Is It Just A Game?

Feeling Special (Madison Experiences Another First)

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So as always, everybody is over the age of 18 years old. In fact, according to the rules of the game world you don't have anyone younger really around the world that is built. This society has them in an area separate. Mothers especially raise them away from the Transformation and free love/use of Summer City. So there will never be any sex between those not of an age to do so.

I do have to say, I have been amazed where my story has gone. I haven't even written the experiences of sex and transformation that was part of my game play. The mystery my mind has come up with is far away from the one in the game. I have characters that are new. The story has turned in amazing ways to me. I hope you that are reading enjoy where it is going. I figure many avoided it because of the idea of writing about a game. Inspiration came from the game, but Summer City has become so much more. I work hard to have the geography and the world of the game intact. I hope the one or ones that created it are okay with what has been inspired by them and forgive my using some elements of X-Change Life.

Okay, time for Madison to lose her virginity.

My back felt so good against the soft upholstery of the Limo. What was I thinking wearing a backless dress? Still, I did look so good as I stared in the bedroom mirror. The Dress tied up behind my neck, scoops down over my small chest, then down with that slit that starts at my right hip and shows my toned legs. I remember the feeling of Callie’s hands running down my back as she gushed over how beautiful I looked. The dress is really cool. It shifts its color depending on the light that hits it. It can be a dark purple that as I move becomes the deepest shade of emerald. Add the shimmery fabric and it is like something I use to see my fav celebrity crushes wear. “We’re here Miss.” 

I step out of the Limo helped by Jason. “Thank you.” I smile. Jason walks me to the front of an impressive looking resort entrance. The Palm Trees tower over the perfectly landscaped flower beds. Waiting at the door was Oran. My mouth had to have dropped. I mean naked he is drop dead gorgeous, but in the charcoal gray suit Oran is beyond handsome. The crisp white dress shirt contrasts so well with his brown skin. The no tie open collar look is hot. I drink him in as I take his hand. He lifts my arm up and spins me around with a look that makes my tummy tingle. “Hello my pretty Pet.”

A quick nod and Jason is gone. Oran escorts me into the resort and I feel like Jamie and Justine at the Spa. It is hard not to get lost in the opulence. Soon we are at the restaurant being guided to our table that overlooks a spectacular view of the ocean. “Have you noticed Madison,” Oran smiles, “that all the eyes in this room have been on you ever since you walked in the door?” I blush profusely. “No.” I say quietly.

“Hi!” A perky voice assaults our ears. “I am Holly and I will be your server this evening. “Our specials this evening are a Baked Duck with small potatoes, carrots, and snap peas or a wonderful Swordfish plate accompanied with seasonal vegetables.” Holly looked at me and for a moment, it seemed she wanted to say something. Then Oran broke the moment as he ordered appetizers, the soup of the day and the Baked Duck for us. A bottle of wine was ordered as well. “Okay, well enjoy your evening. I will be back shortly with your appetizers.” Holly leaves and I watch as she goes with a strange feeling that I know her. I shake my head as I realize Oran is speaking to me. “....Callie said something about a sleepover?” “What? Oh, yeah, Jamie and Justine are hanging at my house.” 

“Your Dad was okay with that situation?” Oran queried. “He was after Callie spoke to him. Do you know anything? It feels like you know something.” I ask as I take a sip of my water. “No. Just making conversation with the most beautiful woman in the room.” I cough as my water goes down wrong. “Okay, seriously. I get the whole suave suitor thing. But, dude, I have seen you naked.” Oran laughs. “Alright. I will drop the lines. I just wanted you to feel special tonight.”

“I really already do. I mean I am in this dress, riding in a Limo, I feel very special.” We then settle down and enjoy the evening at a much nicer pace. The food is amazing. It was the most perfect meal I have ever eaten. Holly brings the Chocolate Cake I chose for dessert and I can’t take it anymore, so I ask her, “Excuse me Holly, but do we know each other?” She pauses and looks at me hard. “I don’t believe so. I only came to Summer City recently. The only people I know are my best friend Micheal and his family.”

“Hollis?” I grin. “It’s me, Micheal.” “OH MY GOD!” she screams. Then she places the platter she is holding over her embarrassed face. “Sorry, but, Micheal, is that really you?” “I go by Madison. Yes, it's me.” I stand and hug her. She is shorter than me. I lean back and take in her looks for a bit. Her breasts are way bigger than mine, she has a very typical blonde beach bunny look. We giggle until we hear a deep sound of a male clearing his throat. “Oh sorry.” 

“Oran, this is my oldest friend, Holly.” I gesture to Oran, “Holly, this is my date, Oran.” I blush. Oran stands and takes Holly’s hand kissing it. “Charmed my dear.” Then a very stern looking man stood by us. “Pardon me. Is there a problem here sir?” He looks at Holly like he could chop her up into little pieces. “No problem. The ladies are friends who have not seen each other in a while.” He looks Oran up and down. “Holly here has given us excellent service.” Oran says as he takes the man by the arm and guides him away. Holly and I get another quick hug before she excuses herself, promising to text me later. When Oran comes back he is smiling. “Well that is a creepy little man. Hopefully the five hundred dollars I gave him will keep your friend out of trouble.”

My phone buzzes. I check and see a message from Aphrodite. “Don’t worry about Holly, I will watch after her.” I smile. The nanites must be working. Then I see the cameras around the restaurant. So that is how she knew. I mouth a “Thank You” to the camera. We finish our meal and head to the front desk. Where Oran checks us in. The key card is handed over and I find out as we ride the elevator up that we are booked in the Aphrodite Suite. It is breathtaking. It also takes up the entire top of the resort hotel.

I walk outside and look at Summer City lit up all around us. I feel Oran slip his arms around me. We stand like that just enjoying the breeze. Enjoying being alive. Oran takes my chin and pulls my face up to meet his in a soft deep kiss.


My world spins as I melt into that kiss. His hand is on the small of my back as the other brushes through my hair. It feels like time has slowed down. I don’t even realize we have moved inside as he guides me towards the bedroom. Purple roses are filling every space in vases that look to hold dozens upon dozens. The soft lighting gives a faint eerie lavender glow to the room. Oran is kissing the back of my neck as I stand dumbfounded before the King bed. I feel the tug of the strings that tie my dress around my neck. Once undone the dress slides like liquid down my body pooling around my feet.

I stand in just the tiny black thong I had worn and my simple black heels. My nipples crinkle in the cool air of the room. Oran’s hands are everywhere on my body, caressing and exploring. He guides me to the bed, having me sit on the edge. He takes my heels off and begins kissing along my inner thigh. When he reaches my treasure he gently removes my thong. A quick motion and I understand he wants me to move and rest on the bed. I am soon laying naked before him.

Oran begins to undress. It is so erotic how he moves with a grace that reminds me of a jungle cat from old movies I used to watch. I am transfixed as each button is undone. I have seen this man naked, even sucked his cock, but somehow the sight of him now in the soft light of the bedroom is making my skin feel hot. My folds feel moist as I watch the pants being removed. Soon I see his hard shaft pointing nearly to the ceiling.

“You are beautiful, Madison.” he says. I feel my body blush. Soon he is crawling onto the bed and again kissing along my inner thighs. I squirm a bit until my legs are parted and I feel a nibble along my slit. Soon kisses and licks are assaulting my womanhood. I arch my back as his strong hands grasp my hips. Oran has a talent for pleasuring a woman. Soon I am panting, small moans escaping my lips. I feel him reach and massage the underside of my tits. My body is on fire. Then it hits. The orgasm comes so quick I can hardly catch a breath. I arch my back and feel every muscle tense up, then I collapse and I am released from the sudden bliss. My pussy letting loose my fluids. Oran drinks deep from me.

As I am catching my breath I feel him kissing along my tummy. Fingers probe my wet cunt and he kisses then takes a nipple in his teeth gently biting. “OH holy hell!” I gasp as he alternates his mouth from one breast to the next. He is pushing deeper into my pussy as he does. I am disoriented as so many nerves are being stimulated at once. Soon his weight is on me and he is kissing me. It is loving and gentle. I watch as he straddles me and aims that rigid cock at the entrance to my womb.

He puts the tip in and then slowly pushes forward. It hurts a bit as he pushes deeper. I cry out as he tears my hymen. He stops, letting me catch my breath, pulling me up into his arms. “I’m okay.” I whisper. He smiles as he lowers me back down. He begins to slowly move in and out of my vagina. It is steady and gets deeper each thrust. I begin to feel a wave of pleasure wash over me. Each thrust makes me feel more and more. Soon he is moving faster and I am suddenly aware of meeting each thrust with my own hips. We are moving together in a symphony of carnal delight.

“Oh Fuck. Yes. So good. Mmmmm. Fuuuuuuck!” I scream as he plunges that rod deeper and deeper. We grunt and moan as we make love. Kisses and caresses come and go as we push hard against one another. I cum a couple of more times before I hear him say, “I am going to cum.” With a powerful final thrust Oran pushes as deep as he can into my body. I feel a gush of warmth inside as he releases his seed in me. I shudder in beautiful agony as another orgasm strikes. He rolls us on our sides facing each other, his strong arms holding me.

We stay like that for a while. Soft kisses and nuzzling occur. After a bit I feel Oran’s cock stir and soon he is taking me again. I lose count just how many times he mates me that night. I passed out at some point. It is 4:00 AM according to the bedside clock when I wake. I am cuddled in Oran’s arms, spooning with him. I feel so happy. I feel safe. I slip quietly out of his arms and go to the bathroom. I look at my wild hair and the slick spots along my legs. I decided to take a shower. The water feels wonderful.

When I return to the bedroom Oran is awake and just gazing at me as I slip back into bed. I am in a hotel robe and we cuddle. It is not long before we begin just talking. I tell him about my family. I mention my mom and the friction my desires had caused. I realize I have been chattering for a long time. “I’m sorry Oran.” “What for Pet?” he asks. “I have been going on and on about my family and I forgot that you don’t know about yourself.” “Oh, well, I don’t remember who I was, but Aphrodite has found out some about my past.”

“You see my Pet, Aphrodite can pretty much find any information in the world. If it is accessible over the Internet, then she can discover anything. It appears that I was a dancer in a Colombian Nightclub. Don’t look so shocked, some of us were girls that were turned male. I didn’t choose to be turned, it seems. The local Drug Lord was my lover. We were having an affair. The trouble came when his wife found out. He turned me over to his scientist to appease her. Aphrodite has the entire list of things they did to me. So many transformations were tested on me. The last was to be made into a man. I was to be a sex slave to begin with, but as always, people have their own agendas.”

Oran paused a bit, kissing my forehead. “The Drug Lord had a sister who wanted to take control. She had them change me to her specifications. I was to be her bodyguard and her lover. It was done before anyone even realized. Soon her men ended her brother’s life and I was now under her control. Not long after the Americans sent a team of covert operatives and they shut down the entire operation. Those of us that had been transformed were studied for a long time. That is when they realized my DNA had become so damaged I could never be transformed again.”

I learned how after that Oran had been used as an operative to strike against people abusing transformation tech. That is where he met Greg. It was surreal imagining my Stepdad as some super agent. Oran went to take a shower. My phone buzzed. I had a message from Aphrodite. She told me to check the closet. Inside I found a small luggage bag with everything I would need to freshen up. Hanging beside was a yellow summer dress. The bag had matching panties, a bra, and a comfy looking pair of tennis shoes.

At 7:00 AM there was a knock at the door and Holly was standing smiling with a cart of food. “Hi!” she smiled. She entered and wheeled the cart to the outside area, not really a balcony, but a large area with couches and tables. I watched her place the serving trays and platters around before she stopped and looked at me grinning. “So, uhm, you and the hottie?” “Oran” I said. “You and Oran.” She left the rest hanging. “Holly, I lost my virginity last night. Well, to a guy.” She giggled and sat beside me. “It is so awesome right? I mean I had lots of sex as a guy, but being a girl is so much more intense.” We shared the experiences we had so far. She was impressed with me and Callie. I found out that the job at the resort required only women. Any males hired had to take an X-Change Pill that would last the duration of the contract. Also, Holly had been assigned our server. So she was free to stay in our penthouse suite until we finished.

Oran came out dressed in a fresh pair of khaki pants and a black tee. He smiled and insisted that Holly join us for breakfast. He didn’t even have to charm her. She seemed smitten with him. It felt good to see her. Breakfast was joyous, but like all good things had to come to an end. Before she left, Holly had Oran’s number. She seemed excited to meet the others I had met. Afterwards the fairytale came to a close and Oran and I rode back in Jason’s Limo. We stopped at my house and he collected Callie and the girls. I had to hurry and get ready for work. It was now Friday, I needed to earn some money. I also had to distract myself from my Saturday meet up with Quake.


Work droned on and on. I made some cold calls. I had a few leads that seemed to go well. I was talking with a Real Estate Company about the Insta Girl Max Pills. It seemed like a great fit. They get to customize the looks of the transformed. They had some research that showed a female agent had a higher chance of closing deals. I was so hoping that was true as I spoke with them. I felt we were almost there. Then they requested a demo. It would be my first. I said yes and headed to Micheal’s office.

“So the first demo request I hear.” Micheal says. “Yes sir.” I reply and lower my eyes. “So I have filed the paperwork. You will have the supplies sent to your home. I expect you to arrive, already have taken the Insta Girl Max pill. Go over your research. Basically, sell the product by showing just how the pill will affect their employees.” “Yes Sir.” We signed some forms and I was sent home the rest of the day because that was a perk that those who did demos got for accepting the job.

I discovered some of the employees did not wish to demonstrate the product. I guess some of them were afraid of transforming. That was what the notice board in the break room was for, to get volunteers to do demos others didn’t want. You got less for the job, but you helped close a sale, which the company loved. I decided to head to the Mall on the way home. I strolled around just people watching.

Soon I realized I was being watched as well. I caught some guys discussing my ass. I was blushing, but proud of the way my jeans showed my butt off. I got a coffee and just sat watching the different women that passed by. I remember how I used to be attracted to women, not just a wish to be with them, but to be like them. Now I was. I wonder when my pill will wear off. Suddenly I giggle as I realize I have weeks to go. I have been having so many orgasms. The pill I took extends with every one I have. I am okay with that, this is me.

I head home and find Alexia crying. I rush to her and take her in my arms. “Madison!” she sobs. “Dad is in the hospital…..he was hurt.” “What? Okay Sis how, when….. I mean tell me what happened.” She calms down enough to tell me. A woman had called. She told Alexia that Greg was in the hospital. He had been hurt, but they couldn’t tell her how or where. “Let’s go.” I grab her arm and am heading to the door. “Madison, she said we couldn’t see him.” “Oh, the hell we can’t.” My blood pressure was rising and I felt my blood pounding through my body.

We got to the hospital. I inquired at the service desk about Greg. The woman frowns and tells me to wait as she checks. She makes a call and two guys in dark suits come down the hall. “Miss Anderson?” Dude Number One says. “Yes, that is us.” I replied. Alexia is a mess, but she is holding it together for now. “As we said on the phone we can’t allow your father to have any visitors.” “Why?” I demand. “Look here sweetheart,” Dude Two interjects, “my partner here said you can’t see him, so you can’t see him.”

“Who are you to tell us that we can’t see our Dad? Just who the hell are you guys? I have seen no badges, so I am guessing it is not the law.” “We don’t have to tell you anything sweet cheeks.” Dude Two is really getting on my nerves. That is when I see Quake down the hallway. He is on the phone and holding a hand up motioning me to not acknowledge him. “Now it's time to leave.” Dude Two grabs Alexia and begins dragging her towards the exit. “Take your hands off her!” I scream. I am about to hit him when Dude One grabs my arms and yanks them behind my back. I begin kicking and screaming. “Let go of ME you ASSHOLE!” 

“The lady asked you to let her go.” A stern voice rumbles. It was Quake. He moves and takes the arm of Dude Two freeing Alexia. Then he has the man hitched up with his arm twisted behind him, Alexia held up by his other arm. It was then that I got a lucky shot and my heel slammed into Dude One’s junk. He releases me and I grab Alexia protectively.

“Do we have a problem here?” A woman with perfect hair and a stylish power suit is standing by us flanked by two very large security guards. “These people attacked us.” Dude Two smirks. I try not to laugh as Quake yanks his arm a bit. “Really?” she says. “I think not. She points to a TV Screen in the lobby. On it is the incident. Alexia being grabbed, me being grabbed, and Quake helping us. The Dudes settled down. “I believe your authority ended when you brought those injured here. Now if you would, please leave. Aphrodite will be in touch with your bosses.” They grumble, but leave.

“I apologize.” The lady says. “I am Cathy Banks, the Hospital Administrator. I received a call from Aphrodite that you were here. Please, let me take you to the ICU. Your Dad is there, Dr. Valley will meet us and you can find out about his injuries.” As we walk by the Service Desk, she pauses, “You and I will have a talk when I am done aiding these young ladies.” The receptionist gulps, “Yes Ma’am.”

As we wait in the family area of the ICU I see a large bandage on Quake’s head. I hadn’t noticed as we were fighting. “You’re hurt.” I say. He looks at me. “Were you with Greg?” I ask. “I was.” I look at him waiting for more, but the Doctor enters and takes us to the family area. I just look back at Quake as we leave, “Please be here when I get back, please.” He nods and takes a seat.

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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