please do not wake her. The doctor gave her some medicine to help her sleep, she has had a hard day.” “Do you think she would love us to cuddle her?” Justine asks sweetly. I place my hand on each girl’s cheek as they stare bright eyed into my own. “I feel she would love that so much, Sweet Girls.” I smile as they bound up the stairs.

I crumple into Callie’s arm and begin sobbing. “Shh. It’s okay Maddie. It is okay.” She holds me to her, letting me just be vulnerable. All afternoon I had been the one trying to be strong, be in charge. It was so draining. I watched as Alexia became more and more despondent as we were told what the doctor knew. Basically, Greg had been in the middle of an explosion. It had been less about the force of the explosion and more about the chemicals that were involved. Greg had been exposed to substances that were used to manufacture pills.  They were not sure what effect they could have had on him. He had cuts and bruises. Because of a blow to his head they had put him into an induced coma. He was stable, but by far from being okay. I unloaded all of it. Callie sat there and listened, stroking my hair and comforting me.

“Quake was there.” I mumble. “Quake was at the hospital, I know that Sweetie.” she says. “No Callie, he was with Greg. Quake pulled him out of the place that exploded. Quake got him and others out of that place. Why was he there Callie? I don’t understand.” Quake had been waiting for me when I finished with the doctors. He accompanied Alexia and I home, driving my car. “He told me that he pulled Greg out. He said he was just nearby when it all happened, but I feel like there was more to it.”

Callie spoke softly in my ear. “Maddie, he is a good man. He has secrets only Oran and Aphrodite know. I do know he has saved many people that have been hunted by Partisans and others. I want you to know you can feel safe with him.” She held me and I was so close to sleep. “I will tell you a secret and then I want you to rest.” She kissed my head. “Quake is watching your house right now. He is out there keeping an eye on you.” I close my eyes and let darkness overtake me.


I woke up feeling like I had slept too hard. That feeling where you know you slept, but your head still felt heavy and your body slow. I blinked a few times before realizing I was on the living room couch. I felt the warm comforting presence of a body pressed behind mine. Arms hugged my body. I knew it was Callie. I just lay there enjoying the feeling of being hers. I hear movement in the Kitchen, someone is cooking. The smell of bacon drifts all around me.

Loud and fast steps come down the stairs as Jamie and Justine appear before me. Soon Alexia is beside them. “Hey there you two.” Alexia grins. I feel Callie stir and then I sit bolt upright. “Who is in the Kitchen?” My head whips around and I see Quake there cooking. Soon he is trying to cook as Jamie and Justine have gone to help. “What is Quake doing here?” I say. “Obviously cooking us Breakfast my love.” Callie replied. “Okay, someone needs a shower so up, up. Come with me.” Callie grabs me and takes me upstairs.

Showering with Callie was fun. We kissed and caressed. I told her all about losing my virginity to Oran. She asked which was better, sex with a girl or a guy? I giggled and told her both. We laughed and probably stayed longer than we should have. My eating her out and her fingering me probably had something to do with that fact. It just felt good to be with her. After we raided my closet and she found my cut-off jean shorts and a red and white striped one that came off one shoulder. She looked yummy in it. I put on my lavender sweatpants and a Godzilla T-Shirt I had found at Serendipity Comics at the Mall. We came down the stairs hand in hand.

It was funny watching Quake try and serve us. Jamie would grab the coffee cups as soon as he poured. Just as fast Justine picked up our plates. He finally gave up and took a plate and some coffee and sat beside me at the table. Justine had started cleaning up as Jamie helped. We sat in silence for a bit until Alexia spoke up. “So Sis you were in the shower a very long time, were you THAT dirty?” she waggled her eyebrows at me and Callie. “Oh she was such a dirty girl.” Callie piped up. “Hey! You were just as dirty!” I said. Alexia started laughing and soon all three of us were having a laughing fit. Quake just rolled his eyes.

Later I followed Quake outside to the deck. I refilled his coffee and took his cup to him. “Thank you for yesterday.” I said. “For what?” He said. “Well, for helping when those goons were harassing us, for saving Greg ... .just for everything.” I said. “It was nothing, Girl.” I looked at his head and where the bandage had been there was just smooth skin. “Weren’t you hurt?” I asked, almost reaching to touch the spot. “I heal fast,” he replied. “Still Quake, I mean you had blood seeping through when you drove us home yesterday, now it is like you were never hurt.” He looked at me, really looked into my eyes before he said, “It is part of my transformation.” I realized he didn’t want to talk anymore about it so I changed the subject.

“So I guess our fishing trip will have to be postponed.” I looked down into my coffee. “Oh no you don’t. You aren’t weaseling your way out of that Girl.” He commented. “I am not weaseling out of anything!” I say. “I mean you were hurt, Greg is in the hospital, Alexia needs looking after.” He puts a finger to my lips, which is kind of infuriating. “Look, Alexia can go to the ship with Callie and the girls. We go fishing, then you two join us for supper, IF you catch enough fish.” I look at him hard. He continues, “We go see your Dad this morning, You, Me, and little Sis. Callie and the girls will clean and make sure the house is looking good. Then we come back and all go out to the ship.”

“What if something changes with Greg?” I ask. “Girl, don’t you know Aphrodite is watching over that man. He is probably the best looked after person in Summer City right now.” I bolt to the Living Room and grab my Phone. “Aphrodite. I was going to contact her last night.” Soon I find my phone and see a text message from the AI. “Madison, Greg is still stable. I am monitoring him closely. I have people that will be watching out for you and Alexia. Please know I am aware of your location through my nanites that we share. I will be in touch as I collect more data on what chemicals Greg encountered.” I slumped in Greg’s Recliner.

“I take it the Goddess has told you my plan is okay?” Quake asks while looking down from behind the recliner. “Not in those words, but I guess your plan can work.” I hated the smug look on that handsome face. Then he grinned that stupid sexy grin of his at me. Soon he moved back to the Kitchen and watched the girls clean up. Jamie and Justine giggled and chattered as they soon had the Kitchen spotless.

The hospital was calmer now that we were not being accosted by the Goon Squad. I noticed the receptionist from yesterday was nicer to us today. Soon we got our update. Alexia asked lots of questions, but really there was nothing new. It was the same as last night. Greg was resting comfortably. He would be in a coma for a few days as the swelling around his brain went down. Vitals were good. Tests were being run on his blood. They were monitoring for any changes in the chemical make up of his blood beyond the first they had drawn. Luckily Greg was a blood donor so the Hospital had records of his blood chemistry for a baseline to compare it to the current one. All in all, it was just that we were here and would be back tomorrow.

I left Alexia talking to Greg, which I feel was good for both of them. I do hope he can hear her. I went for a walk in the outdoor garden near the ICU. I sat and just listened to the birds as the sun shone on my face. My phone buzzed. It was a text from Mom. All it said was she called and checked on Greg. She heard his daughters were there. The last was a dig at me, “Guess you’ve gone native Micheal.” Even with Greg hurt and in the hospital she couldn’t let go of her prejudices. I sighed and closed my eyes. I must have dozed off, cause Alexia was soon shaking me awake.


Callie helped me gather what I would need into my backpack. I decided to wear my new one piece suit. It was silver on the edges and shoulder straps. The middle was a deep purple color. It fit snugly to my body. I put a green wrap around skirt on and a bright top with rainbow colored fish on it. I had my wedge sandals on and really was surprised how well I was walking in them. For a gal that just recently started wearing heels and wedges I was doing pretty good. I met Alexia in her room.

“Are you okay with going out today? I mean we can just stay here or go back to the hospital.” I said. “It is fine.” Alexia replied. “I mean it sounds like Dad will be out for a few days. I know he would not want us just being all depressed and stuff. Besides, Callie promised me a relaxing day of sun bathing.” “Just all in my head I guess.” I say. “Alexia, I just want you to be safe and happy, you know that right? I mean, I know I am kind of pulling the older sibling card here. I just want you to know I love you and want to do right by you and Greg right now.” Alexia hops up and gives me a hug. “You are doing fine Big Sis.”

“Hey, remember that Callie is MY Girlfriend, okay?” I smile. “No promises. She is a total hottie.” With that we head downstairs. Everybody is packed and waiting to head out. I follow Quake in my car. Callie and Alexia singing to the top of their lungs to Mariselle’s new Single. We get to a private drive and it soon opens to a parking area and a small house. We place our keys in the house, which is staffed by someone around the clock apparently. Marcel and Jan are there at the moment. I wonder just how many people are part of the community Oran leads.

Soon we are saying our good-byes. Callie and the girls take a boat from the pier and head to the ship. It is just Quake and I. We head down a trail and soon are at a shack. It is nice and it is simple. “Welcome to my humble abode.” Quake announces. After stowing our stuff I find out we will be spearfishing. Apparently we will be using something called a Hawaiian Sling. I am so nervous now. I believed we would be using poles and bait, fishing.

Quake laughs as he shows me how to hold and launch the spear. You have to aim and hit the fish. “You know we will probably have nothing for supper unless you can catch lots of fish with these.” I moan. “We will see.” Quake declares us ready and we take his small boat out into the ocean, just beyond an outcropping of rocks. “Here will do.” he states. He hands me some fins to put on my feet and soon we are free diving.

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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