Is It Just A Game?

What Came After

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #consensual #dom:nb #f/nb #microfiction #solo #Transgender #urban_fantasy

I apologize for my poor editing on the last few chapters. I have tried to do better with this one, but I probably missed something in my rereads. This is not really one action happening type of chapter. This is lots of things that my mind came up with in little bits. I am still seeing where some of the characters go after this one ends. There was a surprise between two of them. I didn't see this character becoming more of a supporting character. Now they seem to have became more important. Madison is surrounded by love. I also see a way for her to make a big decision, just now wonder when it will happen. I guess the lack of comments or questions is good as it doesn't make me wonder if I am doing good with the story. This story has become alive in my mind. It is funny how a game that was giving me a release for my desires to be me gave birth to a world of people and characters I am loving seeing in my dreams. 

Greg stood in the doorway to Madison’s bedroom. On pallets around her bed were Holly and Gina snuggled up together. There was Jamie and Justine beside them. Alexia was laying next to Madison in the bed with Callie directly behind her. Alexia looked like she would never let her sister go the way her arms were wrapped around Madison. The sight that really was astonishing was that Quake had moved a chair from Greg's room and it was now beside the bed. He held Madison’s hand even as he slept sitting there. Greg knew if he moved near Quake the man would probably wake and grab him. He had been fiercely protective of Madison since they found her.

Just a few days had passed since Greg and Quake had rushed into the Citadel of Aphrodite. It was thought to be in the main Administrative Building of Summer City, but that was a misdirection. Quake had followed Aphrodite’s directions, relaying them to Greg as he drove. They entered a maintenance yard beside the Ad Building. Greg drove into a garage and once over the car lift, they began to sink. There was an elevator shaft that guided them deep underground. They then drove through a tunnel. It was a long drive. 

Eventually, they came to a massive underground area. They were met by many Robotic Drones. Quake refused to hand Madison over and carried her himself. They were guided to an area that had medical equipment and all sorts of cutting edge tech. Aphrodite instructed Quake to lay Madison in a pod. He reluctantly did. A drone then attached a mask over Madison’s nose and mouth. IV’s were inserted and other tubes as well. Once in the pod it moved to a semi vertical level and filled with a purplish fluid. The two men watched as she was submerged in the fluid.

The memory was a haunting one. Greg turned and headed down to his home office. Oran was there and had pieces of a bracelet that he had found and liberated from the crime scene where Madison had been held by the Fetish Club. “Any ideas about this thing Oran?” Greg asked. “A few.” He replied. “It seems to be a device that blocks transmissions. Like say you were an undercover Cop, they embed a tracker on you or you have some kind of recording device, well, this bracelet would prevent it from sending or receiving.” Greg hovered over the workbench, “So this is why Aphrodite lost her contact with the nanites in Madison’s body?” “Yes, it is a really sophisticated piece of tech.” Oran mused.

“How did you like going to the Island?” Oran asked. Greg ran his hand through his now thick hair, “It was an education. I never knew how vast the tech was that ran Aphrodite. All the redundancies and all the stuff that was just rooms of hardware. It really was amazing.” Greg remembered how vulnerable Madison looked in that pod. Aphrodite had told them that her natural resistance to the pills' effects saved her. What Greg could not understand was why the gender pill that made Micheal into Madison did not get pushed by the resistance she had. It was one of the things Aphrodite was studying. The AI believed it might have something to do with Madison being transgender. The fact that the pill was not changing a male, but healing a female seemed to play a part.

Oran looked up at Greg, he placed a hand on Greg’s arm, the two men sharing a look that silently spoke of just how relieved they were that everything turned out well. “So,” Oran said, “the men that attacked Alexia were got to at the Police Station.” “What do you mean by 'got'? Were they killed?” Greg asked. “Not killed.” Oran chuckled, “But they are unable to answer questions or even be charged.” Greg sat listening. “Someone gained access to them. Posed as their lawyer. When they were talking the cameras went all static and blurry. When the officers went to the room they found two young women who were just this side of mindless.” Greg understood. “They are in a recovery center for transformations that are extreme. Someone didn’t want them to talk.”

“How extreme?” asked Greg. “Simple minded bimbos with bodies designed for sex and little else.” Oran replied. Just then, Oran’s phone rang. “Hello, you have reached John’s Crab Shack.” Oran answered. “Is a man named Oran there, this is Daphne calling for him.” came the voice on the other line. “Hi Daphne, this is Oran.” “Okay, weird way to answer the phone.” “So what do you need?” Oran asked. “It is more of what you want I believe. SWP has found Clive. They are watching him right now. Give the word and they can scoop him up and deliver him where you want him?” Daphne said. Greg’s computer screen flickers and an address appears. “Sending you a pic of an address. Grab him and we will take delivery in say, thirty minutes?” “Sounds good Oran. See you then.” Daphne hung up. “Well Greg, looks like we have one of the culprits we were searching for. Do you know this address?” “I do.” answered Greg. It was a processing center from the early days of Summer City.” The two men grabbed some gear they had ready and headed out.


Madison felt like a ton of bricks had landed on her and then began dancing. Her head hurt a small bit. She blinked her eyes as she woke up. She realized she was in her room at home. She also realized she was not alone. Looking to her left she saw Quake in her Dad’s chair from his bedroom. The man had a strong grip on her hand, his fingers entwined with hers. Around the room she saw Jamie and Justine snuggled up on a pallet and across from them on another pallet was Holly and a woman she didn’t recognize. Madison sighed and then winced in a bit of pain. “Welcome back.” she heard whispered from her right. Turning her head she saw Callie smiling at her and Alexia wedged in between them. At least now she knew why her body felt tight around her middle.

“What happened, why are all of you here?” she asked. Callie reached over gently playing with Madison’s hair. “Well My Love, you went on a bit of an adventure. Do you remember anything?” “Everything is kinda fuzzy. I remember taking a pill and getting into a car with a guy from work. I believe I sucked a bunch of cocks.” Callie giggled softly. “Among other things.” Madison tried really hard to remember, but it all seemed like a dream that was hard to remember. “Aphrodite said you might take a bit to remember. Seems at the end your mind shut down as a way to protect itself.” Callie told her. “So why is Quake holding my hand?” “Because he is afraid you might disappear again I guess. He has been a bit protective since they found you.” “Who found me? Where was I?” Madison asked. “Your Dad, Oran, Daphne, and of course Quake all ended up finding you. It was in a club, but there is enough time for that later.” Callie grinned. “It's just good to have you back.”

Carefully, Madison moved herself from Alexia’s grip only to feel her hand squeezed hard. “Where are you going?” came a rumble from Quake. “Well, I have to pee if you must know. So if you would give me my hand I will go do that thank you very much.” She pushed herself around and as her feet hit the floor Quake let go. Madison stood and suddenly the world was spinning. Before she could fall, Quake had her in his arms. “Maybe I should help you to the bathroom, yes?” she saw the concern in his eyes. “Okay.” Madison mumbled. She realized as they walked that she was really unsteady. “So, you found me?” she asked. Quake grunted, “I was one of the people.” “Thank you.” she said. He stood just outside the door with his back turned as she took care of business. It felt like she hadn’t peed in days. Maybe she hadn’t. She couldn’t remember.

As the others woke and realized Madison was awake. She was overwhelmed with hugs and kisses. She met Holly’s friend Gina, who had helped during the search for her. Jamie and Justine were hard to separate from, as was Alexia. They seemed really impacted by her disappearance. Callie then shared about Alexia being attacked, believed to have been targeted for a kidnapping. Everyone tried to explain how Jamie and Justine took the bad men down. Madison knew she would need to see the footage to understand. Jamie and Justine left to make breakfast for everyone.


The building was very nondescript. Plain, perfect for a bland government building, which is what it had been. Oran and Greg waited at the back. Before long, a Black Van rolled up followed by an Escape. Daphne parked the Escape and exited the vehicle coming up to Greg and Oran. “No Quake? I figured he would be all over this guy.” She said, “I felt he was best staying where he was sitting vigil beside Madison’s bed.” Oran replied. “Besides, he might not be in a talkative mood and we need some answers.” “Understandable.” Two men got out of the van and retrieved the passenger. Clive was nervous and twitchy as they guided him inside the building. They entered a room and Clive was placed in a chair that would remind one of a chair a dentist would use. He was strapped down and secured. The men left nodding to Daphne as she handed them an envelope.

Oran moved beside Clive and looked down at the twitchy man. “Hello Clive. Do you know why you are here?” Oran asked. “No.” was his terse reply. “Oh come now, I believe that you do. I believe you know exactly why you are here. You messed up Clive. Not just trafficking in women, transformed or otherwise. No Clive you messed up by trying to traffic this man’s daughter.” Greg stepped into the light that beamed straight down upon Clive, illuminating a small area around the chair. Greg stared hard at the man. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Clive blurted out. “Clive, stop lying.” Daphne interjected. “You lied to me about the demonstration. You lied to Madison about you being her chaperone. How many other people that have been scheduled to do demos have you sold?”

“You have no proof!” Clive shouted. “I want a lawyer! I am very important in DynaPill, I will have your heads!” he screamed. Oran calmly explained. “I think not. You see, we are not law enforcement. We aren’t even here. No, instead we are just asking friendly questions for Aphrodite. You know, the AI that governs Summer City.” Clive’s eyes went wide. “Well, to be fair, I am an official with the Summer City government, but right now I am a very pissed off Dad.” Greg said coldly. “Boys, I feel that Clive here just needs some help remembering.” Daphne pulled out a small pill box. “SWP has been working on refining the Hot and Ready Pill. This pill here was made for the application of humane interrogation. It is close to a truth serum pill as has been perfected.”

Oran forced Clive to swallow the pill. He soon was telling them all about the people he had already abducted and sold through the auctions. The details were sketchy as to who was running the sales. Still, they had a framework in which to try and combat this evil practice. Greg asked why Madison was targeted. Clive said that because he had heard how responsive she was when transformed she was someone that could easily be taken. The three went into another room to discuss things. Greg sat and for the first time since the entire mess started, broke down crying. Daphne consoled him while Oran was at a computer terminal conversing with Aphrodite, who had been monitoring the entire interrogation. Soon the three parted ways. Oran, taking a restrained Clive with him to face Aphrodite, Greg being given a lift home by Daphne.


On the drive Daphne kept stealing glances at Greg. He grew a bit annoyed and asked, “Why do you keep looking at me?” Daphne giggled, “Well, honestly I didn’t realize Madison had such a hottie for a Dad.” Greg’s face turned crimson. “Well, I recently got a bit of my good looks back. It's a long story. Also, thank you, it has been a long time since I was complimented by a gorgeous woman.” They drove on in silence for a bit. “Are you seeing anyone?” Daphne asked. “No.” Greg said. “That’s great. I mean, how interesting.” She blushed. As they pulled ino Greg’s drive, Daphne placed her hand on his thigh. Greg turned and suddenly was being kissed.

After Greg realized they were no longer kissing, he opened his eyes to see a smiling Daphne. “So are you gonna invite me in?” Soon the two were kissing as they moved up the stairs and into Greg’s room. He shut the door as they both were pulling the clothes off each other. Daphne gasped once Greg’s cock was freed. “Wow, you are packing.” Naked they groped and kissed in the throes of lust. Daphne pushed Greg onto the bed and dropped between his knees. Her hand was stroking even as she began wrapping her lips around his shaft. Soon he was lost in the feelings her mouth was giving him. She was bobbing and sucking with a ferocity. Greg grabbed her arms and pulled her up.

He turned her around, throwing her on the bed.  He crawled on top of her using his legs to spread hers. Daphne pulled her knees up and soon her ass was up as her face was down on the bed. Greg lined up and thrusted deep inside. “OH FUCK!” she screamed. “Oops, sorry…” she grabbed the sheets and stuffed her mouth. Greg just kept pounding into her. Sweat was breaking out on both bodies. He grabbed her right leg lifting it in the air and changing his angle of entry. They both were getting close. Greg gasped, “I am about to cum.” “Fill me.” She moaned. Greg pushed deep erupting into her. Warmth filled her and in return she lost her breath as her own orgasm ripped through her.

Greg stayed hard and they were at it again. This time Daphne was on top of him riding Greg as he rubbed her breast, thumbs caressing her hard nipples. Orgasms flowed over and over. Each time Greg filled her womb until cum would flow back out. They did doggie, missionary, and every other position one could imagine. Soon they collapsed breathing hard. Daphne lays a hand on his damp chest. Her sweat slicked hair and head nuzzled his shoulder. “I have never been fucked so good.” “Me either.” Greg sighed. Soon sleep overtook them.

So Daphne and Greg, yeah, I didn't realize that was coming until I began seeing her differently as she aided in Madison's search. I am seeing Quake at long last opening up to Madison. Callie is starting to form as in who she is even as we don't know who she was before. The creep Bruce is lurking. What is hard to reconcile is Holly and Gina. There is a path that is very dark for Gina. The thing is I like her too much, so can I do that to her? Anyway, to those that are sticking with me, thank you. It is nice to know my crazy mind can bring a story that people want to follow. Not sure how long the next chapter will take. Work is gonna be crazy, that affects my mental alertness. Until next chapter.

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