Is It Just A Game?

Intermission - Catching up with Hollis

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So I needed some time for the Greg in a coma and other plots to form a bit more. I decided it might be good to find out about how Hollis got to be Holly. We saw her briefly when Oran took Madison to the Resort for their fancy date. It is not in depth, but we do get to understand some of how Summer City as I am seeing it works. Not all the industries use the X-Change Pills. Some use other designer drugs. Aphrodite runs things, but like always, humans will expand and try to exploit any technology. Hope you enjoy this brief Intermission.

I watched Micheal and his family disappear into the night as the two vivacious babes that picked me up roared down the road in the Resort Van. “HiYa! I’m Becky.” the bubbly blonde said. “My name’s Trinity!” a petite brunette with a large bust giggled. “My name is Hollis. So how long have you ladies been working at the Resort?” I asked. “I have been there as long as I have been Trinity.” Becky interrupted, “Oh we are like you, just hired on Sweetie.” I was in heaven. How lucky to be in this Van with two of the cutest girls I had seen in a while? Still, something was odd about Trinity’s answer.

We soon arrived at the Resort and they helped show me to the staff quarters. When we entered, there were others in a bunk house type room. All of them were women. “Am I in the right place?” I asked. “Oh sure, we are all roomies.” Trinity chirped. Becky took me around the room and introduced me to three other girls. There was Gina. She was a very slender and pretty asian gal. She had an athletic body, kind of like a gymnast. Her breasts were small A Cups, but she had a very muscular ass. The yoga pants she wore looked sculpted onto her behind.

Next I met Dani. This was the typical cheerleader type midwestern girl. Her body was a mix of athlete and soft curves. Long luscious blonde hair cascaded down her back. Dani was a looker. Then there was Cindy. She had raven hair and deep blue eyes. She was small in height. Curves in all the right places. There was a hint of mischief in her smile. Not sure what her ethnicity was as her skin had a deep brown hue, but she didn’t look like she fell into a category.

They showed me around the area. There was a room with our beds. There were three bunk beds. We entered a kitchen area that was partially separated from a common room. In the common room was a computer and a TV. Couches and chairs rounded out the comfy look of the place. There was also a deck that led to the beach area. All in all it was a pretty sweet setup. Soon Becky had me by the arm dragging me to a meeting with our boss, Mr. Corvus.

“Good luck Holly, see ya back in the room.” Becky said as I stood outside the office of Mr. Corvus. “It's Hollis!” I called after her. “Whatever.” she said as she waved her hand giggling. I knocked on the door and waited. When it opened I was met by a very tall and muscular man. He had jet black hair and was a bit intimidating. “Welcome, Hollis, isn’t it?” he asked as he shook my hand and guided me into the office. “We received your paperwork. Everything is in order. We just need you to take your Customized Good Girl Maxx Pill and we will be all set.” “Excuse me?” I say stunned. “I see someone neglected to read through the contract. Yes, we require all staff to be female, except for executives and a few senior staff in areas where a male looks more appropriate.” he grinned. “It was all spelled out in the fine print.”

I rubbed my jaw. I had been ribbing Micheal about becoming a girl and here I was having to become one to work my summer job. “Okay, I mean I don’t have much choice, do I?” “No Holly, you don’t.” he said as he handed me a pink and red pill and some water. “You may step into my private bathroom. I have placed a robe there and some slippers. I would suggest you take your clothes off before taking the pill. What are you again, six foot five?” I nod and step into the bathroom. When I shut the door I look in the mirror as I strip. I see my well sculpted chest. I had worked hard on looking good. What would I look like as Holly?

Taking the pill I placed it in my mouth followed by a swig of water. I didn’t feel or see any changes, at first. Then it hit me. My body felt like I was being squeezed. I began to lose height. My hair was flowing out into a bright blonde color. As my body shrank my chest and hips swelled. I was so small, except in the chest. My breasts had to be D, maybe DD’s. Sweat had formed on my body giving me a sheen and glow. I then felt my dick feel like it was in a vice. It and my testicles were being pulverized by some unseen force and soon were gone. Replaced by a simple slit and very slight vaginal lips. I felt my insides twisting and turning which could only mean my body was fully female.

My small hands were on the counter holding myself up as I gasped for air. As I settled down, I splashed some water on my face. I then looked and saw I had green eyes and a striking face. I had to be no more than five foot five. I looked down and then over my breasts and saw dainty feet. My body had curves and fat where I had always loved it on a woman, but there was some definition of my muscles as well. I settled down and put the robe and slippers on. I shyly exited the bathroom.

“Let me have a look at you honey.” Mr. Corvus said. He walked around me. “I feel like I need to see how you turned out. Would you please drop the robe.” I was about to say HELL NO! But I felt my hands undoing the belt and I let the robe fall to the floor. “What?” I sputtered. A laughing Mr. Corvus said, “I see your trigger works well. Only senior employees have authority when saying it, but nice to know it worked. Now, would you please, turn slowly until I say stop.” Again my body just obeyed the request. I was also feeling funny. 

Was I getting aroused? I wanted to die of embarrassment. I knew my face and body was blushing red. Tears began falling. “Stop,” he said. “Maybe that's enough for tonight. Just know that you will be an obedient employee while in our employment. Would you please, put the robe back on and gather your things.” He pushed a button on his phone. A door to another office area opened and a beautiful lady stepped through. “Yes Mr. Corvus.” she said. “Ah, Miss Jennifer, would you please show our newest good girl back to her room after stopping at the resort shop and getting her some clothes.” “Yes Sir Mr. Corvus Sir.” Then she grabbed my arm and off we went.


I was dizzy from all that had just occurred. I barely was listening, until we stopped and Miss Jennifer was gently slapping me on my cheek. “C’mon Sweetie, stay with me. I know it is a lot to take in, but you are going to be okay.” she said softly. “I looked her in the eyes and nodded.” She smiled and said, “This may help, would you please be okay with your change into a girl.” Suddenly my body could breathe steadily. I was feeling calmer. It was like I had a switch flipped in my mind. “I see that helped. Would you please act and present yourself as a capable young woman.” Again, things felt better. I felt okay, everything was okay. “What?” I mumbled.

Miss Jennifer explained as we entered the resort shop. “So you took a customized Good Girl Maxx Pill. The ones we use are special for the resort. If we need you to be a maid for your shift, we will ask you to and the knowledge you will find is in that cute head of yours. Same with being a server in the restaurant. Now, it also has given you knowledge of how to be a female. That was why I asked you what I did.” She was adding clothes and items to the cart. Soon we were at the counter and she pulled a box from underneath. “This has underwear, personal hygiene items, and other things you might need.”

Soon we were back at the Dorm. Miss Jennifer said her goodbyes and I was left standing holding my box of girl things. Gina came over to me. “Here Holly, let me take this to your bed.” She took my box of things and I followed her to the button bunk. “This is where you will sleep, hun.” She said, “The dresser and vanity in the corner is free.” I sat on the bed. Not sure what to say. I looked and saw Trinity peering over the top bunk. She spoke to me. “You turned out really pretty, Holly.”

 Becky was on the top of one bunk bed and I saw Dani on another. That left myself, Gina, and Cindy on the bottom bunks. I took my box over to the dresser they had said I could use and began unpacking. I put the makeup and things like that in the drawers of the Vanity. I saw some pink pjs as I was unpacking, so I grabbed them and headed to the bathroom. “Don’t be too loud when checking out the equipment!” Becky yelled after me. I heard Cindy tell her to be nice as I closed the door.

It was odd. Seeing the naked girl in the full length mirror hanging on the door. I was really cute. I mean I would have dated me. I touched my nipples and felt a pleasant tingle run through my chest and end in my groin. I felt my pussy lips and laughed thinking about the fact that just moments ago I had a dick hanging there. I felt grateful for the programming that was keeping me from freaking out. I slipped my pjs on and brushed my teeth. I was not ready to test my new equipment just yet. If I still had a guy’s perspective, I probably would have spent all night jilling myself silly. No, I needed sleep.

Back in the bedroom, I got a hug from Cindy. “Holly, just know, we have been through it too. It is not so bad. Just trust the instincts the pill has given you and you will be okay.” “I will try.” I told her. Soon I was in my bed. Gina came over and gave me a kiss on my head. “Good night New Girl.” She grinned. “OKAY!” Becky commanded the room, “We all have a busy day tomorrow. Let's get to sleep.” “Yes Ma’am!” Dani giggled, then we all did. After Cindy turned the lights off, I lay there just pondering what I had gotten myself into.


Things have been interesting these last few weeks. I really am amazed at how easily I know how to do things. In the mornings Miss Jennifer comes by and asks us would we please do whatever she needs of our group that day and poof, we snap to it. My first day was maid service. Once she asked I went and got my maid uniform like all the other girls and soon we were cleaning the rooms. It was so fun, maybe that is the pill. I am a bit aroused by cleaning now. Even when not working maid service I still just want things nice and clean and I get pleasant feelings of bliss. That first day I did come back and have my first real cum as a girl.

I was afraid that there might be some abuse with our trigger phrases. No one has asked us to do anything sexual at all so far. Mainly, it has been Maid & Waitress service. Waitressing is hard work. So glad I don’t have to wear heels for that job like I do my maid duties. Our boss is a snotty man. He has taken to adjusting me as I work. Just the other evening he asked for me to be more “Bubbly” as I did my job. I was literally bouncing when I went to my next table. I saw a really hunky guy and this beautiful redhead with him. I couldn’t shake the feeling I knew her, but that was crazy cause I didn’t know any girls other than Alexia in Summer City.

Turns out the stunning redhead was Micheal. She goes by Madison. I was able to catch up a bit. Almost got in trouble because the “Bubbly” persona was really loud. Her date did some talking, and money handing, and I was then asked to serve them breakfast in the morning. I even got a bit of the cash he paid my snooty boss to make amends for my loudness.

Madison was there to lose her virginity. We were able to catch up at breakfast. I was even able to sit and eat with her. It felt nice. I learned that this was virginity with a man. She had a girlfriend as well. Seems Oran, that was the hunk’s name, was part of a group of people that shared open relationships. It was wild what Madison had been up to since we parted. We traded info and numbers. I am going to catch up with her soon. I heard her Step-Dad, Greg, was hurt in that fire at the docks the other day.

I also have a date with Oran coming up as well. I am surprised just how different my sexuality has been since my change. I am bisexual. I have been getting close with Gina. She has helped me learn about my body and we take time to be intimate as much as possible. She has dates with guys as well. I am really looking forward to my first date with a guy. I am anxious, but also excited by it. Gina has been thinking about taking on some extra work. It seems we can also work for the Night Club in the Resort. They need servers and strippers. It might be fun to try. I am going to see how she likes it first.

“Holly, would you please come and help unload the supply truck.” I look up from my Journal, “Yes Miss Jennifer.” I stand and move steadily out the door and back to work.


My date with Oran happens today. I was busy trying on cute outfits I had bought. “Here,” Gina handed me a necklace with a green stone hanging from its chain, this will look good with your eyes. “It fits sort of tight.” “It is supposed to fit like that, it is made to mimic a collar.” Gina said with a wink. She hugged me after I stopped preening in the mirror. “Just remember Sweetie, you go at your own pace okay?” I rolled my eyes, “Okay Mom.” We laughed and I went to wait in the Resort Lobby for Oran.

I was people watching, just chilling, when this cocky looking guy headed my way. “Hey there beautiful.” he said as he sat in the chair near me. “Hello.” I said politely. “My name is Bruce. What might your name be?” I was trying to be nice. I had yet to get the hang of guys just walking up and expecting me to chat. “My name is Holly.” He was eying me like a Lion would a Gazelle. “Well,” he began, “I am a talent scout of sorts. Your beauty and style made me wonder if you might be interested in a job opportunity?”

“Sorry, but I have a job. I work here at the Resort.” He began to grin and started to speak. “Would you…” It was then that Oran appeared by my side and I jumped up and threw my arms around him. “Hi Honey!” Oran figured out the situation pretty quick. “Hey there my Love.” He said as he pulled me into a searing kiss. My toes curled and my special place tingled. When he released me he looked hard at Bruce, “And who is your friend?” I steadied myself before speaking. “Oh, he said his name was Bruce. He was telling me about a job.”

Bruce stood and said his goodbyes and retreated to the other side of the lobby. Oran looked down at me and smiled. “Did I do okay? You did want him gone, right?” “You were wonderful. My knight in shining armor.” I giggled. It was funny how over the weeks I had become more giggly and girly. I took his arm and we headed off on my date. I had a feeling it was going to be a fun afternoon.

Did you see the scummy friend of Alexia's? What is that guy's deal. Well, I know, and soon I hope to let you know what he is doing, as well as other things about him. Have some other stories in my brain that I might have to get out before we see Madison and the Fam, but it will not be long. Thanks for reading.


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