Is It Just A Game?

Out of the Coma

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

Apologies for the delay in getting this chapter up. Work has hindered my writing and my ability to get things posted. I hope things settle down soon. It feels short to me, but I needed to kind of set some things up a bit. Not sure when I will get more stuff up. Having some anxiety issues too. Be patient with me. Thank you to those that have followed and for those that take time to respond in some way. It means a lot to know someone is reading and enjoying my stories.

“Oh FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” I wail as my mind explodes. I see fireworks on my eyelids as the shower waters cascade along my naked flesh. Callie holds me on wobbly legs. She whispers in my ear. “That is three orgasms for you and only one for me. I thought you said you were up for winning this game Darling Madison?” My body is overcome with bliss. I did believe I could best her in a battle of orgasms. I had learned so much about my body and my own practice was yielding so much about how my girl parts work. Callie was amazing though in how she can play a woman’s body. A literal virtuoso of bringing a symphony of bliss forth from the female form.

“Have I told you I Love You lately?” I grin at her. “Yes, Sweetie, I believe you have, but you can say it as many times as you wish.” she giggles. I look over her shoulder as our breasts press together and my hands rest on her ass. I see Alexia standing watching us. “Hey, Stepsis.” I say. Alexia shakes her head and begins mumbling, “Sorry, uhm, so, sorry.” Callie slips from the shower and catches Alexia’s arm. “Wait, hun.” she says. Alexia pauses, head lowered.

Callie turns her around. Alexia is crying. I slip out of the shower and stand by Callie. “Alexia, are you okay?” Callie asks Alexia. “My step sister shakes her head no. Callie begins undressing Alexia from her dress and then her underwear. She then guides Alexia into the shower and I follow, admiring my step sister’s small and athletic frame. She has the cutest ass. “We are sorry. You have had a hard time as well with your Dad’s hospitalization.” Callie remarks. She takes some body wash in her hand and then begins soaping Alexia’s breasts.

I begin soaping her back. My thoughts are jumbled as I realize I could have done more to comfort my sibling. Callie is slowly relaxing Alexia. We wash and massage her. She leans back against my wet body. I begin washing her hair as Callie gives Alexia a soft kiss. It is funny, as a guy I would be responding in such a different way, even though I have grown up with my step sister I know my body would be really different right now. I just feel a love for her that is beyond anything sexual. I mean sure, touching the bare flesh of a sexy gal like Alexia is making me flush, but I also want to comfort her. I want to make sure she is feeling okay.

Before long we all three are clean and we exit the shower. We each take turns drying each other, our hair wrapped in towels. We probably look like a setup to a sorority slasher flick. Alexia is smiling now. Callie pulls us both into a hug. We all head to my bed as it is larger. Soon Callie and I have Alexia snuggled between us. I am gently caressing her arm as my mind goes back to the hospital and finding out how Greg is doing.


The drive was pretty hectic. I was trying not to speed, but I am sure I broke a few driving laws while making our way to the hospital. Alexia had put on her Volunteer Uniform so she could take her shift after we spoke to the Doctor and saw Greg. She ran ahead of me as we made our way to the room. I got there and saw Alexia sprawled over Greg in a hug. He awkwardly held her as he was hampered by the hospital bed and the IVs and stuff. “It's okay Pumpkin, I am okay, promise.” Greg coos into her ear. I just smiled, a wave of relief I didn’t know I was holding washed over me. Greg held his hand out and I went and grabbed it. “Thank you Madison,” he said.

“For what?” I asked. He just smiled at me lovingly, “For taking care of Alexia, the house, me….for being such a good daughter.” I blushed. Feelings of joy overcame me as he called me a good daughter. We settled down and the Doctor began telling us how Greg was doing, the chemicals had not physically done damage, he could come home in a couple of days, and other things. “What did you mean the chemicals had not physically done damage?” I asked. “Well, physically, he seems to be a bit younger. We have noted some things that were in his records have changed. He no longer suffers from some of the things that come with old age.” The doctor explained.

We spent some time just rejoicing in our family. Alexia needed to leave for her shift as a volunteer. Greg asked me to stay. I sat on his bed holding his hand as the nurse came in followed by one of those tele-doctors, the viewscreen on a robotic mobile body. I looked at Greg and he shrugged. As the nurse left the view screen flickered to life. On it was the smiling face of Aphrodite. “Hello Greg, Madison.” she said through the speakers. “I felt I should come and tell you the rest of the story with Greg. I have analyzed the chemicals and scanned what they have done to his body.”

“Am I okay?” Greg asked nervously. “I mean the doctors said I was physically fine.” “You are very healthy.” she spoke. “In fact, you seem to have gained back some of the vitality and stamina of your youth. The chemicals were a mixture of a new concentration. I identified the effects of the various forms mixed in certain ways. The production of these would have made the following transformations possible. They seem made for men. Higher strength and stamina are one effect. There is increased sexual prowess by making the body more appealing, including increased penis and higher sperm production. I also found a pheromone that can seduce women.” I looked at Greg.

“So is my Dad okay?” I ask. “He has a bit of the pheromone effect, which because of the explosion and the way the chemicals mixed will also increase his arousal to a point that at some point he will just want to copulate.” Aphrodite explained. “Am I a danger to my girls?” Greg asked. “I would say that depends on if at some point you and Alexia are influenced to a point of sexual arousal that pushes you together.” she said. “What about me?” “Well, Madison, it is unknown as you have some natural resistance to the transformation drugs.” I squeeze Greg’s hand.

“I would advise caution around Alexia, but seeing as you and Madison are not blood related, she might be the answer to coping with the side effects you will experience.” Aphrodite explains. “So you are saying I should fuck him better?” I say. “In a way. Greg will find times that he will have such strong urges that he will lose his reason. He will need to find release.” Greg looks at me, “Madison is my daughter as much as Alexia, she is not my whore.” Tears came to my eyes and I fell across him hugging as I cried. “Shh, it’s okay.” Greg whispers. “My daughter.”


Callie reaches over and runs a thumb over the tears on my cheek. I look in her eyes and see so much love. I never really believed that I could be here, be me. I am a daughter, a lover, a woman, all I once felt as a dream is now my life. Can I be more for Greg? I know that here in Summer City the lines get blurred from the rest of the world’s opinions.

I run my hand down Alexia’s hair. I kiss the back of her head. I know it would destroy Greg if he lost control and Alexia ended up being the one who he used….no, not going there. As her big sister I will protect her from anything that would hurt her. So I guess my answer is made. I reach and take Callie’s hand and close my eyes letting sleep take me.


I decide I should probably make an appearance at work. Callie had taken Alexia with her. They were going to spend the day together and we would meet up later at the house. Entering work was becoming strange. I guess I never realized just how much men just openly stared at women. Now those eyes seemed to be on me. I was feeling aroused by it to be honest. I settled into my desk and started some cold calling. Before long this guy that I knew he was the top salesman came by and struck up a conversation.

“You're Madison, right? Name’s Clive. I’ve had my eye on you.” he stared down at me. “Really now? Why is that?” I asked, trying not to let my growing arousal take over. “I just have seen your record at selling during demonstrations. You seem to be doing great work. In fact I heard that you were really good at selling those Dumb Bitch pills.” He put his hand on my arm. “I guess.” I replied as my body flushed with heat. “I have a need for a really good demo seller, are you interested? It would mean a triple commission.” My mind began reeling. Triple commission would mean so much to my bank account. “What do I have to sell?”

So what pill will Madison be selling now?


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