Is It Just A Game?

Hot & Ready

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So I hope I caught all the mistakes, I did so want to get this chapter out to those that have been reading. I do hope some might give it a try if you are just seeing it. I like taking on a multi chapter stories sometimes as they are already updated because they have so many chapters. As always, the characters are 18 or older. This is fiction with lots of sex, it is not real. Believe me if there were Pills that would transform me into my ideal form, I would be moving heaven & earth to get they.

So we get our first inkling of what Greg is going to struggle with as he deals with the chemicals from the explosion. Madison will experience so danger. The Hot & Ready Demonstration is not what it appears. Lots of sex happens too, in case that is why you are reading. Madison's mind is in danger this chapter as well. So sit back and read on.

Things were good the next few days. Before Greg came home, Alexia and I spent some days with Oran on the ship. Callie and I spent quality time together. Jamie and Justine looked after Alexia in their innocent cute fashion. It was nice to decompress. While we were away from the house, Aphrodite had workers make some improvements. The security system was upgraded. Greg’s home office was decked out with more tech than I could remember seeing anywhere. He was going to be working from home more it seemed. All in all it was just a bit of remodeling that was supposed to keep us safer.

Once home I got a text from Clive. He had set up the demonstration. I would be showing the benefits of using the Hot & Ready Pills. They were all about submissive horny gals that could be used in a variety of settings where serving the clientele might require some extra servicing. I got a bit flushed thinking about the change. Soon though all thoughts of work faded as Greg came through the door.

“DADDY!” Alexia squealed as she rushed to hug him. Greg kissed the top of her head as he hugged her. I noticed for the first time just how much younger Greg looked. His hair was fuller, his face seemed filled with a youthfulness I had seen in pics of him from his college days. He caught me staring and winked. “Hi Madison,” he said, “so what have I missed?” We spent the next few hours catching Dad up on all the stuff that had been going on. He was a bit worried about my increase in doing demonstrations, but still, showed me support in my work.

I finished cleaning up downstairs before heading upstairs to get ready for bed. I decided to take a shower. I felt a bit flushed. I had been daydreaming about sex all evening. Before heading to my room I decided to check on Greg. I knocked on the partially open door. The shower was running as I poked my head in. My body flushed more as I picked up a nice scent. I was drawn to Greg’s bed and soon had his boxers up to my nose inhaling. I became dizzy with arousal. My nipples crinkled and tented my cami. I was feeling so good too. I continued sniffing the boxers as I eased towards the shower.

My heart beat faster as I peeked in. Standing in the shower with his back to me was my step dad, he was so ripped. The muscles in his back were so sexy as the water ran down to the tightest ass I had seen outside of the ship. His head was leaning on the tiled wall of the shower. It was then that I saw he was moving his arm. I felt a jolt knowing that he was stroking his cock. He was groaning. I felt my hand slide down into my shorts as I dropped the boxers.

“I give up.” Greg gasped as he shut the water off. I watched transfixed as he turned and his hard shaft was jutting out so strong and big. “Madison!” He exclaimed. I shook my head as I realized I had been fingering myself to my hot step dad’s body. I still couldn't stop. My arousal was controlling me. We locked eyes as I realized he was hurting, I could see the strain of pain on his face. “It won’t go down.” Greg winced. I approached him slowly. Soon I was on my knees before him and my hands were caressing his cock. It was hot, like really hot to the touch. I traced the veins with my fingers. “Madison….” he gasped.

My tongue lapped at the tip before I used my hand to raise Greg’s shaft straight up. I then licked and sucked his large balls before taking my tongue and running it up until I was circling his crown. I heard him gasp as I took him in my mouth. Then it was just automatic as my head bobbed over his manhood. I stared up at my Step Dad as I took him deeper and deeper into my throat. My body was flushed with arousal as I blew him.

Soon Greg had my head in his hands and was thrusting into my mouth. I felt my body shudder as waves of pure bliss crashed over me. I felt euphoria at being a good girl for my daddy. “I’m about to…..UGHNNN!” Greg moaned as I felt warm cum explode into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, choking on the sheer amount of seed he released. My stomach became full as I devoured his offering. I leaned back, kneeling, facing my Daddy as his cock spurted the last of his cum over my tits. Greg dropped to his knees and hugged me tight. “I’m sorry.” he sobbed.

I hugged him back, cradled his head. “Shhh, it's okay. It's okay.” I said softly. We stayed that way for a bit. He cried as I reassured him it was okay. Soon we got cleaned up and had a long talk about his condition. I told him he didn’t need to worry, that when he needed me, I was his. It was a long and hard discussion. In the end, Greg seemed to accept that he would have times that his body would be beyond his willpower. I got up and then leaned in for a deep loving kiss before heading to my room.


The day was wonderful. Greg was home, Alexia seemed happier, I was heading to work without worries about my family so all seemed good. It was the day I was to do the demonstration for the Hot & Ready Pill. I checked in at the receptionist's desk to find out where my chaperone was waiting. I headed up to the locker rooms and waited. Clive entered the room which was a surprise. “So, Madison, babe, Daphne can’t make it so I will be chaperoning you today.” he stated. “Here is the pill and here are the clothes they requested you to wear.” He handed them over and I looked at the extremely short pink tartan skirt and the pink bikini top. I shrugged.

Clive stepped out and I took the pill. It was immediate, the changes that happened. I lost a few inches in height, my bust increased. Overall I had a sexy girl next door figure, if the girl next door was a porn star. I could feel the heat radiating off my skin as I stared at myself in the mirror. Clive popped back in, “Don’t mind if I help you do you?” I turned and handed him my clothes and giggled. “Nope, that sounds great.” I said. I was feeling really horny. Clive helped me step into my skirt and he pulled it up my shapely legs. I didn’t really care that I had no underwear. Then he groped my tits as he helped tie my bikini top on. “So Madison.” He said. “They want you to wear this bracelet. The demonstration will be at an event and you will be recorded as a number.” He snapped the bracelet over my wrist and held it to my face. “You are now Number Twenty-One. So whenever anyone speaks to you they will call you Twenty-One. Understand?” I nodded. “Sure thing Mr. Clive.” “Good Girl, now follow me Twenty-One.” We left the building and got into his car. I hope he didn’t mind that I was leaving a wet spot on his seat.

We traveled a long way from the DynaPill building. It felt like we were almost leaving Summer City. When we finally stopped it was at a simple building that looked like a cocktail lounge from some old movie. Mr. Clive came and opened my door, telling me I was to follow him and follow directions. That was silly cause the Pill made sure I followed directions. I giggled as we entered the building. Inside there were lots of men. There were other girls there as well. Some of them seemed dazed. They had blank eyes.

“Clive! Good to see you.” A familiar face appeared. I was having a hard time remembering, but I knew him. “Bruce, good to see you. Are you buying or selling today?” Clive said as he shook the guy’s hand. “Ah, I am buying. Not ready with some of my stock just yet.” Bruce takes my hand and reads my bracelet. “Twenty-One….nice. So is she on the Hot & Ready as most of your stock is Clive?” “Oh yes, this one is a newbie at the company so I figure she will be good to be missed.” I was starting to feel like there was something else happening at the demonstration, but then Bruce spoke to me. “Twenty-One, drop and give me a blow job.” I giggled, “Yes sir.”

I dropped to my knees and took Bruce’s cock out of his slacks. I then slowly caressed the shaft as I used my tongue to lavish his balls. Then I licked along the underside of his dick until I enveloped the entire thing in my mouth. Then I began bobbing my head, sucking in as I went down on him. My tongue danced around his cock as I sucked. I felt the blood pulse as I worked his member. When he was ready to release he took his hand and put it on the back of my head and thrust deep into me. Holding me tight he flooded my mouth with spunk. I shuddered a bit in orgasmic bliss as I swallowed. He then let me go and Clive said I was to walk around and obey anybody that commanded anything of me. So I happily went into the room.

As I wandered I saw girls being fucked in various positions. Some were being spit roasted. Others were giving blow jobs. A hand reached out and stopped my movement. “Twenty-One," he said. “Come sit on my cock for me.” I smiled and went over his naked waist. My back was to him as I lowered my hot pussy over his dick. It wasn’t really big, but it felt good. I was so horny that it almost felt large as it stroked my walls.

So that was how the day went. More and more men showed up and each was using us as they wished. I consumed so much cum it really was fun. I loved sucking cock so that was really fine with me. I saw that sometimes men wrote our numbers down on little cards. As late afternoon came around, we were gathered and taken to a room behind the stage. I wondered if we were going to be asked to dance as it looked like a stripper stage.  I was feeling a bit more myself. I still was horny and I still obeyed as the pill made me do that lots, but I guess Aphrodite was correct that I had some resistance. I started hearing the men that took us backstage mention an auction. I realized we were being auctioned. I had not seen Clive in hours. I decided to see if I could sneak away. I tried to get some of the girls to come with me, but they wouldn’t.

I crept along a hallway and found an exit. Thankfully no alarm sounded as I slipped outside. I ran and ran until I just gave out. My body was made for sex apparently, not jogging. Still I managed to get pretty far away. I saw a Community Center and the door was unlocked. I slipped inside and found what resembled a break room. I was hungry even though my tummy was full of cum. I found some doughnuts and there was a fridge with some bottled water. I curled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket that was covering the back of the couch. I drifted off to sleep.


“What the fuck do you mean Number Twenty-One is missing?” The angry auctioneer screamed. “How do you lose a mindless horny bimbo?” He went outside to relay that a change had occurred and Number Twenty-One had been pulled from the listing. Angry yells filled the place. “What happened? Did you lose her?” yelled a man in the back. The Auctioneer cleared his throat. “Well, she wandered off.” Bruce spoke up, “Can you not track her by the bracelet?” “No, the bracelets disable any devices that might be on the women or transformed men that could track them. So they block, not send.”  Number Twenty-Two was brought out and things seemed to settle down.


I woke up sometime in the evening. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and then went to the bathroom and cleaned up as best I could. What was it a former gal pal in high school called it? A whore’s bath, that was what she called it. I felt a bit better. I began wandering around the Center. Most rooms were empty, then I saw some men hanging around in the hallway. “Hey, what’s up girl?” I guy called out. “Yeah,” another said, “You look like you have been worn out.” I walked up and began telling the entire thing, how I was on a Hot & Ready Pill, the weird demonstration, how I felt in danger and wandered away, that I found this place, that I had to obey whatever I am asked to do and at that the Men all smiled.

Seems they were all there because they were a support group of Men trying to stop being so sexually promiscuous. There were eight of them and that night the head counselor had called in sick. They were just going to hang out and discuss what they had done this week. That is until I crossed their paths. Needless to say, they had a really good meeting. I started them off by blowing and jerking them. Soon my body and clothes were covered in cum. They stripped me and it was a blur of motion then. I know at some point my ass, mouth, and pussy were filled at the same time. 

I had a wonderful time, but something kept tickling the back of my head. Something about how cum might damage my brain. Oh well, I was too horny to care. I was taken multiple times and at some point I passed out. When I woke up I was laying cold and shivering on the tile floor. I was sticky with cum and my clothes were ruined. I rose on shaky feet. I did find a shower near one of the areas that had a gym. I enjoyed the warm water. Someone had left some shampoo so I was able to wash my hair a bit. I walked naked around the Center a bit. At sometime the place had been locked up and the lights turned off. Since the room the men left me in was dark, I figured whoever locked up just didn’t see me. So I felt pretty safe that I was okay wandering around.

I found a bin full of donated clothing. There was a cute purple mini dress in there that fit me. Still lacked underwear, but that really didn’t bother me. I hit the jackpot with a pair of sneakers that fit my feet. I dressed and went back to the room with the couch. I settled down to sleep, hoping I could find my way home in the morning. I dreamed of cocks and being used by all kinds of men.


Morning came and I found a backpack and put some water in it and some of the snacks that were in the room. I set out and soon decided which way the Ocean was. My pondering was that if I found the beach I could then figure out a way home or at least to the cove Callie and the others frequented. I didn’t rush, but I did try to avoid vehicles that were out and about. Luckily, not many people were stirring. I stopped in a small park. It was good to rest. This body seemed to tire easily. From walking at least.

Little by little I was making progress. It was then a man approached me and asked if I was a working girl. I told him no, that I was just on a Pill that made me sexy and obedient. He asked what I was doing alone. I told him I was trying to get home. So he had a proposition for me: if I would come and pretend to be a girl from his son’s high school and take his virginity, he would give me a ride home. It sounded good and this was a Dad so I could trust him. I said “Okay.” and off we went. 

I don’t believe his son believed I was a classmate. He seemed too smart for that, but he played along. We went to his room and he said he knew his Dad arranged for me to take his virginity. I believe he had fun. I mean he was shy at first but soon he was pulling my hair and thrusting into me for all he was worth. Sadly, his Dad was a liar. He drove me a few blocks and then kicked me to the curb. So I wandered around trying to get home.

It was getting into the Evening hours and I heard music playing. I soon found a house party. I slipped in and went to the food trying to not be noticed too much. Soon though a group of girls and guys had convinced me to head upstairs with them. I was so flirty and extremely horny. I was touching and teasing the guys. Soon the girls had enough and left us all alone. The three guys started to kiss me and touch me. I was really needing sex and soon was naked and they were all raring to go. I sucked one guy while stroking the other two. They each took turns fucking me and I sucked whichever one that offerred his dick while being taken from behind.

Soon they wanted to do an airtight sex act. So before long I was stuffed with a cock thrusting in my ass, one thrusting in my pussy, and one down my throat. I guess at some point I was airtight. I just knew I had so many wonderful orgasms and my mind was all floaty. Eventually they covered me and I slept a bit. In the morning they woke me and said I could use the shower and they would have some breakfast, but we would all have to be out soon as they had rented the house for the party. I stayed and helped them clean up after eating, it was the least I could do for all the fun we had.

I set off with the Ocean in sight. I could tell which direction home was in so I was hopeful I would make it home. I was approached by a couple of guys. As always, the Pill’s effect had me explain I was an obedient submissive horny slut. They convinced me to come with them. Soon I was in a Fetish Club. I was stripped and soon being tied, spanked, and used in all kinds of ways. Because I obeyed, I was used a great deal.  The Owner decided I would stay. He took me to a Dungeon Room and I was shackled to a bench with my ass up and spread ready for use. To get the shackles on my wrist the bracelet I was wearing had to be cut off of me. When it left my body I felt tingly all over. Still I was now just holes to be used. I blanked out eventually. I guess you could say I was a living fuck doll.

Wow! That creepy Bruce got creepier. That bracelet has kept Madison hidden, until the Fetish Club. Can Aphrodite find her in time to ensure her mind doesn't totally fry? So next chapter will have "The Search For Madison." Hey, maybe that should be my Chapter Title. We will get to see what went on as Madison was lost on the edges of Summer City. I do promise this, Violence will occur. Clive will have a major karma hit. We get to see Aphrodite's angry side. So come back if you want to know how Maidson escapes her fate. 

Seriously, thank you for reading this far. I don't know how far it will go, but this story keeps coming to me, so I am gonna write until it feels like it should end.

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