Is It Just A Game?

The Search For Madison

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

This is a more technical style chapter as i read it. It is different in lots of ways from what I have written so far. It really moved in ways that I didn't imagine before I started writing. Many small characters are in this, many moving parts, and mystery still moving forward. I stopped before the scene I figured would be the end point. I can say that I was surprised where this chapter ended up taking Quake. I ended up seeing Daphne in a new way. I hope the few of you that are still with me enjoy this chapter. It came fast once I started writing. I guess that is why it feels different. As I was writing the paths became different from what I had imagined. I am not sure how long it will take for the next chapter. I just wanted to get this one in the Universe now.

Greg was fixing coffee as Alexia got up and came downstairs. “Hey, Alexia, have you seen your sister this morning?” “Nope. She was not in her room either” Alexia replied. “That is strange. She is usually better at calling if she is not coming home.” Greg mused. The doorbell chimed and Alexia hopped off her stool to go get it. Greg heard high pitched hellos and soon saw Alexia dragging Callie into the kitchen. “Mr. Anderson? Is Madison home?” Callie asked. “First, you are with my daughter so this Mr. Anderson stuff will need to be adjusted. Second, no we were just talking about how she did not come home. I figured she might be with you, but she didn’t call.” Callie frowned, “Yeah, she is very particular in letting you know when she will not be home. It's something I adore about her.” Alexia chimed in, “Where could she be? Maybe the ship?” “Not likely. I just came from there and Jamie and Justine would never not find her if she were on the ship somewhere.” Callie slumped down in a chair, “I am worried.”

It was then a chime came over the TV in the Family Room. We go and see Aphrodite on the screen. “Is Madison okay?” the AI asked. Greg stepped close to the screen and asked Aphrodite, “I thought you were able to keep track of her and her vitals.” The AI flickered, then spoke. “I lost signal with my nanites yesterday morning. I didn’t want to alarm anyone. I knew she was at the DynaPill Building downtown. I monitored. Then started checking all cameras recording all day. I sifted data and have not been able to find any trace of her. That is why I decided to contact the family this morning.”

Everyone sat back in whatever seating was closest. Greg was ringing his hands. Aphrodite spoke quickly. “I do not believe she is harmed or in the worst case, deceased.” Alexia began to tear up and Callie comforted her. “I do believe something has blocked my nanites from sending data, which in turn has rendered me blind as to where Madison is at the moment.”

Some time later a larger group was assembled in the Family Room. Greg and Quake were holed up in Greg’s office working on the computers. Many from the ship had shown up. The door flung open and Oran came in followed by Holly, Gina, and Jason. Everybody was speculating or comforting one another. Holly eased over to Alexia, “Hey Squirt. Long time no see.” Alexia screwed her face up looking at the bright eyed blonde. “Do I know….WAIT! Hollis!” Alexia flung her arms around Holly’s neck and hugged her in a death grip. “It’s Holly now and I can’t breathe.” Holly giggled. “Sorry, Sorry. Why are you here?” They moved across and into the kitchen followed by Gina. “So this morning our, oh yeah, this is my girlfriend Gina, so we were getting ready for shift when our supervisor called us into her office.”

“Hi,” said Gina as she gently hugged Alexia, “as she said I am Gina. Really honey, you need to slow down and tell the story after she knows who this random chick is.” “Okay. So as I was saying, we were called in and told we would be picked up soon. We were told to dress comfortably and for walking.” “Which is odd.” Gina continued. “Most days they use a trigger and turn us into maids or whatevers they need for the day. Miss Jennifer even did a phrase that removes us having the trigger until she reinstates it.”

“We then find out that Aphrodite had sent orders for us to await pick up and that we were working for her today.” Holly said. “That is when Jason rolled up in a Hummer and Oran was inside and explained that my best friend in the entire world was missing. So here we are, ready to help. Alexia pulled both women into a big hug. They slipped back into the other room just in time to see Greg, Quake, and Aphrodite explain the plan of attack.

Everyone was split into different groups. They would cover different areas of the city. Oran insisted Holly and Gina accompany him. Jason also let everyone know that all of his drivers were to be looking out for any sign of Madison. Aphrodite had extrapolated what the Hot & Ready Pill would have done to change her and how she should look. Thankfully the last data flow she received had the info in it. Alexia was upset as she was to remain home. Jamie and Justine were staying with her. The hope was if Madison found her way home that they would be there to receive her. Greg and Quake were heading to DynaPill to get info and begin tracking Madison.

Before everyone split off, Oran gathered Jamie and Justine along with Alexia to his side. “Okay girls. I want you to focus and listen carefully. I have never asked you to do this since you were rescued and came to live on the ship, but I feel a need to do it now.” “We will do anything to help Madison.” The girls said in unison. “”That’s good. Now I know that deep in your training you were conditioned to be bodyguards of a sort. I know that in those innocent noggins of yours there are many different types of martial arts and violent ways to end a life.” Orn paused. “I am not asking you to kill, but, I am asking that you draw that training to serve Alexia right now. Protector Mode.” Suddenly the always childlike women stood straight. They had a change in personality. They projected confidence and power. “You can count on us Sir.” Jamie said. “Yes Sir,” Justine added, “no harm shall come to Alexia.” Alexia was wide eyed. Never had she seen the two women act so stern and professional. “Uh, Jamie? Justine?” Alexia said.

“Yes Alexia,” Justine replied, “do you need something?” “No, just kinda freaked a bit.” “Why?” Jamie asked. “Well the two of you are so different. It is just a bit jarring.” “Well, get used to it Honey cause until we know you are safe, this is how we will be.” Justine exclaimed. With that the two women went about making sure the house was secure. Alexia went to Greg and hugged him. “I wish I could go with you.” “I know Pumpkin,” Greg kissed the top of her head, “but I will be throwing my credentials around and Quake will make a more intimidating partner. Anyway, I need to know that someone is here if Madison calls or makes her way home.” Soon everyone had scattered to their destinations to search for their missing Madison.

Greg walked into the DynaPill building and headed straight to reception flashing his credentials. The poor gal working the desk was flabbergasted as she knew that an audit was not to happen for months. Soon Quake and Greg were taken to Michael’s office. There they began their investigation. “So as Madison’s boss you know why she never made it home from her demonstration last night, YES?” Greg said forcefully. Michael became agitated because he had no idea Madison was missing. Soon he made calls and found Daphne to be in the building and called her in his office. Daphne felt a bit scared as she eyed Quake standing in the corner with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

“Daphne, this is Madison’s Father. This large gentleman and him would like to know where Madison is, she never made it home. As her assigned chaperone I hope you have the answer.” Michael said. “What do you mean Michael? There was no demonstration. Clive called me and canceled it. He said that the people backed out.” Daphne said worriedly. “What do you mean Madison is missing? I mean, I like that girl, more than just as a great salesperson for the products, but she is a really nice person.” Daphne grabbed her phone and began dailing. She made some hasty inquiries and her face turned white. “Clive picked up the Pill yesterday. The time is right after he called me according to the logs.” Tears began welling up in Daphne’s eyes.

Quake’s low rumbling voice cut through the tension, “So where is this Clive person?” Michael checked his computer. “He hasn’t entered the building since leaving yesterday.” Greg looked at Quake and they had a sinking feeling as to the who, behind Madison’s disappearance. Soon Michael had them in the Security Office set up at a workstation. They poured over footage until the three men found Clive and the transformed Madison leaving in his car. Greg sent the footage and data to Aphrodite, Quake and he headed for the door. In the Lobby, Daphne stopped them. “What can I do to help?” Greg looked at her. “Can you find Clive?” “If he is in Summer City, the SWP Security will find him for you.” She said, they exchanged numbers and parted.


Alexia was getting calls and reports for the searchers. She was getting tired and Aphrodite suggested she take a break. She headed to her room and lay down. Soon her phone was buzzing. She answered and it was Bruce. “Hey Babe, whatcha doing?” Alexia held back her tears as she told him her sister was missing. Bruce became really interested in that. He learned that she was to demo a Hot & Ready Pill. It dawned on him who Number Twenty-One must have been. “Hey, Let me come over and comfort you Babe.” “I don’t know. I am not feeling like company.” Alexia responded. A thought came to Bruce’s mind. If he could find Madison and nab Alexia he could fill his quota of women to send to the buyer he represented. “Okay, Babe, you just hang tough.”

As soon as he hung up he made a call to some associates that had been trying to keep tabs on the Anderson family. They had been thwarted at the hospital, but now he could let them redeem themselves. He told them to go get Alexia and bring her to the Storage House where he prepped the girls for transport. Then he set off back to the Auction House to see if he could find the slutty Madison.


Aphrodite didn’t take long to have a destination for Greg to go to. Quake sped along the Summer City streets. They were nearing the edges of the City.  Soon they rolled up on a building that Quake knew had once been a Summer City Strip Club. Standing outside was a man known to both Quake and Greg, Dredd, the man that held sway on the Adult Entertainment in Summer City. After courtesy greetings the three men enter the building. “I found out that my assistant rented the building out to a consortium of gentlemen yesterday. I checked the records and they lied on their rental agreement.” Dredd hit the lights and the place looked trashed. The men searched and found papers that were left behind. “Damn Quake.” Dredd exclaimed. “I recognize this name, this one too.” Greg came over to look. “Who are they?” Quake asked. “Flesh Buyers.” Greg’s heart sank. Quake took out his phone and started recording. Soon Aphrodite was shown what they saw. “Look here.” Dredd said as he read a card he had found. “It says here that one of the girls was scratched from the auction, this joker wrote some comments too.” Dredd continued reading the person’s words. “They let a fine sex doll, Number Twenty-One, fools let her wander off. A shame. The only Hot & Ready gal here. Gave great blowjobs. Wanted to buy her.” Quake looked at Greg, “That has to be our girl.” Soon with the help of Dredd and his knowledge of these vile people, they figured out where the girls would have been waiting to be sold. They even found some panties and tops laying there in that room.

Quake looked around. “So if Madison was becoming a bit aware and realized somehow she was in danger…..” “she probably tried to get the girls to come with her.” Greg mused. “Doubt they would.” Dredd said. “Some of those sellers use some powerful drugs to dull them into obedient sex dolls.” “This way.” Quake slipped into the darkened hallway. They followed it until they exited. Once outside they got a call from Aphrodite. She had a hit near their location. She gave them directions to a Community Center. Dredd came over to Greg. “I will have all my boys keep their eyes open. Who knows, maybe one of them saw her last night.” “Thank you Dredd.” “No problem Greg, you are good people.” They separated and soon Quake and Greg were heading down the road, feeling like they were closer to finding Madison.


Bruce watched from across the street as the three men separated. He decided to follow Mr. Anderson and the other guy. Bruce figured Dredd  didn’t know where Madison was, just opened the building. What was curious was how they were traveling with a purpose. Soon they pulled up near a Community Center. He watched them go in and decided to see if the hired help had Alexia yet.

The two thugs were sitting in their car just in sight of the Anderson house when the phone rang. “Hello? Yeah, we’re here now.” They listened as Bruce told them that now would be a great time as her Dad was clear across town. When they hung up they moved the car in front of the house and snuck around to the back yard. They soon had forced the lock on the sliding doors that lead in from the back yard. Once inside they slowly looked for their target. 

Alexia came down the stairs to go back to her Dad’s office. She was distressed and anxious. The waiting here at the house was torture. She decided to go get some juice and when she turned the corner into the kitchen she was face to face with a large man dressed in a black suit. “Hey!” she yelled, “You’re one of those jerks from the hospital.” He grabbed for her as she ran for the Family Room. From her side a blur flew by. Jamie had tackled the dude and was now wrestling with him on the floor. She got his arm locked between her legs and twisted. The man howled in pain as she broke his arm at the elbow joint.

Alexia halted her run as she saw the other thug that had assaulted her and Madison at the hospital. He was staring at Justine. They were locked eye to eye as he slowly moved around in a circle, the young woman matching his movements. He lunged for her. A fist flying towards her head. Justine ducked and rammed her shoulder into his abdomen. The air was knocked out of him. Before he could recover she was up and took her leg up in the air and brought the heel of her foot down on his neck. He went down with a thud. She was then on top of him wrenching his arm up his back. Alexia stood stunned.

Soon shouts came from the door. “Summer City Police.” The door opened on an automated trigger. The officers rushed in and soon had the two men in cuffs. The one guy was screaming in pain as he was cuffed because of his broken arm. “Sorry, guy. The boss told us not to be merciful.” Aphrodite appeared on the TV Screen. Soon the men were read their rights and hauled away. Alexia sat dumbfounded on the couch. “Alexia.” Aphrodite spoke calmly. “Are you okay?” She looked up blankly at the screen. “I don’t know," she replied. It was then that Oran and his companions came in the door. Holly rushed and took Alexia in her arms. 

Gina began cleaning up things that had gotten knocked around during the fights. Oran watched as Aphrodite played her recordings of the break in and the takedowns by Jamie and Justine. Gina stood beside him staring at the way the two seemingly gentle girls dropped two men twice their size to the floor. She looked up at Oran, “Can I learn to do that?” Oran wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Gina, them doing that came at a very high price.” Alexia was laying with her head in Holly’s lap as the young woman ran her fingers through her hair. Gine grabbed a throw form the end of the couch and covered Alexia before sitting on the floor beside her holding her hand.


The Community Center didn’t give many leads, but the caretaker did say he believed someone had been there. Things were disturbed in a break room. The shower and one meeting room was dirty. He knew food and water was missing. He figured a homeless person had hidden before the building was locked up and then took advantage of the time being inside. “It had to have been her.” Quake said. “That girl of yours is resourceful, even under the influence of that damned pill.” Greg saw the trash that was being dumped by the janitor, “Look,” he said as he dug out a torn skirt and bikini. They looked at the picture of Madison leaving DynaPill. “She was wearing these.” Greg said.

Quake went to the janitor, “Sir? Do you have a clothes collection box around here?” He nodded, “Sure do. In fact it was a mess this morning, clothes thrown about. Mainly women’s clothes too. Like someone was looking for that type.” Quake looked at Greg, “Might’ve been easier to find her if she had been naked?” Greg shot him a look. Quake held his hands up, “Just Saying.” They exited the Center, not sure what direction to go.

Bruce had gotten impatient. It had been long enough for the men to have Alexia by now. He wondered why they had not called. He used his burner phone and dialed their number. “Hello, Summer City Police. This is Officer Ryan, who is this?” Bruce hung up. Somehow they had botched the job. He threw the cell out of his window and drove off. Did Alexia know he sent them, would they talk? He had to make sure they didn’t.


Greg was leaning on the car as Quake was showing Madison’s picture around the park near the center. So far, no one had seen her. Greg’s phone rang. “Hello,” he said. “Hey Greg, this is Dredd. One of my Boys saw your missing girl.” “Where?” Greg said as he motioned to Quake. He put the phone on speaker. “It was at a party. The house was rented, but the guy had passed out and when he woke he saw her. She had been there all night. He said that he knew that the guys that threw the party had a good time with her. Good news is that they also treated her well.” “What do you mean Well?” Quake asked. “He said they had let her sleep, then shower. They fed her. She helped them clean up. Then she left and he believed she was heading towards the coastline or the beach.”

After Greg hung up, Quake said, “This is good. Smart girl.” She knows to go somewhere she can find familiar things. I bet she believes if she goes to the beach she may find the cove or maybe my cabin.” Greg felt hopeful, “Or maybe even home since we live near the beach.” Both men got in the car and drove toward the beach. After searching some, they finally headed back to Greg’s. The night had just fallen as they entered. The mood was somber. They were told about the two men breaking in. Greg went and held Alexia. Oran went and whispered in Jamie and Justine’s ears. The two women suddenly were bright eyed and back to their normal happy selves.

They rushed to Greg and Alexia taking a side and hugging them tight. “They saved me, Dad.” Alexia looked up at Greg with tears in her eyes. Greg looked at the two girls he had rescued so long ago. He was shocked, how had they done that? Everyone was asked to look at the TV. Aphrodite played the attack so everyone could see. The ones that did not know about Jamie and Justine were shocked. Greg stood and took both girls in his arms hugging them and crying as he thanked them. “Don’t cry Mr. Greg.” Justine said. “Yeah Mr. Greg, please don’t cry.” Jamie echoed. “They are happy tears, girls.” He said as he kissed their foreheads. Soon the two had helped Alexia up to her room.

“What now?” Holly asked. Just then Aphrodite flashed on the TV. “I have her.” the AI proclaimed. “My nanites just started sending me data, so much data. That girl has been busy.” Quake was first to his feet, followed by Greg and Oran. “Go fellows,” Jason said, “I will watch over everybody here. With that Greg was on his phone feeding directions to Quake as the men rushed to the location Aphrodite had given him. They were so close. Greg was afraid of what he might find. Would Madison be okay?


Outside of the Summer City Police Station, Bruce sat in his car with a man. He hands him a packet. After reading the contents he hands it back and gets out of the car. No words were passed between the two men. The man then walks into the Station. He presents himself as the lawyer of the men that had attacked a young girl earlier that day. He requests to see his clients. Soon One is brought by a wheelchair to a small room. The Other is soon there as well.

The man twists a knob on his watch and a pulse begins repeating throughout the room. Any electronics that might be recording are soon nothing but blurs and static. No one can see the man take a button from each sleeve of his Jacket. He slips them onto the skin of each man and watches the buttons be absorbed into their skin. He pats them on the shoulder and tells them not to worry, they had not been forgotten. He then left. He pauses by Bruce’s car, leans down to the half lowered window and says, “It is done.” Then the man walks away and Bruce drives in the opposite direction.


Quake walked up to the door of the Black Building. It was a gleaming structure that seemed to swallow light as it also shined. The Doorman held up his hand. “Only Members can enter the Club.” he growled. Greg put a hand on Quake’s arm. They stood waiting. Oran had slipped around the building before they parked.  He was staying in the shadows as he made his way to a back door. Soon he had picked the lock and with his phone and Aphrodite’s help disabled the security system. The AI had control and nobody was the wiser.

A car arrived and when the door opened, Daphne stepped out. She walked over to the Doorman and said “Obedience is pleasure.” He replied, "Pleasure is obedience.” He bowed and opened the door, and they walked inside. Once past the entryway, they saw all manner of fetish and kink being played. Out in the open women and men were being flogged. Suspended from ropes tied in intricate knots were human decorations.  They followed Daphne deeper into the building. Rooms of Dommes administering pain and pleasure, followed by sex acts that were indescribable. Quake looked at Daphne and asked, “So a member?” She chuckled, “Former, the current leadership are not good people, but I figured that the Passphrase of a Top Level Member was still the same.”

They descended a staircase and at the bottom they were outside a closed room. Standing in front of them was a man dressed in Leather and spikes. He held a Staff with a Dragon sitting upon it. Flanking him were six large men encased in Latex only, their Eyes and lower faces were not covered. They held bats in their hands. “Lady D, what brings a former Council Member to the Club? I mean you have no right to be here.” Daphne eyed him and said, “Atticus, you are still a small man trying to be a big one.” He sputters and screams, “YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS LORD DAGON!” Daphne flipped her hair as she stuck her nose up, “No.” She then looked into his eyes and met his angry gaze. “I believe that a young girl that does not belong to the Club is here. I will have access to the Slave Room. I will have her back, NOW!”

Before the Guards can move, Oran takes down two of them from behind. When that happened Quake and Greg moved. Soon they were taking the Guards apart. Daphne rushed towards the door, but Atticus grabbed her hair and yanked her back. He was towering over her ready to smash her face with his fist. He never got the chance as Greg slammed him hard in the head with a bat he had liberated from a guard. They entered the Slave Room. Before them were women being used by others. Each obeying or in such a state of mindlessness they were little more than living sex dolls.

Quake moved swiftly through the room. People cowered towards the walls while the slaves remained where they were discarded. As he moves towards the end of the room he sees a woman being taken in her mouth and her pussy. He pauses as he realizes it is Madison. Her eyes are rolled back and she doesn’t participate in her use. She is little more than a cocksleeve. Rage overwhelms him. He rushes forward and grabs the man by her head. His massive fist slammed repeatedly into the man's face. Blood splatters as the man crumbles under the assault. Before he can pull out and run the other man feels his arm grabbed. Quake pulls so hard he dislocates the guy’s shoulder. He punches him until the man passes out. Greg had beaten Atticus until he was out. After dropping him to the floor Daphne kicks him several times in his side.

Dropping to his knees, Quake unfastens the shackles holding Madison. He cradles her gently in his arms. When Oran and Daphne approaches he moves in a protective manner staring at them with murderous intent. Greg crouches in front of him. “Quake, you have her, she is safe. Let us help her. Okay?” Quake relaxes his body and Oran has a bottle of water and Daphne has a pill that will force the reversal transformation. As soon as it passes into Madison's stomach the pill begins returning her to her own body. Quake cradles her head as he pulls her into a hug. He whispers in her ear. “Stupid girl. You better get your lazy ass back to your senses. Or I, I, I …..” His voice falters as tears pour down his face.

Quake stands and carries Madison back the way they came. In the upper room he finds a blanket and he wraps Madison in it. Greg is right behind him. Oran and Daphne remain behind. When the Summer City Police arrive they explain what has happened. As the Police move around the Slave Room they realize some of the women that have been reported missing over the past year were in this room. Outside, no one gets in Quake’s way as he carries Madison to his car. He gets in the back, never letting her go. “Greg, we need to travel to the Citadel.” was all he said.

So here we are. Quake has really started showing his feelings hasn't he? I know that coming up there will be some retribution. I know some characters will get really dark, just not sure how dark or how much will be seen yet. The paths are there, I just have to walk down them some more. Chapter 15 is going to be interesting for sure.

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