Is It Just A Game?

Good Girl, Maid Girl, Dumb Girl

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

Okay, so we will get the reminder that everybody in this story is 18 years old or they are older. There are sexual situations, so if you don't like that, please just go find something else to read. I am writing a story that came out of playing a game online. The story has become a creature of its own and while it uses a foundation of an X-Change World (, it is now evolved beyond it's beginnings.

So, I have had a time getting this chapter completed. Work has sapped my energy and been really hard. I pushed through. I have given you three of the transformation pills that are sold in this world. I have been wanting to get back to the gender stereotypes of this transformative world. You are also starting to see the different possible plots that my mind is forming as well.

Hope you enjoy this chapter.

After Alexia left to go meet her friends I went to get the Good Girl Max package. I had my sheet detailing the company and the other information I would need to make the sale. The pill was red and had a time limit. It was basically an eight hour pill that should be enough for a work day, then you transform back. The look of the woman was customizable. It was not for making super models, but more just pleasing to the eye, girl next door types. I stripped and then took the pill. It was a bit painful. My body felt really hot. I shrunk in height a bit, I felt my face change. When it was done I stared in the mirror at a very adorable brunette. I had a bit of a bigger chest size it seemed. My ass was a bit smaller, but also tighter. I was cute and sexy. I dressed in the clothes provided, a simple bra and panties, white, and a beige dress.

I drove to the offices of the Real Estate Company, Sunrise Realty. I was meeting with one of the owners, Mr. Richardson. I ring the doorbell and feel very energetic, kind of like I was just bubbly and joyful. When he answers the door he smiles, “Hello, you must be the rep from Dyna Pill.” I give him a big smile, “That is right sir, my name is Madison and I am here to give you a demonstration for the Good Girl Max brand of pills.” He motions for me to come in, I see his eyes roam along my body. “You looked very different from on our video call. I see the changes I asked for were done to perfection.” He said.

I went into full sales mode. It was like suddenly I just knew how to read the room to use my looks and energy to get the most from the client. I mentioned the benefits of the product. We had discussed the advantages of a woman as the sales person, I pushed that hard, I might have even been a bit flirty. Soon I was describing how Good Girl Max would help increase the revenue of Sunrise Realty. I felt so amazing and gave the pitch really well, I thought.

Mr. Richardson stretched back on the couch. The offices were a demo house. We were in one of the rooms used as an office space, but it had elements of a home as well. I stood there eagerly awaiting his response to my pitch. “I must say Madison, you gave one hell of a product pitch. If my employees do half as good, the pills might be worth it. I just need to see a bit more.” He drew that last word out. It dawned on me that he wanted to see more of me. I bit my bottom lip. “Come on Madison, you want to make the sale. I really need to see that my employees will be fully capable of being a Good Girl.” I smiled and decided to do it. I unzipped and shimmied out of my dress. I stood there in just my simple white bra and panties.

He rose from the couch and walked around me. “This needs to go.” He said as he unhooked my bra. He was back in front of me. “Lose the panties as well, please.” I slowly slid the panties down and stepped out of them. “Good Girl.” A jolt of pleasure came over me at the praise. He sat back down just looking, he asked me to turn a few times, then said, “I believe the order you proposed will be just fine. We will take the allotment of Good Girl Max. Just get the papers I need to sign and we can finish the deal.” I grinned and started to reach for my clothes to get dressed when he said, “Don’t worry about the clothes as we sign the paperwork.” I stayed naked and soon had a very good contract for an order signed.

I got dressed and was so glad he didn’t want more. All in all my first demonstration seemed to go well. I drove home and waited for the effects to wear off. Soon the pain was overwhelming as my head pounded, then I was me again, the red haired gal with the amazing ass. I heard Alexia come in downstairs. I threw on a cute top and some short shorts and went to greet her. Soon we were eating and she was telling me about her day and her visit to the hospital. We watched some TV then headed to bed. I had work again and I needed to visit Greg. I heard a buzz as my phone got a Text.

“Great bit of data from your transformation today. So happy that you were doing well. I did notice that your arousal spiked near the end. What were you doing that caused that response? Anyway, it gave me some very helpful data about that pill. Now on to some other stuff.

I have gathered the data from the blood work done on Greg. The chemicals were very potent, but seem to have just been of a nature that affects the male in small ways. Greg will probably start looking somewhat younger, not much, but some. The troubling part is that he might become aggressive at times. Not sure exactly how this will manifest. It could be a temper outburst, it could be sexual. I also noticed that his inhibitions could have been affected in some way as well. I will know more soon as I isolate the exact formulas of the chemicals.

— Aphrodite”

Well, that is troubling. Will Greg be violent? I fall asleep wondering just how Greg will be when he wakes up.


During the night I suddenly wake up. I feel like I have been tied up around my chest. Not to mention that my panties feel uncomfortable as well. I stumble out of bed and feel off balance. I steady myself and realize something is off. I am Micheal again. Waves of depression cascade over me as I see myself in the mirror of my dimly lit room. The night light I have gives off a soft glow. I struggle to get my sleeping shirt off and slide my panties off. I sit on the bed and begin to cry.

My phone rings softly. It is on a quiet mode so it will not jar me if it rings. I grab it wondering if something happened to Greg. As I answer I hear a synthetic type voice respond. “Madison, what happened? Are you okay? Your body just had a massive change. Oh, wait, I see, hello Micheal, are you okay?” I smile realizing that Aphrodite had seen the transformation as a massive change and called even before she had all her data. “I guess I am okay. I am a guy again, so yeah, I guess.” “Oh Sweetie, it's okay, you can be yourself again soon. Have you considered buying the Forever Pill?” she asks. “I have. It just cost a lot and I have to save the money to get it.”

“I apologize for the abrupt call. When you changed the transformation was very intense on your body. It was like you were in danger.” she said. “Thank you for caring. It is nice having a woman that cares about my well being.” I flinched as I said it. I guess I harbored a great deal of resentment against my mother. “Well, just know I am looking out for you. Still, I am glad you picked up. I would have had emergency services at your house if you hadn’t.” I chuckled. “Okay Sweetie, you get some rest. I know you have a lot on you right now.” Aphrodite ended the call. I tossed and turned and eventually got back to sleep.


Over the next few days I was at work as Micheal. I didn’t seem to get as many sales as I did as Madison. I knew I needed to keep my pay up. I ended up doing demonstrations from the Notice Board. It was odd as sometimes the information about the company was not always complete. Was I the only one that did research? It was easier in a way. I could spend the off time with Greg or looking after Alexia.

I was really proud of my little sister when she told me she had signed up as a candy striper. She was really cute in her uniform. It was funny how Summer City seemed to relish in the old versions of things. She was volunteering, but it also was accumulating what was known in Summer City as apprentice credits. It could help her with the classes at the College. She also was able to be near Greg more. 

So, my next Dyna Pill demonstration was for Ready Maid. The company was in the resort business. They had bungalows that people rented that were right on the beach. Productivity was in dire need as the place was getting hammered online because of the cleanliness of the accommodations. It would be a big sale. I would make okay money, but not as much as if I had been the one who found the lead. I took the Ready Maid Pill and dressed in my Maid Uniform at home and headed to the Seaside Bungalows.

When I arrived I was taken to a spacious office. Mr. Thompson sat behind a huge desk. He smiled at me as I entered. “Hello,” he grinned. “So are you my Dyna Pill Maid for the day?” I curtseyed and said with a smile, “I sure am Sir. My name is Madison, do you mind if I clean as we talk about the product Sir?” I felt a compulsion to clean, it made me feel so good to dust and straighten the place. In fact I was feeling damp in my panties. “As you can see, we Ready Maid employees are very efficient.” I was on autopilot. My cleaning skills seemed super human. I rattled off product information like I had memorized the book.

Mr. Thompson stood up and came from behind the table. I had started to go to his small kitchenette. “Wait Madison.” he took my arm in his hand. “I have other interests in this pill as well. I understand it makes the user very obedient and submissive.” “Oh yes Sir.” I replied. “Call me Master,” he says. “Yes, Master.” I say as I lower my eyes. “Master, can I get back to cleaning please?” He lets out a boisterous laugh. “That pill really does focus you on your work. Well, you may finish after you clean this for me.” He drops his pants and pushes his boxers down and a nice sized cock springs out. “Yes Master.” I drop to my knees and take his entire root in my mouth. I twirl my tongue as I bob my head. I really put my all into it. I needed to please him, I needed to also finish my cleaning. 

Suddenly I felt his cock seem to grow and then my mouth was flooded with cum. I was so unprepared for the amount. I tried to swallow, but it dribbled all over my chin and onto the floor and his shoes. He pushed my head against him so that his rod was all the way down my throat. Soon he was spent and released me. I gasped. As I looked up at him. “I believe we can do business. Clean yourself and the mess on the floor up. When you are done we can sign the contracts. I started with his shoes, I licked them clean. Then I went about cleaning my chin, scooping the cum and licking my fingers. I fished the rest of his office and soon had left with a signed contract that netted me a nice commission.

When I got home Alexia was there with her friend Bruce. Alexia looked at me and asked, “Who are you and why do you have a key to my house?” “Oh silly, it's me Madison. I had a demonstration today for work.” She giggled. I went about cleaning the house. I noticed Bruce watching me as I did my work. He was a bit creepy, but I was still feeling aroused.  I went up stairs and each room I cleaned brought me closer to an orgasm. I finished and then went to my room and stripped off my uniform. My fingers were working my snatch furiously until I exploded in a massive experience of pure bliss. I fainted and fell asleep. I was jolted awake as I changed back into Micheal.


My next demonstration was one that had me a bit nervous. It was for the Dumb Bitch Pill. I met my chaperone, Daphne, at DynaPill. She went over the possible side effects. Seems I need to not have an orgasm is the main thing. Apparently it can affect my IQ if I do. She stressed that a bunch. I had to sign a waiver stating I understood the possible side effects and that I was accepting the risk. After I signed, Daphne handed me a small gold bikini. “This is what you will be wearing. You can store your clothes in this locker and here is a bag for your wallet and such.” She said with a smile. She left me with the pill and the bikini and waited for me to change.

I swallowed the pill and waited naked to see what I would look like. It was a bit exciting. I felt okay and was happy to at least be in a female body again. I felt the changes come over me. My body got hot and I watched my skin darken a bit. My body shrunk in height but my ass and tits ballooned out. I watched as my face softened and luscious dark brown hair cascaded down my back. I did feel a bit dizzy, but wow, I was a walking wet dream. I slipped the bikini on and it did cover what it should, but just barely. I opened the door and met Daphne just outside. Soon we were in her car driving to the home of Fredrick Yorgen.

Upon entering the mansion, we were taken to a sitting room to wait. Soon Daphne was called to speak with Mr. Yorgen. I waited nervously. My heels clacked on the polished wood floor as I paced. Soon my turn came and I was brought to a large living room. I was asked to walk around, turn, stretch, and other such things. Then Daphne was excused. She whispered in my ear as she left, “Do what you need to, but remember that orgasms are bad in this situation.” I nodded.

“Well, what do I call you?” Mr. Yorgen asked. “My name is Madison sir.” I replied. “So Madison, how would the Dumb Bitch Pills benefit my employees?” I thought a bit. I wasn’t prepared for a quiz. “Well Sir, these pills, like, totally make your employees hot, just like me. They also will be very loyal. Take commands very well. They will make for a very pleasing product.” I rattle off. “Take commands well,” he pondered, “so if I asked you to accompany me to a nicer setting you would have no problem with that?” “Oh No Sir, not at all.” He took my arm in his and guided me out and to the staircase. Soon we were in a bedroom.

The door closed and Mr. Yorgen grabbed my tits and began groping and tugging at the bikini top. His touches made my pussy begin to pulse. “Now my Dumb Bitch, lose the bikini and get on the bed.” he ordered. I quickly obeyed. I felt a strong need to obey. I was on the bed and on all fours as I saw him undress. When my eyes caught his cock stretching as it grew harder my mouth began watering. He grabbed my head and guided his shaft into my mouth. I began pleasuring that cock for all I was worth. I was determined to make him cum. I also had a small concern that if I didn’t drain him things might go farther.

Mr. Yorgen pulled out of my mouth and ordered me to lay on my back. I quickly followed his command. He crawled over me and leaned down taking a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and licked my breasts for a good while, keeping two fingers in my slit the entire time. Then he flipped me over and grabbed my rear lining his cock up, sliding it over my wet pussy. He slammed it in me and began long, hard thrusts. I was feeling overwhelmed as my mind was swimming in pleasure. His shaft was rubbing along my clit and driving me wild. I began pushing back, meeting each thrust. Soon I shuddered as a massive orgasm took me over. My head was laying on the bed as my ass remained up with Mr. Yorgen slamming into me. Soon I felt his crown swell and my womb was flooded with cum.

He pulled out and wiped his cock on my ass. I rolled over and made my way to him and began cleaning his cock like a good girl would. “You weren’t too bad, girl. I guess we can buy the product. You get put together and I will go finish up with your chaperone.” Mr. Yorgen said as he got dressed. He left and I sat on the bed feeling a bit like I was floating and maybe high. I slowly got myself cleaned up a bit and put my gold bikini back on. I met Daphne at the bottom of the stairs. She gave me a strange look.

“Come on Madison, let me get you home.” Daphne said. Once in the car she asked, “Did you have any orgasms?” I nodded my head and smiled. “Just one, but it was so good.” I giggled. “Oh Sweetie, it seems you might be a bit affected, but you are not too bad it seems.” We drove on and arrived at my house. “Well, the good news is because Mr. Yorgen was so impressed with your sales pitch he upped his order. That means we hit a sales mark so you will receive double the amount that we had originally agreed on. I also contacted my manager and they said to add $300 and ask if you could be available in the future?”

“Sure Daphne.” I say. “I can be yours anytime.” I didn’t have my clothes. “Uh, where are my clothes? I should change.” “Remember Sweetie, you changed at Dyna Pill. I don’t have anything for you to wear.” Daphne said. “Okays. See Ya!” I got out of the car and walked to the front door. Daphne waited until I got inside and waved good-bye. I stumbled in and went to the couch collapsing. I knew I had a few hours yet before the pill wore off. It was then that Alexia came home with friends in tow. 

“Madison?” Alexia asked. “Yep, that’s me.” I giggled. “Well, I guess somebody had another demonstration. So, you know Bruce. These are my friends Ashley and Kira here. Two very pretty girls waved and grinned. “We just need to head up and get changed, we are heading to the club, you probably don’t want to join us, do you?” “Better not Sis.” I say. “Pill is gonna wear off soon so I better stay home.” The three girls head upstairs and Bruce comes and sits by me. “I will just hang here with your Sister, Alexia.”

When we hear the door close upstairs Bruce leans over. “So is this the Dumb Bitch Pill you were selling today,” he asked. “Sure is.” I say. Bruce then slips his hand down my bottoms and starts fingering my pussy. I giggle, “What are you doing?” He leans over and kisses my neck. “Just seeing how wet you are.” I start to squirm as my body heats up. “I heard that orgasms are super sexy for gals on this pill.” He grins. “No, huntn uhn, they not good for me.” I lay my head back, closing my eyes. It doesn’t take long, I feel the pressure building. “No, please.” I whine. Bruce keeps moving his fingers pushing on my clit hard. “I’m I’m I’m….” I start but Bruce kisses me as I shatter into an orgasm that rolls over my body in waves of pure bliss. As I calm down, Bruce smiles and says. “Couldn’t have you being too loud.” I feel weird as my mind is like pudding. Bruce puts his fingers to my mouth, “Suck,” he says. I obey and clean his fingers.

Soon Alexia and her gal pals return all decked out in their club wear. She kisses me on the cheek and says good-bye. Bruce does the same and gives me a knowing grin. I sit there in the living room wondering how bad two orgasms will be on my brain. I go up stairs and strip off the bikini. I go and begin my shower. I use Alexia’s body wash that has a lovely flower smell. As I am soaping my tits I feel a wave of dizziness come over me and then I am Micheal once more. I place a hand on the shower wall as I feel the loss of my womanhood. Soon, I go to bed. I wonder if I have enough to buy an X-Change Pill in the morning as I drift off to sleep.


The next morning I woke up feeling a bit odd. I really just feel like being lazy today, maybe. I decided to clean and get a jolt of arousal. It feels good though. I jump in the shower and decide it is going to be a no DynaPill workday. I have finished breakfast as Alexia stumbles down the stairs. She looks terrible. “Here Sis,” I hand her a glass of OJ, “you look like you need it.” She mumbles a thank you. I laugh. “So how was the club?” She settles on the stool and begins eating. “It was loud.” she says. She seems upset. I decided to probe more.

“Everything alright? You seem upset.” She huffs, “No. I am not okay.” I handed her some coffee. “Do you want to talk about it?” She looks at me and says, “I just can’t, not right now.” I nod and clean up the kitchen. I turn and ask her if she wants to go to the Mall with me. “Hell yeah.” she perks up. “Just let me get ready.” Alexia finishes her breakfast and heads upstairs and I hear the shower running. I sent a text to Callie. We chatted over text for a bit. I told her soon I would be more myself.

Alexia finally appears and we head to the Mall. I am ready to get another X-Change Pill. I earned enough with the Dumb Bitch Demo to get what I needed to purchase another one. I realize I need to make sure I have orgasms and cum so I can lengthen my time as Madison. Thankfully. Paradise Mall has UniSex Restrooms. I get my pill and duck in. I sit in a stall waiting for the change. It feels wonderful being myself again. I put on my Anime inspired outfit. It is a cross between a School Girl and a Sailor Scout. It shows my midriff off nicely. I giggle and head out smiling as I join Alexia.

It is a nice morning. We stop and get coffee. Then we shop some. I head by Serendipity Comics and chat with Layla, the gal that works there. Alexia gets a bit bored so we head home after lunch in the food court. She seems to be feeling better. We are outside sunning when I get a call from the Hospital. Greg is awake.

So, Greg is awake. How has he been changed? What is up with this Bruce guy? What is going on with Alexia? Stay tuned for the ongoing saga.

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